Chapter 4

Scot looked over at the two men on the couch, then at Tim. "Nope, I want more than a blow job. You say Timmy here's been using dildos and toys? Well you know what that means..."

Tim gulped as he watched Scott strut over, lube in one hand, cock in the other.  

"That means he's nice and ready for a good fuck..."


Tim's eyes widened and he jumped up off the floor. As Scott stalked over to him, he threw the bottle of lube to Tim who barely caught it. When they were almost touching, Scott looked down at Tim and folded his arms. He smiled and chuckled. "I get the feelin' we're both gonna enjoy this. Get on your knees".

"Look Scott, I'm not sure about this - it's just real sudden. I didn't plan for things to be like this."

"Heh, little Timmy says he ain't sure about this. You're just afraid, I know exactly how much you want this. Get on your knees and take a look, then tell me you don't want this."

Scott places his hands on Tim's shoulders and pushed him down to his knees. "There we go, that's better. Let's take it nice and slow. Look at him Tim, just watch..."

Scott started to slowly swing his dick from side to side, right in his face. Tim's eyes followed the cock like a hypnotists watch. "It's way bigger up close..."

Scott grinned even more. "Don't be scared of him, he hasn't met a bitch yet who he hasn't made happy. You're gonna love him. Go on, hold him, give him a feel."

Tim reached up slowly, and encircled the cock with his free hand. He massaged it, marveling at the size and strength of the bigger man's cock.

"You love it," Scott said. It wasn't a question. "You want more. Squeeze it. Squeeze my cock Timmy."

Tim put the bottle of lube on the floor and reached up with his other hand. Now both hands were feeling Scott's erection, teasing and stroking it.

"Heh heh, yup - this is where I win. You want this badly, don't you. You want to be fucked by this fat dick." Tim's resolve was slipping. He kept staring at the cock, and briefly licked his lips.

"C'mon Timmy, you know you're too weak to defeat me. You already got splooge in one hole, might as well get some in the other one too. Turn around and get on your hands and knees."

Tm looked at the floor like he was deciding. After a moment, his hands fell to his side, and he turned around. He settled on all fours, The bodybuilder grinned - he had won. "Ha ha ha, now That's what I'm talking about!"

Scott got on his knees behind Tim and started to squeeze the student's ass. He snapped the orange jockstrap hard, earning a strangled cry from Tim. Chuckling to himself, he took the lube and squirted a generous amount on both Tim's asshole and his own cock. "There, nice and greased up. You're gonna love this."

He got his cock into position and touched the tip against Tim's hole. They were both breathing heavily. He rubbed his dick up and down, spreading the lube. After a few moments, he leaned back, breaking the contact.

"So Tim, tell me - you want this cock, right?"

"I...Yeah, I do..."

Scott smiled broadly. "Then beg. Beg me to fuck you."

As Tim's eyes widened, Scott stroked his cock against Tim's hole gently.  Tim could barely contain himself - he pushed back against Scott, earning a smack on his rear. "Nuh-uh little buddy, you gotta beg for it! And now you gotta beg extra for being a greedy little bitchboy!"

"Please Scott...please fuck me..." He looked back, but Scott wasn't forthcoming. He kept going. "I've wanted this for so long, please fuck me Scott. You gotta give it to me man, please I'll do anything you want!"

Scott had a triumphant smirk on his face. "That's right you little pussy. Don't *ever* lie to me again. You need my cock to fuck you and put you in your place. Ain't that right?!"

"Yes Sir!"

Scott grabbed Tim's ass and pressed his cock against the waiting hole. "Feel that? This cock is *everything* you aren't: strong, hard, big, balls full of semen and ready to go at any time. All the while you're weak, a puny masturbator with shriveled balls, a dick too small to fuck anyone. It's your destiny to be fucked instead. It’s so much easier. Right Timmy?"

"Y-yes Sir..."

As Scott pushed in slowly, Tim's hole yielded to the cock. He whimpered as it forced him open. "It''s so big..."

"Yeah it is, and you're gonna take every inch. Feel it Timmy? It's all for you, it's what you need. What you were made for."

