'Why didn't you tell me,' said Seth?

'I wanted it to be a surprise,' replied Brian.

'It's all of that,' replied his partner, 'I've never been abroad without parents before.'

'Me neither, so it should be fun. We are there for two weeks and stay in Playa des Ingles on the island. I've heard it's actually quite gay so you never know, we might even have a little fun while we're there,' said Brian.

Having just turned 20, the lads lived in a run down council estate with little money left over at the end of each week to pay for any luxuries but Brian had inherited £2,000 from his aunt who had died recently and much as common sense suggested they should use it to buy some items for their flat, he changed his mind and booked a package holiday to a self catering bungalow in the popular island of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.

Both boys had been having some fun as the only known gays in a pretty run down area full of drug dealers, young married couples on Social benefit and gangs, they had been surprised that rather than being a target for homophobic attacks, many of the oversexed local thugs, found them a convenient place for sexual relief. They were discreet and never spoke about their conquests so each 'visitor' thought he was the only one. The prospect, however, of getting away from the grey buildings, work and the damp Spring weather, excited both boys beyond belief. Little did they know that their open sexual relationship was going to be opened a whole lot more. Playa del Ingles was a den of homosexual debauchery that was even going to push their comfortable sexual relationship.

The weather was wonderful when they arrived. It was a steady 80-90F over their first day, dropping only slightly at night. Their first night was spent wandering about trying to find the gay life. They had read somewhere about a gay shopping centre but couldn't see how that could be very exciting and despite walking around all afternoon, couldn't seem to find it.

On day two, they headed for a nudist beach they had heard about at Maspalomas, just a mile or so from the town along a sandy front. The beach was awash with middle-aged heterosexual and mainly overweight Germans. Big swaying cocks, large pendulous breasts and many fat bums, waddling around. There were literally thousands of nudes. Not wishing to lie amongst them, the boys headed back slightly into the dunes and their gaydar quickly saw some isolated men further back. They settled into a likely hollow and stripped naked to lie in the sun.

Seth's sizeable cock was excited by the exposure and rose to a semi-erect five inches. Brian equally found it erotic. As they watched, guys walked back and forward, cocks swaying. They lay without doing anything for an hour before Brian saw a tall, slim twenty-five year old guy watching them. There was no one else around so he leaned over and kissed Seth's cock. His cock rose quickly to just over seven inches of rigid meat which stuck straight upwards with a slight bend to the left. The tall Adonis stroked his own cock as he watched and a healthy six inches stuck out. He walked over and stood beside the boys, looking around as his hard cock stuck straight in front of them. Brian slipped his mouth over it and started to suck him while he stroked the guy's balls. He was given no more than a quiet grunt, before a wad of cum fired into his mouth. Brian, as always, swallowed. He loved cum. Looking upwards as he withdrew his mouth, three more guys were heading their way, cocks erect.

Seth kneeled as the guys approached and without a word, they also stood in front of them. All three seemed to be together and were all in their thirties. Two were quite attractive, the third was a little plump and he also had the smallest cock. It was this cock that was stuck in Seth's face. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, he enveloped it while the second guy fed Brian and his mate stroked his pal's cock into Brian's mouth. As Seth slurped, enjoying the view as his partner was being force fed cock, the plump guy withdrew his cock and simply fired a load of cum over Seth's face. He called his pal who came across and stuck his cock in as the cum ran down on to it. He started to ram into Seth and wasted no time in pulling out and doing exactly the same. Brian meantime could be heard giving satisfying grunts as a fresh supply of cum was heading down his throat. When all three wandered off, Brian came across, kissed Seth and started to lick the cum off his face.

The boys laughed at their experience, their cocks still standing stiff. As they lay back, they heard some twittering. Two young English, camp boys came mincing past. Their soft cocks were quite small but in keeping with their small bodies. They stood a short distance away and watched, giggling. Both Brian and Seth were well-built guys and did not look gay, with tattoos on their arms, short haircuts and muscular bodies, they looked more like a couple of off-duty soldiers. The one give away was one seven and a half and one six and a half inch erect cock standing upright.

'I'm not really into camp twinks,' said Seth, 'but in desperately need my rocks off.'

