This story takes place about 80 years from now.


Hi. My name is Jim and I help people solve problems with particularly troublesome members of society. Most of what makes these people so troublesome is their questionable or unacceptable activity that is disrespectful of the law or is simply a scofflaw affront to society. That is where I come into the picture.

People contact me to resolve their critical issues and make their lives less troubled. Operating as a privately contracted problem solver, I am commonly known as "Bullies, Inc." and my nom de plume is familiar to politicians, corporate executives, administrators and high ranking government officials around the world as a "court of last resort" for fixing particularly vexing societal and interpersonal issues. I do not advertize. Any notoriety I enjoy comes through word of mouth contact among my clients.

My clients assign these tasks with the full understanding I will be using unconventional methods to "fix" the problem or issue they requested me to resolve. To help bring an end to these issues and problems, I rely on a number of close personal friends and associates. Besides having the help of friends, I employ a number of recently developed drugs and topical creams not available to the general public. High ranking government and corporate officials have granted me unlimited access to these products. They have become primary tools in my line of work and include:

  • A serum named Meta50 - developed to dramatically increase the metabolic rate of the testicles. Produced by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, it hyper activates the testicles in order to harvest human semen for use in the manufacture of moisturizers, skin creams and anti-depressants for women. It is directly injected into each testicle, permanently increasing the production of semen and sperm by 50 times. It will increase a normal ejaculation of about 2 tsp. to about 2 cups. It has a few dubious side effects; 1) the increased metabolic rate of the testicles makes the scrotum very warm all the time, 2) semen must be drained frequently to keep the urethra from uncontrollably dripping seminal fluid and 3) orgasms are lengthy and exhausting since it takes several minutes to ejaculate 2 cups of semen.
  • Another serum I use is called SubDew. SubDew is a clear, odorless and tasteless liquid developed by the CIA. It is primarily used in the seizure of a person for subsequent interrogation or reprogramming. SubDew augments the abductor's semen for a period of twelve hours by instilling a powerful hypnotic drug into his seminal fluid. It also includes a strong sexual stimulant so the person abducting can achieve multiple orgasms. Undetectable, fast acting and effective, it is more reliable than standard hypnosis. Equally useful for male or female detainees, SubDew is the only means to hypnotize those who are resistant to standard hypnosis. The drug in the abductor's semen must be absorbed into the detainee's circulatory system, requiring the abductor to have sex with the detainee. Ejaculating drugged semen into the detainee's mouth, vagina or anus administers the drug to the detainee through their mucus membranes where it is rapidly absorbed into the circulatory system. Additional ejaculations will reinforce the effect on the detainee, dramatically stepping up the drug's effect by driving the detainee deeper into a trance. While under the drug's influence, the detainee experiences an insatiable desire for the penis that dosed him/her. The drugged detainee will hungrily bring the abductor to climax as many times as they can to get as much semen into their body as possible. The detainee's free will disengages and the need to submit grows stronger with each dose of the drug ejaculated into the body. In this state, the detainee's free will has basically turned to pliable goo that can be examined or remolded, the drug having made him/her totally submissive and receptive to further hypnotic commands. The drug wears off during the detainee's first trance.
  • The next item I use is a topical cream called ManMod. ManMod was developed through government research grants to replace surgical castration for convicted repeat sexual predators. Essentially, ManMod turns a predator's genitals into soft silicone rubber that painlessly detaches from the body once it is fully rubberized. It isn't painful or bloody, leaves no disfiguring marks or scars, has no recovery period and leaves the wall of the abdomen smooth as though nothing had ever been there. ManMod causes great discomfort for the person being gelded. As the genitals are rubberized, intense tingling creates noisy struggling until his genitals are fully rubberized and have detached themselves from his body. It also causes the genitals being removed to enlarge by one third as they become rubberized.
  • Yet another item is a topical cream called GenHance. GenHance enlarges a man's genitals, making them half again larger than they were before. It was developed by a researcher who modified the formula for ManMod by removing the rubberizing component. Once the rubberizing component was removed, genital enlargement increased from one third to one half.
  • I also use a nasal spray called GynoFlex which converts a scrotum into a vagina. GynoFlex creates a big, deep vagina, pulling the scrotal skin and testicles inside the body. The scrotal skin forms the vagina while the testicles are held just inside the vaginal opening to form large bulging pubic mounds. In their new location, the testicles still work the same as they always did. The vagina it creates is sexually sensitive and is stimulated by anything inserted or rubbing against it. GynoFlex doesn't create a womb or ovaries; it simply creates an artificial vagina that is a hyper-sensitive, sexual playpen with no menstrual periods and no worries about getting pregnant. A guy who gets one of these vaginas retains everything else that makes him male, his dick, the ability to cum, his masculine voice, hormones, muscle structure, body hair and sexual interests but with an additional sex organ where his hanging scrotum used to be.

The following four narratives document actual problems I've been asked to resolve. They are but a sampling of the work I do.

1 - Bart

Bart was his name - and he was a bully. Not just any bully, but a pathologically vicious and nasty bully. He was a big, hulking varsity football player whose behavior was hostile, belligerent, antagonistic and somewhat sadistic. His attitude tended to make all the other varsity athletes very wary and try to avoid direct contact with him. Oh, he had his nice side, which he used to attract good looking coeds whom he could abuse in private. Like so many abused women, they seemed unwilling to complain to anyone about Bart's treatment. Bart considered himself the most alpha male of all other alpha males.

Bart was quite tall at six feet seven inches. He was a handsome man with a wide, muscular upper back and shoulders and very muscular arms, his upper torso tapering to a narrow waist and hips; he was large and intimidating. He also had a large 8½" by 1¾" cock accompanied by a pair of big, low hanging balls about as big as extra large hen's eggs. His large balls kept his testosterone levels elevated enough that he was horny all the time. This raised testosterone level didn't just make him horny; it also made him aggressive, nasty and loud mouthed. He didn't have many friends.

In addition to female abuse, Bart's behavior toward male varsity athletes was downright vicious. He got perverse pleasure in the taking of a straight athlete's cherry, actively hunting for victims. Once alone with his victim, he would sucker punch the athlete, knocking him out, then pull his victim's pants down around his ankles. He would set up a video camera to record everything that happened and then roughly fuck him in the ass until he had deposited three or four loads of cum into the unconscious athlete. Several of these rapes were so violent that victims had been left with damaged sphincters, a number of them requiring surgery or emergency room treatment. He would end the video with close-ups of the resulting wrecked hole with his cum dripping out of it. The video was used to ensure the victim kept quiet about what had happened.

One of his rape victims had confided in a roommate, telling him all about the rape and the extortion video. This roommate was appalled by the story and decided to do something about it. He told the story to the team coach, who said he would look into it. The coach quietly interviewed members of the team, finding that almost all of them wouldn't talk about it. Only a few of them had admitted to being raped and had insisted that the coach keep that information just between the two of them. The coach agreed, but decided to ask other varsity coaches if any of their team members had been raped by Bart. Once they had interviewed their team members, the coaches met privately and shared information that members of their teams had confirmed their worst fears. The meeting ended with a discussion about what to do with Bart.

The football coach said he would try to have Bart removed from the team. Other coaches reminded him that Bart's parents were wealthy supporters of the university and that Bart was maintaining a 3.75 GPA. The football coach said he would tread cautiously and take the matter up with the Athletic Director. The meeting with the athletic director didn't go well for the coach. The coach was told that Bart's parents were funding a large part of the football program as well as making endowments to the university. In addition, Bart had several younger siblings that the university hoped would enroll. The coach was told to find a solution on his own and was sent back with no resolution for the "Bart" problem.

Somehow Bart found out about the coach's meeting with the Athletic Director. He became blindingly angry at the coach and cornered him in his office where he sucker punched the coach, knocking him out and video recording the subsequent rape. The coach was not intimidated by either the rape or Bart's extortion threat and went directly to the Athletic Director with a full account of what had happened. This was the deciding factor for the Athletic Director; he took the problem directly to the school's administration. One of the administrators knew of Bullies, Inc. and contacted me. I met with school administrators, listening as they described the problem, I asked them what they wanted done with Bart and was told to just make the problem "go away." They added they would pay any fee I charged just as long as the problem quietly disappeared. I agreed to solve their problem.

I first interviewed the coach, listening to his story before asking and getting permission to interview his team. Team members were very forthcoming once they found out I wasn't interested in stories about rape. I explained to each of them I just wanted to know about Bart. I had to fully understand him, know what to watch out for in his behavior as well as where he spent his off hours, did he have any favorite cafes or bars. I got all the information I needed and found out there was a bar he would often frequent.

Locating the bar I began to spend time there, getting to know the bartenders and keeping an eye on the patrons. Not long after, I couldn't help but notice someone talking very loud and obnoxiously. I asked the bartender who that was; he told me it was a guy named Bart. He went on to tell me Bart was very annoying, but spent a lot of money in the bar, so the bar tolerated his behavior as long as there was no violence. I kept a close eye on Bart through several of his visits, taking mental notes and making plans for my next move. Plans started to jell when I noted his habit of getting very full (not drunk) and losing focus on things going on around him. One night he took the bar stool next to mine. During one of his frequent bathroom breaks, I slipped a few drops of a special drug into his drink and left the bar. This drug is a knockout drug with a delay of about ten minutes before reaching its full strength; I waited in the parking lot for Bart to come staggering out. Right on cue, he stumbled out of the bar, walking irregularly across the deserted parking lot toward a bus stop. I approached him asking if he was all right and he started to make some kind of expletive when he collapsed into my arms. God, he was big and heavy. I laid him across the back seat of my car and drove off. No one had seen what had happened.

I drove him to my house where I work on my charges in a secluded bunker built into the basement. Getting that large, heavy and limp body into the bunker was a struggle. Once inside, I stripped him, grabbed a locking metal wrist/neck restraint (spreader bar) fastening it around his neck, then locked his wrists into the restraints at the ends of the bar. I also attached a three and a half foot wide spreader bar between his ankles. Grabbing ropes that ran through ceiling pulleys, I attached the ropes to the wrist/neck restraint bar and hoisted him to a standing position in the center of the room. He was going to be out for several hours, so I borrowed on his habit and set up a video camera to record what would be happening to him. He was a magnificent specimen of a man, all six feet seven inches of rippling muscle with very generously sized genitals hanging between his spread legs. Any reason he felt he had to bully and abuse people was something I just couldn't understand.

First I was going to enlarge his genitals. You probably are asking why I'd want to do that to a rapist, but the reason will become obvious. I grabbed a depilatory cream and liberally applied the cream to his dick, ball sack and surrounding skin to remove the hair. Even out cold he began gritting his teeth as the burning caused him to suck in his breath, making a hissing noise. Ten minutes later I took a wet towel and wiped away all the dead hair. Then I slathered a generous amount of GenHance all over his cock and balls right up to where they attach to his torso. Normally I gag guys getting their genitals enlarged, but I really wanted to listen to his struggles and clamor as he experienced the intense discomfort. The GenHance cream quickly absorbed deeply into his cock and soaked deeper and deeper through his scrotum, all the way to the center of both testicles. A tingling started and became intense as his genitals began growing half again larger and every fiber of flesh expanded. Throughout the process his cock remained iron hard; the tingling initially making him shoot a load of cum all over the floor. Even though he was not conscious the discomfort made him struggle against his restraints and make loud cries of discomfort as tingling intensified. I could see his cock swell first and watched as it grew longer and fatter. At the same time I could see his scrotum and balls were growing, descending lower and lower while getting heavier as the sack expanded around each of his enlarging balls. An hour later his genital growth was complete. His cock had remained hard throughout the process and I measured it at 12¾" by 2½" wide with goose egg sized balls hanging low. I wanted him to wind up with a pussy that has very large bulging labia on each side of the vagina and just knew goose egg size balls were perfect for the job.

By now, Bart's cock had gone soft, to about nine fat inches. Seeing that huge enlarged cock and those beautiful oversized balls, it seemed a shame not to keep some record of the complete set before his scrotum and balls disappeared inside his body. I picked up a hand held laser scanner and scanned a full 3D image of his giant genitals. I'll print a copy of them on my 3D printer when I get home. The printed copy of those huge genitals will look great mounted on a wall plaque. He was now ready for the next step.

