This story takes place about seventy years from now.

An everyday looking man answered the door. I introduced myself and asked if he was the Modifier I had come to interview. He said he had been expecting me and invited me inside. It was a modest home, nicely furnished, clean and comfortable looking. He directed me into his living room for the interview.

I began by asking him how he got into his line of work. He told me that in the past his job would have been described as that of a surgical castrator. However, all that changed when the justice system converted life without parole prison sentences to federally sanctioned slavery. By doing this, the government had saved a substantial amount of money by removing the cost of housing, feeding and supporting these prisoners from the federal budget. That expense item was replaced in the federal budget by an income item of monies derived by selling sentenced prisoners to federally licensed slave owners.

Initially, slave owners had major difficulties with unruly former prisoners who had become slaves. More and more of the owners turned to castration to calm the slaves and set an example for other slaves who might get problematic. This created an increasing need for the type of service he and his colleagues provided. The government intervened insisting that even though these men were slaves, any genital modification must be done in a humane manner. Surgical castration was then replaced by chemical castration, satisfying the government requirement for a painless and more humane treatment of the slaves.

Over time, the owners began to ask the castrators to do more than simple castration such as surgical removal of one or both genitals. They continued to insist that serious punishment should leave the slave with a lifelong modification that will humble him among other male slaves. The government asked the owners to explain exactly what they had in mind. Slave owners wanted a more degrading kind of punishment; removal of the penis, removal of the scrotum or complete removal of the full genital package.

The government listened carefully and responded by funding scientific research to find humane ways to satisfy the slave owners' request. Scientists eventually developed a topical cream that fully satisfied the needs of the slave owners as well as the federal requirement for humane treatment; it was called ManMod and was put into use immediately. Once ManMod replaced chemical castration, the Castrator job title was changed to Modifier.

I asked what made ManMod different from other kinds of castration. He explained that unlike surgical castration, where the testicles and/ or scrotum are removed, chemical castration does not actually castrate the slave, nor does it sterilize the slave. Also, chemical castration is generally considered reversible when treatment is discontinued. To be fully effective, chemicals must be administered for the remainder of the slave's life. This can cause permanent changes in body chemistry, causing conditions such as a loss of bone density. ManMod, on the other hand, removes the scrotum without surgery, leaving the wall of the abdomen smooth and free of injury. ManMod can also be used to remove a penis. ManMod improves castration by eliminating the need to remove testicles and scrotum in a bloody surgical procedure. It leaves no marks or scars and requires no recovery time. The former painful and bloody process required a lengthy recovery period and was disfiguring. Even the term castration was dropped in favor of the term nullify.

Next I asked him how ManMod works. He answered; ManMod is generously applied to the surface of the organ or organs being removed. It quickly soaks completely into the flesh, saturating the organ all the way to its center; it begins working immediately. Soon after ManMod is applied, the removal process causes the organ to swell until it is large and hefty. A penis swells until it is about one third larger than it was with a full erection. A 6" by 1½" penis will swell to about 8" by 2" and an 8" penis swells to a very fat 10¾" by 3½". A scrotum swells differently. As the ManMod cream soaks into the ball sack the scrotal skin expands as it swells. ManMod continues to soak all the way through the ball sack and into the testicles until the testicles are saturated and it the cream is completely absorbed. The testicles swell as the cream is absorbed, expanding the scrotal sack to a final size of 4" to 5" wide and hanging of 6" to 7" below the body. When the swelling finally stops, each testicle will have swollen to about the size of a small goose egg. The organ maintains its swollen size all while being removed. For a complete genital removal, the same swelling occurs for both organs.