He lay back and stroked his hard cock and eventually the two lads walked over and stood beside them. They could almost have been twins. Both were short and very slim. Both had quite unfashionably long blonde dyed hair (and dark pubic hair) and both had five inch cocks, one cut and one uncut. Seth and Brian lay on their beach towels and without a word, both boys knelt between their legs and each wrapped their mouths around a cock. As they bobbed their heads up and down, Seth gripped his guy with both hands and forced him to take the full length. Seth's load fired straight into the young lad's mouth, just as he heard Brian cum too. The well behaved young lad's didn't spit out, they just stood up, thanked them and walked away.

Both boys laughed their heads off. 'It's seems that many share my love of a cum diet,' said Brian.

Later, a much older German guy engaged them in conversation and from it, they gleaned where to go that evening. It seemed that the gay population went to the Yumbo Center which was an open air shopping complex on three floors starting at street level and, like looking into the crater of a volcano, dropped three levels down to an open plaza centre. The boys headed there around 7.00pm and were surprised that, though they could see obvious signs of gay bars, the area was full of straight people and even families having a meal at the many restaurants and cafes. The gay bars seemed still closed so they headed off for a meal as well.

After eating they sat at one of the many cafes and had a coffee. Before their eyes, like a duck changing into a swan, the area slowly became camper, gayer and louder. The transformation took almost two hours until most families left. Many straight couples, however, stayed, enjoying the fun of the parade of leather and drag queens or just the outrageously camp gay guys walking around the central plaza. There were stalls doing everything from tattoos to portraits. There were bucking bronco rides and even a bungee jump set up in the middle. Eventually at around 11.00 pm they headed to watch one of the many drag shows and noted the many gay people around them. Both boys were used to being in gay bars but the sheer number of out and out gay affection going on around left them astounded.

They entered a bar and ordered a couple of beers. While sitting there they noticed many guys drifting in and out of the rear area and both boys followed suit. They found themselves in a darker area of the bar with little corridors heading off. There were small cubicles and people went in and stood with the door ajar, their intentions obvious. Further back was a bath tub with a shaven headed, slightly plump German guy lying naked wanking while anyone who wanted could piss on him. He thanked each donor gratefully. Further still was a black vinyl covered bed a bit like a doctor's examination couch, where another older guy lay naked while people took turn to wank or suck him. The lads were amazed at what they were seeing. There was none of this in Croydon! A further venture through the alleyways had both boys fondled and groped as they made their way through the crowds. In a pitch dark, heaving area to the rear hands tried to strip them as they squeezed their way through the masses. Their sex session in the afternoon had taken the edge off their randiness which allowed them to reconnoitre without feeling the need to join in to the heaving orgy.

When they eventually returned to the bar area, one shaven headed German guy wearing leather chaps with an open arse, and a leather vest was kneeling in front of another shaven headed guy with a hairy chest (the type affectionately known as a bear) sucking his cock in full view off all around. The bear grunted and fired his cum in the thinner guy's mouth. He stood up, wiped his lips, and took a swig of beer before wandering off.

The boys were by far the most attractive and certainly the youngest there. Not that there were not unattractive guys, there were many! New, fresh young cock always gets guys in heat and many eyes were on them, while many hands touched or fondled them as people passed on their way to and from the backroom. By about 12.30am, they had seen enough and left, taking a taxi back to their little holiday villa.

They lay naked on their bed talking incredulously about what they had seen. Though they had had three and foursomes, what amounted to public sex, and, they also knew that once they started, probably an orgy, with them in the centre, was something new. The conversation started with an element of disgust, easy to do when their was no one guys there they found stunningly attractive, but it ended with Seth's cock embedded in Brian's arse as he fucked him, talking dirty as he went.

'You know you would love these cocks lined up waiting to fuck you don't you?'

'Bet you would love all these guys to give you a cum bath while you lay on that couch in front of everyone?'

'How would you like to see me fuck guy after guy while you watched?

Seth kept the dirty talk going as Brian gasped his agreement to each dirty suggestion and eventually came at the same time as Seth without even touching his cock.