Lifting his head by the hair, I sprayed GynoFlex deep into both of his sinuses. A minute or two later I watched as his scrotum began to distend; just the skin of the scrotum, not his testicles. His ball sack stretched and enlarged until it hung loosely about 10" below his body. As the skin stretched out, the area where his ball sack joined his torso grew bigger in circumference. All while it grew bigger around, his new vaginal slit formed, opening painlessly on his torso inside the scrotum. Once the scrotal skin was fully stretched and distended, the center line at the base of the now floppy ball sack began to retract as though an invisible string was pulling the center line of his ball sack up and between his testicles until all of the skin had been pulled through the newly formed vaginal slit and deep into his body. As the final bit of his scrotum passed through the vaginal opening, the last of its skin was stretched tightly around his large testicles. Then he let out a couple of loud grunts as the scrotal skin pulled each goose egg sized testicle inside, holding both of them firmly inside on either side of his new vaginal slit. As the GynoFlex wore off, the scrotal skin forming the vagina strongly tingled while the drug killed all hair follicles and sensitized the nerve endings, making the skin inside his vagina super sensitive to the touch. He made soft whimpering sounds throughout this final process. I took a hair growth cream and applied it to all the bare and exposed skin, knowing that in a couple of months he would have dense pubic hair growing around his vagina. The cream quickly absorbed into the skin. By now Bart had been unconscious about four hours. I knew he would start coming around soon.

Before I did anything else I needed to test his new cock and vagina. I stroked the newly enlarged cock slowly at first, watching as the shaft quickly engorged and grew to a full 12¾" by 2½" size. He slowly opened his eyes as I began a more sensuous milking of the cock which gradually roused him from his drugged stupor, causing him to moan with pleasure. His newly enlarged balls must be working at producing a larger amount of cum because he suddenly let go with an enormous load of cum that shot rope after rope of thick, creamy goo far out into the room. At least I knew his cock and balls were working OK. Then I took two fingers and gently rubbed on his new labia, also stroking between them along the full length of the new vaginal slit. As I ran my fingers over his pussy, I was listening to his moans before finally inserting both fingers into the new vagina, gently stroking the skin inside. He practically screamed in pleasure as the intense sensation made him cum a second time. That let me know his new vagina was functioning just fine. He was now fully awake, but still a bit groggy and exhausted from the drugs and two intense orgasms, his head slumped forward onto his chest and his gaze fell on his genitals. His nasty aggressive nature returned quickly as he loudly exclaimed "Why am I being held in these things? What the fuck happened to my dick and where did my balls go?"

I said "Calm down, man, I know it's strange. At least you have a giant, new dick that works better than ever. Your balls are gone though and won't ever come back; I took them, enlarged them and made a pussy out of them. You now have a large hypersensitive twat with big old bulging pussy lips." I lifted his cock and said "See? You now have two holes to fuck. I didn't turn you into a hermaphrodite; I just gave you and extra playpen." His eyes bugged at the sight and he growled "God damn you!" Ignoring him, I went on "I think you're really going to enjoy learning how to get fucked." Still holding his dick up, I said "Here we go, just look at those nice bulging pussy lips on either side of your new cunt; your balls are what made them. You will have a noticeable camel toe impression when those pussy lips press against the front of any jockstrap, compression short, speedo or singlet you wear. Doesn't that naked pussy look pretty and nice? A month or so from now it will look even more inviting when the thick muff of pubic hair has grown in around it. Now wait quietly while I get ready; then I'll let you feel my meaty cock sliding around in there when I take your pussy's cherry. You're going to love it!" Bart hadn't lost any of his nasty attitudes and snarled "You mother fucking bastard!" Without missing a beat, I said "Before I'm done with you, you'll really understand what it is like to get fucked." I smiled at him and walked away.

When I returned, I took the ropes holding his restraints and lowered them a bit until his crotch was at the same level as mine and then shoved my pants and underwear down around my ankles. Stepping out of them, I spit into my hand, lifted his cock and rubbed my spit on his pussy. The sensation made him moan slightly. By now my cock was hard and ready, so I stepped up to him lifted his dick and jammed my fat 7½" cock into his vagina. He let out a great moan as I slid into him, his giant cock getting rock hard at the same time. I began to fuck, steadily increasing the speed of the thrusts. His continued moaning urged me on until he suddenly had a loud shuddering orgasm, his cock shooting yet another load of cum out into the room from where it was sandwiched between our bodies. That brought me to my own climax and I shot a load of hot cum deep into his sensitive cunt; his back arched in intense pleasure when he felt my hot cum spatter inside him. I pulled out and got a hose, shoving it into his pussy. He made a startled gasp as I turned on water and flushed my fuck juices out of his vagina.

He was breathless but quickly recovered and arrogantly snapped "What the fuck have you done to me, motherfucker?" I simply said "I've made you sexually versatile; you now have a large cock that's a little over a foot long, one which most men would envy. Your enlarged balls are working just great, making a half again more cum than they used to. You now shoot really big loads of nice gooey cum. You also have a sexually sensitive pussy that is deep enough to take large, fat cocks up to about fourteen inches long. I just proved your new cunt is working fine and in addition you still have that nicely tight, puckered and underused man hole in back, which won't be underused for much longer. You will be a very versatile sex toy by the time I sell you to some rich dude who appreciates muscular, well hung studs and needs a bed warming "buck" to be his bedroom pleasure slave." He growled loudly at me. Then his antagonism quickly dissolved when the full meaning of what I had just said sank in. A single tear began to run down his cheek and he whimpered "Why me?" I told him the truth that I had been brought in to make a bullying problem go away. A couple more tears escaped his eyes and the big, muscle bound bully began a soft mewling. I pulled over a wooden chair, placed it under him and lowered him onto it, still restrained. Tonight he would sleep sitting up and shackled. Tomorrow he would find out I wasn't finished with him yet.

In the morning I brought in a hearty breakfast and fed him. He was going to need energy for what I had planned for his day. I hoisted him out of the chair into a standing position and told him his new cock was 12¾" by 2½" when hard and that soft it was 9" long. So I took his limp cock, bent it back and shoved it into his pussy. He let out a major moan as about seven inches of the limp dick slid into his vagina. The erotic sensation made him get slightly hard and moan in an even deeper register. I said he should just enjoy the feeling of his cock in there, so try to avoid getting a hard on and have it pop out. Saying I would be back in a while, I left him fucking himself.

Several of the varsity athletes I interviewed had given me contact information and I called each of them asking for a meeting that morning. They said they could meet and I told them to come to my home. Once everyone had arrived, I sat them in the living room and told them I had a way for them to get even with Bart for raping them, asking if they were interested. Every one of them seemed interested in getting a piece of the action. I asked them to round up as many of the other victimized guys as they could and meet me here this afternoon. They eagerly scampered off. I went back to my bunker and fed Bart a hearty lunch. He was really going to need his energy for later.

Early that afternoon the guys returned. There were about thirty of them in my living room. I told them what I had done to Bart, enlarging his cock, about his new pussy, about his virgin ass hole and that I had him tied up downstairs in my basement. I added that I want him to know what it is like to be raped and that any of them who wanted to rape him could have their way with him. A number of the guys dropped out for moral or personal reasons, but twenty of the guys had unwavering interest in fucking Bart's brains out. I led them down to my basement and into my bunker. Bart was hanging from the ropes in the center of the room, facing away from the door. I went up to him with a ball gag in my hand. I strapped the ball gag around his head and invited the twenty guys to come into Bart's field of view. Bart made a muffled exclamation upon recognizing fellow varsity athletes. Bart struggled in his restraints when I explained he could be fucked from the front, back or both at the same time. Then I asked who wanted to go first.

Two guys stepped forward and dropped their pants. I handed them a jar of lube and they walked over to Bart. Bart's eyes bulged and his face became a mask of fear as the two guys approached. One of them was hung average, but the other had a nice sized dick that got really fat as he got hard. The average sized guy went behind Bart and lubed up his ass hole, his fingers circling the hole while his dick got hard. He then just shoved his dick full length into Bart; Bart yelled a muffled scream behind his gag. The guy began thrusting into the tight butthole. Meanwhile the guy with the really fat dick stepped in front of Bart, pushed Bart's big cock aside and slipped his fat shaft into Bart's cunt. Bart got a hard on from the feeling of that fat cock sliding into his sensitive vagina. The guy in front began fucking, adjusting his thrusts to the rhythm of the guy in back. Suddenly the guy in back shot his load into Bart, causing Bart to tense up, shoot his own load and clamp his pussy on the dick inside. The guy in front unloaded his balls into that pussy and then asked the guy in back to change places, telling him what a fine pussy Bart had. The two of them changed places and Bart let out a loud muffled scream when that fat dick stretched his hole wider than he could imagine. The two cocks inside him gave him an overall feeling of intense pain mixed with intense sexual pleasure. Both guys deposited a second load into Bart and pulled out.

The rest of the guys paired up and fucked Bart in tandem, each of them depositing two or three loads into the gradually loosening fuck holes. By the time three pairs of guys had finished, cum was running like a faucet from each of Bart's fuck holes and Bart was sobbing with great tears running down his cheeks. This didn't seem to bother any of the others waiting their turn. Each of them fucked both sloppy holes hard and came as often as they wanted to. All the cocks rubbing against his prostate and stimulating his vagina had caused Bart to shoot about four loads of his own. When all twenty guys had finished, I told them I had taken photos of everything they had done, hiding their identities. I would be sending a photo album to each of them.

Once the guys had left, I grabbed a hose and flushed out his vagina, then turned to his still open and wrecked butthole. I shoved the hose up his ass and ran water into him under low pressure flushing out an enormous amount of cum and a bit of shit loosened by the semen enema. He gradually stopped crying as the douche eased his discomfort. I then removed the gag and the neck/wrist shackle, tying his arms behind his back. I left the leg spreader bar in place to allow for some additional draining from the ordeal. It didn't take long for his belligerent attitude to return when he began a verbal tirade. I told him to shut up or I would gag him again. He obeyed, but kept glaring at me with a great deal of anger in his eyes.

The next morning I contacted a slaver I knew. He remarked what a tremendous coincidence this was, he had been "on commission" to procure a tall, muscular, handsome whitey for a client in Arabia. I warned him that this male was feral, untrained, unbroken, ill-tempered and nasty. He assured me he had broken difficult slaves many times before and this one would be no problem. I described the body modifications I had made and invited him over to inspect the goods. I gagged Bart to avoid any verbal abuse while the slaver inspected him. The slaver arrived shortly and carefully inspected Bart, impressed by his large, muscular body. He commented that having three sex organs (cock, vagina and butthole) instead of the standard two gave him the best of both worlds and would make him especially prized, increasing his value. Continuing, he said that in most Arabian countries sex with women outside marriage is strictly forbidden, leaving married Arabs to always be on the hunt for sexual relief. As he admired the gigantic cock and the shapely vagina behind it, he said this vagina will really interest his client because there's a thriving market for "exotics" in the Arabian markets. I showed him how the barest touch across the sensitive labia made him shudder in pleasure. The slaver rubbed it and was impressed that simply by touching his vagina and stroking it a little bit could give Bart a major erection. Then the slaver noticed and asked about the used and still loose butthole. I told him last night he had lost his tight little cherry when his butthole had been "broken in" by twenty guys in a revenge rape and that, given a few hours, it would tighten up again. Satisfied he paid me a generous sum for Bart and hauled him off. That night Bart found himself and other newly captured men loaded on a private jet and flown to Arabia to start processing for a new life as a sex slave.

Bart was gone and would never bully anyone again. I started a rumor; a partially true cover story about his disappearance that everyone could believe:

After sexually abusing a large number of varsity athletes, those abused varsity athletes had turned on Bart and brutally ganged raped him. Photos had been taken and spread around campus by means of an underground student network. Bart was so humiliated he felt he couldn't face life among the student body, especially among the varsity athletes. Added to that was knowledge that starting next year his siblings would attend the university and were likely to find out about him. Bart couldn't stand the thought of his entire family finding out what had happened, so he simply left town without notice and disappeared.

