Tony continued to send me texts for not only the rest of the day, but the rest of the week. I was to scared that all he was doing was teasing an testing me to see if I'd say something gay back and have him turn it against me. Luckily enough it was the end of the week and I could turn off my phone and hide in my room for the weekend and not have to worry about Tony. That was until I remembered I'll be worrying about something worse, I had Dean staying over to watch the next rugby game on the TV with me, and then staying Saturday night to prepare for an exam on the next Tuesday. Now Tony may be the hotter guy out of Him or Dean. The masculine energy, the way Dean's hazel eyes sparkled when he smile or cheered at the screen. How his pants were always a bit to tight around his behind and somewhat revealing to how he liked to pack himself to the left everyday always grabbed me. He had that stereotypical dumb jock feel that you see on movies and TV all the time but there was intelligence in there and I always found it sexy. During my freshman year one day I had decided that I was gonna cop a feel of what he was packing and asked if I could see if I could lift him. Dean agreed and instead of starting from his waist, I placed my arms above mid-thigh and moved upwards. My hands past over his cock and even while soft, there was no denying that he was in fact a large boy. Since then I was determined to get my mouth around it. However i knew it wasn't gonna happen.

Dean and I sat on the living room couch staring intently at the screen. What was so great about tonight's game was that my team was playing his, we'd usually make bets, varying from who'd have to sleep in my bed on who on the floor, money, or even dares. Tonight's was his favorite, who gets to sleep in my comfy queen size bed, and who has to retire to a pillow, blanket and few feet of messy ground in my room. However, at the 77th minute, Dean was regretting the bet as my team was leading by 5 points. By this point, If he was ever loosing Dean would kneel inches away from the screen and shout orders at the players. This was my favorite part. He was so into it I could've lit his pants on fire and he wouldn't have known until after the game what was happening.

Instead of waiting to see him wail and howl at the screen as the game ended, I decided to head up to bed and crash a bit early. Dean would make himself at home easily enough. I jumped onto the top and laid there. Enjoying the softness of it and enjoying in the wails that floated up from the living room. I made the mistake of turning my phone on and discovering 6 messages from Tony. The recent one was being descriptive about a recent wet daydream he had had about me. I read through the text a few times, the detail wakening my friend downstairs. I imagined what it would be like to actually have Tony's lips part as he sucked in my cock into his hot mouth. See his head bob up and down and his blue eyes stare up at me. To grab ahold of his blonde hair and make him I faster... I was thinking this until someone jumped on to my back and laid down on me. Dean places his head on my right shoulder, his legs and arms corresponding to the way I had laid down. His legs slipped in between mine and and I swear I could feel the bulge which I would often stare at in his school uniform pressed just below my ass.

"Whatever this is, it's much comfier than the floor. I might sleep here tonight. Hopefully Jon doesn't find out!" Dean said into my ear. He then wrapped his arms around me and began to snore. I laughed and attempted to throw him off.

"Dean! Get off! You know the rules, you made the bet!"

"But it's just so comfy here. Wake me in the morning."

I sighed and laid still, enjoying the feel of Dean lying on top of me. When else was I gonna have this experience again, so why not take advantage of it. I decided to have a little fun and I raised my ass up a little bit. Dean responded, thinking he was falling down to move further up and this time I defiantly could feel him pressing against my ass, he probably had no idea. I decided to flex my ass and see what he'd do. A small sigh broke out through Dean's fake snores and he rolled his hips against me.

"Stop trying to throw me off Jon. I bet that the winner sleeps in the bed. I didn't say anything about where the loser slept. So I can sleep on top of you, under you-"

"In me..." I stopped. I had said that louder than I thought I had.

"In you?" Dean asked, his body raising up and looking down on my neck as I couldn't turn to face his front.

"In my bed. Not in me." I replied quickly.

Dean gave a small push against my back and stood back up. I turned around to lay on my back, not realizing the state in which my hard on was. I quickly sat up and if Dean noticed he didn't say.

"Well if you're offering to give me the bed I'm sure if we put a pillow in the way we both could sleep init rather than the floor."

He suddenly jumped onto the right side of the bed, he grabbed a pillow and hugged it close to his chest.

