1. The angel from childhood:

Brian's work as a Clerical Officer in the Social Security Department brought him touch with some of the roughest characters in the neighbourhood but one young lad who came in on a Thursday afternoon did not fit that bill. He was soft, gentle and beautiful but his two tattoos, one on each forearm, hinted that his background might not be all that angelic. Brian did recognise him though. He had lived and grown up near to his original family home and had gone to the same school. Brian had drooled over him within each year of his development. He had now left school and was looking for employment. Brian deduced that he still lived with his mother, who worked nights. Brian acknowledged that he knew him and passed his case for payment and that was it.

Seth was told the story that night and also how well Gerry had developed since they had seen him last and after a little wank fantasy in which he was a central part, they went to sleep.

It was around three months later on a Sunday night when Seth ran into the lounge and called Brian. 'Isn't this your angel, Gerry?'

Brian followed him through to the computer to read a message from a 'swinging' straight site they had joined in their search for bisexual men. It enclosed two images, one face and one cock asking if Brian wanted his 'wife' fucked.

'Silly bugger hasn't read the ad properly,' Brian said. 'I know we say Couple looking for a third man,' but the ad is clearly in the gay section. I think he has put in some key words, found the ad and applied without looking closely at the pictures.'

'Pity to let horny cock escape though,' said Seth, and continued with, 'and a nice cock at that.'

'What can we do though,' said Brian?

'Well,' replied Seth,' we can either go back and say we're gay but would still love to meet him, or you can meet him and try to bring him back after talking.'

Brian looked at the blue eyes staring out from the image on the screen and remembered how at 14, he stood outside this very lad's house when he saw him walking around in his bedroom at night, stripped to the waist with the lights on and wished he would look out and beckon him inside. It never happened and he hadn't even noticed him. He couldn't see how he would notice him now.

Brian started to plan a response, saying that sadly, he (Gerry) had managed to get the wrong end of the stick and, though he and his partner would both love to have sex with him, they were a same sex relationship. He then added two pictures, one of his cock and one of Seth being fucked by another young guy.

It took two days but they got a reply:

'Sorry I sent you the message I hadn't realised you were guys. Do you actually let other guys stick their dicks into your friend though? I thought gay couples didn't do that sort of thing with other guys when they stayed together?'

Brian answered that they were together but he got extremely excited when someone else did his partner. He went on in great detail to explain how Seth's bum was tight and felt like velvet when it was being fucked. He continued to explain how it gripped the entire length of his cock and virtually sucked the cum out of him. He then said that unlike married couples, they could both take cock so the experience could be doubled.

'Sounds cool, but I'm not sure if it's my scene, 'cos I like getting some slut to blow me off after I've fucked her so not sure if you do that sort of thing.'

'Naive to say the least,' said Brian to Seth. 'I don't think this is going anywhere so I think after this message, we should call it a day.'

Brian wrote, 'I understand if you're straight, you're straight and that's it. Banging a guy to get your rocks off doesn't change that anyway, but you're probably right to stick to what you know. If ever you feel horny though, and fancy a change, just message us.'

There was no immediate reply so the guys went back to their usual routine. The Saturday of the following week, Brian and Seth had been to a local gay bar but left early as it was pretty lifeless. They managed back to the house and Seth clicked on to a gay chat site and while he was there, he then clicked into the swingers' site to find a message from Gerry timed at 8.00pm that night. It was now after 10.00pm. There was a cell phone number and he said he had been drinking and was now ready if they were.

Twice, Brian dialled the wrong number in his urgency to make the call and eventually, a slightly slurred voice answered.

'We're game if you are,' said Brian, 'where do you want to meet?'

'Outside the Market Bar in 30 minutes, and I'll be in leather jacket and faded jeans,' he said, not realising that Brian knew exactly who he was.

Seth and Brian were there in 15 minutes but it was another 20 minutes before they noticed Gerry stumble out of the pub and head for the cover of some bushes on the other side of the road. They waited until he settled down and went over. Seth spoke.

'Ok, Gerry, are you ready for some fun.'

'Yeh, cool,' he said, hardly looking up. He clambered off the bench and followed them.

Small talk was limited on the way back and both boys got the feeling that the evening was going to be a washout. Mind you, just seeing his cock would be a pleasure. When you are about to see your teenage dream naked, that is reward enough.

