Seth and Brian were both 19 and gay. They had met a year previously in a notorious gay toilet in their home city in the U.K.'s Midlands. They managed to keep the lid on their love affair from parents but in a moment of bravery had 'come out' to their families. Though not desperately hostile, neither family was particularly welcoming to the news either and after three months of constant barracking about 'finding a nice girl' as the cure for their 'illness' the boys had had enough.

Throwing themselves on the mercy of the local council, they were offered a flat in a run down part of the city at a rent they could afford between them and set up home. I think you might have seen this type of flat before in any crime series originating from the U.K. usually with the Drug Squad beating down the house doors! There were three levels to each block with open staircases at each end. A balcony ran along the front of each block providing the access to each flat so when you stood in front you could see all the front doors. Luckily the lads had the first flat on the second floor so didn't have to walk past all the neighbours to get to their front door. The flat was meagrely decorated after frequent visits in a friend's car to IKEA and a collection round some family for cast offs. Some paint on the walls and they had a home.

Seth worked in a large Tesco supermarket as a supervisor and Brian was in the Civil Service as a Clerical Officer in the Department of Social Security interviewing people who were looking for work or in most cases, pretending to look for work so they could continue to draw benefits and keep themselves in their drug habit.

Sounds idyllic in a way but both boys were horny sods. They had met in a toilet because they both had a sex drive big enough for the whole estate. Their computer allowed them to meet people from time to time for threesomes and even foursomes. They didn't play separately but loved playing together. The trouble is, when they told people where they lived, most found a reason not to come. The boys often had to go to the trade rather than the other way around.

They hadn't had much flak from the locals but there had been graffiti saying 'poofs out' on their door one morning and the groups of lad who hung around the street corners would snigger as they went by on their way to the gay bars at the weekend. As both guys were quite well built, probably the local neds thought they might take on more than they bargained for and so contented themselves with sniggering and shouting the odd slogan when the boys passed.

So you have it, two obvious gay boys, living together in rough heterosexual environment amongst what passes for normal people. In this area 'valet parking' for your car consisted of the windows smashed, car stolen and found later in the river nearby, wrecked. The boys didn't own a car!!

1. The curious gang member:

Judging by some of the comments by the local youths, the sexual status of both Brian and Seth was well guessed if not known. They could handle themselves so nothing ever came of it apart from the odd snigger and pointing finger. However Seth noticed that one lad of about 18 was always a little more proactive. When they passed him, he would whisper to his pals and raucous laughter would follow. Seth did notice that this lean lad was extremely attractive though with his Burberry baseball cap and tracksuit bottoms, his image left a lot to be desired. There is such a thing as gaydar though and his eagerness to take the 'mickey' out of Seth or Brian seemed just a little too enthusiastic.

One summer evening, Seth saw him hanging about on his own at the front of the block of flats. He was sitting on the wall and looking casually up. Seth was waiting for Brian to get home so he stripped to his waist and wandered out on to the walkway in just some shorts pretending to be looking for him. The guy looked up. Seth 'absent-mindedly' stroked his balls through his shorts which put a little surge of blood into his cock, before he headed back into the flat, leaving the front door open.

It took almost 15 minutes before he saw someone walk past the kitchen window on the walkway, looking in as he went. Seth stripped to his briefs as though he was changing and waited. Sure enough the face was seen again walking past.

He heard a soft knock at the open door and a voice said, 'Can I use your loo mate?'

Seth walked across in his tight white briefs and said, 'Sure!'

The guy went into the toilet and left the door open taking his cock out and standing with his back to the hall. There was no sound of water. Seth walked over to the door and pushed it slightly more ajar saying, 'There's a towel there if you need it.'

The tip of a hard cock could just be seen as the guy half-turned. Seth walked over, turned the guy round and gripped his cock. It was about six inches long with a loose foreskin and his balls were exposed and hanging below. The guy stood with his hands by his side. Seth led him to the bedroom, closing the door as he went and praying that Brian would be home on time. He pushed the guy passively on the bed and looked at him. He had wiry blonde hair coming out from under his baseball cap, his body was slim with some definition and his face seemed hairless though he could see some stubble where he had shaved. He was quite tall, almost six feet and looked terrified. Not wishing to waste the moment, Seth dropped his eager mouth on to the youth's stiff cock. The gasp was audible.

