My eyes half opened when Ted's body slowly rubbed across my back. I felt his chest's muscles and skin push onto my spine and gently skim over my skin. His abs didn't touch at all, but he made up for it by grinding his flaccid, at-least-six-inch cock and his as-big-as-eggs balls across my meaty ass. Through my blurred, dark-edged vision, my eyes focused on the first moving thing I saw when Ted got off me. His nude figure's back, his thick, muscled biceps swinging back and forth, his legs, step after step, bulging in muscular tension, and his asscheeks sliding across each other, back and forth very slowly. Each one jiggled only slightly with each step he took.

I turned onto my side, painfully. All of my muscles were sore. My hands pressed onto the right side of my neck, where Ted had bitten me the night before. I could feel each indent where he had bitten with his vegetarian teeth, and each hole where his sets of enhanced canines had punctured. Noticing once more that there wasn't any blood, I looked up at Ted in the bathroom, facing sideways so I could watch him spread his legs in a confident stance and take hold of his penis with his right hand. My right foot raised up to next to my left knee, and I lifted my back up against the wall. The cold wall focused my eyes like a face full of cold water would wake up a sleepy person. My spine stiffened, and I rested my right hand on top of my contracted right knee and covered my dick with my left hand.

I watched for a few more seconds as Ted shook his thick meat back and forth like a rag doll, shaking off any drops of urine that were left. Then he flushed the toilet and turned left to face me, leaning against the doorway and crossing his legs so that his junks as pushed out in front of him. His arms crossed, flexing, and his eyes bored into my deep green eyes with his silvery blue eyes. He bit his lower lip, winking at me and obviously thinking of something perverse and scatological.

"Mmm, that's sexy." He told me, adding a low, gruff growl beforehand.


"That pose. It's such a fucking turn-on."

I winked at him, flexing my muscles while I held the pose. "Ted, how old are you?"

"I'm twenty, you know that." he responded, growing a bit of wood in between his legs. Only enough for a semi-hard-on though.

"Yeah but when were you turned?"

"Oh, you mean in total. I think it's been forty-six years since I was turned."

"Quite young, aren't you?" I mocked.

"Do you have any breakfast? Say, bagels? Toast?"

"I've got cereal and mi- wait. I thought you couldn't eat human food."

"I can if my body has enough blood for my organs to function normally."

"Mm." I bit my lip as I hummed that last bit of understanding.

He walked into the connected kitchen, reaching his hand behind himself and scratching his left asscheek. I slowly got up from the bed, faltering, mostly because of soreness and raised my arms over my head, stretching silently and then pulling my arms in front of my and a crossing my chest, stretching my deltoids. Then I slowly spread my legs and reached down for my toes. A warm feeling came over my ass, and I quickly realized it was the feeling of warm flesh. I leaned back up, so my back touched Ted's back. Then I quickly turned around and kissed him. Hard, open-mouthed, and slightly flicking my tongue, I kissed him, slowly pushing him back into the chair where he had set his breakfast at the dining table. I straddled his lap, facing him, and kissed him some more.

My whole tongue slipped into his mouth, and it swirls around in his sweet saliva. Then, I pulled back, kissing his chin, and then his neck once. Again, I kissed his neck, carefully pushing my tongue around it too. I then quickly licked up and down his neck and upper-chest, getting a low, long, grunt in respond. I kissed one spot repetitively, where he seemed to be the most sensitive and then made a ring with my lips to slowly suck at the flesh that made him moan the most. My kisses lowered more and more, lapping at his perky nipples and then at his rock-hard abs. He leaned forward and took a spoonful of cereal into his mouth, groaning in the middle of his throat.

I kissed lower and lower, until I was on my knees on the ground and lento traced circles around his inner groin muscles with the tip of my tongue, to which he responded with open mouth groans, still full of cereal and milk. Then, my tongue wandered off to the underside of his big semi-hard-on and just as lento licked up the fat, meaty, fuckstick, until I got to the tip of the penis, and gently licked at the slit. From what I heard, he was groaning, and his spoon was clinking quickly in his bowl Maybe his hands were jerking around too much from all the pleasure release. I kept licking the slit, letting my ears take in the soft tinkling sound of his spoon against the bowl.

Then, I put the whole thing into my mouth, swirling my tongue around where his circumcision line should have been, and listened to the collision of liquids in effect. He had spit out his cereal back into the bowl where he had gotten it from, and was now spreading his legs even more in the chair. It was giving me more and more room to suck the whole thing into my mouth and down my throat. The moans increased, taking up the sound of silence in the room and penetrating my ears. I could feel his fingers slowly slide through my hair, and take hold of my head, pushing it carefully down further and further onto his cock, until he was balls deep into my mouth, and I was humming to cause vibrations throughout his entire manhood. I tensed and relaxed my throat muscles, so it was almost like I was gently squeezing his fat prick with my throat and slowly licking around the base like it was a cherry popsicle.

