Jasper, That voice it was familiar. Jasper the voice called out again, then I felt something on my lips. Something long and slender. I awoke quickly to find Isiah's finger on my mouth.

'Its morning, and we have school Jasper' Isiah said with his head on my chest

'Yea I know'

I then realized that I was in bed with Isiah, not in bed like last night bud under the covers snuggling with him. Then I realized my jeans were no longer on, I was in my boxers.

'I took your pants off, they were itching me last night and you wouldnt let me go to ajust myself so it was just easier to slide them down' Isiah said while sitting up.

'Yea I can tell, I laughed to myself' Why didnt u just wake me up?

'Because u were so happy, and I felt so safe with you behind me I didnt want u too move. Plus you kept nibbling my ear in my sleep and I didnt want that too stop either' He laughed

'Sorry, guess I cant help myself'

'Its ok' Isiah said while climbing on top of me 'I kinda liked it'

Then Isiah kissed me with full force on the lips. Fireworks were set off in my mind and heart. The kiss was amazing, I felt his tongue trying enter my mouth but I didnt let him. I never was a fan french kissing.

'Whats wrong, was I being to pushy? Isiah questioned

'No babe, I just dont like french kissing' I said while pecking him on the lips.

'Wait did you just call me babe?

'Yea, thats what you are right? If you dont like it I wont call you it anymore

'Are you kidding? I love it Isiah smiled while kissing me on the lips

Ok thats enough Boys' my dad said walking into my room, you guys have school, and you have the party later tonight.

Thats right I began to think, I needed to go get some supplies from the store. Me and Isiah went our diffrent ways to shower and get ready for school. On the car ride there we laughed and talked about our new relationship.

'How come you didnt ask about last night' Isiah said

'Because you woke up happy, and I figured if you were happy I figured I would leave it alone' I said while looking at him and trying to drive

'Aww aernt u a the sweet Jocknerd' he laughed while kissing me on the cheek

As we entered the school we walked in together, not holding hands but close by each other while I was carrying Isiah's books.

'He better be worth it Jasper' Josh called out

'Shut up Josh, your just mad your not getting his dick anymore since he left you' Kelsey said

Isiah and I both laughed, this was true Josh was the jealous type. This was my first relationship since Josh and I broke up. I walked Isiah to his class while saying Goodbye, Kelsey quickly grabbed me up and dragged me to class.

You, know I hate you right'

'Yea, Kelsey I know Im a dirt bag and Blah Blah Blah I moaned'

'Yea, and your a smartass' she laughed

The school day went by quickly even though I had 3 tests that I didnt study for. I had plans on studying last night but.. Well.. Yea you know why. Anyway next period was physics I was so happy knowing this was gonna be my first class with my babe. When I got into class Isiah wasnt there. Thats unusual usually hes the first in class. Suddenely I got a txt from Kelsey: WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!?! Isiah and Josh just fought boy does ur guy have hands on him- Kels

My heart dropped, Man I cant catch a brake I thought to myself. I left class(without permission) and went to the office only to see Josh with a black eye and Isiah with a torn shirt and a bruised cheek. Isiah looked at me and tried to speak before I cut him off..

'Listen, I cant deal with this if you guys are gonna fight over non sense. Look Im not the type of guy who is going to take sides for either one of you.

'You better listen to your man Isiah' Josh laughed

I walked over to Josh and grabbed him by collar of his shirt.

'If you EVER put another hand on my boyfriend again I will hurt you and thats a promise!!' I yelled at Josh while letting him go. After that I had a massive headache I dont deal with anger well, I left the office and went back to class. I put my head down and stayed that way until the end of class. The bell rang and I left, I got in my care to wait for Isiah he came shortly after me and got in. He went in to kiss me but I pushed him away.

'Jasper im really sorry, he swung at me first. Am I not allowed to show self defense?

This was true I wasnt really mad at Isiah as more as I was mad the whole thing. Then I remembered that Kelsey was suppose to come over after school, like I really needed another reason for my headache to continue. Just then Kelsey knocked on my window.

'You were about to leave me werent you? Douchebag she grumbled while getting into the back seat

'Nice fight Isiah I got it all on my iphone, ill show you later ok?,

'Yea, whatever Kels' Isiah said softly

The car ride was silent besides the radio playing. When I pulled into the driveway I turned the car off and got out. I opened the door to the house and went in. They both came in and my mom was home cooking for the party. I went to my room and took 2 advil and got in bed. Isiah walked in, I rolled over not wanting to see him. He sat near my face and kissed my head, he rubbed my head until I fell asleep. I awoke at sometime and I herd my mom and dad talking with Isiah and Kelsey my headache was still booming. Then I herd the doorbell ring and kids screaming were ready to party!! Oh Shit I thought was it that late?




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