ManMod is liberally applied all over and around the penis and/or scrotum right up to where they attach to the abdomen. First, the slave experiences a strong tingling in the organ(s), causing a spontaneous orgasm without an erection, in most cases the last orgasm he will ever experience. As ManMod soaks deeper into the flesh of the organ, the tingling of the conversion process increases to become extremely uncomfortable, bordering on painful. All flesh of the organ is slowly being converted to a realistic soft silicone rubber that looks and feels just like real skin. The slave needs to be restrained and gagged throughout the process. Struggling can injure the slave and his outcries tend to be annoyingly loud. He gradually experiences less and less tingling as every fiber of the organ's flesh is converted to lifelike silicone rubber. Once a scrotum is completely converted to silicone rubber, it bloodlessly detaches itself and falls off the body leaving a bare patch of smooth skin on the abdominal wall below the penis. When a penis detaches, the urethra opening is the only evidence of its former location. For a total genital removal, penis and scrotum detach as a single rubberized piece, leaving behind smooth skin over the lower abdomen; the urethral opening visible near the top of the bare patch of skin. Slave owners are given the option of having a hair growth cream applied to replace bare skin with pubic hair. Most owners prefer their nullified slaves with a hairy muff of pubic hair as opposed to a bare crotch.

I asked what is done with the detached genitals or organ. He reminded me that these organs used to be discarded, but since they are no longer flesh that can decay; they are now put to different uses. He went on to say that once a rubberized genital has detached itself from the body, its swollen size, shape and skin coloring is retained as well as how it felt to the touch when it was flesh. In other words, it looks and feels the same way the slave's genital(s) felt before being removed.

A detached penis is routinely used to further remind the slave of his punishment. The Modifier drills a hole through the base of the rubberized penis and hangs it from a leather thong around the slave's neck. In the case of a well hung slave, his rubberized penis has additionally been known to be used as a dildo or as a mold for making other dildos.

In the days of surgical castration, the bloody scrotum was always disposed of. Nowadays, the oversized scrotum can be used in various creative ways. Many slave owners ask that it be hung on a leather thong from the slave's neck. Other owners request that a hole be drilled at the top of the sack so it can be hung on the owner's utility belt. Owners wearing it on a utility belt will give other slaves a constant reminder of what can happen if they misbehave. Some owners mount the scrotum on a wall plaque and hang it on a wall in their home. Others have the rubber scrotum hollowed out and cut down to use is as a small dish for nuts, candy or snacks, even using it as an ash tray. One owner actually had four slaves nullified at the same time. He then had their rubberized scrotums hollowed out and made into a set of drink cozies for his bar glasses at home. Several owners have requested display stands that have a hook on a wire so the slave's ball sack can be hung on the hook and exhibited on a cocktail table or mantle.

For a full genital removal, the Modifier always mounts the rubber genitals on a wall plaque with the date and the slave's name engraved on a brass plate. The plaque is presented to the owner for display in his home.

I asked him what life is like for slaves after nullification. The Modifier told me to remember that all organ removal procedures do not completely nullify the slave. Any removal where the testicles remain intact leaves the slave with full masculine characteristics; body hair still grows, hormone and testosterone levels are retained, sperm production is not diminished and he can still experience orgasms. However his life is acutely changed by any of the removal procedures. He went on to describe life changes for each procedure.

When the penis is removed, the slave has to live with no more masturbation, no more receiving oral sex, no more penetrative intercourse and more than likely no more ejaculating at all. Orgasm can still be achieved by playing with his scrotum, prostate massage or some other sexual activity such as getting fucked by a finger, dildo or by another man. His orgasm includes an ejaculation, but without the spurts of semen he used to experience. Instead, his sperm simply oozes out of and drips from his urethral opening, running over his lower abdomen and balls. If the slave had been a breeding stud slave, a slave owner can still harvest his semen for artificial insemination. The slave experiences the lifelong punishment of being masculine, being able to get aroused and not being able to get sexual satisfaction from his sex partner. He also is humiliated by the knowledge he has to sit to pee. His rubberized penis hanging from his neck serves as a constant reminder to him and other slaves of what he lost.

When only the scrotum is removed, the slave is truly neutered. He loses his source of hormones and sperm production. His penis remains, but he loses the ability to get erections for the rest of his life. His penis is left dangling over bare skin instead of a scrotum. Basically he has a penis he can do nothing with, except pee through it. Loss of hormones and testosterone can cause the slave to lose his alpha male status and make him much more subservient. If his owner chooses to have the removed balls hung from a thong around his neck, he and other slaves will be continually reminded of his loss.

A complete genital removal also truly neuters, or emasculates, the slave. He is left with nothing on his lower abdomen and completely loses his sex drive. He becomes a eunuch, deprived of his testicles and external genitals. Again, the owner is given the option of having hair growth cream applied for the appearance of pubic hair.

