On entering the shop it looked like any other sex boutique I had visited in my own country. It was filled with dvds , porn magazines, sex toys, condoms, poppers - the typical things one would find. I perused the room and then noticed that there was a flight of stairs at the back of the room that led to a large theatre and another set of stairs leading to the basement area.

I paid the entrance fee and decided to take a peek at the theatre upstairs. On entering the room I saw straight porn being flashed on the screen. My eyes gradually adjusted to the dimness and I could see men in various areas of the room. Some standing at the back or to the side against the wall. Some men were seated side by side and were obviously playing with one another - either mutual jack offs or sucking on one another. One man was standing in the aisle and was receiving a blow job from a man who was seated.

I stood at the back of the theatre and eventually was approached by a man who had his cock out of his jeans and was stroking it. He stood in front of me and reached out and started to rub my hardening cock through my jeans. He unzipped me and went down on his knees sniffing and licking my briefs. I began to throb and pulsate which was a signal to him to open my briefs, take my cock out and have a taste. I was already dripping precum. He was a master at cock sucking, taking his time while fondling my balls and jacking himself off. He groaned as he spewed his load all over the floor between my spread legs. He got up and left. I tucked my cock away and decided to check put what was happening in the basement.

I descended the stairs into a darkened hallway - turning to my right I entered a smaller theatre with wooden benches. Men were standing in the shadows and I discovered a small area at the back of the room which was closed off with curtains - I peeked in and all I could see was a group of men engaged in various sexual acts.

I sat on one of the benches at the back of the room settling down to watch the film and do some serious stroking. Eventually a man who had his pants down hobbled over to stand in front of me signalling me to suck on his cock which I happily did. His was a good 7 inches, uncut, as I was soon to find out that most were. As I was sucking and fondling his low hangers another man came over and stood behind him, pulled out his cock and began fucking the guy I was sucking. He was in ecstasy getting it both front and back. I noticed a movement to my right and saw a cock slide into view through a glory hole. I reached over with my right hand and began jacking him. It wasn't long before I had a mouthful and a handful of cum.

The guy I was sucking was sated, pulled up his pants and disappeared in the darkness. I immediately went back to taking care of myself as I was so fucking horny by this time. I just took my cock out and was nicely stroking when a large blonde haired man loomed into view and stood beside me. His cock was already out of his pants - the biggest and fattest I have seen in years. He was obviously German, uncut and oozing precum.

He spread his legs, took down his pants showing off his magnificent piece of wurst and bull balls. He grasped the back of my head and pulled me into his crotch. I gagged as he was so big but I gradually became at ease with his girth and proceeded to enjoy all he had to offer. Fondling his balls I reached under and began to massage his hole. He moaned with pleasure, reached into his pocked and took out some finger condoms and lube. He fitted them on my fingers, lubed them and I returned to sucking his cock and fingering his hole. He threw back his head and roared with pleasure. This response triggered others to come closer and watch the action, By this time he was thrusting his hips and fucking my mouth with fury. He came in my mouth - the biggest load I had experienced in years. I withdrew my fingers from his hole and instantly reached for my own cock and stroked off . I stood and shot my load all over the seat in front of me hitting a couple of men who were standing there jacking their own as they watched the German and I.

That was my first time at that sex shop but definitely not the last. I still had to investigate what was on the left of the stairs.




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