Winter moved right into summer in South Alabama with temperatures hitting the nineties. The humidity was so high the horizon blurred with the rising vapor of the drying out ground. Bobby had just arrived home from school, where he was a senior. He ran into the house, grabbed something to eat, changed clothes and was back out the door in a matter of minutes. Bobby wasn't on any of the sports team at school for he, as an only child, had to help his dad on the farm. He was taller than his dad at six feet and starting to fill out from the labors of farming. His brown hair cut short and the scruffy beard he was trying to grow gave him a casual appearance that made finding dates easy but he still felt less mature than his friend Ryan and the other guys who played sports. His developing muscles were from the lifting of hay bales, the handling of the calves and all the other manual labor, but compared to the other guys he was still very lean which was accentuated by his height. Wearing his favorite old shirt with its sleeves ripped off and a pair of old jeans he headed to the barn to do his chores.

It was nearly dark when he began to head for the house. As he crossed the rear yard he saw headlights coming up their drive. Quickly he realized it was Ryan. He would have just left school having had baseball practice. Having three brothers and living on a farm that was just crops and no livestock to take care of gave Ryan the time to play sports. It made Bobby jealous at times the way it made Ryan so popular at school. Ryan pulled up in his old Mustang and got out. As usual he was shirtless, showing off his tall muscular build. He was by far the best developed guy in their class. And he already had a hairy chest where his light brown hair laid over it in a smooth mat. He looked much older than their eighteen years.

"Hey man, how was practice?"

"Fine...I think we're ready for the game on Friday. Are you going to be able to stay after school and watch us play?"

"I don't know yet. So what brings you by this evening?"

"When we were starting practice we had this man show up with his son. It seems they just moved into the area and he was trying to get his son on the team."

"Will the coach let him on?"

"I think so, the guy was well built and the coach let him practice with us some."

"Will he be in school tomorrow?"

"Logan, that's his name, said it would be Friday before his would be at school."

"Logan, uh. Where are they from, or more importantly, what are they doing here?"

"His dad is an insurance salesman and the company moved him to this area. They were in New Orleans."

"Damn, they're not going to like it here if they liked living in New Orleans."

"I know, right. Hey gotta go but just wanted to stop by and tell you the latest Hicksville gossip."

"Gee thanks; see ya" and they each went their own way.

Logan rode with his dad back to the house they were renting for the time being. He hated what he saw so far of this hot dusty backwater, but practicing with the baseball team felt good. And a couple of the guys on the team were hot, especially that Ryan. It made his cock flex to think about getting into that tall muscular boy. He'd like to get him off somewhere and have some fun, like they did back in New Orleans. Damn he would miss it. Him and William getting one guy or another over to the garden shed at William's parent's place, tying them up, making them suck their cocks; his fat seven inches or William's longer but skinnier dark ebony cock. After they made them suck cock, they would bend them over a saw horse, tying their hands and feet to the legs and fuck them until cum ran out of their holes. William was the real nasty mother fucker getting down there and eating it out as it drooled out of some asses. He still masturbated to the memory of the weekend William's folks were out of town and they got this one pretty boy to agree to stay over, thinking they were going to party all weekend. His name was Adam and he was only five four or so and slim as a girl with blonde hair and rosy cheeks. They partied all weekend alright. Adam was kept chained to an eyehook in the floor as they used him all weekend. Adam turned out to be such a slave to them he would come without his cock being touched. He came back several times until his parents realized something was wrong and made him stop. Logan's cock was hard thinking about it, which meant he was hard all the time.

Logan liked to dress to show his body, even his cock. The tightest jeans he could find and muscle shirts, t-shirts two sizes too small for his broad well defined chest. Back in New Orleans it was amazing how girls and boys threw themselves at him. It was the girls who were always disappointed.

His first day of class was worse than expected. Such a small class, only 43 students in the senior class, everyone knew everyone else, and he was the new guy, the guy they all had to be nice to, to figure out who he was and if liked anyone in their class. Fuck. What would they say he told them he liked Ryan? He laughed at the thought. Lunch was the highlight of the day. He sat with Ryan and several other guys, including Bobby who was not on the team. It was obvious Bobby and Ryan were close friends, but even more interesting was the idea that Bobby was the link to Ryan. He was the quiet one, shy even, but he knew the type. Open them up and they can be the most aggressive; the best fucks. It was Bobby he would focus on.

Bobby met Logan and noticed right away how masculine he was, how well built. He was like Ryan in his presence, but there was something different about him. At lunch he was surprised how Logan spent so much time talking to him in lieu of Ryan and the other guys on the team. After school as he was getting in his old Chevy truck Logan came up asking for a lift since he lived on Bobby's way home. When Bobby told him to hop in he went around the truck, opened the door, pulled off this shirt and hopped in. Bobby couldn't help but check him out, he glanced more than once at his sweat glistening chest, the line of hair going from his navel down into his extremely low waist jeans.

"Damn it is hot, isn't it" as he ran his hand up his stomach and over his chest rubbing his fingers through the sweat.

"Yeah, worse than usual with this draught" Bobby replied and he kept looking over at Logan's hand running over his bare chest.

"Hey, what do you guys do for fun around here?"

"Not much. Sometimes we go over to Montgomery to catch a movie, or the school will have a dance or we'll just run into Pinehill to hang out at the old drive-in."

"Shit, that's it?" Logan sat for a minute silently, then he glanced over at Bobby noticing how he really was tall and lean, the way his stomach was so flat his shirt hung loose over it even sitting; but he had some muscle definition in his arms. With his shaggy hair sticking out from under his cap and those few hairs sprouting from his smooth baby face, he was a handsome fuck. "Hey, when it's hot like this you guys have a swimming hole somewhere you go to cool off?"

"Yeah, but as of last week you could hardly get your ankles wet."

"Seriously, that dried up. That sucks." Logan sat disappointed for a moment at a lost opportunity to get Bobby out of his clothes. As they neared Logan's house, he looked over to Bobby smiling. "Hey, man can I ask a favor?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"My folks are going back to New Orleans to take care of some shit and I'm not really interested in going. Can I crash at your place tomorrow night? My mother still has this illusion of me being her little boy and doesn't want me staying alone up here; especially in a place we don't know anyone. What do you say? It'll be a chance to get to know each other."

