The room's light was dim when I opened my eyes. I was in a baby blue hospital gown, and could feel from the breeziness that I was completely nude under it. My vision was still a little bit blurry, but clear enough that I could tell I was in a hospital gown. While I rubbed at my eyes, I sat up against the wall, taking in the scene before me. The room was mostly empty, except for a dim-lit lamp in the corner and a chair next to it. In the chair was a sleeping man. He had dark hair, closed eyes, and thin lips. I thought about where I'd seen the face before. He was with me before I'd fainted.


The name rolled off my tongue as I spoke it out loud. He was in dark blue jeans and a dark green and grey flannel, and sleeping soundly. I looked around the room for any other signs of life, like my friend Micah, or my gym teacher, Mr. Philpot, but they were nowhere to be seen. Neither were my parents. My fingers ran through my slightly wavy hair and set back down in my lap. Hopping off the gurney seemed to be a piece of cake, but while I looked around for my phone, I realized things might be a bit hard. My clothes and phone weren't anywhere in sight. So, I crept over to Ted, hoping to find some sort of way to tell the time and date on him.

Before I searched him, though, I remembered why I had passed out. I wasn't positive, so I blurred my vision and blinked to be sure. But I was right. He was emitting a dark glow, almost black, with little splashes of blood red around it. This was his aura, which was informing me that he was, indeed, a vampire. I pulled my hand back swiftly, just before touching the front pocket of his jeans. I crept right backwards, trying not to breathe too hard. I slowly opened the sheets tot he gurney and stepped in, thinking about what to do next. a few minutes later, I decided to carry through with my plan, and find Ted's phone. I hopped out of the gurney again, and tip-toed over to the chair where he slept.

Ever so quietly, my fingers undid the buttons to the pockets of his flannel's front. I looked back up at him as I realized his phone wasn't in those pockets. My hands then lowered down to his jeans pockets. I figured it would be better to do one at a time so he wouldn't feel as many fingers in his clothes. My forefinger and my middle finger pressed together and slowly slid about half a centimeter into his right pocket. Then they slowly separated like scissors, and opened a space in his pocket. I looked up at his face again, and he was still numbly asleep, but his right eye twitched a bit when I let the pocket deflate.

I tried a different approach to the right pocket, just by sliding my whole hand in the pocket carefully and slowly. The fabric gently scraped against my palm, and my fingers very slowly searched around the pocket, but didn't find anything. I started to look back up to his face, but caught a glimpse of a black iPhone on the coffee table next to him. Crossly, I sighed. Of course it was next to him. My fingers slowly started to pull out from his pocket, and were almost out. Suddenly, he grabbed my wrist.

"What the hell are you doing?" he murmured, squeezing.

"I was just- fuck- stop- ow-" I started to choke out. He could tell hurting me wasn't going to get an answer, so he loosened his grip. "I was looking for your phone." I whispered hoarsely, looking down at his hand on my wrist.

His grip loosened even more. My head turned upward back to look at him. His face was hardened, and his expression was nonchalant. His silvery blue eyes were cold and filled with dangerous curiosity. When he had processed what I had said, he relaxed, and his eyes softened, along with his expression. In fact, he seemed a bit sorry. Then he patted my shoulder and grabbed his phone from the coffee table, offering it to me. I shook my head.

"What's the time and date?"

"You were only out for a few hours. It's one A.M. the day after you fainted."

"Where's Philpot?"


I realized he must not have known Mr. Philpot's last name. "Ben," He still didn't know who i was talking about. I thought about what he had called Mr. Philpot at the club. "Bad Benny."

"Oh. He took the blonde boy home because the blonde boy was getting questioned about getting a physical."

I nodded. "Thanks," I started to walk back to the gurney, hearing a little snicker behind me, then I turned back around. "What?"

"Oh, I was going to say sorry for almost breaking your wrist."

I tensed up. "Oh, that's okay."

Then I turned back around and started to make my bed again. The room was quiet enough that I heard a soft hum from the chair.

"What is it?" I asked, still making my bed.

"You just," I flinched as he said it. He was suddenly right behind me. "Have a really nice ass."I could feel the warms of his fingers close around my buttocks firmly.