Scott pushed in slowly, inch by inch. He was making Tim feel every bit of his hard cock. As Scott's pubes finally made contact with Tim's ass, the bodybuilder sighed in satisfaction. "That's it Tim, all in. I've filled you all the way up. Feels good, don't it."


Scott pulled slowly out, then when he was almost all the way out, squirted more lube on his cock. He then slowly pushed back in. "Any pain little bro?"

Tim was breathing hard. "No, no pain, it's really good, just a lot to take, that's all."

"Good, 'cos now I'm gonna give you the ride of your life. Best buckle up Timmy. You place is taking care of my needs as a man, and you ain’t got a choice in the matter. It’s your fate. You’re my sub, my slave…my BITCH!"

Scott started to fuck him slowly, pulling Tim back onto his cock as he thrust it forward. Then pulling out slowly till he was almost out. Then another push. Tim was trying not to moan. "Uh...oh...god...Scott..."

"This tight little hole is perfect. How does it feel Timmy? How does it feel with your hole filled with a real man's cock?"

"Uh... Scott..."

The bodybuilder chuckled hearing Tim moaning his name. "Yeah, that's what I thought. Bet every stroke of my dick is heaven for a bottom-boy like you. Bet it feels way better than when you used to stroke that useless nub between your legs."

He kept up long-dicking the helpless student, who was getting more and more horny and frustrated. Tim was now bouncing back in rhythm with Scott's thrusting.

"Your hole feels like it was made for this. It's almost better than a pussy... Is that what I should call it? Your little puss? Fuck me this feels too good, time for a nice hard fuck. Hope your puss can handle it, bitch."

Scott was now fucking him in earnest. As the intensity increased, Tim was trying to contain himself but let out a moan. Scott let out a deep, booming laugh, and picked up the pace of his fucking. "Yeah, pussyboy, now your hole is opening up. I'm turnin' you out. You were fuckin' built for this..."

He and his new victim had completely forgotten the two men on the couch who now looked on enjoying the sight. James was impressed with his older brother. "Fuck me Pop, this is awesome. I only ever heard Scott in action from 2 rooms over, the live show is somethin' else! Look at him give Tim the business."

"Heh, you ain't wrong son. It looks tough, but I know Timmy can take it. You think you might want to fuck him this way too?"

"Heh heh, nope! You know me pops, I'm happy with a nice long blowjob. Love it, nothin' better to come home after a long day and get my dick sucked. Just gotta sit back and let them do the work."

"Son, ain't that a bit lazy?

"Naa, c'mon Pops, I work hard all day, I need someone to look after me a spell. Scott thinks it's bein' lazy too, to turn down a fuck, but he don't know how to relax. Being blown, that's where it's at!"

Tim's moans were getting stronger. His little cock had strained its way out of the orange jockstrap. He tried to reach up to stroke it, but Scott pulled his hand and put it firmly back on the ground. Tim huffed in frustration.

Greg smiled, knowing how horned up the student must be. "You ok there Timmy?"

He tried to answer but could only manage a moan. Scott answered for him while he pistoned into the student. "Hear that Pa? The bitch is havin' the time of his life."

"Good work son. Show that twink who's boss. He loves it, so keep him happy." Scott's dick up his tight little ass is a good appetizer, thought Greg. It's gonna get him nice and ready for the main course.

Scott continued his assault on Tim's hole, along with his verbal commentary. "That's right you little whore, you feel that puss o' yours getting nice and sloppy? Hot damn it feels good to fuck a bitch again. Do you even know how lucky you are to feel this monster inside you? Heh, sure you do, bitch..."

Suddenly Scott slapped him on the ass, earning a sharp cry from Tim. "Heh heh, that's right bottom-boy, scream for me, ha ha..."

Tim's eyes were glazed over. "Scott...can't...take...Uh, please..."

Scott laughed deeply. He was ready. "Here - it - comes - TAKE IT YOU LITTLE FAG! UHHh..."