The rumor worked better than I thought it would. His family attempted to locate him without success, eventually giving up active searches. I collected my fee from the university and deposited it along with the large sum the slaver had paid to purchase Bart.

2 - Drill Instructors

Bullies, Inc. was contacted by the Marine Corps general staff at the Pentagon. In a meeting I was told of two problematic drill instructors at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) at San Diego, CA. It seems they had been sexually abusing numerous young recruits under their command. Threats of courts marshal for breaking the chain of command as well as threats of being "washed out" of the Marine Corps had kept the recruits from reporting the abuse up the chain of command. One day a Marine who had recently graduated from the San Diego MCRD was assigned duty at the Pentagon and came forward to report the extreme abuse. Senior staff followed up on the report by locating other Marines who had gone through boot camp under the command of these drill instructors. All of the located Marines were interviewed. So many of the interviewed Marines confirmed the report that senior staff determined something must be done about these drill instructors.

I asked why they found it necessary to contact me, as it seemed to be a problem they could easily handle internally. They went on to say there was a serious complication that required this matter to be taken care of quietly with no notoriety. It seems both of these drill instructors were recipients of major combat medals. For service "above and beyond" in Afghanistan, one of the drill instructors had been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, presented by the President, while the other DI had been awarded the Navy Cross. These medals are the top two military decorations that can be awarded. Any word of this getting out would create an incredible scandal, reflecting poorly on the President, Congress, Marine Corps, the good reputation of the medals themselves as well as the character of all other medal recipients. Any outside knowledge of this simply must not happen.

I asked what they expected me to do about the problem. They said the DI's had been given the opportunity to retire quietly, but had turned down the offer. Regardless, the Marine Corps needed to have the abuse stopped and these medal recipients allowed a dignified retirement. They said they would pay any fee I charged and would provide full support for my efforts. I assured them I would take care of the problem.

The next day a packet of information about the two drill instructors was delivered to my home. It contained their military records, ID photos and current duty assignment. Without a doubt, they had impressive military records. Included were two authorization forms, one for full access to the San Diego MCRD and another for an ID card. From this information I was able to put together the germ of a plan. I flew to San Diego and took up residence in a hotel near the base. Later, I went to the base, got my ID card and introduced myself to the base commander. He hadn't been informed about my mission there, so I showed him the authorization form and told him I was on a confidential assignment at the request of the Pentagon. He said I would have his full cooperation for anything I needed while I was there. I thanked him and returned to my hotel.

My first order of business was to scout out the base for a space where I could work without attracting attention. After a thorough search, a recently boarded up building caught my eye and I checked it out. I picked the lock and inspected the interior. It was perfect; it still had electrical power, was somewhat remote, had plenty of room for me to set up shop and it wasn't on anyone's radar. Unseen, that night I moved a small amount of equipment into the building and carefully closed the place up. Now I was free to find a way to deal with the two drill instructors.

Touring the base the next day, I was able to locate my quarry, observing both of them as they worked at drilling their recruits. Watching them for a while, I came to the realization they were really busy with their jobs. My work would have to be done quickly so they would be missing for only a short time. I would need a better understanding of the day-to-day life for an average drill instructor. The information would give me what I needed to isolate the DI's so I could do my work. I visited the base commander again. He directed me to two drill instructors I could interview who were waiting for the next recruit class to start, explaining that they could be consulted without disrupting ongoing training.

The two drill instructors were very informative. Telling them I needed to understand their work, I asked them how they found time to themselves during the twelve week boot camp. They assured me that after "lights out" every day they had plenty of time to plan their next day and to take some personal time before they, too, had to retire for the night. I asked about weekends and was told that the recruits were not drilled as heavily and given time for chores, to do laundry, go to church, etc. Weekends also gave each DI time to relax a bit. Training a recruit class was grueling, but definitely not a three month confinement without time off. However they added that once the twelve week class graduated, they definitely needed time for R&R. I asked when their next class started and if they were ready. They told me the current class of recruits was to graduate two Saturdays from now and both of them would instruct the following class, scheduled to start the following Monday. They were ready for their return to work. I thanked them and wished them well with their new class of recruits.

Happy with the information, I now knew there were only two and a half weeks for me to take action. Until then I had plenty of time to find out just what kind of sexual abuse these recruits had to endure. I paid a return visit to the base commander telling him I needed to wander the base at nighttime without compromising base security. He told me he would notify security that I would be on base at night and to be aware of my presence. However, he warned me that I should expect to be challenged every time I was seen. I assured him that was no problem and was prepared for that.

Thinking that the recruits would have well developed bodies at this point in their training, I suspected they would be very desirable to the DIs and began a nighttime watch on the barracks. It didn't take long before I observed the drill instructors shouldering the burden of what looked like a drugged recruit to a nearby building. I quietly sneaked up to the building and could hear muffled groans and other noises that sounded as though the recruit was being raped. I quickly went back to the recruit barrack, snuck in and placed a small remote video camera in a hard to notice place inside the DI's quarters. Leaving the building, I waited for the drill instructors to return. Their victim returned a short while later looking groggy and disheveled. Once they had returned, I went to the building where they had raped the young recruit and placed a remote video camera there, too. Both sets of cameras were set up to record the activity in each area. Now I only had to wait for the next incident.

The very next night, another recruit was raped. Just after "lights out" the DIs ordered one of the recruits to their office. I watched video feeds as one of the DIs stood beside the door. As the recruit was about to enter, the DI standing by the door covered his nose and sprayed a lot of something into the air, which the recruit unknowingly breathed as he walked in. The DIs offered a chair, which the recruit took. Shortly, the recruit became sleepy and confused. From the recruit's reaction, I strongly suspected an aerosol containing GHB had been sprayed into the air. The DIs supported him on their shoulders and walked the dreamy boy to the nearby building. I watched on computer monitors as they stripped him and placed him face down on a bench, strapping him in place. The two of them then dropped their pants, one standing in front and one in back of the boy. With practically no hesitation, the DI in back brutally shoved his cock into the boy's ass and began fucking wildly while the DI at his head brutally fucked his mouth and throat until both of them had shot a load into the boy. As drugged as he was, the young boy cried out and groaned all while this was happening. Exchanging positions, each DI fucked the boy from opposite ends before trading places again. This continued until both of the rapists had unloaded about four loads of cum into the boy and were spent. They unfastened the boy's restraints and left the building, smiling and chuckling to one another and slapping each other on the back. The young recruit was left to groggily clean himself up, locate his clothes, dress himself and find his own way back to his barracks.

I have seen a lot of brutality, but never at this intensity level. This rape had gone beyond the pale. I found it to be absolutely inexcusable; finally giving me an understanding of the damage they did to the recruits. This exact rape scenario continued night after night, the DIs victimizing a different young recruit exactly the same way. Not once did they suck the recruit's cock or try to have him lick or fuck their ass. I realized the only sex they enjoyed was exclusive to the use of their cocks, never sucking a cock or getting fucked. The realization that for twelve full weeks they did this nightly to a different young man made it even more horrendous. I fully understood the Pentagon's predicament. However, the apparent pattern of these rapes gave me a good idea about what I would have to do to them in order to stop these rapes permanently.

I began my plan of action. The next night I went into the building right after the DIs had left and spoke with the groggy recruit. Even though he wasn't completely sober, he told me this was his second rape and that every recruit in the company had been raped at least once, many of them several times. I assured him I would put a stop to all of these rapes.

My knockout drug is available in two forms; liquid and gas. In its liquid form, there is a delay of about ten minutes before taking effect, while the gas has no delay and takes immediate effect. I installed gas canisters of the drug in the building where the rapes were happening. The next night, when the DIs had their victim strapped down, I remotely triggered the gas. All three of them were rendered unconscious immediately; they would be out for a couple of hours. Donning a gas mask, I extracted the two drill instructors and dragged them to the abandoned building I had set up for my work.

I had installed two upright restraint posts in the building. These free standing posts were six feet high with a four foot crossbeam at the bottom. Each of the restraint posts had the shape of an inverted T with ankle cuffs at the ends of the crossbeam. I dragged the DIs inside and stripped them both. Then I stood each DI against one of the uprights, tying their arms behind the post and affixing a strap around their waists to hold him tight to the post. Ankles were cuffed to the crossbar, leaving legs spread wide with genitals hanging free. I fastened a ball gag around each of their heads. While I waited for them to come out of their drugged stupor, I got a good chance to observe their naked bodies. Both men were in great shape; well defined, muscular bodies that military training combined with gym workouts had honed into magnificence. Both of them had extra-large, oversized balls, apparent evidence of their testosterone driven sexual aggression. I stroked their cocks, each of which got erect quickly. One of them had a seven inch erection and the other eight inches. Both of them were well hung and apparently full of testosterone, based on how quickly they got hard even while drugged. I continued waiting.

Gradually they regained consciousness and began to struggle against their restraints glancing wild eyed around the bare room. As their attention settled on me, they began regarding me with hateful glares. Mixed with those glaring looks was the occasional inquiring look that seemed to ask why this was happening to them. I spoke to them saying "I have been tasked with the responsibility of bringing an end to all of the rapes you two have been committing. Trust me; no more Marine recruits will have to endure what you two have been doing to them every night. I am going to remove your dicks." Immediately, their faces became a mask of abject fear and both of them started violently struggling against their restraints. They tried to yell at me, but only could get out a muffled "Mffff." I continued with "You can stop your struggling. This won't be painful or bloody, but it will be as uncomfortable as hell. If you look down you can watch it all happen." With that, I generously applied ManMod to the full length of their cocks, right up to where their cocks extended from their torsos.

ManMod's strong tingling began in each of their cocks, giving both of them a spontaneous erection and orgasm. I said to them "See all that cum on the floor? Those are the last loads of cum that will ever shoot out of your cocks." Fear grew in their eyes as the ManMod soaked deeper into the flesh of their cocks, the tingling of the conversion process steadily increasing, becoming extremely uncomfortable, almost painful. The DIs began strong struggling mixed with muffled grunts and groans of distress at this point. Watching wide eyed, the DIs could see ManMod causing each of their cocks to swell and lengthen. All flesh of each penis was slowly being converted to realistic soft silicone rubber. Aside from the swelling, the change was not very apparent because their cocks continued to look just like real skin. Restraints held the DIs firmly in place and the gags kept their outcries from being annoyingly loud. They gradually quieted down when the tingling reduced as ManMod finished converting every fiber of cock flesh to lifelike silicone rubber. Forty-five minutes later each DI made a loud, muffled scream as, one by one, they watched their rubberized penises painlessly detach and fall to the floor, a bare patch of skin around the urethra opening on their torsos being the only evidence of each cock's former location. I applied a hair growth cream to the bare patches of skin and picked up the swollen, detached penises, measuring each of them. The seven inch cock now measured a nice 9½ inches and the eight inch cock measured an impressively fat 10¾ inches.

Holding up their rubberized cocks, I said "These are your real cocks. As they were rubberized, they swelled about one third bigger than they used to be, but they're your cocks nonetheless. Now I want both of you to feel just what your rape victims felt when these cocks went up their ass." Taking a jar of lube, I generously lubed the shorter of the two cocks as well as its original owner's butthole. Reaching behind his balls with his cock in hand, I made sure the cockhead was centered on his butthole and jammed it unceremoniously up his ass. He let out a muffled screaming yelp as the fat shaft forcefully stretched his virgin manhole wide open. I pumped the shaft in and out of his ass a few times and left the rubberized cock stuck half way inside him. I then did the same thing to the other DI. His cock was the larger of the two and now had a shaft width of about 2½ inches. When I rapidly shoved his cock up his manhole, the gag couldn't entirely quiet his very loud scream. His never fucked sphincter had been abruptly stretched terribly wide and tears filled his eyes. I fucked him with his cock a few times and left it hanging half way out of his ass.