The layout of the complex was slightly unusual as all the houses were around a small number of pools, each pool linked to the next by a small canal. All the houses looked the same but some were actually larger, having living quarters on the ground floor and bedrooms upstairs, while the smaller studio flats were on ground or upper floor, the upstairs having a balcony and the downstairs having a set of French doors on to a small patio. The rear of the downstairs apartment where Seth and Brian were had a barred back window in the bedroom which, when opened, looked out on to gardens but had a footpath right beside it which led to two of the family villas further up.

As they lay in the afterglow of sex, they heard a movement outside their open window at the rear. The curtains were closed, though not fully. Seth slipped out and pulled back the curtain just in time to see a young lad of about 16-17, walking quickly away towards the villa further back.

'Do you think he heard us,' said Seth?

'Do you think he saw us' said Brian.

'If he did, it will help his education,' said Seth and they both laughed.

It was the following day as they walked around to town looking at souvenirs and the hunky young guys out walking with their girlfriends that their libido started to increase again. There is a limit to how many Calvin Klein underwear bands showing out of the top of shorts a randy guy can look at without going into overload. The subject came up again.

'We can't go home without doing something in that bar,' said Brian.

'I know,' said Seth,' but I don't want to do something without you and I feel an orgy is not like a threesome where we are having sex with someone. This time people are all having sex separately with us. We've no control.'

'I know what you mean and I feel the same but the thought of all that cock makes me randy,' said Brian. 'I get the feeling Seth that if you go in their, you don't pick and choose, you go in to take whatever is thrown at you and if we do it, we need to psyche ourselves up to that eventually. Without blowing our own trumpet, we're going to be in demand when you see the competition and I doubt you can just take someone and have them quietly in a corner.'

'Did you see the sign for an underwear party tonight,' said Seth?

'Yes,' said Brian, and smiled.

'We stay beside each other all the time,' said Seth.

'Yes,' said Brian, the thought of multiple cum over his face and mouth already making his cock hard.

They didn't know what to expect but had showered and cleaned every orifice then donned their sexiest white hipsters from CK, Brian in grey with a blue band and Seth in white with a red band. They were walking downstairs to the bar entrance. The 'party' was early and would last from late afternoon until around 9.00pm (presumably so that the bar could make some early money during a Sunday afternoon, the quietest time of the week and still get the evening regular trade.

At the entrance, they were charged admission and asked to put their clothes in a plastic box which was stored for them. They grabbed a few drinks first and initially there were only about 20 guys there, mainly older and not their type. They were already the centre of attraction but made no effort to go deeper into the back room until a few slightly younger types arrived.

By 6.30pm the group had grown to 40 or so. Within that, the next youngest after Brian and Seth was probably a tall guy who looked about 27 and there were a few horny, slim German leather types clad in leather jocks, some with open crotches, cocks erected with the help of leather cock rings, sticking proudly upright.

'There's quite a few I could have,' said Seth, 'what about you?

'Yeh, me too,' replied Brian. 'We're going in there to be sluts as we agreed,' he continued?

'That's what we said. If you get fucked, I won't say anything. Whatever happens this afternoon will just be a bit of fantasy,' said Seth, trying to reassure himself but really nervous about what they were letting themselves in for once they went through the archway into the rear room.

They strolled as casually as they could into the dimly lit rear room. There were people standing around but apart from two or three much older guys in the really dark area, fumbling and grunting, anyone under 45 was hanging around talking quietly to friends or simply groping the person next to them. There was no real sex going on as such. There was no one in the vinyl couch, no one in the bath and not one single cock on display.

Once they got to the back of the room, Seth said, 'Come here sexy' and pulled Brian towards him for a kiss. This was done partly out of relief that nothing was happening and partly for reassurance.

Brian found the thought of kissing in this semi-dark environment with others watching, quite erotic and responded fully to Seth. Seth in turn, enjoyed it too and the boys started to seriously kiss, oblivious to the others. They were in a partially open room with the flat examination couch just off to their left and when they came up for air, Seth was aware that the room was full of onlookers. A guy in his thirties placed a hand on Brian's arse and said, 'Go for it lad's and we'll watch and help.'

'Ah,' thought Seth, 'they want a little show. Now that would be erotic with both of us putting on a sex show.'

He whispered his thoughts to Brian.

'I'm for it if you are,' was the reply.

