Time seemed at times to stand still. The day seemed so far away, with final exams, all the preparations, final documents for college admission, and their usual chores on their family's farms, but suddenly, shockingly, it was here. Graduation day and they officially finished high school. It had been different the last few weeks, after that night they all crashed at Bobby's. None more so than for Bobby, who seemed to come out of his shell, no longer the shy farm boy, holding back, not being able to participate with the others in sports or other activities, and now he didn't seem to care about any of it. For Ryan, life moved on and he didn't let the way his classmates approached him differently, not as friendly, bother him; he knew once graduation came it would be on to a new life. Justin maintained a discreet distance from the other guys, as he always had done in the past, but now it didn't matter. He and Logan were hanging out together all the time, fueling rumors about Logan he just didn't give a shit about.

Bobby and Ryan's relationship slowly developed, cautiously, for neither never really considered it possible that they could truly have such a thing. That was for straight people Bobby naively believed, but they stopped dating and spent all their free time together; only Logan and Justin knew what they were doing.

Logan and Justin had an unusual arrangement and Ryan told them they were just perverts, but they would hook up and have sex the way Justin wanted; intimate, casual in their fucking, almost like lovemaking. They would spend hours naked just caressing, tonguing each other until sated. The next time was Logan's fantasy date; hard rough sex, with Logan tied up and Justin spanking his ass till it was red, pinching his nipples till he would cry out, covering him in hot wax, and fucking him as hard as he could. Neither could say why it worked for them but both enjoyed the arrangement.

After graduation ceremonies when everyone was making plans for the night and saying their goodbyes Logan drove up in a Grand Cherokee. He pulled up to Bobby, Ryan and Justin as they stood by Ryan's old Mustang trying to decide what they should do that night.

"Where did you get that?" Justin asked Logan as he lowered his window, smiling guiltily.

"I got it for my sixteenth birthday, but dad took it away from me right before moving up; long story short I got it back yesterday."

The guys climbed in to check out the fully loaded Jeep, not believing Logan hadn't mentioned it earlier. He told them how he got in trouble at the private school he was attending and the agreement reached was instead of getting kicked out he would transfer here when his parent's moved up. As part of his punishment he lost his driving privileges.

"But enough about my ass getting into trouble and ending up here in butt-fuck Alabama, what I want to know is if you guys can get away for a week; say end of next week?"

"Why, what do you have in mind?" Ryan asked.

"Well, since I have straightened up, as my old man has said, and now I've graduated he not only gave me the Jeep back but told me I could go up to our mountain house for a few days and bring my friends."

"What?" Bobby and Justin said at the same time.

Logan explained the deal; they would have the house from the weekend through the next weekend all to themselves. They had to be responsible and not mess up anything and to keep their partying on the premises and promise not to go off somewhere after partying. Bobby was the only one unsure he could get away, but Ryan told him he'd go with him and make sure his mother was there too for she was more likely to say yes.

Everything was worked out and on the next Friday evening they were at Logan's house loading up the Jeep. Logan told them they didn't need anything but their clothes and personal items, for his dad had the people who took care of the house for them stock it up and get it opened up for their stay. They would pull out the next morning. Bobby, Ryan and Justin crashed at Logan's in sleeping bags on the floor of his room and although they tried to get to sleep early, they laid in the dark room talking for half the night, of what they wanted to do this summer and their plans for college in the fall. Bobby and Ryan were surprised to learn Justin was getting prerequisites at a local junior college and then transferring to Auburn to study to be a vet. Three of them would end up at Auburn. Logan finally admitted he was going to Stanford. The others were shocked but he admitted he had a 4.0 gpa and was all set, which is why his little episode back in private school was such a big deal, but since it got sweep under the rug, nothing was blocking him going. Finally with the idea of Logan actually going away they fell silent and then eventually, one by one feel asleep.

Logan had his Jeep opened up as he was loading his last small bag. He had thrown on a pair of cargo shorts and a muscle shirt that was too small, stretched tight over his muscular chest. When he turned he saw Justin coming out dressed in tight jeans and a t-shirt showing off his compact but well defined body. Finally Ryan followed by Bobby came out. Ryan was in an unbutton shirt and low waist jeans that hung on his hips. Bobby was in a pair of his worn faded jeans and, surprising Logan, a tank top that enhanced his tall lean body.