I stood in front of them and said "Your days of raping young recruits are over. You still have your large, oversized balls but now you can't fuck or even beat off. will have to sit to pee for the rest of your lives. Your balls are still working, though; they will keep you very horny. So, in order to get your rocks off you will have to be creative. For sexual satisfaction you just might have to learn to enjoy anal sex. You can still cum, but not like you used to. It will never again spurt out of your piss hole, but will flow from it like out of a faucet; it will simply pour out of your body and run over your big balls. If you ever want kids, your cum can be collected for artificial insemination. Now I'm going to give you your first lesson in anal sex and demonstrate how stimulating your prostate can make you cum." I picked up a vibrator and held it against each of the rubberized cocks hanging from their asses. Shortly, the cock vibrating against each prostate gave both of them a groaning orgasm with cum running from their urethras all over their ball sacks, dripping to the floor. They both whimpered behind their gags at the sight of all that cum simply flowing like water from a tap.

Both of them grunted loudly when I jerked the rubberized cocks out of each ass. I cleaned off the cocks and then I wiped all cum and lube from their bodies with a cloth. I picked up two boxes; each a foot long made of dark wood lined with red velvet and placed a cock into each one of them. I said "I think we're done, so I will leave your rubberized cocks with you. I want you to keep them as a reminder of this event, hoping you have learned to never sexually abuse another young man. Try using your cock as a dildo and learn how to get fucked, you might actually get to like being fucked. You also might learn ways to get sexual satisfaction from ball massages. Your clothes are stacked on either side of the door. You can get dressed when you wake up, a couple of hours from now." Donning a gas mask, I released a canister of my knockout gas.

Looking at the two unconscious men allowed me to appreciate both of their muscular bodies and their beautiful oversized balls. Grabbing a hand held laser scanner I scanned a 3D image of each ball sack. I'll duplicate them on my 3D printer when I get home. Those huge balls will look great mounted on bookends.

Then I untied them both and left them naked and unconscious on the floor, placing their boxed cocks next to each of them. I moved my equipment and accessories out of the building. Finally, I went over to the building where the recruit was still restrained. He was just coming out of his stupor from the combination of GHB and my knockout gas. I released him and told him I had taken care of the drill instructors and there would be no more rapes. As he dressed himself, I gave him my contact information and asked that he call me if the drill instructors commit any sexual abuse in the future. He assured me he would, then finished dressing and returned to his barracks.

Marine Corps General Staff contacted me a few weeks later requesting a meeting at the Pentagon. At the meeting, they thanked me and informed me both drill instructors had applied for retirement, which was granted. As the meeting ended they presented me with my check and said they had included something extra as a bonus for quietly taking care of a very major problem. That bonus was extremely generous. I was pleased.

3 - Ernie

Bullies, Inc. was contacted personally by Bret Masters, a member of the city council, requesting a private meeting. We met in the councilman's office where he told me that his son Ted had disappeared and he needed my help to get him back. I told him locating and returning missing persons wasn't the kind of work I did. He asked me to listen to his full story before deciding whether or not to take the job.

His son's best friend Frank had come to him to report Ted's disappearance. It seems the two young men had joined a gym where a very muscular black man named Ernie was a member. Ernie was at the gym every day working out and hanging around. His behavior made the two young men nervous by the way he would closely study them and somehow always be in the locker room and showers at the same time as them. Both of them thought he was really weird and tried to avoid him. They began to hear rumors that Ernie was known to kidnap virile young men who would never be heard from again. Other people had looked into these rumors, but could find no evidence or truth to these rumors about this Ernie. The rumors were dismissed as idle speculation about someone who was a bit odd. One day Frank had an early appointment and left the gym before Ted. At the time he left, Ted had been in the locker room; of course Ernie was there too. That was the last time he saw Ted. He had searched for Ted everywhere he could think of, finally going to the police where he filed a missing person report. Frank genuinely believed Ernie had something to do with Ted's sudden disappearance. The councilman had hired private investigators to conduct a search. They had been unable to find Ted, but found the rumors of Ernie's misdeeds had come from credible sources, not some gossipy rumor mill. He asked me to find out whether or not Ernie is the kidnapper and deal with him if he is. He wanted his son back. I told him I would do what I could, but to remember I may not be able to find Ted either. He gave me a photo of Ted, then thanked me and assured me I would be well rewarded if I could return Ted to him.

Councilman Bret introduced me to Frank a couple of days later. Frank related the story about Ted and how Ernie had seemed to be stalking him. I asked if he knew anything further about Ted's vanishing or about Ernie. Frank said he knew nothing more about Ted's disappearance. About Ernie, he said that most guys simply avoid him because he isn't very tolerant of white guys, always mumbling vague things about black supremacy and white lowliness. Ernie is also pushy when he wants to use equipment being used by guys, especially if they are white. He told me that aside from that he knew nothing else. To me it looks like this Ernie guy may be a black racist with a possible black superiority complex. I had to track down this guy Ernie, find out all about him, learn his living pattern and discover whether or not he really is the bad guy. So, I joined the gym where Ted had last been seen.

Frank told me I should look for a black guy with the biggest body at the gym. Ernie wasn't at all hard to spot. I casually watched as he worked out and observed him cruise other members. Following him into the shower room, I got a better idea of just how imposing he really is. He's a very big bodybuilder about six feet tall with large, well developed muscles rippling under his dark brown skin. He also has a pendulous, fat 8" by 2" dick hanging in front of a large handful of good sized balls. I thought that cock must be at least eleven very fat inches when hard. He is an imposing man.

I dressed and left before Ernie, crossing the street to see where he went when he left the gym. He didn't notice me when he walked out of the gym, so I casually followed him from a distance, keeping an eye on him until he disappeared into a small warehouse type building several blocks away. The building had only one entrance with a locked door and had blacked out windows. I could neither see nor hear anything that was going on inside. To check out the building, I would have to return the next day when Ernie was at the gym.

I got there early the next morning, watching until I saw Ernie leave with his gym gear. Picking the lock, I cautiously entered the building. The interior was definitely Ernie's residence with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. A door at the back of the kitchen resembled a back door, but I knew there was no other entry or exit from the building. I cautiously opened that door to a dark room. I could hear a soft mechanical chugging sound filling the room accompanied by sounds of painful groaning. I turned on the lights to see eight young men strapped to individual benches. All of them were bent over the edge of a bench. Their upper torso was fastened face down on the bench, arms at their side with their lower body below the waist standing spread eagle with each ankle tied to a bench leg. Every one of the young men was wearing a black leather hood buckled around their neck, no eye openings but a single opening surrounding the mouth. Each of their cocks was fitted with a clear milking sleeve, which was vigorously sucking on the cock inside. The chugging milking machine seemed to be finishing the business of milking multiple loads of cum from each young man because the machine shut down and the young men all exhaled a sigh of relief. Apparently this milking occurs frequently because all of the young men had grossly large scrotums, swollen to about twice normal size from being milked too often.

I called out "Ted Masters are you in here?" One of the young men raised his head and uttered a grunt. I went over to his bench and saw that his mouth was held open by a mouth spreader. I quickly removed his leather hood and mouth spreader. This definitely was the Ted Masters I was looking for. I released his restraints and asked him to help me release the other guys. Once everyone had been released, I asked when Ernie would return. They all told me he was gone until this evening. Knowing I had the whole day, I told them to wait for me I while I went to get clothes for all of them. I went to the gym's clothing store and bought sweatshirts and sweatpants for all of them. When I returned they were waiting and grateful for something to wear. There is still ample time to find out about Ernie and plan what to do to stop him.

I told them all I only wanted to know what Ernie had been doing to them. In a round robin discussion, they related a really sordid story. Feeling superior, Ernie hunts virile young white men, drugging and kidnapping them. He brings his victims to this building, restrains them on benches and injects them with some kind of drug every day to increase their production of cum. He also injects himself with the drug, enabling him to cum large loads four or more times in a row with almost no rest between orgasms. When he arrives each evening, he usually starts by randomly choosing two of his captives and mouth fucking them, making sure they swallow every drop of his big load of "superior cum." He then fucks two or three guys, depositing several huge loads of cum up each ass. All of the guys said his fat cock never felt good because it was so wide that their hole always hurt from the way it was stretched. Then, claiming white guys don't deserve to have his superior black cum inside them, he would go along the line of guys he just fucked and suck every bit of his own cum out of each fucked butthole. Next he takes the container of cum milked from all of them during the day, scoops up a glass of their combined cum and drinks it as a pre-dinner cocktail. His evening meal is prepared using more of their combined cum. What he doesn't use is then force fed to each of the captives. Ernie then injects each of them with the drug to increase cum production and turns on the timer for the milking machine. Every two hours from then until the next evening, the machine turns on and milks them until they are shooting blanks. Before retiring for the night he once more mouth fucks and ass fucks the guys he hadn't yet fucked. Again sucking every drop of cum out of each butthole he had just fucked. All of them think he is a narcissistic and perverse cum junkie to an extreme. I wondered if Ernie ever got fucked, none of the guys knew anything about that, all of them feeling his black superiority views wouldn't allow white cum up his ass.

I asked what happens to a guy when he reaches a point when his balls give out and he just can't cum anymore. A couple of them had been here when that happened. When a guy can't cum anymore, Ernie brings in a slave trader and sells the guy to him. One of them had overheard the slave trader say he would have the guy gelded for auction in Arabian slave markets. The guy was never seen again. For them to say Ernie is perverse is an understatement. I gave the guys bus and taxi money telling them to go back to their lives and that I would make sure Ernie will never bother them again.

By now it was mid-morning and time for me to make my move to stop Ernie permanently. I contacted Dave, a hypnotist friend of mine for help. He said he was free and asked where I was. I gave him the address and he told me he'd be right over. Dave is a plain looking short man, about five feet six inches tall, who has disproportionately large genitals; a very large, long, fat dick paired with a big, heavy ball sack filled with large testicles. He always shoots enormous loads of cum and is as talented with his cock as he is a hypnotist. His voice is so soothing he can make people trust anything he says. He not only can hypnotize, but has a unique way of talking to and touching a person that will cause them to blindly allow him to direct their movements all while they are actually being hypnotized. He was perfect for my plan.

My friend Dave arrived a little while later. I explained my plan to hypnotize Ernie so I could get him to my bunker without attracting attention. I needed Dave to use his body touching talent to trap Ernie into sitting on Dave's huge cock to get fucked. He looked at me curiously and I explained I didn't want to take any chance Ernie would be unaffected by standard hypnosis and wanted him in a guaranteed deep trance under my control. I needed to use the drug SubDew to get Ernie into that deep trance. I then asked Dave if he would allow me to inject him with SubDew. He said he had heard about SubDew but didn't know much more about it. I told him SubDew would do two things to him. First, SubDew would add a powerful hypnotic drug into his seminal fluid. His semen would be loaded with the drug for at least twelve hours; the hypnotic drug not affecting him in any way, so he needn't worry. Secondly, over the same twelve hour period SubDew will dose him with a strong sexual stimulant that will increase the metabolic rate of his testicles along with the quantity of semen they make. This will enable him to reach orgasm more often than he normally would. Each orgasm will inject a large quantity of the drug laden hypnotic semen into Ernie. He asked why he would have to cum more than once or twice. I said that more than just one or two doses of the powerful hypnotic drug would be needed to drive Ernie into a very deep trance. I added that SubDew's drug is much more reliable than standard hypnosis. Finally understanding why I wanted to use SubDew, he gave me permission to inject him. I told him I hoped he was horny because he was going to get some of the best sex of his life from Ernie. I described Ernie as a big, muscular black man, well hung with a round and firmly muscled bubble butt that I knew would be hungrily milking many loads from Dave's giant cock. Dave gave me a wicked smile and said he was ready to fill Ernie with SubDew.

I injected Dave and had him accompany me to the gym. We got there shortly after 1pm; the lunchtime workout crowd had left, leaving an entire area of the locker room deserted. The two of us gravitated to that deserted space and Dave stripped. We didn't have to wait long for Ernie to finish his morning's workout and come into the locker room to clean up and refresh between workouts. The big black man wasn't the least bit shy about flexing and admiring himself in front of a full length mirror. He smiled a cocky smile as he took in his sculptured body while watching his muscles ripple. Ernie was so focused on his hot body he didn't notice naked little Dave until he approached him. Ernie was used to gay guys checking him out so he was simply going to ignore Dave but Dave began to tell Ernie how beautiful his muscular body was. Caught off guard, Ernie had no idea what Dave was about to do to him.