Both boys then seriously got going and after much kissing, Seth put his hand into the front of Brian's briefs and pulled down the front to expose his cock. He dropped to his knees and took the erect penis in his mouth. This felt really good in public. The session continued in this fashion with both boys getting more confident by the minute and soon they were both naked and taking their oral sex in turn. Hands would feel them, fingers probing them and sometimes an erect cock would brush against them. Seth made a decision and grabbed Brian pushing him over the edge of the couch. He reached for some of the lube, thoughtfully provided, along with condoms, by the management and started to lube Brian's arse. All around were guys of all ages, frantically wanking openly while they watched the sex show. Brian was as hot as he had ever been with an audience of perhaps twenty guys from mid-twenties to late forties, and all shapes from tall and thin to slightly plump, all watching him naked. Seth entered him hurriedly with no protection and started to fuck him, holding his hips to gain purchase as he did so. His cock was penetrating deeply into Brian's hole. Seth pulled Brian to his feet and Brian's cock sprung straight up in front. An enterprising thin, thirty-something, quickly knelt down and took Brian's cock in his mouth, his face being fucked with Seth's movement as he fucked behind.

This continued for well over ten minutes. Seth withdrew to lean over for some more lube and left Brian, once more, bent over the bed. As he pulled away, a well built Hispanic guy stepped forward and pushed his thick, dark skinned cock (thankfully clad in a condom) straight into Brian's arse. Brian was not aware who was behind him, assuming Brian had returned to continue. This guy was in a hurry and started to really hump Brian. Seth turned to apply more lube to his cock and got the shock of his life to find Brian being shagged. He had an even bigger shock when he looked behind to find around six guys pulling condoms on their cocks and lubing. He opened his mouth to tell them to get off when he realised his cock was as hard as it had ever been.

One young German guy stepped over to Seth and grabbed his hand, guiding it to his arse which was well lubricated. He smiled. Seth nodded lightly, grabbed a condom, stretched it over his big cock and pushed the guy over the bed at right angles to Brian before entering him. There was a groan and the guy fucking Brian came in him, stepping back to let the condom droop on the end of his semi-hard cock, laden with a large quantity of warm semen. Brian realised at this point that it hadn't been Seth and also noticed Seth fucking the pretty young German alongside him. He started to stand but was quickly pushed back down as a tall, well built guy in his forties, stuffed a surprisingly large eight inch cock into him. Brian dropped back down again and let the guy have him. He was beginning to feel like a real slut. The guy pulled back slightly and poured more lube in Brian's arse to ease entry before recommencing his fucking. He stood Brian up and bent his knees as he fucked upwards in a standing position. Another shaven headed guy in leather jock with an open zipped fly, stood in front of Brian, pulling his head downwards and forcing him to take his seven inch, circumcised cock in his mouth. He started to pump into Brian's mouth as the other guy fucked his arse. Both moaned out loud at the same time and they came in both ends. Brian took the full force of the ejaculation into his mouth and eagerly swallowed. This brightened those around, realising that he could now service two at once.

Seth continued to pump his twenty-two year old German but didn't want to cum yet, so withdrew with a slurping sound. Instead of being able to head back to Brian, he saw he was already occupied by another thirty-something, English guy who was fucking him wildly. By now another German had reversed on to Seth's ample cock. Since he didn't want to be left out, Seth lubed and plunged into the guy. This was getting just too hot for him and he realised he wasn't going to hold on much longer. He managed to bend as he fucked and whispered to Brian that he was near, just as he was pushed out of the way by a tall shaven headed forty something with a large circumcised cock. The cock was aimed at Brian's waiting mouth. The English guy started his pre-ejaculatory grunting as he started emptying his balls into Brian. When he withdrew, Brian stood up. At this rate he wasn't going to get anyone to touch his cock unless he did. He was rewarded by the shaven headed guy, who dropped to his knees and took Brian's cock in his mouth. His sucking was perfect.

As Seth started to pump his cum into his current German guy, Brian filled the forty-something guy's mouth with his seed. Brian could cum for England so the poor guy was struggling with the quantity now flooding his mouth. He coughed and spluttered and when he pulled his mouth off, another, slightly younger guy dropped down to finish him off and was rewarded with the last remains.

