As I woke up it was the usual 'Morning wood' as I grumbled to myself. I figured id take care of it before school, as I turned on the shower I thought what goes better with a shower than music? Fortunately my shower was one of those expensive ones that had a radio in it so I played my favorite artist Adele -Rumor Has It. As I looked down I realized I was at full attention, I started to stroke slowly groaning and twisting my nipple. Nipples were my weakness, as I continued stroking I began to think about Isiah. I began to think how well he looked shirtless and how well his nipples looked. Approaching my climax I grunted softly to myself and watched myself Climax. I've always wanted to taste cum, but not my own I want the first experiance to be magical. It sounds kinda like a fantasy but its true. As I began to clean myself up I checked the time, I had 15 minutes left before school started. So I hurried and got dressed and as usual when I went down stairs my parents had already been gone for the morning. I got in my car and drove to school with minutes to spare. As I ran in the school I forgot to lock my car so I ran back to the parking lot and hit the buttoned and prayed my Jeep Liberty locked. As I made it to first period which was band I grabbed my Tenor Sax and began to watch my conductor and play.

As the 2nd period came around I began to start thinking about Jasper, since I didnt have a class I figured this would be a good time to text him. Right before I hit send, I saw Jasper walking towards me. I felt like a little school girl checking my hair, making sure my clothes were straight and smiling very happily.

'Hey Jasper' Isiah said smiling

'Hey Isiah, hows it going?' I forced out without drooling over his new outfit

'Its going good, Hey about that party what should I bring?

'Just yourself and a friend if you'd like' I said while removing the tag from his new shirt

'Oh wow thanks Jasper, that would of been embarrassing if I would of went all day with that on' He said while blushing

'Its no biggie, happens to the best of us I said while laughing'

'Jasper there's only one small problem, my mom and dad are going out on vacation and they will be gone for 2 weeks' Isiah said while looking downward

'I pulled his chin up with my finger and winked at him' Dont worry about it we have a spare room and my parents are cool with me having friends over.

'I was hoping ud say that' Isiah said while winking me

'Oh really? Well give me a txt later and ill come pick u up' I said blushing

'Will do, it shouldnt be too late as he said while turning away and waving'

Man did the rest of the day go by fast except for Kelsey she kept asking if people I didnt even know could come. At this point I dont care all I know is that the guy of my dreams is spending the night at my house. Kelsey!!! I yelled

What?, are you telling me that Josh cant come? Just because he's your ex dosent mean u have to hate him. She bickered

Now Kelsey wasnt completely wrong Josh and I dated from 8th grade to sophmore year. He was a great guy but we had diffrent outlooks on where we wanted to go later in life, he wanted to stay in Colorado where as I wanted to go to L.A, even though we were still in H.S and too young to be thinking about this I was pretty set in my ways so needless to say I was stubborn.

So as the ended of the day approached so did Physics, and I knew that I had class with Isiah as I began to think about I was getting aroused at him and me alone in a house until my parents got home. As I entered Physics I was excited to talk to Isiah for some reason I wasnt nervous to talk to him nor did I have a problem with him bumping his hand up against mine while doing the project. Finally the end of the school day I volunteered to take Isiah home but he said he will see me later tonight. As excited as I was when I got home I called my dad to make sure it was ok that Isiah stayed over he agreed and told me not to mess up the house. Around 6 Isiah called me and gave me his address he didnt live too far away so I went and got him.

'So you have a nice car Jasper' Isiah said while opening and closing the sunroof

Thanks I said laughing

Whats so funny he said?

Nothing your pulling into the driveway. As we settled inside

ut everyone has to be gone by mit I said



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