On the road before sun up it would still be late afternoon before they got to the mountain house Logan's parent had in North Carolina. The day was all sun, with few clouds, and they made good time. The mountain road to the house was an old curvy two lane that wound along a creek and driving was slow, but eventually Logan turned off on a gravel road, opened a gate and made his way up the drive. It meandered through the trees along the side of a mountain until it finally came to a small clearing at a house. It was a modern home with few windows facing the entry drive, but once inside they saw it had large windows facing out over the small valley it was nestled in. Logan gave them a tour of the open living, dining area, kitchen, master suite and two guest bedrooms on that floor and downstairs, more guest rooms, a game room and more importantly, the floor opened out onto a terrace with a hot tub.

Logan directed Bobby and Ryan to the guest room with its own bath and then took Justin by the hand and told him he was sleeping with him all week. Once they were settled, they grilled out, ate and relaxed on the terrace around an open pit fire. They didn't talk much as they lounged around the fire looking up at the nighttime sky. It was actually cooling off and the fire felt good. It was Justin who got up first, coming over to Logan, holding out his hand.

"Let's go to bed" was all he said as Logan smiled up at him, held out his hand and let Justin pull him up. He followed Logan into the house and soon Bobby and Ryan could see the light come on in the Master Bedroom. Logan and Justin came into view kissing and pulling at each other's clothes, not bothering to close the blinds.

"They're not even closing the blinds" Bobby stated.

"In this narrow valley, who can see them" Ryan replied. They watched for only a few moments when Bobby got up and came over to Ryan, stepped over his waist and sat down on him. The intimacy of their surroundings fueled their desire as they began to make out. Bobby pushed Ryan's shirt off his shoulders and sucked and nipped his nipples as he squeezed Ryan's cock through his shorts. Ryan took the waist of Bobby's tank top and pulled it off. Arms stretched upward as the shirt came off, Bobby's long lean smooth torso shined in the dim light. Ryan loved the way Bobby was so different from himself, who had thick underarm hair, and a matt of brown hair covering his chest, thinning to a narrow trail down his stomach to his crotch, but Bobby was so smooth, so hairless, barely any under his arms.

Bobby got up and pulled his shorts and boxers off as Ryan got his jeans off. Bobby got back on top of him, feeling the warmth of Ryan's body on his ass, on his hands as he rubbed them over Ryan's chest, up and around his neck as he leaned in and began to kiss Ryan passionately. Ryan held him by the hips giving himself over to Bobby's passion, feeling him move on him, rubbing over his cock as it got hard, erect, pushing up under Bobby's ass. Bobby moved up, running his cock through the line of hair on Ryan's stomach then up through his chest hair until he got to Ryan's mouth, where he slid it in, pushing through the hot wet slickness of his mouth, letting Ryan tongue his cock, suck on it. As Ryan worked Bobby's cock in his mouth, he ran one hand over the cleft of Bobby's ass, rubbing it softly, making the flesh tingle, then he rubbed at Bobby's opening, pushing against it, feeling Bobby push back, until he had one finger inside him, fucking back and forth. Bobby was shoving his tongue in Ryan's mouth as he was getting worked up, pushing his ass back, taking Ryan's finger as deep as it would go. Then Ryan added a second, stretching Bobby open further, twisting his fingers around, opening him up. Bobby pulled Ryan's hand back as he sat up. He looked at Ryan with that look Ryan had come to know; needing, wanting Ryan inside him. Ryan held up his cock, erect and hard, the head wet, slick, as Bobby lowered down on it, touching his opening to the head, pushing slowly over it, penetrating himself, allowing Ryan inside him. Down he eased, slowly, enjoying the way Ryan's cock stretched him open, pushed up inside, filling him. Bobby moved slowly, up and down the length of Ryan's cock, feeling it fill him, work in him. He felt hot even as the cool breeze blew over him, his skin tingling, nipples erect, his cock wet, hard, bouncing with his movements. Ryan laid back, hands on Bobby's thighs, watching him, enjoying the warmth of him as he took him all the way. Watched his cock come into view in the dim light, then disappear again, and again and again up into Bobby as he felt his hole milk his cock. His need growing until he wanted Bobby so much he couldn't take it. He pushed up hard and reached up and hugged Bobby to him letting the heat of his body warm his own.