'Sure beats a week at Center Parcs,' said Brian as they giggled their way across the central grassy area towards a restaurant for dinner. 'Don't know if it would be my cup of tea every night but the experience is so disgustingly perverted, I loved it!'

A quieter day ensued the following morning and the guys decided to spend the day by the pool. The layout was really quite attractive with little canals adjoining the four or five swimming pools. Just before lunch, Seth nudged Brian.

'Isn't that our little peeping Tom over there with his mum and dad and trying to pretend he's not looking in our direction?'

'Sure looks like him. Nice build. I would say he's a bit old to be on holiday with Mummy and Daddy and he sure looks like he needs some entertainment,' said Brian.

The glancing back and forward continued before, during and after their snack lunch by the pool. The lad showed no sexual interest in them but kept looking. At one stage he went up to his parent's apartment and came out on the balcony, looking down at the boys. He hung around their and then came back down again to take up his position beside a sleeping mum and dad.

'I feel horny,' said Seth, 'do you fancy making a very obvious trip back to the apartment for some hanky panky and see if our little voyeur follows?'

Both boys made a very theatrical departure, looking over their shoulders as they made their way up to the patio in front of their apartment and then shut the doors and closed the curtains once they were in. They stripped and went to the bedroom at the rear and again pulled the curtains, leaving a sizeable gap after opening the window wide. They started to make out. Seth was sucking Brian's hard cock when he saw the shape at the window. He made sure he put on a good show before standing up, facing the window and showing his hard cock. The face pulled back, then slowing came back into frame when he realised Seth was actually showing himself to him.

Seth whispered,' Come to the front and I'll let you in.'

He saw an almost imperceptible nod and the face disappeared. Seth dived to the front patio door and opened it slightly as the young lad slipped discreetly in. Looking over his shoulder, Seth could just make out the lad's parents laughing with another couple. No one had seen his entrance. Close up this lad was an Adonis. He was slightly built, dark short hair with a spiky gel making it stick upwards. His slim, almost bony frame was about 5 feet 5 inches tall and his dark eyes were framed with darker long eyelashes which game him a feminine look.

'Hi, fancy joining us for some fun,' said Seth without any preamble?

'I think I would like that,' he said.

'Seth,' his hand was thrust out as he said it.

'Leon,' was the returning handshake.

Brian walked out in his briefs and was added to the introductions.

'I don't have a lot of time,' said Leon. 'It's my eighteenth birthday today and my parents are taking me out for dinner.'

Seth raised an eyebrow which Brian saw. Leon hardly looked sixteen, let alone eighteen but he was obviously telling the truth.

'Have you done anything like this before,' asked Brian?

'No, not at all, but I've thought a lot about it and when I saw you both the other day, I really wanted to do it,' he replied.

Seth took his hand and led him, followed my Brian, to the bedroom. Carefully closing the curtains, he kissed him on the lips. Leon responded instantly with a fervour and passion that caught Seth unawares. He gripped Seth's head and forced it tongue into his mouth. His hand gripped Seth's cock firmly, almost painfully, and he pulled himself away, dropping to his knees, to take Seth's long cock in his mouth. This lad had definitely been planning!

Brian stood behind him and managed to pull Leon's t-shirt off revealing a pale, defined slim body with two little pink round nipples. Leon swung round on his knees and grabbed Brian's cock between his lips, sucking enthusiastically, if somewhat amateurishly. Seth lifted Leon by the arms and Brian pulled down his swimming shorts. The five and a half inch cock sprung up like a coiled spring and slapped his belly before bouncing back to an upward curved, steel hard erection. His patch of pubic hair was a small dark triangle but strangely, and oddly, he had virtually no other hair on his chest, just a small wisp heading to his navel. As all three stepped out of clothes, Brian dropped to his knees and took the head of Leon's cock in his mouth, gently sucking it, fearful that he might go off prematurely. Though visually clean, his cock had the faint taste of urine, but not enough to make it unpleasant. In fact, it was positively erotic.

'I want you to put your cock up my arse,' said Brian. 'Will you?'

He nodded. This was not going to be a long session. Brian and Seth knew that when a cock was as hard as this one, it was never going to contain the liquid that was so desperate to get out. Brian really wanted Leon's cum in his mouth, but he also wanted fucked so he figured it had to be one or the other and plumped for being fucked.

