This story takes place about seventy-five years from now.


Ed was a college freshman - a former star receiver on his high school's football team and eager to join the university's varsity football team. During his high school years, training and game experience had built the young man into a big, strapping football player.

Ed appeared to be more mature than his nineteen years, standing at six foot 4 inches in height, sandy haired with a ruggedly handsome face and stunning smoky grey eyes. His body was all tight muscles, with broad shoulders tapering down a very long torso to a narrow waist and hips, his shapely butt pulled his jeans tight in front helping to form an impressive bulge that crowned the point where his remarkably muscled thighs met. Ed sported an impressive cock that measured 7¾" long by 2" wide when hard with a good sized ball sack hanging low below his cock. He was a big jock stud.

Ed had been through tryouts for the football team and had qualified as a wide receiver on the varsity football squad. Once varsity training camp started, he threw himself into the practice and training schedule. In the locker room there was a lot of horsing around, talk filled with sexual innuendo and general ass grabbing. All through all this locker room activity, he noticed many of the team members had large, long and fat cocks and very good sized, but uptight balls. Looking at their crotches, he figured their fat cocks ranged between 9" and 11" with most player cocks averaging about 10" long. Each of their cocks was wide enough to obscure any straight-on view of their balls. A side view of their genitals was the only way he could catch a glimpse of their balls. Each uptight ball was fairly well hidden by a thick, bushy muff of pubic hair but appeared to be about the size of a large hen's egg. He thought this curious as he walked into the shower room with his own ball sack swinging low.

There was only one other team member in the shower room; Ed saw that as the guy started soaping up his uptight balls he gave himself a hard on. The guy turned his back, but Ed could see his arms moving while one hand energetically worked his balls and his other soapy hand began jacking his cock. Muted grunts came from him all while he pleasurably worked his cock and balls. He shortly reached a climax as Ed watched. The load the guy shot was huge; he was moaning in great pleasure as his cock erupted with spurt after spurt of cum shooting energetically through the air as though they were shot from a cannon. Each cannon shot formed into an eight inch rope of cum that was propelled halfway across the shower room. Ed looked on in amazement as every stream of cum from the huge load flew across the room and splattered on the floor, water from the running showers slowly washing it all down the drain. He couldn't believe such uptight balls had made so much cum. He finished showering, dressed and went back to his dorm room. The memory of that cum shot lingered with Ed all evening making him more and more horny every time he thought of it. It eventually reached a point where it made him so horny he got out of bed, went into the bathroom and masturbated, finally getting sexual release, shooting his own large load of cum.

Varsity training camp kept Ed fairly busy with little time off. He could feel his body adapting to the on field scrimmages as well as the regimen of gymnasium training required of everyone on the squad. All the running and drills to make him into a fine wide receiver had transformed his already muscular thighs into a very muscular, tree trunk like in thickness. Other guys on the squad referred to them as "head crushing" thighs. His already nice looking butt tightened into a very round shape with each of his shapely butt cheeks becoming as hard as a brick. His fascination for the team members with the uptight balls never wavered, but he was reluctant to talk to any of them as he might be bringing up a sensitive or inappropriate subject. He had developed a friendship with a number of guys on the team; a few of them were guys who had uptight balls. The more they socialized with one another, their friendships grew to a point where they were comfortable sharing more personal information with one another. One of these guys became a particularly good friend to Ed; his name was Jim. During one of their evening talks the conversation settled on the subject of sex. Ed told him about the guy jacking off in the shower room and then asked straight out why Jim's balls were so uptight and didn't hang low like his balls. Jim smiled and said he would tell him all about such things sometime when they were in a more private setting. Ed agreed to wait, but his curiosity had been piqued.


Jim was a year older than Ed and ready to play his second year on the football team. At six feet tall, he was a bit shorter than Ed with the bulky muscles needed for an offensive lineman. He was built like a professional bodybuilder with shoulders wide enough to make him look as if he was always wearing his varsity shoulder pads. Jim had a ruggedly handsome face, dark brown hair and interesting light brown eyes, almost amber in color. He sported abs that could be called an eight-pack, a narrow waist above narrow hips and strong muscular legs. He, too, was a jock stud and sported a really fat 10" by 3" cock.

One Sunday afternoon Ed's roommate was out for the day and they were alone in the dorm room. The room was a private enough setting, so Jim said it would be a good time to talk. Ed asked again why Jim's balls didn't hang like his. Jim explained that his balls were inside his body and formed bulging pubic mounds on either side of his vagina. Ed looked at him with a shocked expression and his mouth agape. Jim chuckled and told Ed he would show him what he was talking about. Jim stood up and dropped his pants and underwear, letting his oversized 10" cock swing freely. He lifted his cock to fully show a dense muff of dark brown pubic hair just behind it covering two hen's egg sized bulges with a groove between them. He told Ed that those bulges are made by his balls and that both of them still worked the same as when they were hanging in a ball sack, but they are now inside his body instead of hanging in a sack. Ed really looked confused now. Jim took Ed's hand and pushed two of his fingers into the groove between the bulges, making a deep low moan as he did so. Shocked, Ed quickly pulled his hand away, giving Jim a stunned look as he said "What the fuck!" Jim asked him to sit down while he explained the whole thing.


Jim pulled his clothing on and sat down. Once comfortably seated, Jim began telling Ed the story of how a few years ago one of the varsity team members, a guy named Chuck, had told them about scientific research his father had been working on. His father had worked on state funded scientific research to find a more humane way to castrate or nullify convicted repeat rapists. Chuck's father was one of a team of scientists who developed a topical cream called ManMod. ManMod replaced surgical castration by removing the scrotum and/or penis, leaving the wall of the abdomen smooth like nothing had ever been there. Essentially, ManMod turned the rapist's genitals into soft silicone rubber which painlessly fell off the body once it was fully rubberized, eliminating the need for surgery. It isn't painful or bloody, leaves no disfiguring marks or scars and has no recovery period.

ManMod had a side effect that Chuck's father wanted to explore; it caused the rapist's cock and balls to swell by about a third as it got rubberized. He thought that if he could isolate the swelling part of it from the rubberizing function, he would have a topical cream that would successfully enlarge a guy's genitals. He saw a potential to make a lot of money on something that actually did what it advertised, unlike those phony enlargement pills. Working in secret on his formula, he finally developed a cream that worked. With the rubberizing part removed from the ManMod formula, the amount of genital enlargement increased from one third to half again bigger. He called this new topical cream GenHance. Jim then told Ed that GenHance had been used on his genitals and his cock had grown from 6½ inches to 10 inches and had fattened to almost three inches wide. It also made his ball sack and balls half again bigger, giving him balls the size of a large hen's egg. Having seen Ed's generous endowment, he told Ed that if he used the cream, his cock would probably enlarge to more than ten inches and get really fat, too. Ed asked if it hurt, Jim told him it was pretty uncomfortable while his genitals grew, but the discomfort went away once they stopped growing. Next, Ed asked how long it took for the enlargement. Jim told him it took about an hour for his genitals to fully enlarge.

Chuck's scientist father had also been among the group of scientists who developed a nasal spray called GynoFlex that converts scrotal skin into a vagina. GynoFlex is what had created Jim's vagina using his enlarged balls and scrotum to create his big, deep vagina and pulling his balls inside his body to form large bulging pubic mounds. Even though his balls are now inside his body, they still work the same and he still shoots cum, only now his loads are a lot bigger. The vagina it created is sexually sensitive and is stimulated by anything rubbing against it or penetrating it. A cock or dildo will rub against the testicles on the sides of the vaginal opening, enhancing sexual pleasure. He compared it to being fucked in the ass and having the prostate rubbed and stimulated. He added that GynoFlex doesn't make a womb or ovaries; there are no menstrual periods and you can't get pregnant, but you get a working vagina that is extremely sensitive, almost hyper-exciting. Your sex drive gets stronger when you get the added sex organ. Your cock still works just like it used to and will continue to shoot loads of cum; you will still be fully masculine and can fuck just like you used to, but you will have a bonus sex organ. You continue to live your life as a masculine man with a masculine voice, big dick, masculine hormones, masculine muscle structure, a man's body hair and sexual interests but with a second fuck hole where your balls used to be.