Ernie turned to challenge what he thought was a little fag but found his eyes drawn to Dave's eyes. Dave began speaking to Ernie, his voice sounding very relaxing and calming to Ernie as he stared into Dave's eyes. His will power was slowly fading away as he listened to Dave's soothing words, Ernie tried to look away but couldn't. He was unable to understand why his eyes were riveted on Dave's eyes, but felt it was the right thing to do. Dave quietly told Ernie to relax and just let his mind drift while Dave's words swept over and engulfed his mind. It was obviously hard for Ernie to maintain his focus on Dave's eyes as his mind started to get fuzzy and he began to sway back and forth. Before Ernie knew it, Dave's words had completely crept into him. By now Ernie was confused, naked and yielding to Dave's voice. Dave gently touched his hard rippled muscles, the touch drawing Ernie in even deeper. Ernie allowed Dave to lead him by the hand over to a bench in the deserted area of the locker room, Ernie's large powerful legs moving sluggishly as he was guided. Dave sat down on a bench in front of Ernie, reached up and stroked the muscular black man's chiseled chest and sides down to his thick corded thighs and back up to his crotch, cupping and gently fondling his large balls and stroking his big black cock. Ernie's subconscious was fully aware of Dave fondling his body and genitals, but the naked black man just stood there. Ernie's mind was begging him to resist, but he was unable to do anything to stop it. Dave's soothing voice and touch simply felt so good that the touching seemed to give some stability to his life. The cocky stud closed his eyes and relaxed as Dave stroked him, the touch erasing all of Ernie's power to resist. Dave turned the larger, taller black stud around by his hips, making Ernie stand with his tight, very round muscle butt facing him. Dave's hands softly caressed those firm butt cheeks as his hands moved to Ernie's muscular hips and then guided Ernie down onto his lap. The awareness of Dave's large flaccid cock and huge balls pressing against his muscle butt sent shivers running up Ernie's back. With Dave's hands still on his hips, the supposedly straight Ernie could feel Dave's warm breath on his smooth sculptured back and feel Dave's cock gradually growing large and hard, pressing firmly against his bubble butt. Ernie kept listening to Dave's calming voice that was keeping him relaxed, deeply spellbound and utterly obedient.

Ernie was very much under control when Dave suddenly lifted Ernie up and pressed his giant hard cock into Ernie's deep canyon of a butt crack. Ernie gasped and his eyes bulged out from the sudden unexpected sensation when Dave took his cherry and stretched his butthole unbelievably wide. But his dream like state made the big black man only feel pleasure instead of pain while Dave's large, long and very fat cock slowly stretched his man hole wide open and slid deep into him. Ernie blissfully moaned as he was lowered all the way down on Dave's pole and lifted back up. It didn't take long for Dave to reach orgasm and shoot his first giant load into Ernie. As the drug in Dave's SubDew laden cum quickly absorbed into his body, Ernie transitioned from a dreamy state to hypnotic trance and suddenly became sex crazed, starting to energetically bounce his muscular bubble butt up and down on Dave's cock as he fucked himself. He was in thrall to the SubDew induced ravenous desire for the cock that had dosed him, attempting to get as much of Dave's cum into his body as possible. Ernie's ass was hungrily working to bring Dave to climax many more times, his lively asshole riding Dave's cock as though it was sucking it, milking load after load of cum out of Dave's cock. With every additional load of Dave's cum, Ernie was getting injected with another large dose of the SubDew drug, each dose driving him deeper into a hypnotic fog. Finally drained and exhausted from five intense orgasms, Dave pulled out his cock, sat the deeply hypnotized Ernie next to him and signaled me to come over. I immediately gave Ernie a post hypnotic trigger to return to this same trance any time I snapped my fingers twice. Then I told him I was his new master and he must trust and obey my every command when I woke him. Dave got up to dress, wished me well, thanked me for the incredible sexual release and said he would leave Ernie in my capable hands. Before he left, I reminded him to avoid having sex with anyone else for the next twenty-four hours just to make sure SubDew was completely out of his system. He smiled and assured me he needed at least that much time just to recover from all the orgasms he just had. Dave walked out, leaving me alone with Ernie.

I woke Ernie from the deep trance. He was surprised to see me sitting next to him. I asked if he was all right since he seemed to have blanked out for a few minutes. He said he was fine, but feeling really uncomfortable. I asked what was making him feel that way and he said his booty hole was sore, strangely wet and he felt like he was going to shit himself. Knowing he had just taken five large loads of cum up his ass, I told him to ignore his sore butthole, but first go into the bathroom and take a good dump. After that he was to get dressed and meet me out front. His discomfort vanished as he immediately stood up and hurried toward the men's room. Content that my hypnotic command had left him trusting and obedient, I went outside to wait for him. Once dressed, he joined me in front of the gym. Since he was still submissive to my commands, I told him to come with me. He trustingly accompanied me to my car for the drive to my house. I guided Ernie to my basement and into the secluded bunker where I could work on him in private.

Once inside the bunker I ordered him to stand against one of my free standing "inverted T" restraint posts. After ordering him to strip, I strapped his abdomen to the post, tied his arms behind the post and strapped his ankles to the crossbeam at the floor. I left him there and went to contact a friend who owns a human semen "dairy" farm, leaving a message for him that I would soon have a productive new addition to his herd of human livestock. Finally, I brought Ernie fully awake. He blinked a couple of times and seemed surprised to find himself restrained. He struggled briefly and glared at me asking "What the fuck is this place and who the hell are you?" Telling the truth, I told him I had been hired to locate one of his victims and put an end to his kidnapping business. I added that he didn't need to know where he was; just that he would be dealt with right here. Looking worried, he asked "What are you going to do to me?" I assured him he wasn't going to be killed. Then I told him "Since you are so addicted to cum, I have decided to reward you with a lifetime of cum." His tension melted a bit. I grabbed a ball gag to strap around his head. He shook his head and moved it in ways to make that task almost impossible. So I snapped my fingers twice and he instantly returned to the deep trance that calmed him completely. I fastened the gag and brought him fully awake. He was very surprised to find himself gagged. I told him I needed him quiet while I worked.

Explaining that first I was going to enlarge his cock and balls, I approached him and gently fondled his big balls while I stroked his big, black cock to full erection. I measured his erect cock at 11½ inches by 2.5 inches with a 5 inch wide scrotum hanging below it. Whistling softly I told him he would be huge after the enlargement. He was fairly hairy in the crotch and an application of a depilatory cream had his crotch cleared of little black curly hairs in about ten minutes. The burn of the hair removal had him making hissing noises as he sucked in air and breathed heavily. After wiping off the dead crotch hair, I grabbed GenHance and liberally slathered it all over his cock and scrotum right up to his abdomen. It soaked in quickly and GenHance's strong tingling must have begun just as quickly because he really started to struggle against his restraints, making all kinds of distressing noises. The tingling sensation made him get hard instantly and shoot a large load out into the room. I pulled up a comfortable chair and sat watching his struggles throughout his enlargement. It was quite a site to watch his muscular body struggle, flexing and rippling under that coffee brown skin all while his big black cock and balls expanded to a new gigantic size. It was a very titillating show.

An hour later his struggles ceased, signaling the end of his genital growth. His cock was still hard and now measured a huge 17¼ inches by 3¾ inches; his scrotum measured 7½ inches wide. Some quick calculation told me his ball sack was now 23½ inches around. Each of his balls had enlarged to the size of an orange. They should be capable of making quite a load of cum; I needed to see just how much cum those balls could make. So I left him standing there overnight to give his newly enlarged testicles enough time to begin working and build up a full load of semen. In the morning I removed his gag and fed him a hearty breakfast. As he ate, he asked me why I had enlarged his cock and balls. I told him it was just the first step in a process. He asked "A process? What on earth are you talking about?" I answered "Yesterday I promised you a lifetime of cum. You will enjoy more cum than you ever imagined, only it won't be from any of your young white slaves. Instead you will be giving up your prized black cum." He yelled "What the fuck do you mean?" and began to yell all kind s of obscenities at me until I threatened to gag him again. He got quiet, but remained glaring at me menacingly. I said "You'll find out what I mean."

Telling him I needed to see how much cum he could shoot with his bigger balls, I began stroking the massive cock, masturbating him. He responded quickly, moaning and trying to thrust his hips. As I stroked the huge cock I gently played with his giant balls until his cock began to swell with an impending orgasm. Grabbing a small, narrow measuring container, I held it up to his urethral slit. With a series of loud grunts, he shot an impressive load into the container. It measured a full four teaspoons, about twice what a normal man shoots. Ernie watched me measure his load of cum stating "Wow, you really got me shooting big loads." I said "You think this is a big load? Just wait until I'm done with you." Ernie got a worried and almost scared look on his face. It was time for the next step.

I got out my supply of Meta50 and filled a syringe with a dose. Snapping my fingers twice put Ernie under again and I instructed him to be calm and feel no pain for 15 minutes after I woke him. On waking, he asked "What's in the hypodermic?" I answered "It's a drug that hyper actives your testicles. It will permanently make you shoot cum loads fifty times bigger than the last load you shot." His eyes widened as the realization set in. He said "Fifty times? That's a lot of cum. Are you going to inject that into my arm or neck?" I answered "No." and took his ball sack into my hand. He looked terrified and shrieked "Nooooo. Not my balls!" I told him "Don't worry, it won't hurt a bit." Picking up the syringe, I plunged it deep into one of his testicles and injected the entire dose of Meta50 into it. He tensed then relaxed when he felt no pain, watching calmly while I refilled the syringe. I injected another dose into his other testicle while he peacefully watched as I injected him. "This stuff takes a while to start working, so let me know when you feel a strong need to cum." I said. He looked puzzled by that. I added "Oh, by the way, your balls are going to feel really hot. That's normal. Hyper activity makes them naturally hot." I picked up a larger syringe with a needle capable of injecting something the size of a grain of rice. Ernie watched anxiously as I reached behind his balls to stick my finger up his ass so I could accurately locate his prostate. Slipping the syringe in next to my finger I injected a minute remote activated vibrator the size of a rice grain into the flesh next to his prostate. This vibrator will guarantee he shoots his semen for collection.

An hour later he was groaning softly and whimpering that he was horny and really needed to cum. Picking up a large measuring beaker, I stroked his cock only a short time before his balls began to rise and I could feel his cock's pre orgasmic swelling. Holding the beaker to catch his load, he let loose with an ejaculation that lasted seven minutes groaning loudly as his cock pumped and squirted a full 4½ cups of cum into the beaker. Exhausted from the lengthy orgasm, his head slumped onto his chest and he said "Man, you weren't kidding when you said I would cum a lot." He was unaware that he would cum like that every hour for the rest of his life. I attached e-stim pads to sensitive areas on his cock and to either side of his scrotum and then picked up a stallion condom (the kind they use to collect horse semen on farms) slipping it around his almost four inch wide cock and over the e-stim pads. I had modified the condom with a drainage hose attached to the end and placed a large bucket under him to catch his semen. An hour after he had shot his first load of cum I turned on the e-stim machine and allowed it to milk another load from him. Additionally, I set the e-stim machine to activate the vibrator next to his prostate and milk him for five minutes once every hour. Since he had seven minute orgasms, five minutes would be time enough to bring him to orgasm and give him bit of extra stimulation during the first few minutes of his orgasm. He would be e-stim milked every hour until my dairy farmer friend came to pick him up. I waited for the e-stim machine to milk its next load from him. I walked up to him saying "Feel that throbbing just inside your butthole? That's a vibrator I injected next to your prostate. It will make it easier for you to cum." The intense vibration did its work, quickly giving Ernie a long, loud orgasm. Satisfied that the everything was working OK, I left Ernie to his own devices and went to call my farmer friend and tell him his new cum cow was ready for pickup. He said he got my earlier message and was eager to acquire this guy because he had been searching for a good producing cum cow, adding that he would be over to pick him up in a couple of hours. While I waited for the farmer, I put Ernie back into a trance and modified his post hypnotic trigger adding my farmer friend as a second master whose double finger snap would put him into a deep trance. I told Ernie the farmer would become his second master as soon as I introduced him as my friend. Then I brought him fully out of his trance.

