After clever Keith turned me from a cat to a mouse (see previous chapter) we settled into a very happy routine.  I made him happy sucking his cock and he made me happy with big shots of cum.  He had hooked up with a new girl the complete opposite of dear Melanie of the blue rubber gloves.  She had no problem giving him BJs and had even approached me for tips on bettering her technique.  Keith said she had improved but was still way behind me on the finer points such as maintaining suction while swirling the tongue around the cock head.  I blushed at his praise even while knowing it was true.  Keith had also discreetly mentioned to a couple our Eagle brothers that I was delighted to help out a bro so I was getting all the cock I wanted.

Then my girlfriend (literally a girl who was my friend) approached me with a proposition.  Natalie was a true free spirit when it came to sex.  A local had once summed it up exactly.  "That girl does love herself some cock!"  She worked as a waitress in the restaurant at the big truck stop next to the interstate so she had plenty of product to choose from.  There were the long distance truck drivers who needed some respite from those endless miles on the road.  Of course, she pointed out, they would just as soon give it up to a guy if he got there first but Natalie was a sharing kind of girl who knew another semi would pull in shortly.  Then there were the traveling salesmen.  Full of fun and off color jokes and always on the make for some pussy, Natalie found it strange that none of them were ever married even when there was a band of white on the finger where a ring had been removed.  Plus the occasional college guy on his way to school or a Marine hitching rides to get home on leave.  They may have looked tired and bummed when they came in the restaurant but they looked completely rejuvenated when they left her house the next morning sporting a big grin.  As the local yokel so rightly pointed out, Natalie does love herself some cock.

I filled in as a bus boy at the restaurant once in a while and one evening we were taking a break, talking about the latest local gossip when she leaned across the table with a serious expression on her face.

"Jon, I know you play for the other team but I often think you may be open to trying some new stuff in the bedroom.  Involving a girl I mean."  I frowned. " And another guy of course.  A three way.  The best of both worlds you might say."

In truth I had often wondered what getting it on with a woman would be like but it had never been more than idle daydreaming so I was appropriately shocked when she suggested it.

"Jeez, Natalie, you don't pull any punches, do you?  And wouldn't it seem weird doing it with you, us being friends and all?"  I was pretty freaked out by now but also strangely fascinated.  Then she landed the sucker punch.

"would it make any difference to know that the guy involved is Gregg Olsen?"

I had been slouching down in the booth but that name brought me bolt upright at full attention.  Gregg Olsen was one of those perfect specimens that come along about once in several million attempts.  An exquisite dark ginger.  Very dark red wavy hair framing a perfect face.  Big dark green eyes set off with long black lashes; a nose any nose job doctor would die for and lips so shapely that anyone; man, woman, gay or straight felt a need to feel them pressed against their own lips.  Even a little tongue maybe.  As a tailor would put it, he "dressed" to the right in a most satisfying show of what had to be amazing equipment.  And to top it all, he was a warm friendly guy.  Also........he was totally straight!  I pointed this out to Natalie.

"Well, I don't think any guy is "totally" straight and while Gregg is very straight he is also very open to trying new stuff.  When I suggested this three way he was very wary about it and it wasn't until I mentioned I wanted you as the third that he finally agreed.  He doesn't need to know you're mostly gay or he may already know and is ok with it.  I just think it could be a fantastic mix and I will be very disappointed is you don't agree.

How could I not agree?  Sex with a woman.  Gregg Olsen naked and throwing a boner.  Who would be crazy enough to turn that down?  So I nodded yes and we finished our break and went back to work.  

Next-we get down to the nitty gritty of this vaginal dp.  Oh my!


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