He walked through the door of the flat Gerry started to strip immediately. The lads steered him towards the shower. If they were going to rim him they wanted to be sure they could do. He went in, shut the door and showered while the guys removed some clothes but stayed decent enough not to scare him.

Gerry walked out wearing just a pair of grey Calvin Klein tight boxers with a blue band and respectable bulge. His height was about 6 feet, his body pale white with a wisp of blonde hairs on his chest. His body was thin though his arms were well developed but his unruly blonde hair and blue eyes were stunning. He wasn't even aware of his beauty. They steered him to the bedroom and he followed meekly.

'Do I know you,' he said to Brian?

'Naw, I don't think so,' he lied.

He shrugged and lay on the bed. The boys devoured him. Brian took to his shoulders and lips, kissing him with little response. Seth headed South to his inner thighs and followed upwards rapidly to the promising bulge. He was amazed to find that this drunk still had some lead in his pencil as the cock rose rapidly, filling the space beneath his lips as he kissed the shorts. Seth couldn't wait and pulled the leg of the shorts aside. A long thin, white, eight inch cock sprung out. It curved slightly to the left and its foreskin sat on its top, just slightly pulling back with the strength of the erection to reveal the beginning on a delicate pink glans below. The veins stood out along its length and showed in blue, their contents pumping to help increase this beautiful, alabaster-like creation that stood before him. Seth engulfed it with his mouth and heard a gasp escape from Gerry's lips; the first evidence of any emotion up till now.

Brian pressed his lips to a resistant pair. Gerry kept his tightly shut. Brian persisted. Since the age of 14, he had wanted to kiss this Adonis and nothing was going to stop him now. His tongue pushed against lip, then teeth, then gradually the mouth opened and Brian's tongue delved hungrily into the gap. The taste of beer did nothing to deter him as he whimpered, and kissed, his tongue searching around within Gerry's mouth like a cobra looking for something to strike. Seth's mouth was gently slurping over the full length of Gerry's cock. His deep throat technique was working wonders and he was rewarded with a brick hard piece of meat, more than capable of making a grand entrance into his arse. He moved to Gerry's balls and noted they had been shaved. They looked almost pre-pubescent lying pinkly between his legs, gently moving up and down of their own accord, hopefully making a large quantity of cum for his delectation later.

Brian plopped his mouth off Gerry and moved towards himself lower, ripping off his clothes as he went. As Seth headed in the opposite direction, he winked at Brian before replacing Brian's lips on Gerry's. Gerry had started to respond and Seth was rewarded with a much warmer reception than his partner, not that Brian cared as his lips engulfed the rigid brute that he had craved for so long. He was so glad that it did not disappoint. Seth took time to strip the remainder of his clothes too and knelt to offer his cock to Gerry's mouth. Gerry's eyes were closed and his lips, assuming another kiss, opened. Seth pushed his cock in and Gerry's eyes opened wide when he realised he was sucking cock. He tried to pull back but Seth held his head with the open palm of his hand and gently eased his cock in and out. The suck wasn't Oscar standard but it was still good. Gerry's hand eventually lifted and he took hold of Seth's shaft to steady the cock as he got used to the idea of his mouth being filled with male sex organ. Again he whimpered. Things were looking good.

Suddenly, he lifted himself and pushed Seth on to his back. It startled both boys. He straddled Seth and started to suck his cock properly as he knelt across him, his buttocks raised slightly behind him. Brian scurried around and parted Gerry's buttocks, pushing his tongue in as far as he could. The gasp was loud. This was something new to a heterosexual full bloodied male and judging from the way he pushed back, it was something he liked. He bent further forward to allow more access and Brian was able to dig his tongue a good inch or two inside Gerry who uttered a pleasing 'Uugh,' sound when the tongue hit home.

Seth felt the finger gently teasing his hole and realised that Gerry was going for his target. He reached across and opened the bedside drawer to reveal poppers, condoms and lube. He pointed to them and Gerry leaned into the drawer to take the lube. Seth grabbed for the poppers and opened the lid, breathing deeply as he inhaled. Gerry looked at him oddly, so he offered them to him and urged him to follow. He did. The resultant look on his face as the rush hit him showed he was heading somewhere he had never been and as Seth gripped Gerry's cock, it stiffened to a point that would have drilled wood.

'What the fuck was that,' he spluttered?

'Amyl Nitrate – poppers to you and I,' said Seth.