Ernie looked down at the half gallon of cum in the bucket beneath him and asked "Can I have some of that?" I said "No, your days of eating and drinking cum are over." He gave me a sad look and asked "Then what are you going to do with it?" I revealed to him "Your cum is going to be sold to the cosmetic industry and used to make skin creams and lotions for white women around the world. It will never be used for food or drink or to make black babies or to intimidate kidnapped young white men. You have been turned into a productive cum cow and will spend your days at a semen dairy farm where you will join a herd of other cum cow guys who are repeatedly milked for their semen. A quart of cum will be milked from you once every hour day and night. You will be shooting six gallons of cum every day to help make white women everywhere look more beautiful." He got a horrified look on his face as his black superiority complex took a big hit from what I had just told hm. I added "Get used to it." and left to wait for my friend.

Two hours later my friend arrived and I took him to Ernie. In those two hours Ernie had cum two more times. Two gallons of semen now filled the bucket beneath him. The farmer took one look at Ernie's enlargement and the huge quantity of semen in the bucket; he was impressed. He said "Wow. That scrotum sure works like a cow's udder. Just how much man milk does he make?" I told him he could milk just over a quart of cum out of Ernie once an hour. I then introduced my farmer friend to Ernie, setting Ernie's new hypnotic trigger in place. All of a sudden the e-stim machine activated; my friend watched excitedly as Ernie let out a loud moan as his giant cock rose to a full seventeen inch plus erection and spewed a continuous stream of cum for the next seven minutes, adding another one quart plus of cum to the bucket. I told my friend Ernie had a vibrator installed alongside his prostate to enhance his ability to cum. After giving him instructions on how to activate the vibrator, I told him the e-stim machine was his to take with him since Ernie needs to be milked every sixty minutes, even on the way to the farm. Then I said there was more and told him about Ernie's hypnosis, how to trigger a trance and bring him out of it again. He practiced putting Ernie under and waking him, then said he would find the trance helpful to get Ernie to accept his place in the human dairy herd. He paid me a hefty sum for Ernie, bundled him into the back of his enclosed delivery truck and left.

The next day I met with councilman Bret Masters to tell him the "Ernie" problem was solved and Ernie would never be seen again. He thanked me for solving the problem and returning his son to him and then presented me with a check for the reward he had promised.

It was a big check. I was very satisfied.

4 - Thug

The plain old box truck moved quietly through the neighborhood. It was a non-descript vehicle that didn't attract attention, even though it had a medium sized box about twenty feet long. Its box was large enough to comfortably transport the entire gang of twenty or so skinhead thugs. There was plenty of extra room inside for the gang to secretly carry out their sordid activities. For additional privacy, they had soundproofed the box's interior, further isolating them from public notice. The box truck was well maintained and ran very quietly, close to silently. It was a stealthy vehicle.

The skinhead gang was run by an impressively large man who the gang members called "Trash Bag" even though his given name was Zeke. He was a handsome, muscle-bound thug, as crafty as he was aware of all the current shit going on in the streets. At six feet six inches in height with a body like a competition bodybuilder and seriously oversized genitals, he was a very intimidating sight. He dominated the gang members as the alpha of all alpha males and the gang all looked up to him for leadership. His enormous genitals alone intimidated the gang; a thirteen inch by three inch hard cock above naturally huge balls, each testicle as big as a Canadian goose egg in a large sack that hung about seven inches below his crotch. And...he was a very sick sex pig. He was smart enough to direct his gang's activities as well as keep the gang together and away from public notice. However, he had dropped out of school after the eighth grade and, except for his strong street smarts, was pretty much naive. In spite of being less than brainy, he was clever, canny, very attentive to his surroundings and extremely dangerous. All of his gang members were school dropouts who were generally from the ghettos; their street smarts making the entire gang very treacherous.

Admittedly a straight man with a preference for having sex with women "Trash Bag" was known to plunge his cock into any warm, wet hole to get sexual gratification. Other gang members were wary of him whenever he got horny and hadn't had sex for a while. He and his gang would patrol the city in their box truck and randomly snatch young women (and the occasional young man) off the street, binding and confining them in the back of the truck before taking the truck to their secluded base of operation. All noises, screams and cries were silenced by the truck's soundproofing. Over the next several days they would set upon their captive in an orgy of raping and brutalizing inside their home base. Every member of the gang would have ample opportunity to participate in the nonstop rapes, brutality and kink. Each of them particularly enjoyed taking turns fucking a woman until her vagina bled from the intense fiction of multiple penetrations. The gang leader's cock did the most damage to a woman's vagina. Once every member of the gang had "had their way" with the victim, the victim would be dumped naked and unconscious at the curb of a major street. These victims are usually so brutalized they require hospitalization. A few have died from the intense brutality while others have gone insane and are now in asylums, the rest simply won't talk about it or cannot recall anything that happened.

Brutalization was not limited to multiple rapes and beatings. Victims incurred such injuries as a torn sphincter, a ripped esophagus, a torn or ripped vagina or uterus, torn or ripped intestinal walls. In addition to their strong love of fucking, the gang was seriously into oral sex, scat, piss and grunge. Many of their victims suffered from strange infections caused by dirty body parts, body fluids and substances forced into their body cavities. The entire gang was extremely violent and sick in their methods of getting sexual gratification.

By some miracle the gang was able to operate under the radar of public notice and law enforcement. However, brutalized victims continued to be found at random locations within the city, keeping police crime investigators very busy. Rumors kept circulating about gang involvement in what had been done to these victims. Police had been attempting to investigate the many rumors about the gang to discover whether the rumors had some basis in fact, but found victims either unwilling or unable to remember anything about what had happened to them. Their next course of inquiry would have to be questioning gang members to find out about the rumors, but they had no success locating the gang. All the while, fresh rumors about the gang continued to surface, so out of desperation the police chief contacted Bullies, Inc.

At a meeting, the police chief told me everything the police knew from interviewing the victims as well as what the department had learned investigating the rumors of gang involvement. Describing these crimes as a litany of violence against the citizens of the city, he felt his department's investigation had hit a wall. He asked if I could help them out because they were continuing to find innocent citizens battered and dumped on the street close to death - this simply had to stop. He also needed the people who were perpetrating these crimes to be located and dealt with. I assured him I would do what I could. He gave me copies of all the police files about the cases.

I carefully read all of the files the chief had given me and began my quest for the gang by visiting random neighborhoods on the lookout for anything that seemed out of the ordinary. After several nights checking various neighborhoods I took notice of a medium size box truck driving slowly through the area I was visiting that night. I made a mental note of the truck, realizing I had seen it on a previous night in a different neighborhood. The truck seemed to visit different areas of the city on a random schedule, always driving slowly as if on patrol. It definitely was not just traveling from point A to point B and was not ordinary nighttime traffic for the neighborhood. I followed the truck until it returned to its home base, hidden behind an abandoned warehouse building. I could see about twenty or so skinhead thugs get out of the back of the truck and go into the old building. I had a strong feeling I just found the gang and their lair.

Returning to that warehouse early the next day, I began spying on activity in and around the warehouse and the truck. Throughout the day I could see gang members coming and going from the building and the truck. One guy stood out from the rest; he sure was a big man. Taller than the rest and heavily muscled, other gang members treated him with deference. I soon realized he was the gang leader. His guidance seemed to take charge of the gang's daily life, letting me know the gang relied on him for direction. That night I waited until the truck began its nightly patrol, sneaked into the warehouse and installed a few motion sensitive video cameras in hard to notice places. Once the gang returned I watched until things were quiet and concealed a couple of the same video cams in the truck's box. I now had the means to see and hear what they were doing without having to follow the gang around.

Inside the old warehouse was their living space. Watching video feeds, I saw them relaxing, grabbing ass, smoking dope and talking a lot about not getting enough sex. I also found out their leader's name was Zeke. Several of them would go off into a private area for solo or mutual masturbation. None of their spunk would ever hit the floor. Instead they would catch it in their hands and eat it up, share it with one another or rub it on one another's face and body. Zeke never seemed to jerk off, seeming to prefer fucking a warm butthole. One of the gang was apparently the "gang bitch" and had to endure getting fucked in the butt by Zeke. The first time I saw Zeke drop his pants, I was genuinely impressed by his huge genitals. He was one of those incredibly lucky muscle guys who happened to be very well hung. My God, his cock and balls were huge. He summoned his fuck bitch and ordered him to drop his pants and bend over. With only spit for a lube, he proceeded to shove his thirteen inch cock as deep as it would go, fucking roughly until he had unloaded his seed into the guy. He must have done this often enough because the guy didn't even wince, seemingly used to having that gigantic cock thrust into him.

Then...I heard them discuss taking some woman off the street and bringing her back for a couple days of "fun." I knew right away this was the gang of the police chief's rumor mill. I feared for what they would do to the woman they snatched from the street. Zeke spoke up saying he didn't just want some slut from the streets and that he wanted something better. He suggested he go to one of the pickup bars and find something there. The gang seemed to like the idea. I immediately knew what I had to do.

I decided to break up the gang and "cut off the head of the snake" by permanently removing their leader. I would first have to capture him and then deal with his leaderless gang. I contacted Jack, a friend who was an expert at removing people from the streets and making them disappear. He owed me a favor and agreed to abduct Zeke for me. I warned him that this guy was big, muscular, street wise and dangerous. He assured me that would be no problem; he just needed to know if this guy was straight or gay. I told him he was straight and planning to go to a bar tonight to bring a woman back to his gang for several days of brutal raping. He came over right away so we could form a plan. I showed him a few surveillance photos I had taken of Zeke. He remarked about how good looking he was and said he had just the girl in mind who could lure him into a trap. I agreed to keep an eye on Zeke and let him know as soon as Zeke left for the bar. I was assured he would get this guy for me.

That night I watched activity inside the old warehouse on my security monitor as Zeke dressed and left for his bar of choice. He was dressed to attract the attention of any number of women; form fitting white muscle shirt and tight jeans that revealed his bubble butt, bulging crotch and muscular thighs. He told the gang he would call them once he had a girl so they could bring the truck around to pick them up. Zeke called a taxi, which I followed to one of the local pickup bars. I phoned my friend Jack with the bar's address. A short while later Jack dropped off a hot looking young woman who went into the bar. My friend joined me to wait for her to come out of the bar. I asked what the woman would be doing in there. Jack told me he often used whores to entrap hot straight studs. She already knows what he looks like so she can work on the horny young gang leader. She will slip a date rape drug into his drink and then take hold of Zeke's interest by luring him to her place with the promise of sex. Once Zeke is under the influence of the date rape drug she will help him stagger out of the bar, deliver him to us and collect a generous fee. He gave me a wicked grin and commented she would probably giggle like most of these whores when they leave a vulnerable young stud with him.

Jack delivered Zeke to me drugged, stripped, bound and gagged. I bundled him into my truck and headed for my private bunker. On the way to the bunker I called the police chief, informing him I had removed the gang leader and where his officers could find the remaining gang members. He thanked me and said he would have his men arrest the gang within the hour. He also asked where the gang leader was. I told him again that I had removed, not killed him. I told the police chief I had him in my custody and that when I've finished with this guy he will simply disappear and never be seen again. He asked me to contact him once all that had happened.

At my house, I untied his feet and helped the naked and stupefied Zeke stagger from the truck to my bunker. Once safely inside, I strapped the drugged Zeke to one of my "inverted T" restraint posts, legs spread facing a full length mirror. I wanted him to witness everything I was going to do to him. I removed his gag and waited for him to wake up. Watching him, I thought "My God, he's a magnificent specimen." I couldn't help but admire his competition quality muscular body, huge genitals, round bubble butt and handsome face. Surprisingly, his body was unmarked by any tattoos or piercings. That seemed odd for a skinhead gang leader. Why he was such a sick creep was beyond my understanding.

