Our cleats clattered on the floor of the deserted, shadowy locker room as Keith and I entered and started undressing.  I kept my eye discreetly on Keith as he removed his jersey and shoulder pads.  Then the damp sweaty t shirt peeled off to show a nice set of pecs, a patch of chest hair with a little line of hair running down over his abs and belly and disappearing into the top of his uniform pants.  He took a long sniff of the sweaty t shirt before tossing it into his locker.  I felt stupid to be slightly offended that he hadn't offered me a sniff as well.  Then he wiggled out of his tight uniform pants, sliding them down over his very shapely ass and long, muscled, softly hairy legs.  Now the sexy line of hair was disappearing under the band of his jock strap which was holding the treasure I was so in lust of.  He hooked a thumb on either side of the elastic waistband and pulled it down and away from his crotch and........WHOA!!

"Goddam man, you are sporting major wood there!!" I blurted out as I ogled the beautiful engorged dick just a few feet away from my salivating mouth.  Swaying lazily and oozing precum, I couldn't take my eyes off it.

"I know!" Keith sort of moaned.  He looked sheepishly down at his boner.  "It's like that 24/7 and no matter how much I jack it off, it's right back up in short order."

This was the opening I had been hoping for.  "Keith, I want to tell you something but you have to promise me that as an Eagle (our school mascot) and a friend that you will not tell anyone else.  Promise?"  He promised.

"I read a book on male sexuality that said that when a guy has this relentless dick hard on problem like you do, it's ok for one Eagle bro and good friend to help out another by sucking him off and relieving the pressure for a while.  I think we are in that situation and I am willing to help you out.  What do you think?"  How would he respond?  He looked like he could punch pretty hard.  Mostly he looked a little stunned and confused.  

Part 3 will tell the outcome.      Thanks for following Jons Welcome Wagon.  Let me know your response.


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