Using his expertise, he sucked softly on the smooth cock as he gently worked the lad's bottoms off. Soon the guy was lying back on the bed in a pair of blue briefs, his balls tucked over the top and his cock sticking upright. Seth started to lift up the lad's top until he eventually got the hint and pulled it off. His chest was pale and hairless with two large light brown nipples. Seth headed for these. It was obvious from the moan which escaped that he hadn't realised that male nipples could be sensitive. Soon he was naked. Still he had done absolutely nothing to Seth.

Seth slipped out of his briefs and stood with his fat seven inches curving skyward. The lad looked at it as though he had never seen another erect male member before (the possibility was that he hadn't). Seth lay on him full length and kissed him. There was an immediate resistance and his mouth stayed shut. Seth forced his tongue in and eventually the boy's mouth sprung open and Seth plunged in French kissing him and licking around his mouth.

Little 'Oh's' could be heard escaping from his mouth as Seth continued the journey. He heard the key in the lock and before the lad could jump up, Brian stood in the hallway. His initial shock at the scene before him was brief, very brief.

'Hi Brian, this is....., who are you,' he said turning to his naked companion whose hands were now in front of his cock and balls?

'Eh, Gerry,' he mumbled.

'Hi Gerry,' said Brian, 'lovely cock. I can't wait to get my mouth around it.'

Even as Brian spoke, Gerry's hands were moving away from his wedding tackle exposing an erection that hadn't faded at all. Seth swung around into a '69' position and placed his cock at Gerry's lips. Gerry tentatively kissed the side of it. As he went to kiss again, Seth stuck the head in his mouth. Slowly, with some sharp teeth at first, Gerry started to suck cock and by the time Brian appeared naked at the side of the bed he was doing fine. Brian stood alongside and placed his cock in Gerry's hand. Brian had a similar cock to Seth, just a bit longer and thinner. At Gerry gripped, Brian fucked his hand and then leaned forward to kiss him while he sucked Seth's cock. Gerry kept stopping Seth sucking action on his cock and it was obvious that unless they cooled down, Seth was going to get a premature mouthful of cum.

Seth stood up and watched his partner with the young 18 year old as he stroked his own cock. Seth wanted fucked and wasn't sure if the invitation might scare Gerry. He opened the bedside drawer and took out condoms and lube plus a dildo. Gerry saw what was happening and wrongfully assumed he was to be the target. His eyes widened and even with a mouthful of cock and lips, managed to grunt a 'NO!'

'Not for you Gerry, it for Brian and I. Do you want to watch?'

He nodded.

Gerry stood up, stroking his cock as Brian lubed Seth. He then started to insert the dildo which slid into Seth very easily. Seth was doggy fashion on the bed and as Brian dildoed him, Gerry leaned forward for a better look. Brian took his hand and placed it on the dildo and he soon had the rhythm right. Once the dildo fucking had been done for about ten minutes, Gerry lubricated his cock and asked Gerry to take the dildo out. He then asked him to use his cock as a dildo. Gerry softly gripped Brian's cock and then guided it towards Seth's eager hole. He pointed the tip and Seth slowly backed on to Brian's big cock. Brian gripped Seth's hips and started to fuck him.

With a little persuasion, Gerry slid underneath so that he could suck Seth and watch the cock enter him really close up. Seth had to stop a few times to stop from cumming in the poor guy's mouth. That might just be too much for a first time. Brian asked Gerry if he would like to try. He received a very nervous 'OK.'

With condom in place, Gerry's smaller cock slid in very easily. He gripped Seth and started. Within seconds he was hammering at Seth's arse. He had fucked before, presumably some tart from the estate. He rolled Seth on to his side and really got his cock in tight, pumping away. Brian scooted down to suck Seth while he was being fucked.

The only warning was a short 'oh' from Gerry and his movements suggested that his cock was pumping boy cum into the condom up Seth's arse. Seth felt it too and spurted his full load into Brian's waiting mouth. Gerry slowly pulled the condom out of Seth and the quantity of cum in it left Seth really annoyed that he hadn't managed to get it on his face. However, Brian obliged and his wad of cum was soon spraying over Seth much to a wide eyed Gerry.

It was at this moment that Seth realised Gerry still had his baseball cap on and smiled. 'Just the stuff for a fetish movie,' he thought.

Gerry was slow to leave but worried that his mates might find out. The boys reassured him they wouldn't, as long as he came back for a second helping. He eagerly agreed.

