This is ridiculous, when is this shit going to end. Iwas finally getting some stability in this crazy world, a good life. A wonderful man I never expected to get and amazing sex on top ofthat but no I get swooped away to somewhere I had no knowledge of. Just like poff! I'm of to a new place. I picked myself up and started walking, the desert was hot and the sun was burning on my skin. Already dry from the water I had just been in. I knew I was in Agrabah, seeing the city in the distance, it would take me at leastan hour to reach it.

I started to run slightly thinking I really needed something to drink, the thirst from the hot weather was unbearable.Forty minutes it took and I was in the city, breathing heavy a thought came to me as I remembered the movie it self. I'm in Agrabah with not as much as a penny to my name, no skills in thievery. All that equals no chance in hell of surviving.

I had to think of something, knowing I would never survive this place if I couldn’t manage to get some money. I don'tlike this at all, why weren’t there some sort of guide in all of this. It was like I were stuck in game, popping up everywhere. I felt a bit weak and it was as if my mind drifted away, hearing the voice of the Shaman. The necklace I had been given from him glowed as he spoke.

“Is this your first wish, Skills in survival” The Shaman said.

“Yes” I replied knowing I would need it.

The necklace stopped glowing and the voice vanished saying, your wish has been granted. I felt myself being pulled back into consciousness, as I was clear in mind and thought. I sure hoped I did not imagine this, I really needed water and food very soon as I heard the rumbling in my stomach.

I tried to close the robe I had on that I had pulled into the water when I was dragged here. I was sure if they saw my in only in my loincloth I would be arrested immediately. I walked around the market looking at the seducing and watering fruit, the stands with fabric and other things. Even if I had been taken away from the things I had grow to love, I could get used to this. I had secretly always had a crush for expensive things. I looked at the guards who patrolled around the market and those who worked here, non looked at me with suspicion in there eye's. Good thing that my robe was fairly new and slightly fit into what everybody else was wearing.

I started walking around the market and actually enjoyed it, the life of this place. Kids running around playing and the shopkeepers shouting out there sales and what they had just got in. I almost forgot my hunger yet like a knot inside my gut it made me dizzy. I stopped abruptly when a hand grabbed hold of my shoulder, I turned around quickly. One of the guards stared me straight in the eye, now I was scared.

"Are you lost" He asked me.

"No I just cant decide on what to buy" I answered.

He smiled and went on with his patrol, I was safe and now hungrier than ever. I stopped at one of the fruit stands, and i fby magic I had stopped a fruit in my robe. I smiled to the owner of the stand and he smiled back as I went my way. Only a few meters away, I could here The owner scream. He's a thief, he looked at me as I turned around. All I could do was to run. I started to ran faster than ever and heard the guards coming closer to me. There in front of me I saw a barrel which I immediately jumped up on and grabbed hold of the rope with clothes, I swung myself to the other rope and balanced across it and hid on the roof.

I looked over the edge and saw the guards gathering to were I had disappeared. They stopped and went back to the market. I let out a deep breath of relief, I was interrupted by a mans voice.

"That was impressive" He said.

"Thanks and who are u" I asked.

He smiled and answered "My name is Aladdin"

Oh its him he looks a bit different from the movie, a little skinnier. I gave him my name, and smiled back. I catch my breath and grabbed the hand he lent to me. He started to walk away jumping from roof to roof and I followed, He just continued, but suddenly stopped.

"Why don't you just ask me what you want to ask" Aladdin said.

"Do you have a place, were i can sleep tonight" I Smiled when I asked my question.

He waved his hand, signaling me to follow him. We didn’t go far and we ended up in a building that had a second floor that was offered to Aladdin by a old friend to his mother. So Here I would spend my night and maybe even more than just one night. I sat down and I screamed for my life, a monkey jumped on my head and then hid in a little hut made for him.

"Don't worry, that just Abu" Aladdin said.