'Fucking ace,' he said.

'Glad you like. Try them when you're fucking our arses and you'll like them more.'

The lube was being applied to Seth by Gerry, and Brian not to be outdone, was applying it to his own. Gerry twigged that he was going to lose his gay virginity in a double whammy. He stretched the condom over his cock, a splendid site, and rolled Seth into doggy fashion. Brian decided to kneel alongside Seth and offer his arse at the same time as both boys put their arms linked around each other's necks.

Gerry was good. He eased himself gently into Seth, pushing gently, then back, then in again until he eased most of his cock into Seth's tight hole.

'You weren't kidding about the sensation,' he said to Brian. 'This is way ahead of cunt.'

His rhythm started and he steadily pushed in and out of Seth's hole. His cock went the whole eight inches in, held there, and then he pulled hack until just the tip was in, before pushing back in again. Seth clenched to grip his cock and then reached across to sniff the poppers again. The rush warmed through his body as Gerry took some and enjoyed the same rush. As the warm feeling engulfed him he became like an animal and started to plunge in and out of Seth. His other hand fingered Brian roughly and as Brian took a sniff from the bottle, Gerry pulled out of Seth and plunged straight into Brian causing him to inhale more than he expected. He too felt a warm rush course through his body as Gerry's cock hammered his hole roughly.

Gerry was having a ball. He sniffed the poppers and switched from hole to hole at will. Both boys were getting decidedly tender, when Gerry withdrew, ripped off the condom, pushed them both on their backs and sprayed them both with a volume of cum that exceeded even their wildest expectations. They both enjoyed at least one blast in their open mouths and as Gerry slowed down they each grabbed their own cocks to bring themselves off, their arses burning with the afterglow of a good shagging.

The climaxes were in unison and great arches of cum jetted into the air catching Gerry's arm and chest and even his chin. Surprisingly, he laughed before they all collapsed on to the bed.

'Now I see what all the fuss is about, I could do that again,' said Gerry.

'Not tonight, if you don't mind,' laughed a very tender Seth.

Brian and Seth had now quite a collection of 'straight' regulars. Each one thought they were they only one and it surprised even them when they saw two of their regulars out and about with each other, both of them looking for girls and both of them visiting the boys regularly for a shagging visit. Each regular swore the boys to secrecy and they were as good as their word. They had often wondered what an orgy of all of them might be like but perhaps it was something better left to fantasy.

2. The tattooed married neighbour get's a surprise:

The semi human hulk upstairs called Buster who had fucked both boys one night after they had given his son, Tyrone a bollocking for kicking his ball against their door, had never really returned. They had seen him from time to time and he would give them a wink, but he was always with his bleached blonde wife, Kirsty. She looked as though she would personally claw the eyes out of any woman (and certainly any man) who looked at her Buster and, big and butch as he may have been, it was obvious that she wore the trousers.

A strange incident happened, however. One Friday night, both boys were short of cash so had stayed in with a few cans of beer and a bottle of wine. There was an odd knock at the door and when Brian answered, there stood Buster, all six feet, tattooed, lean, shaven headed hulk of him.

'You busy,' he enquired.

'Eh, not really,' said Brian, looking down at the tight jeans and the bulge in the front of them.

'She's pissed off to her mother's,' he said. 'Silly bitch twisted her knee so Kirsty's gone there and taken Tyrone for once. Usually I get landed. Tonight I was on a promise and her bloody mother's ruined it. Look at me,' he said looking down at his bulge. 'Are you up for a bit?'

Brian noticed the smell of clean butch guy emanating from Buster so he had obviously prepared himself for the possibility of a male substitute for Kirsty.

'We need to clean up a bit but come in and have a can,' said Brian.

Seth was standing behind and after formalities both boys dived to the bathroom to prepare their arses for the forthcoming onslaught.

When they came back out, Buster was sitting in his tight boxer shorts (a big improvement on the last ones), stroking a sizeable bulge between his legs. Seth dropped between his open legs and revealed Buster's juicy fat cock, putting his mouth over the head.

'That's it you faggot, suck me,' he said. 'One thing about poofs, they know how to suck,' he continued to no one in particular.