Ed asked what it was like being fucked in his vagina. Jim told him all about the sexual sensitivity of the scrotal skin that formed the inside of his vagina, the kind of sexual excitement a hand or cock touching it gives him when it is sliding in and out against his balls. He told of the feeling of another guy's orgasm as his hot cum launches forcefully against the sensitive skin inside, flooding his vagina. He mentioned that getting fucked in his vagina always makes him shoot his own load of cum. He added that his vagina can take really fat cocks up to 12 inches long with no pain or discomfort, larger than any dick he can take up his ass. In addition, he can use his cock to fuck and pump a huge load up an ass or even into another guy's vagina. He has all the same sexual equipment as Ed plus an extra hole to fuck. The only change he had to make in his sexual hygiene was learning to douche his vagina to keep it clean.

Ed suddenly understood what the guy jacking off in the shower room had been doing; he had been cleaning his vagina and began finger fucking it at the same time he was jacking his cock. No wonder he had cum such a large load. He asked Jim why so many guys on the varsity team had gotten the modification. Jim said that Chuck told the team about his father's products and had actually used them on himself, then showed his vagina to the team. After letting the team take a close look at it, several of the guys asked if they could fuck his new pussy and Chuck said yes. So right there in the varsity locker room he got his pussy fucked by several of the guys. The guys just walked up to Chuck and stood facing him naked with a hard on. Chuck's cock got so hard, it stood straight up. The guy in front simply pushed his cock into Chuck's vagina and began to fuck. Chuck wrapped his arms around the guy fucking him and let the fucking motion rub his cock to climax. As he came, Chuck planted a big kiss on the mouth of the guy fucking him and the guy fucking shoved his cock all the way into the vagina as he had a very loud orgasm. The guy fucking stepped away, his cock sliding out of the vagina and Chuck's cum spread all over his gut. Then other guys stepped up one at a time, repeating the whole thing. When it was over, Chuck had been fucked by almost all of the team members, had shot a number of really big loads of his own and had a stream of everyone else's cum running out of his vagina and down his leg. All of the guys that had fucked him commented about how different it is to fuck a guy face to face.

Many of them said they might like to get the same modification. Chuck told them he could get hold of the stuff to make a vagina. He would be willing to do the change for them but before he did, they all had to be comfortable with losing their hanging ball sack in exchange for a vagina. He gave them all several weeks to consider their decision. Not all of the guys decided to go ahead with the change and a date was set for those who still wanted to get a vagina. Chuck gathered the team members wanting the change into the training gym one night for the modification. He explained to them the change required two steps; first, their genitals would be enlarged and second, their enlarged scrotum and balls would be converted into a vagina. He added that getting the complete modification would take about three to four hours and was very uncomfortable. The discomfort would cause everyone in the group to thrash around and make way too much noise. So, to keep them from hurting themselves and avoid having security guards find them there, they would all have to be restrained and gagged until the modification was complete. Chuck restrained them on various pieces of gym equipment all facing toward mirrors so they could watch the change as it took place. Chuck slathered GenHance cream over each of their cocks and balls. About an hour later, their genital growth had stopped. Chuck then moved among them spraying GynoFlex into their sinuses. All of the team members watched in amazement as their balls were converted into vaginas. By midnight they all had their new vaginas and Chuck released them. Several of the guys experimentally fucked one another to test out their new pussies. They were all delighted with the way their new vaginas felt and worked. Over the next few days, several players who turned down the procedure had talked seriously with players who had been modified. They changed their minds and asked Chuck if he would do the same thing for them. Most of the team players now have vaginas.

Ed asked "So this was just a onetime thing, then?" Jim answered "No. All the initial modifications were done several years ago. Every year a few of the new guys on the roster would ask to be modified. Chuck took care of each request and realized there would be a continuing desire for the modification, so he made arrangements with his father to have the drugs quietly supplied to the football team. School administrators and coaches know nothing about it. Before Chuck graduated, he taught the modified team members how to perform the simple steps to give someone else a vagina. Modified guys you see on the team today are just the most recent guys to get what we call feminized."


Ed asked "What has it done for your sex drive and your overall sex life?" Jim said "Well, my sex drive is now a lot stronger. My enlarged balls make enough testosterone to keep me rather horny all the time. The vagina gets me horny in new ways that are an addition to the way testosterone normally gets me horny. I definitely have a stronger sex drive. My sex life has been greatly improved by making me more versatile in the ways I can have sex. I think this modification is terrific. Are you thinking about getting one, too?" Ed responded "I'm curious about it, but I just couldn't say yes." Jim followed with "Well, let me know if you decide to do it. I know how to do it and would be happy to do it for you. Otherwise I'll get you in touch with the right people." Ed said "Thanks."

After the final scrimmage of training camp Ed and a few squad members were showering. One of the guys on the squad began to play with another guy's dick, getting the guy hard. The guy fondling the dick reached behind himself and liberally soaped up his ass crack, then guided the other guy's dick to his ass. The dick seemed to slide effortlessly into the soapy ass hole. The guy started moaning, encouraging the guy behind him with "Fuck me, fuck me." The other guy began fucking him slowly. As he was getting fucked, one of the modified guys got a huge hard on from watching the action and walked up to the guy getting fucked. He lifted up the guy's cock and slipped his oversized hard on into the guy's vagina. This brought a wail of great pleasure from the guy as both holes were filled with cock and both holes were getting fucked. His pleasure became so great that he shot a large load up the torso of the guy in front of him, the first spurts hitting the guy in the chin. As he came, both his ass hole and his vagina tightened around the dick inside of it, bringing both guys fucking to a screaming orgasm. He was breathless, having had his balls drained as well as having his ass and vagina pumped full of cum. The guys had shot really large loads into him; both ass and vagina were leaking cum and his own cock was dripping the last remaining drops of his own load. Watching this had made Ed very hot; he was jacking his cock all while he watched. When the other three came all at once, it triggered Ed's own climax. Ed's groans of pleasure joined the chorus of orgasmic noises in the room as he unloaded his own ball juices all over the floor.

That did it. Ed decided right then and there that he was going to get his own vagina.


The next day he and Jim were alone and Ed told him about his decision to get modified. Jim asked "Are you really sure? You realize it's a permanent change and can't be undone?" Ed said "Yes, I'm absolutely sure I want it and I've considered the consequences." Jim then asked another question "OK then, would you like me to modify you or should I contact someone else?" Ed thought about it for the briefest of moments and said "I'd feel more comfortable if you did it." Jim then said "Thanks for the confidence. I need a few days to get everything together for the modification. We can schedule a date and time once I have the creams and drugs to do it." Ed said "OK."

Once Jim got everything necessary, he got together with Ed for a private talk. He told Ed that they needed a place for about four hours where they could do it. That place had to be private and quiet enough to keep people from getting curious about what was going on inside. They both thought about it for a while, suggesting one place or another, before Jim suggested using the team's training gym after hours. He said he knew a way into the facility after it had closed for the night. Ed thought it would be a good place. Jim told him to plan on Saturday night for the modification.

Saturday night the two of them met and headed for the training gym. Jim was carrying a small medical bag he had filled with the gear he needed. He talked all the way to the gym asking Ed if he was still sure about doing this and telling him this was his last chance to back out if he had any doubts. Ed assured him he was positive he wanted the modification. Jim led the way into the gym through an adjacent building that had a connection to the gym. Once inside, he directed Ed to the locker room. He said to Ed "No one will notice the lights on in here. We can be alone until we're all finished. There are full length mirrors in here and I can restrain you in front of one so you can watch the change happen." Ed asked why he needed the restraints and Jim told him "You won't believe how many uncontrolled jerks and sudden moves you will make until the discomfort ends. You don't want to injure yourself or harm your genitals during the change." Ed said he understood and Jim guided him to a bank of lockers facing a mirrored wall.

