Mozenrath, Had realized he had feelings for Unni. He couldent see Jafar and the others kill his love, the one he ever loved. What was he to do, he went away in a green smoke filled light. He arrived at Agrabah looking for Unni, needing to tell his loved one that he had to escape.

"My unni, never have a let my guard down butt his must be love" He said to him self.

I woke up to the morning light and was ready for a new day, Still in the hideout with Aladdin and Abu. I had a nice time with both of them and especially with Aladdin, although we did not fuck so much anymore for i had started to melt for Mozenrath.

"Come on Unni, it's time to find some food"Aladdin said.

"Ok I just have to take a bath first" I said.

he looked at me as if I was dumb and explained tha twater was hard to get and luckily you could take a bath once a months. I had to find a place to bath already a month had passed without a bath or a shower, I cant smell like this for one more month.

"I will find water and you will get the food" I asked and suggested.

We went in to the town, jumping from roof to roof. Aladdin went to the market and I went towards the edge of town were I hear a bathhouse could be found. I walked and looked for hours but no bathhouse to be found, I started to move back towards the town and heard the voice of the gaurd.

"Hey u there stop in the name of the Agrabah" The gaurd yelled.

I started to run and saw the gaurd following me, were could I hide. No place in the outskirt of town was a good place tohide. I ran even faster and not knowing were I fell trough the ground, coughed away all the sand that I had in the mouth. I heard the guards running away from the place I fell still thinking I was running from them, and I tried to stand. I looked around and saw that I was in some sort of chamber, a secret chamber and in a state of chaos. There were books and scrolls everywhere, I lifted one of the books and read the title. The magic secrets of the sand witches.

I need to find him, were can he be. I have almost searched trough the entire city, but wait isn’t that Aladdin then Unni must be near some were. I Saw the gaurd rush past me and I knew then that Unni was near by, but i still wondered were. I saw in the corner of my eye a pit in the sand a place were the earth had sunken. Knowing that he may have been trapped under the sand I did not hesitate, I placed my feet on top the pit with all my weight but nothing happened. I was about to step aside when the sand swallowed me hole leaving nothing but darkness. As I woke up I looked around seeing that a building hidden under the sand had saved me, still filled with sand in eyes and mouth. He must be here my Unni.

I had read the entire book, now knowing the secrets of the witches who controlled winds and sand. As I closed the book a light stole it and it was gone, and turned my head around hearing a man coughing. All I could see was a dark figure walking towards me, yet it seamed familiar. It must be him, I hope its him. Just a flick of light showed his face for a brief second. I rose from my fee trunning towards him, I tossed myself in his arms and kissed his lips. He responded by penetrating my lips with his tongue, caressed my back and my buttocks.

"I have missed u" He said.

"And I you" I answered.

He stopped the kiss and looked at me with a serious gaze and took a deep sigh before speaking. He told me the entire story and what the group called the dark court was going to do to me .Also that my destiny was to save this land and that my journey had two parts not just the one.

I Shook in his arms not knowing were to go or how to get there. I looked into his eye's and kissed his lips once more, all I wanted at this moment was his hard throbbing cock inside me and spend that way for eternity.

"I Want u to fuck me one last time" I said.

He smiled and kissed my lips hard.

"Yes that I want that to" He replied.

He knew it was a big risk but he transported us both to his castle. He laid me on skins from bears and sheep’s, slowly undressing me, once naked he slowly undressed himself. no our naked bodies embraced each others. His tongue left my mouth and his lips kissed my neck, licking down to my nipples. He licked and pinched them.

"Oh yes, I want more" I panted.

He smiled a evil looking smile and placed his hand on my cock, started to rub it up and down slowly. Only to enjoy this for as long that he could. He moved his tongue down lower and started to lick the base of my cock, it was like he was teasing me.

His tongue licked up and down my shaft, and stopped at the head to suck some of the pre-cum that leaked out from the heat of passion and lust that filled my body. He placed my cock deep in his mouth and at the same time he placed his wet finger inside me. I had never felt such ecstasy, my hole body shook and i felt I was about to cum.

"I'm cumming" I yelled.

He did not move his mouth, and as my sperm shoot in his mouth he gulped down everything. He wanted all of me, and was very selfless.

"Are u ready for my cock" He said.

"Yes o yes fuck me hard" I Moaned.

He placed the head of his cock against my hole and slowly shoved it in. I grabbed his buttocks and wanted him deeper in me, I pushed him down the hole way into me.

"OOO Yes" I moaned

"U like it babe, u want more” He replied grunting.

"More, harder and faster fuck me" I yelled with a moan.