I said to the Modifier "So that's it, then?" And then he told me something completely surprising.

Continuing scientific research and development has recently created a completely new product called GynoFlex. GynoFlex is a nasal spray that, in combination with penis removal via ManMod, gives a male a complete sex change. It doesn't completely neuter the slave but changes him by using his scrotum and testicles to create a vagina. He is fully "feminized" and given a vagina that is sexually stimulated by the feeling of anything inserted into it. It does not produce a womb or ovaries; the slave will not have menstrual periods or become pregnant, but the new organ is fully functional for penetration, and is extremely sensitive, almost hyper-orgasmic. This lifelong body modification retains the slave's sex drive and turns the slave into an excellent sex toy with two holes for sex. It is a diabolical lifetime punishment in that the slave remains fully masculine, but a man with a female vagina where his scrotum used to be.

The Modifier told me he was the person the Feds asked to perform the final successful beta test of the nasal spray before it was released for use. The sex change begins with removal of the penis using ManMod. Once the penis drops off the body, it is drilled and hung from the neck just as in a normal penis removal. GynoFlex is then administered by spraying it deep into the slave's sinuses. The scientists told him that the drug needed to be distributed via the blood circulation system and that introducing it into the sinus was the fastest way to dose the subject. Scientists wouldn't tell him how GynoFlex works, but the results were spectacular to watch.

Shortly after dosing the subject, his scrotum began swelling just like with ManMod. The testicles don't swell, but the scrotal skin enlarges and stretches until it is hanging about 8" or 9" below the body. The scientists told me that as the scrotum enlarges, the area where the scrotum extends from the abdomen gets bigger around at the same time. As the area where the scrotum attaches expands, a slit like opening about four inches long forms painlessly on the abdominal wall inside the scrotal sack. This opening becomes the new vaginal opening. Once the scrotum is fully expanded, something strange starts to happen. At the base of the scrotum, the center line of the scrotal skin begins to pull back toward the abdomen, moving up and between the testicles. It doesn't stop at the abdominal wall. It continues through the newly formed vaginal opening, pulling the scrotal sack inside the abdomen. As the last of the sack pulls inside the opening, it drags the testicles one at a time through the opening, holding them firmly in place just inside and on either side of the newly formed vagina. The internal testicles now form pubic mounds (or "Mons Venus") on either side of the new vagina, mimicking a woman's labia. All while the vagina is being created the drug works within the skin of the scrotal sack killing all hair follicles and sensitizing the nerve endings, making the skin more and more sensitive and sexually arousing. After the vagina is created, an application of hair growth cream is applied to any bare skin around it to fill in pubic hair and complete the "feminization" of the subject.

The subject lives the rest of his life as a masculine man with masculine hormones, muscle structure, body hair and sexual interests but with a vagina where his genitals used to be. It is quite a sight to see a large bodybuilder with a booming voice, hairy chest, sculpted pectorals and arms, chiseled six pack abs and a vagina in his crotch. He can become sexually excited by a hand rubbing his labia bulges and any finger, hand or other object inserted into his vagina. He will have orgasms that will cause semen to ooze from his urethra. The expanded scrotal skin forming his vagina can stretch inside his body, permitting penetration of ten inches or more. Sex partners having multiple orgasms can deposit a lot of semen in the vagina before any of it leaks out. He will have to learn how to regularly douche his new vagina in order to flush out semen and generally keep his vagina clean and healthy.

I asked if there were a lot of slaves who got this "feminization" procedure. He said that the courts used it to punish repeat or habitual sex predators and rapists. However, word got out that the procedure was performed in prisons and an entire cottage industry developed for men in the general population who wanted to be nullified or were seeking a functional sex change. This has been a busy and profitable side business for the Modifiers, providing them a steady income. Since the government only requires their services occasionally, the Modifiers had been forced to find other jobs for financial support. Now they are able to give up those jobs, instead working to address the needs of the steady stream of clients seeking them out. He had expected his clients would mostly be transsexuals, but had been surprised by the number of athletes and other everyday men who wanted the procedure. A number of professional bodybuilders requested the "feminization" procedure. It seems they posed for contests in extremely skimpy outfits which weren't able to fully contain their genitals. A vagina eliminated this difficulty. Well known bodybuilders who have undergone the treatment can be easily identified by the prominent camel toe impression in the crotch of their posing briefs. This camel toe impression is created by the bulging labia their testicles form on each side of their vagina.

