"So, can you kill an angel?"

Micah shook his head. "Human's can't kill any supernatural beings without silver weapons, otherwise the wound heals instantly."

"So, technically silverware kills angels and demons?" Mr. Philpot asked.

"Well, I mean there are more supernatural species, but yes."

"What? What other kinds are there?" I asked just before the waiter came over and gave us our coffee.

Micah wired until the waiter left. "Vampires, werewolves, wraiths-"

"Wait, wait. what's a wraith?" Mr. Philpot asked.

"A shadow, sort of. Somebody who takes the shadows of other living things and can transform itself into any object depending if it recognizes the form of that object or organism." He informed.

"How commonly are these things found?" I asked.

"Very commonly found near angels. I'd say around one twelfth of this town is supernatural."

"So.. what you're saying is we got involved in supernatural business that we can't get out of, and we can't hurt any of the people who are after the power of an angel?"

"Yes, well, unless you're supernatural, but you aren't, so yes."

"Hmmm." Mr. Philpot raised an eyebrow, grinning.

Micah looked at him for a moment before figuring things out. "Ohhh no, no way."

"Aw come on, you can't just try on one us and if it works out, another?" Philpot complained.

"The problem isn't that I don't trust you with the powers, it's that I already can't handle keeping my aura in. If there's another angel in town, supernatural beings would come in from all over the country."

Philpot raised his eyebrow. "Alright, how about if I wasn't and angel. What if I was a demon?"

Micah thought for a second. "Demons don't attract many supernatural beings. They appear to be five times more sexually attractive to anybody though."

I suddenly cleared my throat. I couldn't even handle how attractive Mr. Philpot was now. When I looked back up they were both looking at me. I guess they thought I was going to say something, so I did.

"Then let's do it." I spit out.

Micah looked at Mr. Philpot, then at me, and shrugged. "Fine, I'll be searching for demons for Mr. Philpot. In the meantime, we get on with normal stuff, like phys. ed. and things like that."

I nodded. "I don't mean to be offensive, but I'd rather stay how I am now."

Micah seemed to understand. Philpot looked at me weirdly.

"If you say so." He said, then paid for the check when it came.

Once he had paid, I started to take my leave.

"Excuse me," Micah murmured. "I thought I was going to give you your alternative vision."

I glanced at Micah, then sat down. He had explained alternative vision before. It was when you were able to toggle the ability to see the auras of different beings. Dark grey auras with gold linings were usually demons, light grey auras with gold linings were angels. Black auras with splashes of red here and there were vampries. Black auras with blotches of brown were lycans and werewolves, and completely black auras were wraiths. And finally, humans had no aura at all except for their eyes, which determined their personality and if they had alternate vision. It was like addressing jellybeans. In the same similar way, you could tell by looking, but some were tricky and hid certain parts that classified them as what they really were. But usually, all supernatural beings kept their auras hidden underneath their skin. Only angels had enough aura for it to overflow and burst around them.

I raised my eyebrows as Micah kissed his middle finger and pointer finger, then jammed them into my eye sockets. Surprisingly, I felt nothing, and then I felt a feeling like water was slowly filling up the empty sockets. When he brought his fingers back, I was sort of shocked. Micah's eyes were glowing gold, and his skin had a pale silver and gold glow to it.He was reaching over and doing the same to Mr. Philpot now, who leaned back, a little freaked out by the whole gouging-out-my-eyes-for-new-ones thing. But as soon as Micah's fingers touched Mr. Philpot's eyes, he seemed to relax. I looked at Mr. Philpot when he was finished. His eyes looked normal, except for a blue tint around the circumference of the iris.

Micah stood up from the table. "Have fun with your new vision."

Mr. Philpot looked at me strangely again as he walked away.


"He's a bit of an odd ball isn't he?"

I nodded and got up from the table. Mr. Philpot followed suit and split off a few minutes later to go to his house. I continued after Micah. I had a few questions for him. He walked into an empty parking lot minutes later and looked around. He was obviously about to do something extraordinary, and wasn't going to if there was anyone around, so I ducked under a dumpster and watched from there. His tattoo was moving, and growing feathers. Soon enough, they split off his back and gained depth. He raised his arms and started to flap his wings. He was beginning to hover above the ground, and flew up to the roof of the building that the parking lot was for. I got out from under the dumpster and jogged into the building. Before I could get to an elevator, however, I noticed that the whole building was deserted, and the elevators didn't work.

