This story takes place about seventy years from now.

The gay bar was modestly busy with almost all the bar stools occupied and a few patrons standing around. Conversation came to a standstill when the big muscleman walked in. He was huge; a competition bodybuilder about six feet six inches tall with a chest measuring over fifty inches, biceps about twenty inches around, his enormous lats tapering down each side of his chiseled six pack abs to a tiny thirty-two inch waist, a tight and very round butt, and huge thigh muscles. He was wearing an all yellow skin tight outfit consisting of a spandex t-shirt and knee length spandex running shorts. The all yellow outfit left little to the imagination about his body. Every muscle could be seen rippling as he strolled into the bar, his butt muscles flexing as he walked. In front he showed no genitals, but the crotch of his spandex shorts bulged slightly in front. Below that slight bulge the spandex pulled up between two bulges apparently separating his balls.

He was freshly showered and had obviously just come from a workout, carrying a gym bag and his shirt still sporting a few visible sweaty patches. There was an unoccupied bar stool next to me where he sat and ordered a drink. I sat there dumbfounded that he had chosen the bar stool next to mine. I couldn't help but stare at that magnificent body. He noticed me staring and turned to me saying "Hi" in a beautifully deep voice. I stammered a return greeting and he started up a nice conversation. He had these beautiful ice blue eyes that were just as captivating as his body. Those eyes were framed by a rugged, angular face topped by a head full of brown hair. After a while he looked at me and said "It's all right, you can touch me. I couldn't help noticing the way you are looking at my body." With that, he took my hand and placed it on his rock hard abs. Automatically, my hand ran over them and up to his huge pecs. As my hand moved over those huge pecs, his nipples stood straight out. I gently ran my hand over one of his nipples, he took my hand and said quietly "Save that for later. Why don't we get out of here? I have a place nearby." I eagerly responded "Let's go."

Once at his place, he gave me a big hug that crushed me against his huge chest. I got an instant hard on. He told me he had been watching me for some time and had been interested in getting together with me. I told him I don't recall seeing him and he explained that he usually wears loose fitting dark clothes that don't reveal his body, unlike what he was wearing that night. He reached down, grabbed my t-shirt, pulled it up over my head and threw it onto a chair. I did the same to him, unveiling that incredible torso in all its corded muscularity. He reached forward and undid my jeans, letting them fall to the floor at my ankles. He then pulled my underwear down to the floor, too. My cock sprang to attention. Now I have a nicely athletic body, tightly muscled with a build somewhere between that of a swimmer and a wrestler. My cock is a fat nine inches when hard and my balls are nice, hefty and hang moderately low. He took one look at my nakedness and just said "Man, you look better than I thought." He then knelt and started to lick and suck on my balls, my hard cock standing up against his face beside his nose. A short while later he sucked my cock into his mouth, sucking on it until I started to moan. Then he stopped sucking, stood up and said "Later. I want you to cum inside me. I hope you like to fuck." With that, I reached around him and cupped my hands on his rock hard butt cheeks. He smiled and gave me a big, wet kiss.

He took me by the hand and led me into his bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for me to sit next to him. He ran his hand over my chest and abs, finally running his fingers through my pubic hair, playing with the pubes a bit before stroking my cock and cupping a hand under my balls. By now I had a throbbing hard cock that was beginning to leak pre cum. I couldn't help but notice that he didn't have a hard on, too. He saw me looking and took my hand again, this time putting it on his light brown treasure trail, guiding it down from his navel and inside the front of his spandex shorts. The treasure trail expanded into a very hairy bush of pubic hair. My fingers felt wonderful running through that mass of pubic hair. He guided my hand further and I soon felt the two bulges that were so visibly pressed against the front of his spandex shorts. Only, they weren't balls and there was a four inch slit between them. As my fingers touched the bulges and slit he moaned pleasurably and pushed a couple of my fingers into the crack. I rapidly pulled my hand out of his shorts and said "Oh my God, what's that?"

He calmly removed the running shorts and told me it was a vagina and that he had been feminized, but still was able to get sexually excited because the skin inside his vagina was erotically sensitive and extremely responsive to anything touching it. I asked why he had it done and he explained he used to be really hung with an 11½ cock and a large ball sack with hen's egg size balls. Modern day posing briefs for bodybuilding contests have gotten so skimpy that guys who are hung just don't fit into them. They have been designed for typical weight lifters who take a lot of muscle enhancement drugs which cause the genitals to shrink, leaving the average bodybuilder with micro genitals. His genitals were just too big for the posing briefs and could not fit into the front of his posing briefs. His genitals were always squeezing out on both sides of his posing briefs when he competed; he needed to do something about it if he wanted to compete fairly and win bodybuilding contests. To accomplish this, he had himself feminized. I said "Feminized? Do you mean you had surgery?" He said "No surgery. They have perfected the process so that it can be done in a single office visit without any pain, marks or scars."