I relaxed and shared my fruit with both Abu and Aladdin. I noticed that Aladdin looked at me all the time but couldent be sure, I rose from were I laid and faked that I dropped my robe, I wasn’t wrong he was definitely looking at me. But no such thing was on my mind for I still longed for Kucoms strong and vital arms. I stretched and laid me back amongst the blankets, and watched the others drifitng slowly off to sleep. I looked out the beautiful view and suddenly out of now were a burst of light could be seen at the end of town, my curiosity wanted me to go there. and this I did, gently without waking Aladdin or Abu.

I saw it again and was now even more curious as to what this could be. I stood in the corner of one of the many city buildings and there I saw him. A man so beautiful yet he had evil in his eyes, the old me crept up to the surface. As always, I was weak for Bad Boys.

"Who's there" He spoke in a loud voice, with his eyes staring in my direction.

"Sorry if i disturbed U" I answered and slowly stepped out from my hiding place.

I walk towards him as if I was hypnotized and didn’t really know why I walked up to him, instead of running from the place. He looked at me with a lustful gaze and smiled wen I stopped.

"Oh you are a pretty boy, I like pretty boy's" He said with a deeper tone in his voice.

I couldent take my eye's of him, nor did he take his eye's from me. We stood silent just for a few seconds and then we broke it.

"I have to go now, but I hope to see u again" He said really close to my face.

"I hope so to, I'm Unni" I Answered and introduced me.

" I'm Mozenrat, but u can call me Moz" He replied and went away in a puff of smoke and light in the shade of green and purple.

I was longing to meet him again. Which I found odd, I still longed for Kucom, and I loved him but this man made me feel so warm, so hot and drawn. Hell he got me horny. I thought I had found my true love but my cock seemed to think that there were more options out there. The thing that plagued my mind as I returned to the broken second floor of a building where Aladdin slept, was that what should I do follow my feelings or sticking to what I already feel and had felt....

Aladdin and I had become friends quickly and only being here a week, and every day the guards were after us. It was fun, this wish I had made had turned me in to an acrobatic, bendy, fast running fucker. I was smarter and faster, then I had ever been in my life. Even in my new clothes, beer foot and a pair of pants soft and made of much fabric. like a pants skirt.

busy every day, but still longed for the handsome and what he had looked dangerous Mozenrat. This day was profitable and we had gained food for several days and once back to our hideout. The night came fast and the light I had longed to see was shown. I ran fast to the place were I would see him again, There he was as if he waited for me.

"I was hoping to see u to night" Mozenrath said.

"Way" I asked with a red tone on my face.

I just liked what I saw and would like to get to know you He replied.

I smiled and got a smile back, even if it looked as he had much to hide and some hint of evil in that smile it was so sexy. A smoldering look a crocked smile it was so hot. We walked forsome time and I asked what he did, and where he come from. He did not reveal much which made me wonder who he really was and what he really did. He said he gathered moon light yet it seamed strange. We did not say that much more I just followed him as he left marks over the town, some sort of sigils on the walls and grounds around the city.

Sorry but I now need to leave He said as he stopped what he was doing.

I looked down and just muttered the word oh..

He came towards me and grabbed my chin and came really close are lips almost touching.

I will return soon I promise He said and let go.

He walked a few steps and then vanished. I sighed and went back to our hideout. Aladdin was awake as I returned and did not speak to me, it was as if he were angry but why we had gotten so close the last weeks.

So did you have a nice night He suddenly said.

I looked at him and just answered with a yes. He smiled a stiff smile and went out the huge window like part of one of the walls that only had a simple old fabric covering the huge brokenwall/window. What was his problem. Well he left and so I might as well try to find some water. I took a splash off the last drop I had and cleaned my face.

This city was very beautiful but often very hot. Iwalked around smiling at the people and at the same time had to keepmy eye's around me at all times, just a sight of the guards I had torun. I managed quite easy to get my bottle filled with water & I returned to our hide out, Aladdin was also back but still in a weird mood. I longed for the night to come, just as I thought it night came. With that I got to meet Moz again as always he could be found at the outskirts of town.