"Yeah, that would be cool. What time will you come by?"

"Probably after noon sometime tomorrow since there are some things I have to do first; would that be ok?"

"Yes, but I probably will be out in the barn or field, so you can wait around the house or just come find me."

Bobby parked in front of Logan's house as they finished talking, making plans for the weekend.

Logan arrived at Bobby's about two o'clock and found him in the barn. The sleeveless shirt and faded, worn jeans made him look even hotter. The shirt was unbuttoned to the middle of his chest revealing the smooth tanned skin. The jeans were even better, blown out at each knee, revealing his nearly hairless legs, and in back a hole just below his right back pocket showing the edge of his boxers and his upper thigh. Logan had to wipe the drool from his mouth as he stared at Bobby working a pitch fork through some loose hay, piling it in a corner. He couldn't wait till that night. After dinner and some TV, while talking about what it was like New Orleans for Logan and what it was like on the farm, they both eventually went upstairs to bed. The old farm house only had two bedrooms so Logan had to crash with Bobby. The twin bed looked really small to Bobby as the two of them came into his room. Logan noticed Bobby didn't have a lot of stuff hung on his walls, or a lot of things sitting out. A few books, an old desktop computer, and some photos setting on his desk in frames were about it.

"It's not much I know."

"Hey, it's home right?"

"Yeah, but I can't wait till graduation and get out of here."

"What are you going to do afterwards... I mean aren't you going to farm?"

"Fuck no; I've been busting my ass so I could get a scholarship, so I'm all set to go to Auburn in the fall. Even my ole man agrees I need to get off this farm. It is such a struggle to make any money. He said once I'm settled in some new career he would sell this place and take mom up to the mountains to live."

"What about your friend Ryan?"

"He's going to Auburn too. Same deal, a scholarship, maybe gets on the baseball team, but he getting off the farm as well."

"Both of you at Auburn; sounds like it could be a grand time in college. You guys rooming together, I take it."

"Yeah, money being tight and all, so it'll help both of us out."

"That's great" Logan replied, but not really being interested in chatting and eager to get Bobby in bed he let the topic come to an end.

"Ok, well then, I need a shower, but if you want to go first go ahead." Bobby told him as he went to get clean underwear and his old gym shorts he wore in the house.

Logan went to the bathroom and took a quick shower and came back into the room with just a towel wrapped around his waist. The bulge in front was so obvious Bobby couldn't help but look, wondering just how big his dick was.

"All yours" Logan stated as he came into the room and sat back on the bed sideways, scooting back to lean against the wall, watching the look on Bobby's face as he was getting the reaction he hoped to get. That look of curiosity, of wondering about the other guy's cock.

Bobby grabbed a pair boxers and gym shorts and went to grab his shower. As he showered his thoughts roamed back to Logan and how well developed he was, with his strong upper body and his flat stomach. And there was that bulge. Lost in these thoughts he found himself soaping his cock till he was hard. He thought of how much Logan's body was like Ryan's, and how much everyone, including himself, admired them, envied them. When he realized how hard he had gotten, he panicked knowing his cock would be very visible with the way it stood up at a forty-five degree angle. He turned the water to as cold as he could stand it, willing it, begging it to go down.

After he finished in the bathroom and his cock was down to only a partial erection and not too noticeable in his shorts he headed back to his room. The house was dark except for the small amount of light coming from under his door since his parents had turned in before them. He quietly eased into his room and closed the door, barely registering how Logan was sprawled on his bed until he turned to face him. Lying naked across the top of the bed, he was looking at a magazine of Bobby's. Bobby stopped dead in his tracks.

"Oh, uh, is it ok if I sleep naked. I hate wearing clothes to bed. I mean if it bothers you, I'll put some briefs on."

"Well...I guess it's ok" Bobby replied as he went over and eased in beside Logan and turned out the light, wondering if he would get any sleep tonight. Bobby laid on his side facing away from Login who was still flat on his back with the covers pushed down to his knees. Bobby felt his nakedness against his back.

Logan knew he had Bobby spooked so he played it straight, just lying there wondering what Bobby was thinking as he laid there pretending to be asleep. Logan looked at Bobby's back and the way his old tattered gym shorts stretched around his narrow waist. Bobby had more muscle definition than he realized for he wasn't skinny just lean; a lean body that showed every muscle beneath its skin, skin so smooth and flawless he wanted to reach out and run his hand over it. His cock was getting hard as he looked at Bobby. Even the way his cheap haircut fell around his ears and along his neck, a neck that was a little long and narrow. He lay there, with his cock hard, staring at Bobby until finally, after far too long, he fell asleep.

Bobby awoke when he felt Logan move and bumped into him. He looked at the clock and saw it was nearly five. The only light in the room came from the security light outside his window which threw light across the lower half of the bed and over the floor. He eased over on his back to stretch out the kink from being in one position too long. He was right up next to Logan who was still lying on his back, fully exposed. The dim light cut across his stomach down to his feet revealing that fine line of hair from his navel down to his pubic hair and this fat half hard cock lying to the side. Then he looked at his hairy legs, realizing how masculine he looked, how much older he looked than himself. He barely had hair under his arms or above his dick. And he was not nearly as muscled up as Logan...or Ryan he thought as he laid there. His cock was hurting having gotten caught wrong in his briefs as it tried to expand. He reached down and adjusted himself, feeling it stretch out, turning up toward his stomach and pushing through the waist band and almost out of his gym shorts. He was so conflicted not knowing what to think. He laid there, hands flat down his sides and his cock pushing up at his gym shorts. He shouldn't feel this way with Logan in bed with him. He thought about slipping out of bed and easing into the bathroom to beat off.

Suddenly Logan reached down and stroked his own cock, standing it up, showing its length, and as his fingers wrapped around it, showing its girth. Bobby froze as he stared intently at Logan manipulating his cock.

"I see you've got the same problem" Logan whispered in the darkness. "Man I've got to get off or I'll never get back to sleep."

Bobby couldn't believe Logan was going to do it right in front of him but Logan's hand began to work up the length of his cock and back down, slowly, twisting his hand as he went.

"Aren't you going to get off too? How can you stand to lie there all hard up?" Logan whispered into Bobby's ear. "Go ahead, its ok."

