Chapter 3

A week passed with things going much the same. While the landlord and his renter were still wearing underwear in the house, Scott and James were now naked all the time. That's how the powerlifter found the three of them one day after getting home from a business event - Tim in tight underwear being flanked by the bodybuilding Scott and the leaner, more athletic James. The brothers were watching TV with Tim, idly stroking their erections while they did so. Greg marveled at how much things had changed in the house, all due to the powers of the talisman he put around Tim's neck. It had all gone just as he planned.

"Good evening boys! How are y'all doing on this lovely night, huh?"

The two brothers grunted a reply. Tim looked up and smiled, clearly happy to see him. "We're doing good Greg! Hope your thing went well!"

The powerlifter smiled. "Why don't you come downstairs with me young Tim, there's something I want to check." With that he turned, not doubting for a second that the young student would obediently follow.

As they got to the end of the stairs Greg headed straight into Tim's room, all expectation of privacy now gone. Basically like the annex was another part of the house. "I saw some delivery slips, looks like someone got some gifts in the mail!"

Tim looked a bit sheepish. "Heh, well, they're all the toys that you very kindly bought for me."

"Sex toys Tim, call them what they are! Dildos and butt-plugs, no need to be shy, say it out loud!"

"...dildos and butt-plugs..."

"Heh heh, and where are you gonna put 'em, young Tim?"

"They' mouth and train me..."

Greg smiled. "Good boy. Show 'em to me."

Tim went over to his dresser and opened the top drawer. Inside were a variety of realistic dildos, different size butt plugs, bottles of lube and even a jar of coconut oil. "I did a lot of research and got some good value stuff, all this only came to about $200."

"Well that's no good, buy cheap buy twice, that's what they say! I want you getting good quality stuff boy! 800 bucks you still have to play around with. You gotta think of what a top man might want from you. Look for more stuff, get inventive! Hell, I might get you some things myself."

Greg put both his hand on Tim's shoulders. "I want you to be happy, Tim."

"Well gee, I want you to be happy too! What can I do to make you happy...?"

The landlord smiled. "Well the first thing you can do is to take off your tighty-whiteys and get on the bed, I want you on all fours. Wanna see how your 'other' training is going."

Tim looked shocked, but his body obeyed Greg's command - he turned around to take his underwear off, still being a bit bashful around Greg to show his dick. He shyly climbed up on the bed, turning his ass toward Greg. He smiled even more, he was grinning like he had won the lottery. Slow and steady wins the race, he thought. The kid was his now, completely in his power. He stepped over to the drawer. "What's this here? 'Spunk Lube, resembles the look and feel of cum,' Heh heh, what will they think of next!"

He took it over to Tim and squirted a large amount just above the waiting pucker. Lapping some of it up on his his index finger, he lightly traced a circle pattern around his hole, getting closer and closer as he did so. The young guy started to breath heavily.

"When did you last stuff anything up there, kid?"

"Last night...used a butt plug..."

As he got closer and closer to the center, he started to ease a meaty finger in, making sure it was well covered in lube. A moan from Tim got a chuckle from the powerlifter. "Heh, my finger too big? Don't worry son, you'll get used to it..."

Greg just slowly worked his finger in and after a bit, started to slowly thrust. "In... and and out. That's it... Say Tim, I see you shaved your hole along with the rest of your bod. Very nice, I'm liking the 'clean look' you got going on, make sure to keep it up."

"Well, actually, Scott did all that. After I shaved him for his posing routine he insisted on returning the favor. He told me to keep smooth, and said my hole needs to be be hair-free at all times..."

"Well boy, he ain't wrong." The landlord lubed up a second finger and slowly started to push it in, getting another moan from Tim.

Greg noticed Tim was getting erect. "See! Now your lil' guy has sprung to life. I guess we know what you really want. What if I try this..." Greg bent his fingers slightly, putting pressure on Tm's prostate. That earned a louder moan from the student.

"Feel that, Tim? That's your little boy button, all bottoms have one. Was talkin' to a guy online, said it was like a reset button for guys like you. You like it? Hope so, 'cos you're gonna get to know it well before too long, heh heh heh..."

Tim was trying not to groan as Greg massaged his prostate gland. He could tell his renter was feeling exposed and vulnerable. Giving him commands didn't mean his feelings were totally erased. Here he was on his knees kneeling over a bed, his landlord slowly pushing his thick fingers in and out of his asshole, getting him ready to eventually be fucked.

"So which is the biggest butt-plug you've had inside ya so far?"

"The beige one. I've tried the three that are out of the packaging. The next biggest both look really big though, they didn't look as big on the webpage."

Greg looked over at the 2 plugs that were in packaging. Both were indeed on the larger side. One was a stainless steel plug that looked like a normal everyday plug. The taper was a bit small, he thought. The other one caught his eye - it was a black rubber plug that had a good curve to it, and the taper was a good size to keep him stretched out.