Scott came hard inside Tim, shooting his load into him with a bullish roar. His body was slick with sweat as he pumped a few last times into Tim. He just stayed on all-fours. He was also sweating buckets and breathing heavily. "That... That was...intense..."

Scott gently patted Tim's ass and slowly pulled out. "You did good little dude. Proud o' you."

Greg grabbed the bag he kept behind the couch, and took a large butt-plug out of it. He threw it to Scott. "Make sure to plug him up, I don't want your spunk on the carpet." Scott duly obliged. With an upward stroke of Tim's asshole, he pressed the oozing cum back inside. He then squirted some lube on the plug before pushing it in, getting a grunt from Tim.

The landlord was completely satisfied, everything had gone to plan. "Well boys, I think we have the answer for everyone! Scott, James - you guys both need a nice wet hole for those boners, right? And Tim here needs a man to take care of him. What about it, wanna help your baby brother out with his training? Both of you keep his holes nice and filled as often as you can, then everyone's happy! "

The two brothers were ecstatic. They roughhoused and chest bumped like they had won a superbowl. "Boo-ya! This is awesome!"

"I want to see you both give little Timmy a good workout with those boners of yours, really take out your testosterone on him. No need to be fucking the whores I've seen you two with. Timmy won't get knocked up either, tho I bet you're gonna try!"

James seemed to be on cloud nine. He picked Tim up and gave him a bear-hug before setting him down. "I'm so stoked, gonna grab a pre-workout shake and warm up on the rowing machine. Thanks again little bro! Can't wait till next time!"

Scott was more reserved, but the cheesy grin plastered across his face left no doubt as to how happy he was with the new order. "Looking forward to fucking you again baby bro. You best be up for the challenge. See you guys later.."

With that, Scott and James took their leave. Tim just stood there, still slightly winded from his ordeal.

Greg clapped a meaty hand on Tim's shoulder. "Whad'ya say, sport? Think you're up for the challenge? Heh heh, these guys won't take it easy on you just cos they like you, they're gonna give that throat and ass o' yours a real workout!  You thought it was bad when you were doin' heavy squats, heh heh, just give these two men a week and see how you feel then!

Tim looked dazed. "It''s a lot to handle."

Greg smirked and focused his eyes on Tim. "Now I know you ain't thinkin' of saying no, right Timmy? You can't say no to me, can you..."

"I...can't say no to you Sir..."

Greg beamed. "Such a polite little boy. I know you got it in you!"

"To be honest Sir, being fucked by Scott was a bit unexpected. I mean, I totally loved it, but..."

"But what? Spit it out boy."

"I...kinda wanted it to be with you first..."

Greg just smiled "Aw, sweet baby boy. Don't fret, I planned this so Scott would get a shot of that cute ass first. You need to get used to being stretched a ways. And you need to lose that gag reflex too! You know why?

"Why Sir...?"

Greg leaned in and whispered into Tim's ear. "Because my cock is thicker and longer than either of them, there's no way you could take it raw like you are now. And believe you me boy - you will be taking it soon."

Tim gulped.


A week went by with Tim 'helping' his two housemates with their sexual needs, as well as the usual cleaning and laundry. Greg had thought a lot about hiring a maid like he had back in the early days, but now with Tim doing the menial chores, he felt no need - in fact he secretly enjoyed the idea of having Tim do chores around the house, washing his underwear and bringing him snacks like a housewife. Tim had said he wanted to improve his culinary skills, so the two of them would cook meals together, and both were getting better with each new meal they made. Everyone was in a good mood, and the two brothers were spending more time at home. Greg enjoyed watching some TV with his sons in the evening. They was healthier too; Scott's prep for his bodybuilding competition was in full swing, and James was working harder than ever with his athletics and martial arts. With their help, Tim himself was making great gains for someone new to weightlifting.

As the landlord watched tv with his sons and thought of Tim, the student himself rounded the corner into the living room. He was wearing a tight t-shirt that Greg remembered was once Scott's, and was wearing one of the new fancy jockstraps Greg bought for him.

