Alas, my dream of getting a mouthful of hot, wild Indian sweet cream was not to be.  At least not yet.  My warrior stud had other plans for me.

The sound of the war drums and the chanting women is louder than ever and it seems to be coming from all around the campsite instead of any one location.  The herd bull is now directly behind the warrior, pawing the ground, snorting and lowering his shaggy head to the attack position.  Knowing what is coming, his dick has hardened and escaped its protective sheath in anticipation.  It is long and dangerous looking and it is dripping on the ground.  The two grey wolves are now on either side of the bull, panting and also watching in intense anticipation.

The warrior withdraws his dick from my hungry mouth and drops to his knees directly in front of me.  He takes me by my shoulders and pushes me onto my back.  He pulls my legs up so my asshole is fully exposed and then buries his face in my ass crack and licks and probes my twitching sphincter till I hear myself moaning with pleasure not only at having my ass eaten out but also with desire for what is going to soon replace his probing tongue.  He finally removes his tongue and lowers my ass so his fat, spit slicked, precum lubed dick is pushing against my now ravenous asshole.  He pulls me toward himself so his cock head slides past my welcoming sphincter which then tightens around the shaft as the head starts its  journey into my gut and up against my prostate.  Being the greedy bitch that I am, I am wishing there was another dick at this party so I could have a cock in both my hungry holes but that thought passes quickly as I concentrate on the dick now working my ass so expertly.  Each thrust starts with his dick nearly escaping my hole so that my sphincter grips tightly so the head can't drop out, then relaxes as he starts pushing back in, and in, and in till he caresses my prostate and sends waves of shimmering pleasure coursing through my body.  Each time my prostate is massaged it causes my dick to spew out precum like crazy so that a pool of it is forming on my belly.  I take hold of my cock and jack it in rhythm with his thrusts which are getting faster so his balls slap against my ass crack each time he slams home.  I don't want this to ever end but I feel both of us reaching that point of no return.  He removes my legs from his shoulders and spreads them wide apart which opens me even further and allows him to lean forward and pull my lips up against his so his tongue can probe for some of the taste his cock may have left in my mouth.  I wrap my legs tightly around his waist and rush to meet his climax with my own.  As my cock starts shooting cum like crazy, it pushes him over the edge.  I expect to feel his cum wash over my prostate and fill my gut but instead he moans loudly and pulls out of my ass to spray cum up into my hair, across my forehead and one lucky shot straight into my mouth so I get a taste of that salty, smoky, animal tinged cream to roll over my tongue.  The last few shots mix in with my own cum and the pool of precum which he greedily laps up from my chest and belly before collapsing, trembling, on top of me.  But still not satisfied he probes my mouth with his tongue. I transfer the cum I was holding onto his tongue and finally he seems satisfied.  I am more than satisfied; I am probably the happiest bitch in the world at that moment.

As we reached our climax, the bull had let out a thunderous bellow and the wolves had raised their noses into the night air and howled their haunting lonely cry.  The drums had grown to an ear splitting crescendo and then stopped abruptly.  The silence was deafening and the bull buffalo and the two wolves were gone.  I looked around to see the sheep quietly milling and the two dogs still curled up but keeping a close watch so that no sheep strayed.  I turned back to look at my warrior who had fucked his bitch so well and instead found the beautiful Indian boy.

"Isn't time travel great?" he whispered in my ear.  "I think you were just fucked by my great grandfather Cum Sprayer.  When I give my body over for the old ones to use, I'm always happiest when he uses me.  He cums about a quart and he can shoot a very long way.  Not like my  uncle Tiny Meat who can barely keep a hardon and just dribbles out a few blobs when he comes.  Then when we come back to the present, the guys blame me and tell everyone what a lame fuck I am."  With that he sighed, lay his head on my chest and we both fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up with the sun on my face and no trace of sheep, dogs, or time traveling Indian.  I really hope that one day I'll run into him again and can revisit my hot fucking warrior.  Then again I might end up with uncle Tiny Meat and what a bummer that would be.


jon martin

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