Chapter 5

The landlord and his tenant were doing evening workouts in the home gym these days; Tim had upcoming final exams but Greg still enforced the routine of early nights and heavy workouts when he wasn't studying. Both were now happily shirtless while working out, with tight underarmour shorts.

"Your grip is too narrow Timmy, you gotta have your forearms vertical for the bench press."

Tim finished his set of bench presses, panting as he reracked the barbell. "Well Sir, I kinda wanted to blast my triceps a little, is all."

Greg laughed. "You get plenty of arm work when you're here with Scott. I want your whole body stronger, boy. Arms will come with the strength we're building you up with. Anyway, these days your guns ain't half bad."

Tim's face lit up and he beamed with pride. With the heavy lifting, copious amounts of food and protein shakes, and sleeping better than he had since he was a child, his physical development was coming along strong. "Thank you Sir!"

"No problem boy, 'proud of you. Anyways, let's call it a day. Well, call it a night I guess."

As they wiped down the bench with a sweat towel and went upstairs to make a whey shake, they heard Scott and James in the living room. "Ah, they're already home. Let's say hello."

Greg bounded into the living room and threw himself into his usual spot in the middle, getting his 2 sons in a headlock. They didn't appreciate the sweaty shirtless powerlifter doing so. James used his martial skills to cleanly escape the headlock, but Scott wasn't so lucky.

"C'mon Pa, get your sweaty arms offa me, you smell like a bear."

Greg laughed at his son. "Ha ha! That's how a man smells! Timmy here appreciates it, right son?"

Tim smiled, embarrassed. "Well, heh, yeah, maybe a little."

Greg smiled and let go of his older son, who grumbled and got up sat back in the couch.

"So men, what do you think of Timmy's new cage, eh?"

Scott and James just looked at their father quizzically. "New cage?"

"Of course - you ain't seen it? How couldn't you?"

Tim looked bashful. "Well Sir, when I give James blowjobs I'm wearing underwear anyway. And when Scott fucks me I wear jockstraps."

Scott nodded. "That's right. Nerd bird here don't need to focus on anything but this fat dick", he said, grabbing and shaking his junk at Tim as he did so. "He's been wearin' jocks just like I told him to."

"When I wear the jockstraps they give a bit more support so I don't...shake around so much. It's better. Scott can be kinda rough, so my junk really gets a beating if I don't wear one."

Scott chuckled. "You know you love it when I'm rough with you baby bro, heh heh. Let's see this cage then."

James joined in too as everyone got up from the couch. "Yeah! Show us!"

A sheepish Tim started to take off his underarmour shorts, then took off the jockstrap he was wearing under it. The chastity cage was now on full display.

"Let's give them a real look," said Greg, lifting Tim up and standing him on the ottoman. James leaned in and poked the metal cage encasing Tim. "Whoa. This is the cage? This thing on your dick? What's it for?"

Tim looked bashful. "Well... It's my new protector.'s gonna keep me safe...I can't jerk off when I wear it, so I won't be tempted to do anything bad. It's gonna keep me a good boy."

Greg thought his two sons would be dumbfounded by the revelation, or at least tease him. But they surprised him by being supportive and encouraging. Scott didn't seem the least bit fazed by the chastity cage. "Good work little buddy. Nice to see you be disciplined. Gotta work hard for your goals, right?"

"Heh, sure do Scott! You don't think it's weird or anything?"

"Naa bro. It suits you. Keep it on. I hope you don't disappoint me by taking that cage off."

"Heh, well Greg has the key anyway so it's not up to me..."

Scott nodded. "Good. No doubt Pa's gonna keep you in there a good long while. I can't imagine being in that thing for even a minute, but I think it'll do you a world o' good. Bet it feels weird tho, huh?"

Tim sighed slightly. "It does feel pretty weird, Scott. I can't get hard at all with this tiny cage on. Actually I can't even feel my own cock a lot of the time, like it's not even there."

Greg slapped him playfully on the ass. "Ho ho, correction Timmy! A boy like you doesn't own a cock, what you got there is just a little boy's nub. And you should get used to the feeling. You're not gonna get any pleasure from that cocklet, you gotta focus on giving the man pleasure."

Tim just nodded, a little downcast. "Yes Sir..."

James was more inquisitive than his older brother was. "That's great you're doing this baby bro, we're all so proud o' you! You changed a lot since you moved in, and all for the better. How do you find it, is it ok? What happens if you get hard?"

"Well it's a little sore in the mornings, but actually it's really comfy most of the time. Turns out the smaller the cage, the better it fits. Less material to get in the way, less room to grow so you stay small."

"Bet it's a challenge, eh bro?"