2. The Asian work collegue:

It was late Monday afternoon and Seth decided to walk home after his shift at Tesco. He was about 400 yards from the store when a young Asian guy who worked at Tesco shouted from behind and ran to catch up.

'Do you mind if I walk along with you as you go home,' he asked?

'No probs,' said Seth.

The lad looked to be about 20 and was from Bangladesh. His name was Zahir. Seth remembered that he worked in the warehouse in the delivery bay. He was also good looking. His skin was smooth and deliciously even-coloured, his hair was short and jet black and his teeth shone like beacons each time he smiled.

The walk was to take about 20 minutes and Seth realised that conversation was going to be difficult as he knew nothing about the lad. After some peripheral conversation, Seth asked if he had a girlfriend.

'Good Heavens, no,' he said. 'My wife will be picked for me and I will return to Bangladesh to meet her.'

'That doesn't sound very fair, 'said Seth.

'It is our way,' he replied.

'Is it what you want,' asked Seth?

'I don't have a say,' he said.

He asked Seth about his life and commented that he knew he shared a flat with a friend.

'It must be fun having a close friend as most of my friends are at the mosque and we only talk about religion and sometimes music.'

He asked Seth about his girlfriends and Seth said he didn't have one. Somehow Seth felt he already knew that. As they walked, he asked more about what it was like to have free time and Seth realised he was not overly happy with his life. They parted company at the beginning of the estate and that was it.

The following night, the same thing happened. This time Zahir pushed a little more and said that he would be allowed some free time on his own on Saturday afternoon. When there was no response from Seth, he then asked what his friend was like. Seth babbled on about how nice Brian was and described his perhaps a little too descriptively.

'He sounds a very fine friend,' said Zahir, 'do you share lots of things together?'

This odd question hung in the air until Seth looked at him and his dazzling smile and muttered,' yes ' lots.'

'I would like to meet him too,' said Zahir and before Seth could stop himself, an invitation had him coming round on Saturday afternoon. Zahir's excitement made Seth feel guilty for having made him work for it.

Brian was none too pleased when Seth told him and actually said he would go out until Seth begged him to stay.

'Can't even have a fucking drink,' he said.

'No reason why not,' said Seth, 'he's the Muslim, not us!'

The arranged time was 2.30pm and the boys had been out late the night before. They hadn't been lucky as there was no one in the bar they really fancied so they had drunk just a little too much and a long lie-in had ensued. It was 1.45pm and both were running about getting ready. Brian had just stepped out of the shower and Seth was stark naked, shaving by the sink when the doorbell went. It was Zahir.

'Oh sorry, I was able to get away early and thought I would come sooner,' he said.

Brian stood with the towel wrapped around him, Seth only had on a pair of white Calvin Klein briefs. Brian was in awe of the beauty that stood before him. Many people from Bangladesh were of short and slightly stocky build but not Zahir. He was quite tall, slim and elegant, extremely smartly dressed in jeans and white t-shirt and wearing a short leather jacket. The package at the front of his jeans looked very promising.

'I am embarrassing you,' he said.

'We're not if you aren't,' said Brian and smiled. 'Come and sit on the sofa.'

Brian pulled on a t-shirt and briefs and Seth put on a black t-shirt but neither made any attempt to dress any further. Zahir sat awkwardly on the sofa.

'Drink,' said Brian?

'I can't, officially,' he said, 'but I would love a beer if you don't tell anyone.'

'Who are we going to tell,' said Seth?

They both asked about Zahir's home life initially and were surprised how restricted he was for his age. Conversation came much easier than they expected and Zahir was on his third beer within 30 minutes of arriving. He asked about their 'girlfriends' and the boys mumbled the usual excuse about not having much time, not wishing to embarrass the virgin lad.

'Of course you have each other anyway,' said Zahir quite innocently.

'How do you mean,' asked Brian?

'If you cannot get girls, you have each other,' he repeated quite unaffected by their slight awkwardness. 'Which one of you is the girl,' he said.

Seth's gulp was loud!

'I had lots of friends before we came here seven years ago but now it is not good to talk about it here,' he said. 'I liked being the girl!'

Brian then said, 'Would you be a girl for us then?'

'Oh yes I would love that,' he said.