I sighed and began to climb each flight of the thirty-two flights of stairs that led up to the roof. When I got to the top, my legs started to ache. I was breathing heavily, and I pushed the door for the roof fully open. There was Micah, near the edge of the building, his arms raises and his tattoo was glowing gold, and was finely detailed through his clothes. I couldn't speak. I didn't know what to say. With my new vision, it seemed like the sun's rays were sinking into his skin. I finally cleared my throat.

"Shit, man. Sorry, I didn't know you were up here." He started. Then he turned around. "Oh, Todd. It's you."

"That's amazing."

"What is?"

"The sun, it's like it's nurturing you."

"Oh, yeah. It's how I eat."

He turned back around and raised his arms again. His wings had turned back into a tattoo, but the tattoo looked like it was was made of liquid gold, and was slowly flowing down the lines of the tattoo to his right buttcheek, where the tattoo ended. Being once again curious and absent minded, I reached out and touched the middle of his back where the wings met, and slowly trailed down.

"What're you doing?" He asked.

I didn't answer. I only ran my finger farther down his back, until I reached his butt. His right buttcheek was wear the tattoo ended, and after a few minutes of curiously caressing his meaty butt's covering, I was touching both cheeks. That's when he backed up.

"Err.. just for show man, sorry."

I snapped out of the trance. "Huh?"

"You were grabbing my ass."

I cleared my throat. "Oh."

He smiled. His head was turned sideways so I could make out the thin lines of his lips.

"So, what's up?" He asked.

"Oh, I just saw you come up here, so I followed you."

"I live on the sixteenth floor. I got it back to being fully intact and habitable."

"Oh that's cool." I said.

"Yeah, maybe some time you can let yourself in. Mr. Philpot can too, if he wants."

"I'll tell him."

"The sun's setting. I'd better get inside." He told me.

I nodded and went back to the steps. "Can you try to get the elevator working again sometime?"

He followed me to the steps and made me press the button for the elevator. At first, the cracked button only flickered. But then, the crack sealed itself, the light turned steadily on, and the scratching and clanging from inside the shaft became a swift whirring. The sliding door opened to a small, brightly lit room with mirrors on all sides and red carpet. I stared in, listening to the quiet classical music that played.

"How'd you do that?" I asked.

He smiled and turned away, only to walk down the hall.

I stepped into the elevator and pressed the button to go down to the first floor. Once the little light of the first button went on, the elevator whirred into motion. I felt the drop of the metal box as it brought me down to the first floor, where the double-sliding-doors opened back to the musty, abandoned, lobby. When I left the building, I sat in the empty parking lot, thinking of what to do next. I could look around for random supernatural beings with my new vision for fun, or I could go home and eat some dinner. Suddenly, my head snapped upright. I'd go see Philpot perform at the strip club. It was the weekend, and he liked to perform at a club called "The Meatlocker." I quickly called to a taxi that was passing by, and hopped in.

"Where do you wanna go?" The man asked.

"The Meatlocker."

"Isn't that that a gay club?" he asked.

I nodded. He rolled his eyes. "Easy." I said, as he started to drive.

He looked over at me, then paused.

"You okay? Your eyes are are acting a bit crazy." He told me.

I looked in the rear-view mirror. The blue rings around my irises were pulsing down to the pupil, then back out to the circumference. Pretending like nothing happened, I cleared my throat and looked at him, turning off my alternative vision. He looked back at me.

"Oh. I could've sworn your eyes were acting up." He murmured to himself.

I paid and him and got out as he pulled up, then walked into the club. There were neon pink and blue lights flashing everywhere. The stage was lit up by golden lights on it, and there was a pair of men in tight red g-strings, shaking around their junk towards the packed crowd of hooting men. I watched them both, but neither was the man I was looking for.

I looked around the club a little while more, not finding him anywhere, and finally tapped one man on the shoulder. He turned to me.

"Hey stud!" He shouted, over the whoops of pleased men.

"When's Philpot coming out?" I shouted back.


"The guy who volunteers here every weekend?" I asked.

"Oh, he's somewhere backstage I guess."


I started towards the front of the stage, after having a hand slid down the back of my pants to grab my asscheeks. When I got to the front, I was silently watching, being gently pushed time after time by screaming and gasping men. I only smirked and looked up at the two new men who had come out onto the stage.