There he had Ed strip. Jim said "Damn, man, I never had noticed all of that dense, bushy pubic hair. You are going to wind up with a very hairy pussy." He asked Ed to blow his nose and clear his sinuses. Ed was then tied spread eagle to the bank of lockers facing the mirror, Jim explaining that the process worked best if the genitals were hanging free. He went on to say that the change had four steps; removing all that dense pubic hair from his cock, balls and the surrounding skin, applying GenHance to enlarge his genitals, administering GynoFlex to create his vagina and finally applying a hair growth cream to the naked skin around the new vagina. Reaching into the medical bag he took out a depilatory cream. As he liberally applied the cream to Ed's dick, ball sack and surrounding skin he told Ed he would experience a burning sensation for about ten minutes while the hair was being removed. Ed began gritting his teeth and making a loud hissing noise as the burning caused him to suck in his breath. Ten minutes later Jim took a cool wet towel and gently wiped away all the dead hair. Ed breathed a sigh of relief.

Jim then told Ed that during the next two steps Ed would be making a lot of noise that shouldn't draw attention from outside the locker room. Ed nodded that he understood and Jim strapped a rubber ball gag around his head. Jim said that the next step would be the most uncomfortable and would take about an hour to complete. Ed's discomfort will gradually decrease throughout the hour and will be completely gone when the genital growth is complete. Jim said "By the way, at first you will feel a strong tingling that will make you cum. Don't worry about it; it happens to everyone getting their genitals enlarged." Then he slathered GenHance over and around Ed's cock and balls right up to where they attach to his torso. Immediately Ed felt a strong tingling in his genitals that gave him a spontaneous erection and orgasm, shooting a big load of cum all over the locker room floor. Ed could feel the GenHance cream absorb deeply into his cock and soak deeper and deeper through his scrotum and all the way into his testicles. The tingling was becoming almost unbearable as he felt the expansion of every fiber of flesh in his genitals while they grew half again bigger. The process kept his cock extremely hard. The discomfort made him struggle against his restraints and make loud muffled cries as the tingling intensified. Ed could see his cock swell first and watched in amazement as it grew longer and fatter. At the same time he noticed that this scrotum and balls were growing, hanging lower and lower while getting heavier as the sack expanded and each of his balls grew. He watched the growth with fascination, all while it took place. When the tingling finally stopped, Ed let out a sigh, knowing the growth had completed. Jim took out a measuring tape and measured Ed's still hard cock at just over 11½" long and more than 3" wide. Ed was amazed. Jim said "Impressive." He added "Your balls got really big, too. Each one is about the size of a large goose egg. They'll make really big, bulging labia."

Jim then asked if Ed was ready for the last step. Ed nodded that he was ready. Jim told him this step was fairly painless, except at the end when his balls get pulled into his body. He took GynoFlex out of his bag of goodies and sprayed it deep into each of Ed's sinuses saying to Ed "Don't sneeze." A minute or two later Ed watched as his scrotum began to distend; just the skin of the scrotum, not his testicles. His ball sack stretched and enlarged until it hung loosely about 10" below his body. As the skin stretched out, the area where his ball sack joined his torso grew bigger in circumference. All while it grew bigger around, he could feel a slit forming, opening painlessly on his torso inside the scrotum. He thought the slit was probably his new vaginal opening. Once the scrotal skin was fully stretched and distended, the center line at the base of the now floppy ball sack began to retract. To Ed it felt as though an invisible string was pulling the center line of his ball sack up and between his testicles until all of the skin had been pulled through the newly formed vaginal slit deep into his body. As the final bit of his scrotum passed through the vaginal opening, the last of its skin was stretched tightly around his testicles. Then Ed let out a couple of loud muffled grunts as the scrotal skin pulled each goose egg sized testicle inside, holding both of them firmly inside on either side of his new vagina. As the drug wore off, the scrotal skin inside strongly tingled as the drug killed all hair follicles and sensitized the nerve endings, making the skin inside his vagina super sensitive to the touch. Ed made soft whimpering sounds throughout this final process.

Once Ed stopped whimpering Jim knew the tingling had stopped. He removed the gag and asked Ed how he felt. Ed said he felt fine but a little weird. Jim told him he would soon get used to the sensation of having a vagina and no hanging ball sack. Jim lifted Ed's cock and showed him his bulging, bald skinned pubic mounds and the vaginal slit between them. He said to Ed "I have to test this before I untie you." That said, Jim took two fingers and rubbed gently on Ed's pubic mounds. Ed moaned in enjoyment, surprised at the amount of erotic pleasure Jim's touch gave him. Jim then inserted the fingers into the vagina and gently caressed the skin inside. Ed let out a great moan of pleasure and said "Oh, God that feels intense." Jim told him everything seems to be working, but he had one more thing to do before releasing him. He took a hair growth cream from his bag and applied it to all the bare and exposed skin, explaining that in about four weeks Ed would have dense pubic hair growing around his vagina, just like the bushy muff the other team members have. The cream fully absorbed into the skin as Jim released Ed from the restraints.

Testing Things

Then Jim said "I told you there was no recovery time and that everything is in working order. Now for the big test; I want you to fuck my pussy with that huge new dick of yours." "You mean here and now? Ed asked. "Yup." said Jim. Jim quickly dropped his pants and underwear, reaching out to take Ed's cock in his hand, stroking the gigantic organ. Ed got hard quickly and Jim stepped up to him and pressed Ed's cock into his vagina. Jim moaned at the feeling of Ed's three inch wide cock pushing into him, stretching his vagina until the shaft of the massive cock finally slid deep into him. Ed gasped at the feeling as he began to fuck, wrapping his big arms around Jim's muscular chest as he did. Ed could feel Jim's balls sliding against his dick as he fucked, the feeling getting him very hot, sweaty and close to cumming. Jim tightened his vagina around Ed's incredible cock as it slid in and out. Ed reached his climax in no time at all; he erupted with shuddering noises and cum, planting a big kiss on Jim's mouth as he came. Jim struggled to keep from cumming himself. He succeeded and told Ed "Now it's my turn to fuck your pussy and be the one to take your cherry. It'll also be the final test of your new vagina." Jim was still hard from being fucked and, since he was standing in front of Ed, drove his hard cock deep into Ed's vagina. Ed gasped as Jim's 10" by 3" cock easily slipped into him, Ed groaning at the intense new enjoyment he was experiencing with every inch of Jim's large cock moving in and out caressing the sensitive skin inside his vagina and rubbing against his balls. Ed held Jim closely as Jim gently fucked. Jim just couldn't take the extreme pleasure; his whole body suddenly trembling as he shot a giant load of cum into Ed. Feeling the huge load of hot cum flood into and fill his vagina was just too erotic; every muscle of Ed's body tightened and flexed as he shot another big load all over Jim's eight-pack. Ed held Jim tightly as he came and planted another big wet kiss on his mouth. Ed couldn't believe the incredible pleasure he had just experienced.

Jim suggested they both take a shower to clean themselves up. In addition, he would show Ed how to douche his new vagina. Ed looked at him puzzled and Jim explained the skin inside didn't absorb lube, cum and other fluids that wind up in the vagina and all of it had to be washed out. He added "You have to keep it clean and healthy, you know." Ed chuckled as he followed Jim into the shower. As he showered, Ed was washing his new vagina inside and out experiencing the new sensation of soap, water and his own hands touching his vagina. The feeling gave him a roaring hard on. Jim looked at him and said that would happen until he got used to the feeling of showering. He also told him that the sensation of clothing pressing and rubbing against it will need some getting used to. Ed should expect a number of spontaneous erections until he was fully acclimated to having a vagina. He added "Oh, by the way, you will start shooting bigger loads of cum. Your enlarged balls are much denser than they used to be and will be producing a lot more cum and semen. In a day or so you will start to cum like that guy you saw beating off in this shower room." "That's something to look forward to." Ed responded.

As Ed dressed he noticed that even limp, his giant cock made an impressive bulge in the front of his Jockey shorts. This greatly eased any concern he had about appearing to have lost his masculinity. He could feel the crotch of his underwear while he dressed as body movements caused the fabric to gently stroke his large, naked labia, getting him semi hard. Ed understood what Jim had told him as the bulge in his Jockeys grew slightly. He finished dressing and joined Jim to leave the training gym. Jim said he was tired and would see Ed tomorrow. Ed agreed and went to his own dorm room.

