As I saw him coming I knew that he would atleast smile at me, boy was I wrong!! First off my name is Jasper and Im a senior at Crocanaw H.S. Im 18 and not your average jock, instead of football or Baseball im in the Marching Band. I play Trombone. Also im Bisexual many of my friends know it as well as my parents. Im one of the most popular kids at school. Im very well buit for my age and I work out atleast 4 times a week.

Anyway back to "him", I saw him coming from down the hall he was with his friends laughing and giggling. He stood 5"10 and slender beautiful grayish blue eyes and short blonde hair. As he walks past I follow his his body with my eyes hoping atleast I could get a glance at his face. He didnt even dare to look at me, I knew it was ok because we had the next class together and he sat to the left of me.

"Hello!! Earth to Jasper" my friend Kelsey said

"What?" I snapped back

"The party!! Friday night remember?"

"Yeah I know"

Suddenly the bell rang, Physics here I come. As I walked in I saw him sitting there ready with his book out and notepad ready. I was no dummy I liked science and math but hated social studies and english. As class started I began to take notes on Newtons First and Second Law, Mrs. Agler then told us that we have our semester project coming up. Then she also told me that she was picking partners. I began to think that maybe if I talked to her me and my good friend James could work together.

"Jasper called Mrs. Agler

"Yeah? I responded

"You and Isiah will be working together" She said

I froze with excitement, I could not even think straight. I looked to my left at Isiah and he just gave me a quick smile then looked back down at his notepad. I began to think as I herd Mrs. Agler calling off the other pair of partners. I cant believe I get to spend the next two weeks working with him on a project of our choice dealing with Newtons 3rd law.

The Bell rang and Isiah headed out quick c

onsidering it was the end of the day.

"Isiah" I called out

"Hey Jasper whats up?" He responded

"So im not really sure what we are gonna do for this project" I said

"Well considering we just got the assignment neither do I" Isiah said

"Ok well since its Wednesday how about u come over on friday? Im having a party and I would like for you to be there"

He looked at me with a confused look

What? I said

"Isnt your party friday?"

Yeah, so? I said

Isiah was beginning to walk away and before he was outta sight he turned around and said "Ill call you". I didnt know how to react, I dont know If I was more upset because he left or more upset because he didnt have my number. I finally went to my locker, gathered up my books and drove home. Now my family was not the richest but we were comfortable. My Dad is a Electrical Engineer and my mom is a Lawyer. I have an older brother but he dosent live with us anymore since he is recently married to his lovely wife. When I got home I went to go work out in our gym, this usually calmed me down during a Stressful day. After a 2,hour work out I had dinner with my parents. We talked about the work/school day and the party that was gonna happen on friday. Soon afterwards I went and took a shower, and got ready for bed. As I was brushing my teeth my phone rang

Hello I said

Hey Jasper this is Isiah how are you this evening?

Im doing ok, so who gave u my number? I asked

Kelsey did, she was going on and on about your party when I told her that we were partners in physics.

O yeah? I asked

Yea shes funny, she also told me that u had a crush on me. Is this true?

I didnt respond, the only thing I was thinking was that I was going to kill Kelsey.

Hello, you still there?

Yea I am, so my party starts at 8:30 trying to quickly change the subject.

Oh ok he said softly

Yep so just bring yourself, food and drinks will be provided I told him

Ok well Goodnight Jasper

Goodnight I said as I hung up the phone. *phew* I thought to myself as I laid down. Tomorrow is going to be a good day I said before turning off my light.




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