The warm pool water feels great as it massages my tired worn and spent body as I swim. I have just experienced the best blowjob in my life and a man did it. This is a new experience for me. I have no problem being naked around men; I played sports, saw many a guy with a hard-on in the locker room and shower as I grew up. I jacked off with a few of them but this is the first time another guy's mouth had sucked me off to such an intense cum and then swallowed my load. I could never get a girl to do what Bob did.

"You guys hungry," Bob ask as he sits in the lounge chair while staring at me while I swim.

"I am, "Rick answers without hesitating.

"What about you, Reece, you hungry," he asks me directly, "after a load like that I would be starving; I would have to replace that protein I lost."

"Yeah, I am hungry but we really need to go, get back to the hotel, you know, "I say.

"What's so important that you gotta rush back? "Bob says, "Relax, do not worry about a thing, let me take care of you guys. My treat."

"Okay, " I say, I give in. I know that the night is just beginning. I have a feeling we are going to be spending the night, I think to myself.

"Hey, Rick, I suppose you guys wore some clothes to work today," Bob ask Rick, "I do not think you guys worked naked with raging hard-ons like you had when you got here."

"Yeah, they are in the truck, why, " Rick answers.

"Why don't you go get them, so I can put them in to wash while I pull a few steaks out of the freezer to grill," he says.

Rick gets up from the chair he was sitting in and proceeds to make his way to the truck. I say nothing. What am I to say. The blowjob was great and I am not opposed to another one, I can fire off another wad easily. I cum like a racehorse.

Later, time melts as the evening slowly passes.

As I swim, I imagine what I will be like at Bob's age, I am twenty-three, and the man looks good for someone to be in his forties, I guess. Muscled. Hairy. He obviously takes care of himself, he is not shy, with his cock, he has no reason to be.

Am I attracted to Bob?

"Hey, Reece, "a voice I hear behind me.

"Hey, Reece, "that voice again.

"Hey, Reece, "I turn my head. Bob is sitting on the side on the pool, his feet moving in the water making circles and his cock inches from my face. He was the one calling me.

"What you thinking about," he asks.

I do not know what to say. What do I say? Do I say anything?

"How long have you lived here, Bob?" I ask.

That was dumb but I ask anyway. I have so many questions but I am afraid to ask.

"We moved here when Reed was 7 years old, "he answers.


"Yeah, my son but you did not know that, I forget that you did not go to school with him and Rick," he answers.

I hear him answer me but I am distracted as he is playing with his cock, slowly stroking it. Is he seducing me?

"Where is your wife?" I ask, I wonder if I am asking to personal a question, "am I asking questions I shouldn't Bob?"

"No. Its fine, Reece. Curiosity, never hurts, I will tell you if you ask too much," he says, "but be prepared I may return the favor."

I was afraid he might say that but I opened the door, so I must proceed or run, I think to myself.

"She left when Reed was 16 years old. Took off one day, she said she wanted out," Bob answers, "so I let her go, I do not want someone to stay if they were not happy or did not want to."

"I am sorry to hear that."

"That was years ago, I am over it and have gone on with my life," he says, "I have my bachelor pad, my nude bachelor pad, where guys like you can come hang out, work-out, fuck or just swim."

"You have weights?" I ask.

Did he say fuck?

"Yeah, they are in that building," Bob points to a wall-less shed a few hundred feet from the pool. I had not even noticed it. I had noticed some other things though. Bob continues to stroke his cock, not fiercely but he keeps his hand in a stroking motion. The cock-ring was still in place but he had softened up some but still impressive. Is he trying to seduce me?

"You ready to eat, I think the steaks may have thawed enough by now and the grill has been heating," he says, "I need to replace that spunk I lost earlier, I suspect you do too, Rick too."

I had forgotten about Rick, he went to get the clothes out of the truck and never came back.

What time is it anyway?

Were these two conspiring against me?

I swim to the ladder near Bob and climb out of the pool. He had already risen from the side of the pool and was standing with a towel waiting for me. When I get out, he leans down face to my cock and takes my cock in his mouth. The heat from his mouth hardens me instantly; he looks at me and gives me a sly smile. He sucks the length of my manhood, paying special attention to my mushroom head as his lips and face travel the length of it. He eases his head up. We are face to face.

"Sweet," he says. I feel my face redden. I blush.

"Ah, cute, the stud is blushing," Bob says, "Reece; you have nothing to be embarrassed about. You are a nice guy with a great hard hairy body; I admire and appreciate nice things."

He turns and walks toward the house. I see Rick; he has been observing the whole thing from behind a tree. He smiles.

The meal is great, perfectly cooked medium well steaks, a baked potato and salad. It beats any fast food restaurant; I tend to eat crap when I am working on an out of town job. I would regret it and then when I got back home, I would eat right and make up for my missed gym visits. This was nice. I was naked in the outdoors on a nice Florida night, the mosquitoes were not biting, the heat had diminished from the day and I had gotten a nut off. A man was even hitting me on, I think, which was different.

"So how much more framing do you have on that building on US 27," Bob ask.

"We needed to finish it today, "I say, "but that did not happen, I am hoping tomorrow will do it, if not it has to be finished the next day."

"The rain really threw us off, "Rick says, "It couldn't be helped."

"Yeah, I know but tomorrow we really need to push it, "I say as I let out a loud yawn.

"It appears someone is tired," Bob says slyly, "the man has had a quite a workout today plus he gave me a sweet tasty load. He is beat."

I smile. I do not know what to say.

"I guess once you got your belly full, the body is wanting to rest, "Bob says.

"What time is it, "I ask.

"When we sat down it was nearly 10 p.m.," Bob says.

"It is later than I thought."

"Why don't you guys go on in and go to bed, "Bob says, "Rick, you know the house, show Reece where he can sleep."

"The couch is fine, there is no need to do anything special for me, "I say.

"Okay, Rick, show him to the couch in the den," Bob instructs Rick.

As we get up from the table. I feel a hand grasp my cock, it is Bob. He moved so fast, I did not see him. I guess I am more tired than I thought. He fondles my cockhead and pre-cum starts to leak. He uses the moistness from my own maleness to circle my cockhead with his fingers. I begin to harden.

"You have such a beautiful cock, Reece, great to suck on with that big mushroom-head and just long enough to take all the way into my mouth, "Bob says, "you are blessed son but I suspect you get no complaints from those you fuck or from those who have been fortunate enough to blow that fabulous piece of man-meat."

"I do alright," I say, "thanks Bob, good night."

I take a step back; my cock falls out of his hands.

Bob smiles at me.

I AM being seduced.

"Good night, Bob. Rick, where is that couch, I am beat."

"Follow me, "Rick says, "Right this way."

I feel Bob's eyes on my ass as we walk away. My ass is quite hairy and the night air makes it tingle as a slight breeze materializes while we make our way to the back door off the patio.

I make my way to the couch and the moment my head hits the pillow. I fade off to dreamtime. Sleep.



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