I was now 22 years old, I had never been with a man and I was afraid I would never be with a man. I would probably live life alone, and in some cases, I didn't mind but today when I met my friends I felt the urge to be loved. They talked about their relationships and difficulties and how good they had it together with their partners. On the way home I went by the video store to rent me a new movie, the only company I had these days.

I stood and watched for a long time what movie would fit, Right in my thinking the shop assistant came up to me and put a movie in my hand.

"I think this is right for you" He said

Then he went, what kind of movie was this. I read the title and was a little puzzled, why would this film be anything for me.

Disneyland the land of Disney.

I had never heard of this movie before, when had Disney made a new movie?. I tried to find the shop assistant to give the tape back, but he were no where to be found so I made a choice and rented it. The walk home only took five minutes from the video store and once I had gotten inside I made me a quick snack almost the same thing everyday because money was a concern most of the time. I put in the video in my parents old VCR and went to take a seat in the sofa. I looked through the Channels but nothing good. I Would now have to watch this film, it may be good you never know. I played the movie, and it took a while before it started. Yes there was the classic logo of Walt Disney, the castle and a with line swirling over it.

"At last it seems to begin" I Thought

The image was black and a voice spoke... In a distant world where all the Disney characters meet and greeted hands, times mixed up and environments merge. The World is called, of course Disneyland.

What happened next? I wondered

The voice stopped and the TV was still black, but wait something like a tornado that in circular movement. Colours twisted on the screen. I got up off the couch, I felt that it had started to shake all over my apartment.

A picture on the wall fell and some glasses broke down on the floor.

Now I started to get scared, a wind that should not be had begun to blow through the room and a huge drawing, sucking kind of power came from the vortex in the screen on the television. It had become larger and slowly to my eye's chock began to leave the television, I tried to run towards my door but the force was too strong. I was raised from the floor and held a firm grip on the heating element. I would soon lose grip, I felt the pull of the vortex becoming stronger and my hand slipped over and over, what would happen to me if I got sucked in. What the hell kind of movie was this, or did I dream. There is no way in hell that I will rent movies at that video store again. Perhaps I had fallen asleep in front of the film. I pinched me on the arm without thinking, I lost my grip and was pulled into the huge vortex. Everything went black before my eyes but brightened shortly.

Where had I landed, I looked around and at the same time pulled my self up the dirt. I was in the middle of a forest, but what kind of forest. Wait I'm in a freaking jungle, but which jungle. This jungle have to be huge, I looked down on my pants OhMyGod I only have my pyjama pants and a tank top on me. I need to get out from here, I thought and so I started to walk slowly with the hope that I could find my way home.

Maybe I should take this opportunity to tell you my name is Unni, a name that I had been given in a strange way. 22 years old that you already know, about 170 cm tall and quite slim. Usually when I told someone my age, nobody believed me. I was in shape but had no muscles yet and was very slim not skinny, and had some feminine traits. Hips, swinging and a light voice even for have been through puberty. I had waist long, rich light brown hair. That fitted to my dark blue eyes. Here I was standing in my night clothes and wondered where I had ended up. It was absolutely the last time I rented a movie from that video store, and if I ever saw the shop assistant again I would beat him silly.

A sound was heard behind me.

"Who's there" I said in a loud voice.

I turned around because I thought that the sound came from behind. I looked carefully but nothing was there, I suddenly froze. A hand was laid on my shoulder. The second hand was shortly placed afterwards on my other shoulder, I was thrown around by a firm grip and fell to the ground. What was that my eyes saw, as I turned around. Dirt in my face and a look of fear I saw a man in a loincloth. My God, it's Tarzan.

He did not look like he had in the Disney movies, nor was he a cartoon, he was real. I was sure this was Tarzan. Standing in front of me.

"Humm hu humm Yes Tarzan" He said

how should I respond to that?.

"My name is Unni" I replied.

