It is so damn hot. So hot my balls were sweating, the heat not only came from the temperature but from the hard-on I had been sporting for nearly two hours. We were under a deadline; we had to get the building framed today. There was no other way around it. The several days of rain had set us behind so we were working at a rapid pace when any other time we would have been drinking beers at the bar across the street. The guys and I are all shirtless, bare chested and sweat soaked chest hair in jean shorts. It is our standard dress, we would work naked, I bet, if not for the bar in shouting distance.

The more water we chugged the wetter we became. It finally got to a point that we had to call it a day. The exhaustion and short tempers made their appearance. Rick and I got in my truck.

"Hey man, you look beat," Rick, stating the obvious.

"Yeah, I am and my cock has been hard for hours," I said.

My shorts had a noticeable rise in them and the chafing from them being soaked with sweat made it even more uncomfortable.

"Man, I need to get these things off, I am being rubbed raw," I said aloud, not really caring or asking permission. I eased the shorts down and my cock hit my stomach as it full erection was no longer restrained by the Levi shorts.

"Whoa, man, why'd you do that?" Rick asked.

"Why'd think, I told you, "I answered matter-of-factly.

"I hope you have some more shorts to put on, I do not want to see your hairy cock on the drive back to the hotel," Rick whined.

"Hey man, deal with it, you've seen my cock numerous times, "I said, "why the whining."

Rick shrugged his shoulders.

"If you have such a big problem, get naked yourself, I don't care," I told him.

That was all the prompting he needed, he was naked in an instant and was packing a boner to rival my own.

"Feel better," I asked him.

"Yeah, I do," was his reply.

I touched my cock and noticed that I was leaking pre-cum.

"Hey man, you wanna go for a swim?" Rick asked.


"I have a friend from high school who lives not too far from here, he has a pool," Rick answered.

"Man, if you haven't noticed my cock is rock hard and needing some attention," I said, "you want me to go to a guy's house I do not know with a raging hard-on?"

"Relax man, it's alright, it will be fine, trust me," he said, "just let me call him, tell him we are on our way."

Rick calls his friend. Afterwards we make our way; both of us are still hard, I would lazily touch my cock and spread the pre-cum over my cock. I was damn horny and needed some relief. Rick had not hidden his horniness either, he was stroking his cock and the pre-cum was leaking as much as mine. We made it to his friends house, I was glad it was twilight; it would have been hell to explain to a cop why two naked guys with raging hard-ons were driving around.

The house was tucked away down a back road. As we approached, Rick told me to blow the horn. I did. A house light came on plus a security light too as we approached.

A man about 45 came out the front door, naked as I was in the truck. He looked to be in good shape, muscular and a cock flopping as he walked. I swear it looked to be about 8 inches and he was soft.

"Stay here, let me go talk to my friend's dad," Rick said.

Rick got out of the truck, still hard and still dripping pre-cum. I was floored. What was going on here? Rick walks over shakes this man's hand and they laugh a minute.

"Hey, cut the truck off and come over here, "he shouts and waves me to get out of the truck. I do as he says and think to myself. What the hell.

"So we have two guys with massive hard-ons," the man says as I walk up, "not the first time or the last at this house."

"Mr. Warren, this is my friend, Reece, this is the guy I am working with on the building on the SR 27," Rick introduces me.

"Nice to meet you, Reece, nice cock, you got there," Mr. Warren says.

"Thanks, "I said, "I think."

"Reece, Bob here has a strict no clothes policy at his home, "Rick explained, "When his wife left, he decided his home would be naked."

"And that has been the rule for years, I do not wear any and neither do any men who come here. If you get hard like you two guys are," Bob said, "and like I am starting to, the hell with it. We are men. Enjoy being a man."

I was shocked but I tended to agree. I always got naked when I was home and when we worked out of town on jobs, I was always naked in the hotel rooms, and the guys I worked with knew this and accepted it.

"So you guys wanna swim," Bob asked.

"Yes," I answered.

