Late one evening in that Mediterranean port city, I decided to go for a walk along the boardwalk after dinner in search of a quiet jazz bar and order a coffee and a cognac. It was one of those warm evenings, the sea was calm and lights twinkled from the homes on the hillside overlooking the bay. A pleasant breeze was coming inland from the sea making walking a pleasure.

I found a quiet bar located at the eastern end of the boardwalk and decided this was the place for me. It was quite crowded in the section near the seaside so I retreated to the back of the patio and settled in to listen to Miles Davis and enjoy my pipe with a coffee and cognac. My small table was located in the shadows which suited me as bright lights at night bother my eyes. I waved to a waiter and made my order. He returned in a few minutes with an excellent espresso and a healthy snifter of cognac. This was my kind of relaxing evening - the Mediterranean at its best.

Reluctantly I finished up and thought I should take a visit to the washroom before heading back to my apartment for the night. On my way there I passed a table even farther back in the shadows where a mature man was seated drinking an espresso. He smiled and nodded as I went by and I, in return, smiled at him. On leaving the washroom he stopped me and in halting English invited me to join him for another cognac. It was late but he looked harmless and perhaps a bit lonely. I sat down at his small table and exchanged pleasantries with him as best I could as my knowledge of his language was fairly primitive. We both laughed at one another struggling to make sense in a foreign language. He withdrew a map from his pant's pocket and pointed to where he lived and indicated for me to show where it was I was staying. He moved in closer to show me other places of interest that I may like to visit during my stay. Very kind of him I thought.

His left leg had met with my right and jiggled up an down as he pointed to some out of the way places I was unaware of. He placed more pressure against my leg and it was then that I knew it wasn't by accident (yes, I know a bit naïve of me).I was beginning to enjoy it and pressed back with my own leg and watched as he smiled back at me. I felt his hand begin to caress my right thigh and knee working his way toward my fast growing erection. I spread my legs apart as far as it was possible given the confines of the small table. Thanks god we were in the shadows. He unzipped me, took it out and began slowly edging me. I was wet! He kept licking his palm and reaching back under the table to fondle me erotically. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the waves of sensation that were flooding over me.

I grasped his wrist as I was about to shoot my load but he shook his head indicating he wanted to finish me off. I erupted all over his hand and the bottom of the table. He kept stroking until he had coaxed out every drop and I had returned to my regular flaccid state. He winked at me, withdrew his hand and began to lick himself clean savouring every drop. He took out a handkerchief and wiped his wet hand dry. He stood up and even in the dimness I could see the hard cock bulging in his pants. He adjusted himself and indicated that he would walk with me back to my apartment.

It turned out that his home was only two blocks from where I was staying in the Old Sector of the city. Before we said goodnight he invited me to join him at the beach the following afternoon for a coffee. He indicated that he wanted to introduce me to some friends of his. He reached out and gave me a grope between the legs and readjusted himself once more.

More to come if there is an interest.




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