While Seth sat stunned by the situation, Brian moved across to Zahir and kissed him. His tongue darted into his mouth with opened immediately. Zahir was like a newly released animal which had been in captivity for years. He stood up and promptly threw Brian back on the couch, kissing him all over. He ripped the towel from him, pulled at his briefs and gulped his cock fully down his throat. Brian had a six inch uncut cock which disappeared in a second as the black face could be seen sliding up and down on pink meat. Seth, not to be outdone, stripped and approached the frenzy, stark naked with his seven inches of uncut meat already standing upright and curving upwards towards the ceiling. Zahir gripped it and moved on to Seth, slurping greedily as his saliva coated the stiff flesh. The foreskin was pulled back and the pink head exposed and sucked.

Both boys, working in tandem, raised Zahir to his feet and started to strip him. It was difficult as he wouldn't let their cocks go and was constantly trying to suck them, kiss them or wank them as they were undoing his jeans. Finally his not too trendy, pale blue briefs, dropped and his manhood was exposed. It was about the same as Seth's, seven inches and slim. The skin was cut and the balls were tight and covered in jet black hair. The hair grew up his front to his navel then onwards to spread across his chest in short black curls. Dark red, large nipples stood proudly erect. Seth engulfed it with his mouth and was stopped almost immediately with Zahir's hand. The gesture suggested that they would need to go slowly or he would cum immediately.

'Who is the girl,' he asked again?

'Well we don't say it that way, but Brian likes being fucked or fucking, whereas I love fucking,' said Seth.

'Then I can be girl for both of you and you can treat me like a street girl.'

'You bet,' said Seth.

Zahir was led to the bedroom where the guys kissed and fondled him while preparing him for a sound fucking. Lube was spread on his arsehole and worked well in. He gasped but took the three fingers easily as Seth worked himself into Zahir.

'Can you fuck Brian for me,' he asked?

Zahir lubed Brian's hole and Seth's cock. Brian lay on his side while Seth went behind and started to enter him. Seth's leg was open and from Zahir's vantage point at the front, he could see all. He went really close and stroked Seth's cock as he started entry. As Seth built up speed, Zahir started to lick his cock, lube and all, as he fucked. He could feel hot breath on his cock, and Zahir's tongue on his balls as he fucked relentlessly. Brian was in ecstasy. He loved being fucked by Seth in front of someone.

Zahir ripped open a condom and started to put it on Brian's cock, lubricating the shaft when it was in place. He turned and slid his arse fully down on Brian's shaft then just waited as Seth's thrusts, pushed Brian's cock into him. He then started pumping backwards on to Brian's shaft, sending Brian back on to Seth. Brian was in heaven having Seth up his hole and his cock inside Zahir and it took all his willpower not to cum. Soon Seth withdrew and pulled Brian off Zahir so that he could fuck him. Zahir was pulled on to all fours and Seth inserted his cock easily into his arse.

Seth fucked easily, his hand around at the front wanking Zahir's cock as he did so. After a ten minute pounding, Brian again took over and continued to fuck Zahir. He took both cocks without any resistance and indeed, was a bit like a street girl!!

'I'm going to cum,' said Brian, as he started to empty his balls into Zahir. When he had finished, Zahir rolled on to his back and asked Seth to empty his cum into his mouth as he wanked himself. Seth was more than willing straddled Zahir. It took no more than a couple of strokes for a thick jet of creamy spunk to plaster the dark skinned lad below him. The jet streaked across his face and forehead, into his hair and as Seth was shaking the last few drops into Zahir's mouth he felt a warm spray across his back as Zahir emptied enough cum to repopulate Bangladesh on his own!

His thanks at the end of the session were that of a frustrated man who knew he would have to hide his sexuality for most of his life. He begged to be allowed to return and an invitation was given.

3. The tattooed married neighbour:

'My lad says you guys have been giving my lad a mouthful for playing with his football on the landing?'

The shaven headed 35 year old with tattoos on both arms, a broken nose and a gold earring in his left ear looked aggressive. A little tyke of about 9, stood behind him and Brian recognised him as the little brat who had been kicking a football against his door earlier that day.

'Well he was kicking against our door,' said Brian.

'Little bastard never said that' said the hunk of brawn at the door as he turned and attempted to swipe at the lad behind him. The tyke had been in training for just such a moment and was off at breakneck speed.

'You lads settling in then? I was just saying to Kirsty the wife, that I thought you two looked like you could be poofs.'

