Jon had always had a thing for men in uniform.  The first guy he had ever blown had been a mall rent a cop who took him out on the loading dock behind a big department store, held his head between his hands and face fucked him till he came and shot cum into Jons eager mouth as well as over his face and into his hair.  His mother asked him about his new hair care product when he got home which made Jon grin.

The bane of Jons life were the family "road trips" which seemed endless and bored Jon into a near catatonic state he could only escape by teasing his annoying sister till his father threatened him with physical violence if he didn't stop.  As he was drifting toward half sleep and remembering the mall cop, suddenly there were flashing lights and his father was pulled over for speeding.  Jon looked back as the patrolman exited his car and slowly approached their car.  Tall, long legged, dark haired, and blue eyed, he got Jons immediate attention but then  as he got closer Jon noticed a very generous bulge at the guys crotch.  That woke up Jons sleepy dick which had been quietly draped on Jons thigh inside his tight jeans.  And then, when the guy took a few more steps Jon could make out the distinct shape of a generous cock hanging lazily down the guys right pants leg.  This brought Jons cock to full alert so it pushed its way down his pant leg and formed a distinct hard on that he desperately didn't want his annoying sister to see and comment on.  He crossed his legs and pulled his windbreaker over his lap so he could discreetly massage his boner while ogling the patrol guys very generous basket.  He imagined himself rolling down the car window, unzipping the guys fly, pulling out that delicious piece of man meat and deep throating him till he filled Jons greedy mouth with jizz.  Alas, it was not to be and soon they were back on the road with nothing new except now Jon had a raging boner that desperately needed taking care of.  He tried to very carefully rub his hard on but his sister was keeping an eagle eye on him and he was getting very frustrated.  Then the annoying sister saved the day by seeing a rest stop sign and demanding they stop for a bathroom break.

Great news for Jon.  He could rub out a nut and be all relaxed and back in the car in no time.  He made a beeline for the mens room, unbuttoning his jeans as he went as they were almost painfully strapping his dick down his pant leg and his dick wanted out of there!  He hurried through the door, expecting to see an empty line of urinals.  Instead what greeted his eyes was a marine in full fatigues and a guy squatting in front of him giving him some very vigorous head.  They hadn't heard Jon enter and when the marine looked up and saw Jon watching, he froze in place.  Then the sucker looked back and panicked when he saw Jon.  He jumped up, stuffed his dick back in his pants and almost ran out.

The marine remained frozen in place; hands on hips, legs spread slightly apart, and his cock and balls hanging out of his fly like ripe fruit waiting to be enjoyed.  They stared at each other until Jon reached down and rubbed his boner.  A smile crossed the marines face and he moved his eyes from Jons to look down at his own crotch then back up at Jon with that sleepy half smile.  Jon knew an invite when he got one and quickly took the departed guys place.  He slurped the copious precum off the dickhead and then he swallowed all 8" of marine meat to the hilt.  The marine took in a sharp hissing deep breath and placed his hands on Jons shoulders to pull him in closer.  Jon popped the last buttons on  his pants and his happy dick leaped out at full attention.  He started slowly jacking himself while enjoying that near delirious feeling that only a hard dick sliding in and out of your mouth can bring.  He was relishing the feeling so deeply that he barely heard the sound of someone coming in the door.  The marine again just froze in place and Jon pulled the dick out of his mouth and looked over his shoulder to see........the hot patrolman who had just issued his dad a speeding ticket.  Jons eyes moved from his face down to his crotch where he saw the dick hanging down the right pant leg starting to lengthen and thicken very nicely.

"Weren't you in the car of that guy I wrote a ticket for a ways back down the road?" he asked.

"Yes" Jons voice was a little squeeky

"Do you think I didn't know you were practically drooling while you were eye fucking my junk?  You think I didn't notice you trying to rub out a nut through the leg of those tight blue jeans?"

"Really?" Jon squeaked again.

"You think I could get the picture out of my mind of that hard cock of yours leaving wet spots of precum  while you massaged it?  I was rock hard when I got back to my car.  I had unzipped and was ready to whack off when I remembered this rest stop.  I've bee lucky here a few times before and today it looks like I've hit the jackpot."  His eyes went from Jons up to the marines.  "Does he know what he's doing?" His voice was raspy and he was rubbing his now fully engorged cock.

The marine smiled.  "Oh, yeah.  If there was a school teaching advanced cock sucking, this guy would be getting straight A's.  I think he has mouth enough for both of us if you want to join in."

Jon nodded yes and the patrolman didn't need a second invitation.  He heard the soft zzzzing of a zipper opening as he moved over beside the marine and then he presented Jon with a beautiful precum slathered dickhed which was attached to about 8" of thick shaft.  He licked the head clean of precum and then took it in to the hilt, making the guy gasp.  He deepthroated first one, then the other.  Then, with a cock in each hand, he slowly took them both in at once.  They both moaned as they felt their cocks rubbing together and watched them as they slipped deep into Jons throat until their balls were brushing the sides of Jons chin.  The feel of their dicks rubbing together inside Jons now very full mouth while Jon tongued and sucked them finally pushed them over the edge.  The marine shot first and Jon pulled back just enough to keep the cum from shooting down his throat and instead filled his mouth with that luscious hot man cream.  The patrolman felt the marines dick pulsating tight up against his own and then shooting that first hot load over the patrol  mans dickhead which caused his own dick to explode and start blasting load after sweet load into Jons mouth until both dicks swan in their mingled cock juice and they both were left trembling and exhausted.  Jon loved feeling the blasts of cum from first one and then the other dick but he soon realized his mouth just couldn't hold it all.  He started swallowing but that didn't prevent copious amounts of the guys cum mix from leaking out over his lips, down over his chin, onto both guys ball sacks and finally some on the front of his t-shirt.  But all good things must end and so it did.  The cocks softened and finally slipped out of jons still hungry mouth.  He squeezed a last couple  drops out of each one onto his tongue and then they tucked them back into their pants and zipped up.  Jon had jacked his own load off as the guys were double cumming in his mouth and now he saw that he had sprayed jizz on their boots as well as the bottom of their pants.  Jon stood up, wiped some extra cum off his own cock, licked his finger clean and then tucked his own happy dick back in his jeans.

Just as Jon did up his top button, his dad walked in looking very pissed.  The patrolman was wiping something off his boots and the marine was wiping something off his pant leg

"What is taking you so long"  His dad was not happy.

"Well dad, I thought I just needed a quick pee but then I realized I had other business to take care of."

"You need to take care of that business at home.  Who knows what disease is on those toilet seats?"  He shivered at the thought.

"You'll be glad to hear then that I took care of my business without ever letting my butt touch a toilet seat.  Now can we go?"

As they left the bathroom, his dad noticed the smile on his sons face which irritated him even more.  "What is everyone so happy about anyway?" he asked.  I noticed those other two guys in there were also smiling ear to ear.  What's the joke?"

"Well, dad, sometimes when you get a chance to drop a big load, it just makes you feel really good, you know?  You must have dropped a few loads in you lifetime.  Didn't that make you feel really good?"

"knock off the toilet  humor and get in the car.  Now we're behind schedule."

As he slid into his seat, his sister gave him a sour look.  "Why are you looking so happy?  You look like the cat who drank all the cream."

"Ah, my dear sister, I AM the cat who drank down all the thick rich cream and that is exactly why I look so happy."   She decided he was completely nuts.


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