I asked him to explain further. He started with a background story of a fellow bodybuilder at his gym that had competed and had never won. He was a big black man and a really good buddy of his who was the same height and was hung the same. One day the big black man came to the gym and wasn't showing the usual bulge in his gym shorts. He also started showering at home instead of at the gym, like he used to. A few months later, the black man started winning his competitions. One day, in the gym's locker room, he finally got up the courage to ask his friend what had changed. The big black man told him he had been feminized. A contest judge and other contestants had told him that his large genitals squeezing out of his posing briefs had been the reason he had lost contests. He had heard talk of a guy referred to as a "modifier" who could help. He asked around and finally found someone who could give him contact information for this modifier. He then made an appointment. After an extensive interview process he scheduled the procedure and was treated by the modifier. He now had a sexually functional vagina where his cock and balls used to be. His black buddy told him that he too could start winning contests if he had it done.

His black friend pulled down his pants and underwear, displaying his crotch, looking so sexy with his competition winning body and very hairy crotch. The friend showed him his vagina, how sexually sensitive it is and told him how much he enjoyed having it. A sudden impulse made him reach out and touch his black buddy's vagina. Touching the man pussy gave him a big hard on and his black buddy reached out, took hold of his hard cock and pressed it into his vagina. They had a very hot sex right there in the gym's locker room, leaning against the lockers with their massive chests tightly pressed against one another. He enjoyed the sex so much, especially when he saw his friend's sexual response. The sexual encounter convinced him that he wanted to get the modification, too. So he asked his buddy for contact information, contacted the modifier, was interviewed and made an appointment to get feminized. His contest wins began not long after that. Both he and his black buddy now shower together at the gym and really take pleasure in seeing one another's muscular body with a hairy muff and vagina.

Continuing, he explained the process and described how it works. Recent scientific research had produced a topical cream that is used in combination with a nasal spray to convert a man's genitals into a vagina. It is a painless, but uncomfortable experience; it has no recovery time and allows you walk out of the treatment facility as healthy as when you arrived. The modifier restrains you during the procedure so you won't hurt yourself. He said "Remember, I said it was very uncomfortable." First, the modifier uses an electronic depilatory device to remove all pubic hair from the penis and scrotum. Then he gets you hard and slathers the topical cream all over your erection, right up to your body. Tingling starts right away and makes you shoot a huge load of cum through your cock for the last time. The tingling gets extremely intense, bordering on painful, but keeps you hard all while it changes your cock from flesh into soft silicone rubber. Your cock also swells by about a third; his grew to a bit more than 15" by 4". The tingling is intense but gradually subsides as your cock is rubberized. About thirty minutes later his fully rubberized cock just fell off his body with no pain or blood, leaving a bare patch of skin surrounding a urethra hole where it had been. Then the modifier sprayed the drug up into both of his sinuses. This drug caused the skin of his scrotum to stretch and expand until it hung loosely about ten inches below his body. At the same time the area where it joined the torso expanded as a vaginal opening formed on his torso inside the ball sack. He could feel the slit on his torso painlessly forming inside his scrotum as his ball sack expanded. When the scrotal skin was fully stretched and expanded, its center line at the base of the sack retracted up and between his testicles until all of the skin had been pulled through the vaginal slit and inside his body. As the last of the scrotal skin passed through the vaginal opening, it pulled each testicle inside and held them firmly on either side of the new opening. Before wearing off, the drug works on the scrotal skin that made up the vaginal lining killing all hair follicles and making the skin super sensitive to the touch. A hair growth cream was then applied to bare patches of skin surrounding his new vagina to create a bushy pubic muff. Before he left, the modifier gave him a dark wooden box that contained his rubberized penis. He went over to a bookshelf and took down a long wooden box, opened it and showed me this beautifully lifelike rubberized cock measuring a little over 15" long and about 4" wide. He said "This is my cock. I have used it as a dildo when I get really horny." He pointed to a shelf with several trophies and said "See the trophies I've won since being feminized. Before having it done I lost contests because my genitals were exposed when they squeezed out the sides of my posing briefs."

