It was cold, really cold. I opened my eye's and saw I was sitting in the snow in a forest. I didn't even complain that I had moved to a new place in this world, I was just happy thankful that I had managed to get away from the beast. I stood up and wished I had the thought to put on something more then torn up clothing before I ran. I started walking slowly, it was still day here and the light was helpful I just knew I had to get out from this forest before it became to dark. 

I walked left, then right then left again. I knew I moved forwards but still no idea if I moved further into the forest our out from it. It had started to becomedark, that's when I heard it. It sounded like a branch breaking. I looked around and as I did I bumped into someone. 

"Hi sorry" I said. 

Looking into the eye's of a really sexy, Scandinavian hunk. 

"No problem" He said.

"You must be new around here" He said.

We exchanged pleasantry and his name was Kristoff. I was struck by his raw manly figure and gentle manners. I could feel my cock twitch, and I blushed a bit. He looked at me as if he knew what I was thinking, I asked if he knew of an inn and to my joy he did. 

It was not far, but as I got there I realized I had no money. As we got inside I asked the innkeeper at the in to pay my way in chores, which he gladly accepted. I did all the dishes and swept the floors, and once it was time for bed. I fell into deep slumber. 

I woke up and went down to speak with the keeper, I had a few questions that needed answers. Once downstairs I spoke with him quickly and went on, I fond it all so strange. 

I had asked him if there we some kind of leader in this town and yes there was but the strange part was that he told me all the royals had somehow disappeared. Non had seen them for soon a years time, and the time of the royal coronation was around the corner. I decided to move on, The innkeeper gave me a map and told me which way to go to reach the castle. As I walked I took a look at the map and did not see what was in my way, I fell to the ground by the impact looking up I saw Kristoff standing there. 

"Oh hi there" He said.

"Hi yourself" I replied and smiled to him.

He offered me a hand and helped me up. He smiled and asked were I was going without looking. I giggled a bit and told him that I was on my way to the castle, as suspected he looked at me with shook. 

"Do you want company" He said a bit staggering.

"Yeah, that would be nice" I answered and smiled to him again.

He smiled and walked along side with me, it wasn't that far and we soon stood outside the looked gate to the castle garden. I did not know what else to call it, not that it was a castle but to this town it was. Even though next to a real castle this would just be a big mansion. I tried my hardest to smash up the door, but to no result. 

"You are not the first one to try" He said.

"What do you mean" I asked. 

"Many have tried to open the door since they disappeared" Kristoff answered.

Then I remember the time that I with telekinetic power knocked away Maleficent, I focused all my thoughts on the door and felt a surge within me and a blast came out. The door flung open and Kristoff was left with an open mouth. I couldn't help but laugh alittle.

"Are U Blessed" He asked.

I just gave him a questioning look and stepped inside. As we walked he told me about there queen. Her name was Elsa and she had a gift, which had been known to the public and just after that everybody in the castle were gone. I found the story weird, and I tried to puzzle it together with everything I had heard on my journey. 

I knew a curse was laid on this land and that all villains were on the same team. I had meet Maleficent, Jafar and ofcourse Mozenrath but I knew he had turned a leaf. I so wounder if he was alright and no harm had come to him. Both me and Kristoff continued into the castle. No door could be opened, but as we were on the way to leave one door opened all on it's own. Like it wanted us to go in there.

"What was that" I said a bit jumpy.

"Don't know, but let's check out the room"Kristoff Answered. 

We walked slowly into the room, everything was dark yet we saw that we stood in some sort of study room or library. Kristoff in a hurry managed to fix a source of light and we even lit a few candles that we found laying on the floor. 

"Wow look at all the scrolls on this table" He said. 

"Yeah I wounder if they can help" I replied.

He was curios and asked what I meant, I tried to tell him everything. Not that I had gotten laid many time's but the encounters and the once that were after me, I even told him were I came from. He looked at me as if I were crazy. Yet he seemed to believe me. 

"You telling me, we or I live in a land known as Disneyland?" He asked.

"Yes" I replied.

Once I had said the words a scroll started to glow and lifted it self slowly up in the air, I reached out and waited for it to land softly in my hands. I cleared the table and folded out the scroll, I saw something that made my heart bump. This made it all to real, I had made peace that this was really happening yet this made it all the more real. A map, of the whole world known as Disneyland. Kristoff looked at it with amazement, and did not really know how to wrap is head around this.