Seth lubricated Brian as he kneeled on the bed. They saw no need for condoms with this virgin so Seth then lubed Leon's cock as he gasped at the cold slippery action of Seth's hands. He positioned himself at Brian's back and slowly pulled the 'coiled spring' downwards to try to gain entry. It wasn't easy as it tried so hard to regain its normal position, pointing towards the sky. Eventually with a change of position from Brian he slid in. The hard muscle was quite painful on entry, especially when it continued to point upwards on its way into him. Eventually Leon sighed and started a fucking motion. Seth did little but stroke the little lad's arse as he pummelled into Brian. He had to stop after every four or five thrusts to stop from cumming. Seth slipped in behind him and started to lick, firstly his buttocks and then slowly round to his little puckered anus. The smell of chlorine came from his skin, obviously from the drying swimming pool water. Soon Seth was tonguing his arse, and Leon kept giving little gasps as he fucked.

'Oh my God,' he groaned as his thrusts became more erratic and the fluid fired into Brian.

'Bloody Hell,' said Brian, 'that feels like a hosepipe erupting up my hole.'

When Leon withdrew, Seth wanted to fuck Brian using Leon's cum.

'Don't shoot for a few minutes,' said Leon, 'I'll cum again, honest.'

'On my face, then,' said Brian.

Leon raised his eyebrows but realised Brian was serious. Brian lay sideways with Seth entering behind in a spooning position. The warm feeling of fucking using someone else's cum, squishing around in his boyfriend's arse was too much. This was indeed a luxury in these safe sex days and Seth was going to enjoy every stroke. Leon was kneeling over Brian's head, his cock still as hard as it had been. He gripped it and started to frantically wank, the tip of his cockhead appearing and disappearing behind his foreskin as he did so.

Seth fired his load of seed to join Leon's inside Brian. Brian was stroking his own cock, holding himself back to time his ejaculation to the moment he received his warm facial bath. Leon was frantically wanking, his face contorted with the effort of achieving his second orgasm in ten minutes and the reward arrived. He tensed and surprised both of them by squirting a forceful jet of thin cum straight on to Brian's face. Six copious jets hit Brian as he closed his eyes to avoid the onslaught of the warm cum bath. His own cock erupted in time and sprayed his chest with even more semen, before he collapsed, the thin liquid running in all directions over his face, neck and body (plus, of course, running out of his arse).

'Not bad for a first timer,' said Brian.

Leon smiled. 'I've been planning for a long time.'

His white teeth dazzled both boys and his whole face lit up when he spoke. He looked as though a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

'Can I do it again before I leave on Friday' he asked?

'You fucking bet you can,' said Brian and plans were made for the following afternoon.

The boys made sure they were back early and waited outside on the patio. Leon was sunbathing with his parents across the swimming pool and constantly looked in their direction. The time had been set for 3.00pm when his dad had had a few drinks and his mum would be soaking up the maximum rays. Seth watched as he spoke to his mum and headed up towards the pathway at the side of their block. As he approached, both boys went into the apartment, and partly closed the curtains leaving the patio door opened. Leon gave a quick glance over his shoulder and slipped into the flat.

'I've been waiting for this all day,' he said as he walked in, wearing just a pair of black speedos. 'I want to try a cock up me,' he continued, as though he had been pondering all day on the subject.

'O.k,' said Seth, 'but before we do it you need to learn something about hygiene if I want to avoid a messy accident.'

Leon looked surprised as though it hadn't crossed his mind that 7.5 inches of flesh stuck up a poop chute might just be a little messy. Seth took him into the bathroom, armed with his trusty portable douche and winked at Brian as he went. Ten minutes later a naked Leon, with his eyes slightly watering, came out.

'Now he's fit for fucking,' said Seth.

Brian took hold of Leon and kissed him on the lips. This was something he definitely had experienced before as his lips parted to allow Brian's tongue to invade his mouth. Brian's cock was already erect. Seth stood naked behind Leon, his cock prodding between Leon's buttocks as he kissed his shoulders and back, allowing his tongue to trace over his shoulders. Leon gave an involuntary shiver. As Brian continued to kiss, fondling Leon's hard cock as he did so, Seth started to apply some silky lubricant to Leon's arse. He allowed his finger to enter, just an inch and then retreat. Leon seemed to enjoy it. As Brian pulled Leon on to the bed, they lay facing each other sideways, still allowing Seth to continue opening Leon's virgin boy hole.