Greg withdrew his fingers from Tim's well-lubed hole, getting a sigh of relief as he did so. He went over to the black plug and took it out of its wrapping. It was soft to touch, the soft rubber yielding when poked. It was large, but with the softer texture he thought Tim could handle it. "Sit tight young Tim, gonna lube this bad boy up.

"Um, isn't it a big big?"

"Nope - this is just what your hungry little hole needs. Don't worry squirt, I'll go easy on ya."

As he covered the butt-plug in lube, he also gave Tim's hole another pump of the slimey goo. He put the plug at Tim hole, slowly but firmly pushing in, gently praising him as he did so. "That's it little guy, it's going in nicely. Look at that big boy slide in... You feeling ok buddy? Almost at the halfway point..."

Tim was taking deep breaths. "It's so big...I can feel the rubber giving me a bit of leeway, but this is tough..."

"Don't worry boy, we're at the halfway point, it's plain sailing from here."

As he gently pushed the plug in, suddenly Tim's asshole sucked the rest of it in. He groaned. "I feel so's... pressing against something..."

"That's your little button I told you about. Glad to hear the plug is working its magic." As he started to jiggle the plug, Tim moaned, grabbed his dick and started to jerk off

"No Tim, don't do that, stop jerking and put both hands on the bed. It's much better for you to stay horned," ordered Greg. Tim quickly put hand back on the bed. "You like having this plug inside you?"

"Yeah, I really do, it's awesome, but why can't I jack off?" questioned Tim.

He leaned in and whispered in his ear. "'Cuz you're a bottom, and bottoms don't get to jack off, till they are allowed it?"

He looked down and said: "Yeah, I guess so..."

"Let's have a look at it then, stand up so I can get a look at what you're packin' there."

Tim carefully crawled off the bed, careful with the huge plug still inside him. Greg inspected Tim's penis. It was a bit smaller than average, pretty normal, but he wanted Tim to think it was tiny. The thought of Tim having a tiny little cocklet turned him on, making his dick jump a bit. A bit of programming was in order. He squatted down and looked at the small pecker, poking and prodding it with an unimpressed look an his face.

"Wow sport, didn't expect your thing to be so tiny. I Mean, it's minuscule. Never saw one so small, not even close! Well, don't need to tell you, you know all this already. Heh, no wonder you're a bottom, you couldn't satisfy anyone with this puny thing..."

Greg could see the gears turn behind Tim's eyes. He marveled at the power of the talisman, how it could alter the world view of the person wearing it just from his command. Tim seemed to be a bit shocked with the new world he lived in. That wouldn't do, he didn't want Tim to be sad.

"It's good tho, I actually think it looks kinda cute on you. Suits you. Heh, look at that happy little shrimp! I like how you're not sad about having a teeny pecker, you don't need to have a massive cock like I have. Let me look at something..."

Greg grabbed a measuring tape that was on a desk, and carefully measured Tim's cock in length and girth, committing the results to memory. "Heh, dinky little thing. It's tiny. Must be intimidating when you're around men with real dicks, eh?"

Tim just looked to the side sheepishly. "Yeah, it is. I get really shy and intimidated around them, that's why I still wear underwear while Scott and James don't bother. It's ok though. It is what it is."

Greg smiled widely. This was perfect, it was just the reaction he wanted.

"Well boy, I've got some stuff to take care of. You stay here and look up a few more toys that can help you along. Make sure you do some study too! If the plug gets a bit much you can downgrade to the beige one, but try and keep it in there for a couple hours."

Tim smiled at Greg. The landlord winked and smiled back as he left.


A few days later the landlord came home, stripped to his underwear, and went into the living room. He saw Tim reading some college books while watching a cartoon. Anime, he called it. Greg threw himself on the sofa and switched the tv to football, which was still in the pre-game stage. Tim put his book on the table, and Greg fixed his gaze on Tim, ready to feed the poor student him more commands.

"Hey sport, you said you watched some football as a teen, who's your team?"

"The Vikings."

"Heh heh, well forget that. You're a Broncos fan now. You love 'em, their you're favorite team. Right Tim?"

Tim blinked briefly. "Yeah, sure! I love the Broncos!"

Greg smirked and reached behind the couch to a bag with some clothing in it. "This here is Scott's old Broncos jersey from when he was like 12, it'll be tight but it'll fit you. There's a nice orange jockstrap in there too, put them on so I have easy access to that 'tight end' of yours. Ha ha. See what I did? I'm hilarious, right?"

"Ha ha, you sure are Greg!

"Huh. Another thing I've noticed Tim - Do you always call your elders by their first name? Seems a bit disrespectful to your Superiors to do that. I think you should address me with the proper respect, now don't you?"