"Yeah, sure is. To be honest, I'm really horny right now. I'd kinda do anything to be unlocked..." Tim looked hopefully at Greg, who just snorted.

"I bet you would Timmy. That means it's working. Best get used to it son."

Scott lifted Tim off his platform and set him down. He then smirked and started to do pec bounces in the student's face, knowing it would make him even more horny. "Heh, so you think you're a bit more submissive now you're locked away?"

Tim was visibly distracted by the bouncing pecs in front of him. "Yes Sir, I do think I'm feeling more submissive. I see these huge muscley guy around and I feel even hornier, I even get a bit light-headed..."

"What about when I fuck you? How do you feel then when you can't get that little thing hard?"

"Well, I still try and get hard but can't. I leak a lot when you fuck me and I get really horny, like I just lose myself in my own headspace. I enjoyed when you fucked me before, but sometimes's like I can't get enough. I think of it all the time...

"Think of what bro?"

"Well, umm..."

"Spit it out nerd, tell us!"

Greg focused on Tim, thinking about the talisman around his neck. "Tell us, boy."

"...I think about swallowing more of James' jizz, and wish I could have a cup of it to swallow down. I think of being fucked by you and how great it feels, I wish it could last forever. It feels better when you fuck me, like the edge is taken off a little, but the horniness always comes back stronger than ever. I feel embarrassed saying all this, I just like making you guys happy and wish I could make you even happier. Damn, listen to me, I'm such a loser..."

Scott grabbed Tim in bear hug. "Whoa there Timmy, you ain't a loser at all! You're the best little bro a guy could ask for. Wanting to be good to your family ain'ts nothin' to be ashamed of. You gotta knock that negative talk off, be who you were meant to be."

James rubbed Tim on the shoulder. "He's right Tim! You should be proud for being such a great baby bro! We love having you here, we want you to be happy too!"

Greg agreed with his two sons. "Sweet little Timmy, it breaks my heart to hear how hard you are on yourself. Making men happy is what comes natural to you, you gotta realize that it's the way you should be. You just keep trying to make the men in your life happier, and you'll see it was what you were put on this Earth to do. Be proud of serving us. Now, you feel better boy?"

Tim smiled and looked up at the powerlifter. "Yes Sir! Thanks..."

Greg smiled and ruffled his hair. "Now get goin', you got some study to do."


A few days later the landlord sat in his office waiting for Tim to show up. He was excited but was trying not to show it. He knew the day would come where he got to discipline Tim but now that it was here he could hardly contain himself. His fists tightened as he practices a cold, steely gaze. He hoped Tim would buy it.

A knock on the door was followed by a timid, slightly cowering Tim, wearing just a jockstrap.

"You wanted to see me Sir?"

"I sure did boy", Greg said as he held out a leather pouch. "Found this in your bag. A lockpicking set. Care to explain yourself?"

Tim looked like he had seen a ghost. Greg kept his stony gaze on the young student.

"Be truthful now boy, I'll know if you're lying to me. Did you try and pick the lock to your cage?"

"I - I'm so sorry Sir, I bought it on a whim, I was so horny and saw it online. I just tried to pick the lock for a few minutes and it was way too complicated, really Sir I'm so sorry I let you down. It's just so hard..."

"That cage was the best you can buy, you ain't gonna pick that lock. I'm disappointed boy, I know I'm tough but I expected more from you."

"I'm sorry Sir, I promise I won't let you down again!"

"I know. It's time for your punishment. Come over here."

Tim gulped and slowly walked over to the big man. Walking those few feet to his landlord, sat comfortable in his highback chair, felt like an eternity.

"Over my knees Timmy. Time for a spanking."

The student reluctantly climbed on Greg's thick legs, clearly nervous for what was about to happen.

"Try to jump off and I'll double it - you hear me boy?"

Tim nodded. "Yes Sir."

"It's a shame to spank this cute little ass, but it's for your own good. Ten strong smacks to this rear of yours. You'll remember this when you get tempted to do mischief...You ready boy?"

Tim's voice was hesitant. "Yes Sir..."

Greg didn't slap him at first. He gently placed his meaty palm on Tim's butt-cheeks and started to grope. He was keeping the student off guard, not knowing when the spanking would come. He just carried on kneading and squeezing the smooth globes, unhurried. Tim was seemingly going between anxiety and impatience.

Suddenly the hard smack of his meaty hand landed on Tim's asscheek. He cried out in pain, arching his back as if to jump off, but stayed on his landlord's lap. Greg took his time with each new slap,

Tim wanted so badly to block Greg's assault, but he kept his hands to the side. Hard slap after hard slap landed on his behind, with Tim's strangled cries getting louder with each one.

Eventually Greg had meted out 10 slaps onto the now tender ass. The skin was red from the hard smacks. "There we go, all done. You did good."