It took fully ten minutes of gently lubrication and manipulation to manage his finger up to the knuckle without a murmur from Leon. Seth then moved to two fingers, gently working them around to open the tight orifice. The warm sensation of virgin territory kept his cock at full mast. Deflowering a virgin was something he enjoyed immensely and, though his cock was bigger than Brian's he was determined to me the first in there!

Three fingers became more of a struggle, so Seth alternated with one, two then part of three as he opened the boy ready for a 7.5 inch cock. More lube was applied as Brian continued his kissing before sliding down to take Leon's cock in his mouth and slurp quietly on the moist, rigid piece of flesh. Seth was almost ready to make his move and decided to leave Leon on his side with his back to him. There seemed little need for protection since the boy had never had sex and they were both clear of infection. He smothered his large cock with lubricant and started to push gently against the tight anus. He eased slightly in, and then withdrew, repeating the procedure a number of times. Eventually, with a gasp from Leon as the head slipped in, opening his sphincter in the process. Seth waited then gently eased further into the wondrous tunnel of pleasure. Leon's cock remained rock hard so he wasn't in pain.

'Is that it fully in,' said Leon?

'Bad news, 'replied Seth, 'there's about four inches to go.'

'Fuck, I'll never manage will I,' he said, a disappointed note to his voice?

'I wouldn't be too sure,' replied his impaler as he gently sliding in and out of Leon's wonderfully tight arse.

Each stroke would push gently further and further. Leon's hand came round to finger Seth's cock and to feel his virginity slowly disappearing with each thrust.

'That's it,' said Seth, 'I'm up to the hilt.

'God it feels weird,' said Leon, 'like shitting backwards!'

Not the best description, but Seth was beyond helping him with his phraseology as the pleasure of fucking the boy washed over him. He pulled Leon up on all fours and stated to fuck in earnest. Looking down as he went he looked in wonder as his cock pulled almost fully out and then slid right up to the hilt. He kissed the boy's shoulders as he went.

'I'm really sorry Leon but I can't last long. Do you want me to cum in you?'

'Yes please.'

The words were hardly out of Leon's mouth before the rush of cum forced its way under pressure towards the constrained tip of Seth's cock and blasted at full volume into his insides.

'Jeesus I can feel that,' said Leon. 'It's bloody wonderful.'

As Seth started his climb-down from an amazing climax, Leon asked Brian to fuck him too.

Brian quickly lubed his cock and took position as Seth withdrew. His slightly smaller cock slid in without any resistance whatsoever and was soon easily up to the hilt. As Leon knelt on all fours, Seth slid under him so that he could see Brian's cock fucking in and out while gripping Leon's cock and sliding it into his mouth. He stoked the rock hard tip with his tongue and then engulfed the full length as he felt the pressure of Brian pumping at Leon's rear.

'Oh God,' said Leon, 'I'm cumming!'

He shrieked loud enough for most of the complex to hear. This was the total opposite of Leon, who almost silently pumped a copious volume to thin cream into Seth's mouth without a single word of warning. Seth swallowed the first load without realising it wasn't saliva and removed the cock as the next four jets sprayed his face and neck. Leon was a healthy cummer by anybody's standards and would have been a must at a bukkake party.

'I'm going to hold on to your sperm as long as I can, 'said Leon, 'to remind me of you.'

From experience, Seth knew that it might not be as long as Leon thought.

As they prepared to part company, it transpired that they lived less than one hundred miles apart so the possibility of bringing him into their sexual lives seemed high, and brought a smile to his face. A kiss and then he was gone.

The boys were knackered and spent the next few days with less hectic exercises, apart from a couple of visits to the beach and some brief encounters there.