"So all you said was true" He said.

I did not answer. I looked at all the places I had been to and started to find this world logical. I tried to ask Kristoff if he seen somethings strange, and to my surprise he had. In a hurry we left the castle to move on up to the mountains. I had brought the map with me I thought I might need it later. We stopped of by the inn we both had visited and rented rooms in the night before. 

"Wait here, I just need to get some stuff" Kristoff said and went off.

He came back and this time with a sleigh dragged by a huge reindeer. He clapped the reindeer's head and introduced him. This is Sven. 

"By the way I still don't know your name"He said and smiled.

"Oh yeah that's right my name is Unni" I replied and smiled back.

He gabbed my hand hand lead my up onto the sleigh, like a real gentleman. Yet his smirks and arrogant attitude, quick joke's made me want to slap him. He rapped the strings and of we go, it did not take us far before we stopped and why I did not know.

"Why did we stop?" I asked.

"It will be dark soon" He answered. 

He lifted out some bags and started to prepare atent, he turned the sleigh around and Sven crept under to be a bit warm. He had even given the reindeer a blanket. He lit a fire and made us some light food. Lucky for us we made it in time before itstarted to snow, and with great force the wind swirled the snowflakes. 

We went inside the tent and laid under the blanket's. I started to become really cold even if we still had clothes.

"Kristoff?" I said.

"Yeah?" He replied.

"Can I get closer to you, I'm freezing" Isaid.

"Yeah me to so get under my blanket" He answered.

I did as he said and reached around my arm over his chest. We heard the wind becoming more intense and the snow swirled even more, with strength and power that made our tent bent down many time's. 

It started to calm down some after a few hours, not that I had gotten that many hours of sleep. Kristoff said it's was morning & that we should move on before the storm would flare up again. Not even this time we manged to get far, and this time it was the storm that slowed us down. 

The storm quickly got worse and we had no time nor way to place the tent. Luckily we found a cave, and even Sven had to come in with us yet here it was so much colder then what the tent had been. 

"I shall go out quickly and try to find a way to create a door" Kristoff said. 

"Wait it's dangerous" I said. 

He just went on going and I had this huge urge to follow, but as I was about to go and see what took him so long he was back. He came with wood and started a fire, he had taken his time finding the nearest to dry wood as he could possibly find. He had made the cave's opening halfway closed just so the smoke could travel and find its way out. He was such a man, masculine and rough yet he was a guy that joked around and not really thought of what he said. The fire started and he tossed me one of the blankets. 

"Much better, thank" I said.

He sat down but did not take the other blanket, and then I realized his clothes was wet.

"Take them off right now" I said as I stood up. 

"Are you insane?" He answered.

"No, you can get a cold take them off" I replied raising my voice slightly.

After some bickering he did start to take of his clothes. I felt slight blush hit my face as he stripped down. There he stood naked and I almost chocked on my own air, his cock was perfect. I tossed him the other blanket and sat down beside him.

"What are you doing" He asked.

As I stood up taking my clothes off  to get under the same blanket to warm him up. I kept taking of my clothes and I could see that he tried to look away, yet he looked for a urge in his body seemed to make it hard for him not to look. I stood naked and grabbed the blanket and dragged it of him, he cupped his hard on in a try to hide his erection.

"Keeping you warm, body heat is the best" I answered.

I took a second look at his hard cock. How long ago was it that he had been with someone, I had never seen a cock this hard. It almost made me wonder if it hurt. 

"four year's" He said suddenly. 

"What ?" I asked.

He told me as if he had read my mind, that it had been four years since he had been with anybody. He talked shivering. 

 I smiled and sat down beside him on the fur that we were going to sleep on I wrapped both of us and we laid down. We both felt warmer and feel asleep.

Just some time after the fire had went out Kristoff awoke, and with that he remembered that next to him he could find my naked body. His cock rose once again, and he had such an urge to turn around and start to kiss me. I turned and woke up. The coldness had become to intense and the fire that had went out only had some sparks of glow left.

"Kristoff are you awake" I asked. 

"Yes, did I wake you?" He Replied.