He took me by the arm and pulled me away, he was not exactly a talkative man. Just like in the movie, a man of few words. He lifted me over his shoulder and carried me up a huge tree. I could not help but scream a little and he grunted as to ask me to be quite. It was just like in the movie, he lived in a ship mounted in a tree, but I did not see Jane anywhere. Wait, maybe Jane hasn't found him yet. Had I ended up in this place before they meet, before the film's beginning.

I looked at him with curiosity, wondering what he was doing. He laid me down on a bed of blankets and pillows, all that was left after his parents. A little different from the movie. But I was sure that this was Tarzan. He examined every part of me, while I lay on the bed. His fumbling fingers, that searched over me. I slapped his hands a few times and sat up, he pushed me back down I said no over and over again without getting through, I slapped my hand on his cheek and he backed of. He looked a bit sad, but I smiled and it calmed him. I had to find my way home, but first I needed some rest sleepy and been sucked into a vortex took on the nerves. Not just that but also the body, stiff and bruised all over. I rose up from the blanket made bed and walked to the "door" I looked down the former deck, how the hell would I be able to get down. I turned to see Tarzan had gone. I jumped and felt a pair of hands grabbing me, I felt myself falling but falling safely yet I screamed.
Tarzan put me down, I smiled and started to walk. I tripped over vines and big roots, knowing that Tarzan was near I kept going. On my walk I heard something, the sound of water, oh nice a bath would be good and after that a nice nap.

I found the lake, this site of beauty that took my breath away. A glittering view, by the suns rays making diamonds in the water. I took of my clothing and had all forgotten that Tarzan was watching me. I stood naked and walked into the lake, a little bit of paradise in this humid jungle. Tarzan had sat down on a stone and watched me with interest, I took a few swimming strokes and then turned to get out seeing him and his hard on making his loincloth a tent. He seemed flushed and in a lustful haste he grabbed me as I was about to pick up my clothing, swinging me over his shoulder and of we were. Just like the move, he was strong and like a monkey he jumped from tree to tree and grabbed vines to swing from. We where back at his home, he grunted and had once more placed me down on the bed made of pillows and blankets.

He looked curiously at me, and glared down my body seeing that my cock had hardened. He looked shocked but not surprised. He stood up and pulled off his loincloth. His cock was about 7inches and quite thick. He laid back down on the bed, and began to sniff and lick all over my body. When his tongue touched my cock, a moan was heard from my lips. Tarzan turned back quickly, but sneaked back again and licked again on my cock. He quickly became accustomed to each moan I uttered. My cock was now fully erected and wanted more he brought his lips over the shaft and I groaned higher then before. He slipped with his his hand and as a result pressed a finger into my ass.

I moaned with a yes! and Tarzan seemed to know what should be done. Like he got into mating season, he stopped sucking and tossed around. He took the position between my legs, and lifted my ass. He spit on his cock and slowly pushed it in. This was really about to happen, I would lose my virginity to Tarzan. He pumped fast and uttered his famous roar.

I was in heaven, this happened, it was amazing. If this was a dream, then I did not wanna wake up now. I threw my hands on him and pressed my lips to his lips. He did not really know what to do, but he learned quickly. A tongue that made me wet all over my face, was now massaging my tongue perfectly. They were wrestling with each other. He lifted me up and nearly threw me down on a table, which stood near the bed.

He started to move faster, the sweat pouring from our bodies and I knew that he was as was I soon to climax. I started jacking me off while his moves slowed down for one last slide. We came together and our moans of pleasure were heard between our kisses. We put ourselves down on the bed and I fell asleep in his arms while waiting for the sun that recently gone down to show itself again.

Umm HU oOo Unni "Was heard from Tarzan's voice

I opened my eyes and meet his bright eyes, his gestures and oooo pulled my gaze to the table. He had find a lot of fruit. I smiled and got up. He jumped up to me and took a firm hold of me, and for a short time he became a civilized man. Stood straighter and kissed my lips, I loved to be in his strong arms. I ate the breakfast wrapped in one of the sheets, that we had had such a wonderful night on.

