Deans breathing began to soften as I kept swallowing His giant load. His cock started to soften and as it got smaller I kept my mouth on it. I had waited years for this moment and I was not gonna relinquish his cock until I was ready too.

"You gonna let go of that?"

I shook my head, running my tongue of the sensitive head. He moaned and tried to push me off.

"Come on... don't do that, hurts... You have to give it back."

I smiled around his cock, looking up at him and slurped on the underside, humming slightly. Deans hands gripped my head as I did, and while he groaned in pleasure he successfully pushed me off his dick. I sobbed and stuck my lip out.

"I didn't want to get off."

"I could tell." He smiled down at me before pulling me up so I was lying on too of him, looking down at him. "How long have you been wanting to do that for?"

"Since Freshmen year. So I think I should have another 3 more hours on it to make up for time lost. Don't you agree?"

"Well I'm sure you will be having alot of fun for a while to come." And then with that, he wrapped his arms around my back and kissed me, his tongue dancing around my mouth before I could even react. My heart seemed to burst and my tongue fought back, I was making out with Dean. Yea I must have just had his cock, his extremely well endowed cock, down my throat, but getting to have this romantic act made me melt. We didn't break apart for a while, and when we did I stared into his sparkling hazel eyes. He sighed and patted my face.

"You like me don't you? Like not just as a friend, but more?"

I stared down at him, before resting my head on his chest, feeling him breathe in and out as his hand tested on my back.

"Yea. I have for a while."

Dean nodded and said nothing. We just laid there, until Dean fell asleep once again. I smiled and I turned so I looked at him, he was amazing. And though I may have been in love with Jason, Dean was amazing and I couldn't stop staring at him. I quickly played with his hair before getting off him, pulling his briefs back over his beautiful cock and putting the sheet over us. As I turned to go to sleep, Dean turned and wrapped his arms around me and I smiled, moving closer into his chest.


I woke up later that morning to find Dean silently playing with my hair.

"You having fun there?" I asked, turning to face him.

"Well I could be having much more fun if you had been awake. But now that you are...

The hand playing with my hair lowered quickly to my ass and he pulled me in. My morning wood hit with his hard-on and we both sighed, rubbing ourselves against one other. He pulled my face to him and the two of us started making out again, causing me to smile. And for Dean to back away.

"I can't help but feel that you're getting more enjoyment from this than I am..." He whispered in my ear.

"You don't get how long I've wanted to do this. That's all." And I went back to his lips.

He kneaded my ass more, before slipping both hands under my breifs to my bare ass, parting it. I knew were he was going so I pushed my ass out a bit further, causing Dean's finger to draw very close to my hole. I wiggled it a bit seeing if he would get the message. He didn't. I pulled off him and sat on his lap, his large cock pressed firmly underneath my ass.

"What am I doing wrong?" He asked, worried. "I thought you wanted to do this?"

"Oh I do, trust me." And with that I grinded my ass firmly on his throbbing dick, going in circles. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, his hands holding my hips.

"Oh my god." Was all he muttered as I slowly went up and down is jailed member.

"I think it's time we fulfill my full fantasy, don't you think Dean?"

With that, I hopped off his lap, slipping my boxes off and leaving me naked. Dean stared at me, his hard-on pointing straight at me, seemingly close to splitting his briefs seams. I went to my knees and ran my hands up his legs. The thing about Dean was that he wasn't your stereotypical 'hot' jock, with the defined quads, hot abs, huge pecs... But he had this extremely hot air that made him look amazing. He wasn't fat or cubby, he wasn't a tight body builder. He was just this perfect looking dude, and I was so in love with his legs. I trailed my tongue from his knee up till the pouch of his briefs, before going the other way.

"Stop teasing..."

"Ok," I said. Lowering his underwear. "You asked."

I jerked his now free cock, spitting upon it. Not long after that did i pop his clock in my mouth and gave a large drawn out blow job. While he muttered about fucking my ass, or my hot mouth, I was preparing my ass. While I had waited years for this moment, I had always waited and keep my virginty, so I knew it was going to hurt. But for my first I wanted to be special and hurt...

After Dean's dick gleamed with my spit, I turned a s lowered myself on His dick.


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