I asked "So you are kept pretty busy then?" He assured me he was very busy and asked if I would like to see his trophy room. "You have a trophy room?" I asked. He led me to a large room in the back of his house. On the way he told me that not every client wanted to keep their rubberized organs, so he had begun collecting them. As I entered the room, my jaw dropped. Never had I seen anything like it; a room filled with lifelike oversized genitals. Three of the walls displayed wall mounted full sets of genitals and individual scrotums. Scrotums were also displayed free standing and hanging from table stands. Rubberized penises were hanging in bunches from leather thongs. One wall of the room was covered with before and after photos of his clients. The other walls were filled with alternating full genitals and solo scrotums mounted on plaques with brass ID plates. I was reminded me of a hunter's trophy room collection of mounted animal heads. Individual scrotums were standing on shelves and on tables, each had a hole drilled at the top, threaded with a tag identifying the client's name and removal date. Every skin color of the human spectrum was represented in that room. The size of the organs varied also, from average to really large. He asked me if I wanted to hold some of them in my hand. Scrotums were the most numerous, so I picked one of them up and was greatly surprised that it felt exactly like I had just groped someone and cupped their balls in my hand. The penises all felt like a live penis and the wall mounted genitals all felt like they were still live and attached. Feeling them gave me a roaring hard on. I must have looked embarrassed because he said that most people got erections when they first come into his trophy room.

He then told me he had two client appointments this afternoon and asked me if I would like to witness a couple of genital modifications. I readily agreed.

The first client was a repeat rapist who had been sentenced to a full nullification. He was an attractive Latino man about 24 years old with a nicely tight and muscular body. He was vigorously struggling in the grip of two uniformed officers. The Modifier escorted them to his treatment room in the back of the house near his trophy room. It was a small room about eight feet square with one wall curtained and the opposite wall taken up by an X-shaped cross with wrist and ankle cuffs near the extremities, there was a waist strap at the cross point of the X. Court papers authorizing the procedure were presented to the Modifier. He told the officers that the court order didn't specify one detail and asked the officers what should be done with the removed genitals. They said, just dispose of them. The Latino boy was stripped naked, a ball gag was strapped around his head and he was restrained spread eagle on the cross. His genitals were hanging fully exposed and readily accessible for the treatment. The Latino boy had beautiful genitals, his limp uncut cock hanging about seven inches long in front of a generously sized ball sack. His fat brown skinned cock was heavily veined and had foreskin covering about two thirds of its head. His balls were hanging about five inches behind that large cock. He also had a very hairy crotch. Quite frankly, I thought he was good looking enough to have few problems attracting a partner. Why he had to resort to rape, I just couldn't understand.

The Modifier first took a close-up photo of the boy's unmodified genital area. He then picked up an electric shaver and shaved all pubic hair from the boy's crotch, penis and balls. The boy whimpered as his pubic hair fell to the floor. The Modifier then took a container of ManMod from a nearby cabinet. A thick coating of ManMod was slathered all over the boy's cock and scrotum all the way to where they attach to the body. At first, not much happened. Then ManMod began to quickly absorb into the Latino boy's genitals. As the ManMod was absorbed, the genitals began to swell; the cock fattening and growing to almost ten very thick inches, the scrotum grew until the testicles had grown to the size of goose eggs; the ball sack hanging down a good seven inches behind his cock. The boy began to feel the intense tingling and started struggling, all the while making muffled cries behind the gag. Right then his enlarged limp cock erupted all over the floor with his very last load of cum. All of the ManMod had been absorbed by this time and the tingling made the boy struggle and cry even more so with tears now running down his cheeks. The Modifier then turned to an engraving machine and started making the ID plate for mounting the boy's rubberized genitals. As he worked, I watched as the boy's genitals slowly began to rubberize and separate from his body. As the genitals turned into silicone rubber, the tingling reduced and the boy's struggling and cries decreased. His tears kept flowing, though.

