High school, the place where we are supposed to start to discover ourselves. For me, it was the place where I began the track of my love of the male behind. While my friends around me discussed the girls whose boobs were bigger, who had lost their V-Plates to who, I was keeping my hopes of one day these guys one day talking about me this way.

While going to an all boys school maybe a dream for some and nightmare for others, for me it was like limbo; being surrounded by all these guys turned me on as well as drove me mad. Throughout my first 3 years of High school I watched my friends and school mates grow and develop, and as they did, my attractions to them grew stronger. I would go to sleep at night dreaming about them. Since my freshman year, I may have been attracted to a large number of my school, there were people who also stood out and who I evidently developed crushes for. The first one happened instantly on my first day, he sat across from me in my home room, we did that annoying thing where we had to stand, say our name and what we wanted to do when we got older. I didn't take notice of him until he stood. The tightness of his shirt over his developing body caught my attention... And as I did the look over, starting from between his legs to his eyes, I was hooked. His eyes were a bright blue which shone as he smiled a perfect white smile, a slow blush creeped up his neck as everyone turned to face him.

"I'm Jason Taylor... And um, I'm not sure what I want to do."

He blushed again and he sat back down. As the guy next to him stood, he caught me staring at him and gave me a personal smile and nod before looking away. But I couldn't stop staring, he was the best looking kid ever. He looked like a young Zac Efron and I was hooked.

Since then he and I grew close, but I never had the guts to tell him about me let alone tell him I wanted to pull him into the nearest bathroom stall and rip his pants off.

But being a teenager, while I madly lusted after Jason, other friends of ours caught my attention. While Jason was very smart and academic, he was very athletic and involved in so many sports. While he played on the football team, he met a boy called Dean. Dean wasn't your typical 'hot' kid. Most girls would pass him over, but I was drawn to him. He held the Zayn haircut, his jet black hair always styled to perfection. His eyes were a beautiful hazel and matched his smile, he was always smiling. He didn't have a tight body, filled with muscles, but his average build fit him and I liked it. But what initially drew me to Dean was his bubble butt and the large package that filled out his jocks. I'd spend many nights wondering what it would be like to grab a hold of his buns and slowly drag his briefs down with my teeth...

But while I fantasized about Jason and Dean for most of the first year of High School, a new boy joined when we started our Sophomore year. His name was Tony and the best thing about him was that he was a swimmer, and boy did he fill those speedos out. He had the typical swimmers tight body, blonde hair and sea green eyes that made his tan darker. The problem with him was that he was hot and he knew it. He would often brag about his hook ups in class and while it pissed Jason off for his disrespectful nature, his ego is what I found most sexy of all...besides his large dick that was always packed to the left in his speedos.

So now that I've laid this out, time to tell the story then!

It was the beginning of junior year and I was sitting with Jason and Dean during lunch in the schools courtyard, Dean telling us about the girl he had a summer fling with, though she luckily (in my eyes) hadn't given him any. Tony's loud voice carried out and I quickly turned to see him walk out from the hall behind us. He wore a tight black v-neck and some tight fitting chinos. My eyes quickly dropped to his package and I smiled at the familiar image.

"Boys, I've been looking all over for you three."

"Hey Tony!" I called out as he came towards us. Jason groaned quietly and rolled his eyes. Dean smiled tightly as Tony stood next to me, his bulge an inch from my blushing face.

"How are you guys? How was your summer?" He looked between us individually, he looked down at me last and the smile became a smirk and he winked at me. I felt my face grow hotter and looked towards Dean, who's eyes were fixed on me, I quickly looked at the ground.

"We're good, summer wasn't to bad. How about you Tony?" Dean replied, I could still feel his eyes on me.

"Good to hear! Yea was pretty good, broke a few hearts during it, but that's the norm for me. But what can you do?"

Tony's hand grabbed my shoulder and put his weight on to me as he lowered himself to the ground to sit with us. Instead of moving away from me, he ended up lying his head on my thigh and lying down. He smiled sexily up at me, before turning to face Jason and Dean, my pants grew a little tighter and I attempted to make sure no one could see what Tony lying on my leg made.

"I'm sure you guys got a few girls too right?"

"Nah, no girls my end." Jason replied, tiredly.

"What? As if, you have girls clambering to get with you, you haven't taken advantage of that yet?"

"Nah, none of them stand out to me."

"Hmm, picky. Don't you think Jon that Jason should try to get a girl?"

I stopped and looked straight at Jason who rolled his eyes.

"I think that it's up to Jason whether he should go for a girl or not, he's the one who'd have to date her."

Tony turned to face me and smiled knowingly up at me.

"Thought you'd say something like that. Well anyway, I must head off, I'll see you guys around."

He rolled around so his face was inches from my crotch before putrid his hands on my knee and hip and pushing himself up. As he did he moved his hand near my hip over my semi-hard dick and rubbed it a bit, causing me to gasp. He turned and walked off.

"God I can't stand that guy." Dean muttered. He and Jason started bitching about him but I tuned out, what was Tony doing...

My phone buzzed in my pocket and I picked it up. It was a text from Tony:

'Good to know I can get a HARD and strong reaction from you for just lying on your leg, maybe we should see what lying on other parts of you may do to you. ;)'

I re-read the text over and over not believing what I was reading. Was Tony suggesting... Jason snapped me out of my thinking as he shook my shoulder.

"Bell just rang, you coming to class?"

I nodded and stood, not realizing that Tonys text may have confused my head, but it didn't my little head. Dean and Jason gasped and let out a chuckle as my cock stood straight out in my shorts.

"Someone must have got a sexy text." Dean said, patting my ass. While Dean thought be was just being funny patting my bum, he incidentally caused me to groan from the friction it caused my shorts. "Do you want us to wait for you till you calm down?" His hand lingered on my ass and I tried to look past that, having Dean and Jason starting at me with my hard on was how many of my fantasies started... I didn't see myself getting soft any second. Being horny caused me to try something new and I flexed my ass as Dean's hand still sat there. His hand quickly moved away.

"Nah, you guys go a head ill stay here..."

Jason chuckled as they left me. I say back down and tied to think about other things. My phone vibrated in my hand again.


'Good to see the reaction I can get from you just from a text, imagine what I can do in person.'

I looked around to see if I could see Tony anywhere. I groaned and lay down. What was happening, how did Tony guess I was gay? And why hadn't he and he come and screwed me yet?


What do you all think? Should I keep writing?




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