Three Days Later/

The time I had spent with Tarzan was wonderful and kept getting better, I had even gotten use to the jungle, and all the roots and bumpy grounds. Tarzan had learnt a few words and not only that he had got a good imagination, he wanted to do it all the time and everywhere. Even though I had explained I could never give him children he did not seem to mind, he had grunted a response as I only yesterday had told him that. I no mind, I Unni sex. Simple in words but not in actions.

I had fashioned myself a loincloth thinking I should try to fit in if I was going to stay here. If this was real I loved and if it was a dream I hoped it never ended. I walked in the jungle this day and went to the fruit tree I had found yesterday, it was not the easiest tree to climb but I had not in my life gotten this much exercise. I grunted as I went up the tree and the sweat ran, I saw a blurr passing me I looked down there stood Tarzan with fruits in his arms. I smiled and relaxed a bit slipping with my fingers and falling down, Tarzan catched me and I gave him a kiss as a thank you.

"Do OoO Water" Did Tarzan

I looked at him and understood what he meant.

"Do you wana go to the lake, Wanna swim" I replied as I did while gesturing.

He gave me a oOo response with a nodding head. I did prepare a loincloth to myself, I might just as well try to fit in if I was to stay here. I also took with me a blanket. We came to the beach shortly after the quick tour through the jungle jumping from trees laid on his shoulder. We swam and joked with each other, I never want this to stop. I lay on the beach and enjoyed the sun when I felt strong arms that turned me around. I saw his eyes and knew he wanted to have sex.

I took off my loincloth, and he took off his. He was already stiff and I stiffened quickly by just his passionate kisses. His tongue slid down my body and started licking my cock. He wet his fingers and pressed them gently into my ass. He was ready, I was ready. He took me in his arms and carried carefully his massive pulsating cock into my ass. I rode him, which drove him crazy.

He took me in doggy and we also came that day together. He was pumped out laid on the blanket and we fell asleep.

I felt myself being awaken by a pair of lips, Tarzan had such a huge urge and sexual appetite. We had sex this morning fallowed by a dip in the water and then more sex, it seemed that was all we where doing. Yes it was nice but I felt the need for something more, something more then just the physical.

"Tarzan can we take a walk in the jungle" I asked.

"Sure" He replied.

He put on his loincloth and I mine, we strolled for some time but then I felt a hand on my chest that stopped me. Tarzan stood holding me back.

"What is Tarzan," I asked.

He did not answer but suddenly out of the corner of the jungle, came three tigers. Hungry and dangerous.

"RUN!" Tarzan Screamed.

I turned and ran, but stopped. Where were Tarzan, I turned around and saw far behind me. He fought with the tigers, I heard his roar and his struggle. I ran knowing I would only put him and me in more danger, his sounds of struggle became fainter and the last I heard was a scream from Tarzan.

"NO!" The screams coming from Tarzan.

I stopped but started to run when I heard the growl from one of the tigers. I ran faster than my legs could carry me. I fell to the ground when I just could see the way out of the jungle. Not a growl was heard and no tiger could be seen. I thought it strange that it was colder here and How could it have become cold as winter, when I'm in a jungle. Where was I now I wondered, I turned to see if Tarzan or the tigers where behind me but I turned around seeing no Tarzan no tiger and no jungle, I almost burst out in tears but then I thought about the fact I wanted to go home. I got up and realized that I froze more for each step. I looked up into the sky and saw it fall, snow, no not snow please.

I walked and felt that my feet had started to turn hard, I looked down seeing them had turned red and if I did not find any shelter soon they would turn blue. I had started shaking and could not go more than a few centimetres at a time, the chill had increased drastically. I just had my loincloth and I froze like I never had done before. I fell on the ground. Was this the end, I would die here, I would never get home. I heard footsteps, coming towards me and as I passed out I saw boots in some kind of leather.

