I had been attending college in Utah and was driving home to Colorado for spring break.  Anyone who has driven through the Utah badlands at night knows what a vast, lonely and frankly alien landscape it presents.  The moon was full that night but there were storm clouds moving across the sky causing the landscape to first be bathed in the silvery blue light of the moon and then plunged into utter black as clouds moved across the face of the moon.  There was also distant flashes of lightning and the muted rolling roar of thunder as a storm moved across the desert.  If there are aliens, this is where to find them.

I had driven for several hours without seeing another human and I was starting to get sleepy.  I found a little off road spot to pull off on and as I shut the engine off, I heard bells tinkling nearby.  The moon reappeared and there in its light was a herd of sheep being herded across the road by a couple of hard working dogs and a tall shepherd wearing a serape and a wide brimmed hat.  As the shepherd passed in front of my car, he raised his hat and smiled at me.  He had a mop of black hair and dazzling white teeth and appeared to be young but it was hard to tell.  As the  last of the sheep was herded into the night I reclined my seat and fell instantly asleep.

I awoke about an hour later feeling refreshed and wide awake.  I got out of the car to stretch and to take a badly needed piss.  As I sprayed piss on a bush by the side of the road, a lizard skittered out and across the sand.  Either he didn't appreciate a golden shower or he was just pissed about getting pissed on.  I grinned at my own feeble humor.  As I put myself back in my pants and zipped up I noticed a fire a ways off in the distance and figured it was probably the Indian shepherds campsite.  I'm a social kind of guy and he HAD raised his hat to me in greeting so I decided to wander over to have a look see and maybe have a conversation with another human being.  Remembering the tall stranger with the mop of black hair and the pearly smile, it even occurred to me that conversation might not be all I might get.  This thought caused an eager little stir in my pants as my dick received the message and stretched out a little in anticipation.

As I got closer, I noticed the camp was located in a little oasis with a couple trees and some bushes growing on the edge of a spring fed pool.  A bedroll was laid out near the fire and the two dogs were curled up nearby.  They eyed me suspiciously but remained calm as I approached.  The sheep were settled for the night a distance away and it all looked like a scene of quiet and calm.  But where was the shepherd?

I saw a movement in the pool and realized the shepherd had been bathing there and was stepping out of the water and into the firelight.  What the firelight revealed took my breath away.  The tall young Indian had water still dripping off his body, causing his copper skin to gleam in the firelight.  He hadn't seen me yet and he reared his head back to shake water out of his thick black mane of hair.  Broad, beefy shoulders, pecs with nipples to die for and a long slender waist narrowing to flat hips and a crotch sporting a cock and balls that had to be the culmination of a thousand years of genetic perfection.  His cock was beautiful.  Long and thick and sporting just enough foreskin to protect the sensitive head while still letting the tip peek out.  His ball sack was firm and full and low hanging to provide that perfect mouthful to roll around over your tongue while you jacked the shaft above slowly with your free hand.

He gave his hair a final shake and then noticed me on the other side of the fire.  He looked surprised but friendly and he made no effort to hide his magnificent nakedness.  His eyes moved down to my crotch and he smiled.  I looked down as well and saw that I was sporting major wood that was making a large tent in the cargo pants I was wearing.  His eyes moved back up to mine and he slowly started moving toward me.  Each step caused his dick to lift and fill out a little more till it stood up bone hard and well covered with pre cum by the time he reached the opposite end of the bedroll.  As he was walking toward me I was shedding my t-shirt, my cargo pants, and my sneakers.  I sank to my knees on the bedroll and opened my mouth to take in that cock and those balls.  He took his dick in hand and pointed it at my eager mouth.  I leaned forward to lick the pre cum off and when my tongue touched his cock.......................Everything changed!!!!!!!

End of Part 1


jon martin

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