He told me because his balls were still 100% operational, they were busy producing all the testosterone and hormones his body needed, even though they are now inside his body on either side of his vagina giving shape to his bulging labia. So in spite of this modification, he was still fully masculine, except he couldn't get an erection, masturbate or fuck, only get fucked. And.... he could still cum big loads when he had sex. I said "So, you get turned on when I touch you there?" He took my hand again and inserted two of my fingers into his vagina. His eyes rolled up and he made a very pleasurable intake of breath. He pulled my fingers out and said "I can get off by being fucked in the ass and by being fucked in my vagina. My vagina has taken cocks up to twelve inches long and ten inches around. Right now I really want that gorgeous fat cock of yours inside both of my holes." He reached out and gave my cock a tender stroke.

That big muscular body was such a turn on that I easily forgot about him having a vagina. He put a bit of lube in his hand and stroked my cock as he rubbed it on, remarking how nice and fat my cock is. He then lay back on the bed and guided my cock to his vagina. It slipped in easily and the tightness surprised me. His moaning began right away and grew louder as I started fucking him. Suddenly he let out a loud grunt and arched his back as he had a huge orgasm. I felt something warm and wet on my cock and looked down. His cum was flowing, not spurting, from his urethra opening all over my cock, adding to the lube and making my cock slide in and out of his vagina more easily. It was unique to be fucking a huge muscle guy face to face without his legs being in the air. I fondled his pecs, played with his nipples and started to fuck more vigorously. In almost no time at all, I had a screaming orgasm and pumped a large load of cum into his pussy. I pulled out and he immediately went down on my cock sucking every bit of our combined cum off of my cock as well as any of his cum that may somehow have got onto my balls.

I hadn't had sex in a long time and was still really horny and hard when he finished cleaning my cock. He lifted his legs, lubed his butt hole and guided my cock to that tight pucker. It took only the slightest pressure and my cock slid balls deep into his ass. He let out another series of moans as I fucked his ass. A short while later he said "Oh God, it feels so good to have your fat cock rubbing against my prostate." His hairy pussy was moving enticingly with each thrust of my cock in his ass, so I inserted my fingers and began gently rubbing the inside walls of his vagina. His pleasurable noises got more and more intense, rising in a steady crescendo of moans, grunts, heavy breathing and loud exclamations. Suddenly every muscle in his body flexed and tensed as he had another noisy orgasm. A pool of cum washed around my hand and filled his vaginal opening as his sphincter clamped hard on my cock. All this caused me to shoot another huge load of cum, this time deep inside his ass. He gave me a big smile as he pulled me onto his torso. My cock popped out of his butt hole and he gave me a long, passionate kiss while rubbing my cum-covered hand all over our bodies. "Thanks" he said "so many guys get turned off by my vagina. You are one of the few willing to fuck and play with it. Not only that, but you managed to cum in both my vagina and ass. I haven't felt this full and satisfied in ages."

He got up and I asked where he was going. He said he was going into the bathroom to douche. I called him back and asked why. He explained that since the skin of his scrotum had been used to make the vaginal lining, cum couldn't be absorbed and had to be flushed out. I told him to lie back on the bed and spread his legs. He laid back and spread his legs. I could see cum oozing from the slit of his vagina and I put my face into his crotch with my mouth up against that hairy mangina, my nose buried in his pubes and began to lick up my own cum as it ran out. My tongue flicking against his labia and vaginal opening made him huff, puff and whimper with pleasure as I cleaned him up. He gently held my head against his pussy with my nose buried deep in his pubic muff and told me to use my tongue to clean out as much as I could. When my tongue started licking inside he really began moaning loudly. I kept scooping cum out with my tongue; his moaning getting louder and louder. All of a sudden he pulled my face up slightly and told me to put my mouth around his urethra hole. Just as I got my lips around it, he came again and I was able to swallow his entire big load of cum as it flowed into my mouth. He seemed to be in heaven, having cum three times. He gave me a big kiss and a bear hug and told me he still needed to douche, then got up and went into the bathroom for a while.

Now I have been gay all my life and simply couldn't believe that I had just fucked a pussy and eaten cum out of it. But I just did! This competition bodybuilder wanted me and somehow I found his huge body with its vagina surrounded by thick bushy pubic hair very sexually attractive. I can't explain it, but I found I wanted to get together with him again and he said he wanted to get together too. So we exchanged numbers.

We started seeing one another more and more often. I was filling both of his holes with loads of cum and giving him orgasms the likes of which he hadn't had in a long time. In return he gave me the best blow jobs and rim jobs I'd ever had. Over time, we slowly fell in love and moved in with one another. I have never been so happy, being in love with a guy who is my biggest turn on, a man with a hot ass to fuck and a fun pussy to fuck, a man who gushes big loads of tasty cum, is also one hell of a great cock sucker and someone who is crazy about me.

Life is good.


Tom L.

[email protected]


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