I turned around to face him. "Thank you."

He smirked. "My pleasure."

"I mean for being here. It means a lot to me that you were here longer than my family and the others." I murmured.

Ted's boyish smirk turned into a quaint smile. "It's still my pleasure."

His head leaned down slowly, towards mine. Then, the doorknob started to turn. Before I could even breathe in a deep gasp, Ted was back on the chair, and was closing his eyes. I suddenly turned away from the door and crouched over, hoping to avoid being seen. When the door swung open, though, I felt like an idiot. I was out in the open anyway.

"Well, that's a way to greet your doctor." I heard a rough voice say.

My eyes opened from being squeezed shut. "Huh?"

"Tonight's a full moon." He said.

"I'm not understanding."

I felt a rubbery surface rub against my bare ass. Then I realized what he meant. I quickly got up and faced him, then blushed.

He only laughed. "It's fine. don't feel embarrassed. I technically was fingering that tight little hole a few hours ago."


"Heh. Yup. I also jerked you off."

"Dude, get away from me, you perv!"

"Wait! That was a joke, man!"

"It wasn't funny. Sec-"

Ted started to slowly get up behind him, not making any noise.

"No need for security, what I meant was I was checking your prostate, and I needed a semen sample. I'm gonna have to do a second prostate exam, though, we had a little problem with the last one."

He turned around to turn on the overhead light. Ted was back in his seat, pretending to sleep some more. He turned back to me.

"I'm gonna have to ask you to bend over for me."

"Um, I can't."

"Why not?"

I looked over at Ted.

"Oh, he won't wake up."

"How do you know?"

"We'll do it quietly. Bend over please."

Feeling humiliated, I did what the doctor ordered. I felt the rubber feeling again against my buttcrack.

"Do me a favor, spread your cheeks, buddy?"

I brought my hands back to my ass and spread the cheeks. "Go for it."

He chuckled.

"And I'd really like to point out that we aren't close enough to be buddies."

"Oh, I think we're going to be as close as friends get in a few seconds."

All at once, he shoved his finger into me. I bit the pillow on the hospital bed, to keep in a moan that was developing in my larynx. It didn't seem like his forefinger either. It seemed thicker, and longer.

"Why doesn't that feel like your finger?" I coughed.

"It's my middle finger, silly."

"It feels so big. Oh shit." I groaned in pleasure.

"Heheheheh, you like that?" He started violently thrusting his finger in and out.

I moaned louder. Then he stopped, and took his job seriously. Until he pushed a second and third finger inside of me and started to tickle my prostate. I groaned and hummed and bit the pillow.

"C- awwww fuck... Can you just- do your jo-job instead of fuc-fuck around with my asshole?"

"It's not fucking. Unless you want it to be.." He started jamming his fingers around my prostate some more.

"OH FUCKKKK, JUST DO IT." I almost shouted.

"What the hell is going on?" Ted was on his feet now.

"Ted, can you tell this guy to just get on wight he prostate exam instead of finger-fucking me and being a dick?" I groaned.

The doctor looked at him.

"I think you should do the prostate exam like planned." Ted said, in a gentle voice.

While he said it, the doctor had stopped violently finger-banging me. He only nodded, and slowly using his forefinger to gently prod at my prostate gland, and held it there for a few seconds, then he slowly pulled his finger out.

"Everything seems to be fine."

"Why'd you even need to do a prostate check? I thought it was only for middle-aged people." Ted asked.

"He was in a room full of different men. I needed to check everything."

"And he can leave now?"

"Yes, he can leave now."

My gaze shifted over to Ted's eyes. He was staring intently at me as the doctor left the room. Then he walked over to the cupboard above the counter on the other side of the gurney and pulled out my clothes. I could feel my face brighten. My lips curved upward and my eyes shined jubilantly.

"Alright, take it off." He said nonchalantly, and started unfolding my clothes.

My face turned red. "What?"

"Take that off." He said again, and pointed at the hospital gown.