Bobby full of fear, excitement of seeing Logan work his own cock, and the crushing need to get off, slowly slid his hand beneath his shorts and over his cock. He slowly gripped it and worked his hand up and down its length inside his shorts. Logan was getting faster with his strokes, and Bobby unconscientiously mirrored him, getting faster as well.

"Bobby, get those damn shorts off and enjoy it" Logan stated as he reached over and pulled down on the waist band of Bobby's gym shorts. Bobby was shocked at first Logan would mess with him, and right in the middle of jerking off. But he was right, the shorts made it hard to do it right and shyly, slowly slid them down, working his legs to get the shorts and briefs to his ankles, where he kicked them onto the floor. His cock stood up over his stomach, flexing, leaking a copiously large amount of pre-cum over the head till it drooled down onto his stomach as Bobby just lay there a moment watching it.

"Well, what the hell are you waiting for?" Logan said breaking Bobby out of his trance. Bobby took his cock in hand and began to work it, up and down his hand went, faster and faster, soon matching Logan's pace. They began to have small jerking motions pushing their hips up as they worked their cocks. Logan was the first to get there, raising his hips up slightly and he hammered down on his cock, making a lot of noise.

"Damn I'm going to cum" Logan panted out with his ragged breathing. His cum shot out flying over his stomach and hitting him in the chest, then a line blasted up his stomach, then another, and as he came Bobby had that final rush and grunted through clinched lips as he came. He was jerking wildly and he shot not on himself but onto Logan hitting him on the neck and upper chest. He kept shooting, two more large wads flew out; one more onto Logan's arm and another finally landing on Bobby's stomach. He kept stroking his cock, letting the last of his cum push up and out the head of his cock and smeared by his hand. The sound of his hand working his cock, slick with cum, filled the room. The smell of their cum filled the air. When they both finally fell back waiting on their breathing to return to normal Logan turned his head and leaned over to Bobby's ear.

"Damn you shoot a lot. Did you know you hit me on the neck with your first wad? I bet you are a nasty mother fucker when you want to be."

What was he saying Bobby thought has he lay there glancing over to Logan's spent cock lying in cum, then back to his own cock. Logan leaned up on his elbows and looked down at Bobby's spent cock, how it was longer than his own just not as thick, and how he was so pale around the waist, even his cock where he obviously didn't skinny dip in the creek or sun bathe in the nude. He knew he was such a prude on the surface, but he saw, when he was coming , how Bobby was staring at his cock and how he had got off in such an amazing way, shooting cum everywhere, thick wads of it, he thought he'd get hard again if he didn't stop thinking about it.

Bobby picked up his gym shorts and wiped off the cum.

"Hey can I use those to get your cum off of me?" Logan asked almost sniggering at how Bobby seemed to freeze up a moment at letting him use his shorts, but in the end he handed them to Logan and retrieved his briefs, slipping them back on. Logan tossed the shorts over Bobby and onto the floor. They laid still for a while, both on their backs, neither able to fall asleep right away.

"Hey, don't worry about me saying anything about us jerking off like that....but you do realize we're not the only ones who do this" Logan whispered.

"I know." It was all Bobby said as he slowly rolled on his side facing away from Logan. Soon both were asleep. When they awoke and got up, nothing was said, for Logan knew it was best to drop the subject for now. Once they were dressed they went down stairs, had breakfast and went out to the barn for Bobby to feed the cows. Logan actually helped him load up some hay bales and get them out to the troughs. It was mid-morning when they finished and Logan said he should be going and would see Bobby in school tomorrow.

It was late afternoon when Bobby finally came in. He needed a shower, so he went to his room to grab his things. On the floor he saw the gym shorts that he and Logan had cleaned themselves up with after jerking off. He picked them up, catching the scent of their cum. He couldn't help himself; he pulled them up to his nose, sniffing them catching his own smell and that of Logan. He sniffed again, deeply as he held them up to his face, feeling the dried cum rub his face. His cock began to get hard and he felt freaked about it. He carried the shorts with him to the bathroom and threw them in the bottom of the tub. He'd shower over them to get the cum out of them for he couldn't let his mother find them like that when she did his laundry. In the shower as he soaped his cock it got completely hard. He stroked it faster and faster, not trying to let the moment linger, trying to get off as quickly as he could. All he could think about was watching Logan jerking his cock, the cum shooting out of it, landing over Logan and smelling the air with that scent of cum. He thought about 'everyone doing it' as Logan had so casually stated and wondered if Ryan had done it, jerked off in front of some of the guys, wondered why he hadn't done it with him. His hand hammered down hard as he shot his load, hitting the wall with the first wad, pumping his hips into his tight fist wrapped around his cock. Finally spent he put his hands on the wall and just leaned into the cool water of the shower.

The next week Logan was as friendly as ever, especially toward Bobby. Bobby didn't know how to take it but decided to just go with it and try not to think about last weekend. Ryan told him on Tuesday Logan made the team and would soon start play with them. Although some of girls felt something amiss with Logan he quickly became friendly with everyone.

Logan, now on the team, set his sights on Ryan. He even called William back in New Orleans to go over what had happened so far and what his intentions were in the next few days. William egged him on, telling him he wanted to come up and party with him if he got them off somewhere. Logan thought it was a great idea and began to plan for that possibility.

On Friday, Logan came up to Ryan between classes and asked if he could catch a ride home with him after their game, that his folks wouldn't be able to come to the game and he needed a ride. Ryan quickly agreed and said they may go to Pinehill for something to eat after, if he wanted to do that as well. Logan agreed, smiling about his plan falling in place.

After the game they went to an old drive-in that was there when their grandparents were teenagers, and it was still selling the usual greasy burgers, hot dogs and fries, but it was the closest place to hang out so its parking lot was full. Ryan and Logan were parked in the back next to Bobby in his old truck. Others came and stood between them or climbed in one or the other's vehicle as they hung out just enjoying themselves. When the drive-in began closing down they slowly dispersed. Bobby said his goodbyes and heading home and Ryan and Logan were soon on the road as well. On the way Logan and he talked, with Logan asking more and more questions about Ryan's sex life, and how much he was getting, and how in New Orleans it was crazy the shit they could get people to do. Ryan told him about hooking up with several of the girls and which ones would suck his dick and which ones would let him fuck them. Logan listened intently, picturing Ryan naked shoving his cock in some mouth or somewhere else.

