Love at First Sight #2

By : A. Williams

    After their mind blowing blow jobs, Guy rose up off his knees bringing Franco with him. He wrapped his arms around him tightly, bare chest to bare chest. "Uuummmm, you feel so good Darling," Guy said ready to go again, his cock growing and pressing into Franco's leg.

    Franco hugged him back whispering, "You horny damn man... I love it but I need food, how about that salad?"

    Guy said, "I did promise you that didn't I?" After a slight pause he snickered, "Can I have a kiss first?"

    He didn't wait for an answer. Guy pressed his hot moist lips to Franco's and slipped his tongue in his mouth.

"Ummmm," they moaned softly tongues swirling and dancing with each other.

    When Guy picked him up, he wrapped his legs around his waist. He carried him to the kitchen and sitting him on the counter, he broke the kiss, "You drive me crazy Darling. I want to carry you to bed but I have salads to fix," Guy snickered and pulled away to fix lunch.

    He gathered all the ingredients for the salad and put some bread in the oven to bake. Guy stood at the counter chopping lettuce, slicing chicken and grating fresh parmesan cheese. Franco, who loved to see a man cooking, snuck behind Guy. He started to play with his chest hair and nipples. As he did, he rubbed his smooth chest on his back.

    "You're not helping Darling. You might even make me cut myself, but you feel so wonderful," Guy said pressing back against him. "Be helpful and get me big bowl, over to the right of the stove bottom cabinet."

    Franco reluctantly released him and went on his mission. As the timer rang out for the bread, Franco found the bowl and handed it to Guy. He tossed everything in the bowl, added the dressing, pulled out the bread and placed lunch on the table.

"Ta Da. Lunch is served." Guy said arms wide and taking a bow.

    "HA HA you crazy man, lunch looks fantastic." Franco replied falling deeper for Guy with every passing second.

Guy helped Franco take a seat then placed the plates and forks on the table in front of him.

"Dig in my starving Darling, before you waste away," he said smiling.

    They ate and joked, picking on each other. They were enjoying the banter back and forth, so at ease together.

"Thanks Sweetie, this is delicious. Do you like to cook?" Franco asked.

    Guy was staring in Franco's green eyes thinking how gorgeous he was, "Yes love it, my Mother is an old timey southern cook, she taught me everything I know. Matter of fact, I have a chocolate ├ęclair cake in the fridge I made last night. Want to try some after you finish your lunch?" Guy asked.

    "Of course, I loved to but a small slice. I don't want to lose my sexy bod and get all fat," Franco said motioning up and down his body with his hands, smiling.

    Guy thought that could never happen... he was so yummy, so smooth and absolutely eatable from head to toe.

    Guy got the cake from the fridge and sliced two small pieces, leaving the rest on the counter. He carried them the table and gave one to Franco. "Be honest and tell me if it's good to you," he said taking a bite knowing it was terrific.

    Franco took a bite and scrunched up his face. "Sweetie sorry to say but this is the worst cake I have ever had," he said trying not to laugh.

    Guy smiled and swiped his finger in the chocolate frosting and smeared it on Franco's nose. "OH not... you shit!" Guy said laughing.

    "You really want to go there... let's roll sweet man." Franco said standing and getting a hand full of frosting off the cake on the counter. He walked to Guy, still sitting in his chair and smeared it all over his face and chest. Franco started laughing so hard he couldn't talk, holding his stomach and stumbling back from Guy's chair.

    "You got all-out war now Darling." Guy said standing and snickering. He grabbed two handfuls of cake and chased Franco down rubbing it in his face and chest as they grappled on the floor both laughing and making a hell of a mess.

    All was good good. Guy straddled his crotch, "You really do look good enough to eat now," he said licking off the cake and frosting off Franco's handsome face.

    Franco laughed and said, "I love you Guy." And everybody and everything froze in time as they processed those three little words.

    Guy stood and walked to the kitchen sink to rinse his face, "I fucked up didn't I Guy...I am so sorry, I should go." Franco said getting up and walking to the door.

    Guy rushed to intercede, he grabbed him and said, "No you don't, you will not leave me now when I have just found you Darling. Please come with me and let's wash up and get clean this cake off of us. Come with me now! I will not take NO for an answer."

    Guy pulled Franco to his bedroom and into the bathroom, "Please shower with me and cuddle me after... no sex just holding each other. Franco, I love you Darling. Stay with me." Guy said still dazed from their sudden declaration.

    "Ooh Guy, there is nowhere else I want to be than in your arms. Yes I will stay Sweetie until you boot me out!"

"Can I take those shorts off you? Get that wonderful body all naked," Guy asked hopefully.

    "Anything you want, I am all yours ... do with me as you please." Franco said smiling like a Cheshire-cat.

    Slowly Guy unbuttoned and unzipped Franco's shorts and let them fall to his ankles. He lowered his tight black boxers and saw that perfect cock that he wanted so badly back in his mouth. He helped him step out of those last items covering his body and groaned loudly.

    "Please turn around so I can see all of your gorgeous body Darling," as his tanned perfectly round smooth hairless ass came into view he said, "Oh my, oh my I am so sorry I said no sex. Damn I want you so bad, we better hurry into the shower before I lose my self-control," Guy said lightly brushing his hand over Franco's ass as he turned around.

    "My turn, My Sweetness," Franco said, so anxious to see his monster again he slipped his shorts off with the button and zipper still intact. Guy's rock hard cock came bouncing out of his boxers, Franco smiled wanting that long fat dick deep in his ass.

    It must have been 11 inches long, with a big mushroom head and fat as a plum. Those huge hairy balls set him on fire. "Sweet man, you are going to have to take me... rape me in that shower, I need Mr. Peters deep in me." Franco said looking in Guy's deep brown eyes.

    God he loved him so fast. Falling head over heels for this sweet, loving and happiest man he had ever meet thought Franco.

    Guy started to laugh, "No one has ever named him before. I love it, so appropriate. Mr. Peters and I would be more than happy to oblige but in bed after our shower. I want our first time to be as perfect as I can make it for you, my Darling."

    Guy started the water making sure it was nice and warm before stepping in. Guy allowed Franco under the water first so he could run his hands over his back and ass along with the flowing water. Franco's body was flawless, no marks or scars of any kind. "You feel amazing Darling so smooth, smooth as glass." Guy murmured in his ear.

    Franco turned them both around and began to feel Guy's hairy body and big pelvic bush. He enjoyed hairy men very much and Guy was indeed that. He could feel hair on his ass and see it sticking out his crack. "Sweet man, I love all your fluffy soft hair. I want you to grow a mustache and a beard for me. I would love to feel that hair on my face as we kiss." Franco pleaded to Guy.

    They began to wash each other loving and tenderly from head to toe. They dried and walked to the bed hand in hand. Guy lifted Franco like his bride and laid him gently on the bed. He stepped to the foot and admired his body.

    "Our hearts are in perfect harmony Darling. Please give your love to are the only one I have ever loved. You touch my very heart and soul," declared Guy honestly.

    "God I love you Guy. I dedicate myself to you Sweetness, only you. Yes take me... take my love. I am all yours forever and a day." Franco said so ready to make passionate love to HIS MAN.................

Part #3 soon...............Thanks for reading and posting............A........


A. Williams

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