As Tim climbed off the large man, Greg saw tears in the corners of his eyes. He took him in a bear hug, rubbing Tim's back and speaking softly to the young man. "Shussh, baby, that's it, I got you now. You did so well. Good boy..."

Tim sniffled a little. "Thank you Sir."

"You understand why I disciplined you?"

"Yes Sir, I made a mistake and needed to be disciplined. I should have been better. I want to be a good boy for you and my big bros."

"That's right Timmy, very good. Remember that feeling the next time you're about to do something bad and it'll help you be good."

Tim finally smiled. "Thank you Sir. I promise I'll be better!"

"Glad to hear it. Say Timmy, you didn't even ask me why I went through your bag."

Tim just shrugged. "Well, your house your rules Sir."

Greg smiled. Just perfect. He already knew it to be true, but seeing how there was no boundary he couldn't break, no line he couldn't cross; not only that but Tim was happy to give him more and more control. He saw the Tim was trying to get erect in his cage. He gave it a feel. "Huh, your cage is sticking out a tiny bit. That small little guy trying to get hard?

"Well, um...yes Sir. Just a bit."

Greg grunted. "So did you enjoy the discipline I gave to you then?"

"Well, yeah, a little. To be honest being spanked by a hunk like you, it's kinda been a fantasy of mine. The reality was pretty intense though!"

Greg knew beforehand that Tim, at least on some level, would enjoy being spanked. He did it not just to discipline him but to further highlight how much control he had over the student. "Well if you enjoyed it that means I'll have to find another way of imposing discipline on you, one you won't enjoy so much and that you'll actually benefit from. And I've prepared just the thing. Follow me."

Tim went with his landlord through the house. As they walked past the bedrooms of Scott and James, the two men followed, curious. Greg arrived at the end of the corridor and opened the door at the end, to reveal a small narrow room. He gestured for Tim to go inside, and followed after him with his two sons.

"You can spend weekends in your own annex, but during weeknights you're to sleep in here. No distractions. You can study in my office. No computer to keep you away from your studies and your goals. Discipline, Timmy!"

A single bed was in a corner of the small, narrow room. The lights were soft and warm. The small room seemed tiny with the three large men inside it.

Tim looked scared, and couldn't seem to find the words he wanted. "Please - Sir - this is way too extreme. I mean... Come on! It's too much!"

Greg folded his thick arms and stared Tim down. "Now now my boy, I've already made my decision. It's for your own good - you'll thank me some day. You put on your PJ's and get into bed. Me and the men here are going out to that new sports bar and we don't want you getting into any trouble, so I'm locking the door while we're gone so you're safe and sound."

Tim was aghast. "What? C'mon, this is crazy!"

Scott wore his trademark smirk. "Don't fret none baby bro, I'll unlock the door when we get back and keep an eye on you. And hey, if you have a nightmare or get scared you can always come into my bedroom next door and I'll settle you down..."

James smiled at the student. "Yeah! And I'll be here bright and early to wake you up when I take you for our 6am run!"

"Aren't you happy that you've got these 3 big strong men looking after you? Heh, what a lucky boy," Greg said, as he ruffled Tim's hair. Tim was unconvinced. He just looked away from Greg's gaze with an angry scowl on his face.

"Hmm, well that's no good," Greg said. "James, back-mount him on the bed so I can 'convince' him..."

"Huh?" Before Tim knew what was happening, James spun him round and grabbed him from behind, hoisting him onto the bed. Tim's back was against James' chest, arms and legs locked. He was completely helpless. Greg leaned in. "C'mon Timmerino, lets see that smile..."

He started to tickle Tim's exposed chest and armpits. Tim immediately started to laugh. Greg kept it up, never tickling the same spot for long. Soon Tim was begging for Greg to stop. He struggled but the skilled martial artist kept him in a vice-like grip. As he laughed with tears in his eyes, Greg kept tickling him with one hand, but started to pinch and knead Tim's nipples with the other. He might look good with bigger nips, Greg thought.

Tim soon reached breaking point. He wheezed through his laughter. "Please...stop..."

"You'll behave like a good boy and go straight to sleep?"

Through exhausted chucking Tim managed to answer. "Yes...Sir..."

"You know you're a lucky boy to be getting all this attention from us?"

"Y-yes! Th-Thank you!"

Greg smiled and stopped his onslaught on Tim. "That's better."

James let Tim up with a smile. Tim was out of breath and trying to recover. While he was getting his wind back, Scott laid the pj's on the bed and lifted Tim into position to put them on with or without his help. The bodybuilder made quick work of stuffing Tim's limbs into the Dragonball Z jumpsuit, Tim helpless to stop him. He soon zipped it up from behind and locked it shut at the top. "In we go," he said cheerfully, as Tim's fate was sealed.