"Hey, you ever get a girl to let you put it in her ass?"

Ryan jerked around in surprise "What?! No can't say I have....why; have you?"

"I've had my cock in an ass or two....or more" as he burst out laughing at the image of his cock buried up some boys ass.

"Damn, what's it like?" Ryan asked, clearly hooked by curiosity.

"Tight. I mean when you push through that initial opening of someone's ass it is amazing how it grips your dick, just strokes the juice right out of it. Damn, it makes me hard thinking about it."

In a lower tone, eyes glued to the road Ryan responded "Yeah, I know."

"You hard too?" Logan asked mischievously.

"Yes, with all this talk of pussy and fucking them in the ass and how it feels on your dick....damn."

Logan noticed Ryan reach down and adjust his cock, working it over to lay to his right, pointing at Logan who saw how it made such a bulge in his jeans. He reached down to adjust his cock, pretending it needed to be when he only wanted to touch himself, to let Ryan see he was as hard as he was. Ryan glance over three or four times, watching Logan manipulate his cock, move it around in his jeans until it was pointing straight up, and the head was pushing out above the waist band.

"You horny too" Ryan asked in a whisper.

"Oh hell yeah; I want to beat off so bad it hurts" he stated waiting to see how Ryan would respond.

"You gonna do it now?" Ryan asked.

"If that's ok with you" as he actually started to unbutton his jeans and slide the zipper down, revealing his tented out briefs, pulled up off his body where his cock was straining to get free. He pushed his jeans down further, to mid-thigh and then pushed his briefs down, revealing his hard cock, the way, fully erect it thickened up, became dark red, leaked pre-cum from the head.

"Hey man I feel a little silly doing this with you watching, why don't you pull over somewhere and beat off too. You look like you could use it too."

"Yeah" Ryan breathed out, clearly flustered with need. He went a little further up the road telling Logan to hold off and then turned down a fire trail in a stand of pine, going in far enough not to be noticed if someone came by. It was so dark out, he left the motor running to play the radio and have the dash lights. He could just see Logan stroking his cock, smearing pre-cum along its length making it shine in the dim light. Ryan undid his jeans and pushed his boxers and jeans down to his ankles. He spread his legs feeling the air from the a/c blow over his cock and down over his nuts. It added to the sensation as he grabbed his cock in hand and began to work its length. Logan stared for a moment, looking at Ryan stroking his cock, thinking how much it looked like Bobby's cock; same long length and slightly slender width. He wondered if they knew how much alike their cocks were as he watched Ryan cock get slicked up with pre-cum and then the wad of spit Ryan drooled down on it. Damn the guy was hot. As they stroked their cocks and watched each other Logan turned to Ryan and whispered "I wish we had someone here to do this for us so we could lie back and enjoy it."

"Yeah, that'd be great" Ryan replied barely loud enough to hear. Logan leaned over toward Ryan and reached out his hand, taking Ryan fist over his cock and began to help him stroke his cock. "I'll jerk you off if you'll do me."

"Ok" was all Ryan said as he leaned back in the seat, letting go of his cock and letting Logan jerk him off. Logan wasn't in a hurry but it was obvious Ryan wouldn't last long, the way he pumped his hips up into Logan's fist, the way his breathing was ragged, and finally the way he slammed his hand down on Logan's shoulder as he braced himself, shooting off over the tail of his shirt, back on Logan's hand and over his ejaculating cock. It took a moment for him to catch his breath, and he sat with his eyes closed Logan couldn't help but admire his body and his cock as it lay half hard in the slimed up remains of his cumming. Logan sat up and pulled his t-shirt off.

"Come on man, snap out of it, I've got to get off; it's my turn."

Ryan opened his eyes and noticed Logan laid back, legs spread with his cock held up by the base. "Come on, jerk me off, man; I did you."

Without saying anything Ryan reached over and for the first time in his life held another guy's cock. It was so much thicker than his, his fingers barely reaching around it, he wondered if any of the girls he fucked had trouble taking it, especially the ones he fucked in the ass. He began to stroke up and down, the way he liked it when Logan asked him to tighten his grip, to stroke him a little rougher. Ryan tighten up and stroked harder and harder until the sound of this slick fist pounding Logan's cock filled the interior of the car.

"Make me shoot, man, come on, pump out that load" Logan grunted out as Ryan brought him to the edge. Logan began to raise his hips up, pushing back into the seat hard. He was getting close. Ryan leaned over to get a better angle and Logan made his move, putting his hand on Ryan's neck pushing down toward his cock.

"Come on man, help me out...take it" he whispered. He felt Ryan push back but not hard enough to stop him from pushing him downward toward his cock. "Please, take me" he begged. Ryan pushed up on more time then let Logan push him down on to his cock. Ryan opened his mouth and took as much as he could, tasting the pre-cum, feeling it build up on his lips as he slid down Logan's cock, then working his way back up. Logan had his hands on his head, holding him in place as he began to pump his hips, pushing his cock over Ryan's tongue, hitting the sides of his mouth, shoving in till he gagged.

"Fuck" was all Logan said as he came. He pumped the first wad into Ryan's mouth but let him go to see what he would do with the rest. Ryan pulled back quickly and spit out his cum as the next wads hit him in the face. The way it slid down his cheek was better than having him take it in his mouth. Finally spent, he fell back and Ryan quickly sat up, looking confused, fearful. Login knew he had to get Ryan settled back down.

"Ryan relaxed. It was just buddies helping each other out. Don't freak out, ok?"

"Don't freak out...I just sucked your cock and..." and Logan interrupted him.

"So fucking what. I'll tell you a secret. I've done it too. When some of us needed to get off and there were no girls around; why the fuck not." Logan gave Ryan a defiant look. "Everyone gets off and no one gets hurt."

Ryan looked shaken for a few minutes then seemed to pull it together. "You won't tell will you?"

"Oh hell no, are you crazy, But listen; do you think we're the only ones to do something like this? Has any of the other guys ever suggested know like this?"

"No...I don't think so, but....forget it. Let's get home."

They rode in silence for most of the remainder of the trip. When they got into town Logan told him he'd catch him later and to fucking relax. When Ryan was on his way to his house he leaned back and thought about it, how it felt, how good it felt when Logan jerked him off, and how he mentioned others doing it. He wondered about that, and he wondered if Bobby had done it.