I cleared my throat and took the bottom of my hospital gown, turning my back to Ted, and pulling the hospital gown over my head. His hand held my underwear gently to my waist to signal he was trying to hand them to me. I didn't take them though. Our fingers locked together for that moment. And just to my luck, the door in front of me opened.

"Doctor B. Oh shit."

The doctor was standing in the doorway, and who was behind him made me almost faint.

"Danielll.." I said, with clenched teeth.

"Whose your friend?" Ted's voice sounded.

My eyes slowly closed. I didn't need to be looking at Daniel to know that he was red in the face. It was something he did when something was awkward for him, or when he got extremely angry. In this situation, I didn't know which emotions he was feeling, but I knew for sure his face would be red. I could only imagine what he was seeing. A strange, handsome man standing right behind his naked ex-boyfriend, holding his underwear and hand. It was probably impossible to think of the pain he might've been feeling. I slowly opened my eyes as Ted's hand let go of mine. Daniel was staring directly at me.

"This is Daniel. He's my ex." I gently said.

Almost immediately and on instinct, Ted's hand reached my waist and his fingers closed in on the skin. "Oh."

Silence was broken by the doctor, who cleared his throat. "You'll have to sign this to leave." He held out a clipboard with a paper on it in one hand, and a pen in the other hand.

I signed the paper quickly, urgent to get back into clothes and semi-civil situations. When I had finished with my last name, I clicked the pen out and handed it back to the doctor. He stayed standing where he was a little while longer, as if waiting for something dramatic to happen. But when he realized he wasn't going to get what he wanted, he quietly left the room, with silent disappointment on his face.

I turned to Ted, ignoring Daniel. "I want to get out of here."

He nodded, and wrapped his arms around me, then lifted me up and sit me down on the gurney.


I lifted my legs, and he slowly slid my sky-blue boxer briefs up my legs. Then I looked over at Daniel, who looked down at his feet and shifted uncomfortably.

"I was just checking on you," He muttered. "But now that I see you're fine, I'll go."

He finally left when Ted was buttoning up my shirt.

"My guess is that you don't like him."

"I like him, he's sweet. But I'm avoiding him because of awkward confrontations."

"Why's he even here this late?"

"I don't even know, Teddy."

He gave me a look of pure joy. "I actually really like that. Call me Teddy from now on." My teeth closed over my bottom lip, and I looked up at Teddy. He looked at me right back. "Where do you even live?"

"Do you even have a car?"

"Of course." he said, and opened the door for me.

I walked out, realizing I could steel feel the cold tile under my feet. "My shoes?" I said, quite loudly.

"Have 'em." He murmured. "Now, could you make more noise please? It's only around two thirty, no biggy."

"Oh sorry!" I responded with a raised voice.

He laughed and quickly covered my my mouth with his hand. I opened my mouth under his hand and whipped my tongue against his palm.

"I've had tongues in my asshole, why should I care if one's on my palm. And I just recently had it on my junk, may I remind you."

I stopped licking, obviously at an impasse. He slowly uncovered my mouth and brought me outside to the parking lot. Then, he took my wrist and brought me over to a Nissan Sentra 2010. He took his keys out of his back pocket and unlocked the doors. After cautiously checking the passenger seat and sitting down, I shut the door. Immediately, the new car smell wafted into my nostrils. I never understood why people thought the new car smell was amazing, because it always made me feel like throwing up. A few seconds later, Teddy got into the driver's seat. We were pulling out of the parking lot and were on the freeway in no time flat.

"So, where did you say you lived again?"

"The apartments across from the Coffee Bean."

He stopped when we were in the parking lot inside the apartment complex. "Um, good night, I guess."



"Thank you, again."

He opened his mouth with a grin to say something obviously perverse and twisted, but then smiled genuinely. "You're welcome."

Then we stared at each other. I contemplated my next move. With my mind rushing, I thought I should just leave, because of all the tension build-up. Almost on cue, however, our faces crushed together into a kiss. His lips were soft and warm, and they gently pushed and pulsated against my own. I grabbed him by his cheeks and pulled him closer. He wrapped his arms around my back and started pulling off my shirt. I started unbuttoning it for him, but he left the car and opened the passenger door, ready for me to get out. A frown came upon my face, and I got out of the car, thinking that he was asking me to leave. I slowly got out, and he grabbed me again and pushed the door shut.

