Chapter 2

A month passed with the new household settling into a good routine. The master of the house would rise early and get Tim up, they'd have a protein shake, get in a weights session, have some oatmeal and egg-white omelettes for breakfast. The sons would join them if they were there. Greg recalled how he originally wanted one of the son's buddies to move in. One from the gym where Scott worked as a personal trainer, or maybe one of James' martial arts friends, or someone on his wrestling team. In short, someone who brought something new to the table - he didn't need the money. While skeptical at first, Tim provided exactly that. Being on the start of his weightlifting journey and career as a student, Tim had an easy-going enthusiasm that Greg found refreshing. The big house was more relaxed than ever, yet they still found the time to be productive and get stuff done. He was happy in Tim's company.

But he wanted more. More control over his new renter. He had been slow, savoring the hunt, getting Tim used to the trap closing around him. Tim was now completely passive with the now constant physical contact from the three men, and he was doing an ever-increasing amount of their menial chores. It was time for more.

Greg bounded down the stairway to Tim's annex, his thick legs pounding on every step. "Tim! You home, boy?"

"In here Greg, just getting changed!"

The powerlifter smirked and walked straight in. Normally people would take that as a rebuff, the person telling you to wait outside. He knew better - the commands he had been feeding Tim were making him more open and submissive every single day. He had trained the student well, Tim probably wouldn't care if he walked in on him showering. It worked both ways too - the three men could now keep their old routine of leaving t-shirts and hoodies at the hall door because they were always shirtless when indoors. Tim didn't bat an eyelid with them walking around in underwear 24/7. In fact Greg knew he secretly enjoyed the show.

Tim was just changing into his clothes when Greg walked in to his room. He smiled - he had ordered the kid to wear tighter clothing, and less of it too. Tim had duly obliged - he was wearing white briefs instead of his usual boxers, with running silkies and a tank-top waiting on the bed.

"Heh, lookin' good in those tighty whiteys, keep it up! Come into the main house and we'll crack open some cold ones and watch them game. Just the two of us."

"Sorry Greg, I have plans, gonna go to a buddies house and play some xbox. Don't wait up, heh heh..."

"Heh, now y'all know I won't take no for an answer. Come up to the main house with me."

"Heh, I appreciate the offer Greg but I'll pass. You have fun though, hope the Broncos win!"

Greg scowled. He had just given a direct order to this skinny asshole and he wasn't obeying.

As he watched Tim put on the silkies his blood ran cold. He wasn't wearing the talisman. His eyes darted around, he spotted it on Tim's desk. He must have taken it off to get dressed. Was he no longer under control?

"Whoa there pardner! You're missing something". Greg grabbed the chain from the desk and quickly put it over Tim's neck. It briefly flashed green. The man smiled, and hugged Tim from behind.

"Ah, there we go. Much better, right? So, like I was saying, you'd have a better time right here, so come with me and let's watch the game. You can grab me some beer and snacks, you'd like that."

"Well, ok, sounds fun I guess."

Greg beamed. "Good boy." Tim smiled as Greg ruffled his hair. "No don't you go taking this chain off again, you hear? It's part of you now, don't take it off for anything, or at least put it right back on if it comes off."

"Sure thing Greg."

"And don't bother with that top, it's better to be shirtless whenever you're in the house. Ain't that right?"

"Yeah, totally!"

With that, Greg matched up to the living room, the meek student following behind.


The pair settled down on the three-seater, beers in hand, with Greg taking his normal place in the middle.

"I'm really glad you took me on as a tenant Greg. I'm working harder at school just like you told me to, and I think I can see results from the weightlifting already. Thanks for helping me out, I really appreciate it."

"Ah, no problem little buddy!"

They clinked the beer cans together and Greg put his arm around Tim, settling into a more comfortable position. As they watched the pre-game warmup, they hear the front door open and slam loudly. Scott stormed past them into the kitchen, grabbed a beer from the fridge and came back into the room, a scowl on his face.

"Son! Glad you're here."

Scott hulked his impressive frame over to the couch and grunted a hello to Greg. He then gestured at Tim. "Move over twerp, you're in my seat. You sit in the middle."