The next couple weeks went by with the usual classes, practices or games and the farm chores, but Ryan and Bobby seemed different. Only Logan knew they were having thoughts about what had happened, especially Ryan. He probably still tasted cum in his mouth Logan thought crudely with satisfaction. And Bobby, damn that introverted farm boy was more attractive to him as each day went by. He noticed that both of them had taken efforts not to be alone with him, but he didn't mind, for sooner or later they would either put their guard down or come back for more. He had talked with William about it a few times and William told him to get them off camping; both of them. The thought of Ryan and Bobby together and getting them to play; to fuck around. It was too much. He even thought about how hot it would be to see Bobby fuck Ryan, that tall lean boy, holding on to Ryan's big muscular body while he pounded his cock in his ass was an image he'd jerk off to for several nights. After a few more days passed Logan couldn't stand it any longer. He did some research and found a state forest with park facilities, but more intriguing were the several rivers running through it that allowed you to paddle down and camp at more isolated sites along the river's length. He studied the information to find the least traveled section and made his plans.

At lunch in the cafeteria Logan cornered Ryan and Bobby and got the two of them to sit with him away from the others. Ryan was anxious about it at first but since it was Bobby and he Logan wanted to talk to he relaxed. Logan told them in obscure terms he knew he had made each of them a little put off by him, and he wanted to make it up. He loved to go camping and wanted the three of them to go. It was so hot and dry he thought a canoe trip down a creek for a couple of days and a night of camping would be fun. There was a state forest down in North Florida about two hours away they could go to for a weekend. Both Bobby and Ryan knew the state forest site for they'd been a couple of times, and knew it was usually busy during the weekend with a lot of people coasting downstream either in canoes or inner tubes. Bobby told them he'd have to check with his dad but if he could get away he was agreeable. Ryan made it clear in a subtle way he would go only if Bobby could go, which was what Logan really wanted too.

That Saturday morning was already a warm day before the sun was even up. Bobby and Logan arrived at Ryan's house in Bobby's old truck which was what they were going to go in, since they could take one of Ryan's family's canoes with them saving the expense of a rental. They had a cooler loaded with food and one with drinks. A couple of changing of clothes, along with a few other items and they were off. Logan also had stuffed in the bottom of his bag a bottle of lube and a few miscellaneous items he couldn't wait to dig out. It took all three of them to pull the old wood canoe out of the barn and get it in the back of the truck and tied down. By the time they had everything packed into the truck they were sweating already. Ryan and Logan pulled their t-shirts off before they climbed into the truck. With Bobby behind the wheel, Ryan riding in the middle and Logan on the passenger side they were crowded into the cab and with Ryan and Logan shirtless, and with all three of them in shorts, the moments bare fleshed touched made each one feel something electric. Bobby, with Logan as the mastermind for this trip couldn't help but think of things, things he wasn't comfortable with but with Ryan next to him, bare leg to bare leg, arms touching, the smell of him as he sweated next to him, he felt flustered. He wanted to take his shirt off and lean against him, to feel his skin touch his and it was an image that made his dick hard.

Ryan sitting between Bobby and Logan felt an odd sensation; he felt pleasure sitting in the middle, between Logan and Bobby and it was nice. The three of them together and they way they were touching accidently, they way he could smell each of them. It was odd they way it all seemed so normal. He looked at Logan who smiled at him, thinking Logan couldn't possibly try anything like that night, but then he wondered what it would be like if he did; what it would be like to do that with Bobby. After a few minutes before the sun came up lighting up the cab, he looked over at Bobby and from the light of the dash board saw him differently; sexually. He noticed Bobby's shorts had a large bulge where his cock was pushing up. He wondered what he was thinking to have an erection now, and could he do that with him, grow an erection for him, and did he really want him too.

Logan was quiet too, and kept stealing glances at Ryan. He couldn't see Bobby driving without leaning forward but he could see Ryan and how he kept looking back and forth between them. Keep looking he thought. I know you're thinking of the other night and putting it all together, giving consideration to ideas you've never thought of before. Think of it; think of Bobby shoving his long pale cock in your mouth, or up your ass. Fuck he couldn't' wait to get on that river and to a camp site.

As they headed south, the sun broke the horizon quickly heating up the air till the air blowing in was like a blast from a furnace. They all three were sweating. It wasn't long and they came to a small general store.

"Stop here Bobby. Let's get something cold to drink. I'm dying in this heat" Logan said as he leaned over to see if Bobby would agree.

"Ok" was all he said as he slowed down and turned off the road.

"My treat, what do you guys want to drink?" Logan asked as he jumped out. They each told him a coke would be good and Logan walked into the general store. He wasn't gone long when he came back out with a bag larger than needed for three small cokes. "Bobby, help me pull the drink cooler free; I got us some beer."

Bobby jumped out of the truck and worked his way up the bed beside the canoe.

"How did you get beer?"

"The old guy inside did even ask to see identification. He was so engrossed in his hunting magazine he hardly gave me a second look."

"You crazy fucker" came Ryan's voice from the cab. All Logan could think was he had no idea how crazy this fucker was going to get tonight. When they had the beer on ice, Logan looked at Bobby who was sweating profusely through his t-shirt.

"Bobby, how the hell can you stand to keep that shirt on? It's hot as fuck out here, take that damn thing off. Are you self conscientious about being lean instead of being all bulked up? Fuck it man, it's just the three of us."

Bobby looked at Logan like he was trying to get into his pants instead of telling him to take his shirt off. Ryan leaned over and stuck his head out the window.

"He's right, it is just too damn hot; besides I've seen your skinny ass before" as he laughed making Bobby realized it was ok. He pulled the shirt off over his head revealing his lightly tanned body that barely had hair under his arms. Logan wanted to jump him right there in the parking lot. Back in the truck Bobby drove them on to their destination. Ryan found himself leaning more toward Bobby, feeling pleasure of their skin touching, glancing over to see the sweat run down his chest and down his stomach till it was soaking the band of his shorts. He was so lean; he looked like a runner or swimmer you'd see on TV. And that bulge was still there.