"Which one's yours?" He breathed.

My eyebrows raised. "217."

Immediately, he picked me up and slung me over his shoulder. I laughed at him.

"Teddy no, come on! I'm not wearing a shirt!" I chortled.

"Then at least it's good that it's too early for people to see us."

He set me down on one of the lawn chairs by the pool now, and was slowly stripping. I watched him unbuttons his flannel and slowly pull off his jeans, leaving him in his dark red briefs.

"Teddy, we're in public!" I tried to contain my giggling.

He smiled, and hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his underwear. I shook my head, only laughing harder. If anybody had seen us, they would have thought we were drunk. He slowly waddled toward me like a penguin, and allowed his undergarments to fall to his ankles. I watched the red fabric fall, then covered my eyes with my fingers, stealthily peeking. I watched him stand in front of me for about a minute longer. He was waiting for me to uncover my eyes, I could tell, but didn't want to give him the satisfaction. I kept my eyes covered with my hands, but still peeked out a few times. After a while, he reached down and took hold of his briefs and pulled them slowly up his legs. I watched the undergarment's leg holes slowly close and expand, and I peeked at the front pouch as it slowly filled, until it looked like it was going to burst open.

"Alright, I covered up." He told me. There was a hint of joy in his voice.

The hands uncovered my eyes, and my eyes squinted in response to the amount of light form the lamps. He picked up his jeans and flannel, gathering both articles of clothing into his arms, and nodded into the direction of the apartments. My legs lifted me up and leaned me towards Ted so I could gently kiss him on the lips. They were warm, and wet against mine, which responded to each tiny kiss with another. We were going way too slow to get to the apartment.

"Mm- Teddy. Let's get to the apartment-"

"Which one is it?" He asked me.

I pointed to an apartment at a balcony. It was painted with peach color and had two circular windows on each side of the dark teal door. His hands were now slowly sliding around my waist, his thick, muscular, arms trapping me into the warmth of his body. My face dug into his neck, gently biting down on the skin, nibbling softly. Eventually, I stopped nipping at his necks skin, and I pushed my face further into his chest. I clung tightly to him, breathing in his scent. Mostly, it was a smell of Calvin Klein Obsession cologne mixed with sweat and sex. Then, as if it were magic, there was a quick whoosh of breeze, and we were in front of the teal door. My hands fumbled through my pockets and quickly unlocked the door.

We stumbled into the heated room, groping for each others skin. Feet clambered over the bottom of my jeans, and they pulled off and away from my legs. My fingers zipped form button to button on my shirt, until very quickly, each side of my shirt splitting. It fell off my torso, and I stood before Teddy in my sky-blue boxer briefs. He opened his mouth absently, his tongue rolling out gently. I quickly took it against my lower lip and kissed him once, briefly and quickly. Following that kiss was another kiss. And another. His big, muscular, body leaned down on top of the sheets of my bed, inviting me to love him.

I slowly lowered onto him, my chest firstly in between his thighs, but I gently slithered up so my chest was parallel to his and at the same spot. My lips covered up his lower lip, tightly sealing it. His tongue poked out of his mouth and slowly ran up my upper lip. I pulled back, and kissed both his lips with an open mouth. His tongue, however, was still holding itself up in his mouth. My own tongue flicked across the tip of it, and pulled away, so we could kiss more and more. Each kiss was open-mouthed, so we could share tongues if we wanted. Over and over his kisses covered my jaw, until he finally stopped kissing my lips.

My neck was now being covered with his bittersweet kisses. I could feel each gentle, soft, peck of his lips against my upper chest. But after a small amount of time, he was kissing faster, and with more ferocity. A feeling was coming over me. A slow feeling that advanced over my whole body like it was filling up with cool water, and was freezing, only to be heated to a high, bubbling, temperature. The feeling made me nervous. Everything inside of me told me to run. I heard low, sort of crack-like noises. Each kiss on my neck and chest seemed more pleasureful, but something still seemed wrong.

