Bobby's old truck was loaded up, ready for their two hour drive back home after spending two days canoeing. Logan was all talkative about the night before and how they had fucked around and how Ryan and Bobby had left him tied up all night while they fucked around some more. Bobby tried to deny it at first but Ryan eventually just admitted it and after an odd moment they laughed at how crazy the night had been. They made fun of Logan having pissed himself during the night unable to get out of the tent. Logan made fun of the noises they made for half the night. All through the banter Logan noticed Bobby and Ryan still were standoffish about everything, so after a while he didn't push for details of what they had done.

They climbed in the truck, each wearing only gym shorts and running shoes, for it was another extremely hot humid day, and with no air conditioning in Bobby's old 1967 Ford truck, they wore as little as possible, even Bobby who normally wasn't the type to go shirtless. As they rode along, each kept glancing at the other, watching the sweat run down from under arms and down chest filling the cab with their smell. Logan was so horny his cock obscenely tented his gym shorts.

"Damn, Logan can't you control that?" Ryan asked in mock disgust, laughing.

When they were only about thirty minutes from home a thunderstorm built up in the west and was moving in on them. Fierce winds rocked the truck, first blowing toward the thunder clouds closing in on them, and then switching directions. The sun disappeared behind the dark clouds and suddenly it began to rain; a cool refreshing rain, so sorely needed they didn't bother to roll up the windows right away. Bobby glanced in the rear view mirror to check on their cargo when he noticed the canoe leaning over from its ropes coming loose.

"Shit, the canoe is loose."

"The wind must have caused it. Pull over in that drive up ahead and we'll tighten it back down" Ryan told him.

Stopped in the dirt drive, they jumped out and got the canoe straightened up and tied back down tight. As Bobby moved along the side of the canoe checking everything else, Ryan and Logan couldn't help but stare at him, with his light gray gym shorts clinging to his body revealing his cock and the way his hair fell around his head, down over his forehead and the way the rain water ran down his back or when he stood up down his chest through his shorts and down his nearly hairless legs. Logan noticed Ryan's look was beyond mere lust and knew it was going to be interesting to see how this played out. When they got back in the truck they each noticed the others and how you could see the outline of their cocks through the wet fabric of their shorts. Logan's was even visible having worn white running shorts. Bobby hesitated in starting up the truck as they kept glancing at one another.

"We need to get going" Bobby said, a tone so flat and distant that not even he could deny what was happening. Logan reached over and began to feel Ryan's cock. Ryan reached over to Bobby first and then Logan, rubbing each one through the wet fabric.

"Fuck, I can't stand it" Logan said as he shifted up and slid the shorts off letting his fat hard cock slap up against his stomach. He then slid down into the foot well sideways and buried his face in Ryan's crotch, mouthing the hard cock that pushed up trying to escape. Ryan gasped and then looked at Bobby for his reaction. Bobby was so entranced by seeing Logan suck on Ryan's cock through the gym shorts and having Ryan work his own cock he didn't notice. Ryan leaned over and lightly kissed Bobby on the neck, then ran his tongue over the flesh, up and around his ear. Ryan felt Logan trying to get his shorts down so he rose up slightly and let Logan pull them down and off. Ryan turned back to Bobby, kissing him as he ran his right hand over his chest, tweaking his small erect nipples, then he ran his hand down to the waist band of his shorts and underneath, down to his cock, feeling its hardness.

"Get those fucking shorts off" Ryan whispered in Bobby's ear as he went back to nibbling and tonguing it. Bobby pulled his shorts down and kicked his feet free. Logan was holding Ryan's cock up, sucking the head and stroking the shaft. It got hot in the confined cab, with the windows steaming up. Ryan stroked Bobby's cock until Bobby was moaning and grunting. Ryan turned and sat up straight, as he and Bobby watched Logan's mouth slide up and down his cock. He grabbed Logan by the hair and pulled him off his cock.

"Not yet...I don't want to come yet" Ryan gasped, then turned to Bobby. "Bobby, please, sit on me" he begged. Bobby shifted over, squeezing between the steering wheel and Ryan and bracing one hand on the dash and the other on the steering wheel, he hovered his ass over Ryan's hard wet cock. Pre-cum bubbled up out of the slit and the shaft had Logan's hungry drool all over it. Bobby eased down as Logan shifted to watch, watched as Bobby's ass came down, pushed against Ryan's cock, then opened up allowing him to slide down all the way, slowly, till he was sitting on Ryan's lap, his cock firmly embedded in his own ass. He leaned back against Ryan feeling the heat of him through his back, felt Ryan's hands that ran around his chest and over his stomach, felt Ryan's lips as they nuzzled up to his neck. Ryan rubbed the smooth flesh of Bobby's chest and stomach until his breathing became erratic, then he took Bobby's cock and held it up, the head shiny and wet.

"Suck his cock" Ryan told Logan, who immediately moved in to take Bobby's cock. Again he was enjoying this lean beautiful boy, all wet and hot, he didn't hesitate to swallow his cock to the base. He felt Bobby rise up and felt the rhythm of Ryan working his hips, pushing his cock up into Bobby's ass and then pulling back, working up his pace, working into the depths of Bobby, feeling his heat. The truck began to rock as Ryan got more worked up, and when he had to stop for a moment, it was Bobby who continued the fuck. Riding his ass up till the head of Ryan's cock was nearly coming out and his cock buried all the way into Logan's mouth, then he would drop down, hard, slamming his ass down, feeling Ryan's cock plow up into him and the nosy sucking of Logan as his cock pulled back out of his throat and through his mouth. He kept it up, showing his stamina, his desire, as he fucked his ass on Ryan's cock harder and harder.