Brian gulped at the straight forward attack on his sexuality.

'Any beers?'

'Em, possibly' said Brian as the guy walked past both him and Seth and into the kitchen.

'You got this place looking good,' he continued as he prised the top of his can and glugged most of it in one gulp. 'Never fancied girls then?

The guys were dumbfounded. This guy looked a real bruiser and one wrong word might well have them in A & E.

'Good looking guys like you could have your pick,' he continued. 'Mind you they can be bloody pain. They get pregnant to trap you and then stop you playing around, just 'cos they've gone off the boil, if you know what I mean.'

Both boys nodded, not quite sure where this was leading and having little experience to share with the bruiser.

'Name's Buster, by the way,' he said, his shovel-like hand pushed out. Both boys shook. 'Yeh, it gets a bit frustrating sometimes. She won't let me shag anyone else and every time I go to shag her, she stops me in case Tyrone hears.'

Tyrone was presumably the little door kicking runt.

He groped the front of his jeans as he spoke. 'I love getting a good shag. I can shag for ages and have a decent bit of meat to shag with too.'

Brian felt his cock rise. This was definitely heading somewhere and as Buster knocked back his fourth can in ten minutes; his innuendoes were getting more pointed.

'Never understood why a guy wants a cock up his arse but then again Kirsty used to take it there so I suppose there's no difference. Which of you takes it?'

Seeing an opportunity arising, both boys said 'me' at the same time.

'Love to see how it's done lads,' he said, groping his front again. His cock was hard and sliding down his tracksuit trouser leg very noticeably.

Brian started to play a little. 'Surely two poofs having it away wouldn't do much for a big lad like you,' he asked?

'Dunno,' he replied, 'I've never really thought about it.'

By this time the group were standing in the lounge, the entrance door having been shut by Buster as he came in for his drink, leaving 'Tyrone' outside.

'Come in,' said Seth slightly sarcastically. It always amused him that straight guys always assumed that they were bound to be attractive to gays. It just didn't cross their mind that they might not. The trouble is that this guy was attractive to these two gays and the thought of getting a 'virgin' or at least a 'gay-sex virgin' appealed to both of them.

They went to the bedroom door and Brian pulled off his top, followed by Seth. The guy stood in the doorway leaning against the jam and rubbing his tracksuit bottoms showing an impressive hosepipe. Both boys started the show, kissing and stripping slowly until they were both down to briefs. Seth took control of Brian and laid him on the bed, pulling off his briefs and releasing his already hard cock. He lowered his mouth on to it and started to suck. Both boys were mindful of their performance ensuring the groans were louder than usual. Buster moved over and whipped his cock over the top of his tracksuit bottoms. It was a sizeable piece if meat, probably just under 8 inches and uncut.

'Suck this queer boy,' he said to Seth.

Always willing for a bit of roll play, Seth gripped it and before engulfing it said, 'Yes sir.'

Buster started to wriggle out of clothes, dropping his pants and 'kiss me' boxers shorts covered in red lips. His top came off and he stood in just a pair white sports socks with a red band around the top.

'99 pence at the local market,' thought Seth!

Buster was well built with muscular shoulders, a thin coating of hair on his chest, trailing down to thick brown pubic hair and firm balls. His groans of pleasure were not for an audience, they were real. Brian sat up and helped Seth as they both sucked his big cock, taking it in each mouth in turn. Seth kicked off his pants and now both boys knelt in front of this tall hunk with the shaven head, worshipping his cock as though he were a God.

'Who wants fucked first,' he asked.

'Me,' said Brian as he grabbed for the bedside drawer and took out the lube and condoms. Seth had to lubricate Brian's hole as Buster watched and stretched the rubber over his cock.

Seth wanked his own cock as Buster rolled Brian on to his back and lifted his legs in the air. Buster was obviously was used to the missionary position. He eased the head into Brian's hole, initially with some difficulty as the position is great for a vagina but not for an arse. He managed to get the head in and pushed what remained up to the hilt almost in one swoop. Seth was glad Brian had gone first as he would have passed out with that type of assault.

As Buster fucked, he plunged his mouth over Brian's and started to French kiss him deeply while squeezing his nipples (you can always tell a straight). Brian was getting an amazing fucking. The guy fucked him relentlessly and Brian's erect cock was bouncing up and down on his belly as he plunged in and out.