Hi Moz I said.

Oh hi I was hoping you would come tonight He said and made his crocked smile that sent shivers down my spine.

Why is that I asked.

Just wondered if you would like to see where I lived He said and if I did not mistaken there was a hint of redness coming to his pale face.

I agreed. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his arms. Smirking as the green/purple smoke covered us and as it vanished I stood in dark sand. We walked a bit & then I stopped for he had done so. He lifted his hand towards the huge castle.

Welcome to my kingdom, land of the black sands He said.

We continued to walk and went inside the castle. It was dark there but then he snapped his fingers making the torches on the walls burst into flame. I smiled and looked around it was big and not many things could be seen or found.

Do you live here by yourself I asked.

Yes He replied.

Why don't you give me a tour I said.

He continued walking and showed most of the rooms in the castle, he even showed me his treasure room it was filled with gold and gems it was beautiful. He lastly showed me a room with books saying as he opened the door that this was his study. Many books and artifacts could be seen and a huge mirror on the wall.

Is this magic things I asked.

Yes, would you like to learn He answered.

Yes that sounds cool but I don't have any magic Ireplied.

He told me everybody has a hint of magic within them, even he had it but without his gauntlet wasn’t that powerful. He told me that magic if studied could reach very high points, he had just been lazy so he took a short cut and got the gauntlet I saw a hint of evil in his eye's as a spark from a memory made him darker.

Well that would be nice, but I think I have to go I said.

Your right it is almost morning but before you leave I want to give you this" He answered.

Slowly walking towards me and once there he looked deep into my eye's, I was filled with terror and lust. His hands took a grip around my waist and pulled me to him and placed his lips against mine. I was in haven, this man could kiss. the kiss ended and in a light of green and purple and I was returned back to Agrabah.

. . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . .

Mozenrath moved towards the mirror, and waved his hand over it.

How long do I have to do this, I want the power He said.

Relax, just lure him in and he will be ours and with that we all will share the power that he has Jafar replied.

I want it now, with that amount of power I can rule the deserts and not just see it being cursed He said.

Just hang on a bit more and Mozenrath remember dont lose your temper. Jafar said and his image left the mirror.

Mozenrath screamed and threw his glass cup into the wall, his gaze was now only filled with evil, a hunger for power.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Back in Agrabah, now horny and longing for more. I walked slowly to Aladdin’s hideout and saw him lying on the blankets. I needed to put out this flame. I laid down beside him and started to touch his chest, I wet my lips and started to lick and suck his nipples, his eye's tossed up and his reaction was chocking.

"Finally, I have longed for your touch" He said

He laid back and just enjoyed the attention I gave him, my lips went down his body and I quickly pulled off his pants. His cock was not that thick but it was long around 9 inches, I Started to play with it, teased him with my tongue. He let his high sounds of pleasure leave his mouth, his body shock and was about to burst.

"Suck it now, Unni suck it hard" He said panting heavy.

I did has he asked, knowing he liked it. But I did not think of him, all I saw was Mozenrath. Aladdins cock was Mozenrath's cock, Aladdins body was Mozenrath's body. All of Aladdin was Mozenrath in my mind. I took the cock deeper in my throat, about to gag and lifted my mouth from his shaft. He pushed me down againand heard me gag.

"Oh yeah, baby gag on it. Chock on my cock"He said with a deeper masculine voice.

He grabbed a grip around my head, fucking my mouth like it was nothing. Just a hole. Like he wanted me to throw up. he stopped the hard movements and I left his cock, he smiled at me and touched my body with his hands. slowly took of my clothes and kissed my body, my cock was standing tall and mighty, horny as hell and wanting somecock up my ass. He licked my body and turned me around after he gently kissed my throbbing manhood. He parted my buttocks and shoved his tongue inside me, spiting and moving his tongue fast in and out.