"Get up, I want to be on top" he whispered in Bobby's ear. Bobby eased up and Ryan got to his feet, dropped the lounge chair's back and got Bobby to lie down on his back. As he moved between Bobby's leg, aiming his cock for his hole, Bobby stretched out waiting. As he penetrated him again, Bobby wrapped his legs around Ryan's waist and his arms around his neck. Ryan laid on him flat, thrusting his cock into him, powerfully, as much as his hips would move, he worked his cock through Bobby's insides. He nibbled Bobby's ear, nipped at his neck, and moved to kiss him. Tongues dueling, Ryan continued to pump his cock. Their bodies slick with sweat slid easily over each other as Ryan pumped himself into Bobby, working his hips to probe deeply, as Bobby clung to him, holding tight whispering in his ear:

"Fuck me Ryan, put it in me...pump it in me."

Bobby ran his hands down Ryan's sweaty back and over his ass, pulling Ryan hard against him when he shoved inward. Ryan began to increase his pace, feeling his need arise, swelling his cock up inside Bobby until he came, shooting himself deep in Bobby pumping his cock as he shot, running his cock through his load inside of Bobby until he started to pump it back out along his cock. When he stopped, completely spent, he lay on Bobby breathing hard.

"Ryan, let's go shower off" Bobby whispered in his ear.

Ryan got up, helped Bobby up and they grabbed up their clothes and went inside. Bobby got the shower going, getting the water warm, and got in. Ryan soon joined him and they shared the spray from the large shower head, then began to soap each other, slowly, feeling the curves of their bodies and the warmth of their flesh. They bathed each other completely, all over. Ryan's cock was half erect, Bobby, having not gotten off yet was fully erect. He suddenly got more aggressive with Ryan, pulling his body against his own as his hands moved down to his ass, soaping it, slicking up the cleft, working his hole, fingering it, shoving soapy digits deep into him. Ryan leaned his head back as he pushed his ass down on Bobby's fingers.

"Oh, damn" was all he said as Bobby spun him around and pushed him toward the wall. Ryan braced against the wall pushing his ass back bending slightly opening himself up. Bobby moved up, rubbing his cock over his hole, pushing against its resistance. As the soap ran down their bodies, dripped off their arms, their cocks, down their legs, Bobby pushed into Ryan. His soapy cock sliding into Ryan, penetrating him, pushing up into his guts. Bobby grabbed Ryan by the hips and began to fuck. He used strong long strokes, full penetration, fucking through Ryan's opening, stretching it open feeling it grip his cock as it slid home inside Ryan.

"Fuck me Bobby. Fuck me." Ryan was grunting; pushing back his ass as Bobby pushed in. Faster and faster, Bobby was soon hammering away at Ryan's ass, a pace Ryan knew well, knew he couldn't keep up long and knew he was be lost in it, pumping his cock through his insides until he came. Bobby grabbed Ryan around the neck and pulled him into a standing position lightly biting Ryan's ear as he slammed into him hard a few times and blew his cum into Ryan, pumping it as deeply as he could, fucking up in him till he couldn't take it any longer. Ryan turned around and kissed him holding him tight until they felt the water start to get cool. Rinsing off, they got out, dried each other and headed for bed. Ryan snuggled up to Bobby, holding him tight, spooning up to his back, and as their breathing slowed down, they were soon asleep.

The sun was high enough to clear the mountain ridge before anyone stirred the next morning. Ryan and Bobby found they were the first ones up. Ryan started coffee as Bobby poured orange juice. Bobby was in blue boxers and Ryan was in white boxer briefs knowing getting dressed wasn't worth the effort. They went out on the small balcony off the dining area and sat in the morning sun. They talked quietly. Only a few minutes passed when they heard a door open and someone walking toward the kitchen. A minute later, footsteps approached the sliding glass door at the balcony. Logan appeared in the door way with coffee. He too was wearing only underwear; a pair of white briefs. He grabbed the trim at the door head and stretched up with one hand. His toned tanned body showed its definition, the thick hair under his arm, and the bulged in his briefs pushed out a little more.

"Good morning, girls; did you get any sleep last night?" he taunted, laughing.

"Yeah, we did, and you?" Ryan retorted.

"Oh, a little."

"Where's Justin?" Bobby asked.

"He was stirring some when I got up. I figured he would be out by now."

"This is a really nice place your folks have" Bobby told Logan.

"Yeah, we use to come up all the time but dad's job has not made that possible the last couple of years. "

Bobby and Ryan noticed Justin coming up behind Logan shaking his head no, finger to his lips to stay quiet. When he came up behind Logan he grabbed him by the hair and forced his head around.

"Do you know what today is going to be?" Justin taunted Logan.