Zeke finally got to the point where he was lucid, exclaiming "What the fuck? Who are you and what's going on here?" Telling the truth, I said I was hired to break up his gang and stop all of the brutal rapes. I added that when I was finished with him, he would no longer be the cruel womanizing rapist he had been.

"What are you going to do to me?" he demanded. I answered, "I'm going to give you more pussy than you ever could have imagined." Looking confused, he said "I don't understand." I said "Just watch everything in the mirror as I transform you." His eyes widened as his face got a worried look.

I picked up a container of ManMod. He asked "What's that?" I said "It's called ManMod. It turns flesh into lifelike silicone rubber. I'm going to use it to remove your cock and turn it into a big rubber dildo so you can have something to fuck yourself." He looked at me with abject fear and exclaimed "Nooooo, not my cock!" I responded "It's not all that bad, you get to keep your balls, but your cock has got to go." He looked like he was about to cry. I slathered his cock with ManMod and stood back to watch. Tingling started immediately making his cock rise to its full 13" length, ejaculating a large load of cum into the room. I said to him "That's the last load of cum that will ever shoot out of that cock." He looked at me through his discomfort and began to cry. As the tingling increased, he became more distressed watching his cock swell as it slowly converted to silicone rubber. An hour later, his cock fell to the floor; he began to sob. I picked his cock up and measured it at 17½" long by 3¾" wide. I looked at him and stated "You get to keep your cock, although it will probably spend most of its life in a box. It has swelled from 13" and is now an impressive 17½" long." The big muscle bound guy continued to cry.

Through his tears, I said to him "Next, I'm going to work on your balls. First, I'm going to enlarge them, making them half again bigger. It will be very uncomfortable for about an hour." Zeke had a fairly hairy crotch, so I grabbed a depilatory cream and liberally applied the cream to his sack and the surrounding skin to remove the hair. He began gritting his teeth and sucking in his breath as the burning made him breathe heavily. Ten minutes later I took a wet towel and wiped away all the dead hair. Zeke let out a big sigh of relief. Picking up GenHance, I coated his naked scrotum right up to where it joins his torso. His squirming began as soon as the tingling started. For the following hour, his loud moaning and strong struggling continued. When he finally quieted down I knew the enlargement was complete. Feeling a testicle through the skin of his scrotum, I measured it at 5¼" front to back; a perfect size for the next step in his modification. I also measured the circumference of his bigger ball sack at 28½". It should make a very deep pussy that can take just about anything. At this time he was staring in amazement at this nine inch wide scrotum hanging huge in his crotch below the urethra hole where his cock used to be. I interrupted his reverie with "Now for the last step in your modification. I am going to use this huge ball sack to make you a nice, big pussy right where your balls are now. Your testicles will wind up inside your body, pushing out a pair of really big pussy lips on either side of a large and pretty cunt." He looked at me in terror. I went on to tell him his balls would continue to work the same and that he would still be able to cum. However his cum wouldn't squirt out of his piss hole, just run out like spilled milk. Adding that he would still be a man with manly muscles, voice, body hair and sexual interests, only that he would be a virile muscle bound guy with a giant pussy in his crotch instead of a big cock and balls. I also told him he didn't have to worry about woman things like having a period or getting pregnant; the pussy I'm giving him is nothing more than a fake vagina that is a hyper-sensitive, sex playpen. I reassured him his pussy would be sexually sensitive and that he would love it once I turned him into a pussy boy with an extra hole to fuck. His terrified look became one of abject horror.

Looking at that hairless sack full of beautifully oversized balls, it seemed a shame not to scan an image of it before it all vanished into his body. I picked up my hand held laser scanner and scanned a full 3D image of Zeke's giant scrotum. I can play with a copy of the scanned image on my computer, editing it into a scrotum shaped snack bowl. When I get home I'll make the digital changes and print a copy of the original huge ball bag and the snack bowl version on my 3D printer. Perhaps I could even print a matched set of scrotum shaped snack bowls in various sizes.

Zeke was now ready for his modification. Placing my hand under his chin, I lifted his head and sprayed GynoFlex deep into both of his sinuses. A minute or two later I stood aside while we both watched his naked scrotum begin to distend. The skin of his ball sack stretched and enlarged until it was hanging loosely all the way down to his knees. As the skin stretched out, the area where his ball sack joined his torso grew bigger around. All while it grew bigger around, a five inch long vaginal slit was forming on his torso, opening painlessly inside the widening scrotum. Once his ball sack was fully extended and hanging, the center line at the base of his now droopy ball sack began to retract as though being pulled by something invisible up and between his testicles until all of the skin had been pulled deep into his body through the newly formed vaginal slit. As the last of his scrotum passed through the vaginal opening, the final bit of its skin was stretched tightly around his outsized testicles. Then Zeke let out a couple of loud yelps as, one at a time, the scrotal skin pulled each giant testicle inside, holding both of them firmly inside on either side of his new vagina. Just before the GynoFlex wore off, the scrotal skin inside the vagina strongly tingled while the drug killed all of its hair follicles and sensitized the nerve endings, making the skin inside his vagina super sensitive to the touch. He made more hissing sounds throughout this final process. I took a hair growth cream and applied it to all the bare and exposed skin, knowing that in just a few weeks he would have a dense muff of pubic hair growing around his vagina. The cream quickly absorbed into the skin. I stood aside so he could see the final result. Zeke screamed in horror at the sight and began sobbing uncontrollably.

Once his crying had subsided, I told him "Now I have permanently taken away your alpha male status. You now can find out what it's like to be on the receiving end of torment and rapes. Your life is about to become a life of humiliation and getting fucked." Tears continued to run down his cheeks. I said "I have to test this new pussy of yours. Get ready for something surprising." I ran my fingers over his large labia, making him moan loudly through his tears. He stopped crying and looked at me with surprise when I pushed four fingers into his vagina and gently rubbed the skin inside. He began a loud growling howl of pleasure while I touched his vagina. I kept stroking the skin inside, increasing the sexual feeling he was experiencing. He abruptly had a very loud orgasm. Gripping my hand with his vagina his cum ran like a river out of his urethra, coating my hand and his pussy lips. He had been watching my hand when he came and said "I didn't believe you when you said I could still cum. I never felt anything so intense or shoot such a big load." I told him the large load was a result of his bigger balls and he will be making cum loads at least that big from now on. Then I left him for the night.

In the morning I fed him well, explaining what I had to do next as I fed him. I told him the next few weeks were required to break in his new vagina and get him conditioned for his life after I parted company with him. He responded "Next few weeks? What's going to happen?" I answered "You'll see." He looked worried. First I told him I needed to gag him so I could work in peace without any verbal abuse. He just glared at me saying "You son of a bitch!" I smiled as I strapped a ball gag around his head. Secondly, I carefully untied him and strapped him to a special custom built bench. On this bench I made him lie face up on a foot wide padded surface extending from his head all the way down the body to just below his waist. The bench also has a leg spreader with ankle cuffs that hold the legs wide apart so that the head end of the bench can be lowered slightly to raise the entire hip area, giving free access to both the genital area in front and the butthole just below. Zeke's arms were restrained against his torso.

After lowering the head end of the bench, I picked up his rubberized cock and slathered a big load of lube over it. He lifted his head so he could see what I was doing and seemed concerned as he saw me bring it close to his new vagina. I told him "I think it's only fair that your pussy should lose its cherry to your own cock. I'm going to fuck your cunt with this 17" beauty until cum is running out of your body all over the place." He began a whining moan as I pressed the large cock head between his labia and watched the 3¾" wide dildo pry open his 5" long vaginal slit. I kept pushing it into him until it stopped. By now he was moaning steadily at the intense sensation inside him. Only about three inches of dildo remained outside his body. He had taken a full 14" of dildo with ease and could probably take a little bit more with proper conditioning. I began to move the dildo in and out in a fucking motion; his moans getting more intense, finally rising to a muffled loud screaming orgasm. Cum ran like a river all over his crotch. I slowly pulled the dildo out allowing it to pop out with a noisy slurping sound.

I looked at him and said "There, you just lost your cunt's cherry to you own cock. You get to keep this beautiful dildo so you can use it to get off anytime you're lonely and horny. You will eventually be able to take it up your ass, too." He looked at me with an unbelieving and shocked expression. I went on "But first, you need to feel a normal cock in your pussy and up your ass. I know you have never been fucked in the ass, so I'm going to take that cherry myself. Get ready for my fat 7½" cock because I'm first going to fuck your pussy to let you know what it feels like to have hot cum squirt all over the inside of your vagina. After I've rested enough to be able to cum again, I'll fuck your ass, and fill it with another load of cum. It's a feeling you are going to have to get used to because you are going to be turned into a real cum dump." An angry muffled yell came from behind the gag. I stepped up to the bench, dropped my pants and let my hard cock swing free. I pressed it into his already lubed cunt and pushed it all the way into Zeke. I heard a big moan of pleasure all while I fucked him, ending with quite a surprised sound as I squirted stream after stream of hot man juice all over the sensitive interior of his vagina. The experience actually left him breathing heavily. I pulled out of him and waited until I recovered from my own orgasm. While waiting, I grabbed a hose and douched him, telling him he would have to learn to do this on his own.

An hour or two later, I was ready to take his tightly puckered man hole. Virgin buttholes are always nice to look at, all tightly closed with a starburst circle of wrinkles radiating out from the center. Zeke was still lying back with his bulging pussy lips in the air above his hole. His spread legs separated his butt cheeks enough to fully expose his tightly closed ass hole. I took a lubed finger and began lightly massaging the starburst wrinkles surrounding his hole. As I rubbed the lube around his hole he began making sounds that had a worried tone to them. I could feel the hole relax a bit and pushed my finger into his ass. He yelped behind the gag. I finger fucked him a few times before I added a second finger alongside the first and eventually a third finger, fucking him with all three fingers until I could feel his sphincter ease up a bit. Then I lubed my now hard cock and shoved it into him. A loud muffled scream came out of him. God, he was nice and tight. Zeke's muscular body was built to take a pounding but not up his virgin ass. He began crying like a baby and making noises that sounded like he was begging for me to stop. I brutally mounted that ass, enjoying his tight hole while I listened to his yelling and screaming at every thrust. He was getting fucked for the first time as my fat cock plunged in and out of his tight hole. That tight hole and his yells of pain quickly brought me to climax sooner than I expected. From the noise he was making, I could tell he was feeling my hot cum squirting deep into his bowels. I pulled out of him, his ass making a loud popping noise. I stood back and waited because first time fucks always create the same reaction. He let a small gassy fart, followed by a series of larger cum farts that emptied him of most of the large load I had pumped into him. I told him "Now you are no longer a virgin. You better learn how to relax that hole so it can take a large dick easily." He looked back at me with a scared and angry look in his eyes.

Maria, a woman I have known for a long time is madam of a large and busy brothel just outside Mexico City. Her working staff includes male as well as female prostitutes. Maria is always on the lookout for some new diversion to entertain her clients. I called her and told her about Zeke and what I had done to him. Sounding interested, she wanted to know more. I informed her about his violent history, why I captured him and warned her that he may not be a good fit for her brothel. She said she wanted to see him and make up her own mind. She would arrive by private jet the next morning to see him for herself. That night I fucked Zeke's ass and later his pussy, douching him when I was done. I told him tomorrow might be an important day for him and left him to get a good night's sleep. In the morning, Maria called from the airport; I gave her my address and she said she would arrive in a few minutes.