I woke up warm and under a blanket, I sat up and saw I was in some sort of tent. Still a bit stiff from the cold I tried to stand up and take a few steps, I sat back down on the bed made of fur and leather spreads. In came a man carrying wood for the fire, that in the middle of this tent had almost gone out. The man was incredibly beautiful, if not a bit stiff and perhaps with a rather hard expression on his face. I pulled back, I knew he saved me but what did he want as a return. Maybe he was a cannibal or he needed a sacrifice in some strange ritual.

"No need to be scared" He said and went towards the fire and knelled down to place more wood on it.

The flames took speed and the warmth from it spread. Another man came in and I pulled the blanket a bit closer and tried to lean back further, as

"Be calm pale stranger, we will not hurt you." Said the old man.

Long white hair and easy crouching forwards. His wise grey eyes, gave me an inner calm, that I had never known in my life, it was nice and touched me deeply somehow I knew I could trust him.

"I have prophesied about your arrival, but why you would get here is still unclear." He said.

"The savior of this world" He continued.

I listened as he spoke but felt myself feeling more tired and feel asleep as he spoke in his trance like voice that seemed to hypnotise me. I fell into a dream, I was back home and had never went to the movie store, meet a guy and lived happily ever after. I woke up and saw that the dream was to good to be true, I turned around trying to get more sleep but heard harking from the rigid man who had saved me and that got me right out of bed. I was perfectly healthy, and felt better than ever. I wore my loincloth yet, which suited me fine but trained body, although no muscles yet appeared. I looked pretty good. This man was incredibly handsome, although he was stiff and did not say much. He was incredibly trained but was still not buff, his muscles almost got me to drool and I wanted him more than expected. But this was an impossibility his stiff and somewhat sullen attitude was probably too difficult to crack.

He walked up to me and placed fitting clothing for me to wear, It was like something taken directly out the brother bears movie. Yet I did not recognize if this was that movie, no it couldn't be. I stood up and the rigid man turned, I found it funny had he never seen a almost naked man before and that was the thing I wasn't naked.

"So what is the reason I cant sleep" I asked and put on the clothing.

"I will show you around, you may be here some time" He answered.

"I'll wait for you outside" He said and walked out.

I had been given a hut, which was unbelievable quiet big but by the outside seemed to be quite small. But wait a moment. They are natives, What Disney movie has native Americans. That's right, Pocahontas.

But that movie I had not seen it since I was five, I know I should have watched it again but I never seemed to do so, but that's how it is. I was in this movie now, but how this would play out, I did not know. I knew nothing about this move, just what I remembered and neither this world that I apparently had fallen in. A completely different world, I missed the jungle and my Tarzan. I put on the thick jacket and the heavy boots. I went out to meet him immediately.

"Come here," he said with a serious tone.

"Not until you ask politely" I replied.

"This way if I'm allowed to show you our land" He said almost crushing his teeth.

I smiled at him, which seems to have made him less rigid. We walked for a while and came to the forest that was huge, he showed me everything he could think of. The gigantic waterfalls and the sharp rocks, the steep mountains and the caves that were for hiding. He also showed the meadows that in the summers gave them corn and other vegetables.

We walked around and he showed me the horses, he showed me the ritual fire place and even told me a few fast stories. He was so stiff and not very social, who could he be, I could not place him and the only name I remembered from the movie was Pocahontas and of course John Smith. But I wanted almost longed for this handsome yet steel like man.

We came back to my hut, he said goodbye and I had still know way of getting his name. Should I just ask or is that to be rude, I had no idea there may be some kind of order here and that if he is high up one should not ask that only be given it. I went to bed only to dream about Tarzan the jungle heat, our day's and nights of sex, love, passion, and fun. I woke up and this day he showed me the people and greeted me to everyone I even meet the chief & the one, yes I meet Pocahontas. Yet no name from him, day's went by and before I knew it weeks.


