I see them fucking as I stand in the doorway.

Me, I am slowly stroking my cock, the spittle and cum mixture and newly leaking pre-cum, providing the natural lube I need.

Bob slides his greased cock into Rick's hole. Each thrust brings a 'yelp' from Rick and an 'oh fuck' from Bob.

As Bob's cock enters and exits Rick's hole, I can see the wetness from each thrust as his cock shines from the juices of both him and Rick, in the early morning light, it glistens with his own pre-cum.

I stroke my cock harder.

"You hole is still just as tight as it once was, "Bob says, "You are not getting fucked enough are you?"

"Not as much as I would like, "Rick answers, "oh fuck, your cock feels good; go all the way down."

Bob sees me in the doorway, stroking my cock and deeply entranced as he is fucking Rick harder. I suspect he is enjoying being the entertainment for me; his exhibitionism that he has shown since we arrived last night has culminated into this, which I suspect was his ultimate goal.

One of his goals at least, I venture to say.

I was another one.

He smiles with a Cheshire cat grin and a little devil mixed in.

"So has Reece ever fucked you, Rick" Bob asks Rick as he thrust him once again with another cock plunge.

As Rick lets out another loud moan that echoes through the house, I am caught unawares.

Bob looks at me when he asks Rick the question.

I quit stroking my cock.

"No but I would gladly welcome his cock in my ass, "Rick says, "after seeing his cock for the past few years when we have been out working, I would devour it with my mouth or my tight ass."

Rick says this rather calmly, as Bob has momentarily stopped fucking him, so he can be sure I hear Rick's answer.

He knew the answer to the question before he even asked.

Bob looks over at me and smiles.

I resume my stroking. I had never considered Rick to be gay until now but when a cock is going in and out of his ass, I guess that answers the question whether he is or not.

I am not or I am not sure.

No, I am not.

I tell myself.

I fuck woman.

"Come join the fun, Reece, "Bob says, "You wanna fuck you pal, I have his hole lubed for you."

Rick turns his head.

We make eye contact; there is a mixture of fear and excitement on his face.

Is he wondering if I am going to join in or punch him in the face?

I enter the room, soaked in my own juices from one spent cum, I suppose another load before work would be nice too. It would be good start for the day; a good fuck is always a good start.

The smell of sex hangs heavy in the air, sweat, cum and power emanates from the bedroom. A powerful manly scent permeates this space. Perhaps, that is what drew me this morning. This beckoning of manhood being put on full display, I was summoned on some primal level.

Bob slowly pulls his cock out of Rick's ass; a low squeal comes from Rick's mouth. A disappointed sigh escapes.

"His ass is tight, Reece, "Bob says, "It will grip that big cock-head of yours and suck it in. Don't be gentle either, Rick likes it rough."

Rick turns his head and smiles at me. The excitement of a long desired fantasy of his is coming to fruition. What has been revealed is not fear but overwhelming joy.

"Give me that cock Reece, I have been wanting it for a very long time."

I place myself behind his ass. I've fucked many girls anal before but never a guy. An ass is an ass, and Rick's looks very inviting.

"Perhaps some lube would be good; your cock-head is bigger than mine, "Bob said, "Your cock will be like impaling Rick on a baseball bat with a big knob."

The calmness of this situation amazes me. Was this planned? I have already felt that I was to be a receiver of some elaborate seduction by Bob last night. Was this the ultimate goal of both of them when the pleasantries were exchanged at the fence in the driveway when we arrived?

Bob squirts some lube on my steel-hard cock and gives me a few forceful cock strokes. He licks his lips and gives me a "go for it boy" look to me. I figured he just wanted to get his hand on me.

It feels good, so why protest.

I re-position my cock at Rick's ass and slowly use the force of my weight to shove myself into his ass. Bob was right, Rick's ass is tight. Rick begins moving his ass muscles squeezing, tugging and milking my cock. I pull out slow, I want to tease him but I want him to feel the full length and thickness of my cock. I do this a few times. Slowly. Slowly.

Rick is gasping; his squeals of ecstasy low and slow.

"I knew your cock would feel this way, Reece, I knew it, "Rick says.

I tease him a bit more; I like to start out slow and built momentum. I had trained myself for years, using my leg strength to fuck. My inner thighs were a mountain of pressure waiting to be unleashed. I do the slow thrust a few more times. Rick is crying out to thrust harder but I ignore him. I am in control. He wants my cock but he will get it only on my terms.