As he fucked Buster came out with suitable phrases such as 'take that you bitch,' and 'what do you think of a real man's cock?' The fact that Seth's cock was not that far adrift in size, hadn't seemed to register in this horny man's brain.

All of a sudden, a jet of cum sprayed out of Brian's cock without it being touched. Brian quickly gripped it to finish the job as his sperm landed over his chest. Without an acknowledgment, Buster turned to Seth and pulled him on to the bed.

Seth had been gently lubing himself as he watched the spectacle with Brian so when Buster pulled him down and rolled him over to enter him doggy fashion, he was ready. The head pushed in, met some resistance so was withdrawn and re-inserted. Within one minute the whole length was inside Seth. Seth could take cock but was rarely the passive partner so this 8 inch dick was pretty hard to accept. Buster wasn't too great on technique and after a few 'ouches' and 'oohs,' the full cock was inside and he started to hammer at Seth while holding his hips.

The doorbell rang. 'Daddy,' could be heard from the landing,' Mummy want's to know where you are.'

'Fucking pest,' Buster said, without losing his pace.

Seth grabbed his own cock as he didn't want to be left at the post as Buster grunted with each spurt as he emptied his balls into Seth's arse. Seth sprayed over the bedcovers as Buster withdrew, cast aside the full condom and quickly dressed.

'Thanks lads, that was great,' he said as his voice faded down the hallway, the door opened and the voice continued with, 'What the fuck is she wanting,' before it slammed.

From start to finish the whole incident had taken around 40 minutes and two fucked lads lay in sweat and cum laughing their heads off on the bed.

4. The horny newly wed:

Brian and Seth had been at the local municipal gym for a few hours and were returning at around 10.30 pm. The had been talking all night so were quieter as usual as they approached the block they stayed in from the rear, down a corridor to the front of the building. As usual, the lights had been vandalised and as they entered the back area of the building were surprised by a couple who were obviously making out in a dark corner. There was enough light to catch a glimpse of the young blonde tart from the top floor's naked breast. She saw the boys first and had her top pulled back and was away at some speed leaving her suitor looking puzzled. He turned and saw Brian and Seth standing, his cock was sticking straight out of his jeans where, just a few moments before, the blonde tart had obviously been trying to bring him off. Both boys were impressed, as this long slim cock was about 8 inches long. More surprising was its owner. They recognised him as the 25 year old guy who had moved in with his new wife just three weeks prior and lived one floor above them.

'Nice night for it,' said Brian with a wink.

The guy looked down as the cold air around his cock reminded him of his predicament. He had obviously been drinking and he mumbled some lame excuse about her being a friend of the family as he tucked his stiff cock back in his pants and struggled to pull up the zip.

'Some friend,' thought Brian as the boys passed and climbed to their front door.

They were giggling quietly once they managed into the house.

'What a stunning guy and what a cock,' said Seth, 'pity he's straight.'

Brian had to agree as he started to strip for bed. They were both squeaky clean from the gym showers and horny for a fuck so went straight to the bedroom.

It was some ten minutes later when the doorbell rang. Brian climbed out of bed and pulled on his CK boxers, trying to adjust his hard cock as he answered the door.

There stood the young guy, looking very embarrassed. 'You won't mention what you saw to my wife will you,' he said?'

He continued to say something else but Brian asked him to come in. He did.

'I don't usually do this but my wife is already pregnant, in fact she was pregnant before we married, and she has blocked all sex,' he said. 'Tonight that girl got me really hot and bothered at the pub. I told the wife I was with mates but I went to the pub and she was coming on to me and I was so horny.'

It was then that he looked at the shape of Brian's erect cock through his shorts and blushed.

'So am I,' said Brian.

'Oh have you got a girl in,' he said innocently?

'You've already seen my partner,' said Brian, opening the door where Seth lay stark naked and stiff on the bed.

'Jeesus,' he said, 'I'm so sorry for interrupting. I was so caught up in my own excitement it didn't occur....' the words faded away and there was a moment's silence.

'We can help you with your problem,' suggested Brian.

The guy looked quizzically at Brian, his erection and then Seth on the bed.

He mumbled, 'I'm that!'

'I'm sure you're not,' replied Brian, 'But you're horny, we're horny and we're all hard so why don't you let us relieve your tension.'