"Oh fuck..fuck...fuck" was all he said as he kept up a furious pace. Ryan only held onto Bobby's hips as his ass worked up and down. Bobby's rhythm changed; his thrusts up and then down were harder, more forceful and he was getting close. Bobby grabbed Logan by the hair and slammed his mouth down hard on his cock as he released his load. He pumped out several wads of thick cum into Logan's mouth making him swallow it. As he came Ryan couldn't take it and the humped up his hips a couple of times and came too. He shoved up as hard as he could, pushed all the way in as he unloaded in Bobby. When Bobby and Ryan were spent, Logan got up on the seat and began to jerk off, furiously, mad with need.

"Goddamn that some hot shit" Logan grunted between clinched teeth as he stroked his cock until he came, shooting cum all the way up his chest then down over his still pumping hand. When he was spent, he too relaxed back and just sat there while they waited for their breathing to return to normal.

"Well, now that the canoe is fastened back down and the storm has blown over, should we get going" Ryan said, breaking the silence, causing them to burst out laughing.

"How about some dry clothes first?" Logan stated as he hopped out naked and went to grab their packs from the bed of the truck. Some of their stuff was wet but each had a pair of shorts that were nearly dry and Bobby pulled on a t-shirt that was wet a little around the neck. It was better than the wet shorts they had been wearing. The rest of the trip they didn't say much but would look at each other and laugh. When they were pulling up to Ryan's Bobby made them swear not to breath a word about what happened, which indicated to Logan how nervous he was about enjoying himself with another guy. They agreed and after unloading, Bobby carried Logan home and then made it to his house in time to do his chores for the day.

The next few days passed uneventful and everyone was busy with their chores, or practices, or studying for mid-terms. Logan had made a point of not pushing anything with Ryan and Bobby and noted they were friendly as always but there was something different. Even some of their old friends commented on it. But they kept telling Logan nothing was going on, for Bobby had made it plain that they shouldn't be doing it; they weren't gay. But the reality was different. Ryan, who couldn't stop thinking about Bobby in this new way, couldn't stop thinking about the way he rode his cock in the truck as he watched his lean back move over him, or the way the night before in their tent he had laid on his back as Bobby fucked him, slowly, making it last, wasn't so sure he wasn't gay.

Logan, forever horny and always, always looking for someone to fuck, sat in classes, or in the cafeteria and looked at the other guys, wondering which one would make a worthy prize. There were only twenty three guys in the senior class, so it wasn't hard to watch each one at one time or another, to gauge how they acted around other guys. But it was in the locker room after practice when he got wind of an old rumor about one of their classmates. It was about Justin. Only five six or so, he was a very good baseball player. His body was developing beautifully Logan noticed, arms filling out with muscle, his chest having a nice form with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, and that thin line of blonde hair running down to his blonde bush over his cock. He was cute and one Logan had high on his list. Justin was coming in from the showers and his cock was visibly half hard, with the head starting to peak out of its foreskin, when one of the other guys jokingly asked him what had him all worked up? Embarrassed, Justin quickly dressed and left. When he was gone is when the one of the guys asked about the rumor; if it was true Justin had messed around with a guy from another school after a football game last fall. Everyone had heard the rumor but no one seemed to know how it started or if it was true. But Logan knew rumors sometimes had veins of truth to them.

Bobby and Ryan tried to pick up where things were prior to their camping trip; tried to resume just being friends. They even double dated the next Friday night going up to Pinehill to hang out, but after they dropped off their dates and were on their way to Bobby's Ryan had reached over and put his hand on Bobby's thigh. Bobby froze for a moment but couldn't make himself tell Ryan to stop, to just take him home. He wanted him to touch him, to feel him touch him. Ryan moved his hand up to his crotch and felt his cock as it expanded down his left leg. Ryan squeezed it, making it swell up hard.

"You want to ride over to the old Hanson place?" The Hanson place, abandoned long ago, was nothing now but a burned out shell where the house stood and one old barn in the back of the property. It sat off the road and was not visible to passing traffic. Soon they were parked near the old barn, pulling each other's clothes off, working tongues in each other's mouths, hands on cocks, rubbing chest, pinching nipples as they worked each other up.

"It's too cramped in here, let's get out." Ryan whispered in Bobby's ear. They got out and Ryan leaned up on the hood of his car as Bobby came up and began to kiss him, stroking Ryan's cock as he did.

"Fuck me, Bobby." Ryan lay back on the hood and took his legs behind the knees. Bobby moved up and ran his wet hard cock over Ryan's ass, smearing pre-cum over the opening he was begging Bobby to penetrate. He pushed in, slowly, holding still from time to time, until he felt Ryan pull him in with his legs that he had wrapped around his waist. He fucked Ryan, slowly at first, but he loved the way Ryan responded, they way he had responded last weekend in the tent. He moved his hips faster and faster, until the sound of the bodies coming together filled the air. Bobby held Ryan's hips firmly as he pushed himself into the final moments before coming. He slammed his cock into Ryan over and over.

"Come on Bobby, cum in me" Ryan whispered.

Bobby pumped his hips hard a few more times then came. He struggled to maintain his rhythm as he pumped his load deep into Ryan. When he was done, he eased out and leaned over kissing Ryan passionately. Then he moved over and leaned over the hood and looked over at Ryan as he offered himself to Ryan. Ryan got up, his cock already slick from him stroking his pre-cum up and down the shaft. Moving behind Bobby he penetrated him slowly and when he felt Bobby pushing back he went all the in. Bobby began to move forward and then back, working his tight hot hole over Ryan's cock, feeling each inch slide in and out. He worked up a fast pace, slamming his ass back into Ryan who was holding on to his hips for balance. When he stopped to catch his breath, Ryan took over and began to fuck him.