Seth quickly managed to strip Buster completely and then followed. On his last visit, Buster had basically asked to see them having sex and then had fucked the pair of them rather royally. Both boys were in anticipation of the straight dick doing a repeat. Buster hadn't really touched either of them. After Seth and Brian had knelt between his legs, servicing his cock, they suggested the bedroom and led him through. As he lay on the bed, uttering his occasional comment about queers and poofs, Brian teased a fingertip into his arsehole and was surprised, that Buster opened his legs further. Furthermore his hole felt extremely clean, the smell of soap almost overpowering.

'Interesting,' thought Brian,'for a man's man to make sure his bum hole is immaculate and then to allow a poof to finger him.'

Brian licked his finger and with the odd gasp from Buster, managed to get most of it in.

'Does a cock hurt,' said Buster suddenly?

Brian's look encouraged a continuation of the comment.

'You know, when another guy puts his cock in, do you find it hurts?'

'You relax and after the initial few thrusts, it gets easier,' replied Brian.

'I tried with the wife's vibrator and some hand cream,' he said. 'I quite enjoyed it.' 'Don't you fucking tell anyone,' he suddenly said.

'Do you fancy the real thing,' said Brian, half knowing the answer.

'Yeh,' the voice whispered quietly.

Brian and Seth stood up and took out lube and condoms. They found a bottle of poppers and a small dildo. Buster looked on, his cock standing stiffly up in the air. Brian slowly lubed Buster's hole, teasing his finger in and out. When he felt he had opened him enough, he lubed the small dildo (around 5 inches long) and gently started to ease it into Buster. Buster had a few sharp breath intakes but generally stayed quiet and concentrated as though he had thought long and hard about this and wanted it. Brian managed the entire dildo length and started to ease it in and out. Seth, meanwhile, stretched a condom over his cock and lubed it. He was going to have the honour of taking Buster's virginity, at least his gay virginity. Buster was lying on his side, with one leg raised. Brian removed the dildo and Seth lay behind Buster, gently easing his cock into the open space. He had to take it easy and to help, Brian opened the poppers and persuaded Buster to inhale. The effect was amazing.

'That's it, fuck me you cunts. I want to feel both your cocks in me and I want you to fuck my brains out.'

Seth was slowly getting a rhythm and was beginning to really fuck. The site of this big heterosexual man with Seth's small frame behind him fucking him was awesome. The ring of the doorbell made them all jump.

'Don't worry,' said Brian, quickly pulling on a pair of shorts and t-shirt. 'You two keep fucking and I'll get rid of them.'

He slipped into the hall and pulled the bedroom door behind him. He opened the door, and their stood young Gerry. Gerry was a thug from the estate – sorry, a pretty thug from the estate, who was one of the first guys they had had sex with. He was part of a gang of youths who hung around but when he guessed about the boys, he stayed around them until he eventually got his reward. He had fucked Seth with his dainty 6 inches.

'Oh hi,' said Brian, 'long time no see.'

'Yea, I'm sorry but couldn't get away from my mates much. Can I come in?'

'Eh, well we have a friend around,' said Brian.

Gerry looked over Brian's shoulders at the clothes strewn around the lounge floor and Brian turned, following his eyes.

'Can I join you,' he asked?

Brian heard someone say 'yes' and only as Gerry walked up the hall, did he realise it had been him. This could be a disaster.

'O.k. Gerry, we're having this married guy and he's going to flip when he sees someone else so you need to strip before we go into the room.'

Gerry was horny and up for anything. His clothes were being ripped off as Brian spoke and his stiff cock suggested that the idea of a group session appealed to him too.

Brian took Gerry by his erect cock and prepared to make an entrance to the room. As he walked in a number things happened in slow motion. Firstly the view was awesome. Buster was lying sideways to the door, his left leg up and Seth's cock was embedded up to the hilt in his arse. Secondly, Buster lifted his head as Brian spoke.

'Lads, I want you to meet Gerry who wants in on our action.'

The look on Buster's face told Brian something was not quite right.

'Uncle Joe,' said Gerry?

'Fuck,' said a very fucked Buster, as he removed his arse from Seth's erect dick and jumped to his feet. His cock bounced, still erect, in front of him. 'This is Kirsty's sister's boy,' he added.

Trying to recover the situation Seth said, 'I think, looking at that you mean 'man'.' He nodded towards Gerry's cock which had lost not one iota of hardness.

'You randy fucker,' said Buster, 'you didn't say you were into fucking guys.'

'I wasn't until I fucked these guys,' Gerry replied, 'and now I like it.'

