The storm was getting closer, the lightning and thunder were getting stronger.  As I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to lick a glob of pre cum off the beautiful Indian boys dickhead there was an enormous slash of blinding, brilliant lightning followed immediately by a cataclysmic, earth shattering roar of thunder.  The air was suddenly saturated with the smell of ozone and as the thunder subsided it was replaced by the distant sound of drums.  The pounding grew louder and floating above the drums was the high, keening sound of women's voices.  This was the sound we had all heard a thousand times in Saturday matinee cowboy and Indian movies that always sent a chill up our spines and it certainly sent one up mine right now.  These were war drums and the women were asking the great spirit to protect the warriors from harm or, if they must die, to die bravely in battle.

I looked over where the sheep had been quietly resting and where the dogs had been curled up sleeping.  In their place was a herd of shaggy maned buffalo milling about and keeping a fearful eye on two enormous grey wolves.  A huge bull buffalo snorted and pawed the ground while shaking his head threateningly at the wolves.  The sound of the drums and the women's voices got louder and sounded much closer.

My mind was frozen in disbelief as I stared at the buffalo and the wolves.  Then I looked back up at my beautiful Indian boy and the blood froze in my veins.  In his place stood a fearsome warrior in full battle drag.  Red covered the upper half of his face.  It denoted bravery in battle and the blood shed by both himself and his enemies.  In his hair were several eagle feathers, each denoting an act of special bravery in battle and around his neck hung a string of bear claws from a bear he had killed.  Above his right breast was the imprint of a black hand which was only allowed to be worn by the bravest warriors.  Red beaded armbands encircled his upper arms and that was all he wore.  His nakedness radiated power and total self confidence in his superior abilities in all things.  His face displayed no emotion and his thin voluptuous lips were tightly closed.  His erection stood thick and high, the head smeared with pre cum.  Here stood a man who took what he wanted when he wanted it and, at least for the moment, he wanted my mouth and my ass.  And I was SO ready to give him whatever he wanted.

Continued in part 3


jon martin

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