I looked down. "Teddy?"

Teddy looked up at me. His face was different. There were dark rings under his eyes, and the whites of his eyes were being eaten away by flowing, dark red, blood. He was terrifying. Jumping back, I realized what was happening. It was bloodlust. He wanted me to feed him my source of life. I sat at the edge of my bed, my eyes wide. I felt faint again. Teddy grinned, showing off a set of extra-sharp canine teeth.

"I'm not going to bite you unless you want me to, Todd."

Trying to speak was like trying to kill a bear with a fly swatter. I just couldn't get any words out. So, instead of saying anything, I stood still, trembling. He got on his hands and knees and slowly crawled over to the spot where I lay. My eyes shut. I could feet his hot breath on my neck. His lips gently pursed and touched the skin. I flinched. What I had expected next was a piercing pain in my neck, like two little knives poking into the skin. Bit, all he did was kiss it, nothing more. Finally, I had the strength to speak.

"Teddy, why aren't you biting me?"

He stopped kissing me and looked up at me. "You didn't want me to."

I paused. Even with bloodlust, eh was tying his best to be a nice man. Even with regular wanting for sex, he was trying his best to be a the sweetest gentleman he could be.

And it was turning me on.

My eyes hardened, and I took his head by the hair. I crushed his face into my neck some more, and made sure he was covering all of my neck in his hot breath and lips. I didn't want anything to interrupt the moment, because the moment was getting me hot and was going to get me laid. When his saliva had covered the skin of my neck, I lifted his chin up to mine and licked his lips. He opened his mouth again, and his tongue brushed over my own tongue. Once again, I lowered my tongue down his mouth and carefully licked up his. He went back to kissing at my chest later, after quite a few strong licks and soft bites. Then I leaned my head back, and decided to perform a serious act of self-confidence.

"Go for it, hot guy." I murmured.

He looked up at me, with hunger in his dark expression. "Remember, struggling makes it hurt."

I nodded, with my head still leaned back enough to have it exposed. I stayed there, with my head leaned back, waiting for him to bite in. A few more seconds passed until he finally placed his hot wet lips on my neck and kissed gently. Eventually, the kisses increased in pressure, and he gently nipped at my neck just as much as kissed. I sighed softly in response to his numerous kisses and soft bites against my neck skin, but then my sighs turned into groans of pain. There was a deep piercing into the muscles of my neck, and it felt as if somebody was pushing a set of knives in. I kept groaning and groaning, the pain was infiltrating my body more and more. Circulating through my veins was a deep, pulsating fiery feeling that was sill making me cry out.

"Remember what I just said." he grunted through his biting.

My mind was whirring in hurt. Then my mind snapped into obvious remembrance of what he had said about five minutes ago. That I was supposed to relax my muscles to his eyeteeth, and let them do their work. I wasn't supped to resist. So, I let go. My muscles slowly stopped tensing up, and softened. The pain was easing away, and was slowly being overtaken by an immense pleasure that replaced all the fiery feeling with a bubbling tickling feeling that was seeming to magnify everything I felt. Ted's hands slowly roamed my body and finally ended on my asscheeks, where he gently squeezed in. My eyes half-closed and I bit my lip. Each finger slowly dug into my skin, and it felt as if I was engaged in eternal fruition, and each finger felt like he was slowly rubbing my male g-spot.

All the pleasure swelled up into my chest finally, then slowly traveled down to my lower back, then my front pelvis, where I was feeling the most. I could feel my cock slowly rubbing up and down the fabric. Each little pigment of skin was taking in every single touch of my blue briefs, and each soft rub against my crotch felt like I was cumming, and one thick, creamy, rope of my man-juice. Through all this, I cautiously reached down to hook my fingers around his underpants waistband and pull them down to his knees. The burst of feeling was short-lived, though, because he pulled away a few minutes later. I hadn't realized that through all of the pleasure in the front of my pelvis, in the back of my pelvis, Ted had pulled my briefs under my asscheeks.

"Mmm, you want me inside you?" he inquired, lustfully.

I shook my head. "Bite me again."

He looked at me suspiciously. "Why?"