"Oh I'm so sorry Gr - I mean Sir! Won't happen again! I have all the respect in the world for you Sir!

"Heh heh, much better... Now put them clothes on boy."

"Yes Sir!" Tim took the bag from Greg and started to put on his new uniform. The football jersey was tight, and didn't cover up the orange jock at all. He looked even more twinky than usual, Greg thought.

"Thatta boy. You look perfect. Nice and exposed for yer daddy. C'mere and sit in my lap."

They watched as the Denver based football team went through the motions. Tim snuggled in to Greg as the larger man made himself more comfortable. His groin pressed against the student's rear, and before too long he noticed Tim's little erection trying to escape from the orange jockstrap. I'll be taking care of that problem soon, Greg thought.

"Hey Sir, did you know there's a rugby team called the Brisbane Broncos? I know you don't watch rugby but I think Scott does a little. Wonder if he likes both Broncos teams."

Greg just smiled down at Tim. "My little brainiac here, with his random facts. You're just adorable." He started to tickle the small guy, and Tim laughed uncontrollably. The landlord relished in the power he held over the student, helpless and struggling in his arms. Eventually he stopped, Tim struggling to find his breath.

"Ah Tim. You're cute, you know that?" The student blushed and stayed silent. No matter, thought Greg. "Anyway, sounds like we got company!"

The sound of the front door slamming followed by two men pulling off clothing could be heard by both of them, and sure enough Scott and James sauntered into the living room, naked as usual. They took their regular positions either side of Greg.

"Got here just in time men, the game is starting."

"Heh, see you're the new cushion there Pa! Ain't that right Tim? Is Pa here a comfy couch for you?

The gentle ribbing from Scott was followed by horseplay from James. As he was teased, James gave him a light noogie and pinched his nipples. They were all laughing and having a good time. The powerlifter smiled at the friendly dynamic they all had going on. "C'mon little Timmy, git 'er done!"

"It's - I really prefer Tim, Sir."

Greg smiled. There was a little defiance left in him after all.

"Heh heh, naa, I think you're more of a Timmy, don't you sport? Suits you better. C'mon little guy, you know I have your best interests at heart - I just want what's best for you. To be honest, I sorta been thinking of you as my own adopted boy sometimes, and I know Scott and James here think of you as a little brother. So no more backtalk, 'kay little Timmy? You gotta trust us, and do as we say."

"Y-yes Sir..."

The two sons snickered. Now every time they called him Timmy they were exerting their power over him, knowing there was nothing he could do to stop them.

They spent the evening talking and watching the football game. The two sons lazily stroking their junk every now and then, keeping them at half-mast.


The guys cheered and roughhoused when the Broncos won. Greg let out a loud booming laugh and easily hauled Tim over his head like a trophy. After the men basked in the afterglow of another win for their team, attention soon turned towards the 2 naked guys now sporting full erections.

"You can really tell you two guys have been going through a dry spell. What's up with the boners, eh guys? You both must be pretty hard up to be boned up this much..."

The two sons nodded in the affirmative. The ripped, athletic James piped up. "It's been hell, Pop! Been so horned up and too busy to chase tail, I've been leakin' - take a look!" With that, James flexed his boner, and a droplet of clear liquid appeared on the tip. James looked so sad with his predicament.

In the same boat, Scott too spoke up. "It ain't been roses for me neither Pa. I miss fuckin'. I miss it bad. You know, the power, the feel of being in control, of hearing my name being moaned by some bitch. Clients say I've brought this weird aggressive mindset to work and they like it, but I'm pretty frustrated."

Greg nodded dolefully. "That's tough to hear, men. Meanwhile Tim here's got the opposite problem. He's been using some nice dildos and toys to help him along his journey, but they're still only toys - I'm thinking that he won't be satisfied without a real man's cock inside him. Ain't that right boy?"

"Well Sir, I never thought about it like that, but yeah, I suppose I've been frustrated too."

Greg smiled. "How does it make you feel, all frustrated and sat on my lap with the men here? Be truthful now, you know you can be totally honest with us."

"Well Sir, I feel kinda vulnerable and weak, I mean I'm sat on the lap of a giant guy and his two sons. They're so much bigger than me, I feel pretty inadequate sometimes, know what I mean?"

"Ah, but Timmy, that's how you're supposed to feel. It's natural. I mean, you're around the same age as Scott and James and yet you're half the size. Of course it's natural to feel like a small boy next to them."

"Yes Sir..."

"You ain't even tasted a man's seed, have you..." Tim shook his head. Greg suspected he was a virgin. "Well I don't want precum on my couch, Tim why don't you help James out with his problem. Go on, get down on your knees in front of him..."

The three men watched as Tim slowly climbed off Greg and got down in front of the athlete. He looked a bit shocked, but he complied and settled down on his knees. Greg grinned. "Go on now, lick that precum off."

