I awoke with a start, adjusting my eyes to the sun streaming in through the

shuttered windows and the doves cooing in the courtyard below. The hustle bustle of shoppers in the street as they headed for the market a half block away. I could smell the aroma of baked goods and espresso from the small shop at the corner of the street. It was going to be another great day- so good to be alive and enjoying life to the fullest. Stretching, I got out of bed, threw open the shutters and welcomed the full sun on my face and naked chest. Reaching down, I scratched my balls, pulled back my foreskin and smelled my fingers. Ah yes, I remembered meeting the man last night at the café. My cock began to thicken as I imagined I could still feel his hand groping for me and jerking me off under the table.

I showered and went out onto the street to have my first espresso of the day and to forage around for ingredients for dinner tonight. It was part of my daily routine to shop for fresh vegetables, cheeses, bread and wine. Such is the life here in this Mediterranean port city when one is retired. Over another espresso and a croissant my mind wandered to last night and the man's invitation to join him on the beach this afternoon. Should I take the plunge and meet him again or just put it down to a one of a kind experience? I really had no urgent matters to attend to; I could shop some more, take in a show, go back to the sex shop and explore the other side of the underground grotto. or just sit and people watch. The eye candy that passes by is outstanding - Mediterranean men know how to wear designer jeans.

Returning to my apartment I had a small lunch of baguette, cheese and a glass of wine. I had a short nap and on awaking my first thoughts were of him and so decided to see if I could locate him on the beach. I grabbed a towel and took off to the Sea about a block and a half away. I cruised down the boardwalk and saw the small jazz café I had visited the night before. I thought perhaps I would see him there but he didn't appear to be around. I continued farther down the street until I was almost at the old fort on the hillside. Below was a more private area which I had noticed previously attracted small groups of men. I decided to go down the stairs and perhaps have a swim and sun bathe. I spread out my towel, removed my clothes except for my briefs and enjoyed the sun caressing my nakedness. Heaven, my garden of Eden.

I was in no hurry to go into the water so I just laid back and enjoyed the warmth, the faint breeze from the Sea and the smell of the saltwater. I had chosen a spot a short distance from a group of men who were passing around a bottle of wine and eating baguette and cheeses. I had noticed before closing my eyes that they were all mature men like myself either sitting naked or in different sorts of colourful underwear. I must have drifted off into sleep but awoke with a bit of as start as I felt warm hands applying oil or lotion to my chest, kneading and playing with my nips. I opened my eyes and there hovered over me was the gentleman from last night. He nodded at me and I smiled back and gave out a little moan encouraging him to continue with his massaging. It was then that I realized that he was naked with a very nice semi erect uncut cock - about 6 inches with the tip of his knob peeking out of his foreskin. He introduced himself as Marcel and I returned the favour telling me I was Steve. He left for a moment to get his towel and brought back another man, named Phillipe, with him who spoke quite good English.

What transpired was that they were a group of men who met regularly on the beach mainly to get away from their wives and to have some male bonding. They met every Monday afternoon at Marcel's home to engage in group sex acts. Marcel had wondered if I would like to join in the festivities for the time I had left in the city. It seemed like an awesome suggestion. Phillipe ended the translations saying that Marcel would like to go for a walk with me farther down the beach among the large rocks where it was more sheltered and private. It sounded as if he wanted to check me out again. By this time I noticed that both Marcel and Phillipe had raging erections. I complied by getting up and following them back to the group of men who were still passing around the wine and I had a snort. I was introduced to them; it appeared that they warmly welcomed me. I was now a part of the club!

Marcel motioned for me to follow him. With towel in hand I followed him to the large rocks about 50 yards away. He settled down in the sand between two of the largest rocks, spread his legs, his balls hanging loosely down and his cock towering in the air. He must have been close to 8 inches now, the knob was glistening in the sun, wet from the leaking precum. I knelt between his legs, enjoying the heady smell, his musky manliness. I opened my mouth and began to lick and swirl my tongue all around his head, listening to him moan as he enjoyed the teasing of my wet tongue and mouth. Slowly I descended his cock inch by inch savouring the taste and the fullness in my mouth. Talk about being stuffed! He grasped the back of my head and began a slow rhythmic thrust of his hips keeping at least 4 inches in my mouth at all times. He sat up, reached down to take off my briefs releasing my hard one from the cotton confines.

We changed positions and now he was between my legs sniffing, licking, and sucking. Pulling on my balls he took every inch I had down his throat. Fuck it felt so good! Coming off my cock, he lifted my legs and began to lick my pulsating hole, pulling it apart and tongue fucking me. I was in sustained exquisite ecstasy. Now his cock was slapping against my hole and since he had lubed me so well, his knob slipped in so easily. He gently and slowly gave me every inch he had and within a minute or two he had shoot a load inside me. Pulling out, he went down on my still erect cock and sucked me to completion. What a load. He didn't spill a drop. He lay on top of me, my arms wrapped around him, holding him close to me. I could feel the beating of his heart; he looked at me, bent closer and kissed me. I could taste myself on his lips and sighed with pleasure.

We returned to the group of men who were all smiling with thumbs up. My initiation was over. Phillipe addressed me by saying, "Will we be seeing you on Monday?" .

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