They made it to the forest station were you had to sign in so they knew who was in the forest at night, and unloaded the canoe and coolers. Within thirty minutes they were paddling the old big canoe down the river. Bobby was in front, Logan in the middle and Ryan in the rear, the more skillful at paddling a canoe, although going downstream required no effort except to keep it straight. The slow moving water was crystal clear for as far as the sunlight could penetrate its depth. They paddled down till they got away from the landing and pulled up on a sand bar to swim for awhile.

They frolicked in the water until exhausted and crashed on the shore, breathing hard and letting the sun dry them.

"I've not seen anyone else all morning?" Bobby asked as they sat there.

"I noticed. I assumed it would be busy today" Logan stated in mock surprise.

"You know this is not the river we've been on before" Ryan told Bobby.

"You're right. Logan, which river is this?"

"Hell if I know, I just told them we wanted to camp overnight and didn't want a bunch of little kids messing with us, so they recommended this creek."

"This must be the more wilderness type of section; are we ok to have camp fires?" Ryan asked Logan.

"They said to watch for the camping signs which would indicate approved sites with fire pits."

"Well, ok, let's get going" Bobby stated as he got up. "Ryan have you got that sun block?"

"Yeah, come here and I'll put it on your back."

Logan watched as Ryan rubbed the sun block on Bobby's back, even going up over his shoulders and neck, places Bobby could easily reach. That it's Ryan, he thought, get a feel for him.

They rarely paddled except to keep straight for they didn't really have far to go to reach a campsite. Logan brought out the beer and after a couple beers each they each relaxed a little more. After a while they pulled over and let Logan get in front and Bobby got in the middle where he got down in the canoe and laid back against the seat feeling the sun on his body, warming his flesh, warming his shorts making his cock get hard as he had thoughts. He watched Logan's back muscles move as he slowly pulled the paddle through the water; watched as each rivulet of sweat ran down his back hitting his waist band and spreading their wetness, soaking his shorts. When there was no breeze he could smell Logan's scent. He realized it was different from a girl's, so masculine; so similar to his own. He had to adjust his cock as it strained to move up erect.

Ryan had to admit he liked it when Bobby moved into the middle and sprawled out in the bottom. He could look down on him, and although he couldn't see his chest, he could see from his waist down. He could see the bulge and how he had to put his hand on it, to move it into a more comfortable position. He'd never thought of Bobby in such a sexual way before but now, he couldn't stop.

The sun was getting low in the sky when the glided up to a camping site. They pulled all their gear out and arranged it around the site, choose a site for the tents and began setting them up. Logan had his two man tent and Ryan had brought one his family had used over the years that was large enough for Bobby, him and some gear. It didn't take long and they had the camp site set up among the trees on the river bank. They brought out there food, the last of the beer and settled down while they prepared their food. As they lounged around they talked about what they had seen that day; the moccasin that dropped off a low limb into the river as they passed by, the two couples that passed them trying to get to the landing before it got too late and how nice the water was to cool off in and how clean it had to be to be so clear.

After they ate they decided to go swimming one more time. As they moved to the bank where a deep section was located Logan dropped his shorts and underwear.

"Hey, no one's around and I hate the feel of wet underwear when you get out. The itching and sticking to you sucks; so what's the big deal? We shower together in PE, so stop looking at me like that."

Bobby looked over to Ryan and saw him smiling shaking his head. "Fuck it." He pushed his shorts and boxers down and dove in. Bobby stood for a moment, slightly embarrassed at how his dick felt like it was getting hard having seen Logan, then Ryan strip. The way there dicks flopped around over their balls caused him to feel a tightness inside.

"Come on Bobby don't suddenly get shy" Ryan called out.

"What if someone comes along?"

"We'll be caught skinny dipping; now get naked and jump in."

Bobby undid the snap on his shorts and pushed them and his boxers down. His cock half hard flopped out and around as he tossed his clothes up on drier ground. Fuck it, he thought. Logan's seen him hard and he wanted Ryan to see it; to see his half erect cock. He waded out allowing them to see the water come up his legs, to his balls and finally up to his cock where it floated over the surface of the water for a moment. He knew Logan was watching intently, but was surprised by Ryan's expression, his stare with his mouth half open. He dove in and swam out to them. Once in the water they soon began to horse around, to chase each other trying to push each other under. After a while they waded in and sat on the bank of the river and let the warm evening air blow over them slowly drying their skin. Bobby sat up, arms wrapped around his knees, which caused his cock to hang down visible beneath him. Ryan and Logan just laid back, stretched out on their backs. Bobby kept stealing glances at each of them, their firm muscled bodies and their cocks as they lay to the side, and the mat of hair Ryan had on his chest making him look so much older. After a while Bobby thinking they had dozed off relaxed back on his back stretching out.

Ryan kept sneaking looks at Bobby as he sat by them, his cock visible as it hung out and down, and when he laid back, stretched out the beauty of his smooth skin nearly shined in the dim light. He wanted to touch him. When he looked away he realized he had been caught staring at Bobby by Logan, who smiled knowingly at him.

Bobby thought he heard someone coming down the river so they made their way to camp and prepared to get out of sight but no one was coming. Feeling slightly drunk and fatigued from their exertions and sun exposure the decided to turn in shortly after it got dark.

Logan crawled into his tent trying to decide how to divide and conquer. He lay there for a while when he suddenly saw Ryan come out of their tent and move into the woods. He knew he would be out there pissing. He snatched up a pair of handcuffs he had sneaked into his bag and eased out. He came up behind Ryan as he was releasing a heavy stream into the dry leaves on the ground. He was holding his cock with his right hand while he had his left propped on his waist. When he was finished and about to turn around Logan moved in, grabbing his left wrist and snapping on the handcuff.

"What are you doing?" Ryan whispered in a harsh tone.

Logan pinned him against a tree as he got his right hand pulled behind his back. They struggled for a while, but Logan had Ryan in a weak position and soon had his wrist bound behind his back. Logan quickly stuffed a sock in Ryan's mouth, gagging him before he thought to cry out to Bobby. He pushed Ryan up against the tree as he pressured their naked bodies together.

"Goddamn you are a hot mother fucker and we're going to have us some fun tonight" he whispered in Ryan's ear and he ran his hand over Ryan's chest, down over his stomach and then wrapping it around Ryan's cock which was getting hard. "You may tell yourself you don't like this but your fucking cock says differently" as he stroked him a few times feeling it getting fully erect. "Come on and let's get this party started."