Back in his dorm room, Ed went into the bathroom and stripped for a closer look at all that had been done to his genitals. He stood in front of the mirror noticing that his enlarged cock, when limp, was about the size it used to be when hard; a bit over 7" long by 2" wide. Even limp, this fatter cock did a credible job of shielding his vagina from view, making his crotch look like his balls were simply up tight. He thought it would look even less obvious once bushy pubes had grown in, covering his now bare labia. He lightly ran his fingers over his bulging labia and felt a wave of sexual excitement trigger a hard on. He inserted a couple of fingers into the vaginal opening, getting fully hard instantly and taking in a sharp breath of air as he touched the sensitive skin inside. A sudden big yawn reminded him he really was very tired so he went to bed. Late Sunday morning he woke up on his back with his large limp cock dangling between his legs. As he began to move in the bed, his cock brushed against his hairless labia, the sensation getting him hard again. He rushed into the bathroom to pee and wait for his fat 11½" plus erection to subside. He hoped his roommate hadn't noticed his cock was larger and would think he was just taking care of a case of morning wood. He would have to get used to living with his new genitals and all these strange new sensations.

Ed called Jim and made arrangements to meet for brunch. Ed dressed and stood in front of a mirror gazing at his reflection. He was relieved to find his well-rounded butt still pulled his jeans tight in front and his newly enlarged cock now created a jeans bulge much like the one he was so accustomed to seeing. He left to meet Jim for a late breakfast at the campus cafeteria. Jim asked how he was doing and Ed told him about the new sensations he felt and how he was starting to get used to each of them. Jim reminded him that if he needed advice or just to talk about it, all he had to do was to speak up. Ed thanked him. Jim added that other modified team members would welcome him like a brother. Ed said to Jim he had started feeling really horny. Jim explained that meant his larger, denser testicles were working just fine. They were producing more testosterone than they used to and feeling horny was one indication they were working; he would soon be able to comfortably live with the feeling. However, the horny feeling also meant they were making more sperm and semen; he should expect to be shooting larger loads of cum. The increase in cum varies from person to person but most enlarged guys say they shoot about three times as much cum as they did before their enlargement. Ed asked "You mean the next time I cum I'll shoot like the guy I saw in the gym shower room?" Jim said "Yup. That's pretty normal for us enlarged guys." Ed looked surprised, but didn't say any more about it. Ed finally said he had to study and would be heading back to his dorm. Jim also said that he had tests to study for. They finished their meal and headed off to study.

That night, Ed's horny feeling got the best of him and he beat off in the shower. Experiencing an intense orgasm, he watched amazed as his huge cock erupted, firing multiple ten inch ropes of cum against the wall of the shower stall. His ejaculation gradually reduced to smaller gobs of cum that fired like bullets from his cock head, seeming to go on endlessly, every bit of his load making a mess on the wall and floor of the shower stall. It was the biggest load of cum he had ever shot. He was exhausted when it finally ended. Now he knew for sure his balls were working - and better than they ever had.

Varsity Stuff

A couple of days later the final scrimmage of training camp was held and the team was in the locker room excited that training camp had ended and the varsity season was about to begin. There was a lot of boastful talk, sexual innuendos and general ass grabbing going on. One of the modified guys named Bill approached Ed and said "Looks like you got your own vagina. Congratulations on becoming one of us feminized guys. It will be less obvious in about a month when your hairy muff of pubes has grown in. Care to join me in the shower?" Ed followed him into the shower room where they both began to shower off the dirt and grime from the scrimmage. Bill was soaping up his vagina when he took Ed's hand and pushed several of Ed's fingers into his vagina. Ed got an instant hard on and Bill exclaimed a loud "Unnnhhhaaaaa" but continued to push Ed's hand into his vagina until it was all the way inside his body, his vaginal opening was grasping Ed's wrist and his own erection was standing straight up slapping against his torso. Bill started turning Ed's hand back and forth; groaning all the while and suddenly unleashed a torrent of cum far out into the shower room. Bill's vagina grabbed onto Ed's wrist all while the orgasm lasted. Ed's eyes were big and bulging watching all this happen. Bill grabbed Ed's huge eleven inch cock and drew Ed's hand out of his vagina, replacing it with the huge cock. Asking Ed to fuck him, Bill moaned as Ed started to fuck. Another team member couldn't stand watching the two of them and soaped up his cock so he could fuck Bill in the ass. Bill let him slide into his ass and was now enjoying two cocks fucking him when a third team member put his head between Ed and Bill and began sucking on Bill's standing erection. Bill's erotic noise grew louder, finally becoming a howl as he shot his second load into the hungry mouth working his cock. His vagina and sphincter both tightened on the cocks inside and two more loud orgasms filled him with cum from both ends. The two cocks inside Bill slipped out and all four of them looked at one another grinning and breathing heavily. They kissed one another and all of them hugged in a silent thank you.

Modified team players all had welcomed him aboard just as Jim had said. There were a few other guys Ed would like to have sex with, but he waited for the right opportunity. So many of the team members showed such obvious interest in Ed's huge cock that Ed knew there were a number of sexual encounters to be had. Subsequent shower room episodes gave Ed a lot of experience using both his new, gigantic cock and his vagina. He found out he had the biggest and fattest cock on the team and that he shot more cum than anyone else on the team. It seemed the team all wanted his huge cock inside one or more of their holes. He learned to use his enlarged cock and his vagina to the best sexual advantage. He also learned to easily take a cock up his ass and found out the many pleasures of big cocks in his pussy as well as how to give maximum pleasure to any cock fucking that pussy. He was in demand. When any of the guys on the team had played a particularly bad game, Ed was always the one to offer him some comfort with a good fuck or a good blow job, either giving or receiving. This in no way interfered with his and Jim's friendship.

Throughout the first four weeks of the varsity season, Ed's pubes sprouted and grew into a dense sandy haired pubic muff identical in density to the muffs sported by Jim and the other guys on the team. Ed was also getting a lot of notoriety for his playing ability and the figure he cut when on the football field. Padding and his loose fitting jersey largely shielded his muscular upper body from view. However, the football tights on his lower body stretched around his very shapely butt, pulling the tights close in front to make a noticeable outline of his large cock in the front of the tights. Below that, the tights strained to contain his huge thighs. Many a football fan got a cheap thrill watching him run down the field to catch and run with the ball.

Meanwhile, he and Jim were becoming even closer friends. Ed really enjoyed having sex with Jim. Jim absolutely went wild when Ed's giant cock was fucking his pussy. One day Ed asked Jim if he would try to take his cock up the ass. Jim said he was somewhat afraid of the huge cock, but he would try. He asked Ed to lie flat on his back with his cock hard and ready. He lubed up Ed's full erection and his own butthole. Jim straddled Ed and slowly moved over Ed's 11½ inch erection allowing it to push between his butt cheeks and against his tight hole. He slowly sat down on the cockhead, relaxing his sphincter until the 3" wide head of Ed's cock stretched his sphincter open, allowing the massive head to finally penetrate and slip inside. Jim made a gasping groan as his man hole wrapped itself around the cockhead and slid down several inches of Ed's fat cock, stopping for a moment while he waited for the initial pain from the extreme stretch to subside. Any pain quickly evaporated as he forced Ed's massive shaft deeper and deeper inside. Jim continued moaning as he descended along the length of Ed's massive dick. Jim felt as if his body was being ripped open, but his shameless desire for Ed's cock made him take more and more until the full length of the shaft was buried in his ass. Jim began to ride Ed's dick, rising and descending along the very fat shaft, his sphincter gripping onto the pole inside him in various ways and at various places along the shaft. Ed moaned in pure delight as Jim's muscular ass squeezed his cock in extraordinary ways; Jim was milking that dick in ways Ed had never imagined. Ed rolled his head from side to side in pure pleasure and urged Jim to feed him cum from the large 10" cock beating against his chest and abs. Ed raised his head enough that he was able to take Jim's cockhead and one or two inches of the shaft into his mouth. He sucked and used his tongue to work the cockhead while Jim rode his shaft. With the gigantic shaft inside him and his cock being worked by a hot mouth, Jim didn't last much longer. He suddenly let out a loud erotic howl as his cock shot eight or ten huge ropes of cum against the back of Ed's throat. Ed gulped and swallowed as fast as he could, knowing there would also be many smaller gobs of cum firing all the way to the back of his mouth. At the same time, Jim's orgasm made his sphincter clamp onto Ed's cock with a vice like grip that brought Ed to his own climax. Making a muffled rumbling low roar around the mouthful of cock and cum, Ed filled Jim's ass with one of his huge loads of cum. Jim could easily feel every one of Ed's cock spasms as it pumped spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into his intestines. Jim collapsed onto Ed's body for a brief recovery, finally letting Ed's cock slide out of his butthole, the cock making a loud slurping noise as it popped out. Ed looked into Jim's eyes and said "Wow, you really could take my cock. Thanks. And...thank you for the great mouthful of tasty cum." Jim flushed a bit and said "Well, Ed, I've had practice getting fucked by other guys on the team. Yours is just the longest and fattest cock I've ever tried to sit on; I really worried it would split me open. I guess I no longer have to worry." Ed smiled, gave him another big kiss and said "Now we know both of your fuck holes are working just fine." Suddenly a river of cum began to run out of Jim's ass and he made a beeline for the bathroom. When he returned from the bathroom, Jim mentioned he had been invited to a sportswear party at one of the gay fraternities next Sunday. Saying it sounded like a great idea, Ed suggested they plan on spending their Sunday afternoon at the party.

