Jon woke up about midnight with a juicy 8" erection and that sort of tickling tingling feeling that told him jacking off was not going to get him back to sleep.  He needed a body.  A mans body with a hairy chest and nipples to suck on.  A dick to deep throat and an ass with cheeks just waiting to be parted, licked, tongued and fucked.  He sighed and rolled out of bed. He threw on a t-shirt, tennies, and a pair of thin cotton pants that displayed his equipment very nicely.

He drove to a local park which closed at midnight.  Only person there was a cop making sure nobody was lurking past closing time.  Jon was ready to leave when the cop rubbed his crotch in an inviting way.  Jon turned off the cars engine, opened his door and waited.  He was not going to make the first move on a cop and get arrested.  But the cop moved over to Jons car door, unzipped, and presented him with a nice enough dick but he was very nervous and paranoid and before Jon could really enjoy it, the cop blew his wad, zipped up and informed Jon the park was closed and he had to leave or get a ticket. 

So he left the park and the cops now flaccid cock and moved on to the local video arcade.  Only one booth was occupied so Jon went into the one next to it and looked through the glory hole to find a really magnificent dick with matching balls being slowly jacked in the dim light of the booth.  Jon rubbed his finger around the rim of the glory hole and the dick was   immediately  shoved into Jons waiting mouth.  He licked and sucked a while but he really wanted more.  But again the guy was paranoid and wouldn't join Jon in a booth so Jon did his tongue and mouth magic and soon had the guy shooting copious cum over jons tongue and down his throat.  Then the guy abruptly pulled his dick back, dribbling a last few drops of cum on Jons chin, and made a quick exit from the store.

Jon was bummed and decided to fall back to plan B which involved a pint of Haagan Daz salted caramel ice cream and a warm, lubed up             .  The Haagan Daz sort of took the place of cum and the           was vaguely like fucking someone.  He rarely had to fall back to this but tonight just didn't seem to be working out for him.

He drove to the supermarket which at this time of night was deserted except for a few guys stocking shelves out of big boxes stacked in the aisle so he headed down an aisle to the frozen foods.  There was a guy stocking who gave Jon an appraising look but then quickly looked away when Jon caught his eye.  It was the cereal aisle and Jon noticed the brand he used there so he squatted down to reach it on the bottom shelf.  As he turned to stand back up he found himself inches away from a very well packed package defined by the soft fabric of the pants.

"Are you finding what you're looking for?" A soft, husky voice from the stocking guy.

"Gee I hope I have.  I've been looking all evening."  He let his lips ever so softly brush the dickhead outlined by the pants as he looked up at the guy.  There was gasp and the package definitely started coming alive inside the pants.  Now Jon brazenly ran his mouth over the guys dick which brought it to full attention.  As Jon stood up he made sure to rub his body against the guy until their crotches met and Jon leaned forward to whisper in the guys ear.

"You want to know what I'm going to do to you?"

"Yes, I guess I should know, huh?"  The guys voice was very shaky and raspy.  Jon could see his eyelashes fluttering.

"I'm going to start by kissing those pretty lips and then I'm going to french them for a while and then I'm going to shove my long, wet tongue so far down your throat that it will tickle your tonsils.  While I'm doing that I am also going to be playing with your ass cheeks and doing a little probing with my finger back there."  A groan from the guy.

"Then I'm going to unbutton that ugly supermarket shirt so I can have full access to those plump, hard nipples and that fine hairy chest.  I'll work my way down to the pants, unbelt them, unzip them and pull them down which will unleash that lovely cock I could almost taste through your pants.  I will tease the head with my tongue for a while before I swallow it down to your pubes and feel your balls smack into my chin.  While my mouth is busy there my hands will be massaging your bare ass and my middle finger will be searching for your sweet pink asshole.  When it does it will probe ever so gently at your sphincter till it starts to relax and let my finger in.  Then I'll probe deeper and deeper till I am in up to my second knuckle and can finger fuck you.  Then I'll pull that finger out and add a second finger which will open you up even wider and make that little fuck hole beg for something bigger and thicker, that can go deeper and can make you shudder when it rubs over your prostate.   Then I'll take your dick out of my mouth, turn you around and bend you over that box of Wheaties so I can spread those cheeks and plant my mouth right on your asshole where that long wet tongue that was just in your mouth will lick up and down your ass crack and probe as deep as it can into that secret hot hole.  But that won't be enough for your ass which now wants much more than a tongue to make it happy.  That will be my 8" boner that I take out of my pants and wrap my hand around.  I'll add a gob of spit to my already precum lathered dickhead and then I'm going to shove all those thick 8" inches straight up your shithole and up against your prostate.  Then I'll fuck you hard and long until I feel your sphincter grab my cock.  I know that means you are about to shoot so I will blast your gut full of my primo jizz, pull out, turn you back around just in time to clamp down on your fuck hose as it sprays its load all over my tongue and down my throat.  Then I'll put my satisfied dick back in my pants and leave.  What do you think about that scenario?"

Jon raised his lips from beside the guys ear and looked him in the face.  He saw a pair of baby blue eyes wide and frightened looking and those delicious lips slightly open and trembling.  His mouth opened and closed a couple times and then said in a thin and shaky voice as he stared into Jons eyes.

"What the fuck are you waiting for?  My cock is drowning in precum , my ass is twitching like crazy and I still have to get all this cereal on the shelf before my shift is over."

So later Jon walked out of the supermarket without his salted caramel Haagen Dazz ice cream.  Just a big box of Wheaties and a huge grin on his face.  Oh, and that tickling tingling feeling?  Completely gone.


jon martin

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