I looked up from my book and clicked the pen in my hand. I thought about the upcoming senior year. If there would be any hot guys. I had Daniel, but besides him, the only one I could think of was my gym teacher, Mr. Philpot. The same man who gave me wet dreams at night. Dreams where he would punish me for talking out of turn, by spanking him until he- CLANK.

"What the hell?" I stood up and walked over to the window seat, opening it just enough to stick my head out and look on the ground, at the thing that hit his window.

A hunched over bird. It was a big bird. I couldn't make out the species, but decided not to worry about it when the fowl hopped back up and flapped away.

Birds didn't matter anyway. It was the first day of school, and I needed to get ready. So I went to the bathroom and ran my comb through my dark brown hair so it stayed on top of my head and didnt fall into my eyes. Everyone had always adored my eyes, which were a definitely unnatural color of pine green. I quickly rubbed under my armpits with old spice deodorant and left the bathroom. Then I changed out of his orange-yellow sweatpants into a pair of dark blue skinnyjeans and slid a Black tank top over my well built torso.

I grabbed my dark grey satchel and left the house, pulling out the keys to the black 1963 porsche convertible in the driveway. I hopped over the door, since the top wasn't up, and I put the keys into the ignition. The car started fine and pulled out of the driveway. I pushed slightly on the gas, cruising to Johnathan H. Lane High school.

When I pulled into the driveway and got out, a crowd of females surrounded me. I quickly put on my ray-bans and pushed one into another, sort of causing a fight between the two, and then a chain reaction with all the other girls. I shimmied out of the boistrous crowd and quickly walked into the mens room in the sciences building. Almost immediately, I was hugged from behind.


I tried my best to smile. "Daniel!"

"Hi," he paused. "Todd, what's that face?"

I shrugged my shoulders and started for the door, but he stopped me.


"Daniel, the last thing I want to do is hurt you."

Daniel's face hardened, and back stiffened. "Are you breaking up with me?"

I bit my lip. He was a sensitive guy, and after three years together, he had grown emotionally attatched to me. And now he was on the verge of tears. I decided to take my leave finally, and this time Daniel didn't stop me.

I walked to first period, spanish 3. My spanish teacher was an airhead, not to mention doormat. You could get away with anything in her class, and she didn't teach. So I just put in my headphones for the rest of the class and tuned out.

I waited the rest of my periods until it was fifth period, phys ed. It was going to be great to see Mr. Philpot after summer, but I couldn't say the same about Daniel. His and my lockers were right next to each other. And even though he wasn't here yet, he was bound to be soon. I kept waiting, and when he didn't come, I stood up and undressed.

"Ha, it's queer number one." I heard from behind me.

I sighed. "Oh you're in my class then, Finn?"

I turned around as he three a few more insults out, but I ignored them and slid my boxer briefs up my legs.

"Pavenson, don't you and your friends have somewhere else to be?" A flattish voice called.

I looked behind Finn. It was Mr. Philpot. He was smirking, and holding his clipboard, as if ready to mark Finn and his friends down for behavior.

However, Finn was a guy who didn't care about his grades or his actions around a teacher, and left, muttering, "A faggot saves a faggot." His friends followed him.

I turned to Mr. Philpot, and he opened his arms, grinning from ear to ear. I opened mine and man-hugged him, giving him a smile and a pat on the back. However, we let go in the middle, due to the awkwardness of his junk pressing against mine as well as his bare chest. He was in his underwear too. He cleared his throat and nodded, leaving the room. I cocked my head to the side, watching his ass shake. He had quite a butt, and had had one ever since I could remember. I turned back around, and slammed into somebody new.

He was my height, around 6'1" and was very muscular. He had lightly tanned skin and dirty blonde hair, that covered the top of his head, and was scattered around his chest, legs, and had a gold treasure trail that went down to his groin. I slammed into him and fell directly on top of him, my eyes widening. His face was perfectly sculpted, with excellent cheekbones and deep blue eyes.

"Oof. Sorry man." He apologized.

I didn't say anything. I only got off him, pushing off him with my hands. I pushed off his chest, then his and, then got a complete handful of his tool. It was around 8 inches long and very thick. I was about to push off of that, but thought it might hurt him. So I sat there, with his cock in my hand.

"Um.." he murmured.

I realized what I was doing and let go. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I meant to do the chest like - I was gonna push on-"

I quickly got up and I put on a second pair of orange-yellow sweats and a tight black shirt with the words "Borgenson, T." on the front.

"It's cool, Borgenson." He told me, uncertainly.

I cleared my throat and looked at his back. There was a tattoo of two black angel wings. I stated for a while longer, following the lines down to his lower back. I shook off the urge to stare at the new guy, and walked into the gym to Mr. Philpot, where he was silently stretching his calves. I ruffled his already-messy sandy brown hair and stretched my own calves next to him.

"Who's the new guy?"

"Micah D'Angelo?"

"I guess," I said. "He's hot."

"He's gay, too."

"He is?"

"Oh yeah, I could tell when he registered. He wanted my package."

"I'm the only one who gets your crotch, right? I'm eighteen now, you know."

"Heh, one day Todd, one day." He chortled.