Tim leaned forward, and with his tongue out, gently licked the tip of James' cock. As he licked the bead of pre off, James moaned in pleasure.

Tim looked up at the athlete with a smile, the pleasure of a job well done. "Feel better James?"

"Sure does..." James looked at Tim and flexed his cock again, eliciting another droplet of precum. "Damn, I'm still leakin'! Can you help me out again little bro? Maybe lick longer, get more of your tongue on there. That'd help."

The young student leaned forward again and stuck out his tongue, making contact with James' dick, then slowly moved his tongue up to the pearl of precum at the top.

"Unh, yeah, that's it. Good work pal. Listen, can I just keep my cock in your mouth for a minute? Just in case there's more. Don't want to get goo on the couch."

"Sure!" Tim obeyed, wrapping his lips around his teeth and taking half of James' length inside his mouth.

"Ah, fuck me that's perfect bro. No teeth or nuthin', you been practicing. Well done little dude..."

As James sighed with pleasure and relaxed with his cock in the student's mouth, Greg noticed Scott had slowly got off the couch. He gently lumbered over to the ottoman and sat down, directly across from where Tim was kneeling. He fixed his eyes on Tim, or more precisely, Tim's asshole. They narrowed, he was watching Tim's hole like a predator. As Greg turned back to the two beside him, he realized James was doing these intermittent thrusts into Tim's mouth, apologizing after every one. He decided to help them out.

"Being pretty gung ho there son - Tim, why don't you just go ahead and give James here a blowjob. It'd be great practice for you, wouldn't you like that? I bet he would too..."

James lit up. "Really? Is that ok with you baby bro? That'd be swell, thanks so much!" With that, he clamped his two hands on Tim's head and started to thrust slowly but firmly into Tim's mouth, working up a steady rhythm and going a little deeper every time. Tim put his fist around the base of the athlete's cock to stop him going too deep. James groaned loudly, clearly loving the blowjob.  
As Greg just watched Tim give his son the blowjob, his other son got off the ottoman and swaggered out of the room, his rock hard cock bouncing as he did so. Puzzled, Greg was almost about to go after him to see what he was up to, but another load moan from the athletic wrestler beside him brought his focus back to beside him.

"So...good..." James was lost in the blowjob Tim was giving. His hands fell from Tim's head and he sunk back into the chair. Tim had to scoot up and put his arms on the athlete's thighs to reach his cock.

"Well gee, you're just a natural at this Timmy! Look how happy your making James here, you're doing so well boy. Like you were made for this, just pleasing your man... Try and take him deeper, I know you got it in ya!"

Scott strolled back into the room with a bottle in his hand. On closer inspection, Greg realized it was lubricant. He raised an eyebrow, wondering how this new development would go. His son sat back down onto the ottoman, fixing his predatory gaze back on to Tim's hole. He licked his lips as he did so.

Quick breaths from James meant that he was close. Suddenly he clamped his hands on the back of Tim's head, bellowing as he came. The student struggled as James shot into his mouth. As the wrestler relaxed his grip he flexed his cock inside Tim''s mouth, squirting even more. He struggled to swallow it all.

James just sat back, eyes glazed in the afterglow of a badly needed orgasm. "Oh fuck man, that was so sweet... Hoo-whee, didn't last too long there, did I... Normally I like to take it slower, you were just too good baby bro. Fuck me that was good!"

Greg was ginning ear to ear. Another barrier broken. "You're not the only one who enjoyed it, son. Didn't even need to tell young Tim to swallow. How'd it taste, eh Timmy?"

Tim glanced down. "It's weird Sir. Kinda sweet. There was so much of it!"

"You love it, don'cha boy?"

Tim nodded meekly. "Yeah, I guess I do."

"Well that's good to hear. You be nice to your big bro here and maybe he'll let you taste more, eh?"

James jumped up with a renewed energy. "Hell yeah!! I'll give Timmy here a taste of this dick whenever he likes. You cool with that bro? You'd be helpin' me out so much!"

Tim smiled up at the athlete. "No problem man, happy to! You've been so great to me since I've been here, I'll always be there to help you out."

James beamed at the smaller guy. "Man, that's just awesome. I'll feed you a nice big load anytime. High Five little bro!"

With that the two friends high fived, then James picked the smaller guy up and swung him round whooping as he did so. As he dumped Tim down onto the floor and sat back on the couch, he looked over at his older brother. "What about you bro? You want Timmy to suck you off?

Scot looked over at the two men on the couch, then at Tim. "Nope, I want more than a blow job. You said Timmy here's been using dildos and toys? Well you know what that means..."

Tim gulped as he watched Scott strut over, lube in one hand, cock in the other.  

"That means he's nice and ready for a good fuck..."

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