"It felt amazing. But it doesn't anym- Why aren't I bleeding?"


"Why aren't I bleeding, its just a full circle of teeth marks. Only two are particularly deep.."

"I didn't want to bleed all over the sheets is why."

"Is that why there's no more pleasure?"

He nodded. "Can we have hot, raunchy sex, yet? Come on, I know you want this big, meaty, prick inside you."

I smiled at him, biting my lip teasingly. "Bite me first."

He rolled his eyes and flipped me onto my back, then straddled me, sitting at my butt. He must've leaned down, because next thing the familiar pleasure-pain returned on the right side of my muscular back, and all my senses were heightened once again. I slowly rubbed my foot back and forth against his to let him know I felt it all. He hooked his legs around mine and slowly rubbed the head of his dick across my asshole. It felt incredible, as if he was already hitting my prostate. I sighed, with only a little bit of depth in the deep breath, so that a little bit of a moan was encased inside of it.

Then, the head went in. It was bigger than normal, due to the swelling of blood into Ted's penis. I'd seen his schlong before, and normally, it was around six or five inches. Probably six. Now that he was throwing major wood, It was around eight or nine inches and as thick as a soda can. My mouth opened at the feeling of the multiplied pressure in my asshole, and let out a sudden moan.

He was pushing in slowly, inch by inch. And in noises I responded. Moan by moan. I was reeling and there was a terrible strain on my vocal cords. Since my senses were magnified, I could feel him tenfold. The amazing feeling of his tool carefully slipping through my ass. Rubbing its skin increasingly against my walls until finally I jerked back, releasing a shout.

He was so long he had already hit my prostate, and once again, my heightened senses felt like it was already an orgasm. He slowly started thrusting, ramming his hard cock over and over onto my prostate. It felt amazing, each slow thrust into me felt like an incredible tickling shock. He thrusted again and again into me, and I had to bite into the pillow I was clinging to just to keep my mouth shut.

"Fuck wait- st- ohhh fuckk-k. Wait." I moaned.

He stopped thrusting. "What?"

"How're you so lubricated without a condom?"

"My spit?" He thrusted once. Quickly.

I bit my pillow just as quickly in response. He thrusted twice, jamming his fat meat all the way into my ass hole, grunting each time. I kept my teeth clenched around the pillow, to avoid noise complaints from any other people that were in their apartments. He was fucking faster and faster, harder and harder. His pelvis was slapping against my ass, and his cock head was pushing my prostate further and further to orgasm. However, I wasn't there yet.

Ted leaned in close, pressing his chest against my bleeding back, and resting his head right next to mine. I could hear each of his aggressive grunts from each hard thrust he made into me. I could feel his hot, sloppy kisses all over the left side of my face.

"Unh- Unh- Aw.. fuck yeah.."

His head came away from mine and disappeared. I felt another bite, this one on my left bicep. The sweet sensation of his lips and teeth encased my arm and the top corner of the left side of my back. I shut my eyes, letting my blood flow through the wound into the warmth of his tongue and lips. While his teeth was into me, I noticed my senses were heightened even more. It seemed as though the bite was increasing the already increased nerves. I finally stopped biting the pillow.

"OH SHIT! OHH- F-FUCK." I yelled.

"Unh- Yeah stud you like that prick? Unh- Aw fuck-"


"Oh fuck- Stud, I'm gonna cu- UGHH.."

He fucked me faster and faster. He was fucking me faster than a cheetah could run and my prostate was being pushed to the limit. Ram after Jam after Push. Stream after Rope after Squirt. Teddy didn't stop fucking me at his top speed, but only slapped my ass and whooped. I could feel each thick, rope of his sticky cum wrap around my prostate, and it finally made me orgasm.

My eyes blurred. My throat clenched. My hands clenched around his and my muscles tensed. Finally, I lifted my head and burst out what I was feeling through my mouth. All of my muscles violently shook and twitched. Ted thrusted in again, and flexed his bicep around my neck. I kept moaning as loud as I could, and Ted kept plowing my ass. My eyes kept blurring, and thats how the rest of the night played. As a big blur.




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