"Fuck me harder" was all Bobby said as Ryan picked up the pace, fucking his cock into Bobby as hard as he could until he couldn't take it any longer and he blasted Bobby's insides with his load.

And so it went with them telling each other they shouldn't do it; telling Logan they weren't doing it. But each time they got alone somewhere invariably Ryan, and it was always Ryan who started it, who couldn't hold back, would touch Bobby a certain way.

The day Ryan stopped by while Bobby was gathering hay bales by himself in a small field in the back of their property, Ryan climbed up on the old tractor to ask him about the next weekend. He kept looking at Bobby, his boyish good looks, the way he tried but couldn't grow a beard, the way his brown hair stuck out around his cap, and the way his tan arms looked so good, exposed by the sleeveless shirt he wore. Then the jeans with the rips at the knees and on the left thigh that one rip half way up, up near the bulge in this crotch, the one that snaked down his left thigh. As the sun beat down on them bringing the sweat out on their skin, Ryan had reached over and ran his hand over the Bobby's thigh. Again he touched him and again Bobby couldn't stop him. Ryan's hand went into the rip on his thigh and leaning forward he ran his hand up Bobby's leg and into the leg of his boxers and he made contact with Bobby's cock. Warm flesh to warm flesh, Ryan felt Bobby's cock as it tried to expand in the tight confines of his jeans. Ryan moved up and kissed Bobby on the mouth, dueling tongues ensued, hands running up and down sides. Bobby reached for Ryan's jeans and opened them up and got Ryan to stand on the main platform. It was tight but standing side ways, Bobby was able to suck his cock, to take him all the way with his mouth, letting him feel the heat of it, the slickness as he worked his mouth over its length. Ryan pulled his t-shirt over his head as he let Bobby bring him to the brink. This time Bobby didn't take it in his mouth; he pulled off and stroked him off letting his load hit him in the face, letting it drip down over his nose and cheek, and when the last of his cum bubbled through the slit, he licked it off with his tongue. Ryan leaned over and ran his tongue over Bobby cheek and over his nose, scooping up his cum, and kissing him on the mouth, sharing it with Bobby. Bobby tore open his jeans freeing his cock. It was hard. Bobby brought the tilt steering wheel all the way up, leaned back into the seat and looked at Ryan, who knew what he wanted. Ryan worked his way around the steering wheel and holding on to it eased himself done, quickly making contact with Bobby's cock. He eased down further feeling the penetration, feeling the cock, Bobby's cock, push up in him, until he was all the way down, sitting on Bobby's lap. Holding the steering wheel, he pulled up slightly giving Bobby room, room to fuck him, to push and pull that hard cock through his insides.

"Oh god, Bobby, fuck me, fuck me" he said between deep breaths as Bobby piston fucked his cock up. When Bobby came he kept fucking, kept thrusting his still hard cock up into Ryan, enjoying the feel of his cum slicking up his cock and Ryan's hole. Bobby stopped and told Ryan to get down; get down now.

On the ground, Bobby shoved Ryan over a short stack of two hay bales and pushed back into him. He fucked him slowly this time, feeling the ring of Ryan's opening squeeze his cock along each inch he pushed into him and then pulled out. Ryan got more vocal than usual, begging him to fuck him, to fuck harder, to open him up. But Bobby kept the slow steady pace up, working Ryan up, until he couldn't take it any longer. He pulled out and forced Ryan onto his knees and jerked off in Ryan's face. Ryan was shocked at the size of his second load, as wad after wad hit him in the face. When Bobby was spent, his cock going finally going flaccid, he wiped his hand over Ryan's face smearing his cum over it, then he licked his hand cleaned. Ryan didn't bother to wipe it off as he got up and dressed.

So it went; one encounter after the next. The day they went fishing on the river, the day Bobby stopped by Ryan's and found him home alone, the day Ryan caught Bobby in the hayloft, or the day at school when Ryan got Bobby out of class to go with him to get some new athletic gear; the excuse was Bobby had a truck. No one questioned them taking twice as long as it should have. Then the last weekend when Ryan crashed at Bobby's house since his parents were gone to visit relatives. They spent nearly the whole weekend naked.

While Ryan and Bobby pretended not to be having sex, Logan made his move for Justin, stopping Justin after practice asking him about the music he saw listed on his iTunes finding it a topic Justin loved to discuss. As they made their way out Logan asked him if he wanted to come over to his house to hear some of the stuff he had brought from New Orleans, black market recordings he had gotten a hold of that he knew Justin would love to hear. Being somewhat of a loner and not real close to any of his old classmates, Justin was pleased by Logan's wanting to spend time with him, so he agreed. Logan told him to come by Friday night for he was going to stay in since he had the house to himself all weekend with his parents going back to New Orleans for a few days.

Justin arrived promptly at seven in a pink button down shirt, khaki shorts and sport sandals. Logan let him in and following him into the living room once again admired the compact body, the straw blonde hair and how even on his legs his hair was very blonde. All of it shined on his lightly tanned skin. Logan wanted to pounce on him now. They ate hamburgers cooked on the grill while Logan played the bootleg CDs. He even brought out a bottle of Bourbon from his parent's bar. After a while he knew he had Justin feeling good as he was lying back on the sofa in an angle backed up in the corner, with his legs spread open. Logan went to the kitchen and while in there deliberately spilled some drink down his front. When he came back into the living room he handed Justin another drink.