"Awwhhh fuuckkk- I'm gonna cum."

I sucked his whole dick into my mouth until there wasn't any air. I kept quavered my hums, sending vibration-filled waves through his fuckstick.

"ohh- holy shit. Keep- keep doing that. Aww fuck."

I repeated the process over and over, until I felt his balls tighten against my chin. He was about ready to-

"Aww! Fuuuckkkk!"

Just as he started pulling out of my mouth, he came. A few thick ropes burst out and down into my throat and on top of my tongue. He kept moaning as his man meat came out of my mouth and slid over my lips. He was still cumming. Rope after rope layered on top of my chest and slowly slid down my torso to my abs and just above my cock. He didn't stop though. He kept cumming, blowing load after load all over me.

"You can refill on cum awfully easily, Teddy."

"Oh-oh fuck. Unhh. Oh sh-shit," he groaned as the final rope oozed out. "I know."

I looked down at my cum-covered body. "What time is it?"

"It's like, two. You missed school."

"I don't care about school. I gotta go get all your jizz off me." I told him, and got off my knees onto my feet, dripping a little bit on the ground, my knees shaking and wobbly.

"Heh, see you after." He said.

I turned around and started for the bathroom, getting a big pinch on my bubble butt from Teddy. Then he tapped it once, and held his hand there so he could feel it vibrate and joggle. His fingers felt further around my butt, and he was following me. I bit my lip as he kept groping at my assmeat and rubbing one of his fingers around my asshole.

"Before you shower, actually I think I might go to the grocery store. You're lacking quite a bit of food."

"I'll see you later then?"

He slapped my ass again. "You bet this sweet little ass you will."

I turned around and kissed him, pushing my tongue into his mouth and trying as much as I could to stick it down his throat. Responding to mine, he tongue lapped at the inside of my cheek and teeth, while also he stumbled forward until my back was pressed against the wall and he was pressing me to it. My hands reached around his waist and groped at his own meaty buttcheeks. Then, I pulled back.

"God, you get me hot." he sighed.

"Hmm, settle down cowboy. I've gotta go shower."

He licked my lips and slapped my ass one last time, then turned around and walked away. But before he could get out of my grasp, however, I reached out and gave him a pat on his own rear. Then, I walked to the bathroom, my ass and hamstrings killing me, and I turned the hot water knob. Steam slowly filled the room, and intercepted my breathing, but only enough so I could still get oxygen. My fingers ran through my hair, and I stepped into the bathtub, letting the water pour on top of me. I knelt down, and laid on my back, letting the drops of water splash over and over onto my chest, abs, legs, and my dick.

"Ohh, I really need this." I murmured.

I could feel each drop of water gain width as they collided and joined and pound against my front. It felt like a soft massage, and it was stopping the soreness that was caused by the serious pounding I took the night before. I watched the water slowly group on my chest and flow downward, through the indents of my abs and into my bite-wounds. Then, they slowly closed up, making it look like regular skin-covered muscle.

I turned around onto my belly, and crossed my arms, resting my head in them. The same massaging feeling came over my spine, and my back muscles. My neck had never felt better, my calves and hamstrings relaxed very gradually, and my ass muscles relaxed. I let out more breath, and felt a tickling feeling in certain parts of my back. Taking a wild guess, I thought it must've been the bites on my back end closing up.

I stood back up, my muscles not sore anymore, but fully functional and feeling never better. Taking the soap, I washed down any remains of cum from my front. Then I washed and conditioned my hair thoroughly, and turned off the shower. When I stepped out, there was a humming noise in my ears. It was my phone vibrating. I grabbed a towel and scrubbed the water away from my skin, walking out of the bathroom.

I quickly picked up my still vibrating phone and answered. "Hello?"

"Young man your ass to my house right now!" my dad yelled. I had to lean back to avoid ear damage.

"Wh-" I looked at my phone. He had hung up.

I quickly slipped on a pair of white briefs and a pair of jean shorts with rolled up hems. Then I pulled Ted's dark green flannel over my chest and rolled up the sleeves above my elbows, buttoning it up to slightly above the bottom of my pecs. Quickly, I stuffed my phone into my front pocket and pushed my wallet into my back pocket. Grabbing my keys, I left the apartment and left it open for Ted. Then I walked down the steps to the street, where my car was parked across from the cafe I was at days ago.