The snow had begun to melt, and the sun was shining bright almost everyday. I had arrived here during the last days of winter yet it was so magical, going from cold to warmth so fast. Some of the villagers had already started to wear less clothing, and the women had started to prepare the fields for planting seeds. This world was really strange, and I never thought that I would clime a mountain. The rigid man was with me and the fact I still did not know his name, was something I did not care about any more. I panted and tried to find my breath, the climb was really hard, and he made it look like it was noting.

Finally coming to the top I looked out over the the forest and over the fields, but there was something that caught my eye. The to my right the jungle I had run from could be seen,

"Can you see that" I said and pointed.

"You mean the sea" He replied.

I looked at him as he was a blind fool, yet he seemed to speak the truth. All he did see was the ocean, and I saw something else. The jungle was at least a day away, yet I could see it in the distance. I turned to my left and saw something else entirely a Oil like wall that reached over the clouds, did I dare ask.

"Do you see" I just said

"Yes, that's also the ocean" He said.

He made me sound like a idiot, as if I was a fool. I actually felt a bit like a fool, if only I could see this maybe I was losing my mind. Being in this world for almost a month now, may be to much for a single person to be here. I tried to forget what I had seen for the rest of the day but it still haunted my mind, and made me seem more crazy then ever.

I sat by the fire in a fur and as the shaman started his vision quests, the smoke he made from the fire swirled around and I listened for the first time all day I was distracted.

This world is in danger and we are all deceived but one from another world, with a heart longing for true love for everlasting love. A happy ending, but to find it he must give it to others and break the chains that have cursed this land.....

The shaman continued his vision and spoke I hear besides me a faint murmur from the rigid man.

"My name is Kocoum by the way" He said with his rigid and rough voice

"I'm Unni " I replied.

Wait, did he just say Kocoum. This man was Kocoum the man betrothed to Pocahontas, but way did he spend his days with me most of the time, I felt a bit flattered and blushed. It was time for bed and I made a decision right there, as Kocoum led my to my hut. I was about to enter but turned and planted my lips on his, I had expected him to punch me or even just shove me away. Yet no. He grabbed me placing his hand around my waist and made the kiss deeper and let our tongues meet. He ended it and left I stood confused and wondered why he left, I followed him. He had entered his hut and had started to take off the clothing that he did not need for sleep, I went inside. He turned.

"Why did you follow me" He said yet now not as stiff as usual.

I went up to him and said I want to sleep with you just sleep, hold me and let me spend the night. He looked down and just grunted. I told him I wanted to give him all of me, and I knew then and there that he had gone just by the fact he could not control himself around me after that. He and I laid down and slept in each others arms but before his eyes had closed I'm your only when your really know that this is what you want.

I dreamt clearly this night and in my dream the shaman stood before me, you are the one. He kept saying and a smoke swirled around us, I could not move. The shaman disappeared and I saw a map over this world, faces of people and face's of evil it became more and more blurry for I woke up and almost flew out of bed. I turned seeing Kocoum still sleeping, and I laid down. The dream started to get fainter but I remembered something and that made me scared, would I have to leave Kocoum and this wonderful tribe.

I went out the hut before Kocoum and sneaked to mine so non would see that I had been in Kocoum's tent. On this day all went dark, the horn of war was heard and Kocoum had to be of to fight. He whispered in my ear.

"If I embrace you when I return as a greeting I'm ready" He said.

I smiled and watched as all the minor boats (canoe's) leaving out in the water to fight the western tribe. His figure became smaller and fainter and then one could not see him any more, it was so weird I had gotten attached to him so fast and yet I still felt the terror in my heart that one day it may all end.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Can u see him" A voice said.

"Yes and he has already joined two of the lands" Another voice said.

"We must stop him, before he reaches the crystal" A third voice said.

"I know Jafar, I m not stupid" The Second voice said.