"Hey guys! Since we're all here, why don't we all watch the new Game of Thrones? We've put it off for ages. I have it on a usb stick, it just plugs into the tv. I can make some popcorn if you like."

As James grunted a reply and focused on the tv, Greg and Scott threw each other a knowing glance. They'd talked about Tim's evening habit of watching tv and playing xbox at all hours. Greg got out of his chair and left the room. Scott came over to him and put a hand on the young student's shoulder. "Me and Pa talked about this. You can watch the new season of Thrones when your bench and squat get up to the target we set. If you work hard it'll only take 5 or 6 weeks."

Tim looked stunned. "Are you serious? C'mon man, that's crazy!"

Scott smirked a little. "And that ain't the end of it - Pa wants you to be in bed asleep by ten. He knows you stay up late all the time."

"Oh man, this is bogus! He's giving me a bedtime? That's totally outside the pale. I'm way too old for this. Fuck me he can be a real hardass sometimes..."

Scott flexed a bicep in Tim's face "C'mon now Timmy! Don't you want to grow up big and strong like me? A growing boy needs his sleep, ha ha..."

Tim's face faltered when he saw the massive bicep on display. "Well gee, sure I wanted to be stronger and healthier, but I didn't think it meant getting sent to bed early. Oh and by the way - 'grow up like you'? You're like, 2 years older than me."

"Yeah maybe, but there's a world of difference between you and me my baby bro. I'm a man, and you're just a boy. You got a boy's body, a boy's pecker, and a boy's attitude. But hey, don't fret none - that's why I'm here, to take care of you. I'm gonna help my baby brother grow up."

As Tim sighed, seemingly resigned to his fate, Greg came back into the room with what looked like a small spandex onesie.

"Look at this little Timmy! Got some awesome PJ's for my special little guy, I know you'll love 'em. You put these jammies on at 9pm every night, and *if* you're a good boy you can stay up with us till 10." He threw the garment to a dejected Tim, who just caught it and looked down at the floor.  

Greg took Tim's chin in his hand and looked in his eyes. "C'mon sport, don't frown, you need this. Your weights and diet are on point, but you been slackin' off on your sleep. Muscles grow outside the gym, Timmy!

"But Sir-"

"No backtalk boy! You don't want to get on my bad side, believe me. You won't like my punishments one bit. These ham hocks o' mine give a pretty strong spankin' to a boy's backside, believe you me! Now...put the pj's on..."

Tim glanced dolefully at Scott, who just nodded. With a sigh, he held out the onesie. "Huh. Dragonball Z themed pajamas eh? I used to love that show."

Greg laughed loudly. "Used to?! I saw those action figures in your room, young man." As Scott chuckled, Tim looked down at the ground, cheeks slightly reddened. He found the leg holes and started putting the rather tight garment on with Greg's help. "Arms up son, that's it. It zips at the back so you gotta climb in." Greg hoisted up Tim's t-shirt and threw it on the floor before putting his arms into the onesie. He then zipped up the back of it. Tim heard a click at the top, and reached back to try and see if he'd just been locked in to the spandex jumpsuit.

"Um, Sir? How do I take it off?"

"Don't worry about that Tim, we'll be here to help you."

Scott clapped Tim on the back and gave him a friendly rub. "Whoa, look at this cool guy over here - awesome threads, Tim! You gonna go Super Saiyan on us?"

Tim sighed. "Thanks Scott."

The bodybuilder tousled the younger guy's hair. "No problem little bro."

Greg cleared his throat. "Anyway, I'm gonna put this little guy down for the night. Don't have the TV up too loud you guys."

Before he could object, Greg quickly scooped up Tim in his arms and carried him down to his bedroom.

Tim was massively embarrassed being carried to bed like a child, but he marveled at how easily his landlord carried him across the house. "I can't get over how strong you are Sir. You're carrying me like I weigh nothing. You're like, the strongest guy I've ever met."

Greg laughed. "Ha ha, my own little ego machine right here. Don't compliment me too much little Timmy, I won't be able to get my head through the door! Heh, look at me here, carrying you over the threshold like you're my bride, heh heh..."