He pulled out and shoved it back in. He fucked me harder and slowly increased up the speed, his body dripped with sweat and his growls of passion made me crazy.

"Fuck me faster" I groaned.

"Yeah u want it, u little fuck. My dirty bitch" He panted.

"Yes all of it" I Moaned.

His speed increased and his kissed became more intense, I knew that in this speed he would soon come. His hands grabbed my back and pulled me towards him, his lips on mine. I started to ride him simultaneously as he moved his cock in and out of me, He started to shake. Close to come.

"I'm gonna cum" He growled.

"Yes cum, fill my hole" I moaned.

His seed filled me and he landed on top of me kissing my lips slowly and with passion.

"That was wonderful, and wish u didn’t have to go" Mozenrath said with a panting lump in his throat.

"O his not going anywhere" a voice said.

Both me and Mozenrath stood up naked and looked over to the man.

"His ours" The voice said.

"U will not touch him Jafar" Mozenrath shouted...

An evil smile was shown on Jafars face.

I started to shake now I was really afraid and Jafars gaze of red colored eye's felt like they could look deep inside me and even hurt me. Mozenrath stood in front of me and held his hands out in front of me, in a very protective way.

"U think I haven’t noticed what was going on"Jafar said.

Mozenrath just growled.

"I knew that u would protect him" Jafar said now looking with an iron gaze towards Mozenrath.

The tension in the castle room became cold, From both Mozenrath and Jafar Smoke started to screen the room and raise toward the ceiling. I heard Mozenrath scream for me to get away as the Green lightning left his hand and Jafars snake like staff blocked it. I ran along the many halls of the castle, I found my way to the door leading me out to the garden of dead trees and poisonous plants. I felt a gust of wind that threw me to the ground and as i rose to me feet i saw a violet colored smoke and out came a woman dressed in black.

"Oh you not going anywhere" She said.

"And you are" I replied in a snotty voice.

She smiled letting out a evil and echoing laugh, and sifted her gaze to one of calmness and attention. She walked slowly as she was almost slightly flying, her cape/dress in black flowed with the wind and swept across the ground. She were a head dress that towards the sky and the look of two horns.

"I am Maleficent" She answered.

Right after a boll of violet light came towards me and I flew several meters and landed on the hard ground. I was about to run but remembered the secrets of the sand witches, and I could see a little sand swirling around the ground I lifted my hand and in magic I gathered all the sand grains and tossed them towards Maleficent she screamed as the dust made it hard for her to she. I shoved her aside and kept running. I could here the Shaman speaking.

"You ready for your next wish and gift" Hesaid.

"Get me out of here" Was all that I could say as I kept running.

"With that u shall receive the gift of Teleportation" He answered.

I saw Crows that started to fill the sky and swopped down to me and flew around me, the wind they created slowly began to lift me up and more crows came and all became dark.

I felt myself being placed back slowly to the ground and In a puff of smoke the crows vanished.

I was just out side a small village... This is just great, just great. When did this gonna end I don't have the energy, sure I liked to fuck a lot but developing feelings and then turning up at a new place made me really dizzy. But I took a deep breath and started to walk towards the town. all that covered my naked body was a simple blanket. I went towards the first house I could find, and knocked.

The door opened and a older man opened.

"Oh my dear child come in" He said immediately.

He saw my bruises and that I was exhausted. He gave me some food and offered me a room and shelter if i did some minor work for him, I gladly excepted and I went to sleep.

The next day I woke from the rays of morning light and longed for a good meal. I ate fast and when I went out from the kitchen and noticed that He was a librarian, he owned a book store in the small village.

"Oh your up" He said with a smile.

He asked me to run some errands around the town and of course I did not say no, took the basket and went along. I looked intensely at the village in the suns light and thought to myself if this was in my world the year should be 1700 hundreds or 1800hundreds. I couldn't quite place it.

Everybody in the village were so nice, The bager and his lovely fresh baked bread and muffins. The smith and his wonderfully crafted jewelry and other things. I could see myself living here and even staying, this was a nice place to relax in and be in. I walked back towards the bookstore and suddenly bumped in to a person, I picked up the things that flew out the basket, He even helped me. I looked up towards him.

He was a big man with a red shirt unbuttoned and showing his hairy chest and huge muscles.

His deep blue eye's and black hair. He smiled towards me and I went on.

In the bookstore a lovely girl stood and dusted the shelves. she went down the stool. she smiled towards me.

"Hi I'm Belle" She introduced herself.

"Hi my name is Unni" I said in return with a warm smile.