"Hey you spilled something down your front."

"Yeah, I'm just clumsy sometimes" as he stood up and pulled his t-shirt off. Looking down he pointed to the wet spot on his shorts. "Fuck, I need to go change my shorts too" as he unbuttoned them in front of Justin who seem to be watching a little too intently. Logan turned and headed for the hall going to his bedroom and let the shorts drop down as he stepped out of them, letting Justin see his naked ass. He wasn't wearing underwear and wasn't going to put any on either. He came back in wearing a ratty pair of old cargo shorts. Their seams were blown out and there were rips near the crotch and in back at the pockets. One external pocket on the leg of them was half torn off. He was also wearing a t-shirt so stretched out of shape it hung around his neck loosely and had a huge rip right at his left nipple. The hem on it was gone too.

He dropped down on the opposite end of the sofa and like Justin leaned back into the corner, bringing his right leg up on the sofa and spreading his left back out keeping his foot on the floor. Justin was trying hard not to stare, but his eyes kept dropping down to Logan's crotch.

"Is there anything else I can get you?" Logan asked.

" I'm fine."

"What do you wanna do now?" Logan asked in a low tone, almost suggestively.

"I don't know; what do you want to do?"

"If I tell you what I want you won't freak out will you?" Logan asked watching his prey squirm a little.

"What? I mean...I don't think so." Justin was stammering but the way his eyes stayed glued on Logan's body told him everything he needed to know. He reached down and adjusted his cock, letting it slip out the hole. Then he faked a need to stretch, letting his t-shirt ride up revealing his stomach and the move pushed his cock further out the hole.

"I'm really bored, Justin, and this rural life just isn't fun like living in New Orleans was; ya know?" Logan said, pushing Justin.

"Yeah, it can be real lonely" admitting to Logan he really was not close to anyone in his class.

"Fuck, Justin, don't you ever just want to have fun; cut loose, say fuck it?"

"Yeah" as Justin watched Logan reach down and tug lightly on his cock, pulling it all the way out. Unconscientiously Justin adjusted his own cock in his shorts.

"You wanna have some fun?" Logan asked in a low whisper. Justin only nodded his head yes. Logan eased up on his knees on the sofa and moved over to Justin. He reached down and rubbed his crotch and felt the hardness hidden inside. "You're all worked up too" as he ran his hand up and under Justin's shirt, leaning over to rub his cheek against Justin's cheek while he moved to his ear, tonguing it, working the lobe in his mouth. He moved down on top of Justin and shifted to kiss him on the mouth, not worrying about whether or not he would freak out. As soon as his tongue went into Justin's mouth, Justin responded, as if awakening from a deep sleep. He hugged Logan close as he kissed back, dueling his tongue with Logan's. He grabbed Logan's t-shirt and pulled it over his head. He frantically worked to get Logan's shorts off. Logan knew the boy had potential but his voraciousness was surprising. Logan helped him strip him of all his clothes. Naked he dropped down on his knees by the sofa and ran his hand roughly over the hardness in Justin's shorts. He leaned up and unbuttoned the top few buttons then pulled the shirt off over his head and as it came down his arms he twisted it together to bind Justin's arms. He fell on him kissing him passionately as he held Justin's arm pinned back over his head. He brought Justin's hands down behind his back, opening up his arm pits to the sparse blonde hair that grew there as he leaned into one then the other licking Justin there. Using his free hand he undid Justin's shorts and tugged everything down to as far as he could reach. He felt Justin kicking his legs freeing them of his shorts and briefs. Logan grabbed Justin's hard cock, pulling the loose foreskin back and moved over and down, taking him in his mouth. Justin, hands still bound, pushed up as much as he could into Logan's mouth, working his cock in its warmth, feeling its slickness. Logan using his free hand pushed Justin's legs apart and ran it up his thigh, over his nuts, giving them a tug, then down, along the line till he was rubbing over Justin's hole.

Justin couldn't take it and forcibly pushed up into Logan's mouth and came, pumping his hips as he shot wad after wad into Logan's mouth. When he finally settled back down, Logan holding Justin's load in his mouth moved up and kissed him hard on the mouth pushing his cum into his mouth. Justin's tongue snaked into his mouth working around before Logan finally pulled back. Nasty fucker he thought.

"Come on, let's go to my room."

Neither had lost their erections has they went into Logan's room. On the wall were posters of athletes who were posing shirtless, body builders and swimmers in small bikinis. His unmade bed was pushed into one corner. Logan led Justin to the bed where he opened his nightstand taking out handcuffs.

"What are those for?" Justin asked with some anxiety.

"To make things interesting" Logan replied smiling devilishly.

"I'm not sure about this...can we just mess around without them?" Justin asked.

"Come on, be a little naughty; I love it when someone is naughty."

"You want make me do anything I don't want to do, will you?" he asked apprehensively.

"I promise."

Reluctantly Justin fell back on the bed and let Logan cuff him to the head board. Logan then moved between his legs and began to suck Justin's cock, getting him aroused again, getting him worked up. He moved his hand down and rubbed his fingers over his opening where Justin would close his legs together to keep him out then contradictorily spread them again letting him have access. Virgin, thought Logan. He got up on his knees and climbed up on Justin's chest where he rubbed his hard leaking cock over his face, over his lips, then as Justin stuck out his tongue and licked the head Logan let him get his cock good and wet, then he pushed it into his mouth, pushing in until Justin couldn't take any more, then pulling back only to repeat the move again and again. When he finally pulled back and out Justin gasped for breath as Logan moved down between his legs. When Logan picked up Justin's legs he saw his facial expression change.