He stood until Brian moved forward, took his hand and placed it over his hard cock. The guy gasped. Brian gently kissed his cheek, while brushing his hand against the front of the guy's jeans. His cock was rigid. Seth lay on the bed stroking his cock while he watched the unfolding drama. Brian pulled off his own shorts and unclipped the guy's jeans which fell with gravity, to the floor, His small black briefs followed and as Brian went back to softly kissing, the guy stepped out of them. His jacket was pulled off, followed by his shirt. The tall dirty blonde lad, was about six feet 2 inches tall, slim, a trail of hair in his chest and again from his navel to his blondish pubic patch. His left pectoral had a tattoo with 'Lisa' and a heart. Brian guessed who Lisa might be as he dropped to his knees and took the long hard cock in his mouth. The guy's eyes closed as he savoured probably the best blow job he had ever had.

'Your name,' asked Brian as he stood up and led him to the bed?

'Huh,' came the reply.

'I need to call you something if you're going to stick that big cock in me,' he said.

'Graeme,' he said.

Graeme lay flat and inactive on the bed as both boys took control. Seth went to his head and kissed him. Initially there was little response but as Brian's mouth went back to work on his cock, Graeme's mouth opened and received Seth's tongue. Seth's hands explored the guy's chest and them he kneeled over his head and offered his cock to Graeme's mouth. He looked at the cock dangling there until Seth lifted his head towards the waiting organ. Graeme's mouth opened ever so slightly and his tongue lightly brushed against the tip. An electric shock ran through Seth and without any further preamble, he pushed the head of it into Graeme's mouth, making him gag and then slowly receive what he could.

'Please stop,' he said as clearly as he could with a cock in his mouth, 'or I'll cum. Seth pulled out his cock and Graeme continued. 'I really need to fuck but this is new to me, can you show me what you do?'

Within three minutes, Brian was kneeling doggy fashion on the bed, Seth was lubing his arse rubbing more on his cock and he prepared to enter Brian. Graeme was close and intent so the boys rolled over on their sides so that Seth was still behind Brian, but from the front, Graeme would get a perfect view of entry. He gently pushed into Brian and after a few gentle thrusts, his cock was fully embedded into Brian's hole. Graeme was fascinated. He stroked his own long cock and was just inches away from the action as Seth got up to speed and really started to fuck and Brian started to groan.

'Is it hurting him,' said Graeme?

'That's pleasure,' said Seth.

He held Brian's hips and really got going. Graeme leaned forward and actually took Brian's cock in his mouth. The sucking wouldn't have won any technique prizes in a sex-a-thon but it took Brian very near the edge and one thing he didn't want to do now was cum, and certainly not in this poor straight guy's mouth.

'Fuck me Graeme,' said Brian.

Seth pulled out and reached for a condom for Graeme. Watching this straight guy stretch it over his long cock and knowing he was going to feel it in him was almost too much for Brian. Seth lubricated the long cock once it was rubber clad and he took up the identical position Seth had been in just a moment before. This time Seth was able to watch as Graeme very gently started to enter Brian. He took his time and it was fully five minutes before he started to really fuck. The look on the young guy's face said it all.

'It's so much tighter than a cunt,' he said. 'The grip is like suction and it's fantastic. He was really hammering into Brian so Seth dropped into a position so that he could take Brian's hard cock in his mouth and still see Graeme fuck him. It really didn't take long as Graeme took a sharp intake of breath and stopped as though frozen. The pumping of the cum could clearly be seen rippling up his cock on its journey into Brian's arse and Brian came instantly into Seth's waiting mouth. Seth stroked his own cock and exploded over his own chest as he watched Graeme withdraw, the full condom hanging on the end of his long cock.

The boys collapsed back on to the bed and fully expected a fast exit from Graeme but he actually lay back and thanked them.

'Now I don't have to go looking when I'm horny,' he said.

The boys smiled and quietly thought, 'Another regular.'

5. Waiting for the right time:

It was Seth who first noticed him. Looking out of the rear bedroom window one night, he saw a young lad in the block opposite, in his bedroom. The guy looked to be 18 but it didn't stop them at least having a look. Seth and Brian saw him stripping for bed, the curtains only slightly open but with the lights inside, viewing him (especially with two pair of binoculars) wasn't too difficult. He would strip to his boxer shorts and look at himself in the mirror. He had a beautiful slim pale body. His hair, while not carrot red, was a dark red shade which made them assume his pubic hair would be the same. Sometimes he would dance in front of the mirror as though he were miming to some pop song, sometimes he would walk around the room on the cell phone chatting to someone while absent-mindedly squeezing his nipples one after the other. From time to time they would catch him fondling the front of his shorts and the makings of an erection could be seen. Never did they see him nude but that didn't stop the lads having a wank while they watched.