As Tim sat back on the bed, locked in his pyjama onesie, he never felt more like a kid than in that moment. He sighed, defeated, and crawled under the duvet. Greg came over and tightly tucked him in.

"Uh, Sir, it's a little tight..."

"Perfect! Sleep tight Timmy, don't let the bedbugs bite!" A kiss on the forehead and Greg turned to go.

The three men chuckled as they locked Tim in his new bedroom.

As he went to get dressed for a night out with his two sons, Greg thought about how easy it ultimately was to give him a spanking and send him to bed early. Tim wanted to give him control, that much was clear, and Greg was happy to take it. There was no limit. He thought he could literally make him a slave if he wanted; order him to quit school and live in the house, obeying his every whim. He knew he'd fit the role of harsh slavemaster well, and that went double for Scott. But he always had 2 threads of thought; one to dominate and control Tim, and the other to help him and see him be happy. He wanted both.

Hope for his sake he doesn't ever say he wants to be a slave, Greg thought.


Tim came from from late classes to find Greg wearing an expensive (and tight) shirt and chinos. He was grinning at the student. "So little Timmy, remember what today is? It's Friday the 27th - our anniversary! Heh, well, the the anniversary of you moving in. How many months is it now? Heh, well anways, the men are gone, so let's just have ourselves a nice evening, just you 'n me. The air is on, so just stay in your streetwear."

Tim smiled up at his landlord. "That sounds great, it's been a rough day. What will I make us for food?"

"Don't worry about it son, I'm fixin' grub for us both. C'mon, let's settle down in the kitchen, we never eat at that expensive table."

As they walked into the spacious kitchen, Tim noticed the table had been set for 2. Candles were lit and glasses of wine had been poured. Tim was curious. "Well this looks fancy. Expecting someone, Sir?"

"Nope! Just thought this looked cozy for us both. Wanted you to have a bit of an easy night. Bit of a treat! Take a seat Timmy ma' boy, I'm gonna check on these potatoes."

Tim took a seat and watched his landlord take a dish of potato gratin out of the oven. Steaks were resting on the side, ready to be seared.

"Heh, gotta be honest, I bought these fancy potatoes - steak is kinda the only thing I'm good at making."

"I don't know abut that Sir, you made a great roast that one time. And anyway, nothing beats a good steak."

"Right?! It was always my favorite thing to eat! I could eat ten of 'em. Take a gulp of that wine, tell me what you think"

"Uh, sure! But I thought you and Scott said I wasn't to drink alcohol...?"

"Heh, one drink won't kill your gains too much. Plus I know you like it."

Tim sipped the dark red wine. "Wow, it's really good. I didn't know you drank red wine, Sir."

"I don't, not really! I asked your friend from college, found him online. He said you liked red wine so I got a nice one. It's a blend, your favorite."

Tim leaned back, slightly stunned. "Greg - I can't believe you did that for me. That's...that's a really kind thing to do. Thank you."

"Only the best for my Timmy, heh heh."


After an enjoyable dinner, they both cleared up the kitchen. As they finished clearing up, Tim turned to Greg, grateful for the pleasant evening they had shared.

"College has been stressing me out big time, I really needed this. Thanks so much, I can't tell you how happy I am right now. You're just... really awesome. Thank you..."

Greg smiled and opened his arms wide. "Aw Timmy...c'mere, gimme a hug..."

They shared an embrace. Greg felt so protective of his young renter in that moment. When they broke the hug, Tim smiled up at his landlord.

"This is nice, we don't usually wear this much clothing in the house!"

"Dunno about that kiddo. I wore this shirt a couple months ago and I swear it''s tighter. Not too comfy, gotta say..."

"Heh, that's 'cos you've gained muscle. I've seen how much your lifts have gone up by in the past while. It's like that shirt is painted on."

Greg chuckled, and then flexed for Tim in the shirt. All the student could do is stare at the landlord, almost drooling at the muscled lifter hulking out for his benefit. He just smiled at his tenant. "Heh, amazed that this shirt ain't burstin' open. It's too good, need to buy cheaper ones so you can really see me explode out of 'em. Hooaaa!"

"Hmmm... c'mon Sir, that's totally unfair. You know how horny I am, flexing like that is just cruel..."

"Heh, you gettin' hard in that tiny cage? Heh heh. C'mon upstairs with me Timmy, gonna show you somethin' real special."

As Greg left the kitchen and started up the staircase, he noticed Tim has stayed at the end. "The stairs to the top floor...I've never been up there before. Heh, I always wondered what was at the top."

"Well now you get to see. Come on up."

Tim gingerly climbed the stairs after Greg.