"Then what shall we do Maleficent" Jafar Said.

"Is Mozenrat, still in Agraba?" Maleficent asked.

"Yes still waiting for my orders" Jafar replied.

"Then my friends I have a plan" Maleficent laughed.


What had just been winter had become summer, and I loved being here.

There culture and lifestyle was made for me, and I loved being here with the people especially being around Kocoum. He had recently come back from the Fight/war with a tribe in the West, The whole month I was worried and prayed to all gods I could think of, that he would come out safe.

I saw him coming up with a canoe, and as he step out the boat and was almost at the shore I rushed to him and threw my arms around him. This chocked the people in the tribe. Just before I let go of him he whispered, I'm ready.

Now it was summer and I spent most of my time following Kocoum around, he was still stiff and didn't talk very much, nor did he look at me often. I think i was in love with him, yet i don't think he could ever love me, yet he had given me a hug when he had arrived not that he had a choice with me tossing myself at him. This may not have been the sign,

This world had become more that a illusion it had become a second home, soon passing six months in this world. I Choose to believe now that this was a completely different world, not a dream that I had gotten in to, and I simply called it Disneyland. This day like many of them, we were of to hunt and did so by foot. under the hunt he absolutely did not look at me, and that I could understand. When we caught the prey, we started to walk back to the tribe.

"Can we take the walk around the field" I asked with a gentle voice

"If you want" Kocoum answered

We changed direction towards the field, that I loved visiting with him near by. It would take about an hour for us to get back to the tribe, we stayed as usual in the middle of the field and inhaled the wonderful fresh air and looked at the growing corn cobs. I turned to Kocoum and meet his gaze. I looked deep into his eyes and kissed his lips. I finished quickly kiss.

"I'm sorry, But I have not kissed you since that night before you went off for war" I said and started to walk.

He had nothing to say in response, he just stood still and with chocked eyes watched me as I walked away, he began to move but never did he come up to my side. It was as if he thought of something the moment I had kissed him and now he could not get it out of his mind. It felt as if I had done something incredibly wrong, but I didn't regret it. He may have lost his interest in this long absent time in the war. I came to the tribe and stepped into my hut, he did not follow he went to his. I saw him walking past me and into his hut as I saw through a slight gap in the down folding that made a sort of door to the hut.

I laid myself on the blankets and looked through my mind, I really liked it here. I was in love had become friends with the chief and his daughter Pocahontas, me I had become friends with Pocahontas. She could not help me with my feelings being of in the western tribe to propose a peace agreement I was hoping it all went well for her even though I would like to have had someone to talk to right now. Especially since the tribute dance for the great spirits would be performed this evening, a special celebration that stage three times a year and was very important. But how would I be able to be involved when Kocoum is there, how would I manage to look him in the eye. I have to at least try, I could not disappoint the chief. I had this time promised to join the dancing, which I practiced for a long time. I could dance but to dance more like them I had to practice, so I looked the first time the celebrations were. The dance I created was a mixing of my dances from nightclubs and their traditional once's.

I went back outside and no Kocoum could be seen, he must still be in his hut, I thought and glanced over to it yet not a movement. The last preparation for the night had started, the feast of fruit and meet and tasty fish was placed on table like stones and the first fireflies and been caught in some kind of container, that I could not identify for glass it wasn't. The people in the village further pursued to prepare for the festivities. bonfires were lit and leather rugs were placed around the big fire. The sun started to go down and the music began to play, but . I was getting nervous, not because I would dance myself but I would dance as I felt when the music started to play.

I stood in a robe that hide my loincloth that hide only my cock but you could still see my buttocks, even though I had been given new clothing I enjoyed my loincloth and it was really hot during the summer so this fitted. As I stood there I had started to shake in some sort of panic, but I had come up with a plan and if this did not work there was no hope for Kocoum to want me and me to get him.