Greg gently placed Tim onto the bed and pulled the blanket over him. He lay down with Tim on the bed, making sure to cradle his head in his hand so he could flex his bicep.

"Ah Timmy my special little boy... Spoke to Scott and James earlier, they're over the moon with their new bro. All that testosterone needs to go somewhere and you've been a real champ in helping them out. How are you holding up? I know those men can be a handful."

"Well Sir, it's great but, to be honest... It's actually a lot of hard work, I didn't really expect it. James likes a nice, fast blowjob, but he makes so much cum that it's always a struggle to swallow it. I can't get over how much spunk he makes. I mean, have you seen his balls? They're humongous, they're the size of eggs."

"Heh, he gets those bull balls from his Dad!"

"Scott likes to fuck me hard and fast which is great, but he lasts so long when he wants to. My ass aches for a while after. He's...really dominant too, like *way* more than I expected him to be."

"I actually didn't know that about him either, sure was a surprise! Rode hard and put away wet, he sure gave you a workout."

"Right?! I'm not complaining or anything, to be honest I really love it when guys are all dominant, but I wish it was a bit easier."

"Well you gotta put the hard work in. You gotta train yourself, it's like anything else in life; Nothing worth doing is easy to do. You gotta earn it, Timmy."

"Yeah, I know. Still though, I've gotten really good at sucking James off. No gag reflex at all anymore. I really like the nice big loads he feeds me. Scott's happy too, my ass is pretty used to him."

"Well all I know Timmy, is that you've been really good to your big bros. They're so much happier, you've really stepped up to the plate and helped those guys out."

They smiled at each other. "I hope you're happy too Sir."

"I am Tim."

"Is work going well for you Sir? I hope it's not too much stress."

"Meh, work is work. Once you find the right team, the rest falls into place. I don't really do a whole lot these days. Don't tell anyone I said that tho, it'll be our little secret," he said with a wink.

"Sir, can I ask - what was your wife like? Scott and Tim never mention her... I don't mean to speak out of turn though."

"No problem Tim. She has a new family now, had two more kids. She'd left by the time Scott and James could remember her well. I think they were 3 and 4. She fucked off to Europe with her new guy, didn't look back. Why do you ask Timmy? You thinkin' I might be lonely? Heh, I've got a house of men that keep me occupied, I ain't in the market for a new chick."

Tim laughed. "Well so long as you're happy Sir. You sure don't seem like you have any regrets."

"Jesus H. Christ son, no regrets here. She was a real bitch toward the end. We just didn't get on, especially after the kids came and life got more real. We were always fighting, she'd scream so much I'd get a headache. Thank fuck I had a good lawyer, she would've taken me to the cleaners if we got divorced today. I was no saint neither, we were both assholes I guess. She wanted a different life to what I could give her, and I resented her for wanting a partner."

Greg grabbed the blanket and tucked his renter in. "But you know what? She never listened to me like you do. I really appreciate it Timmy. I know I can be hard on you sometimes but I truly want what's best for you. I'm so much happier with you here. Thank you so much for everything son, I think you're just swell. Anyway, gonna ahead up. 'Nighty night, Timmy."

"Good night Sir."

He clicked off the light and went upstairs.


The next morning, Greg finally got the package he'd been waiting for. He signed for a small box with a generic label and only a discreet logo identifying what was inside it. He chuckled to himself. Grabbing an ice-pack from the kitchen, he then went downstairs to Tim's annex.

He barged into the room with Tim naked, just coming out of the shower. Tim as always was happy to see him. "Hello Sir! How are you doing?" He went right up to his landlord, a big smile on his face.

"Heh, you're getting pretty relaxed without clothes now, aren't you? Even with that little dinky dick, you're not too intimidated by us men?

Tim blushed and looked away. "Well, I've made some great gains over the past while. All thanks to you and Scott - James too! So yeah, I do feel a bit more comfortable in my own skin I guess." He flexed his arms, eager for Greg's approval.