I just said no and tried to go back to sleep, but the cold had made me start to shiver. I even felt Kristoff shivering, and I knew one way for us to be warmer. Yet I did not want to do it. I drifted back and smiled and at the same time made myself sick to my stomach. I couldn't believe I had have sex with so many men and before I got here I was so untouched. 

"Kristoff, are you freezing?" I said even though I knew the answer. 

"Yes and you?" He replied.

I just made a humming sound as a response, and he turned around and so did I. He smiled and I smiled back. 

"What?" I asked. 

"Nothing, thinking of what I want to do" He replied. 

"Just do what ever" I answered. 

Not knowing what that meant he pressed his lips against mine. I let go of everything and even he as I did not care that it was cold any more. He lifted me up and placed me in his lap, his lips against mine and tongues wrestling in need. Our hard cocks rubbing against each others. I grabbed his cock and slowly started to jack him off, he moaned and almost bit my lip. He laid me down and spread my legs, this was going to fast he is going to hurt me. But to my surprise I felt his tongue over my body and down over my cock to my inner thigh and buttocks. He spread them and started liking my ass, softening it up and penetrating me with his wet tongue. He came up once to kiss me and in that time he slowly let a finger enter me. 

All this so wonderful and so hot, we did not need fire nor the blanket. He started to lick my cocks head and I gasped for air and moaned, not long after he started to suck on it. I moaned and called out his name. 

"Kristoff, more" I begged. 

"Do you want me to fuck you?" He growled.

"Yes, god yes" I moaned back. 

I arched my back, to show I needed his cock inside of me. Yet he did not stop. I felt my cock twitch as he sucked harder and I screamed out his name in ecstasy as I came in his mouth. He swallowed every drop, and kept sucking until everything had been sucked out of me. He smiled towards me and I knew it was time for more. He placed his cock's head against the opening to my ass and I gasped for air. 

"Are you ready" He grunted.

"Yes, fuck me. Shove it in" I moaned loudly.

He pushed it in with force and I grabbed his back with my hands arching in pleasure. He could not control himself & did not go slow he fucked me hard and fast and he came quickly. He breathed out heavy and laid down next to me we, cuddled and fell asleep not even noticing the storm had passed. 

The next morning he woke me by kissing me and I kissed him back. Who knew he was such a romantic. I lead him on because I knew that I would never be in one place longer then a short period of time. 

We continued our journey to the thing that Kristoff had found to be weird. Just as I thought it he stopped and pointed somewhere. I followed his finger and saw the huge black bubbling mass, a mass that didn't seem to end in any direction. We got of the sleigh and walk the few steps towards the wall like mass. He touched it and banged on it, and nothing happened. I myself did not have the guts to do so for I knew something would happen. He smiled and knew what I was thinking.

"You have to try it" He said.

"But I..." I tried to continue.

"Yeah, but if you ever want to get home" Hesaid.

He did not even finish his sentence, and he gave me a kiss and pushed me to the mass. As I was swallowed by the blackness and disappeared, yet were Kristoff stood the mass slowly vanished. Now as the blackness was becoming more and more, I started to thinkthat Kristoff was a player. Just used me for him to get the release he so needed. I heard the shaman's voice, he told me I had gotten two gifts with the necklace. One left and I did not know the point to him speaking to me now. The darkness became lighter but wetter, and as it all became clear I had ended up down in a lake, no I was in the ocean for the salt touched my lips, I then realized I could breath underwater. I looked around and started to swim something was different. I had gotten a tail. Where my legs had been I had now the lower body of a fish. 

So now I was the little merman, wonder if Ariel ishere to.


Deep down below the surface, in a cave past the hot geysers. A evil sinister voice echoed on the stone walls. It was a she that could be heard even though she had a quite brutish voice. A chubbier woman yet so much of a diva. The top of a human woman In her late 30s and the lower half an octopus, eight arms and more to access then normal arms. She is known in the oceans as Ursula. 

"He's here, He's finally here" She said looking in a mirror made of pearl.

In the reflection of the mirror Jafar's image couldbe seen.

"So now you must stop him from moving on in this land" He said in his snake like voice.

"Our powers are fading with each new border he crosses" he said and then disappeared.