"Today you're master" Logan replied, his tone low, somewhat surprised by Justin coming up on him already. "You want to start now?"

"I'm starting now; you have a problem with that?" as he pushed Logan out on the deck to the shock of Bobby and Ryan, who had not seen Logan and Justin during their role playing for Logan's pleasure. It was odd to see Justin so dominant. Justin pushed Logan to his knees. Justin was wearing nothing but a metal cock ring and his cock was already hard, slightly red.

"Suck my cock" as he pushed into Logan's mouth, actually making him gag when he shoved all the way, pushing cock down Logan's throat. "Take it, bitch. Let Ryan and Bobby see what a cock sucker you are" Justin commanded.

Ryan noticed Logan actually holding his hands behind his back as Justin held his head and fucked his mouth, relentlessly, punishingly; pushing in till Logan couldn't breathe, turning red. "You goddamn whore, suck my cock, get it wet before I shove it up your ass." Justin was a different person. He thrusts hard several times, making salvia pump out around his cock. When Logan gasped real hard and pulled back, Justin grabbed him and threw him over a lounge chair, looked over at Bobby and Ryan and winked.

Logan lay still, waiting, legs spread. Justin reached down and ripped the seat out of his briefs, pulling a large piece of the fabric free. Dropping to his knees he shoved the fragment into Logan's mouth, grabbed his wrists in one hand, tugging his arms up slightly and he aligned to Logan's hole. He pushed forward, penetrating him, not stopping until he was all the way in. Logan was breathing hard around his gag. Justin began to fuck. No preliminaries, no caressing, no mercy. He fucked him hard, and the sound of their bodies slapping together echoed through the air.

Ryan tugged at his cock as it got hard watching Justin fuck the shit out of Logan. Bobby had a hand in his boxers playing with his cock as it got hard.

"Damn, Justin, tear up that ass" Ryan said just loud enough to hear.

Sweat formed on Justin, poured out of his hair and covered his back and ass. His breathing got rough, short and his thrusting hips got frantic. He slammed into Logan, and started to pump his load into him. He thrust hard, pulling almost all the way out and slamming back in through his cum that coated the insides of Logan. When he was spent, he pulled out, wiped his cock on Logan's ass, stood up and headed back inside.

"I'm going to shower this fuck off my cock. Fuck 'em or just jerk off in his face if you like. I going to rest a while." And he was gone. Just like that it was over; not fifteen minutes from start to finish. Logan rolled over and sat down on the deck, his briefs tenting at the front obscenely. He pulled the fabric gag out of his mouth and tried to catch his breath.

"Damn, he works me up like no guy ever has...goddamn that shy little farm boy is one nasty fuck. Either of you want to come over here and finish off in...." and he smiled "or on me?"

Bobby looked at Ryan, not sure how to respond when Ryan looked at him and shrugged. They got up, dropped their underwear and with hard cocks in hand walked over to Logan. Logan got on his knees as they came up to him.

"Don't touch us" Bobby said smiling wickedly. Both of them were jerking their cocks; both already wet, slick. Hands moved up and down shafts, the sound of slick hands over hard flesh was right in Logan's face. The cock heads were so close he could see into the open slit in each head, and once again he couldn't help notice how so alike Ryan and Bobby's cock were, but he didn't touch, allowing his lust to ride high in him and the humiliation of being used by Justin to come full circle with Ryan and Bobby about to shoot in his face, take their loads but not allowing any intimate contact. Bobby was getting there first, his hand faster, his stomach flexing in as his breathe grew ragged. Logan knew it would be Bobby who would be first. The first wad hit him in the forehead and dripped down over his right eye onto his cheek. The second wad hit him on the same cheek, piling up with the first and ran down over his mouth and dripped off his chin down on his chest. Ryan came as Bobby's third wad dribbled out, tempting Logan to lean forward and take it with his tongue. Ryan's first wad hit him under the nose, blowing up his nose making him breathe Ryan's scent. As it ran down over his mouth he opened up to capture it and Ryan's second wad hit him on the tongue and the third landed on his chest. Ryan and Bobby stepped back and began to kiss passionately pulling together. Logan thought it was beautiful as he swallowed Ryan's cum.

They soon left him on the deck, still hard, cum drying on his skin. Logan knew Justin would want him to wear it, to keep the scent wafting up to his nose, reminding him he was, for the day, a slave.