About an hour later, the boy's genitals fell off his body. The young Latino began to sob as he watched his manhood drop to the floor. The Modifier picked the genitals up from the floor and began mounting them on a display plaque, affixing the ID plate he had made at the top, centered above the cock. He then returned to the boy and took another close-up photo of the boy's now smooth, bare skin crotch. Grabbing a container of hair growth cream from the cabinet, he applied the cream to the naked patch of skin where the boy's genitals had been; it absorbed quickly. He told the boy he would be growing a dense, bushy muff of pubic hair where his cock and balls had been. The boy continued crying. The Modifier then unshackled the boy and removed his gag. The officers had him put his clothes back on. While he was dressing, the Modifier finished filling out paperwork for the court and asked me to sign as a witness. The officers took the paperwork and led the sobbing young Latino away.

The Modifier turned to me and asked if I wanted to touch and feel the boy's mounted genitals. He told me I would better understand what the nullification left behind. Since the court didn't want them, they were his to do with whatever he wanted. I gladly reached out to them, fondling and groping the Latino's large beautifully mounted cock and balls. I stroked the cock amazed at the lifelike feeling. I could run a finger under the foreskin, wrap my hand around the free hanging balls and cup them in the palm of my hand. The genitals had been mounted on the plaque as though they were still joined to the boy's body, only now they were hanging freely from a mounting plaque. They felt so real that I couldn't keep myself from getting another roaring hard on. The Modifier noticed the outline of my cock head pressing firmly against the front of my pants and chuckled.

His next client arrived about two hours later. He was a big, black professional bodybuilder about six feet six inches tall and one giant of a man. He had huge shoulders and chest, biceps that must have measured about twenty inches around, a very narrow waist and hips and extremely well muscled thighs. He also was showing an impressive bulge in his pants. The Modifier sat him down in the living room and interviewed him. He asked the client why he wanted to be feminized. In a beautifully deep voice the man explained that his genitals were so big they couldn't be contained in posing briefs, forcing him to wear briefs with a fuller cut that he felt hurt his competitive edge. Even with the more roomy briefs, his bulge was so big it distracted judges from their judging responsibilities. Additionally, other bodybuilders had accused him of using his bulge to influence judging decisions. He had thought about making the modification long and thoroughly, finally deciding to have it done so he could compete on a more equal basis with other competitors. The Modifier reminded him it was a lifelong permanent change and that there was no way to undo it. He said he understood and still wanted it done. The Modifier then asked him to strip so he could see what he had to work with. The man stood up and stripped. His body was even more magnificent than it appeared to be when clothed. His limp cock hung about eight inches in front of a huge ball sack holding hen's egg sized balls. The Modifier looked at his genitals, lifted his cock and carefully examined his scrotum. He told the client that his scrotum was big enough to make a deep vagina that would easily be able to have room for more than ten inches of penetration. He added that his testicles would form large bulging labia on either side of his vagina, giving him a prominent camel toe bulge in the front of any posing briefs he wore. The man said it was better than having his genitals squeezing out the sides of his posing briefs when he was on stage posing.

The Modifier then asked if he wanted to keep his rubberized cock as a dildo or souvenir. The big man said he would like to keep it. The Modifier introduced me as a witness to the procedure and all of us then went to the treatment room. The big man looked around the treatment room and asked about the X-shaped cross. The Modifier explained that because the procedure was very uncomfortable, the cross was used to restrain people while they were being modified to prevent involuntary jerking or other sudden movements that could injure them; he would have to be restrained throughout the procedure. The big man asked if he could watch the procedure and the Modifier drew back the curtain on the opposite wall to reveal a floor to ceiling mirror facing the X-shaped cross. He told the client he will be able to watch the entire procedure. He then explained how the procedure would work; first his penis would be removed, secondly a nasal spray would be administered to convert his scrotum into a vagina. The man asked for verification that there would be no pain. He was assured there would be no pain, but the procedure would be very uncomfortable. He was OK with that.