'Hey guys,' said Brian, 'what do you think of all these hard cocks. It seems a pity to let them go to waste.'

He waited while both guys looked at each other and at them.

'What the fuck, I'm horny so let's do it,' said Buster as he gripped Seth's cock and lay back on the bed pulling him down with him.

Gerry was still stiff and Brian pulled him close to the action on the bed before dropping to his knees and slurping his lips over Gerry's rock hard cock. The cock curved upwards towards the roof of his mouth and as he sucked a plan was evolving in his brain. By now, Seth was under Buster with him lying on top of him, the cock still well up his arse. Seth was thrusting as best he could and Buster's cock was sticking straight up in the air out of his hairy body. Brian pulled Gerry across to the bed and pushed Gerry down to his uncle's cock and told him to suck. He thought he might have problems but was amazed to find that Gerry enthusiastically gripped the rod and started to suck like a starving baby on its mother's tit.

'Mmm,' thought Brian, 'he fancies his uncle: nice one.'

Gerry needed no help and was soon fully involved, kneeling on the bedroom floor between Seth and Buster's legs, sucking while his second hand gripped Seth's cock as it entered his uncle.

'Me now,' said Brian, not wanting to miss out.

Seth rolled Buster on to his side and withdrew and Brian quickly fitted his cock and started his fuck. Once more they gave Buster poppers and Gerry took some too. The effects were electrifying and both guys became completely uninhibited. Brian started to hammer Buster's arse as though he were a seasoned bitch, Gerry, his face flushed from the amyl nitrate, started to utter obscenities as he sucked on Uncle Joe and the hammering Brian was giving him very quickly started to bring him to a climax. He stopped and pulled out to let the impending orgasm subside and before he could stop him, Gerry climbed up and stuck his bareback cock into his uncle.

Brian and Seth stood back and watched as nephew pulled his uncle, almost 50% larger than him, up on to all fours and really started to fuck him. Buster was sniffing the poppers like mad and swearing as the cock pummelled him. Seth and Brian stood either side, almost redundant, wanking their own cocks and watching the amazing scene before them.

'Fucking Hell,' screamed Gerry and he stopped and, almost statue-like, gently pumped his load into his uncle. He pulled off when he had finished and Brian dropped to Buster's cock to take it in his mouth and finish him off. Seth stood over Buster and gave him a cum christening. Seth could be a copious cummer and today was no exception as the white liquid splattered across Buster's face and prompted Buster to empty his jism into Brian's waiting mouth. Gripping his own cock, Brian gulped the thin fountain of baby batter and ejaculated over Buster's legs.

The following silence was slightly embarrassing as both guys lay back on the bed without looking at each other.

'Can I assume, you won't be telling Auntie how you spent the afternoon,' said Brian?

The guys burst into laughter and the moment was past.

Both guys did come back once more and both took it in turns to fuck Brian and Seth, but after they had gone, both boys felt sure that Buster and Gerry had found something to do on their quiet Saturday afternoons and perhaps Brian and Seth weren't so important any more.

3. Trouble with the gangs again.

During all of their stay on the estate, there had been one recurring (if you'll excuse the pun), pain in the ass. There was one small gang which ranged from 4 to 8 members depending on day of the week and the weather. At the helm was Matthew Longhurst, Matty to his fellow members. Matthew was the ringleader and was a young looking 18 year old trouble maker who tended to wear track suit bottoms or jeans, football top, baseball cap and looked more like a tearaway 16 year old with a broken nose than the age he actually was. Strangely, his friends were all taller and older looking that him, but Matty was a toughie. He had done some boxing and the other illiterate tykes around him looked up to his supposed physical prowess.

Every chance Matty and his sidekicks got, they would taunt Brian and Seth. It went no further, probably because Brian, with his own work in the gym, looked as though he could handle himself. Seth tended to look the weaker of the two, and probably slightly more 'obvious,' though not overtly effeminate. However, Seth's early upbringing and his mother's desire to cure his effeminate ways, had led him to karate lessons at which he had been quite proficient and he had a belt or two under his belt (if you know what I mean). Seth rarely used his skills these days, preferring to talk his way out of any trouble.

'Bum bandits,' 'look lads, it's fairy-time,' 'hello girls!' The sounds from Matty and his sidekicks carried across the courtyard area as the boys walked home. 'Bet you would love a real man's cock up your bum boys,' said Matty?

