The head pressed firmly against me. Neither of us moved, waiting for the other to make the next move, and as if we were connected, we moved in sync. He thrust upwards as I decided to push down. Pain seared up my back, causing me to gasp and he to grunt, his hands now firmly grasping me waist. His large size fit my mouth well, but here it was different. He was huge. I didn't want to complain, mostly so he wouldn't think I couldn't take it and pull out and this never happen again, and also cause I didn't want him to gain a larger ego than he already possessed about his dick.

"Holy crap." He sighed as I began to sink lower and lower. "Didn't think it'd feel like this."

His left hand starts travelling up my back to my shoulders, causing me to lean forward slightly, both of us inches apart staring into one another's eyes. As I took in his beautiful hazel eyes, my heart flipped around. I couldn't believe I was in this position with Dean inside me. And with that thought, his large endowment seemed to slip to the hilt with ease. He both groaned and I sat there... Dean's right hand moved from my waist to grabbing my ass, kneading it, waiting. I rocked forward and with that it began. Dean pulled out as I moved up and the two of us came back together with a loud grunt. We continued this, Dean plowing the hell out of my virginity as hard as he possibly could. If he had it his way, no one would ever be able to mistake me for a virgin. Soon both of his hands rested on my ass and soon I was moving back and forward on his dick as he sat there starring at me. He smiled when I took in his eyes once again, and with that I leaned further in and kissed him. Unlike last kiss where it felt more lust filled, something about how we were kissing had changed. I felt more connected, something more in it. Whatever it was, it caused both of our dicks to get larger. Somehow Dean's could get bigger while in me.

As we pulled from the kiss, I wrapped my arms around his neck, leaning forward once again and this time biting and sucking at the spot where neck meets shoulder. One of the hottest things I used to think of when imagining sleeping with Dean or Jason was leaving hickeys all over their bodies, that way others would know I claimed them. Dean moaned a bit as I sucked at his neck, but as I moved my ass in a small circle while his cock sat inside me caused him to groan and chuckle.

"God, you know how to do this..."

I pulled off his neck, smiling. "Well, I think we should change position... show me what you know. What exactly you use on those girls you tell me about."

With that, we changed position, this time I was on my back, Dean's dick still resting inside me. Dean leaned forward, both arms rested on either side of my head.

"You sure you want to see what I can do?" He asked seductively.

"Yes, do it."

And with that, he gave it to me. He pulled his dick out to the tip and without any notice slammed it straight back in, my hole giving no give to his large cock. He continued to fuck me like this for a few more minutes. I laid there groaning at the right times, his dick hitting my sweet spots inside me almost everytime, but after awhile I wrapped my legs around his waist, to bring him closer. His hickey on his neck was slowly developing, but looed quite small. So I decided to grab a hold of him, and this time leave him a giant one. I pulled his beautiful face to mine, and while he puckered his lips for a kiss, I turned his head to the other side and began to lick and suck up and down his neck. By the time he left, everyone would know that Dean got extremely lucky with some random girl.

At a point where Dean pulled out, about to push back in, I stopped him. I turned from my back to all fours and crouched, making my ass turn upwards. Before having a breath, Dean entered me once again and this time I was out of words to describe what he did to me. The head rubbing the entire length of my insides. Having him rest on my prostate to only jack hammer it in, making me give short grunts with each thrust. A growl erupted out of Dean, and suddenly my head was pulled back as he continued to ram into me, much harder.

"I'm so close is." Is all he said before he laid on top of me, my naked back pressed against his front. His arms wrapped around me, his hands resting on my pre-cum leaking dick and he stroked it. He was gonna try to jack me off as he came, but I wasn't gonna let him. I pushed his hands away and as he tried to grab it again, I clasped my ass as tight as I could. Dean let out a groan and heat seared within me, Dean was cuming in me. His thrusts continued, but slowed, his head resting on my shoulder kisses lying up and down my neck. His dick slipped out as he went limp and cum run out.

"I seem to have made a mess..." he laughed.

"Wait till you see what I can do." I said, turning to face him. I looked into Dean's beautiful eyes, grabbing his head. As he leaned into kiss, I forced his head down to my cock instead, and before he could say a word, put it in his mouth. He seemed to be shocked, but as I started face fucking him he got the idea. He was doing pretty well, as I grew close within a few seconds. And without warning him I shot. Cum exploded from my cock into his mouth and down his throat, he choked a little, but he slurped it all down.

As I slipped my dick from his mouth, the only noise was the two of us gaining our breath once more. I was worried, how would Dean react to that? And then he looked up at me, smiing.

"Holy shit. That was the best thing in the world."

I beamed and hugged him. I had wanted to do this with him for ages, fantasise. Now look, here I was.

I sent Dean home later in the day after we had a quickie in the shower, and another in the living room after breakfast, which was a bad idea as Dean decided to pull out mid shot, causing his cum to go in all sorts of different directions, landing on different things. Plus my house smelt of cum and I had only a few hours till my parents got home, so I opened every window in the house trying to get the smell out.

As I lied on the floor of my room, my ass extremely sore, I couldn't help but smile through the pain. Maybe Dean and I could start going out, I thought he would be a great boyfriend, we always clicked... But then there was Jason. I sat up. Jason, the boy who I had been in love with since Freshman year, 3 years ago. I would choose him over Dean any day... I sighed as I stood and made for my computer sitting open on my desk. At least I kind of got Dean, having him is better than having neither.

As I sat down, my phone beeped and I grabbed it, opening the text.

'Can I stay at yours everynight?! ;)' - Dean

I smiled and put it down, I'd reply later, make him needy I thought. My phone beeped again.

'I'm down stairs open up!' - Tony

My doorbell rung. I sighed, nut walked to the front door. As I opened it, I was shocked at the state of Tony, usually a relatively attractive boy, Tony today looked fucking amazing. His usually messy blonde hair was now quiffed to perfection causing his blue eyes to stand out. A tight black shirt hung to his swimmers body, and tight tracksuit pants hugged his bulge, showing me his large package. I couldn't help but wonder how good he'd look in his speedos.

"Eyes are up here, Jonny."

I blushed as I tore my eyes from between his legs, and stared at his electric blue eyes.

"May I come in?"

"Um, yea, sure."

I stepped back, letting him walk past. He stopped in the living room, and turned to me. A knowing smirk rested on his face.

"Someone has been having a little bit to much fun in this room, I think."

I closed the door with a slam.

"What do you want Tony?"

"It's not what I want Jon... well I guess it is what I want, but mostly what you want."

"What you mean?"

He sat down on a couch and but his arms behind his head, flexing his biceps, opening his legs.

"I want to give you the chance to get with a guy like me."

I stared at him, confounded.

"What the hell are you on about?"

"I see the way you stare at guys at school. I see the way you look at Jason. Boy you are whipped, and you want his dick so badly it hurts to watch out of embarrassment. However, we all have urges, and yours is to much down and likely sit on Jason's. Now I may not be Jason, but I think he and I are in pretty much the same league, so..."

I let his words sink in. He was offering himself to me, to let me do whatever I wanted to with him.

"What you think?" He moved one arm from behind his head and slowly worked it down his body. Over his pecs, tracing the lines of his abs... pulling the shirt up slightly to show me them, before his hand slipped inside his shorts and he started rubbing himself.

"Your call my friend." Tony bit his lip, staring at me.

I had too...


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