An evil smile spread across Ursula's face as see now knew what to do, and to stop Unni from fulfilling his destiny and getting his hearts wish to be granted. She knew he had magic in him but that was noting compared to the magic Ursula could use. She floated towards her shell shaped cauldron and laughed. 

First that fell was a drop of mermaid blood,  and after three sea stars in the color of bluish gray. Then a hint of ink and a spark of magic. A huge clump of clay and out from the cauldron, which took the shape of a male mermaid, that was her plan. To make Unni fall in love and never leave the ocean, to be here stuck and trapped not even knowing it. In love with this creature formed from clay.

"I will name u Cain" She said and laughed.


So I was a mermaid lets see what below the surface has to offer, I started to swim faster  still looking around this was amazing. I could breath and see clearly, and even in places that humans would find dark I could see in and not did I find the water cold. I swam deeper and further away but slowed down, as a strong light almost blinded me and I could see it was the city known asAtlantica. So it's likely that I could find Ariel here, and once I thought it I could see her. That red long hair and green mermaid tail, but so much different from the cartoon version. I started to flap my tail fast and rushed towards her, and not looking I bumped into something or someone, I was such a clumsy guy sometimes. 

"Oh I'm so sorry, I did not see you" A male voice said.

"No it was my fault, I just went to fast" I Answered.

As I stopped to see who he was I saw a beautiful man, dark brown hair that touched his shoulders. Deep green eye's that could seduce anybody plus the chest and abs given from the gods. All of him looked as it was given from the gods, or maybe he was a god. He looked that good, and I almost started to drool not that you could drool under water. 

"Hi my name is Cain" He introduced himself.

"Oh hi I'm Unni" I answered.

"So were are u going" He asked.

I did not know what to say, I couldn't say I was from another world and not that I just turned into a mermaid I had to make something up. So I told him that I had ran away from home and that I now was looking for a place to live. He just smiled.

"You can always look in the reefs or the caves, sometimes they do not have people living in them" He said

"Yeah thanks" I said. 

He went on and so did I, As I turned to look for Ariel she was gone. But now knew were to go, and so I did. It did not take long before I found a huge cave that I fast made into my home. A seaweed door as a bed a huge sponge and blanket made of seaweed in red color. I found many things quickly and made it quite cozy. I laid down to rest when I felt what used to be my cock to twitch, and like a whale my cock showed itself. Through the scales a pocket like hole formed and my cock appeared, I was so horny just from thinking about the new guy I meet. I hoped we soon would meet again. I went into a deep slumber. 

I awoke not knowing what time it was or even if it was day or night. I went outside the cave and could see the light from the morning sun glimmering down. I had gotten up at the crack of dawn and that was really unusual for me. Now it was time to take a morning swim, through the coral forest and the jellyfish nest and by the passing whales. This was freedom, life under the sea was a dream come true. I flapped my deep blue tail and as last time I did not see before I bumped into someone and thankfully it was Cain, I just knew I would see him again.

"Hi" I said with a redness in my face. 

"Yeah hi again, still clumsy" He said with a light laugh but changed tone.

You look a bit down He said. 

I wondered if he knew something, and I tried to tell him as much as I could but not everything. He smiled and gave me a hug. 

I know who might help you to stay here He said. 

You do I replied. 

Yes she is a great magician and her name is Ursula He said. 

I thanked him as he told me where she lived, I also told him I would think about it for something about this did not seem right not that i told him that and the name Ursula was really familiar. I just could not place it. We enjoyed a wonderful day , he showed me much of the kingdom of Atlantica. As the night came he followed me home, there he asked if I had thought it over. I gave him a crocked unsure smile and said I still need more time to think about my options. He understood and wished me a good night. 

. . . . . . . . . . 

He swam home and once inside his huge seashell of ahome he went to a big pearl placed on a rock, there he looked into it and a image of Ursula appeared. 

He will soon come to you my maker He said. 

Good, and if he don't you have work to do She replied. 

Wait she said and looked into her own magic pearl, there she saw the image of Unni swimming out from his cave and in her direction. 

Cain we might succeed faster then we thought She said and laughed. 

END of chapter 4 

Thanks for reading, please comment or email and tell me what you think and which characters you would like to see. Also sorry for the incorrect spelling, did my best still learning and I know the ending was a bit rushed. 

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