"Well boy I'm very proud of ya, you've put the hard work in and it shows. Well done. And to help you training go even better, I got a very special gift just for you! I've been waiting a while for it, had to get it specially made to fit you."

He opened the box and took out a curved metal tube. He handed it to Tim with a smile. "It's a chastity cage. It goes 'round your little nub and keeps it all snug and protected. It's gonna keep you nice and well behaved. You ever see one before?"

"Uh - well, yeah, I have Sir. It's just... I appreciate you got this for me Sir, but this might be a bit extreme for me, I'm not sure I want this."

"Relax Timmy, I know it's a big step. Let's just try it on to see if it's the right size, see if it fits well and you like the feel of it."

Tim looked defeated as he sat down on the bed.. "...I guess that couldn't hurt..."

Greg smiled to himself. He knew the decision had already been made. "Heh heh, look at this, your little thing is getting a bit stiff! You turned on by me, or the thought of being all locked up? Heh heh. Spread those legs boy..." He massaged the ice pack against Tim's groin. "So when did you last jerk that little dickie, eh?"

Tim blushed. "Erm, it was only an hour ago... Scott fucked me after he took my pajamas off, so I came down here and jerked it."

Greg feigned surprise. "Just 1 hour? You're one horny boy Timmy! This cage arrived in the nick of time, we gotta get you into it right away!" He took the box and found a small spray bottle. "Heh, they thought of everything. This was a very expensive cage, but you gotta spend money to make money. Best on the market Timmy. Ergonomic ring, special lubricant, and a fancy integrated lock that can't be picked - you'll have a great time wearing this."

He lifted up the ice pack. "There. Nice and small. Let's get this protector on." He took the bottle and sprayed Tim's junk, getting a good coating all over. Knowing that Tim would start to get erect any moment, he quickly pulled Tim's groin through the oval ring and put on the cage. After a little effort, it found home and clicked together perfectly.  

"Perfect. So young Timmy! How does it feel?"

"It's really tight Sir,'s pretty comfy. Really comfy, I'm kinda surprised. Um, to be honest... I actually had a chastity cage once. Just for fun. It was a cheap plastic one, and I barely wore it, just an hour here and there. It wasn't at all like this one."

"Heh, I'll say! Look at the engineering on this awesome cage young Tim, look at the design. And it was made just for you. It looks great on you!"

"Thank you Sir."

"Once you lock up, I'll keep the key here around my neck so you aren't tempted to unlock without me ordering you to. I'm so good to you, right Timmy?"

"Well - I mean, absolutely Sir, it's just... I'm not really sure I can do this? I mean, how often will I get to unlock? What if there's an emergency-"

"Hush now Timmy, you leave the thinkin' to me. All a boy like you needs to worry about is pleasing me. Don't you want to be my good boy?"

He leaned in close, focusing his gaze right into Tim's eyes. "I know you've been jerkin' it every time after the dudes fuck you. Don't get me wrong kid, I get that it takes discipline to stay good. But you need help. And I'm gonna give it to you."

The powerlifter leaned closer, put his meaty hands on Tim's shoulders, and focused all his energy on Tim. "You want to be my good little boy, and to be the best little bro there is to Scott and James. It's what you want, it's your mission. This is your new protector and it'll keep you nice and safe, you'll be horny and submissive when men are around and want to please us. It's natural, it's how you should be. You want this, and you're gonna keep this cock cage on till I tell you different. Got it?"

Tim nodded, completely defeated. "Yes Sir..."

"Good. So Timothy, tell me what you want."

"I - I want to be your good boy, and be good to my big bros Scott and James!"

He smiled and handed Tim the small silver key. "Then take this and lock yourself in."

Tim took it and hesitating briefly, put the key into the lock. He looked up at Greg, who nodded in approval.

"Do it, Tim. Give up your freedom and become mine."

He was breathing heavily, psyching himself up for turning the lock, and being under Greg's power for however long the man wanted.

He held his breath and turned the key, and with that, the lock clicked shut. Hands trembling slightly, he handed the key to his landlord.

Greg just smiled. "Good boy."

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