"Here we are! My bedroom." The bedroom was typical for a man like Greg; spacious, masculine but comfortable.

"Whoa. This is a big goddamn bedroom... Does it take up the whole floor?"

"No, there's a nice big bathroom through there to the left, and a closet on the right."

"Big bed too. California king?"

"Nope, bigger. Had it custom made. Great for getting away from the wife, ha ha." Greg swaggered over to Tim. "It's warmer up here, right?" he said, as he unbuttoned his shirt. "Go ahead, strip off."

Tim naturally obeyed, stepping out of his jeans and taking off his t-shirt. Greg got closer and started to take off his trousers, then peeling off his wifebeater from the bottom upward as he always did, knowing Tim loved the show. He smirked as Tim was staring again, not able to tear his sight away from the hunky powerlifter. He's just too easy, thought Greg.

"Say Tim, you still got your underwear on. Be a good boy and take it off," Greg said, despite the fact that he himself was still wearing underwear. Tim snapped out of it and took off his boxer-briefs, then the jockstrap that held his small cage tight. Greg grinned seeing the slimy wet patch on the jock. Probably leaked out while watching him flex, he thought.

"Come over here Timmy, kneel down and close your eyes in front of me, I've a present for you."

Once Tim was in position, Greg finally reached down and took off his underwear, kicking it aside. Finally the moment had arrived. His junk was right in front of Tim's face. How lucky his renter was, Greg thought. He was about to meet his destiny.


Tim slowly opened his eyes, wider and wider still. Finally, his first time seeing Greg's massive cock.

Tim was speechless at first, but soon manage to splutter out a sentence. "Whoah... It's huge! But - it's soft?! That's insane - it's bigger soft than most cocks are hard..."

"You ain't seen nothin' yet, son. I'm a shower & a grower. Let's get us both warmed up. Hop up on the bed beside me and stick that ass out."

The student tore his gaze from Greg's dick and crawled up onto the bed.

Greg stood up behind him and started to massage his buttcheeks. His eyes were fixed on the hole that he knew he would soon conquer.

Tim gasped as he felt a wet, muscular tongue work its way inside him. Greg was eating him out. Tim moaned at the treatment being met out to him. "Hnng, even your tongue is big...fuck..."

Greg wasn't gentle, he worked his way in and out of Tim's hole with strength, getting hornier himself with each passing moment. It was an act of aggression; he was staking his claim, he owned this hole. His tongue twisted and writhed inside Tim, making his tenant moan. Greg soon became hard, seeing his conquest helplessly squirm under his treatment.

"Well look at this, Timmy. Your pretty hole just gone and got me hard. Let's get you hot an' heavy too, gonna feel where that little boybutton o' yours is. Time to give little Timmy an oil check, heh heh..."

Quickly grabbing a waiting bottle of lube, he generously coated his fingers and Tim's waiting hole. He decided to go right for 2 fingers, knowing that they would be enough. Plunging them in earned a moan from Tim. He just chucked. He hooked them slightly searching for Tim's prostate. Soon enough another moan from the student, and a drop of clear liquid on the tip of his cage. Greg smirked and kept up the gentle pressure, rubbing the prostate in circles. "Heh heh, you like that boy?

Tim was at breaking point. "Please, please fuck me Sir!"

Greg smiled widely and stepped back from the bed. That's just how he wanted Tim; hot and horny, begging for his cock. He didn't move.

"Please Sir, Please fuck me. Please take my ass. I need it." Greg could hear the worry in Tim's voice, desperate for the landlord to fuck him. He was hard as a rock hearing Tim beg.

"Well come on over here and let's get your mouth on my cock."

Tim got off the bed and froze when he got a glimpse of Greg's erection. If he thought Greg was big when soft, he was a monster when hard. Greg smirked, proud of his massive endowment. "See that sport? It's longer than James, and thicker than Scott. Think you got it in ya to make him happy?"

Tim didn't reply, just got on his knees and stared at the massive penis. Greg chuckled at the student's reaction. It was rare to see him lost for words.

Tim, wide-eyed, just kept staring in disbelieve. "I... I just can't believe it's real. I mean I saw the bulge from day one, and felt it on my ass when you'd grab me and put me in your lap, but fuck. It's gigantic, look at the veins! It's throbbing, I can see your heartbeat in those massive veins.

"Heh, yup - they grow 'em big where I'm from."

Tim looked up at Greg, a serious look on his face. "No Greg, I don't think you understand. Your penis is *enormous*. It actually looks fake, it's like a dick from dragon dildos or something. Fuck. Is this why you don't have tinder the way Scott and James did?

Greg grunted an affirmative. "Too big. Most can't take me. One look at this here dick done go and scare 'em off."