Tim tried to scoot over to the middle of the couch were Greg was sitting, but the landlord didn't move over much, and as Scott sat down Tim found him squashed between the two men. "Um, Greg, could you move over just a little? Or should I move to the lazyboy?"

"Don't move a muscle Tim, I just got comfy! Here, just sit like this if you're gonna fidget."

With that, Greg hoisted up Tim's leg onto his. Scott, always a team player, took Tim's other leg onto his. Now Tim was squeezed between the two large men, his legs spread wide and draped over each of their meaty thighs. He looked tiny compared to them.

Scott opened his beer and pounded back half the can, then belched loudly. "God damn boss is really pissin' me off.  Said I stunk to high heaven, sent me home. It's a gym for christ's sake, not a perfume store. We work up a sweat with clients. He's always had it in for me."

Tim looked up at him. "That's awful! Well why don't I have a talk with him Scott. I know him - it's Philip, right? - he's a family friend. He's just that kind of guy Scott. He's jealous you get the best clients and rates cos you're so buff. I'll fix things with him."

Scott snorted. "Think you can actually make him less of a jerk?"

"I know I can. Just wait and see, I'll catch him in his office tomorrow. I swear, I know just what to do." Tim's honest smile convinced the two of them.

"Heh, you're always helpin' me out. Thanks little buddy." Scott started to rub his shoulder in a friendly manner, but he quickly took Tim in a headlock and gave him an affectionate noogie. "Aw, no fair! C'mon Scott..."

The bodybuilder released him with a chuckle and ruffled his hair. "You been doing weights like I told you? I ain't been seeing you at the gym."

"Sure have Scott! Your dad has been bringing me to the home gym, it's hard work but it's awesome!"

Scott grunted his approval, and the three guys sat back to watch the game. The two men cheered and roughhoused with every play, booming laughter throughout. Tim was sent to get the men beers, and brought snacks too. Greg and Scott gave high fives and encouragement, genuinely happy Tim was looking after them.


The next day the three men were in the kitchen.

"So hey Tim, since we both have a day off, lets get your ass to the home gym and I'll give you a workout.

"I dunno Scott, I have a lot of study, feeling a bit lazy right now..."

Greg knew this wouldn't go over well with his eldest son. He was a personal trainer who made a career out of getting people off their ass, laziness to Scott was a mortal sin. He thought the bodybuilder would at best physically pick him up and bring him to the gym by force, but probably just shout at Tim until he relented. To Greg's surprise he did neither. Scott smirked and casually peeled off his wifebeater in front of Tim, and started to flex a bicep right in his face. Grunting and straining, he then moved to a most muscular pose. Tim's face grew red. Scott smiled.

"C'mon bro - don't you wanna grow up big and strong like me? Tell you what, you looked after me during the game, so I'll take it easy on you..."

Greg weighed in, knowing the student needed a push. "C'mon sport, some people would kill for a chance like this!"

Tim sighed. "I suppose you're right. I kinda asked for this, didn't I..."

"Good work Tim! I know *you* don't mind if I stink a bit, huh bro?"

"Heh, not at all!" Tim said with a smile.

Greg saw his son was getting control over Tim. Just like his old man, Greg thought.

"Well you two boys have fun. And Tim - do everything Scott tells you."

"Yeah, sure." Tim said it with a slight look of shock across his face. Now the twink had 2 men bossing him around. But more interestingly, Greg noticed a grin spread across Scott's face, like he had just been given a new toy. Maybe he had, Greg thought. It would be interesting to see how Tim and Scott would get on in the future.


Greg strolled over to the gym towards the end of their workout. He watched the boys from the doorway with a smile. Tim was on his last set of bench presses, Scott looming over him and spotting him. They were both in just their underwear and dripping in sweat. Greg noticed his son's boxers - he had a definite semi going on, and he was nudging Tim's head with it. Eventually Tim could lift no more, and they stopped for the day.

"Good work Tim! Head up to the kitchen and make us all some protein shakes. You know what flavors we like."

Still out of breath, Tim just nodded and slowly hauled himself away, wiping the sweat from his brow.

"Heh, you really put him through his paces son. Poor kid's all tuckered out!"