Matty had always taken the comments beyond the 'poof' taunts. When he was about, the comments would focus on actual sex. He would say things like, 'Bet you love swallowing cum,' and 'How many cocks can you get up you?' The comments were much more specific that the other guys, though they laughed along with him.

There were six tonight and after walking behind the two boys for some time, one of the bigger ones decided to take some action and goaded Seth.

'Don't walk away when I'm talking poofy,' he shouted at Seth.

Seth and Brian turned and as he approached, he raised a hand as though to strike. Brian's punch not only caught him but knocked him flat on his back, and for a few seconds, out for the count.

'Keep your comments to yourself, brain dead,' said Brian as they walked away, to another cacophony of comments.

It was three weeks later and Seth was walking home from work on a dark winter's evening. As he crossed the playing fields with his home in sight, he heard steps behind him and found Matty and one of his spotty friends behind.

'Fancy getting a man's cock in you,' said Matty continuing one of his usual lines? 'You're not as brave without your butch boyfriend are you,' he continued?

The ugly, spotty companion with him giggled and mirrored the comments and after covering about 800 yards, Seth could hear them catching him up. They gripped his shoulders and pushed him against a tree. Matty's hand gripped him between the legs and he said, 'I thought it would get hard with a real man squeezing it.'

The other guy just giggled, but Seth was aware that Matty's squeezing of his testicles, was quite investigative. He slipped the other guy's grip, broke free and started to run. As the spotty one caught up, Seth quickly took a defensive position which within the few seconds he had, made the guy realise that perhaps he had bitten off more than he could chew. The kick, left him sprawled on the ground. Matty's momentum behind him, meant that he was on to Seth before he could change direction. Seth gripped him, pushed him over towards the next tree, facing the trunk and twisted his hands up his back. His hand found Matty's crotch which he firmly gripped.

'Well Matty, they feel up to it from here. If you really want to stick your man size cock up a man's arse then pop round anytime, 'cos I can take it. There's no need to hide behind your pals if that's what you really want.'

As he walked away, he heard Matty mumble something like 'fuck off faggot,' but he smiled to himself. He had a feeling Matty had some suppressed feelings that had just been rumbled by him.

Brian and Seth laughed at the situation and the taunts became much fewer. It was about four weeks later that Brian answered a knock at the door to find no one there. It happened three times that night.

The following night Brian and Seth were talking to Buster when Matty saw them and looked puzzled. They broke the conversation, not wishing to taint Buster's butch image.

Later that evening the door knocked. This time Matty was there.

'No friends with you,' said Seth?

'How do you know Buster,' he asked ignoring Seth's question?

'We're just good friends,' laughed Seth.

'He's not queer,' Matty said, half as a question and half as a statement.

'Depends what you mean by queer,' said Seth.

'He used to teach me boxing, he's not queer,' said Matty.

'O.k.,' said Seth, 'he's not queer! Now is there anything else 'cos I'm bloody freezing standing here.'

Matty stood still for a moment, hopping back and forth and looking furtively around to make sure none of his pals could see him.

'Can you really take a whole cock up you're arse,' he blurted?

'I'll take two, one after the other if I get a chance,' Seth replied.

'Jeez, that must look weird,' said Matty. He continued, 'I mean it must be funny to see a guy's cock go up another guy's bum hole.'

'It's not funny if it's your bum hole it's going up,' he answered.

More silence and more hopping around ensued.

'I need to go now,' said Seth.

'Could I see sometime,' Matty suddenly said?

'See what,' said Seth?

'You take a cock inside you.'

'Why don't you come in,' said Seth?

There was another furtive glance before Matty obediently followed Seth into the house.

As they entered the lounge Brian was sprawled on the floor watching 'Coronation Street.' Seth responded to Brian's surprised look, with the explicit statement, 'Matty wants to see you fuck me?'

'Cool,' said Brian feigning casual disinterest, as though the local heterosexual thug normally knocked on your door and asked to pop in and see you fuck your boyfriend.

Matty was shaking and Seth realised he had been drinking, though he wasn't drunk. He assumed it was for Dutch courage. 'Would you like a beer,' he asked?

Matty gratefully accepted and as Brian went for one, Seth said he had to prepare for the session and left Brian to explain what he was doing. Seth returned after 20 minutes to a nervous conversation between Matty and Brian, with Matty already on his second beer.