"I'm not surprised. Whoa..." Tim looked back at the massive cock, almost reverential at the sight before him

"Not you though boy, you ain't scared, you still kneelin’ waiting on a taste, ain't ya... Go on Timmy. Tell him how much you think of him."

Tim got closer and spoke straight to Greg's dick. "God, you're so huge, you're so much bigger than me. I wish I was a tenth as large as you are. My dick is so tiny. You're bigger than everyone. You're a beast, a monster. I... I *am* scared..."

"You want to make him happy, right?"

"Yes! I'd do anything to make him happy."

"Then go on, grab a hold of him, get to know him a little."

Tim nodded and gingerly reached up to hold Greg's cock. His hands looked small in comparison. He gently rubbed and stroked it, marveling at the thick, pulsing veins. He couldn't believe when it actually started to grow slightly more. Greg flexed his cock and laughed. "Look at that! He likes you! Why don't you give him a lick, see if he likes that."

Tim stuck out his tongue, still holding onto the massive cock, and slowly licked the giant head. An approving grunt from Greg encouraged him, he licked faster and swirled his tongue over the head as best he could.

A moan from Greg spurred Tim on. He tucked his lips over his teeth and tried to take the head into his mouth. His jaw was soon sore from straining it open. He attempted to blow Greg with gusto, forcing the massive cock into his mouth. Greg smiled and lazily chuckled. "Timmy tryn'a blow this fat dick, eh?..."  Timmy was having trouble fitting the cock into his mouth, let alone deep throating it. Eventually he surfaced for air, exasperated.

"I - I can't do it! I can't open my mouth wide enough, it's too big! I'm so sorry Sir!"

"Heh heh, don't worry your pretty little head Timmy, I wasn't countin' on it. Can't say I ever got a good blowjob. Relax, just get that pretty tongue of yours back on the head. Lick him and let him how much you love him"

Greg flexed his cock again, and a bead of precum oozed out of the tip. Tim started to lick around the oozing monster, using his hands to stroke the base. Greg sighed in contentment. As he watched his young charge eagerly serving his manhood he realized he was getting too close too soon, so after a short while he pushed Tim gently off.

"Lets get to it Timmy - hop up on the bed here. Get on your knees."

As Tim dutifully obeyed, Greg saw how more precum had escaped from the student's cage. His smile grew and grew. "It's taken a while to get you here, and I have to say I've enjoyed every moment. Look at you, little locked cock leaking away, brain all hazy with lust for your new Master. My very own little sub. All mine. I'm gonna enjoy you."

Greg took the lube and coated his cock and fingers generously, then slowly thrusting his fingers into Tim's waiting asshole. He was breathing heavily, slightly groaning in pleasure with each thrust of the thick fingers.

"See when i stroke your little hole? See how good it feels? You lucky little boy. You'll get so much pleasure from your hole. Don't you want to give pleasure with it too? Doesn't a cock belong in here?"

"Yes Sir. Please - please fuck me Sir, please I'm begging you."

Greg grinned. It was time. He removed the fingers and positioned his massive erection at Tim's entrance. Normally he would enjoy a slow tease, make the poor boy work for it, but not now. He needed to be inside him, and soon. He placed the massive head against the waiting hole and started pushed in. He could see the small student tense up, a look of uncertainty on his face.

"I know you're scared Tim, don't worry... I've got you now..."

As he increased the pressure, Tim's hole slowly yielded. Greg knew once he got the head inside, there was no going back. Tim's hole was stretching slowly, Greg was almost there. One final push and the head popped in.

Tim groaned. "Oh's too big..."

"Hush now, it's ok, I have you now, just relax and take it..."

Greg was concerned, he knew it was a lot for the young student to take. He paused, giving Tim time to accommodate his girth. He knew how much practice Tim's hole had with using toys not to mention getting fucked by his son, but wanted to be as gentle as he could with him. Greg knew that he had more girth than anything Tim had taken so far. Even as he wanted to be kind to his new sub, the thought brought a smirk to his face.

After a short time he saw Tim visibly relax. Time to give you more cock, he thought. "Tim? Are you ok son? I'm going to push in now. Just relax and focus on how good it feels to be filled up with a man's cock."

Greg slowly but firmly pushed in. Inch by inch, the beast slowly worked its way inside Tim. Greg saw it was getting a little easier as the hole relaxed more. He stopped again for another quick quirt of lube. "You're doing well little Timmy, you're at the halfway point, not long now."

"You - you're only half way? Fuck! I don't think I can take much more!"

Greg chuckled and pressed forward once more. "You'll be fine. I can feel that hungry hole swallow me up. You gotta relax Timmy, let the man take care of things. You just be a good boy and take it."

