Love at First Sight #1

By : A. Williams

    I had just moved into my new ranch house one month ago, I was mowing my lawn this Saturday mid-morning in ninety degree heat, when a rented moving van backed into the driveway next door. My new neighbors I thought, thank God. That house had been vacant for eight months, the neglected yard needed lots of work. I know yards because that's my business. I own a garden and lawn company and employee 15 people.

    I should introduce myself. My name is Guy Phillips, G.P. for short, 30 years old man, gay and single. I am 6 foot 3inches and 220 pounds on a large frame body that is nicely muscled from all my hard work. Brown hair down to my shoulders and brown eyes, not too hairy and I only shave my face. I am just a normal everyday working man, nothing special.

    I saw two guys get out of the van and began to work feverishly unloading boxes out of the back. I finished my mowing and pulled off my sweat soaked T-shirt as I parked the mower in my garage.

    Still bear chested, I walked out on my large porch and sat opening the cold case of beer as the moving truck pulled up by the curb. I twisted off the cap on the first bottle and took a large swallow watching the two guys come out of the house pulling off their shirts walking back to the van. Even hotter out now, I thought it's almost too hot to live, shit.

I wanted to be a good neighbor so I walked over and introduced myself.

    "Hey fellas my name is Guy. I have cold beer on the porch, come on over and take a load off and grab a cold one on me."

    "Thanks man, I think we will come over. My name is Franco Montroi," the tall tanned guy said. He extended his hand and as we shook IT happened. I was struck by cupid's arrow. My knees buckled... my heart raced and I was at a loss for words. .I was in deep love at first touch. Fuck man get it together I thought to myself as I reluctantly released his hand.

    "YYeess rriigghhtt thiiiss wwaayy." I stammered like an idiot but they still followed me thank God. We sat and I passed out bottles trying not to stare at Franco. We drank and I tried to recover from the lightning bolt that had hit me.

    "This is my friend Oscar, he is helping me move this weekend. I guess we are next door neighbors, I bought the house and I will clean it up. Your yard looks great Guy, you must be in the lawn care business?" Franco asked finishing his beer and grabbing another.

    "Yes I am, I own a lawn care and landscaping company. If you're interested I could give you a good rate and help you get it in shape." I said hoping he would take me up on the offer. I would love to work beside his almost naked sweat soaked large framed slim hairless body. Damn he was hot, tall as me and shiny black hair with gorgeous green eyes.

    "I will take you up on that great rate for sure. How long have you lived here Guy? Are their gay friendly people living here in the neighborhood?" he asked.

    I could not believe what I just heard or had my ears deceived me? ... HE WAS GAY... my new love could maybe be mine, really mine... my love filled heart began to beat faster.

    "Franco I have been living here only a month but I am gay friendly because I am gay." I said laughing.

    "Damn Guy really, you are gay I would have never guessed," he said as he moved closer to me. Fuck be still my heart I thought, I am too old to fall in love, fuck I love being single. What the hell is going on with me? I need to clear my head, maybe some alone time. I should go in, leave them the beer.

    "Have at it boys, drink all you want... I got some paperwork I need to do." I stood to leave and Franco grabbed my arm, fuck shock-waves again and my knees almost gave out.

    "Please Guy do not leave yet, I need to get to know you better and I really don't feel like moving any more boxes for a while." Franco pleaded trying not to sound too desperate.

    What Guy did not know was Franco felt that lightning bolt too and all the aftershocks as well. He was in love deeply with me and could not fathom the thought of it. He was too old to fall in love at 30 and had never been in love before. Get a grip man he said to himself and stop acting like a fool.

    I had to sit back down before my weak knees gave out. Oscar stood and excused himself seeing the connection that was taking place that we both seemed oblivious to. He snickered as he walked back to Franco's house. Yes buddy get that love you deserve he thought. They had been best buds since 7th grade, through thick and thin. He loved his buddy and always wanted the best for him. Oscar was straight as an arrow but he could see love, gay... straight... bi, it all looked the same. Love looked stupid as hell but felt heavenly!