"No Login, I don't want to do that" Justin said barely above a whisper. "Please, let me just suck you off, ok?"

"Come on Justin, let me fuck you. I'll touch places inside of you that'll make you see stars. You'll love it, I promise."

"Logan, please."

"Justin, don't you want to have fun?"

"But....ok, but if it hurts, you'll stop?"

"I promise" as he smiled down at Justin. He put Justin's legs on his shoulders and began to work open his ass one finger at a time, but Logan was impatient and he got in a hurry and when he entered Justin he pushed in too quickly, hurting him, making him cry out to stop. Logan didn't stop at first but when he saw Justin actually crying he stopped and eased out. He really didn't mean to hurt him, so use to guys who liked it rough, who enjoyed being pushed to their limit, that he wasn't prepared for someone like Justin who wanted only to feel simple pleasure.

He let Justin loose and apologized over and over; even offering to let Justin fuck him but Justin was ready to get out of Logan's house, to retreat back to his own home, his own room.

Monday arrived with everyone at school. It was a dark rainy day, and everyone seemed to reflect the mood during the day. None more so than Justin, who was unusually quiet, not even eating in the cafeteria during their lunch break. Bobby noticed him sitting alone in an empty classroom eating the lunch he brought from home, and thought of how he had acted all day, and how when Logan approached him earlier in the day Justin had quickly walked away. It was obvious Logan had done something. So maybe it was true; Justin was gay, but what would Logan have done to upset him, then he thought of how Logan liked sex rough, tying up guys, or being tied up, and suddenly, looking at Justin, he knew he was not the type. Bobby knocked on the door to get his attention.

"Hey, Justin, why are you in here eating alone?"

"I just didn't feel like being around anyone." Short and curt in tone as he continued to eat; not really looking at Bobby.

"Look, I know we don't really hang out together, but....listen I know Logan, and know...." Bobby looked out the door to make sure no one was close by. "I know he can be a little rough." It was quiet for a moment as he waited for Justin to respond. Justin just sat there, holding his sandwich in mid-air not saying anything for a long time.

"You've been with....I've hung out with Logan and..."



"Remember the canoeing trip the other weekend?"

"Yeah, but wasn't Ryan there too?"

Bobby just nodded yes.

"And Logan tried get rough?"

Bobby came on into the room, closed the door and sat in a chair in the adjacent row side by side to Justin. "Yeah, he tried, but...well Ryan and I...we sort of got the upper hand on him."

"You fucked him...I mean..." Justin hesitated afraid of saying to bluntly what they were only hinting at earlier.

"Yeah, we fucked him" and Bobby looked over at Justin and smiled slightly, "and the nasty fucker liked it."

"I'm not surprised."

"So what happened? You want to tell me? I promise it won't leave this room."

Justin told Bobby what had happened that weekend. How Logan got him tied to the bed and then tried to fuck him when he didn't really want to do it and how even though he promised to stop if he asked,and he did stop but not before he had really hurt him. "Does it always hurt like that?" Justin asked, visibly shaken by what had happened.

"No Justin, it doesn't. Logan just...likes to play rough, to let it hurt some. He gets off on it. You can do it without it hurting like that if someone just takes their time."

Justin nodded he understood. Then he asked the question that was lingering out there; had Ryan and he done it. Bobby told him everything and how they were not sure how to deal with this between them, but they did enjoy it and it kind of scared them. Bobby told Justin he was sorry they had not been better friends and from now on it would be different.

After their talk Bobby kept his word and had Justin sit with Ryan and him at lunch or during break. Some of the other guys questioned them but Ryan simply told them he was sick of them treating Justin like shit. Logan kept trying to make amends but Justin seemed unable to get past the hurt, the idea that Logan simply wanted him over to fuck him. It was Ryan who made the suggestion that Justin just needed to settle the score. Justin wasn't too keen on the idea at first but the next day, after thinking about it half the night he asked Bobby what Ryan had in mind. Bobby smiled and asked him if he could get his parents to let him stay overnight at his place that Thursday night. His parents were taking some cows to market and were going to visit his Aunt again while they were that close to Mobile, and he would have the house to himself. He wouldn't tell Justin anything else.

Thursday seemed like the longest day on earth to Justin. Bobby and Ryan would only smile at him, not giving away anything. Logan even gave him a knowing smile whenever he looked his way. He actually could look at Logan and smile back, knowing tonight things were going to be different. But how, he didn't know. The afternoon thunderstorms had stopped a few days prior and the bright sun quickly brought back the heat and the humidity. Even as the sun dropped down toward the horizon, it was blistering hot. Justin arrived at Bobby's and saw Ryan's Mustang parked next to Bobby's truck. As instructed he dressed casually, wearing a tank top and a pair of faded worn jeans. He went to the door and shortly after his knock, Ryan opened the door. He was dressed in an unbuttoned shirt revealing the mat of hair covering his well developed chest, and old khaki shorts. He brought Justin back to the kitchen were Bobby was laying out hamburger patties to cook on the grill. Bobby was in t-shirt that the sleeves were ripped off and a pair of shorts. Justin noticed they were drinking beer and offered him one. Everything felt different already, and when Ryan came up behind Bobby who was washing some lettuce in the sink and put his arms around him, nuzzling up to his neck; his long lean neck, so smooth, Justin heard Ryan kiss him on it. The open display of affection made his insides knot up. Bobby turned to Ryan, kissed him on the mouth and told him he should go feed the dog before they got started.