As he was speaking to Tim trying to calm him down like a spooked animal, he watched as the last few inches were swallowed up inside his tenant. Finally, his pubes made contact with Tim's shaved skin, and he pressed up against him. Tim had taken the whole thing. Greg was in heaven.

"Ahhhh...that's it...all the way inside, just as it should be. Mmm... I'm home..."

Tim just groaned at the massive amount of meat inside him. He never felt so full. Greg had reached parts inside him he never imagined. He felt something large and soft nestling between his open thighs and realized it was Greg's balls. "So...huge...uh... I just tried to clench around your cock, but it wouldn't work - I'm too stretched. So full of cock..."

"That you are, Tim. I got you. You're mine now. I always knew you would be, but I enjoyed the hunt so much. Your ass belongs to me. All of you belongs to me. Say it."

"I - I belong to you, Sir."

"Keep going. Tell me more."

"I'm yours Greg, my ass belongs to you. I'm your sub, your slave. All of me is is yours.

Greg thought he might cum just hearing the words. He'd have to pace himself well, as he wanted Tim to never forget the fucking he was about to receive. This would be the fucking of his life.

He slowly eased back and heard Tim sigh with relief. Greg slowly, millimeter by millimeter, pulled out of Tim's hole, knowing he would feel every bit of it. With only the large head still inside the tight ring of Tim's sphincter muscle, he pushed back inside again, and his bull-balls once more rested against Tim's thighs.

"I can't wait for Summer, you're gonna see just how much pleasure that pussy of yours can give you. Heh, both of us."

He pulled out slowly wanting Tim to feel every bit of his gigantic cock. Again he reached the huge mushroom head, Tim's hole straining to keep it inside.

"Pop goes the weasel, heh heh." With that he pulled his cock from him, the giant head stretching the ring of muscle even more, letting Greg finally withdraw his cock from the poor student. He leaned down to have a close look.

"Look at this beautiful hole. It's just perfect, it was made to be busted open again and again by my fat cock. Heh heh, Look at it gape wide open. Don't you just love it like that? And you never have to worry, if it ever closes up, I'll bust it open again."

Tim had half collapsed, ass still in the air but chest now resting on the bed. He was trying to catch his breath after the treatment he got from Greg.

"Heh heh, lookie here. I reckon little Timmy is just plumb tuckered out from all that huffin' and puffin'. Lets get you on your back," Greg said, as he lifted Tim up and flipped him over.

Greg chuckled at the sight of the small, caged cock. "Heh, look at this dinky dick right here. It's so cute and tiny. It's not really a dick even. Just a little nubbin that we got safely locked away. Means you can focus on what you really want, this big dick inside you." As he spoke to Tim, he lubed up his cock one more time and firmly thrust into Tim's asshole, buying himself deeply inside.

Tim moaned, with more pleasure in his voice now than before. "Uh... I know Sir... It's so much better this way, your cock is everything I need."

Greg beamed a smile. "That's exactly right, good boy. You just focus on the man's dick up inside you. That's where you get all your pleasure, from pleasing a real man. Forget all about the thing between your legs, you don't need it anymore. I'm giving you everything you need. Hell, it's probably way more than you can handle." To prove his point, he flexed his cock inside the student, earning a moan.

"Uh! Yes Sir!"

"You love my cock, don'cha Timmy? You love it stretching out that hole."

"'s's magnificent..."

Greg got a solid hold of Tim's legs and started fucking in earnest, building up to a steady rhythm. "Feel my cock in your hole Timmy. Feel yourself being filled with a new purpose. Your hole is where this cock belongs, your hole is how you have sex now. Don't you want to give pleasure with your hole, and feel it in return?

"Uhh... Yes... Yes Sir..."

Greg grinned seeing a glob of precum drool from the cage. "See how your little peepee is leaking? It's letting me know I'm doing a good job pounding you. It knows what you need. What do you need boy?"

"Uh! I need cock!"

"Whose cock?"

"Uh! Your cock, Sir! Your amazing cock!"

"Damn straight. Now strap in boy, gonna make you the happiest boy in the world..." Greg doubled the speed of his pounding, hammering away at Tim's asshole. The poor student could only moan as Greg's thick dick stretched him beyond limit. He took the massive cock over and over. The hefty weight and thrust of the bigger man overpowered him completely, fucking him hard and deep. He moaned and grunted to the sound of Greg's body slapping against his own.

"Fuck me this hole feels amazing. Feels just as good for you too huh? You're whimpering like a bitch taking a good fuck. Just as you should be."

The landlord looked down at him. Tim looked so small, so conquered. There was something unbelievably sexy about it. Seeing Tim bouncing under him, eyes glazed over, locked dick leaking with pleasure, completely helpless and under his power, Greg couldn't hold back anymore. With a mighty roar, he came inside Tim. Every hard bang was followed with a rope of cum spewed into Tim's well worked hole.