"Rick knows where the pool is, I will get us some beers and meet you out back, " he said, "looks like you guys have two raging hard-ons that need some attention, I may be able to help with that too."

"What," I exclaimed.

"C'mon man, the pool is this way," Rick, said as he headed out in the slowly darkening day.

What did he mean went through my head, both of them? I got harder thinking about it.

We got to the pool. All we had left to remove was our work boots and socks. It felt good to be naked in the north Florida air. I took some spit and gave my cock a few strokes. I had grown up in a household where nudity was shied upon, when I got to college. I changed. Seeing guys and girls naked in the same showers surprised me, the surprise did not last long though. I am an athletic guy; I know I have been admired by guys. I am okay with it. I have jacked off with a guy or two, it is just something guys do or guys that I have known do.

Mr. Warren, Bob, came out of the back door with a wide smile and a raging boner; he had put on a cock-ring, so his cock was harder and longer. It looked to be about 10 inches and thick.

"Damn, "I caught myself aloud.

"Thanks, Reece, I have gotten that reaction before, "Bob chuckled, slyly.

"Son, you are not lacking yourself, "he said, "what are you, about 9 inches."

"Yeah," I answered, "I am nearly 9 inches."

"C'mere son, "Bob said, "let me see that piece of man-meat up close."

I caught myself doing what he asked. He had sat down in a lawn chair, one of many that lined the perimeter of the pool. He gave his cock a few strokes, using some of his own spittle as I used mine. My cock was in line with his face. He took his hands and ran them through my pubes. My cock responded and got harder. I was so hard now; I could swear my cock was purple. It had been hours of being hard, I had softened some from the job site over to Bob's house but once I got back in the night air, I was as hard as I had been when I was pounding nails.

He took me in his mouth. The warmth of his wet mouth felt like the best thing I had experienced in my life. I melted. I grabbed the back of his head and began to force face fuck him. He removed my hand from the back of the head and eased up from the sucking on my cock.

"Reece, son, enjoy it," he said, "let me massage that wonderful piece of man muscle. Relax."


The fieriness of youth and my own horniness had overwhelmed me. I was one to do a quick fuck and be about my business, conquering the next pussy that opened its legs to me. I was the same when I jacked off. Wham. Bam. Thank you, M'am. This was different. I had never been blown by a man before, much less a man that was slightly younger than my own dad.

He took me back into his mouth. He went down to my pubes and back up the shaft again. He would gently suck and suck as he went the length of my cock. When he got to my cock-head, he would run his tongue over it and poke the tip of his tongue in my piss hole. Damn!

I could feel the tension in my balls, as he sucked and sucked. I was approaching the point of no return and knew I was about to cum. I felt my cock tense up, now was the time. As I was attempting to pull out of his mouth, he sucked harder and would not release my cock; I shot my load down his throat. I was spent. Drained. He sucked more and more, getting the rest of the seed out of my rapidly deflating cock.

"Fuck," I yelled, "fuck, fuck, fuck."

He let go. He guided me to a chair as I had been shaking and had not realized it. It was quiet for a moment.

"Damn, son, you have sweet spunk," he said, "just as tasty as Rick's."

It was then I was brought back to reality. I had forgotten about him. I looked over and Rick was in another lawn chair stroking his cock. It was then he exploded. The cum covered his chest and his face. Bob walked over. Ran his fingers over Rick's body, took cum from his body, placed it in his mouth, and swallowed. Throughout all of this Bob's cock was still hard and just as purple as mine had been earlier. Surely he was about to burst through that cock-ring. He took some of the cum-spittle in his mouth and began stroking his cock. It was a matter of minutes before he blew his load. It shot his cum into the pool; the white man juice looked like milk as it hit the water. Bob had the virility and stamina of a man unlike any I had seen his age.

He yelled, "Fuck" as I had done when I shot my load. He collapsed into a chair. We all caught ourselves looking at each other and let out a collective "damn." This is what it felt like to be a man.



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