'Can I go to the toilet please,' Matty said humbly.

Seth reclined in baggy shorts and rugby top as Matty went off. 'Gone to wash his cock, I hope,' he said to Brian as he winked.

He was gone about 10 minutes and returned to sit back on the single chair in the lounge. Seth crawled over to Brian and kissed him. Brian responded and they completely blanked Matty as they started their session. Seth explored the front of Brian's track suit bottoms and put his hand under the waste band, slowly encouraging a healthy erection. He made sure the erection clearly showed, tented through the fabric. After all this was a show!

They continued slowly in this manner and every time Seth looked towards Matty, he would look away and cough a nervous little cough as he adjusted the front of his track suit. By now, both boys were shirtless and Brian was kissing Seth's nipples. Seth started to pull down Brian's bottoms until he was wearing just a skimpy pair of bikini briefs which hardly covered his erect cock. Seth lowered his mouth over the cock head and started to suck him. Brian lay flat back on the floor fully exposed, as Seth licked his balls and sucked. Seth slipped his own shorts off exposing his sizeable cock and heard the small gasp from Matty as it sprung into view.

'We would feel much better if you made yourself comfortable, Matty,' Seth said. 'Just wank at will.'

By now, Seth was on his back and his legs were raised while Brian's tongue darted around his rosebud. Seth held his own cock and gently wanked. Brian opened the unit drawer and took out some lube and condoms. Of course he wasn't going to use condoms but he was hoping they might still be required. Seth flipped over on to all fours as Brian lubed his arse and was pleased to see Matty's hand inside his track suit bottoms, milking his cock. Matty twisted his head for a better actual view of Brian's fingers opening up Seth's crack. Seth started to crawl in Matty's direction, with Brian, fingers still embedded and trying to keep up. He arrived between Matty's legs and pulled the elastic of the waistband down to reveal a pair of hands covering a cock. He pulled Matty's hand away, with little resistance and his cock sprung up.

His cock was indeed, man-size. He figured that the uncut piece was about 7 to 7.5 inches long. Seth's mouth enveloped it and Matty's intake of breath suggested he liked the feeling. Brian twisted Seth around so that he was alongside Matty and Matty's left hand explored Seth's buttocks and then found his hole. Brian took his finger out and gently guided Matty's to replace him.

'Oh,' was the sound from Matty's lips as his fingers entered Seth.

Brian lubricated his cock and with Matty still fingering Brian, he held Matty's fingers in place while he inserted his cock alongside them.

'Oh,' he repeated as Brian's lubed cock slid in and out alongside his fingers.

'Does that feel good,' Brian said.

There was a very shaky 'yes' from Matty.

His finger eventually slipped out as Brian picked up speed. 'Get closer and watch,' he said to Matty, and he did.

Matty knelt beside the action, gently stroking his cock. He still wore his football shirt and track suit bottoms, which were below his knees. He watched as Brian picked up speed and after about 10 minutes, Brian stopped, pulled out, picked up a condom and handed it to Matty. 'You try,' he said.

Matty sat for a minute, looking at Seth's slippery, open hole and ripped open the condom. He stretched it over his rigid cock and took Brian's place behind Seth. He started to enter.

'Oh,' came that little sound of pleasure again as his cock sunk all the way into Seth.

He gripped Seth's hips and really started to fuck. He fucked Seth's hole with the same urgency a hungry man has when he is given food. He hammered Seth's arse as though he was in a race and it didn't take too long before the veins on his temples stood out, his face went red and he emptied the contents of his balls into Seth. He was awash with sweat from the exertion and as he pulled his cock out, the sac of rubber sagged with a volume of cum neither boy could replicate. Brian flipped Seth over, lifted his legs and entered him quickly. He had to fuck him straight after Matty. Seth took his own cock in hand and, as Brian fucked he timed his stroke. He knew when Brian was ready and both boys came in unison. Brian was embedded in Seth's arse and Seth sprayed a load over his own chest.

When Seth managed to get to his feet, he walked over to Matty and kissed him full on the lips, holding the back of his head to stop him from escaping. Matty's initial struggle soon stopped and he tongued Seth with a vengeance.

Seth pulled off and said, 'Come back anytime Matty, there's a lot more to show you.'

Matty smiled as he pulled his pants up and thanked them before leaving with a 'see you.'

Both boys felt sure he would.



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