"More, I want more" I moaned.

"Soon my friend, I will fill u up with my hard cock" He answered panting.

He spit one more time and forcefully showed his hard pole inside me and I let out a screaming moan. He started directly to move fast, this really was painful. But soon I got used to it and enjoyed the ride, he took me in doggy for a long time and enjoyed it much.

"U like my hard, big cock in your tight ass" He said rough voiced

"I want it more, harder, deeper" I screamed in lust.

He started to move slower but his slams became more fearful and violent.

"U like that u crazy slut, U want me in U"He said

" Yes" I moaned.

"Then say it" He answered.

"I want you in me, come in me" I replied.

He, grinned and moved faster again and slammed his cock harder each time he penetrated me. I was so rapped up by his hard, but boyish nature. He pulled out his pole and turned me around, he gave me signs that he wanted me to ride him. I placed my hole on his shaft and let it slowly move in, now I was in control or so I thought. He started to move, not hard but fast, I felt I was on aweird ride in a carnival. His hands grabbed my back and he rocked me fast and was panting in my ear.

"Moan my name, say my name" He asked.

"Aladdin" I panted in his ear.

He almost broke my back when he squeezed my lowerback, letting out a high moan of pleasure.

I could feel his cock spit out his cum and slowly losing its hard on. he smiled at me and started to move again. His cock hadn’t even left my ass before we started once more. We fucked several times and fell asleep in each others arms, the sun came up as we closed are eye's.

The night came again and I was not in the mood for Aladdin to wake up now, for then he probably wanted to fuck this night to. I looked out and saw it, the green light. He was here and faster then I had expected that he would be back, I ran there.Through the city. Between all the buildings and made sharp turns, I stopped. he looked at me, as he had waited for me and longed for my lips. he smiled his smile of evil and passion, a mix I never had nornever knew could resist.

"There U are my pretty boy, I was waiting for U"He said.

"Way were u waiting for me" I asked.

I'm going to teach you some magic he replied and smiled.

Day became weeks and I had learn a few things, but what I wanted most was him but he had not yet given me more then a hug after that kiss he had given me the first time I was in his land. I had been able to control it but sometimes my cock turned hard so hard I had to sit for longer periods of time. He had during these weeks taught me to make fire in my hand, to lit candles with my mind and even some minor weather control and more.

This night was the eight night he had been here since the kiss and I started to become frustrated. The look of evil had slowly started to leave and I saw something new but I could not tell want.

Moz are you alright I asked this night.

Yes I just have lots on my mind He answered.

I did not ask more, I did not want to pry. He came closer and looked me with eye's of lust and passion, and a bit of ownership. As if I was his to have and his alone. like he never wanted me to be with any other just him, nor doing something without him. I felt like I was about to melt, as he kissed my lips and this time not only did our lips meet but also our tongues, playing witheach other. He broke the kiss saying

"I want U to come with me to my land, to my city and live with me" He said it with such truth in his voice.

"I'm not sure if I can". I answered

although I could hear the sincerity and true passion in his voice, I could now see a glimpse of something that was not right about this. He smiled and started to walk, as u wish. he said and disappeared in the green light. What had I done, I did not regret my choice but I wondered if I would ever see him again. The feeling of his eagerness, was nothing I wanted to feel from him again, for it made me very suspicious. What can this be, all that I first felt was the bad boy attitude. But now something had changed, something was wrong. even if it was so, I still wanted to see him again and hoped I would get that opportunity.


Mozenrath walk back and forwards in his throne room,thinking of the mess.

why didn’t he wanna come with me, why didn’t he. I have done everything, all from showing my interest. I even kissed him uck!, he said and spit on the ground. what else can I do. As he walked around as a light of the color red, benighted up the room and from the smoke a man tall and proud with a dress like clothing and a robe of the color red. Mozenrath quickly knelt and looked the man in the eye's with same.

"U haven’t failed, Mozenrath" he spoke.

