'You have a nice car Jasper' Isiah said while messing around with the sunroof

'Thanks, it was a gift from my Grandparents since I got Straight A's since 7th grade, being a nerd payed off' I laughed

'Yea, you are a nerd' Isiah laughed

As we pulled into my driveway my parents still werent home. Perfect I thought, this give me sometime to be alone with Isiah and figure out his likes and dislikes. Once in the house I showed Isiah the room he would be sleeping in luckily his room was right across the hall from mine.

'Why do I feel like u put me in this room on purpose? Isiah asked while pulling his clothes from his duffle bag

'Do you not like it? If so there is another room down by my parents' I asked confusingly

'No,no it's fine; I prefer to be by you anyway' He said while winking at me

I blushed while I left him and went into my room to change into something more comfortable, I went commando with my workout shorts and a White beater. As I returned to Isiah I stopped dead in my tracks as I watched him pulling up his Jock strap.

'Roll your tongue back up, its just an ass' Isiah said while finishing getting dressed

'Sorry I just didnt expect to see u nude' I mumbled out

'Well it dosent seem like ur friend minded it' Isiah said while pointing at my semi erection

I tried to cover up my hardon as we went downstairs, it wasnt easy but I managed too. I began to show him around the house the house was 5 bedroom, 4 bath with a 2 car garage. We have a pool outback but we dont use it much only when we have company.

'You hungry? My parents wont be home until late and I dont feel like waiting that long' I asked while looking at a Pizza take-out menu

'Yea, I could go for some pizza'

'Perfect I said, ill be right back' I know your thinking im crazy for leaving a new guy in my house but we have known each other since 8th grade, so for some reason I trusted him, I trusted him deepely. When I got back home I felt something wasnt right, the house was dark and I couldnt find Isiah. I rushed into the kitchen to only find a broken glass. I began to panick, once I was up stairs I realized that the bathroom I used was locked.

'Isiah!! I yelled'

'Go away!! He snapped

'Im not going anywhere, for 1 this is my house and 2 Whats wrong?'

He didnt say anything. I herd something drop. I began to bang on the door even making a dent in it. I became more concerened as I herd Isiah fall to the floor. Then I ran and got the key and bum rushed the door. I Stopped in my tracks, what I saw before me was unreal. There layed Isiah on the floor covered in Blood. I hated blood I made me sick to my stomach!!

'Oh God Isiah what happend'

'What the hell do you think he yelled at me'

'Why did.. Wht..' I couldnt even speak, between the bleeding cuts from his wrist and the blood on the floor I was nauseous. I snapped out of it as Isiah moaned on the floor, I began to pick him off the floor as I lifted him up and put him over my shoulder. I walked him into my room and layed him down softly.

'Im sorry Jasper, Im really really sorry'

'Its ok, just let me get you cleaned up' I went to a medicine cambinet and received peroxide, cotton swabs and a few band-aids.

'This shouldnt sting as said while wiping 1 of the 3 cuts'

'I dont know how to say thankyou Jasper, I feel like I need to leave'

'Your not going anywhere, just lay here and relax' I said

I herd my parents walk in, I herd my mom run up the steps

'What happend she said while rushing over to Isiah and checking him out'

'Oh shit!! My dad yelled looking into the bathroom'

'Roger, u and Jasper just clean it up and ill check out Isiah'

An hour later me and my dad cleaned up the bathroom, threw away the blood stained rugs and cleaned up the broken glass from the kitchen. All while my mom and Isiah talked. Once I was done I went to my room to check on Isiah, my mom told me that me and Isiah needed to have some alone time.

'Good job son, my dad told me as he and mom went into their room and closed the door'

I went into my room to see Isiah sitting up staring into space; as I sat down next to him he came too

'Jasper, can I tell you about this in the morning? Your mom questioned the hell outta me so right now I just wanna sleep please'

'Yea no problem just as long as your ok Isiah' I said while looking at his arm

'Yea I am, Thanks for being there for me' I then realized he was im my bed, so I gathred up some clothes I hugged him and he burst out into tears. I sat on the bed and held him while rocking. It's ok I whispered. He cried himself to sleep I was on my way out

'Jasper please stay' Isiah said while waking up

'I will, I promise'

'i love u he said falling asleep in my arms'

I thought the words "I love u too" but I couldnt say them so I just hugged tighter and fell asleep with Isiah im my arms.




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