As I rested on my knees and looked up at the fearsome apparition standing in front of me with his boner throbbing mere inches from my outstretched tongue, my blood quickly went from frozen to boiling.  I knew this was not going to be a casual give and take encounter with a young Indian boy; this was going to be this warrior doing all the taking and me doing all the giving.  For the first time in my life I was going to be a complete and utter bitch to be used in whatever way this scary yet thrilling erotic dream man decided to use me.  And I couldn't wait for him to start using me.  My mouth was hungry and my asshole twitched with anticipation.

He took his cock in hand and lay the pre cum soaked head against my outstretched tongue so I could lap up that sweet appetizer served up before the main meal to come.  I licked greedily and hoped for more but he thrust his hips forward and suddenly my mouth was filled with thick hot dick.  Is there anything in the world to compare to having that much anticipated dick first entering your mouth?  That musky salty taste like no other that mixes with the precum and causes your taste buds to open wide and beg for more.  More, sir!  Please, sir!  Then it slides in deeper and deeper till it hits the back of your throat and your nose is tickled by pubic hair.  You breath in deeply of that unique smell given off by a mans cock and balls.  In this case that heady smell was augmented by a lingering smell of wood fire smoke and the animal skins he slept on.  The combination caused my mind to reel and I wanted nothing more than to continue sucking that throbbing piece of man meat and inhaling those man smells until I finally won the ultimate reward.  The feel of that first hot, sweet, salty blast of cum on your tonsils.  Then several following blasts, each diminishing in power but filling your mouth so full of cum that it leaks out over your lips and down onto your chin.  You slosh the pearly cum around in your mouth while you continue lazily milking the slowly softening cock.  Finally you have to swallow your creamy cum treat and release the now relaxed member from your reluctant mouth.

Ah, but this warrior wants more than a simple blow job.  And what this warrior wants, he gets!

Continued in part 4


jon martin

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