I got in and started up the car, wondering what my dad was angry about, then I drove down the street, turning once or twice onto different streets until I was in a suburban area full of houses. When I came across my dad's house, I stopped. My dad had divorced my mother when I was only five, because he had discovered that he liked men over women, and that he didn't like women at all.

The house was small, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, and den. And my dad was sitting on the front porch, with an angry look on his face. He was wearing navy blue jeans that were tight around the thighs and crotch, and a purple v-neck shirt with a black leather jacket. It looked like he had been waiting there the whole time I was on my way to him.

I parked the car and got out. "What is it?" I called.

He was a tall man at six foot four and he was very built. He had wide pectorals and a steel hard six pack. His biceps bulged with muscles, getting to be the size of small tree trunks. His hands were large but strangely soft. His feet were size fourteen and his calves were like rock. His thighs were thick, and ran up to his moderately sized hips. His short hair was dark brown and his eyes were blue. He had a cleanly shaved face and thin lips. His eyebrows were slightly bushy, and his eyes were medium sized. He really was quite a beautiful man, and he only pointed at me to get inside.

When I did get inside, he was on the couch, with his arms crossed, and his black leather jacket was taken off, and his shoes were in the corner.

"You weren't in school today."

"So what?"

"So I told you not to skip school anymore. I bought you your apartment closer to school so you wouldn't skip school anymore, Todd. You need to move back in."

"That's my punishment, then?" I asked.

He paused. "No, get over here."

"What? Why?"

"Get. Over. Here."

I crept over and stood in front of him.

"Take your pants off." he ordered.

"What?" I asked.

"Pants off."

My hands reached down and pulled my shorts down to my ankles, then I stepped out of them, standing before my dad in my briefs.

"Get over my knee."

I followed orders again, bending over my dads knee, and pressing my junk against it just as well. He obviously felt my large package, because a few seconds later he cleared his throat, like I did when I got uncomfortable. Sensing his state of awkwardness, I shifted around, rubbimg my crotch around his leg.

"It's time you learned to respect the promises you make to your parents." He growled, and lifted my shirt above my abs to my chest.


I didn't even finish the first word. He was gently pulling my briefs down below my ass. My mind finally put together what he was doing, but it made me feel stupid that I didn't understand until then. Once he was sure my underwear wouldn't slide back up, he grabbed my ass by both the cheeks and shook it around.

"I made this. This is mine. Got it?" He questioned in his gruff voice.

"Yeah, dad, you made me. I got it. Stop with the growling." I asked.

He didn't normally have a deep scratchy voice, he just did it when he was angry.

"Do you understand, though, boy?" He asked, in his regular deep voice.


"Then say it."

"You made me. My ass is yours. I got it. Let go now?"

"Yeah. This is mine." He shook my ass around like a ragdoll.

"Can I go now?"

"I haven't even started your punishment though."

"I thought that- OH. FUCK."

He slapped my ass. Hard. Then he slowly rubbed my asscheeks, letting them cool down. I sighed in relief. He brought his hand above his head then brought it right back down, slamming it onto my butt.

"Oh fuck."

"Not fun is it, huh?"

I didn't answer. I actually wanted him to keep going. I wanted him to teach me more of a lesson then that. He slapped his hand against my ass again.

"Answer me!"

"Oh fuck! It feels gr-"

I stopped midsentence. He spanked me again, just to get words out.

"Oh don't stop!" I screamed, then I looked up, ashamed.

"Nice try, but I know better. I won't stop." He smirked at me.

The next few minutes passed in raunchy pain. He brought his hand down more and more onto my butt. I kept mouth shut by gently biting my lip and closing my eyes. Spanking was turning me on. I suddenly realized he would figure out that I liked it when I started throwing wood.

"Oh hoh hoh. My little lumberjack's getting wood." He observed.

"Shutup, Tim." I said, addressing him by name.

"You're going to start calling me daddy from now on. Got it?" He grabbed my ass and shook it around again.

"I think I'll call you what I want, Tim." I replied coldly.

He pulled my underwear up finally. "You'll be sleeping here until I think you can handle having an apartment again. Okay?"

"Which bedroom?"

"The second bedroom's gone. It's a gym now. You'll have to sleep on the couch."

"Hell no, that thing breaks spines."

"Then you'll be sleeping in my bed with me."

"Fine. I'll sleep on the fuckin couch." I sighed.

He pulled down my underwear and slapped my ass one last time, making sure it stung.

"And remember. This ass is mine."

"Dad, I know we're both gay, but that doesn't mean you can put your dick in every hole on me that you find."


"Can I go get my things now?"

"Have yourself back for supper. We have rules to discuss."

I pulled my shorts back up and slid my vans back on, then I walked out the door to move back in.




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