"but Jafar, he isn’t here" Mozenrath answered

"No not now but soon, go to him and be with him"Jafar said.

"But what will that do" Mozenrath asked.

"Show him u love him, and would do anything for him" Jafar continued to talk

"and it will take time but he will follow u here, and be yours forever" Jafar laugh and vanished in a puff of smoke.


Why did I hesitate, of course I felt something evil and wrong about Mozenrath. But yet he filled my heart with so much joy, love and passion and on the plus side he was hot as hell.

His smile made of passion and protection, his longhair with deep dragged out curls. His dark green penetrating eye's, and his broad shoulders and grand posture. I longed so to see what was under his robes, that indicated he had power and money. The clothes of a king, and I wanted to be his queen. Next time I saw him, I would follow him to his land. But as soon as I decided to do so, I changed my mind. The feeling of something sinister from him really made me wonder what he was after and why he was so fast in his choices, and that worried me. I didn’t know what to do. all I knew was that I couldent make a choice with an empty stomach.

Me and Aladdin plus Abu went to our normal spot tosee what our next target should be. We had lost the battle for food yesterday, but luckily we manage to escape the guards grasp. They had become smarter and almost everyday got a hold on us, this was just another reason that I wanted to be with Mozenrath.

"There Unni, do u see" Aladdin asked and looked at the stand with fish.

"Yes he is distracted, no it's time" I answered and winked to him.

I jumped down from the roof and slowly walked towards the stand, and always looked around me, encase the guards were nearby. There in a corner of one of the buildings I saw him, he smiled towards me. Mozenrath was even more handsome in the sunlight,his eye's shined of power and sex and lust towards me. I had lost my concentration and I heard the guard.

"There he is catch the thief" They yelled.

I Didn’t know what to do, and started to panic. As I almost was in the grip of the main guard, Mozenrath waved to me. I ran to him and felt his arms around me and in a swirling greenish light and smoke, we disappeared and turned up at the other end of the town, I looked in his face still in his arms and couldent think of what to say. So all I could do was to throw my arms around him and placed my lips on his, and it was immediately answered with his tongue that moved past my lips and swirl around my tongue. I was in heaven. The kiss ended.

My head was dizzy I had waited so long for him to just kiss me again and it was wort it. The look in his eye's had turned more evil yet I loved it the feelings I got from him, he made me confused. First seeing evil then something else then again evil, he was a hard man to read. He looked at me with his gaze of greed, lust and evil.

"I have missed u cute boy" He said.

I still couldent speak, not that I could't I just did not know what to say nor if I wanted to say anything. I was stuck gazing into his deep golden colored eye's had they changed or had I not seen there color before.

"Come with me to my land, I promise u will never want for anything" He said.

"I cant, I just cant" was all I could say.

He smiled to me and kissed me on the cheek.

"Then I Will stay here for a some time, and then if you feel up to it come back to my land" He answered.

I smiled and kissed his lips, pulled his body tighter towards mine. I never wanted to be part from him again. Was he for real, did he really wanna stay here with me. All I thought of now was to get his body on top of me, and his dick inside me. His lips to mine and tongues playing and licking all parts of our bodies.

Aladdin still trying to get food for the day, was a good thing for at our hideout Mozenrath started to undress me and I him. Our clothes slowly fell down to the floor and within a few minutes we stood naked before one and other I looked slowly all over his body and my gaze went down and I saw his huge cock, about 12inches and very thick. Never had I seen a cock this big and I longed for it in my tight ass. His big hands caressed my buttocks and lightly touched my hole. He kissed my neck and I kissed his shoulders. I started to just enjoy the fondling. He wet his finger and it slowly penetrated my ass, I uttered a light moan and smiled at his look oflust and passion.

"Place your self on all fours" Mozenrath ordered.

I did as he asked and felt his tongue on my back and it glided down and started to lick my hole and beastly ate my ass. His wet tongue in and out, up and down. His hand took a grip around my cock and started to stroke it, my breath became more intense.