"Much more comfortable here." He muttered. I chuckled as I saw Dean very quickly doze off. He was wearing his teams jersey and footy shorts which though loose clung to him well and I sat there and just took in the image of him. He may not have been the only person I liked, but something about him made me feel it was more than just a simple crush that I was feeling towards him. I closed the door and switched off the lights and stripped down to my boxers and slipped under the covers. Dean had stupidly fallen a sleep on the sheets so as I dragged them I cover me they moved and rolled him on to his front... But it didn't stop there. He rolled again and ended up face down on the floor. Dean yellped and quickly sat up. I started laughing. I had never seen anything funnier in a very long time.

"Ok ok. I get it." Dean mumbled. "You can stop laughing of ill have to shit you up."

I didn't know why but I just kept laughing. And true to his work Dean reached out and clamped his hand over my mouth. Being the twat that I am, I stuck my tongue out and licked across his palm.

"Jon! Why do that, that's gross."

"You love it." I told him, before I rolled over and turned a way from him.

I felt the bed dip a little as he got back in and this went under the sheets.

"Night Dean." I called to him. He mumbled back a response and soon both of us drifted off...

Then my phone buzzed. I opened my left eye as it shone light across my face, I squinted quickly at the time to see it was 3 am. Who'd be texting at 3? Tony.

"Thought I'd give you and Dean a few hours of fun time together before I'd interupt. :P"

What he mean by fun time?

"It's 3am." I texted. "Go away."

"Someone sounds like he didn't get to swallow the rod of Dean."

Now I defiantly knew what he was talking about.

"Seriously go away." I typed back

"Go for it! You'll thank me later!"

I was about to reply, but Dean's drowsy voice from behind me shocked me.

"swallow the rod of Dean? Does he mean my dick?"

I couldn't turn to look at him, I stated down at the dimming screen of my phone.

"Cause if you want it, I usually make girls wait and beg for it..."

Wait, was he offering...?

"But seeing as your my friend, I'm sure we can skip the waiting." I turned around to face him. Dean sat upright on the bed, the sheets sitting above his knees and his package filling out nicely between the legs. He saw me stare down, and a sly grin crossed his face.

"I always thought you were but never wanted to ask." Dean said. When I didn't reply, he wrapped his arm around my neck and pulled us closer.

"Are you ok Jonny? This is a once and a life time offer. And I know you want it." Before I knew what I was doing, my head rushed to Deans' briefs and my mouth locked over the semi hard head of Dean's dick who groaned slightly.

"That's what I want."

I licked and drooled up the hardening tool and looked up until to Dean's eyes. I knew this had to be a dream but his eyes looked awfully real. Dean winked at me, and a hand caressed my face slightly as I kissed his cock. I slowly lowered his briefs and finally got to have a look at the cock I had been dreaming and fantasizing about for quite a while, and it was as big as I had imagined. I wrapped two hands around it, gasping at his length.

"Let's see if you can handle this ok buddy?" Dean muttered, before pushing the top if my was on to his dick. The first thing I did was see how far long down I could take the thing but was stopped 3 quarters of the way through. Dean pushed his hips towards my mouth as I pulled off.

"Why'd you do that?" He moaned. "Please keep going. I haven't blown a load in a week. It'll be worth it!"

The thought of Dean wanting to not only have his dick sucked by me, but having him finish in my mouth gave a new kick of adrenaline and without warning I dived right back on to his cock and took the whole thing down my throat. Dean let out a loud cry before he threw his arm over his mouth.

"Holy shit. Holy shit. That feels amazing" He cried.

I smiled around it, humming as I slowly came off it. As the head left my mouth, a soft pop sound filled the room accompanied by a groan from Dean. I could see the way he was jumping the air slightly, the way his cock throbbed was a sign that he was ready to blow. So being the nice guy I am ha to make sure it did blow.

I started licking the head if his cock again and Deans hands were both firmly behind my head.

"If you deep throat it again I know I will blow." As I still licked and sucked, I looked up into Dean's eyes...


I sighed and delved all the way to the riot for his dick. As Dean writhed in pleasure, I slipped two fingers to stimulate the are between his ass and balls, wanting to reveal the pleasures of different areas. I could feel the movement from his asshole.

Dean forced his cock as far down into my throat as it could go before slumping. He had just cum. A sweet taste filled my mouth and I swallowed, i kept swallowing as a weeks worth of cum filled and filled my mouth. As his breathing slowed, I smiled around his cock. i had just gotten to blow Dean and get his cum.


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