"Ugh, you're such a tease." I told him playfully.

We finished stretching and went outside with the rest of the class. It was school code not to put new people on the spot, and that students were supposed to meet each other on their own terms. However, this never turned out well for new people, because people are so involved wight heir own friends they don't have time for other people. Today was a run that we did after every vacation we had. It helped us work off any fat we had built up, or maybe we just didn't work out during the summer, and this made up for it. Running was probably the reason Mr. Philpot and I were so close. I was the fastest and strongest person in the class.

Mr. Philpot yelled at us to start running the track. So, we all ran, even Micah, who seemed to be keeping up well with me. After the third lap of running, I turned to him, and cleared my throat.

"So, I guess I should properly introduce myself, instead of grabbing your member."

"Err. Yeah, that would probably be best."

"Don't feel awkward about it or anything. If it's any consolation, your dick is big." I said. Which I regretted saying right after.

"Umm, thanks."

"Don't mention it."

"I'll try my best." He laughed a little. It was a brief laugh, and quite gentle.

"I'm Todd." I told him.

"I'm Micah."

We had been talking until around the end of the sixth lap, where we both sprinted the last 100 meters. I ended up taking the lead, and Micah and I talked with Mr. Philpot until the other people arrived at the end of the sixth lap. We talked about how even though people say it's only a person personality that makes them attractive, looks contribute just as fully. I told Mr. Philpot about Micah's tattoo.

"Alright! Let's see it!" He exclaimed.

Micah looked a bit nervous, but he turned around and pulled his shirt off, exposing the dark grayish-black wings. They weren't feathery or gothic anything, they were just thick lines in wing shapes that's lines narrowed into points. No shading or shining, just dark gray lines. They both started near the spine, and branched out to his shoulders and the bottom of the base of each wing combines into one large line that ran slowly down his back and disappeared under his p.e. sweatpants. Mr. Philpot reached his hand out to touch it, but Micah slid his shirt back down and turned around.

"It's nice." I said.

"I bet you get all the girls with a tattoo like that." Mr. Philpot added, and looked at me, giving me the look like he was giving a test.

"Actually, I'm not that into girls." He replied, clenching his jaw and looking at the ground.

"Great! Join the club." Mr. Philpot said.

Micah looked up. "Mi scusi?"

"We're both gay." I informed him,a nd set my hand on Mr. Philpot's ass.

Philpot glared at me, and then smiled at Micah. "But yeah, he likes being on bottom, and I like it on top."

Micah shook his head. "How do you know this about each other?"

"He volunteers sometimes at gay strip clubs, and it just so happens I found him there once." I told Micah, who was laughing and shaking his head.

"Thank god, I thought you were weirded out by grabbing my groin."

"You what?" Philpot shot a glance at me.

"Nono, It was an accident, I swear. We fell on each other, and I accidentally grabbed his crotch while I was getting off."

"Getting off?"

"You know what I mean." I took my hand off his ass and walked over to the field with Micah instead of being at the side of the track.

Everyone went back into the locker room afterwards, and stripped down to their bare naked bodies. Fifth period boys had the advantage of showering because sixth period was girls phys ed with Mrs. Murphey. Everyone stripped down except Micah, who stayed behind when everyone else walked into the shower room. I stayed behind with Micah. He didn't seem to like exposing himself very much, but being the new boy, I could see why he didn't like to flaunt his naked body in front of everyone.

"If you want, you can shower after everyone. I do that, and so does Mr. Philpot. That way we don't have people commenting on our sexuality."

Micah smiled. "I'd like that."

We talked until most of the other boys came back in. Some of the boys in our class followed Finn Pavenson around, and laughed when he did something funny, but they weren't following him right now, because Finn told them he didn't like it when they followed him around naked in P.E. So they would leave class without him, which was strange because they did everything he did. And since Finn hated gays, he made it everyone else's business to do it too. He used to just taunt me with words during freshmen and sophomore years, but he started sexually harassing me during junior year. I didn't really care when he would make me slap his ass or he would make me kiss his balls or the head of his dick. However, I noticed he would only do these things when none of his friends were around. Most of the boys had left the locker room now, and Finn had come in when Micah left to go shower.

"Hey fag, get over here."

"And if I don't?" I asked Finn.

"Then I'll fuckin' sock you in the jaw."

I didn't mind being hit, but when I went home, my parents would always freak out. I learned in freshmen year to not get caught being hit at all, so I usually obeyed Finn. It didn't matter though, in fact Finn was a pretty good looking boy. He was around 6'3" and was very meaty, not in a completely fat way, but in the way that he had a lot of muscles, and they bulged like . So I walked over to him and got on my knees.

"You like dick?" Finn asked me.

"Can you fuckin get on with what you want, Finn?"

"Or what?"

"I'm way stronger than you Finn. You wanna find out what I'll do?"

His face got red. He grabbed his fat tool in his hands. He might not have been the strongest boy in class, but he certainly had the biggest dick. It must've been an actual record. He would usually say things like. "Can you take eleven inches of pure meat, queer?" Or, "Take this footlong, bitch." I believed him that his dick was almost a foot long, because it was huge, and had the thickness of a soda can. It was actually pretty unnatural.