"I want you in me" I said.

"Soon, my pretty boy" He answered.

He gripped my buttocks and spread them even more and I felt his spit and knew that he soon would enter me. One finger entered me and then two and three. Now I was ready and so was he. He slowly showed his big, fat cock inside my tight ass.

"Oh your so tight" He Moaned.

"U like it tight" I answered.

"Oh yeah, I am gonna destroy this tight ass for it is mine" He grunted.

He started to move slowly, but faster before I was ready and I felt the pain of his entire manly meat penetrate me rough. His movement was pounding and the pain was intense but the feeling of his body against mine and our lust was stronger. I loved the sound that when his body met my ass and buttocks. He smacked my butt and I moaned loudly, not knowing that from outside Aladdin was watching. Mozenrath smacked my ass again.

"U like that" He asked

"YEAH more, harder" I answered.

He smacked my ass harder and his pounding became faster and harder. How could he have so much energy, I actually felt his cock pulsating inside me and the painful feeling seemed to give him pleasure. He quickly turned me around and spread my legs, so his body could be placed on top of mine. His lips was on fire as they meet mine and I was in heaven, this intense feeling of heat and the sweat leaving our bodies.

"Please come to my place, be my Queen" He whispered in my ear between pantings.

"Yes, if u hold my like this all the time I'm yours" I answered moaning, without thinking.

He lifted him self and grabbed my legs, moved faster and his grunts became loader.

his body started to shake and the heat became higher and the lust was at its peak and knew he would soon come. I grabbed my cock and started stroking it fast. For I wanted to come with him be with him and feel his warm cum inside me.

"I'm cumming I'm cumming" He grunted.

"Me too" I answered.

My cum flew out of me and his flew in to me with his final trust of lust and he laid exhausted on top of me and kissed myshoulders, still inside me i felt his dick slowly fall and my handgrabbed his back. this feeling I never wanted it to end. He rose upand looked at me, smiled and started to put on his clothes.

"Were u going?" I asked.

"Home to prepare for my Queens and my life"He answered and kissed my lips.

I smiled back and remembered what I said, but why did I still have this feeling that something wasn’t right about this. The hell with it he was perfect, but was I ready for this step and what if I had the change to come home.

"Wait for a few days, I have to think about it."I Said to him.

He turned around with a sad look in his eye's and much shock, and not the good kind. As if he was about to get angry. I wondered why. But he soon seemed to understand and just smiled to me and winked with his eye towards me.

"Of course babe, I will wait for u in tree daystime at the city's end" He said.

"Thanks" I answered.

I rose and went to him and kissed his still warm lips and he vanished in a green and purple light leaving me naked, longing form his arms around me and his tongue on my body and his giant dick inside me. I laid back on the ground and fell asleep.


What the Hell. I wondered around, why didn’t he still want to come to my place. I even fucked him, and it was believable. Why dose he resist me and why is he so hard to get, that boy must be on to me or not really care for me. I have worked my ass of for him to think I'm his. In a red smoke Jafar entered the room and stared at Mozenrath.

"Why isn’t he here" Jafar asked.

"He will be in a few days"

I hope so for your sake.

When he is here, the world we live in will be fully ours and we will be all powerful and reign supreme. The time is now and that man or boy is the key, with his blood we will rule forever. With his death we will be more powerful then we are now and no one that they send will be able to defeat us.

My eye's was about to fly out, when he heard, his death. They were going to kill Unni, but wait why did I care. I just smiled a evil smile towards Jafar, when he in a evil laugh disappeared. I touched my chest and laid my hand on my heart, is it possible I have gotten some feelings for this boy. My pretty boy. I shook my head and made ready for the new Queen to arrive, his life is useless and we will rule this world forever.


But deep in his subconsciousness he knew that something had started to happen, but will that be enough for Unni to be able to get away from this danger. Will Unni survive or die, this is in the hands of Mozenrath... END chapter 2 

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