Frat Party

Sunday afternoon came quickly. It was one of those rare hot days of the late season so the two of them wore loose fitting, light weight football training shorts and large t-shirts for the sportswear party. The fraternity house was a big wooden building in the Edwardian style on a quiet tree lined street and set back from the street on a big, well manicured lot. Inside, high ceilinged rooms trapped rising heat to keep the partying college men relatively comfortable. The hosts were pleased to see two star players from the football team show up at their door. The rooms were filled with guys dressed for the heat in skimpy light weight sporting gear, everything from swim suits to track uniforms to wrestling and bodybuilding gear to cycling and running shorts/tights. The frat house was charged with sexual energy as all of the skimpy outfits got gay libidos fully active.

Ed and Jim joined the crowd and quickly immersed themselves in the party, socializing and enjoying the food and drinks. It didn't take long before both of them were recognized and a small crowd of party goers engaged them. Jim's big muscle bound frame just couldn't be hidden by the loose fitting clothing he had on. Similarly, Ed's lanky, well muscled body was outlined by the fabric of his t-shirt as it draped over his shoulders and pecs. In addition, Ed's very well shaped butt cheeks allowed the thin silky fabric of his training shorts to slide into the crease between his butt cheeks as though his butt crack was sucking in the fabric. Unknown to Ed, the full glory of his muscular bubble butt was on display to the party goers. For many of the guests at the party it was quite a titillating sight.

Ed recognized one of the party guests as a varsity wrestler, wearing only his wrestling singlet on this hot day. He was moving casually among the guests, seemingly unaware of his firm muscle butt and the large bulge in front of the singlet that was clearly outlining his very generous endowment. As he moved among the guests, Ed couldn't help but notice the wrestler's eyes as they scanned his body like radar. Ed checked out the wrestler's body; big well defined chest and arms, flat stomach with the singlet stretched over his six-pack abs, nice firm and round butt with that large bulge of goodies in the front crotch. He saw Ed's intense grey eyes checking him out from across the room and came over to talk. He introduced himself as Doug and said "You must be that new wide receiver I've watched throughout the season." Ed introduced himself and they started talking to one another about their experiences on their teams. At one point in the conversation, Doug took Ed's hand and cupped it over the large bulge in the front of his singlet. At the touch of Ed's hand, Doug got an instant erection that snaked up inside the singlet above his large balls. Ed watched Doug's cock as it swelled to a very fat eight inch length, the sight making Ed hard himself. Doug could see the full outline of Ed's cock as it grew to its 11½" by 3" size down the leg of his shorts. Doug exclaimed "Jesus Christ! How big is that thing?" Ed said "Just over 11½ inches." Doug said he had been most interested in Ed's body and ass, but now just wanted to play with that giant cock of his. Ed responded with "You can get more that just dick and ass." and smiled at Doug. Doug said "Huh?" and Ed told him "You'll see." Doug immediately said he had an apartment nearby where they could go. He and Ed left the party, Ed waving a farewell to Jim, who was busy working on his own afternoon liaison.


At Doug's place, Ed started things by running his hands all over Doug's hard body, his shapely and firm butt cheeks, muscular pecs and arms, the large bulge in his crotch. Doug's cock instantly stood straight up, firmly pressed against the fabric of the singlet. He reached down to grab Ed's t-shirt and pulled it up over Ed's head, throwing it on the floor as he began stroking Ed's chiseled chest and arms, finally cupping his hands over Ed's muscular butt cheeks. Ed reached one hand down to run it along Doug's erection and grope his large, bulging balls while his other hand slipped the singlet's shoulder straps off of Doug's shoulders. He pushed the singlet down until it dropped around Doug's ankles and let Doug's fat, eight inches pop up to a standing position. By now, Ed had a huge erection straining against the fabric of his shorts and trying its best to push its way out of the pant leg. Doug was running his hand along the length of Ed's cock feeling it through the shorts. Doug pulled Ed's shorts down around his ankles and Ed's huge erection bounced up, pointing straight out directly at Doug. Doug dropped to his knees and sucked in the head and a few inches of Ed's cock before he began to gag. Ed let him work his cock for a while, enjoying the talented mouth on his cock. Doug started to relax enough that he began taking more of Ed's cock into his mouth. Eventually Ed felt the head of his cock slip down Doug's throat as he swallowed the huge shaft and began milking it with his throat muscles. Ed was moaning loudly at this point, but gently pulled his cock from Doug's mouth telling him he didn't want to cum so soon. He also warned Doug that he shot gigantic loads of cum and hoped he would be able to handle such a big load. Doug told him not to worry. Ed then dropped to his knees and began sucking Doug's fat cock shaft. Doug began groaning as Ed's talented tongue ran all over his cock swallowing the entire shaft until his nose was deeply pressed into Doug's pubic hair. Ed kept running his tongue around and sucking, working Doug's cock until Doug finally exclaimed "Oh God!" as he shot a large load against the back of Ed's mouth. Ed ate up the entire load, sucking every last drop of cum from the cock before he let it out of his mouth. Doug was shuddering from the intense orgasm as Ed pushed him back down to his knees. Doug hungrily took Ed's cock into his mouth again, this time swallowing it easily. As his throat muscles eagerly massaged the fat cock shaft inside it, Ed was groaning loudly until he just couldn't take it anymore and let loose with a loud howl and one of his very large loads. Doug froze as his throat felt the full force of Ed's cock pumping rope after rope of thick hot cum deep into his stomach. When the cock pulses finally stopped, he let Ed's cock slip from his throat. As the cock left Doug's mouth, it was immediately followed by a large cum flavored belch. He told Ed how much he enjoyed it and Ed reminded him he had been warned about big loads of cum. Doug asked him if he thought he could do it again. Ed assured him he could and asked Doug the same question. Doug told him he was so horny he felt he could cum all night. Ed was delighted.

Doug brought out some snacks while they took a break. Doug asked what was with Ed's balls not hanging. Ed told him they were just uptight, but working just fine. Doug chuckled as he agreed. After their recovery break, Doug led Ed into the bedroom where he had Ed lie face down on the bed. He spread Ed's legs and crawled between them until Ed could feel his hot breath on his butt cheeks. Doug gently separated Ed's cheeks until he had a clear view of Ed's tight, nicely puckered butthole. He lowered his face into the deep crevice and began running his tongue around the puckered love hole. Ed was moaning softly as Doug's tongue slowly relaxed his hole and began probing into and exploring around the inside of his sphincter. Doug was so hard by now that his cock was throbbing with sexual excitement, so he grabbed some lube, greased up Ed's relaxed hole and quickly slid his cock into it. Both of them were groaning as Doug's fat cock thrust in and out of Ed's ass.