The men shared a chuckle. "Well Pa, I don't train no sissies or couch potatoes, when you train with me you give 110%."

"How do you find training him?"

Scott smiled. "Well I gotta say, he's a harder worker than you might think. He takes instruction well, does everything you tell him."

Greg just nodded, and after a few moments noticed Scott was still sporting a semi. "Hey Son, looks like you got a chub goin' on there! What's that about?"

Scott's face went red. "Heh, you know how it is Pa, blood flow and all... Anyway let's go get those shakes." He pushed past him on the way to the kitchen.

As Greg left the gym, he thought there was more going on than just weight training. Was it the power of the talisman? He was looking forward to finding out.


It wa sa week later that he was with his son in the living room, just hanging out after a days work. As usual they were wearing underwear, but his son had taken to wearing skimpier and skimpier underwear, which didn't help as he was having erections more and more. Right now his son's cock was straining to escape the tiny garment he had on.

"Why you wearing your posing trunks son?

"Well I gotta get some posing practice in for the competition next month, so Tim's gonna shave me later. Wanna get used to wearing 'em too. They're actually comfy enough. He's gonna record some videos of my posing routine too, you don't mind giving them a once over?"

"Sure thing son. I haven't competed in a while but I remember all the tricks. Get him to oil you up some too, the lighting in the gym ain't the best"

He looked at his son's ample package straining out of his posing trunks. Both him and his sons had been sporting erections more and more. He reasoned that he didn't have the time to chase tail the same way they had before, but that wouldn't be the case with Scott and James.

"You not getting that dick wet enough son? What happened to those gym bunnies you were bangin'?"

"Fuck that noise, don't need 'em. They just nagged and complained, too much bullshit just to get my dick wet. So sick of their stupid drama too, it was either that or they were boring the hell outta me. James felt the same. Wish there was a better way..."

As Scott sighed and leaned back into the chair, his cock kept growing, throbbing against the taut fabric. Suddenly his erection burst out of his skimpy trunks, swinging up and smacking him in the belly, before bouncing down.

"God damn it! This is happening too much! Fuck, maybe I should just stop wearing underwear..."

"Maybe we all should. Gonna go take care of that thing, son?"

"Yeah, I guess... just makes me wish we had our own personal cocksucker right here... You know?"

"Sure do son." Greg knew exactly what his son meant, as he felt the same way.

"Heh, wish we had like a live-in cocksucker, get my rod polished any time I wanted, no nagging bitches to take care of..."

Greg's smile started to grow. "Yup, no argument here".

"Say Pa, maybe little Tim'd be up for the job, eh? Ha ha..."

Greg chuckled. His son didn't know just how many steps ahead he was. "Heh, maybe..."

Scott jumped upright. "I mean it Pa - the fag totally has a crush on you. You can get him to do anything! Heh, I think I can too - one look at this bod and he sets off droolin'. Whatta say Pa, the three of us could make him our own little slave! And hey, I mean, he'd like it too! I wouldn't be cruel to him or nuthin', he's swell. There's somethin' about him, I really like him, just want to see him serve me is all. This could work for all of us! C'mon Pa, please??"

Greg smirked. "Well ok son, let me see what I can do..."

Scott whooped and cheered. "Booyah!! This is fuckin' awesome! You're the best dad in the world!"

"I know son, I know. Give me a bit of time with him."

They heard the front door open and shut. The sounds of two guys talking meant it was Tim and James home. They could hear James telling Tim to take off his clothes and leave them at the door, something about being more comfy and how he'd just have to get used to it. James went to his room and Tim came into the living room wearing tighty whities. Just the way Greg liked.

"There he is! How are you bro?!" Scott jumped up and took the smaller guy in a tight bear hug. "Whatever you said to my boss, it was perfect! He said sorry for being a jerk, and now I pick my own hours and clients! Plus I can use the facilities after hours. Never dreamed this could happen so fast - he even said I'd be a shoe-in for managerial, and the owner agreed! Thank you so much little buddy". Scott gave Tim a quick kiss on the lips. Anyway, gotta run you guys, smell ya later!"

Greg was impressed, the kid pulled it off. "What the hell did you say to him to get him to lay off Scott?"