Dog? What dog? Justin didn't think Bobby had a dog, or he never mentioned it anyway. Ryan grabbed up a small brown lunch type bag and headed out.

"I'll be right back" smiling at Justin as he let the screen door slam behind him.

"Come on out back and I'll get these on the grill" Bobby told Justin. An old portable stereo was on a picnic table under the oak tree in their back yard.

The music was just loud enough to hear across the back yard. Across the back yard Justin watched Ryan as he entered the barn, disappearing inside. It wasn't long and Ryan was back. As Bobby cooked the hamburgers, as they ate and then relaxed afterwards, Justin couldn't get them to tell him anything about what to expect and when he inquired about Logan they just laughed and told him to be patient.

After sitting outside until it was dark, they carried everything back inside and put away what needed to go in the refrigerator. They led Justin to the living room and had him to sit. Bobby stood in the room as Ryan dropped down in a rocking chair.

"Ok, what is going on?" Justin asked.

"Well, before we...well, take care of the business we're here to do, Ryan and I have been talking and have wanted to ask you something?"

"Yeah? And?"

"Well, it's like this..." and Bobby told Justin how he didn't know how he felt and how he must feel really isolated, but knew that would change when he left for college, but right now they, Ryan and he, felt Justin had had some bad experiences, experiences that could make him hesitate when he shouldn't, or hold back when he shouldn't, so they thought he should have an experience that was positive, one not forced or rushed, or fucked up.

Justin sat looking at Bobby then over at Ryan, unsure he understood what he had just heard. Bobby looked like he was unsure of how to continue, his natural shyness surfacing, when Ryan spoke up.

"You see, we want to know if you'd like to have sex with us" smiling wickedly.

"Ryan, that was a little blunt, wasn't it" Bobby said looking over at Ryan and then looking back at Justin who was nearly laughing.

"Are you serious? You'd have sex with me...I mean you guys would really let me join in with..."

Ryan interrupted Justin. "Jesus, yes, Yes, YES. Bobby was even the one to suggest it, believe it or not. I couldn't believe it, but realized his motives were not about having a three-way or just trying to get into your pants. Although later on we would be getting you out of your clothes anyway..."

"RYAN!" Bobby interjected, and then he looked at Justin. "Well, what do you say? If you're not comfortable with this we can proceed to the evening's main event."

"I...would like that" Justin said almost in a whisper, not believing how the evening was going. Ryan got up and came over and held out his hand to Justin.

"Come on" was all he said as Bobby led the way to his bedroom. Only a few candles were burning leaving the room in a low dim light. Ryan brought Justin to the center of the room and turned to face him. Bobby came up behind Justin and put his arms around him nuzzling his neck, mouthing his ear, running his nose through his sweet smelling blonde hair. Ryan moved forward, leaning down, and kissed Justin on the mouth, slowly, letting their lips barely touch at first, then firmer, then opening his mouth enough to stick out his tongue, pushing it into Justin's mouth, who took it, leaning back against Bobby. Ryan ran his hands down Justin's chest and over his stomach. Justin ran his arms under Ryan's shirt and around his narrow waist pulling him close, feeling his body tower over him, feeling its warmth. He felt Ryan's erection push into his stomach as Bobby was running his hands over Justin's. Ryan pulled back and dropped to his knees, burying his face into Justin's shorts, mouthing Justin's growing erection, feeling Ryan's warm breath push through the fabric. Bobby grabbed his tank top and pulled it up and off revealing his smooth lightly tanned skin. Bobby rubbed his shoulders then down his arms, moving around his chest, where he rubbed and then pinched Justin's nipples getting the first moan to escape from him. Ryan opened his shorts and pulled them and his briefs down. Justin stepped out them and then he saw them land on a chair where Ryan tossed them. Ryan took his cock, the head extended out of its hood, wet, shiny, red with need, and sucked it into his mouth.

Bobby pulled back and stripped, watching Ryan suck Justin's cock, working his head back and forth. Bobby fell upon his bed, stroking his cock slowly. When Justin saw Bobby on the bed, he pushed Ryan back.

"Let's get on the bed" he asked timidly.

Ryan smiled up at him. "Ok." Justin moved onto the bed and crawled between Bobby's legs. He was soon sucking Bobby's cock, taking it as far down his throat as he could. Ryan knelt by the bed and continued to suck Justin's cock. Bobby would run his hand through Justin's blonde hair encouraging him, telling him how good it felt. When he was getting close he pushed him back off his cock.

"Not yet. I think you should see something first." Ryan got up, his cock leaking so much pre-cum it was drooling down a foot from the head of his cock. Bobby leaned up and licked it off, then took his cock in his mouth and worked his mouth along its length several times, until Ryan was breathing hard. Sitting back, Bobby held up his cock as Ryan moved up over him, easing down, lower himself onto Bobby, as he had done before, taking him all the way, easing down until he had all of Bobby's cock in him. Justin had watched intently as Bobby's cock disappeared in Ryan's hole. He was jerking his own cock slowly as he watched Ryan ride up and down Bobby's cock, but never getting to a pace to bring Bobby off. Ryan moved up and off Bobby's cock and eased over on his back beside Bobby and held his hands out to Justin.

"Come on Justin, your turn. Put it in me, come on, buddy, fuck my ass" Ryan whispered his encouragement as Justin, as if in a trance, did what Ryan asked, and moved up between his legs. Ryan took his cock and aimed it at his hole, telling Justin to push in slowly, feel himself sink into him. Justin eased his cock into the tightness, the heat of Ryan's inside. He pushed in slowly feeling the heat envelope his cock. Bobby moved up beside Justin, kissing him on the mouth as he put his hand on Justin's ass and pushed him all the way into Ryan. Bobby moved to Justin's ear and after tonguing it, whispered "fuck him, Justin, fuck Ryan's ass."