At lunch Bobby and Ryan came out their room in different clothes all cleaned up. Justin was already in the kitchen pulling out everything needed for sandwiches. Logan waited on the deck until Justin told him he could come in. Logan, still in the ripped briefs, cum dried on his face and chest dropped to his knees by the dining table.

"Get in a chair; I ain't feeding your ass" Justin told him as he sat a plate down with a sandwich and chips on it. Bobby and Ryan joined them.

"Justin how do you...I mean you seem to enjoy playing with Logan like this..." Ryan asked as he stammered to find the way to ask how Justin suddenly grew so aggressive.

"At first it was weird, but ya know, seeing how he responds, how his cock will stand almost straight up and knowing it is me, doing this...playing this role...its weird but it is...fun" Justin responded obviously not sure either how to answer the question or if he knew the answer himself.

The afternoon passed, with Bobby and Ryan going for a hike over a small trail that was on the property while Justin and Logan played video games. At one point Justin did drag Logan into the bedroom where they went at it again, Logan getting so loud at one point Bobby and Ryan could hear him from the balcony.

"Shit, what are they doing in there?" Bobby asked Ryan.

"Fuck if I know, but Justin must be tearing his ass up" Ryan replied.

When Justin came out after it had been quiet for a long time Ryan noticed through the open door Logan was tied up on the floor and a gag tied over his mouth. Justin joined them in the living room as Bobby and Ryan were playing some video game.

"You going to leave Logan tied up?" Ryan asked smirking over at Bobby.

"Yep. Today he gets it his way, but I'm probably only good for one more time before I'll be ready to say fuck it."

"I'm surprised you still have skin on your dick" Ryan said to Justin.

That night after dinner Bobby, Ryan and Justin were in the hot tub joking around about how their dicks looked floating on the surface, or trying to goose each other in the balls, or telling stories about stupid shit that had happened in school or during the weekends. Logan heard it all, but was not in the hot tub with them. He was naked, wrist and ankles cuffed and hooked together behind his back. A pillow case was pulled over his head. He was lying on the tile terrace next to the hot tub.

After a few more minutes Justin climbed out and told them he had some unfinished business with our host. He unhooked Logan ankles, but not his wrist and pulled him up. He led Logan back into the house and after a minute the lights came on in the Master Bedroom then the blinds were closed. Bobby and Ryan sat quietly for a while, submerged down to their shoulders relaxing in the heated water as it jetted out and swirled around them. When the jets stopped the next time they climbed out, dried each other off and went to their room. Ryan fell over on the bed on his stomach and Bobby climbed up and laid on him, his lean body easily accommodated on Ryan's bulked up broad shouldered body. He felt Ryan's warmth, the smoothness of his skin. He rub his cock down into the cleft of Ryan's ass, moved his mouth over Ryan's neck running his tongue on the flesh, up to his ear and around it. Ryan pushed his ass up and Bobby ground down on it. They kept at it, with Bobby touching, tonguing, kissing Ryan around the head and across the shoulders. His hands ran softly up Ryan's sides up under his arms feeling the thick hair that grew there, then down his sides to his ass where he would hold him tightly as he ground his hips down on Ryan, letting him feel how hard he was. How much he needed him, wanting to be in him.

"Fuck me Bobby" Ryan cried out softly and Bobby got up on his knees as Ryan moved up on his knees, keeping shoulders down on the bed. Bobby moved up, pushing his cock to Ryan's hole, pushing to penetrate, to enter into him. Ryan pushed back forcing the head of Bobby's cock to break through, to slid into him. He stopped and waited a moment, then pushed back some more as Bobby began to push in, watching his cock disappear into Ryan. As he began to fuck, to move his cock through Ryan's inside, he moved over him. As his weight rested on Ryan, Ryan eased down flat, pushing his ass up, taking Bobby's cock. Their fuck was slow, sensual. They moved easily from one position to another as Bobby continue to punch into Ryan's insides, hitting spots that caused Ryan to see stars, to get so hard he was on the verge of coming. When Bobby moved up over him one more time, holding Ryan's legs back, pushed to his chest, Bobby began to pump his cock into Ryan harder with greater need.

"Please Ryan, take me" Bobby whispered as he came in Ryan, pumping forcibly until he was spent. He let Ryan's legs go and fell down on him breathing hard. Ryan lay there covered by Bobby's heaving warm body, unsure what to say about Bobby saying 'please', but he knew things were changing between them. No longer was the sex between them clumsy, rushed or a hard charge to the finish. Ryan rolled Bobby over on his back and kissed him passionately, as he ran his hands over him. He moved Bobby legs apart and moved up to penetrate him, easing in, slowly, not moving for long periods of time as they made out. When Ryan began to move his hips, slowly pushing into Bobby, he felt Bobby relax under him, open himself up, as he held on to him tightly. Bobby moved up and ran his mouth over the rough stubble of Ryan's cheek and over to his ear.