Ed asked him to pull out before he came telling him he had another idea. Ed rolled over on his back, lifted and spread his legs and asked Doug to lick on his hairy uptight balls. Doug dropped his face into Ed's crotch and ran his tongue over the pubic hair covering his labia. Ed started moaning intensely and all 11½ inches of his cock rapidly climbed up his abs, getting rock hard from the pleasure Doug's tongue was giving him. Ed realized Doug really had no idea what he was licking. He also knew Doug still had a big boner from the interrupted fuck, so he reached down and pulled Doug's body up until the two of them were face to face. Doug looked into those stunning grey eyes and planted a big wet kiss on Ed's mouth. At the same time Ed grabbed Doug's hard cock, directing it toward his pussy, pressing its fat head against the vaginal slit between his balls. Doug looked a bit surprised when Ed let out a huge sigh of satisfaction as all eight inches of Doug's cock easily slid all the way into his vagina. Ed started groaning loudly and whispered "Fuck me baby." Doug started fucking, moaning softly at the new sensation his cock felt as he fucked. Even though groaning loudly, Ed held him in position and flexed his vagina to tighten and give more pleasure to the fat eight inch cock moving inside of it. Doug's eyes rolled up in sheer enjoyment as his big balls rose up and finally unloaded themselves in another huge orgasm. The sensation of so much hot cum spewing all over the inside Ed's vagina got Ed so sexually excited he pushed Doug's mouth down onto his cockhead and shot another series of cum ropes far into Doug's mouth. Doug choked down the large load of cum. As he swallowed the last mouthful of cum, he saw his cum covered dick slide out of Ed's vagina. Immediately he exclaimed "What the fuck?" Ed instantly said "Please don't freak out." and suggested "Let's go into the living room and I'll explain. But first I have to take a bathroom break." Ed hurried into the bathroom. Doug could hear water running, unaware that Ed had scooped Doug's cum out of his vagina and eaten it; he now was rinsing any remaining cum out of it.

Ed returned and pulled on shorts before joining Doug in the living room. Ed started telling the long story about how he got his vagina. He carefully explained how it was formed and how all of his genitalia were still operational with the added bonus of a sexually sensitive vagina. Ed went on to describe the sexual excitement he got when anyone touched or penetrated his vagina. To demonstrate, he took Doug's hand, shoved it up the leg of his shorts and ran the fingers over his labia, making a humming moan as he did so. He then pushed a few of Doug's fingers into his vagina and asked him to gently stroke the skin inside; Ed groaned all while Doug stroked the inside of the vagina. Then Ed pulled Doug's hand from his shorts. Doug was fascinated, so Ed asked if he might be interested in getting his own vagina. Doug said no, he wasn't. Ed then asked him how big his cock is. Doug told him he was an even 8" long by 2½" wide. Ed did some quick mental calculations and said that if he were to get a vagina, the enlargement would leave him with a cock 12" long by 3¾" wide with balls the size of large goose eggs. Not many guys could handle a cock that big. However, the larger balls would form unusually large bulging labia and make enough testosterone to keep him horny most of the time. They also would make so much extra semen that he would be cumming loads the size of the loads Ed had been shooting. Doug told him he was perfectly happy with his cock and balls as they are and that his loads of cum are big enough. "In other words," he said "I am happy with what I have now." Ed told him he respected the decision.

Ed then changed the subject, asking if Doug thought he could take his 11½" cock up the ass. Doug said he always wanted to try taking a cock that big. They went into the bedroom and dropped their shorts. Ed asked if Doug wanted to sit on his cock. Doug shook his head no and said he wanted to be the bottom so he could watch Ed as he fucked. Doug lay on his back, his legs raised and spread to allow Ed full access to his fuck hole. Ed lubed up Doug's puckered hole and gently pressed his cockhead against it. Doug made a grimace as he relaxed his hole while working to stretch his sphincter around the 3" wide cockhead. Suddenly Ed's cockhead popped inside his hole and Doug uttered a sharp grunt. Ed's cock slowly sank into Doug's ass until it was about half way in. Ed stopped and asked if Doug was OK. Doug told him to keep shoving it in until he told him to stop. Ed continued penetrating and eventually found himself all the way inside Doug. He began long in and out strokes as he fucked. Doug's ass felt so good, all tight, warm and firmly encasing his cock. A few moments later, Doug told him he wanted to get into a more comfortable position and asked Ed not to pull put. Doug turned his body over, rotating it around Ed's hard cock until he was kneeling on the bed. Doug dropped onto his hands and knees elevating just his shapely butt to create a more pleasurable angle for Ed's cock. Ed's cock had remained inside all while Doug repositioned around it. Ed grabbed Doug by the hips and restarted his thrusting motion. Doug began bucking his hips in unison with each thrust, using his muscular butt muscles to milk Ed's cock with each thrust; both men making erotic noises as the fuck continued. The sensation of Ed's fat cock filling his insides and at the same time sliding against and massaging his prostate drove Doug closer and closer to orgasm. Ed's full thrusts had Doug's ball sack swinging front to back, slapping against Ed's labia every time he drove all the way into Doug. Having Doug's balls rhythmically smacking against his pussy was something new and extremely erotic for Ed and in only a short while, Doug felt Ed's cock swell as he approached a loud and long orgasm. Convulsions from Ed's cock as it shot giant cannon balls of cum into Doug sent Doug over the edge and he loudly blasted his own load into Ed's hand, already cupped under his cock. Ed raised his hand filled with Doug's large load of cum and gulped down all of it. Ed collapsed on top of Doug as his cock noisily popped out of Doug's ass. By now the two of them were exhausted and wrapped their arms around each other, quickly falling into a deep sleep.

In the morning, Doug fixed breakfast for both of them. Over the meal he asked if it would be all right for him to tell other members of the wrestling team about Ed's vagina. Slightly concerned about undue notoriety, Ed asked why he wanted to tell other team members. Doug said there were several wrestlers on the team who were big muscle hunks, but had small dicks and balls. Their small genitals hardly made a bulge in the front of their singlets and Doug had felt they had become muscular wrestlers to make up for their perceived lack of manhood. Ed said he would be happy to advise them if they were interested in the procedure. Ed thanked him for the heads up and Doug assured him he would be discreet when talking to his teammates. When the meal was finished, Ed thanked Doug and said he would love to get that fat dick of his inside of him again. Doug flushed and said he would look forward to playing with Ed's gigantic meat and both of his holes again and that they could get together any time. Ed said he would be in touch and left for his dorm.

Semester Happenings

Several days later Ed and Jim were in the middle of a football practice session when one of their modified teammates got hit by a helmet directly on his balls. He instantly grabbed his crotch and fell to the ground screaming in agony. It took a long time for the player to recover from the blow, much longer than a normal hard hit to a ball sack would take. Jim and Ed joined the other modified guys on the team all making sure he was OK and asking the guy what had happened. He said he had taken the full force of the helmet blow to his balls. The sensitive nerve endings of the scrotal skin inside his cunt had felt like every one of them had been hit by a taser when his testicles took the blow. He had to recover from pain coming not just from his injured balls but also from the extreme pain it caused to the lining of his vagina. All the modified guys made a mental note that they should wear a cup any time they were in competition.

Jim and Ed played in every game through the end of the varsity season, traveling with the team to one of the bowl games. Both of them had become well known stars on the team. While the football season wound down, Ed's roommate moved in with another student and Jim became Ed's new dorm mate. It made sense because the two of them were such close friends and fuck buddies. There was no romance, just a lot of sexual play and fun. Once the varsity season ended, they had more time to themselves, making Ed more available for casual sex with Doug. One night Jim was able to join in the sexual activity. He had heard so much about Doug's fat 8" cock and wanted to feel it inside him. Doug was pleased and surprised to have a 10" and an 11½" cock to swallow or sit on. In addition, he was in hog heaven having two mouths, two butt holes and two vaginas that all wanted his cock inside them. Jim really got off on the feeling of Doug's fat 8" cock inside his pussy as well as up his ass. They began a steady round of three ways that continued throughout the semester.