Justin looked down at the big tall athlete; broad shouldered, beautifully tanned and began to fuck his ass. He worked his cock back and forth, watching it sink in, feeling the heat and slickness of his insides. He couldn't believe how good it felt, the way Ryan's ass gripped his cock as it moved back and forth. He didn't last long and was soon thrusting his hips hard against Ryan, pumping his cock in him vigorously, hard jabbing thrusts, until he sank all the way in and came, putting his cum deep in Ryan, feeling his cock flex in the confines of his ass. He fell over Ryan's chest which easily accommodated his smaller body and relished the heat of him, the smooth rhythmic breathing. When he pulled out Bobby was leaning against the wall behind him watching him, as he slowly stroked his cock. Justin turned toward Bobby and moved into his lap, kissing him, nibbling his ear, running his face through Bobby's shaggy hair. He was still hot, breathing hard, wanting more. He rubbed his wet half hard cock over Bobby's stomach feeling the smoothness of his skin, the hard cock pushing up on his ass. Bobby ran his hands over Justin's ass, feeling the firm round cheeks, pulling him tighter to his body. Justin whispered in Bobby's ear "Will you fuck me..." he stammered quietly, timidly. Ryan moved next to Bobby and ran his hand over Justin's chest, feeling his erect nipples, pinching lightly each one as Bobby watched Justin's expressions change.

"You sure?" Bobby whispered to Justin.

"Yeah" Justin replied.

"Then you control how fast you can take it. Sit up and then ease down, taking your time. We have all night."

Justin pulled himself up rubbing his growing erection over Bobby's stomach and chest. Ryan reached under Justin and held Bobby's cock up as Bobby ran his hands over Justin's back and ass, letting him feel his touch, the sensation spreading over his body making his cock fully erect and his lust turned up. He eased down, feeling the head of Bobby's cock touch him there, push against his opening. He held still a moment as Bobby leaned over and kissed him passionately, tongue dueling tongue, and Justin moved down, penetrating himself, slowly, letting Bobby's cock slid in. He held still only a moment but he thought it was a long time, suspended over Bobby's cock with the head of it pushing into him. As he lowered himself down he felt the fullness, the penetration as his ass opened up to take Bobby inside of him. It didn't hurt as Bobby and Ryan had promised. He hugged Bobby tightly around the neck as he eased all the way down when he felt himself really open up.

"Oh fuck" Justin cried out as he settled down all the way.

He slowly began to work his ass up and down. The sensation through the ring of his opening was too much and he soon found himself riding Bobby's cock harder and harder. When he was tiring from his exertions, Bobby rolled him off his cock and got him to lay on his side as he slid up behind him, and quickly working his cock back into him, fucking him at an angle that made Justin grunt on every thrust into him. Ryan moved down and took Justin's cock in his mouth and let Bobby's thrusting motion moved Justin's cock back and forth in his mouth. Justin grabbed Ryan by the head and began to thrust his hips back and forth, sliding his ass over Bobby's cock and his own into Ryan's mouth.

"Oh shit...fuck" Justin cried out as he came, filling Ryan's mouth with his second load. Bobby wrapped his arm over Justin's chest, holding him tight as he pumped harder and harder through Justin's ass as he felt it spasm around his cock. He came deep inside of Justin, shoving wad after wad of cum deep into him. As Bobby pumped his load into Justin he bit his shoulder lightly to keep from crying out.

They collapsed on the bed and lay there for while, Ryan snuggled up to Justin's chest and Bobby still snuggled to his back making Justin feel engulfed between the two larger boys. Justin whispered thanks as he enjoyed the warmth of their bodies. When their breathing returned to normal, Ryan rolled over on his back.

"So, what about Logan?" Justin whispered.

"Oh shit! I forgot about Logan" Ryan said as he and Bobby began to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Justin inquired.

"Well, once you get your second wind and ready for something a little more interesting, we'll all get up and go out to the barn" Bobby told him.

"Oh you're kidding...Logan has been in the barn this whole time?" Justin asked.

Laughing, both Bobby and Ryan took a moment to answer. "Yeah, he's waiting to make it up to you."

"Well let's go" suddenly full of energy.

Still naked the three of them went out to the barn. Light filtered out around the door, and when Bobby slid it open Justin saw it was one light fixture barely illuminating the interior. In front of him was Logan. Naked, hands tied together and hooked into a chain stretched across the floor fastened to two posts making him stay down on his elbows and knees. A black hood was over his head with only a hole at his mouth. A black butt plug was in his ass and he was sweating from the heat inside the barn.

"Holly shit, where did you guys get that stuff" Justin asked pointing to the butt plug as they walked up to him.

"I asked him the other day to show me the handcuffs and he pulled out this black gym bag full of this stuff. When I went to pick him up earlier today, I made him bring the whole bag. Once we had him secured, Ryan and I rummaged through his stuff. He is a twisted mother fucker, aren't you?" as he pushed his ass with his foot.

"Yes" was all he said.

Ryan went over to a work bench and came back carrying a paddle, only about two inches wide and over eighteen inches long, and handed it to Justin.

"Don't hit too hard, just a firm pop on his ass, but keep it up until he begs you to stop."

"Are you shitting me?"