I stopped to think this must be beauty and the beast, I have not seen that movie just heard a bit about it. This was in away more exiting that I did not know anything, well not much but it was also a bit scary not knowing that much.

"He is the most beautiful of all and I gotta have him" The man Said.

"But Gaston u can get anybody, why him."The round short guy asked.

Gaston just snarled, and turned away. He did not find that a question worthy of an answer, His closest man Gerry knew why. Gaston did find Unni gorgeous, and had lost his interest in trying to get the local babe Belle. He thought to him self that he would love to fuck Unni, and be able to get him would be a personal triumph.

I had found out that Belle sometimes helped Mr Brooks with his store, and often when he went away to find new books in other villages of city's. (I wondered how he could leav) She was really nice and I found her to be a good friend. We worked a lot together and this day the third day here the door opened to both our surprised at who walked in, the man with the red shirt. Belle looked like she knew him but did not like him, I on the other hand felt my cock twitch. I could never see myself falling for him, but he turned me on and I would love to have him deep inside my ass.

He had brought flowers and walked up to me, thatseemed to shock Belle but she sighed a sigh of relief.

"Here this is for u" He said and smiled, and went out from the store.

I looked at the beautiful flowers, giant red roses and there was a card. I read it intensively and in big letters he asked me to meet him late this night, I did not really know how to react. I did not even know if I wanted to go. My heart said no and head said both but my body screamed yes, I wanted him so much. I went up to my bed, in my own little room for a short time of sleep. But someone woke me up. In front of me stood Kocum.

"I said we would meet again" He said smiling.

"How is this possible" I asked.

He told me the shaman had given him this trip, and it was only in astral form. Before he vanished into a puff of smoke he left me a message. But as he said it his voice became fainter and fainter, he said something about Jafar is soon here and that. There I could not quite figure out. But now I knew I wanted to mee twith Gaston, just so I could leave this place fast. But I never seemed to be able to run to a new place I always just ended up there somehow. The night had come and I went to meet him.

I walked for a few minutes and then came to the towns center, there he stood handsome and groomed more then before. I felt my cock twitch. He grabbed my waist and pulled me in for a kiss.

"Why did you kiss me" I asked when we ended the kiss.

"I could see you wanted me to" He answered.

We started to walk and I became more hard with each step we took, and I did not care if we were going to eat or whatever. I just wanted his cock now. He looked at me with a grin as if he knew what I was thinking and I liked it. We walked for some time and then we came to his house, he opened the door and I went in eager to see his huge meat. He came in and closed the door behind us, and as he did he grabbed me and kissed me again.

"I want to fuck you hard" He whispered in my ear.

I could not speak, and felt my clothes being torn of my body. Now fully naked and ready for him, he lifted me and took me to his bedroom, and from there it was a wild night. His hard 13 inch cock slamming inside me, made me scream in pain and pleasure, and his forceful ways drove me crazy. Somewhere inside me I knew that this wasn't me, yet I only begged for more. He came and came again, it was as time stood still, we both never wanted it to end. I came and came again, the sun went up and down a few times before we stopped.

My mind snapped and I knew that this had to be magic at work, and before I could find out how to get away Gaston's big throbbing cock was inside my ass once more. My mind screamed for help and one two three I teleported away.

I rose from the ground, were the hell did I now endup. I looked around and did not quite now how to place this new place. I did not know which movie this was from, The I turned my head sligtlhy to the right and I saw there a huge dark castle. I swallowed the frightening lump that formed in my throat, I started walking towards the castle.

A puff of red and purple smoke was seen and Jafar and Maleficent stood seeing Unni almost at the castle door.

Shouldn’t we take him now Jafar said.

No this is of limit, and besides the beast will take care of him for us She replied and laughed as she vanished followed by Jafar.

I looked around and saw a huge bed, a wardrobe a makeup table and a nice sofa, two huge windows by each side of the bed and even a to bedside tables. I walked to the bed and fell asleep just as I landed on it.

Time to wake up I heard a faint voice.

I slowly woke up and looked around, but no one was there.

Look down The voice said again.

I looked down on the floor, I must have completely lost my mind there a teapot stood and moved it even spoke. If I hadn’t already heard and seen so many things being here I would have fainted by this.

Who or what are you I said.

Mrs Pots She said and pored me some tea in a non moving cup.

She told me her master had let me leave the room but never to leave the castle nor to visit some of the rooms and never go into the west wing. So I was stuck here, great how the hell was I going to be able to save this world if I was stuck here.

You should put some clothes on Mrs Pots said.

I have many clothes you can choose from A new voice said.