He asked the man to choose between a gag and something to bite down on so the discomfort wouldn't cause him to bite his lips, tongue or inner cheek during the procedure. The big man chose the gag. The Modifier strapped a ball gag around his head and fastened him to the cross by the wrists, ankles and waist. Then the Modifier picked up his camera and took a close-up photo of the unmodified crotch. Next, he reached for the ManMod. Before covering it entirely with ManMod, he stroked the big black cock to a fully erect eleven inches. As ManMod soaked in, the tingling began and the cock suddenly erupted with a huge load of cum shooting in long ropes far out into the room. The ongoing tingling sensation kept the cock erect all while it enlarged, becoming a gigantic erection fifteen inches long and almost four inches wide. The man began to whimper loudly behind the gag. About thirty minutes later the cock became fully rubberized and dropped off the body. The Modifier picked up the penis and told the guy he now had a great rubberized dildo to use with his new vagina. The man would be able to get fucked by his own cock any time he wished.

Next, the Modifier sprayed GynoFlex into both of his sinuses. A short while later the bodybuilder's scrotum began descending as it stretched to the point it was hanging about ten inches below his body. The man watched his reflection in amazement. He could feel the new vaginal opening painlessly form on his body inside his scrotum as the ball sack expanded beyond his belief. And then it began to happen; the center line at the bottom of the scrotum started to draw up toward his body moving steadily up between his testicles and continuing to move up and through the new vaginal opening pulling the scrotal skin inside until the skin was stretched tightly around his testicles. Then one at a time, each testicle popped through the vaginal opening and became lodged on either side of the opening, just inside the vagina. The big black man winced as each testicle was drawn through the vaginal opening, but began to relax as he felt the sensitive nature of his new vaginal lining and made a pleasurable moan behind his gag. While all this was happening, the Modifier had created an engraved brass plate with the client's name and date.

Once the procedure was finished, the Modifier approached him and removed the gag, explaining that he needed to test the new vagina before removing the restraints. He told the man he would use his rubberized penis to verify that the procedure had left him able to get sexual satisfaction from his new vagina. The rubberized penis was lubed up and the Modifier began sliding it deeply into and out of the new vaginal opening. As the huge dildo began sliding against his testicles and the hyper-orgasmic scrotal skin inside, the big man started making loud moans of pure pleasure asking the Modifier not to stop. Suddenly the big muscle man experienced an intense orgasm and watched his reflection as he arched his back and a large amount of cum flowed from his urethra and dripped onto the rubberized penis still in his vagina. The Modifier reminded him that his own penis had given him his very first fuck. He told the man he had inserted the dildo as far as the new vagina would allow and that the vagina had taken all but three inches of the dildo. That meant he could fully take any penis up to twelve inches in length. The man smiled and said he knew a couple of guys with ten to twelve inches he would like to have sex with. The Modifier then douched the vagina, cleaned off any remaining cum, applied a coating of hair growth cream to the bare skin in his crotch and released him from the cross. The big bodybuilder stood up, walked over to the mirror, stood in front of it admiring his hairless new vaginal slit with bulging pubic mounds on either side. He softly stroked the mounds, smiling as he felt the sexual arousal caused by the touch. The Modifier asked him to turn around and stand still while he took a close-up photo of his modified crotch. He also told him pubic hair would be covering the bare skin around his vagina in about four weeks. The Modifier then picked up a long, narrow dark wood box. On the lid was the brass plate he had engraved. The box was lined with red velvet and the Modifier placed the rubberized penis inside. The big, black man said he was extremely pleased with his modification and readily accepted the boxed penis/dildo. Before he left he was given a printed pamphlet describing what life would be like with his new vagina as well as care and cleaning instructions for the vagina. The big man then dressed, paid his bill and left.

I asked the Modifier if there was anything else he felt I should know and he said that was all he could think of. I asked him to get in touch with me if he thought of anything else I should include in my article and told him I would send him a copy of my story before it was published. He said he would look forward to it. That concluded the interview.

I stood up, shook his hand and thanked him for his time. As I prepared to leave, the Modifier picked up a large gift box and gave it to me. Inside were the Latino boy's mounted genitals. He told me I needed a souvenir of the experience and since the court didn't want the genitals, he was giving them to me as a gift. The oversized brown skinned genitals were so nice to look at and felt so real that it was an effort to keep my hands off of them. I happily accepted the young boy's large uncut cock and goose egg sized low hanging balls. I bade him farewell and left with my prized gift box.

Those mounted genitals now hang on my bedroom wall where I can fondle them whenever I want.


Tom L.

[email protected]


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