I went to the fire and placed myself on one of the rugs, seeing the eyes I wasn't ready to see and yet there he was at the other end of the circle. Kocoum's eyes penetrated me and also my soul. I moved my sight from him and looked down on the ground. The drums stopped and changed beat I knew it was time to dance and I felt it as magic. My hips slowly starting to move and just in seconds the music took me over and I let myself free.

I waved my hair, rolled my hips. tossing my arms in different directions. From heaven to earth, earth to haven. I did not even noticed that the other dancers had started to watch me instead of dancing. I was all by myself, just slightly hearing the Shaman that had healed me once before speak.

"Don't disturb him, he is in contact with the spirits" He said.

Each movement made my conscious self to disappear even deeper, As a voice was heard.

Not was it clear but I could still understand it.

"Save us, Save our land. A curse is placed upon Disneyland" It said.

I feel to the ground and before I lost Consciousness, I felt the hard knock of the ground hitting my face and body. Everything became black, and just after an hour or two I Awoke. The shaman sitting beside me smiling and the chief standing to great me for a safe return. The shaman asked me what had happened to me and told me, that what the spirits said to me was only for me. As if he knew what they had to say. My eye's wandered around the hut for the face I longed to see and into the hut he came, Kocoum's eye's when he meet mine were filled with relief, I could see he had been worried. The chief and Shaman left the hut, as Kocoum slowly went up towards me to my bed. He sat down besides me. There it was The uncomfortable silence that I hated to be a part of, I had to end it or I would.

"Sorry that" Was all I had time to say.

His lips silenced my words and was so moist and full, he leaned in closer and I couldn't resist anymore, so I trowed my arms around him and felt his grabbing my back. Is grip around me was so hard as if he was afraid i would get lost, yet filled with warmth of love and passion.

"I love you" He said as he ended the kiss and looked me in the eye.

"I love you too" I replied

His gaze was drawn to my dick when he saw that it had risen and was ready for caress and attention. He started to kiss my lips and stroked my back gently, he moved his lips and nuzzled with my neck. He bit me gently in my ears. I threw him down on the bed and sat astride him.

"I have not been with a man before, be careful" He said with a lump in his throat.

I smiled at him and leaned my face down to his and kissed his lips, I loved his lips so soft despite his harsh attitude. His chest moved slowly up and down of nervousness, I still kissed his lips and played with his tongue. His cock stood and I knew that soon he would like to have more.

"Are you ready to start," I said when I ended the kiss.

He did not answer, but just nodded nervously, I was no expert, but I knew what I would do after I had sex with Tarzan, who rarely existed in my mind anymore. I loved Kocoum. I kissed his neck and easily slid my tongue down his chest and his stomach all the way down to his skirt-like outfit. That I pulled hastily off his hips and saw his pride, about 7 inches and very thick. I was a bit afraid I would not handle to get this inside me. I caressed his muscular thighs and kissed them, he gave out heavy breath of passion and wanted more. I could see that his cock twitch when I touched his balls, I started licking them and his heavy breath became less and more moaning started. I went up the shaft.

"No, do not stop" He

"It gets better" I answered and smiled at him

I licked his thick shaft and circulated my tongue around his cock's head, his moans became louder and rougher. I knew he liked it, and he said it all the time as if he had never experienced it. As if he was a virgin

"This is great, much more! More!" He moaned out of his mouth.

I opened my mouth, ready to devour his cock, while my mouth was threaded over his cock he grunted a deep groan. I smiled with a cock in my mouth and brought my lips down to the base and back up feeling every throbbing of his huge dick. That I did not really thought I would be able to get into my mouth, I was still nervous when it came to him penetrating me.

I stopped when I heard him speak.

"I want to please you my love" He said, and laid me down on my back.

I moaned only by his caresses, his rough, strong hands on my body. I loved him and I could not think of anything better than what is happening right now. He was incredibly good at sucking cock every time his mouth reached the base of my shaft I moaned loudly, and almost bended my whole body with joy and pleasure. I felt I was close.