Five Wrestlers

Before the semester ended, Doug brought five of the wrestling team members over to talk with Jim and Ed. He introduced them and explained they had expressed an interest in getting enlarged and possibly a vagina of their own. All of them were guys Doug had described to Ed who suffered from small genitals. Each of these guys was heavily muscled, looking like serious bodybuilders. Doug had previously told them about Ed and Jim getting modified and had brought them over so they could find out for themselves what they could achieve. They were all asked the size of their genitals and all of them said they measured less than six inches when hard. One of them had a 5" erection and the other erections measured between 5¼" and 5¾" and were just 1" to 1¼" wide. Ed and Jim carefully explained that there were two steps to getting a vagina; the first to enlarge the genitals and the second to create the vagina. Once all the guys understood that process, Ed stood up and dropped his pants and underwear surprising them with his large limp cock; he pulled his cock to the side so each of them could get a better view of the bushy pubic mounds created by his goose egg size balls and his vaginal opening. One of the wrestlers sheepishly asked if he could touch it. Ed said he could, but he had to understand that it is very sexually sensitive to him and it should be touched with care. The guy assured Ed he would be cautious, then reached out and gently felt Ed's labia. Ed sucked in his breath from the sensation and asked the guy to push a couple of fingers inside and feel around. Ed made a humming moan as the guy slid a few fingers inside the vaginal slit and gently stroked the inside. Jim also dropped his pants and joined Ed letting the guys touch and feel his labia and the inside of his vagina, both of them moaning and popping a huge hard on from the sensation of fingers and hands groping outside and inside their vaginas. After the examination, Ed asked how many of them might want a vagina. Four of the five guys said they wanted one, the fifth said he would just like to get the enlargement. Ed and Jim told them to give their desires some serious thought before making a final decision because they would have to give up their swinging ball sack in exchange for a vagina. They also reminded them it was a lifetime change and to carefully consider the consequences. The guys were told to take several weeks to think about it. Ed and Jim would invite them back to hear their final decisions at that time. While they were considering their choice, Ed and Jim would make themselves available to answer any questions they might have.

Three weeks later, the five wrestlers were invited back and asked if they had made a decision they could live with. The four wanting a vagina were comfortable with their choice. The one wanting the enlargement asked if he changed his mind later could he still get a vagina. He was assured he could come back for the change. They were told to meet late Saturday evening and they would be taken to the varsity locker room for the procedure. Saturday came and Ed and Jim gathered everything they would need for five modifications. They met the five guys and led them into the deserted locker room where they sat them down to explain the four steps involved and why they would have to be restrained.

Once they understood the procedure, the five guys were told to strip completely and then were tied spread eagle to the lockers and gagged, all of them facing full length mirrors. The four of them getting a vagina had pubic hair removed from their genitals, whimpering a lot from the burn of the depilatory. They were greatly relieved to feel the cool, wet towels gently wipe away the dead hair. For a second time all five guys were warned that while their genitals grew over the next hour, they would experience intense tingling that would make them struggle against their restraints and cry out loudly. Additionally, they were told about the spontaneous orgasm they would experience and that their cocks would stay hard throughout the enlargement. GenHance was then liberally applied to everyone's genitals. Tingling began almost immediately and grew in intensity. All five of the wrestlers got erections from the tingling, every one of them spontaneously ejecting their loads out into the room. The guys then began struggling against their restraints in extreme discomfort, all the while creating a chorus of loud muffled cries that rose in a crescendo as the intense tingling from the genital growth peaked. An hour later their noisy writhing and discomfort came to an end and Ed removed their gags. Jim moved among them to measure their still hard cocks. All of them had gained good sized dicks that measured between 7½" and 8¾" long and 1¾" to 2¼" wide. Their balls had enlarged to the size of large hen's eggs with the low hanging sack measuring 4" wide and 12½" around. The guys were pleased and impressed with the results.

Ed released the one guy who had only wanted the enlargement. The guy walked over to the mirror to check out his larger cock and his large ball sack. He was very pleased and thanked Ed. Ed then asked him if he wanted to watch his teammates get their vaginas. He said yes and Ed asked him to sit on a bench to watch. He turned to the four remaining wrestlers and said the next step was relatively painless. However, there would be two bouts of extreme discomfort at the end as each of their balls were pulled into their body and that it would be followed by a very strong tingling as the scrotal skin became super sensitive; he asked if any of them wanted the gag back. They all said no. GynoFlex was then sprayed deeply into every one of their sinuses and the change began. The guy witnessing the change sat wide eyed watching his teammates' ball sacks stretch out until they were hanging loose and floppy about 10" below their crotches and then magically pull up and into their bodies. As Ed had warned, each of them made a loud exclamation as one at a time each ball was pulled inside their body. This was followed by a sharp hissing intake of breath as the drug wore off and the skin inside their vaginas experienced a sharp prickling sensation as their hair follicles were killed and nerve endings were made super sensitive. Once that stopped, Jim moved among the four guys applying hair growth cream; his touch causing each of them to make soft pleasurable noises. Jim then said their vaginas had to be tested before they could be released. He and Ed each tested two of the new vaginas, their gentle stroking and probing creating loud exclamations of pleasure, letting them know everything was all right with the modifications.

All four were then released from their bonds. They quickly walked up to the mirrors and stood there examining their modification. Each of them admired his larger cock size. As they examined their new naked vaginas, the four guys all realized just how sensitive they were as they touched them. Jim mentioned that they would have dense, hairy muffs covering their labia in about four weeks. One of the wrestlers had brought along his singlet to see how he looked now. As he put it on, he made a deep moan as the fabric stretched over and tightened against his new labia. Ed told him the crotch of almost any clothing will press against and move over the labia; he would get used to the sensation in a few days. The feeling would lessen once his pubic bush had grown in, but until then he should expect to get a number of unexpected erections. The guy closely examined his appearance in the singlet, admiring the bulging outline made by his enlarged cock. He reached below his cock. When he touched the fabric over his labia it gave him an instant hard on, his cock standing straight up inside the singlet. His bulging labia created a prominent, well defined camel toe impression in the front of in the singlet. However, the two mounds of the camel toe still had enough of a resemblance to uptight balls that it didn't look obvious. He was very satisfied with the look. Jim advised them that they would be getting hornier than ever due to their enlarged testicles making more testosterone and also from the extra sexual sensitivity of their vaginas. Ed reminded them not to forget about douching their pussies every time they showered. As the five guys got dressed, Jim wished them well and said that if they needed advice or just wanted to talk about their vaginas, he and Ed were always available. When the five wrestlers were happily on their way, Jim and Ed went back to their dorm. It had been a long day and both of them were tired. Ed always got an easy erection whenever he looked at Jim's naked body; the bulky muscular body was a total turn on. Ed got into bed with Jim and slipped his fully hard cock into Jim's pussy, but fell asleep before he could do anything else, losing his erection. Jim wrapped his arms around Ed and held him close, then fell asleep himself contented with the feeling of Ed's large, limp cock still inside his vagina. On waking, Jim found himself alone in the bed; Ed had moved to his own bed sometime during the night.

A few days later Doug came over, chuckling as he told the story of a wrestling match held the night before. One of the guys who had gotten a vagina was grappling with his opponent when he was suddenly grabbed in the crotch, the hand squeezing his balls/labia. A combination of pain and sexual thrill caused him to make a loud screaming groan. The sensation had been so powerful for him that his whole body tensed and flexed and he threw his surprised opponent onto his back, pinning him and winning the match. Everyone has been teasing him since about winning because he was afraid of getting raped. All of them had a good laugh over that. Ed and Jim asked how the guys were dealing with their modifications. Doug said they all seemed to be doing just fine and were gradually adjusting to new sensations and feelings. Jim told him to make sure they knew those sensations would diminish once their hairy muffs had grown in.


Ed was sitting in his training shorts, a loose fitting leg opening exposing his large flaccid cock. He noticed Doug staring up his pant leg and asked if he wanted to play with it. Doug got hard at the thought of playing with Ed's huge dick. Jim watched the outline of Doug's fat cock as it lengthened and expanded in his tight fitting jeans. This prompted Jim to say he wanted that 8" cock. All of them stood up and stripped. Jim went down on Doug's cock and used his hands to lightly massage, pull and stroke his big ball sack. Not long after, Doug emptied his balls into Jim's mouth. Jim sucked every last drop of semen out of Doug's cock and said "I hope that wasn't all." Doug assured him it wasn't.