"No, Justin, he's not. This is how Logan will make it up for getting too rough the other night. If you're not sure about this, we can just skip it...or would you like one of us to do it?"

Justin looked at the paddle in his hand then down at Logan, on his elbows and knees, and he swung the paddle back and forth. Punishment; is that what Logan was willing to take, or was there something more to it. Justin moved up closer to Logan who was obviously trying to hear what was happening. Justin raised the paddle and brought it down firmly, connecting with both ass cheeks. It felt good. He raised the paddle again, and brought it down on only one cheek, then again on the other. He kept it up, simply firm strikes that eventually made Logan's ass glow bright red. Logan was crying out, had been since about half way through, and now he begged him to stop. Justin tossed the paddle down on the floor and knowing what he wanted, suddenly seizing control, he moved in front of Logan, dropping to his knees and brought Logan's mouth to his cock.

"Suck my cock" he demanded. Logan engulfed it, taking it with a hunger that surprised Justin. He took it all the way down till he gagged. Justin took Logan's head in his hands, holding him firmly, and drove his cock in and out of his mouth. Ryan moved to Logan ass and pulled the butt plug out. It was larger than Justin anticipated, not believing he could take something so thick. Ryan moved up and pushed his hard cock into the Logan's gaping hole before it could close up. As Justin face fucked Logan, Ryan pounded his ass, slamming his cock all the way in and then holding his cock by the base, he pulled all the way out and shoved back in, repeatedly, watching his cock punch through the opening of Logan's insides. Bobby came over and leaning down, kissed Ryan hard on the mouth and told him to fuck that ass, shove his cock into it, let him feel it.

Justin pulled out of Logan's mouth and pulled the hood off.

"I want you to watch" was all he said as he pushed his cock back to Logan who greedily swallowed it all the way down. "Damn, you are a slut" Justin said as Logan took his cock punching through his mouth and back out. "Fuck, I'm going to cum" Justin cried out as he shot his first wad deep into Logan's throat, then pulled out and shot the next wad into his face. He jerked his cock, milking his load out, smearing it on Logan's face before he shoved it back into his mouth for him to clean it off.

Ryan had pulled out and was making out with Bobby to the side when Bobby looked down at Justin and Logan.

"Make him suck you until you're ready to go again. Then fuck the hell out of him" Bobby told Justin.

Ryan pulled Bobby down on some loose hay and let him slid up between his spread legs. Justin heard Ryan tell Bobby to put it in him. Logan worked on his cock and the sounds of Ryan taking Bobby's cock was enough to get Justin hard again, the head of his cock fully exposed, red, wet, ready to fuck. He moved to Logan's ass and moved up to penetrate him. Ryan leaned up seeing Justin about to punch into Logan's ass.

"Remember, he likes it rough. Punch into that ass hard. He's already so loose you could drive a truck up him."

Logan looked back over his shoulder and with such lust in his eyes he looked half mad. "Yeah, Justin, shove it in. Let me feel you ram that cock in my ass...come on, fuck me..." and Justin slammed his cock into the depths of Logan's ass, shoving in all the way. Logan reared up his head and arched up his back, as he pushed back harder against Justin.

"Fuck, he really likes it. Nasty fuck." Justin took Logan by the hips and began to drive his cock through his guts, fucking him. Hard. He fucked so hard sweat ran from his hair line and down his torso. Logan broke out in a sweat and had his head down on his arms as he pushed back against Justin when he was shoving forward. A rough nasty rhythm. Ryan and Bobby slowed their own fucking to watch a moment.

"Goddamn, Justin, tear that ass up" Ryan told him.

"You like that, Logan?" Bobby asked, although he already knew the answer seeing Logan's hard cock flopping around underneath him, pre-cum roping off the head.

"Yes" Logan replied between grunts. "Fuck me Justin, fuck me."

Having already gotten off more three times, Justin fucked Logan a long time, hammering his hole until Logan begged him to come, to pump his load into him. Justin got off on Logan's begging, and he thrust deeply and came in his ass. He slowed his thrusting down till he was slowly withdrawing his cock. Cum dribbled out of Logan as Justin cock pulled free. When Logan fell over on his side Justin saw he had gotten off. Cum spattered the floor underneath him and his wet flaccid cock lay over his drained balls. Justin, finally exhausted, looked over and saw Bobby lying over Ryan as they were obviously just making out some after their own fuck.

"Should we let him up?" Justin asked, not sure he wanted to let Logan loose.

"Do you think he has made it up to you yet? We can leave him out here all night and you can come out anytime you want to fuck his ass or make him suck your cock" Ryan replied.

"Damn, that is too let him loose."

Logan leaned up and looked at him smiling. "You are a beautiful boy who is too nice sometimes, you know that?" Ryan and Bobby laughed with him as Justin couldn't believe how much Logan really got off on this domination. Within in a few minutes Logan was freed and all of his stuff was either put away or put in a utility sink to soak the fuck off of it. Bobby and Ryan showered together and then went into his room to make a place to sleep on the floor with sleeping bags and sheets. Logan got Justin to shower with him, where he told him he was really sorry about the other night, and hoped they could be friends. He bathed Justin, enjoying running his hands over the fair skin, the blonde hair of his head, over his cock and the light hair on his legs. He bathed his cock and his ass, even mouthing it some while on his knees, until Justin begged him to stop. When they got out and dried off they went to Bobby's room and found the floor covered in sleeping bags and sheets. Bobby and Ryan were on them instead of his narrow twin bed. Justin eased down with them followed by Logan. Logan held Justin from behind as Justin and Ryan were on either side of Bobby who was on his back. Soon they were sound asleep.



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