On the following weekend they decided they were ready for a return visit to the weekly underwear party. This time, they goaded each other to see how far they could go! They were less nervous on arrival. Both lads had prepared well and were pre-lubed, just in case! They spent less time initially in the bar and quickly walked through to the near empty back rooms. The tub already had a guy lying there. He was about 45 and gently wanking himself. Brian went over and pissed straight on the guy's face. The guy opened his mouth and drank what he could, thanking Brian as the final squirts hit him. He looked at Seth expectantly so Seth pulled his semi hard dick out and took aim, giving the guy a warm, copious jet of piss. Two or three other older guys had come to watch and were gently stroking their cocks while watching this young guy pissing on the older bear in the tub.

Brian and Seth moved through to the small dark room to the rear and waited in the empty chamber. After about ten minutes or so, more bodies joined them and both boys found themselves being felt through their briefs. Their cocks bulged as one guy knelt in front and took two of them into his mouth sucking each in turn. The grunts after about five minutes suggested he had cum while doing so. Both boys enjoyed a few sucks at their cocks before moving back to the main arena. A camp young guy of about eighteen or nineteen, not particularly attractive and certainly very effeminate was being kissed by on older guy of about around thirty. They seemed to be together and the camp guy had bright blue streaks through his hair.

Seth said to Brian, 'I think the older guy is with him and is using him for bait to get others to join in. Let's fuck the brains out of his camp friend and see what he thinks of that!'

They walked over and joined the older guy as he administered the younger guy lying on the couch. Seth did very little preamble and reached for some lubricant, slicking it on to the camp guy's hole. The guy looked at him and smiled. The lube slipped in well, too well. Seth pulled on a condom and removed the lad's tight, white shorts off as his partner pulled back and watched. Seth's cock looked enormous against the young guy's five inches. The older guy walked up to Brian, stroking his own cock and spoke.

'Can I put your cock into him, please?'

It was a plea. Seth nodded as he lifted the lad's legs up in a 'V' format and positioned himself. The guy gripped Seth's cock and gasped as he stroked it, then aimed at the camp guy's arse. Seth pushed firmly and his cock slipped in all too easily for such a small frame. There was a groan of pleasure as Seth pushed and started his onslaught. Brian stood behind him, kissing his buttocks as he pushed in. A warm feeling brushed against his bum. He realised the partner was going to take a piece of his ass in return.

Brian thought, 'We might as well get this ball rolling.'

He offered his arse to the guy who pushed his rubber clad cock into his well lubed arse with ease and started to fuck him. The guy only had about six inches but he was good. He gripped Brian firmly by the hips and started to fuck him. The camp lad, lying was on the bench in front of Brian, as he steadied himself whilst being entered, sounded like he was going to cum with no one touching his cock. Brian leaned forward and enveloped the little cock with his mouth just as the lad erupted. Seth's cock had triggered him without any handling at all. The lad's screaming orgasm was enough for his partner who came in Brian's hole. As the guy pulled out Brian realised that there were now around twenty guys around, all stroking their cocks and a number of them were reaching for condoms.

Brian whispered to Seth, 'Let's jump up on the couch alongside each other and turn over. We'll see what happens.'

What happened was an onslaught of cocks one after the other. One guy would take the rear and those who couldn't would go around and stick their cocks in Brian or Seth's mouth. Cum started to flow pretty quickly and Brian had had around three loads on his face or mouth in about fifteen minutes. The guys lost count of what was happening at the rear but afterwards they figured each had been fucked around nine or ten times before friction began to play a part. They were covered in cum, both on their backs and faces. The boys turned over to face the remaining guys who all stood over them wanking and one tall thin English looking guy with shaven head, tattooed arms and rough unshaven face, looked at them then to his mirror image alongside (the guys assumed they were together), as they lowered their mouths on to a cock apiece and started to give the blowjob of a lifetime. Seth and Brian turned towards each other and kissed, the deposited cum mixing with their saliva as they did so and both reached climax at almost they same time, holding each other tightly as they erupted into their hosts mouths. The delivery was accepted greedily and every drop was eked out of their cocks before the shrinking organs were released from their lips. The guys smiled and just walked away. Seth and Brian, now slightly embarrassed, located their briefs, wiped themselves down as best they could and quickly left to taxi back to change for dinner.

The smell of cum in the taxi must have made the driver wander who had been careless with the ammonia!!

The lads finished their holiday quietly and on returning home returned to their regular search for local trash on which to practise. This time they had some great new ideas to try out when they did meet up with their regulars as well as a new holiday destination to try out again the following year!





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