I looked every where no one was seen but then the wardrobe moved and spoke. Okay this is starting to be just a little to strange. I got out of bed and walked in my birthday suit towards the wardrobe and it opened itself, there inside a huge variety of clothes could be found. I put on a pair of very tight pants they where like tights or leggins and on that a short pair of pants more baggy yet they seemed expansive. I chose a simple shirt, like that of a poet. A long scooped out neck line and baggy arms tied at the wrists.

So can I get a tour of the castle I asked.

Sure I will show you the why Yet another voice said.

I looked down and there a candelabra stood, movingand speaking. I just played along.

And you are I asked.

Lumière He replied and made a movement at the door to walk first.

He showed me everything and I wanted to see more, yet I knew that this was all I was allowed to see. I still walked behind Lumière, but stopped as I heard my stomach rumble.

You should get some sleep before the night ends, and there is food waiting for you in your room he said and we started to go back. I thought that nothing had happened here nor had they showed there faces. Then it struck my mind maybe they could not enter this castle. I sighed a bit in relief, but I did not want to stay here for the rest of my life. I knew I could teleport if I put my mind to it, but it often just happened by it self. I stepped back into my room and there warm food on a table had been placed, I ate every last piece only to go to bed and try to sleep.

I wish you a good night and I will be hear to wake you in the morning Lumière Said.

Thanks for the tour and your hospitality I replied.

He smiled and left the room closing the door, that when I heard it well I did not hear anything they had not locked the door. I waited a few seconds as I heard quiet snoring from the wardrobe, I got out from the bed and dressed my self. I walked slowly not wanting to be heard. I walked up the stairs and to the left, just within minutes there I where outside a huge door.

This must led to the west wing I thought. I opened it and walked inside, everything here was dark and nothing was whole,all the furniture was destroyed or had been tossed at the walls. Frames where paintings had been were broken, hanging crocked on the walls. I opened the door furthest down the wing and there it was even darker and more chaotic. I slowly walked in the room, a light caught my eye. There by the door to the balcony a rose levitated under a glass dome, it glowed and I knew it was magic. In the same moment a growl was heard. I turned and there he stood.

You had Been TOLD NOT to COME here He roared.

I started running to the door, but he stopped me. No I was very afraid.

You must be punished He said in his dark low voice.

I tried to find a way out and ran to the other part of the room only to feel his bear hand make me fall down on my stomach, his claws tore of my clothes and I felt his big body in a fast phase positioning over me he growled in my ear and then I felt it a growing cock, his was slimy and wet, he plunged inside me and I screamed. The beast raped me, I cried out for help but it was in vain.

This is what happens when you don't obey He growled and moved faster.

Filling me with his seed, He left me there laying in shredded clothing and sperm running out my sore and slightly bleeding ass. I tried to get up but nothing, the living furniture came and helped me towards my room, once there all I could do was sleep &cry. Cry myself to sleep once more.

Three days later, I could walk almost normally and I had stayed in the room for a long time. I knew I needed to leave this place, but how. I did not know from what I had heard that the beast was this much of a beast, all I had heard was that he deep down had a good heart. Were the hell have that heart gone I wondered, I needed to leave.

The time went on and night came, I stood in my room trying to breath I had teleported two times before now I needed to do it again. I tried everything but nothing as I tried and tried I didnot notice that the door had opened, and in came the magical talking, moving tea pot Mrs Potts.

Unni, psst Unni She said in a low voice and I looked down.

What is it Mrs Potts I replied and rubbed m eye'sthat had started to form tears.

We have found a way out for you She said.

I lit up and we left the room, I followed her and now we went down a pair of stairs. Coming down to a sort of basement,something I had not found in this huge castle. I looked behind me, still thinking what could make the beast to such a monster. I just remembered that this land was cursed maybe it is a part of it. I kept on walking and stopped for Mrs Potts had done it.

That pathway leads to the forest, she said and I saw the opened door hinting at the end of the long hallway a slightly shimmer of light. Even if it was past sunset.

I cant follow you more so I suggest you start moving.

I heard a clinking sound, and saw Lumière jumping fast towards us.

The master is awake He said panting

Run Unni Mrs Potts said.

I smiled and started to run, as fast as I could still hard to move after the beasts hard pounding. I heard as I ran the huge growl.

COME BACK, HOW SAID YOU COULD LEAVE He screamed, starting to come closer.

I ran and ran, seeing the light of the moon becoming stronger. He was coming closer fast and I started crying and screaming LEAVE ME ALONE, LET ME GO.

NEVER He screamed back and I heard by the sound of his voice that soon he would get me.

Just as I felt the tip of his claw trying to grab me I reached the end of the tunnel falling outside and everything turned black.


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