They were both tanned to the point of bronze and were wearing short khaki cutoffs along with sailor hats and white vests. I smiled at the closest one as he bent down and bit his lip, winking at me. The gap between he and I was closing slowly, and after a minute or two, he was inches from my face, flexing his biceps. Laughing softly, I pulled out my wallet and took out a fifty. He didn't seem to be accepting me just handing him the money, so he tore off his shorts and vest, leaving him in a tight g-string the same color as his skin, and shook his ass in my face. I wasn't understanding at first, but when I did, I slowly slid the bill under the strap that was just above his right buttcheek.

It wasn't that I didn't expect some sort of prize, but I was surprised when he pulled off his sailor hat and covered the pouch of his g-string over it. I whistled at him, and his hands made an obvious movement behind the hat that told me he had released his dick n' balls into the hat.

Enjoying watching a man shake his junk behind a sailor hat, I started to feel a little hot. So I unbuttoned a few of the top buttons on my shirt and hooted at the man. He smiled and slowly crouched in front of me, then motioned with his finger for me to come closer. I smiled and leaned in, looking up to him. He gently trapped my head between his knees and uncovered his junk, placing the hat on my head. I chuckled, and he slid his fingers into my hair. Then he slowly thrusted his hips towards me, his now exposed penis flopping around. It was semi-hard and around seven inches. His pubic hair was shaved so that it made a perfect isosceles trapezoid. His balls, each the size of an egg, slowly swayed back and forth. His cock was darker than his bronze skin, and bobbed up and down like a ragdoll.

Finally he released me, and stood up to go backstage. I offered him his hat back, but he told me to keep it, and gave me a big, sloppy, wet kiss on my lips before he left.

I looked around. The men seemed to be sitting back down. And the strippers coming out from backstage seemed to be walking to anyone who made eye contact with them. I watched each man leave the back room, and finally saw who I was looking for. His figure was tall and built, and he was wearing a dark red speedo, with devil horns on the top of his head and a devil tail jutting off of between his asscheeks. He scanned the room for a while, then stopped at me and grinned.

Each step he took was like a beat of my heart. I wanted him to just grab me right there and lay me down on the nearest table. I wanted him to fuck me until I couldn't feel it anymore. Suddenly, a hand pinched my right buttock. I turned around, looking directly into the man from the stage. He was in the same bronze g-string as before, and was smiling, with teddy bear ears on his head.

"Hey there."


"Ted. I'm Ted. Would you like a... private dance?"

I turned around, and Philpot was now directly behind me. "Actually, I was going to get a dance from him."

"Bad Benny?"

I raised my eyebrow at Philpot and then turned back to Ted, giving him a nod.

"Aw, you can't even have a threeway dance?"

I paused. Philpot leaned into my ear. "I'll go for free. How about that? Two for the price of one."

I turned to him, then to Ted, and nodded a second time to his proposition. "Can we get a private room?"

"No, but there's a lounge in the back, not many people go there except for private dances."

Each of them took my hand and led me into the lounge room. It was circular, with a sofa going all the way around the perimeter. There were men touching each other in there, some clothed, some naked and groping for skin, and some moaning and fucking at the speed of light. A few of the naked men jumped up and walked over, brandishing their penises around like weapons.

Ted sat down and patted his lap. I sat down on it, and he pressed his chest against my back, grazing my sides with his fingers, only to meet at the buttons of my shirt, which he undid. I leaned my head back, next to his. He gently kissed my neck, nipping and biting.

"How far are we allowed to take things?" I asked.

"Well, I signed a waiver since I'm a volunteer, and since we're in the lounge, you can do whatever you'd like."

I quickly tore off my shirt, and grabbed Mr. Philpot by the speedo. Then I brought him down and let him violently kiss my chest while Ted massaged at my abs and unbuttoned my pants, pulling them off. All I was wearing now was a pair of tight sky-blue briefs. I leaned my head back in ecstasy, as Ted slowly ground onto my ass and started kissing my neck. My vision blurred, and I blinked, which I guess triggered my alternative vision. I was staring directly at Ted now, who was giving off a black aura with little splashes of blood red. My eyes widened. I quickly turned to Philpot, who was giving off a slightly lighter glow, and had golden irises.

My mouth dropped open, and my head jerked backward. My eyes slowly closed and my vision blurred, sending me into unconsciousness.




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