I look to my left, Bob and he is slowly stroking his cock in a chair. He enjoys being the voyeur and like him, I like being the one giving the show.

He smiles at me. He knows what I am doing.

Primping Rick's ass before I unleash the full strength of my manhood into it and show him what he begged for so long is far more than what he expects.

"You are doing good, man, "Bob says, "Show that boy who is in control."

I smile back at him.

I start slowly pounding his ass with more power. I pull my cock all the way out then slam with all my power back into the tight hole that grips and squeezes my cock each time I thrust in it. I vary my pace, letting Rick know that I am in control of his ecstasy. He squeals and yells out each time I give him a powerful thrust from cock.

"Give me more; give me more, "Rick is screaming as I sink my cock up to my pubes in his ass.

"You want it, doncha ya" I say, "You want my cock in that ass doncha ya."

It is a senseless question to ask, of course, he wants it. He has wanted it for a long time and now he has it, he has all of it.

I begin thrusting and pounding with total abandonment, oblivious to what is happening around me. My goal, my purpose is to fuck Rick's ass to my full release.

I feel a wetness on my ass.

It is Bob, he had moved from the chair to a crouched position at my own ass, I can feel his tongue as he massages the opening to my hole. He is tasting sweat, cum and manliness, my manliness.

It feels good, just like what happened in my dream but this time it is real. This is happening now as I fuck Rick.

I slow down again. I want to feel his tongue as it darts in and out of my hole. I take slow deliberate thrust, Rick is moaning again, louder than before.

"Give it to me, Reece, "Rick shouts, "quit playing games with me and FUCK ME."

It is though Rick is possessed of some unworldly entity, this is a side of him, I never seen him before. He wanted me for so long; he is going to savor the manhood that he craved for so long.

I am the man in charge of the situation. I control this fuck. I am the one in control.

Bob's tongue feels so good. I proceed to pound Rick's ass hard again. I lose myself in the power between my legs, my strength, my cock.

Suddenly, I feel a sharp sensation in my ass.

It is not a tongue. This is harder, firmer.

I scream out.


I explode in Rick's ass.

Rick's cock shots his load onto the sheets of the disheveled bed.

A loud 'fuck' escapes from Rick's mouth as he loses his wad too.

"Cum for me boys, let those cock's unload, "Bob says as he jacks his load onto the carpet.

Two fingers are in my ass as Bob shot his load, he had found my 'spot' on the first try.

I keel over onto Rick and we both fall limply into the bed, my cock is still in him as we gently fall into a mass of man-flesh onto the bed. I slip my cock out and roll onto my back.

I am sweaty spend mass of a man.

Rick rolls over and proceeds to lap up my sweat in my pits. Is he trying to savor more of me than he already has?

Bob crawls from his spot in the middle of the room and takes my cock in his mouth, as I am spread-eagle on the bed with my legs open wide over the edge of the bed.

I am spent and the workday has not even started yet.

This realization causes panic, what time is it? Searching frantically around the room for a clock, I find one, the one on the nightstand says, 6:45 a.m.

"Rick, look at the time," I say.

"Shit, we are going to be late."

Rick says there is a shower down the hall, I run there in a panic. I hear another one going in another room. What a night and a morning, I never expected this.

Our good-bye is short.

Bob had our cut-offs, shirts and even had our boots layed out for us when we emerged from our showers, like a good host, they were clean. He also managed to make both Rick and I a sandwich to replenish our strength. We gulped them down in several bites. The hunger had overtaken us. Our bodies need the fuel.

As we made our way to my truck in the driveway, Bob say his final words.

"I hope you two come back before you leave this job, "he said, "you two are welcome anytime."

We made it to the jobsite, only a few minutes late. Rick made numerous glances at me throughout the day.

I knew what he thinking, he wants more of me.

The other guys kept asking where we were last night and why we had not showed up at the hotel.

We would not say.

We let them believe, we had been in a threesome with some random pussy we had picked up in the bar and had stayed with her. This is a story they assumed.

We knew the truth but the secret was between the two of us.

I also found in my pocket, later that day, Bob's phone number and a short message.

It read.

Next time, you cum alone.

The End

(for now)



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