It was good to see Maria again and warmly welcomed her to my home. After our greetings she asked where Zeke was, so I escorted her down to my bunker. Zeke was strapped to the bench face up and naked. His vagina and butthole were clearly displayed. He strained his neck to see who had just come in. Maria commented on his good looks and his grotesquely large pussy and labia. I reminded her it wasn't a real vagina, just an empty playpen that was sexually stimulating. That stimulation could easily bring Zeke to orgasm. She was impressed when I showed her the dildo that formerly had been his cock. I lubed it up and briefly demonstrated how much dick his pussy could take and how much pleasure he got from it. Zeke's urethra hole began leaking some pre cum fluid. Maria saw the fluid and asked if she could try something, approached Zeke and inserted her hand into his vagina. Zeke moaned loudly as she pushed her hand deep into his vagina and felt around, seeming pleased when his labia grasped her wrist. Zeke moaned heavily all while Maria's hand moved around inside him. Suddenly Zeke had an orgasm, his cum running like spilled milk all over his torso. Maria removed her hand, saying "Well, I certainly wasn't expecting that. My clients are always looking for something exotic and this is definitely exotic." Maria smiled and said she also had a few clients whose dicks were too big for any of her employees and that Zeke's big, deep vagina would make an interesting alternative for those large dicks. I suggested we go upstairs to discuss what she had just seen.

Once upstairs she told me she had recently built a medium sized theater into her brothel and was packing it nightly for two sex shows with men and women having sex with dogs and ponies. Maria wanted to buy Zeke and make him one of the star attractions in her beast show. She added that Zeke's cunt could probably take a stallion's cock, rather than a pony's cock and in addition he would have to be able to take a large dog's dick in his ass, suggesting that I condition both of his holes for that kind of activity. Surprised, I simply said I didn't have the space or knowledge to do that for her. Maria told me not to worry, she knew someone in this area who is heavily into bestiality, owned a farm and had all the animals necessary to break in Zeke's vagina and asshole. She had purchased animals from him for her shows. I could deliver Zeke to his farm and he would take care of conditioning Zeke's body cavities, allowing me to observe and learn. She phoned her friend and arranged for him to "break in" Zeke and give me a place to stay while he did his work. Telling me she had to get back to her business, she asked me to phone her when Zeke's training was complete. Maria assured me she would pay me well for his unique talents and for me to tell her farmer friend she would compensate him as well for this favor. She left for the airport.

Later that day the farmer called and asked when he could pick the two of us up. I told him to come right over. He arrived in short order and introduced himself as Don. I already had packed a bag and had Zeke hog tied for transport to the farm. Don had arrived in an enclosed van, which I asked him to pull into my garage. Out of sight in the garage, we moved a struggling Zeke into the van and left for the farm.

Once at the farm, farmer Don took both of us to a secluded, barn like building in an isolated part of the property. The building had a pleasant living area inside where he told me I could stay while Zeke was being "conditioned" for Maria. The area outside the living space was large and open, big enough to contain several animals and humans. From a storage room the farmer retrieved a low, padded bench about the same height as the seat of a chair. This bench was about four feet long front to back with wrist restraints on the side, a strap to secure the torso around the chest and ankle restraints about four feet apart on a crossbar at floor level at its foot end. It had been designed to restrain a person lying on their back with their genitals on top and legs spread to expose their butthole. I helped him move Zeke from the van and strap him to this bench. Zeke was already naked and gagged with duct tape, but was looking at me with an anxious expression. He was now lying on his back, legs spread with his large pussy lips pointing up above his tightly puckered butthole.

The farmer told me "Now for the first step in the conditioning. All of my animals here are accustomed to having sex with people, so I will introduce my Great Dane to this guy." He left for a minute and returned with this really big Great Dane. Don said "Duke here has a 10" x 2" cock that will do well for starters." He let the dog sniff at Zeke and feel at ease with him. He then let go of the dog to let it do what it might. Duke sniffed around Zeke's body, spending a lot of time sniffing his vagina and butthole. Duke licked Zeke's pussy lips, eliciting a moan from Zeke and giving Duke an erection. Duke licked Zeke's asshole and suddenly mounted Zeke, vigorously fucking his pussy. Zeke moaned heartily until Duke came into his vagina, pulled out wagging his tail in contentment, walked around to Zeke's face and gave him a big lick. Then Duke went back to Zeke's ass and mounted him again, this time fucking his butthole. Muffled screams came out of Zeke all while Duke energetically fucked and fucked until he came again, this time deep inside Zeke's ass. Zeke now had dog cum running out of his cunt as well as his asshole. Duke began licking cum out of Zeke's cunt, pushing his tongue between the pussy lips to get at all of it. He then licked his cum from the butthole he had just filled. Zeke was moaning heavily all while Duke cleaned up his crotch. Don told me Zeke would be fucked by Duke several times a day until Zeke could take Duke's cock more easily. He estimated it would take several days.

Four days later, Zeke was ready for the next step. Don brought in a huge Bull Mastiff named King which he told me had a 14" x 2.5" cock with a knot 6" in diameter. He let King get familiar with Zeke and sniff all over his body. King was curious about Zeke's cunt, but seemed more interested in his butthole. King first mounted Zeke and fucked his pussy hard, stretching it wide when his knot pressed into it. A few minutes later, King mounted Zeke again, fucking his butthole. He got almost all of his fourteen inches into Zeke, the screams appearing to egg him on. King wasn't able to get his knot into Zeke's butthole because the six inch wide knot was just too big for Zeke's overly tight man hole.

A couple of days later, farmer Don brought in a medium sized stallion. This horse had a cock measuring 22" x 3½" with a huge pair of balls behind it. Don told me his cock was a bit wider than Duke's and a lot longer with a nice big flare at the head. He added that the horse's large balls made huge amounts of cum and all that horse cum would probably overfill Zeke's pussy. He would use the horse to condition the pussy and wouldn't object if the horse also wanted to mount Zeke's ass. The stallion sniffed around Zeke's pussy, licking it for a quick taste. That lick made the horse cock drop from its sheath, hanging low below him, rising and lengthening as it grew hard and swelled to its full girth. A large flare formed at the cock head as the cock reached full erection. The horse moved over Zeke and shoved its cock deep into Zeke's vagina. Zeke began a groaning scream mixed with serious grunts as the horse's cock head continuously slammed against the vagina's full depth. That stallion shot a huge load into Zeke - so much so that cum squirted out around the horse's cock. The stallion's cock was still running cum as he pulled out, leaving Zeke's cunt to gush horse cum for a few seconds. King quickly ran up to Zeke licking up the horse cum as it ran out of his pussy, giving the Mastiff his own hard on. King mounted Zeke and began a rough fuck of his butthole, depositing his own load of cum deep into Zeke. King pulled out and licked his own dog cum up as it ran out of Zeke's butthole. This horse and dog sex routine continued for the next two weeks. At the end of two weeks Don said Zeke was ready. Zeke's pussy could effortlessly take the flare and up to sixteen inches of the stallion's 22" cock. In addition his man hole in back could relax enough for King's large dick to easily slide into his ass; Don said Zeke was ready for Maria. We bundled Zeke into my truck and brought him back to my house.

Not wanting Maria to have any problem with Zeke's abusive nature, I contacted Dave, my hypnotist friend. I told him I had someone I needed him to work on; telling him this guy should be an easy subject for hypnosis; not too bright, nevertheless canny, streetwise and vicious. I also gave him Zeke's history of brutal rapes. I needed Dave to put him under and have his social behavior adjusted to make him permanently problem free around other people. Dave said he'd be right over.

When Dave arrived I sat with him to explain what I wanted him to accomplish with Zeke. I needed Zeke's brutality permanently minimized and wanted Zeke to be totally submissive to anything he was made to do when performing on stage. Also Zeke needed to be completely aware of everything that was happening to him on stage, fully appreciating the humiliation of being raped by animals in a public performance. I asked for two trigger phrases - "It's Showtime" to put him into his trance for performing and "Show's Over" to bring him back to reality. Dave said it would be no problem and asked me to take him to Zeke.

Dave followed me down to my bunker where I had Zeke bound and sitting on the padded bench. I introduced Dave to Zeke and told Zeke that Dave was here to talk to him. Dave began speaking to Zeke, using his very relaxing and calming voice while staring into Zeke eyes. Zeke's will power could be seen slowly fading away as he listened to Dave's soothing words; he even tried to look away but was unable to do so. Dave quietly told Zeke to relax and let his mind drift, allowing Dave's words to sweep over and engulfed him. Before Zeke knew it, Dave's words had completely subdued him, yielding to Dave's voice. Dave gently touched his hard rippled muscles, the touch drawing Zeke in even deeper. Dave now commanded Zeke to "Just relax and do what I tell you. It feels good to do what I tell you, so relax and obey. You will have no thoughts or worries, just mindless obedience allowing me to control your thoughts. You will find it so easy to follow my words and obey." Zeke was now out like a light. Dave began by making Zeke completely remember his brutal behavior, having him put the need for physical brutality into a deep, hard to access part of his mind. Memories of his misdeeds were left intact so he could fully appreciate his humiliation. Dave then worked on the items I had asked for, finally planting the two post hypnotic triggers in place. Dave ended the session by saying "You are deeply asleep Zeke, now at the count of three you'll wake up totally aware and refreshed. One, two, three...wake up." Zeke blinked a couple of times as though wondering what had happened.

Dave asked me to test the triggers. I looked at Zeke and said "It's Showtime." I could see Zeke's mind shut down temporarily as it shelved his real personality, replacing it with a stage performance persona. I made him lay back on the bench, finger fuck his cunt for a while and then sit up again. Satisfied, I said "Show's over" and watched him return to his normal demeanor. Dave asked "Is this what you asked for?" I told him I was very pleased with the results and asked him to send me an invoice, then thanked him for his work and bid him farewell. That evening I contacted Maria again to tell her Zeke is ready for pickup. She said she would fly up in the morning and should be there by evening.

The next day I spent the day making preparations for Maria's arrival. Zeke was much calmer than he had been - a good indication of Dave's conditioning. He asked me what was going on. I told him the truth. He had been sold to a brothel outside Mexico City. The madam there runs sex shows for large audiences featuring girls and guys sucking horse and dog cocks as well as getting fucked by dogs, horses and ponies. Zeke is expected to become a new star performer. His large new pussy will also be used for the occasional client whose cock is just too big for any of her girls. His days of raping are over and now it is his turn to be raped every day. Zeke looked at me with the most horrified expression I had ever seen.

Maria called from the airport and I told her she should rent a large vehicle that could easily hold a bound and gagged Zeke. She arrived at my house not long after in a Land Rover with two burly employees to deal with Zeke. Inside my place, I instructed her on the use of the hypnotic triggers and gave her a summary of the conditioning farmer Don had given Zeke. She experimented with the triggers and tested Zeke's ability to take big objects in his pussy as well as his ass. She seemed pleased and said she would send payment for Zeke. Her employees bundled Zeke into the Land Rover. I waved as Maria drove off with her new performer.

A few days later, I received Maria's check in the mail; it was a big check. Included with it she had sent a round trip ticket to Mexico City along with an invitation to see the show featuring her new star performer. I called her to say I would be happy to come down there. What a hot show it was. Zeke was really a star performer, a muscle bound guy sucking horse and dog cock and getting fucked by dogs, ponies and stallions for two shows daily, three on Sunday. He would experience a life full of rapes and humiliation. When I returned home, I called the police chief to let him know the gang leader would never trouble his city again. He thanked me and said they would deposit the reward money in my bank account. It was a larger deposit than I expected. I was pleased.


Well, I hope those four narratives have given you some idea of the work Bullies, Inc. does. Yes, my methods are very unconventional and fall into in a grey area outside of society's norm, but I have found there is always a need for my type of service. For example, I was recently contacted by the slaver who had purchased Bart for his Arabian client. He told me his client had called him asking if maybe I could modify a few more slaves with the same changes I had made to Bart. I told him I certainly could, then asked him to have his client call me directly to discuss details and make arrangements.

A few days later the Arabian client called me to say he had a number of male sex slaves he would like to have modified with larger dicks and their scrotums turned into vaginas. He asked if I could possibly come to Arabia to make the modifications. If I was willing to do the work, he would send a private jet to pick me up, adding that cost was no object and I would be compensated very well for my effort. I just couldn't refuse. Somehow it's nice to get positive feedback for my work and make an extra buck in the process. All of my work paraphernalia is packed up and I am waiting for the Arabian client's representatives to pick me up for this overseas project.

Take care, perhaps one day you'll have need of my services. My name again is Jim - otherwise known as Bullies, Inc.


Tom L.

[email protected]


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