Ryan knew he should put up more of a fight but with his hands securely bound and being gagged all he could do was run, and he knew Logan was faster. He was so confused about how to feel about Logan taking advantage of him, afraid he would try to get him to put his mouth on his cock again, to suck it, but he also felt an excitement about the sexual aspect of the situation. When they got to camp Logan led him over toward to a tree near his two man tent. Tied off around the base was a rope which he used to tie Ryan's legs together leaving him unable to get up and move very far.

Logan leaned in and licked up the side of Ryan's face, tasting the sweat on his skin, and he moved close to his ear. "Now to go get Bobby."

Logan slipped into the tent where Bobby was laying on his side facing away from him. Perfect he thought as he moved in. Before Bobby could get completely awake, before he realized what was happening, Logan had his wrist handcuffed and his cuffs on his ankles connected by a short length of chain. He ripped off his boxers and gagged him with them. His cock, half hard, flopped around as he man handled him. He pulled him up and told him to follow him. Bobby complied and they went back to where Ryan was lying.

"On your knees Ryan, come on get up" Logan asked in a mockingly nice tone.

Ryan rolled over onto his knees and straightened up. Logan pushed Bobby up to him, his half erect cock in his face. "Come on Ryan, Bobby needs you, needs you to help him out" as he pulled the sock out of his mouth. "Come on Ryan, look at Bobby, look at his cock. He's half hard already and you haven't even touched him. He wants it; he wants you to suck his cock, come on, you know you want to take Bobby's cock. Come on..." he suddenly stopped talking as he noticed how Bobby seemed to be involuntarily moving his hips forward as if begging Ryan to do it, and then Ryan actually moved forward, opening his mouth and took Bobby's cock, sucking it, pushing his face into it until he couldn't go any further. Then he backed off and did it again, and again until Bobby really was pumping his hips, pushing his cock in and pulling it out of Ryan's throat and over his tongue. Logan moved behind Ryan and held his head as Bobby face fucked him, pumping his cock to the point of no return. He thrust hard suddenly, and then did several short hard thrust as he shot his load in Ryan's mouth. When he was spent he pulled back and dropped to his knees in front of Ryan, looking at him worried. Ryan leaned over and kissed him on the mouth.

"Yeah, you nasty mother fuckers, I knew you'd be fun to hang out with" Logan stated as he watched them make out. Logan then pushed Ryan over on his back, his cock slapping back onto his stomach fully erect.

"Bobby, you want to help out Ryan, to do for him what he did for you. Come on, let me see you wrap those pretty boy lips around that cock, come on suck his cock like he sucked yours."

Bobby knee walked over to Ryan and fell over onto his stomach as he moved his head down to Ryan's hard cock. He stuck out his tongue and licked the pre-cum off the head, realizing the taste did not repulse him. He like the taste of Ryan, wanted to taste him again, so he moved to take his cock in his mouth. He struggled at first to find a rhythm but all too soon Ryan was bucking up, pushing his cock further into his mouth. Logan moved up close to watch Bobby get face fucked on Ryan's thrusting cock a few times.

"Come on Ryan, shoot that load, give it to Bobby. He wants it, wants it bad."

They could hear Ryan grunting and moaning then he began to beg Bobby to suck him harder. "Suck me Bobby, suck me off...please" he begged over and over until his cock swelled up and shot, filling Bobby's mouth with his cum. Bobby held it a moment and then swallowed it all.

Logan fell back on his ass, his hard cock up and dripping. "Goddamn that was hot." He then moved over to Ryan and kissed him roughly on the mouth, turned, and he kissed Bobby. They were confused about how to feel about Logan but too horny to think it through. Logan grabbed Bobby and got him back on his knees and then he got Ryan on his knees. He moved between them, standing with his cock bobbing up and down in front of him.

"Ok boys, time to suck my cock; I'll share it with both of you. They moved in, in a daze, willingly, with mouths open, and began to work on Logan's fat hard cock. They mouthed it, working the slick head till drool ran down their chins. It was like they were performing for each other, to see who could be the best, who could take it. Logan began to thrust it into one mouth and then the next, sloppily, filling the air with the sound of their sucking, slurping cock eating. It was so hot to Ryan and Bobby, especially Bobby, down on their knees, sucking his cock. He pushed Bobby's head back and took his cock in hand. Ryan pulled back to watch as Logan jerked his cock and cum in Bobby's face, shooting his load all over it till cum dripped off his chin. Once he was spent, Logan pulled back and watched in amazement as Ryan leaned over and cleaned off Bobby's face, and he couldn't help but think how he wished he had thought of it first, to be down there licking his load off that beautiful farm boy.

Then he saw how there was something between Ryan and Bobby that was more intense than even he expected. He pulled Ryan up and bent him over, making him suck his still hard cock.

"Bobby, get up and work some fingers in that ass. Come on, Ryan wants it, wants you to do it. Don't you Ryan?"

Ryan, ,mouth stuffed with Logan's cock realized it was true, he did want Bobby to do that; to work his fingers in his ass, to push them in and out like they were a cock, to fuck his ass with his fingers; to fuck his ass with his cock. He moaned yes around Logan's cock.

"See, he wants it."

Bobby got up and moved in front of Logan with his hands still handcuffed and his cock as hard as it was before.

"Oh yeah, the handcuffs." Logan pulled back from Ryan and went over to his tent and picked up the key he had hooked to a tent pole and a bottle of lube he'd hid by his tent. Unlocked, Bobby rubbed his wrist as he moved behind Ryan who turned toward him.

"Do it Bobby, put your fingers in me."

Bobby slid one finger in and worked it around Ryan's hole. Then he did two, then three, prodding open Ryan's tight ass as Ryan was once again sucking Logan. Then he pulled out and grabbed the lube bottle Logan had tossed on the ground. With lube on his cock, he moved up to Ryan's ass, rubbing it up and down, pushing a little each time he went over Ryan's hole. He grabbed the bottle of lube and let a thick gob of it land on Ryan's ass, which he smeared around with his cock head, and then he pushed. Slowly, with steady pressure, he pushed into Ryan's virgin hole, sinking in about half way.

Ryan came up off Logan's cock "Oh fuck me Bobby."

Bobby began to move his cock back and forth, feeling the tight ring at the opening get a little looser with each thrust, until he could easily push in, push in till he had his cock buried in Ryan's ass.

