Love at First Sight #3

By : A. Williams

    FROM PART #2................."Our hearts are in perfect harmony Darling. Please give your love to are the only one I have ever loved. You touch my very heart and soul," declared Guy honestly.

    "God I love you Guy. I dedicate myself to you Sweetness, only you. Yes take me... take my love. I am all yours forever and a day." Franco said so ready to make passionate love to HIS MAN.................

    Suddenly Guy was so nervous. He had had plenty of lovers.... lots of sex... but never with a man he loved. All he wanted was to please Franco, make him feel his love... see his love. Everything was about his Darling's pleasure, his Franco.

    Guy focused on those spectacular green eyes of his as he crawled on the bed slowly sliding his hairy body up Franco's smooth one. They were locked in that deep stare with Franco smiling wide. Guy was finally all the way on top of him holding most of his weight off Franco with his forearms.

    He kissed him sweet and soft, "Darling all I want is to please you, promise me that if I hurt you or do something you don't like you will tell me. OK?" Guy pleaded with him.

    Franco's heart soared, NO man had ever cared about him and his pleasure so much. "I promise Sweetness." Franco said breathlessly. Guy kissed him and said "I love you Darling... only you." Then he began to kiss Franco's neck ears and lower still.

    He kissed and licked his collar bones then his nipples, sucking one then the other switching back and forth as Franco moaned softly. Guy raised his arms and dined on his hairless pits. "Yes Sweetie, feels so good." Franco murmured.

    Encouraged by Franco's verbal responses, Guy went back to his torso, so tan and smooth. He licked, sucked, nibbled and tasted every inch of his washboard abs going lower still. Crawling between his legs, he lowered his face and inhaled Franco's manly essences, going even lower Guy licked all around the base of his cock. After licking and nibbling, he sucked in one of his hairless balls into his mouth and rolled his wet tongue all around it.

    Franco moaned louder, "Uuuumm yes ... you suck my balls... so good Sweetie." Then he switched to the other, rolling it in his mouth. The smoothness of them set him on fire deep in his loin and made his hard cock constantly leak pre-cum.

    Guy moved his mouth to the head of Franco's perfect nine inch cock and as Franco watched, inch by inch of it disappeared in his hot mouth until he was at its base. "Ooo... fuck...!" Franco screamed out as Guy messaged his dick with his throat muscles.

    He released his dick and said, "Darling I need to eat that ass, that pussy of mine." He pushed Franco's legs up and out until his knees touched his shoulders. "Fffuuuccckkk so sweet," Guy murmured as he looked down at his hairless deep red hole twitching.

    He dove in full force... pressing his tongue in hard and deep to taste Franco's man-pussy. He loved eating ass so he moaned and groaned as he licked that sweet hole. Franco moaned loudly, "Ooooohhhh yyyeeesss eeaaattt mmmmeeeee."

    Guy's hands were all over Franco's smooth body as he dined. He rubbed the back of his legs, his ass cheeks, and his cum heavy balls and stiff cock. Franco was in total ecstasy from the tip of his curled toes to the tips of his black head hair.

    He could take no more, his cock was dripping pre-cum. He needed Guy's cock in his ass badly, "Please Sweetie please, I need you inside me... now!" he begged loudly.

    Guy smiled against Franco's ass and rose up his face glistening, "I could eat your pussy all evening Darling, you taste superb." Guy licked his lips and spat on Franco's ass several times. He got onto his knees and rubbed his wet cockhead over his sopping pussy.

    "Sweetie come inside me... make us one forever, I love you Guy!" As Guy slid in his thick 8 inch cock in Franco's ass slowly, inch by inch, both men moaned the whole time. "Uuummm... Aaahhhh." When Guys large heavy balls rested on Franco's ass, he bent over and they kissed.

    Their tongues swirled and danced together as Guy slowly pulled out. They moaned in each other's mouths as Guy slowly pressed back in. Franco was rubbing his back, his legs now around Guys waist. He could feel his thick cock slide over his love button and it was wonderfully erotic. Franco could not stop moaning and as Guy increased his speed his moans got louder.

    Needing more air Guy broke the kiss as he picked up the pace of his thrust. In out in out ...hard deep with Franco pushing back against him. Guy threw his head back and moaned out, "Yessss... fuck me back Darling... so fucking good... yyeeeesssss."

    Guy grabbed Franco's left leg and put it over his shoulder so he could pound his ass deeper and harder. "Fuuuccckkk...yyyeeesss....oooooooooo...fuck me," Franco screamed as his head flopped back and forth and his hands clutched the sheets.

    "Aaahh... don't stop... keep going ... yyyeeesssssssss," Franco continued to scream. Guy was really pounding him now fast full deep strokes, he was having a hard time holding back his own climax but he needed and wanted Franco to cum first. "Cum for me Darling, cum hard. Show me it's good to you!" Guy almost growled, gritting his teeth.

    Franco exploded, "AAAAAAhhhhhhh...fffuuuuuucccccccckkk...yyyeeesssss,"he screamed as he shot three... no... four huge ropes of creamy cum all over his chest and abs. As his ass clamped down on Guy's cock, he too erupted in Franco's hot ass, over and over his whole body locked in intense euphoria.

    When his body stopped its spasms, Guy laid down on Franco's cum drenched smooth chest his head on his shoulder. Both men were trying to catch their breath and regain their senses.

    Franco stared to chuckle, "Damn Sweetie that was glorious... now I am really spoiled for anyone else. I never want to leave this bed, well maybe to go to the bathroom."

    Guy rose up, his hard cock still in Franco's sloppy cum filled ass. "Darling you ready for another round? God I need that sweet ass of yours again now. I am spoiled too, I love you Franco... so much."........

    We all know what happened fucking good...................................

Part #4 soon.....Thanks for reading and posting....A.........


A. Williams

[email protected]


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