"I love you Ryan" he whispered as Ryan started to come in him, pumping himself into Bobby and then working his cock through it slicking up Bobby's insides as he slowed down and then finally stopped.

Ryan leaned up on his elbows and looked down on the shy farm boy; down on a face so smooth, so young looking, with his cheap haircut that had his hair lying in all directions and his blue eyes that at times looked scared, or sad, but now looked afraid, afraid he went too far, said something he shouldn't have as he looked back up at Ryan. Ryan smiled at him and ran a finger over his cheek running it over the line of freckles over his nose and across the other one.

"I love you too, Bobby J. Godwin" and he leaned down and kissed him once, simply, on the mouth. Ryan rolled to the side of Bobby, leaned up on one elbow, watching Bobby who was staring up, not saying anything for what seemed like a long time.

"You serious?"

"Fuck yeah; you want a ring or something to prove it" and Ryan sniggered, making Bobby smile. Bobby rolled toward Ryan and snuggled up to him. Ryan kissed his forehead and they settled down for the night, Ryan's arms wrapped around Bobby who was soon asleep.

Ryan woke early, before the sun was up high enough to really light up the sky. He eased out of bed and threw on some jeans and went to the kitchen to make coffee. He poured a cup and went out on the balcony, letting the cool morning air chill him across the chest. It felt good. He watched as the sky lit up more and more and finally the sun began to hit the mountain on the other side of the valley creeping slowly downward. A few minutes later, Logan came out on the balcony. He was only wearing shorts and carrying a cup of coffee.

"Feels good, the early morning air" he said casually as he sat next to Ryan.

"Yeah, it really wakes you on up" Ryan responded. He looked over at Logan and the red marks on his wrist and a couple on his chest and what appeared to be a bite mark at the base of his neck. "Goddamn Logan, what did Justin do to you last night?"

"What?" What do you mean?"

"Did you look in the mirror this morning?"

"Yes, and they'll go away soon; by tomorrow you want see any of it."

"What about that bite mark?"

"Bite mark? Oh that. Little fucker got a little rough and as he was getting ready to pump another load in my ass he grabs a hold of me real tight and to keep from yelling some obscenity he bites me. I didn't realize he did it so hard."

Ryan looks at him shocked that they were talking about Justin. "This is Justin we're talking about?"

"Ryan, don't be naïve. I told you these shy farm boys, goddamn, you of all people should know this, get them out of their clothes and they get aggressive. I don't know any guy I've hooked up with in New Orleans who could get so...so forceful."

"I guess you're right, but Bobby isn't like Justin; he's not as aggressive."

"May be not to the same degree, but do you think any other guy back in that high school we just graduated from would be near as much fun fucking around with?"

"No, probably not. But what about Justin? You are suppose to be playing the field and this seems to be...different for you."

"Ryan, don't you tell anyone, especially Justin. But he has gotten to me. I swear no other guy has ever made me like....to just have sex that is..."



"Why not tell him?"

"Because he has plans and they can't be fucked up by me or anyone else. The boy has a plan to get away and do something he loves, and if I or anyone else messed that up....well it would be wrong."

"So you're going to leave and that will be that."

"Uh, no... I'll will leave, get my degree then maybe come back and see how things are going."

"And if Justin is still floating around, then?"

"I'll cross that bridge when I get there."

A door opened inside, so they stopped talking, waiting to see who was up next. Bobby came out in a t-shirt and boxers and had Ryan spread his legs so he could lie down between them resting back on his chest. He didn't say much, only good morning, but he was obviously in a good mood. Logan caught Ryan's eye and gave him a questioning look. Ryan only smiled back and winked as he wrapped his arms around Bobby.

The feel of things seemed to change. The next couple of days they spent doing day hikes, visiting the nearby town and its tourist shops. Bobby and Ryan retired most nights early ending each day in each other's arms, intimate, with their sex gaining a new intensity that left each one sweaty and exhausted. Logan and Justin stopped having 'Logan's Day' and the sex between them got more serious too. Logan tried to keep some distance between them but Justin pushed him in ways he was unprepared.