He grabbed my chin and made me kiss the head. He didn't want a peck though, when he wanted me to kiss it, he wanted me to slobber all over it and sometimes he'd make me suck it a little. I didn't care, he tasted great. So I wet the whole head of his cock with my saliva, and gave it a big raspberry at the end. He groaned, and grabbed me by the hair.

"What the hell was that you just did?"

"A raspberry, you like it?"

He lifted his dick again and slapped it against my cheek. I laughed a little as he lifted up his meat and told me to open my mouth. I opened my mouth and he lowered his gigantic balls into my mouth. Each testicle was just slightly smaller than a tangerine.

"Give them raspberries. Gargle them."

So I gargled them. I lapped up his giant, slightly hairy ball sack and pushed him against the lockers. He was grunting. suddenly he was jerked to the side, and I was made to stop sucking.

"You say you hate gays, but you obviously love it when guys suck your dick."

"It's ironic punishment. And you can't get physical with students."

I was sort of dazed, and it was Mr. Philpot who was talking. "I pushed you, it wasn't with a closed hand. I've been watching you for years now, and I thought it would be nice to tell you during your senior year that this is all being recorded on your permanent record."

Finn's face turned white, he grabbed his things and got dressed quickly. I looked over at Mr. Philpot. "Excuse me, I was busy being a pro."

Then Mr. Philpot gave me a look. "You don't like it, do you?"

I felt a lump in my throat, and I shook my head. He could always get me to tell the truth, and he could get my true feelings out when he wanted. I always would say I didn't mind sucking off Finn, but it was starting to become apparent that I did. My eyes teared up, and Mr. Philpot stood me up and patted my back.

"Come on, let's hit the showers." He told me.

I nodded and pulled off all my clothes until I was standing next to Mr. Philpot. I scanned his body. He hadn't changed a bit. He was still olive-skinned, with hairy calves, slightly hairy pecs, thighs, arms, and crotch, and a completely smooth back and ass. The stubble on his jaw was still visible, and his dark brown hair showed off his bright blue, thin-almond eyes perfectly. His cheekbones were still intact, and his teeth were as pearls.

He put his arm around my shoulder to try and cheer me up. I tried to give him my best and most thankful smile. We turned into the shower room and I almost fell over.

Micah was standing in the middlle of the showers, and he was soaked in soapy water. It wasn't the skin that scared me, it was the tattoo. It wad gone, and now there was only a pair of wings that stretched to a total of about three feet. Big, feathery black wings that were dripping wet. Mr. Phillips suddenly put his hand over my mouth and wrapped his other around my waist. He pulled me back around the corner, and told me not to say anything. Then he let me go and peeked around the corner. I followed.

Micah had turned off his shower and started violently flapping his wings, shaking the water off. Suddenly, I slipped and fell onto my hands and knees. My face cringed in pain, but I looked back up at Micah, who was wide-eyed and closing his wings back to just a tattoo on his back.

"You don't have to hide them, we already saw." Mr. Philpot said aloud to him.

I got back up, my barely bruised knees shaking. Mr. Philpot once again wrapped his arms around me to keep me from falling. I finally stood up straight. I walked over to Micah.

"What were they?"

Micah didn't say anything. He just started to walk away, but Mr. Philpot stopped him.

He sighed. "They're my wings."

"What do you mean, wings?" Mr. Philpot questioned.

"You wouldnt believe me if I told you."

Mr. Philpot crossed his arms.

"Try us." I said.

He sighed. "I was damned to Earth from the Celestial Dimension for not being secretive about being an angel."

"Okay, that IS a little hard to believe, but after seeing your.. wings.. I'm convinced." Mr. Philpot said.

"Mhm," I agreed. "But why are you on Earth rather than hell?"

"Isn't Earth worse?"

Neither Mr. Philpot or I responded.

"Hell is the sinner's paradise, and the Celestial Dimension is for angels and is the saint's paradise. But, if you're an angel, you keep your secret from the humans who go there after death. And as a punishment, you'll be sent to Earth, where it's crucial to keep the secret."

"Is there any more we should know?" Mr. Philpot asked. "Because if you're going to be my class, we're going to help keep you covered up."

"A: Don't pluck my feathers. B: That's a bad idea."

"What? Why?" I asked.

"Plucking feathers sends you into transition to become an angel. And since you, a human, would pluck a feather and wouldn't belong in the Celestial dimension yet, you would come back to Earth. And demons come to Earth all the time. Banished angels are places they like to come to."

"So how do you become an angel without plucking feathers?" Mr. Philpot asked, rubbing his chin.

"You have to perform great deeds in the prescence of an angel, but nobodys been picked for thousands of years."

Mr. Philpot finally nodded and walked towards the showers, slapping my ass along the way. I gave him a look and turned back to Micah.

"We'll keep your secret. And if any demons come for you, we'll try our best to protect you." I told him.

"Thank you."

He left. I walked into the showers with Mr. Philpot and started soaping up my body. We usually showered in tandem, washing each others parts that we missed. I looked at Mr. Philpot and he looked back at me.

"My head hurts." I told him. He laughed.




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