After more than a dozen hard pumps Greg was spent. He collapsed onto Tim, both of them gasping for breath and sweating buckets. Tim was trying to speak between gulps of air. "That...was...amazing..."

Greg smiled. Pulling out, he lifted Tim up in a tight bear hug and kissed him passionately. Tim tried his best to clench his hole, but he couldn't close it all the way. Greg's cum oozed down his leg as the landlord invaded Tim's mouth, claiming him, asserting his power. An arm reached down to Tim's ass and he fingered and stroked the hole he just fucked. "Hmm, nice and sloppy. I filled you right up, didn't I boy...cute little bottom all wet and sticky with my seed. Don't you feel so happy like that?"

"Yes Sir, I'm so happy."

"What a lucky boy you are are, to have me to train you and show you your place."

He looked Greg right in the eye, smiling as he did so. "Thank you for making me your good boy!"

Greg smiled back. A final kiss, and after a moment he pulled him down onto the bed and kicked the covers over them both. He quickly fell asleep in the afterglow of an amazing orgasm.


Tim smiled as he was cradled by Greg, who was snoring in contentment. He was so happy with his musclebear dom. It was a far cry from the homophobic giant of a landlord who barely grunted hello when they first met.

He rubbed the talisman around his neck and focused his mind on the powerlifter, and as it glowed an eerie green, his landlord woke up with glowing eyes.

"Well Greg my main man, that fucking you gave me...heh, it was sublime. My asshole is sore but it was so worth it. It was better than I could ever imagine. When you came inside me, I swear I could feel it. I could feel that gigantic cock throb inside me." Tim sighed with happiness.

"Now, changes for next week. Where to begin..." He escaped from his landlord's arms and started to tweak the powerlifter's nipples. The big man moaned in his hypnotized state.

"So. You want me to cum from just being fucked. The thought of it really turns you on, so that's your next goal. In your mind it'll make your domination over me complete. I know you love it when I leak and this'll be even better. Look up stuff online when you get a chance, talk to your Dom friends online. I saw this guy where he came buckets on day 12 of his lockup, but I'm so horned up right now I swear it should just take a few more days. Fuck me it's hard to keep this cage on when I know I can just order you to take it off. It'll be so worth it though. Just have to stay strong. Maybe I'll buy a sling online so you can fuck me a bit easier..."

Tim couldn't wait to see how Greg would absorb the information, given how much he surprised with his improvization before. His dick throbbed in its cage. "Be vocal, stuff like 'Boys like you should only cum handsfree, from being fucked by real men', that sort of thing.

"Oh and also, tell me I'm not paying rent anymore. I totally blew my bank balance with all the food you have me eating. I know I'm on a bulk, but still. Bodybuilding is expensive, you know?! I'm not a leech though, and I really appreciate the cash for all the sex toys, so just tell me during the week that you're gonna hire me at your company for the summer to do the books or something, and call my rent a perk of the job. I'll make your money back for you in no time."

Tim leaned in to take a deep smell of Greg's armpit. "Fuck that's good. Heh, maybe some day you can move me into the master bedroom completely and we can sleep together every night. Only if you like it though. Maybe we could even rent out my old room to one of Scott's friends. There's this one guy in Scott's gym, I think he's Samoan or Hawaiian. He's fucking huge. It's be a dream to have him live here. Oh, and the ginger guy who's like 7 foot tall, the one with the massive ginger beard? I call him 'Vikingbro' to James. And hey, I've seen some of your employees, rough beefy men every one of 'em... Ah, all these hot musclemen around me all the time, it's like a dream come true. But we'll see. I've been greedy enough with the power, you know how it goes. Need to be more careful, don't want to mess everything up..."

He sat back and looked at the powerlifter he was controlling. "I really like you Greg. Look at you just absorbing all this programming. Like... I feel really bad for doing all this to you and your sons, but just look at you. You're all so fucking hot. I resisted using the talisman this way for years, always thought I'd be content just helping people out and doing good in the world. I could lie and tell myself that I deserve this but the truth is I was weak. That's why I wanted to be closer with you guys wanted to be part of the family - it's cos I wanted you to help me be better, be stronger. And you have..."

Tim looked at his own arm and flexed his arm, muscles visibly bigger than when he first moved in. "Yeah, It's getting there. Noticed my own traps the other day, shoulders and chest coming along too.  You've made me better in more ways than one. Thank you..."

"...You're welcome," Greg said.

"You're all happier too, right? You like having a sub around to do stuff whenever you want?"

Greg nodded. "...Yes."

Tim smiled. Summer was going to be fun.

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