Saturday arrived; their last day of their vacation and they awoke to a slow rain. The sky stayed dark, but the wind never blew hard nor did the rain turn stormy. It was a slow drizzle. Logan opened up the house and they lay around for half the day playing video games and listening to the rain fall off the roof. There was a sadness in the house, a knowing that the end of their time together was soon approaching. While they ate lunch they talked about how they would stay in touch and what they thought college would be like and began to consider life after college. About three they all were lounging around in the living room when one by one they fell asleep. Ryan stirred and awoke to see everyone else still asleep. In short order he was laying out what they were going to prepare for dinner. The sound of him stirring in the kitchen woke the others and soon the house was full activity again. Ryan and Logan prepared dinner while Bobby and Justin set the table and played video games.

Dinner was a quiet affair of casual conversation and just enjoying the company of each other. Once finished, they cleared the table and got the kitchen cleaned up so there would be nothing to do the next day. The migrated to the living area and put in a movie and tried to watch but none of them could get interested. It was Justin who brought it up, the fact he was going to miss them and hanging out together and knew things could never be like they were and how special that night at Bobby's had been for him.

They talked about how much fun they had in the past few months and each had discovered something about themselves. Ryan looked over at Bobby and gave him a knowing look. Bobby smiled back and nodded his head.

"You guys want to...do it again...like at Bobby's?" Ryan asked hesitately.

Logan and Justin looked at Ryan in surprise, then over at Bobby who was smiling at them.

"I hate to admit it, but yeah, I really would" Justin replied.

"You know me; I'm always game" Logan added, bringing a lightness to the mood in the room. "Let's go into the master bedroom."

In the Master Bedroom, they stood in a small group by the king size bed that filled the middle of the room. Ryan leaned over and kissed Logan. Bobby kissed Justin, and then it was Bobby and Logan, Ryan and Justin. They began to undress each other. Slowly, casually they undressed each other, but wearing only t-shirts and shorts they were soon all naked. Logan stepped back and sat on the bed pulling Bobby to him, taking his cock, holding it up to bring to his lips, kissing the head, running his tongue down its length, burying his nose in the sparse hair over his cock, smelling the scent of him. Ryan had dropped to his knees and was doing the same to Justin, easing his mouth over the head of his cock and sliding it down the shaft, getting it wet and slick, and hard. There were no loud sounds, nothing rushed. When Bobby was fully erect he pulled out of Logan's mouth and climbed up on the bed with him and Logan shifted around. Bobby got between his legs and held up Logan's cock, already hard, and tongued it from base to head. He tongued the head, sucked on it and then moved down over it as he slid his mouth over it. They felt the bed move and looked to see Justin between Ryan's legs doing the same to him.

When Bobby had Logan worked up, hips starting to move he climbed up on him and shifted up till his cock was in Logan's face.

"Get it wet" was all Bobby said, but Logan knew what it meant and his mouth was soon coating Bobby's cock with his drool. Bobby pulled back and down to the foot of the bed. He grabbed Logan's ankles and pulled him down from the head board and pushed his legs up.

As Bobby was getting Logan into position Ryan whispered to Justin: "Get at Logan's head and let him have your cock." Justin moved up by Logan's head on his knees. He held Logan's head in his hands as he fed him his cock. The warm slickness felt good as he moved through his mouth and down into his throat. As Justin worked his cock back and forth, Bobby penetrated Logan, pushing in slowly, feeling the tightness squeeze his cock, making it get harder. Ryan was soon beside Bobby kissing him as Bobby worked his cock inside Logan; slow strokes, enjoying the feel of him around his cock. Ryan moved behind Bobby and began to finger his hole, opening it up, touching him inside in that way that made his cock flex and his spine shiver. Justin leaned over Logan and took his cock in his mouth, tasting the pre-cum that drooled out of the head, and moving down over the shaft.

Ryan moved in behind Bobby, who stopped moving and let Ryan enter him. Push up in him, all the way. Bobby reached back over his head and held on to Ryan's head as he ran his lips and tongue over Bobby's neck, ear the side of his mouth. Bobby began to move his hips, back over Ryan's cock and then forward burying himself into Logan. His hips moved gracefully, back and forth, taking Ryan into his depths and then pushing into Logan. As he built up a faster pace his movements got shorter, harder. Ryan began to thrusts his hips forward to Bobby moving back, pushing his cock into him with so much need he couldn't stand it.