Both guys preferred people who knew what they were doing so this young lad was just viewing fodder. However one night they noticed a laptop had appeared and he started to spend more time on that. Since the viewing became somewhat boring, they more or less gave up until one night around a week later, the screen had been moved making it slightly more visible from their the window. Carefully looking through the binoculars, Seth managed to make out that the lad was on a mixed sex chat room that they also used. He quickly logged on and started to look for him but since the chat room did not use webcams, he had some difficulty. He decided to try searching by area and settled on two profiles which fitted the bill. Only one was online so Seth started a conversation.

'Newby' was 'bisexual, inexperienced, 18, and willing to try most things.' Seth asked him if he had ever tried it with a guy. The response was negative but he said he would love to try. They chatted back and forth and Seth then introduced the subject of Brian. That really got him going. A few more questions and the guy admitted his name was Ryan and he was just 18. He then asked if they could cam. They set up the cam and Seth called Brian. Keeping their faces slightly out of the shot, the boys put on a show for their spectator and he reciprocated by showing a delightful cock and red pubic bush.

'I have never had any sex with a guy, when can I meet u both?'

'When r u free?'

'Anytime. It's a pity you don't live locally I'm horny right now.'

'Go to your window and look out.'

The face appeared at the window and looked out into the darkness. Both Seth and Brian stood naked chests visible, at the window and waved. The guy dived back to his laptop.

'Is that really u?'

'Number 62 first floor.'

The screen went dead and it took around 5 minutes before the door bell rang. They opened and he entered like a hungry dog. He was even better looking close up. This lad was the type you only saw inside glossy fashion magazines. A few freckles dotted his face, his eyes were piercing blue and his hair was ruffled to perfection. He was stripping as he stood, obviously not interested in etiquette.

The boys stood and he stripped down to his grey shorts and his erection stood proudly trying to find an exit from behind the material. The boys stripped too and ended in the same state. He was led to the bedroom and the boys decided to lead this guy all the way. His shorts were removed and a stunning six inch cock spring into view, pre cum oozing in little droplets from the tip. It bent upwards in a curve and his slightly underdeveloped balls hung loosely below, a patch of red hair above and wisps of it coming from his balls. Seth took to sucking him and left Brian to introduce his to the joys of cock sucking. He took to it like a natural and was gripping Brian's cock as he slurped happily up and down its entire length, pulling back the foreskin and replacing it on the upward stroke. His body smelt of coconut shower gel so he had obviously just recently showered. That information led Seth to explore between his legs with his tongue and eventually to find his rosebud. The pink opening looked fresh and inviting with none of the brown bruising which often surrounds a well fucked arse.

Ryan whimpered as Seth explored his legs high in the air as though trying to pick up a television signal. Ryan gripped Brian's cock as though he felt it would disappear if he let it go and eventually following Seth's guide worked his tongue round to Brian's hole too. Brian sat straight on Ryan's mouth opening his hole to allow him to feed from the opening.

When Brian and Seth decided to change positions, Ryan asked if they 'bummed' each other. It took a quick 'yes' and a few minutes preparation before Brian was bent over the bed, his arsehole lubricated and a virgin cock about to enter him.

Ryan was suitably clad for safe sex before his rock hard cock slid easily into Brian.

'Jeesus it's so tight,' he said as he started to hammer into Brian.

'Don't cum,' said Seth, 'I want it too.'

Seth climbed on to the bed alongside Brian and lubricated his hole so that the pair of them were in identical positions, side by side. Ryan got the idea and started alternately fucking each of them. He would withdraw from Brian, move over and plunge into Seth, them fuck eagerly for a couple of minutes before repeating the procedure. He was in Seth when he blew his load, unable to contain the boiling cum any longer. When his cock slid out, Seth quickly plunged into Brian to empty his load into him leaving Brian to finish himself off at the end.

It had been a quick session, as they tend to be with 'straight' boys but it had been a hard and horny one.

As Ryan left, trying to make arrangements for a repeat performance the following night, the guys realised that living amongst 'trash' had its benefits.



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