"I m coming, I m coming!" I moaned loudly.

He did not know what I meant and stopped but in the same second, I came in his face. He looked at me with surprise and a lustful glance, I reached up and wiped his face. He threw me down and kissed me again.

"Was it good" he asked

"You were fantastic, but we are not done yet" I give him as feedback.

He smiled at me and wanted to know what we would do now, and I began again to caress his beautiful muscular body. I lay still beneath him and my cock stood up quickly, his was already stiff and almost looked like it was about to burst. I wet my fingers and began to soften up my ass.

"What are you doing?" Kocoum asked me

"I need to soften up before you can penetrate me," I replied

I brought in a additional finger and felt that I could now try to get his thick cock inside me.

I turned us around so that I was over.

"what will happen now" He wondered and asked

I separated my buttocks and lowered me slowly down over his hard cock. We both moaned with pleasure and I knew he would lose it, which is when I thought it happened. He threw me like an animal, lifted my legs and knew exactly what he would do.

"Can I bring it deeper" He asked

"Be careful" I said.

He brought the rest of his cock gently into me, and groaned aloud. I screamed in pleasure and pain that I had never felt before I did not care, I wanted him deeper and deeper. His movements were getting more intense when he come all the way into me.

"I don't think I can hold back more" He said between moaning grunts.

"Give me everything you have, give me your hard cock" I replied.

He looked me deep in my eyes the whole time his movements became harder and faster. His body began to shake. He was ready to come and pressed at the same moment his lips against mine, our tongues screwed together, we could not concentrate. Our bodies ran with sweat our lips were wet with each others saliva. He took one last steady blow and slammed his dick in with one last loud moan.

He laid himself down exhausted beside me and stroked my cheek with his rough male hand. I looked deep into his eyes and kissed his lips.

"I love you Unni" He said with such a soft voice that I never heard him.

"I love you too" I answered him in a voice that said more than the words I have just uttered.

We fell asleep in each others arms and awoke in the same position as we fell asleep, Dawn had already past but the day was still young. Kocoum got up out of bed and put on his clothes. He turned around towards me when I opened my eyes, he rushed over to the bed and kissed my lips. He had softened but was still very rough and stiff, but I knew he loved me. I smiled at him and kissed him again.

"Can we go for a swim today," I asked him.

"No, I have to manage the hunt, we have slept for quite a while" he replied.

He kissed me as a goodbye and walked out of the hut. I got out of bed and put on my clothes and my robe. I meet the shaman as I stepped out the hut.

"Good morning pale Unni" He said and bowed as a greeting

I bowed back and was about to start walking towards the lake, he stopped me with a Hawking. He held out his hand and gave me a gift, a wonderful beautiful necklace. I took it and placed it around my neck and bowed again as thanks. I took a few steps, and heard him say.

"You are going to see him again" he muttered in riddles.

What did he mean by that. When swimming in the lake, I pondered over what the shaman meant, but nothing came to mind. I swam to the edge of the lake and grabbed my clothes just before I went out of the water. I could suddenly feel that a stream had been created in the water and I wondered what it could be, the strength was stronger and I tried to pull myself out of the water. the grip of the current was too strong and I and my clothes fell into the water. a vortex was created and I screamed for help, no one heard me, and no one saw me. the vortex pulled me down deep under the surface and I could feel that my oxygen was coming to an end. It ended abruptly and I grabbed a hold of my clothes swimming to the surface. I grabbed all the air and quickly got back my normal breathing.

Wait a minute. no water was under me nor around me, I could just see sand, which place had I now come to. I came to think of the Shaman's word and knew that he meant Kocoum. Tears began to flow down my cheeks, would I really get to see him again. I remembered also the spirits voice that told me, this country was cursed and it truly was. For where the hell had I had ended up now, without thinking it came to me. I was in the movie Aladdin, I was in the deserts of the city Agraba.

For fuck sake Not again...



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