By now, Ed's cock was at full mast. Doug knelt in front of him and swallowed as much of that cock as he could. Ed was groaning and moaning when Doug let the cock slip from his mouth and told Ed he had an idea. Doug bent over and asked Ed to shove his cock up his ass. Ed grabbed some lube and greased up Doug's butt hole eliciting a grunt from Doug as his huge pole slid deep into Doug. Once he had Ed's cock well inside, Doug stood up and drew Jim in front of him. To Jim he said "You wanted my dick, well step up and take it into your pussy while Ed fucks my ass." Jim lifted his cock up and onto his abs, pressed against Doug, took Doug's rock hard dick and softly moaned as he slid it all the way into his pussy. He then wrapped his arms around Doug. Doug began to fuck Jim and Ed realized that as Doug fucked, he was also sliding along the cock in his ass. Jim was also getting hot from the frottage of Doug's body rubbing up against his cock. Ed began timing thrusts of his cock to Doug's movements.

By now, the room was echoing with the various sex noises coming from the three of them. Ed knew Jim always came when he was fucked in his front hole. He could tell from sounds the two of them were making that both were getting close and plunged his dick deep into Doug. At that plunge, Doug shot his own big load into Jim's cunt. The hot flood of cum inside him caused Jim to clamp his vagina onto Doug's throbbing cock as his own orgasm shot hot ropes of semen all over Doug's chin, chest and abs. Doug's sphincter had already grabbed tightly onto Ed's cock and Ed had one of his large and loud explosions of cum, some of it oozing out of Doug around his cock.

Ed pulled his cum covered cock out of Doug and asked Doug to clean off the coating of cum. Doug pulled out of Jim and dropped to his knees, gulping Ed's cock all the way down his throat, letting it slowly slide from his mouth as his tongue ran around the shaft to clean off every bit cum. When Ed's cock finally slipped out of Doug's mouth Ed asked if Doug liked the taste of cum. Doug said he loved it and Ed told him to eat his own cum out of Jim's pussy. Still on his knees, Doug turned to Jim, moved Jim's cock aside and started licking cum off of Jim's pubes. Jim started groaning loudly as the hair covering his pubic mounds was licked. Doug stuck his tongue deep into the vaginal slit. Jim really got noisy then and pressed his crotch firmly against Doug's mouth. Doug used his tongue to scoop out as much if his own cum as he could. He finished his cleanup by swabbing the sensitive lining inside Jim's vagina with his tongue all while Jim arched his back, groaning in sheer pleasure. Jim yelled "I'm going to cum again!" Doug quickly took Jim's cock into his mouth just in time for the first blast of Jim's ejaculation. Doug swallowed furiously as Jim filled his mouth and throat with long strings of hot cum, causing Doug to breath heavy close to orgasm. Ed pulled Doug off his knees and went down on his cock. The hot mouth around his cock was all Doug needed for his balls to flush themselves explosively down Ed's throat. The three of them stood up leaning against one another all smiling and panting heavily as they recovered from those multiple orgasms. Ed finally broke the reverie with "I'm starving now. Let's go out for a pizza."


A few days later, Ed was contacted by the one wrestler who had chosen only the enlargement; his name was Tom and he said he wanted to talk. Ed told him he had free time now and to come right over. He arrived a short time later and Ed asked what he wanted to talk about.

Tom told Ed that he had thought the change would help improve his sex life, but found that his ability to pick up a sex partner was about the same as before his enlargement. That wasn't what he wanted to talk about, though. He spoke of the close friendship with his teammates who had been modified. These four guys were very good friends and fuck buddies, sharing all kinds of intimate matters with one another. They had told him about the additional erotic sensitivity in their crotch and how much more quickly they got turned on by anyone touching the area below their cock. A couple of them had even asked him to fuck their new pussy. He had great sex with them and began to get envious of their second sex hole and all the new ways they could now enjoy sexual encounters. The strong erotic pleasure they got from having his cock in their vagina as well as how great he felt doing it was wonderful surprise. After a few of these sexual encounters his envy had grown to a point where he began to think seriously about his decision to only get the enlargement, eventually reaching a conclusion to go ahead and finish things by getting his own vagina. He asked Ed if it would be OK to finish the modification. Ed reminded him that he had already told him he could get it done if and when he wanted. Ed then asked if he was really sure he wanted the change and reminded him he would permanently lose his newly enlarged, swinging ball sack. Tom told Ed he was sure he wanted the change and that losing his ball sack had been a major consideration when he decided to do it. Ed said he needed a day or two to get the GynoFlex and that he would get back to him. The next day Ed called him to set up a time. Tom said he didn't want to be alone for the change and asked if he could bring a couple of friends for support. Ed told him that would be no problem and asked that he come over the following evening. Next evening Tom arrived with Doug and another guy he introduced as Dan, a friend from the track team. Ed and Jim were pleased to see Tom had chosen Doug to be a support friend since Doug was so familiar with the modification.

Jim said they would modify him right there in the dorm room. He said this change is not as stressful as his enlargement had been and that any discomfort could be easily handled without restraints. He asked Tom to strip and stand with his legs spread. Jim then applied the depilatory cream all over and around his scrotum, reminding Tom of the burning sensation. Over the next ten minutes, Tom made a number of sharp, hissing intakes of breath, sighing deeply when a cool wet towel soothed the skin as it cleaned away all the dead hair. Ed sprayed GynoFlex into Tom's sinuses and he stood spread eagle while his vagina was created. His friend Dan watched wide eyed all during the process. At the end, Ed and Jim each took one of Tom's arms and held him tightly as his testicles were pulled into his body. Two loud grunts followed by a bunch of panting breaths while the tingling did its work and Tom had his vagina. Ed got out the hair growth cream and applied it to the bare skin in Tom's crotch; Tom moaning softly as it was applied. He told Tom he would have a muff of pubic hair just like his in about a month. Ed said he had to test the new vagina, lightly rubbing the pubic mounds, inserting a couple of fingers and gently stroking the skin inside. Tom made pleasurable noises all while Ed tested things. Satisfied, Ed told Tom he had a new fuck hole.

Tom then turned to Doug and said "I've really enjoyed taking your big, fat cock up my ass. Now I want you to pop my cherry and fuck my new pussy right here and now." Doug looked surprised, but said "Sure." Doug quickly stripped and Jim handed him the lube. Dan dropped his pants and stood stroking his cock as Doug slipped his fat cock into Tom's new pussy. Tom's pleasure was intense as Doug slowly thrust his fat cock in and out of Tom's crotch. Ed took one look at Dan stoking his cock, stripped and stepped up to him, took hold of Dan's cock and pressed it into his vagina. Both of them started groaning. Jim had a huge erection by now, and stripped. Dan grabbed Jim's cock as it popped out of his underwear and directed it toward his butthole. A bit of lube later and Dan had ten inches of hard cock fucking his ass, his own cock fucking a hot vagina and Ed's gigantic cock pressed between their bodies up between his pecs. He was in hog heaven. Dan lowered his head and took Ed's cockhead into his mouth, working it furiously with his tongue. Not long after, Ed lost it and shot one of his giant loads into Dan's mouth, triggering Dan's own orgasm inside of Ed. At the same time, Dan's ass tightly gripped Jim's cock and Jim also lost it. Their loud orgasms set off Doug and Tom, their blaring orgasms escalating the noise level in the room. All five of them were drained. They stood there grinning at one another and breathing heavily. Finally, Jim got some towels so they could clean themselves up.

Chuck's Legacy

Ed, Jim and the other modified members of the football squad continued the practice of providing an on request functional vagina to their teammates. They playfully referred to these vaginas as a "Jock Box" and responded equally to requests made by athletes from other varsity teams. In addition to the football squad, a number of wrestlers and track team members received new vaginas. Only one or two members of the swim team got one. It seems their swim suit bulges depend too much on a nicely shaped ball sack for its contour. Therefore, most of the swim team members chose the enlargement only. The swim team was well known for swimmers and divers with impressive speedo bulges.

Throughout their college years they provided their services, making sure younger varsity athletes had been properly trained to perform the modification procedure. As they graduated and moved on, they left behind trained individuals who could carry on the tradition Chuck had accidentally created years before.

No one really knows how many men out in the general population have functional dicks, balls, buttholes and vaginas. If you run into one, though, you can expect a unique sexual encounter.


Tom L.

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