Justin and Logan were working each other furiously; sounds of their sucking filled the air. The bed rocked to Ryan and Bobby's fucking. It was Bobby who came first, unable to take the sensation of Ryan's cock moving in him and his buried in Logan. He shoved his cock hard into Logan and came. He pumped his load deep into Logan, working his cock through it, feeling it slick up shaft. Ryan couldn't take Bobby's hole tightening up as he came, and Ryan started to pump his load into Bobby, long strong strokes shooting each time as deeply as he could. As Bobby and Ryan made out, cocks stilled buried all the way in their holes, Justin came in Logan's mouth. He pulled up and let Logan suck the head of his cock, drawing out his load. As Logan got Justin load shooting over his tongue, getting Justin's flavor over his taste buds, it made him cum. Justin buried his mouth down over Logan's shooting cock and this slid slowly up its length, drawing out his cum.

They lay in a heap for a while, letting their breathing return to normal. As they separated Logan got up and headed to the bathroom.

"Let's shower" he told them. Ryan, Bobby and Justin got up and hugged each other by the bed as they heard Logan get the water running. Ryan and Bobby kissed Justin; then led him to the bathroom. The shower stall was a large open space at the end of the bathroom. Walls fully tiled except the one at the end which was glass overlooking the trees at the end of the house. They all got in under the shower heads dropping down from the ceiling. They soaped each other's bodies while they kissed. Soon Logan had Justin pushed up against the wall, kissing him passionately. Ryan came up behind Logan and worked his cock into him, penetrating him in one slow steady move. Bobby stood to the side watching, his cock getting hard. Ryan pulled Logan back and pushed his shoulders over until he could suck on Justin's cock again. Soon Justin was working another hard erection through Logan's mouth. Ryan worked his cock in Logan for only a short time and pulled out.

"Justin, fuck him" Ryan said as he went over to Bobby. Justin didn't have to move as Logan swung around, bent over, waiting.

"Fuck me Justin, put it in me" Logan begged.

Justin penetrated him, pushing all the way in, holding tightly to Logan's hips, then he began to fuck, hard steady strokes. He couldn't help it. Every time he got into Logan he wanted to feel his cock push through his guts, feel the heat inside him, hear his moans, his requests for him to fuck harder. Bobby came up behind Justin and was soon pushing his cock against Justin's hole, pushing to gain entrance. Justin stopped moving and leaned over Logan's back to give himself to Bobby. Bobby's cock penetrated and slid in. He worked his way in till half of his cock was in Justin. Justin began to work his hips again, pushing back on Bobby then slamming back into Logan, all the way each time. Ryan rubbed Logan's back as he kissed Justin, then turned and kissed Bobby. He watched Justin's cock work in and out of Logan, faster and faster as Justin was demonstrating what Logan had said. He was physical, aggressive in his fucking and Logan was grunting and moaning, occasionally begging Justin to fuck him harder. Bobby couldn't believe the way Justin's ass would slam back on his cock, thrusting hard up its length, then pulling away just as hard, slamming into Logan. Justin soon unloaded into Logan.

"Fuck, take it" he told Logan. As he shoved his load deep into Logan his tightening hole around Bobby's cock, the way it squeezed down on the shaft just behind the head made Bobby cum, pumping his load into Justin, working it in him.

Afterwards, they finished showering and went back to the bed and collapsed into each other's arms, legs intertwined, bodies spooned together, where they fell sound asleep to the sound of the drizzling rain that continued outside.

The next day they loaded up and headed home. The rest of the summer flew by with Logan and Justin continuing to 'just fuck' as each would call it, but it was different between them and neither would admit it. Bobby and Ryan continued along, sad to see the summer end and excited to be going away to college, where they could live together and not worry about getting caught, although Ryan admitted to Logan one time getting Bobby to fuck him in the barn was still the something that got his cock hard every time he thought about it.

Toward the middle of August Logan was the first to leave for he had to get his new place settled. Justin was visibly shaken to see him go but was stoic to the end. On the day Logan left he hugged Justin tightly, and whispered in his ear he loved him. Then he was gone.

Bobby and Ryan left near the end of the month, telling Justin they would see him during breaks and couldn't wait till he got to the campus once he could transfer. So the summer ended, fall arrived and Justin started classes at the community college. The four of them continued to communicate; text messages, emails, Facebook and they made plans for their breaks to be together. Justin realized it was not the end; their departures, but the start of another chapter of their lives. Besides, Logan kept hinting at coming back to the south when he finished and joked that if Justin was still an old maid maybe he would rescue him.



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