"Goddamn he has it all" Logan said as he watched intently Bobby pushing up into Ryan. "Now fuck him, fuck'em hard."

Bobby began to fuck, a steady rhythm at first but soon really slamming into Ryan, wanting to really get up in him, to feel the depths of his ass with his cock. He pumped harder and harder until Ryan was moaning, grunting, pushing his ass back to take Bobby's cock. Logan pulled his cock out of Ryan's mouth not wanting to get off yet and watched as Bobby hammered his cock into Ryan throwing a fuck into him better than he'd seen William do. Sweat poured off Bobby and Ryan as the rhythm of their fucking fell into sync, moving together, Ryan taking Bobby's cock all the way, on some thrusts feeling him hit spots in his hole that made him see stars. Ryan's own cock had been flopping back and forth but now it was so hard it was arched up to his stomach, bobbing up and down, swelling up, spewing cum on the ground as Bobby started to fuck faster, hammering his hole so hard their bodies made slapping sounds.

"Damn, I feel you cumming...I'm going to cum" Bobby grunted through his teeth as he shoved in hard one final time and came. He felt his cock shoot deep into Ryan. He moved his cock back and forth slowly, it being so sensitive while it finished shooting up Ryan's ass. Pulling out, he collapsed on Ryan's back, feeling the heat of their bodies, the sweat making their skin slick, the smell of sex intoxicating. Logan was slowly stroking his cock admiring the intensity of their fuck. He looked down at his hard cock and knew it wouldn't take much to get him off but he planned on getting into Bobby, for it was Bobby he wanted to fuck, the one he watched the closest, the one who just topped big athletic Ryan, made him beg for it. As he was momentarily lost in his fantasy he saw movement, but looked up too late to realize Bobby and Ryan were coming at him. Ryan grabbed him by his ankles, taking his balance, and Bobby bear hugged him as he rushed him. He was on the ground before he knew what was happening. Bobby cuffed one wrist and then as they struggled on the ground, Ryan and he got the other wrist cuffed. With Ryan holding down his legs, Bobby sat on his arms and chest, and rubbed his cock over his face. He could smell Bobby's cum and Ryan's ass on Bobby's cock.

"Lick it clean" Bobby commanded. Logan couldn't believe how the tables had turned but his cock was harder than ever. He struggled but his heart wasn't into getting free. He realized he liked Bobby dominating him, and he opened his mouth and took Bobby's cock, sucking it clean.

"That's it get it all cleaned up, and then I'm going to fuck you up the ass, and if you're good, Ryan will too. You thought you'd control the situation all night didn't you. Well, you're our bitch now." When Bobby got up Logan realized Ryan had freed himself and was putting the cuffs on his ankles and securing them together with the short chain. Bobby came back over with a piece of rope and looped it around the connecting chain of the wrist cuffs.

"Get up Logan, its playtime." Bobby taunted. Logan got up on his knees letting them see how his cock was standing up harder than it'd been all night.

"I do believe our bitch likes it" Ryan told Bobby as Bobby dragged him over to a tree, tying the rope around it at a height that made Logan stand bent over. Ryan handed Bobby the lube which he squeezed a large amount at the top of his ass. He moved up and smeared it all the way down with his cock, rubbed his cock over Logan's hole, testing it, giving small short punches with his cock.

"When is the last time you got fucked, bitch" Bobby asked, more forceful than Logan ever imagined and it made him excited to think about Bobby dominated him, ready to take him, to fuck him.

"It's been a while" he whispered.

Bobby slapped his ass hard, a stinging slap with a full open hand. He surged forward from the sting of it, and as he moved back he felt Bobby penetrate him, punch his cock into his hole, push in till he was all the way in. Logan gritted his teeth taking the pain, wanting it. Ryan came up to the side of him, grabbed him by the hair and pushed his cock into his mouth. He choked and gagged as Ryan didn't' give him time to adjust as he started to face fuck him.

"You like it rough, don't ya, Logan. But you thought you were to be one doing the dominating, but not tonight" Ryan whispered as he kept at his mouth. Bobby was starting to really slam into his ass, rocking Logan back and forth. Logan was being pulled and pushed in so many directions, so lost to cock in his mouth and the cock, Bobby's cock, in his ass. His own cock was so hard it hurt. He felt Bobby reach underneath him and give it a couple of strokes before going back to hammering his hole. He wanted to cum, wanted Bobby to cum in him and Ryan to come in his mouth, or in his face...yeah his face.

As if reading his mind, Ryan pulled out and jerked his cock a few times and came in his face. He came hard blasting wad after wad over his face. Logan held his mouth open and captured some of it, tasting Ryan's cum, swallowing it. Ryan pulled back, letting go of Logan's hair, went back by Bobby and kissed him, rubbing his chest, watching his cock work Logan's hole.

"Fuck him harder, pump it in him. You want Bobby's load in your ass, bitch?" Ryan taunted Logan.

"Yeah, pump that shit in my hole. Cum in me Bobby, fuck me up the ass" Logan begged.

"Goddamn, you're really a whore" Ryan told Logan as he rubbed Bobby's thrusting ass, feeling the power of his fuck, wanting it for himself again. Bobby looked over at him, his eyes glazed over, lost in lust and Ryan leaned over kissed him again. Bobby then turned to Logan, and slapped his ass, and again, then he held on to his hips and fucked a few more hard strokes up his ass and came. As he pumped his load up Logan's ass he leaned over his body exhausted. Logan leaned into the tree for balance as he felt Bobby cum in his ass. When Bobby was spent he pulled out and started to make out with Ryan. Logan was fearful they'd forget him and leave him tied to the tree, but after a minute they untied him and dragged him over to his tent and put in inside still tied up.

"We don't want you trying anything else tonight, you nasty bitch" as they laughed at his naked, sweating body lying across his sleeping bag, hands and ankles still cuffed together. "Sleep tight."

Bobby and Ryan went down to the river and dove in and swam around a while, washing off. When they were back in the camp site they pulled out their towels and dried each other off. Logan watched, knowing this was different, something he wouldn't be a party to in the future. He fell back and listened as Bobby and Ryan talk quietly among themselves, then he heard them get into their tent, heard them make soft little noises, whispered mutters that he knew meant they would not be settled down anytime soon.



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