"Where do you work, what do you do Franco?" Guy asked interested in the answer.

    "I work down at the Medical Center. I am a Lab rat !" he laughed. "Just kidding, I am the Lab Supervisor, 5 years now," he admitted not one to blow his own horn.

Educated man ... and that body and those stunning looks. Fucking JACK POT!!! Thought Guy.

    "Would you like to join me for lunch? I can make us a great chicken creaser salad... you must be hungry after all that hard work moving in and all?" Guy asked trying to act casually.

    "I would love that, I am starved," answered Franco, very intrigued by the idea of being alone with Guy inside his house... away from prying eyes.

    "Let's head to the kitchen then, this way friend." Guy said standing and extending his hand for Franco to take. Again as they touched, they both got those lightning bolts in their arms and all the way down to their groins.

    Both men walked in the house hand and hand and as the door shut, Guy took charge. He pushed Franco against the closed door and asked, "Do you feel what I feel?"

    "Yeess, I do ... and it scares me Guy. I have never felt such emotion for a man before ... EVER!"

    Guy pressed his lips to Franco's softly and the fireworks exploded. Both men moaned loudly, "Uuuummmm." Soon their tongues were buried in each other's hot mouths and their half-naked bodies were grinding together.

    Breaking the kiss, Franco said, "I want that salad but first I want to taste you Guy." He went to his knees and nervously began to unbutton and unzip his pants. Soon they were around his ankles and Franco reached in his boxers for that first touch of Guys wonderful cock.

    "Ooohh yes, do me Darling... suck me." Guy pleaded holding his head, his hands full of that black silky hair of his. Franco began to worship his cock with is loving mouth. Licking, slurping and gripping his hairy large balls.

    "Ssooo nice... uummm... yyeeessss." Guy said softly and endearingly. Franco continued to dine on his long fat cock moaning in the special taste of it... groaning over the idea of his massive tool in his ass.

    "Darling... ffaaasstter... ppleease...clooossee." Guy begged. Franco doubled his efforts wanting badly to taste his cum.

    Pulling out of his mouth he shot all over his face. As the hot creamy cum ran down his face, Guy fell to his knees as well. He licked off his cum from Franco's face and feed it back to him in hot wet sloppy kisses.

    When Franco was all clean of his cum Guy said, "Stand Darling, I need to dine on you for a while."

    "By all means, take me sweetness." Franco said smiling. Standing he opened his pants and as they slide of his hips, his cock bounced out hard and leaking.

    "Oooh fuck yes!" Guy said looking at the most perfect cock he had ever seen. He slurped in that nine inch beer-bottle thick cock to Franco's hairless balls.

    "Fuuuccckkk ... yeeesss." Franco yelled in surprise as no one had ever swallowed him whole before.

    Guy worked that sweet cock over with all his skills as Franco moaned and groaned in pleasure. "UUuugghh...OOoooh...AAhhhhhh... YYeesss... ssuucckk ... mmee ... swweeettt... mmmmaaan." Franco screamed so loud the entire block had to hear him.

    They did not care in the least who heard them, so into each other... only their pleasure mattered to them at this moment in time.

    "Fuucckk ... ccuummiinnggg... nnnooowww," he screamed shooting off in Guys mouth over and over.

    Franco fell back to his knees and said "Sweetie... that was the best blow job I have ever had... damn."

    Guy smiled licking his lips "That was the best cum I have ever tasted Darling. You will stay here with me tonight, in my bed... and we will have the most loving sex you have ever had. Okay Darling?" Guy sort of demanded and asked at the same time.

"Of course Sweetie, of course..." Franco said wanting to be with Guy always.

Part #2 coming soon...... Thank you for reading and posting ...A....


A. Williams

[email protected]


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