"Meh. Just a dose of reality. Scott's an upcoming star in the bodybuilding world, he'll get sponsorships and deals of all kinds. Any gym would snap him up, they don't want to lose him. I just 'mentioned' that during a session he was thinking of leaving. That's all. Scott doesn't know his own self-worth, he's a great guy and deserves better treatment from them."

"Well good work kid. You deserve a treat, grab us both a beer and we'll watch some tv."

"Sure thing Greg!"

As Tim went to get the beers, Greg sat back down on the couch, thinking how he'd get Tim's mouth round his cock. He smiled at the thought.

As Tim handed his landlord the beer he sat down beside him, Greg putting his arm around the younger man. It was their normal position, Tim was completely used to being touched by the powerlifter.

"You gonna help Scott later with his posing routine?"

"Sure am! It's hard for him to shave in places. He's so big now that he can't really reach most of his back. Cheers!"

They clinked beer cans and had a drink, settling into each other a little more.

"So Tim my boy, I was wondering if you were a top or a bottom."

It was a rhetorical question for the powerlifter, he knew well what he was into. Tim, clearly a little shocked, just splurted out a non-committal answer.

"Ha ha, aw jeez Greg, I'm not really one for labels, you know?"

"Simple question Tim, are a top or a bottom? Answer me truthfully now..."

"Well, I'm more of a bottom I guess..."

"Like, 100%?"

"...Yeah, 100%..." Tim's head lowered as he said the words.

"Now don't be thinkin' that's a bad thing, young Tim! There's all sorts of folk in this world and a place for each of 'em, without you what would the tops do? Hmm... If I were gay I reckon I'd be a top. Just 'cos I'm a big guy. Makes sense is all. Think I'm a big guy, Tim?

"Oh, absolutely Greg! I mean, you're even bigger than Scott is, and he's huge!"

Greg got up from the couch, looming over Tim. He clenched his bicep. "C'mere Tim, have a feel. Pretty big eh?"

Tim got up and poked the bowling-ball sized muscle with awe. "Wow, it's so big. "

"Heh, c'mon now, get a proper feel of it". Greg took Tim's hand and placed it on the bicep, massaging it in. Tim took his other hand up to it also, kneading Greg's arm in awe.

"Still think they're big?

"They're massive, I can't believe a muscle can get so big..." Tim was almost drooling.

"What about my pecs, are they big too?"

His pecs were almost at Tim's eye level. As he spoke, he started to do a few pec bounces. Tim tried his hardest not to stare, but Greg saw the cheeks blush. "They're bigger than big, they're gigantic. C-can I feel them?"

"Go for it."

Tim groped the powerlifter's pec muscles, feeling as much as he could. "They're just so massive. You're so massive. I'm so small compared to you, I feel tiny next to you."

Greg was smiling broadly. He bounced his pecs some more, slowly this time. "That's it Tim. Tell me how my body makes you feel."

"You're so massive, so big, you're everything a man should be. I'm so small and tiny next to you, you're like a living God. I feel so inadequate next to you."

Greg saw the student's underwear was tenting along with his own. He didn't want to overload the kid, he wanted to take things slow. He went to a drawer and took out a credit card.

"Here, take this, it's an old one but there's about a grand of cash on it. I think a young bottom like yourself needs to be ready for life throws him. What if some handsome man with a giant cock comes along, eh? Go online and buy yourself some butt-plugs and dildos, from small to large. Lube too. Buy a good range, don't be afraid to spend the cash, I know you're just a student after all."

"I - really? This is too much, I can't accept this."

"I won't hear it young man. Take it, it's yours.

"It's... I just never expected you to be so open and cool about this. Scott and James too..."

Greg ruffled Tim's hair affectionately. "Well we're good guys Tim, and so are you. We look after our own." Greg's eyes narrowed, his expression more serious. "Use them every day Tim. Think of it like another kind of training. You should be able to suck on a nice big dildo, that's what you should aim for. I want you to start getting used to something up your hole too, get a bit stretched out and filled...You up for that Tim?"

"Thank you so much Greg, I won't forget this!"

As Tim went to his room, seemingly to order some toys, Greg groped his own cock through his underwear. "Won't be long now..."

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