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I spent the next few days visiting the hillside villages overlooking the Mediterranean, enjoying the quaintness, the cobble stone streets, the market squares and the small bistros. The villagers were all very kind , considerate and helpful in recommending pensions and places to visit that the average tourist would never see. Local wines and cheeses were in abundance as were artisan breads made from ancient grains. I shall never forget those villages.

I returned to my apartment and slept the night away - contented and happy. Monday morn came all to soon and as I had market shopping to ,I got it out of the way as soon as I could. I stopped for a croissant and espresso before returning home -, enjoying the sunshine and the flowers in the troughs along the way. A perfect morning and I hoped an interesting and rewarding afternoon when I visited Marcel's home.

At one o'clock I left and walked the two short blocks to his home. The shutters were closed as if no one was home. I rang the doorbell and waited a minute before ringing again. Perhaps I had been set up and was being played for a old fool. Just before I turned to walk away, I heard the door being unbolted, it opened and I could see a long corridor leading to the recesses of the house. I stepped in only to find Marcel behind the door totally naked with a nice erection ready to greet me. From the back of the house I could hear moans and grunts which only piqued my interest more. Marcel shut the door and rebolted it. He indicated that I should strip down and join him in his nakedness. He produced a mask from behind his back and proceeded to place it on my face. There was a clasp at the back which he tightened so I could not see at all. He grasped my semi erect cock and led me down the corridor. The moans and grunts became more pronounced and I could also hear sounds of sucking and fucking.

Marcel placed me in the middle of the room and let go of my cock which was now full erect. I could smell the aroma of man to man sex and then all went silent. I stood there in wonder and anticipation not knowing what was to happen. Gradually I could feel the heat of male bodies as they seemed to be drawing closer to me. I felt a hand on my shoulder and another on my back slowly rubbing and caressing me. Someone was licking my left nip, another hand was fondling my balls. I never knew when or where I was going to be touched. By this time I was leaking precum and someone was wiping it with a finger and feeding it to me. Some one was licking and sucking on my cock and another was rubbing his cock up and down my ass crack/ To the left of me I could hear someone being fucked supremely, the pounding was echoing in the room.

I was bent over and some one was licking and tonguing my hole, another was forcing my head down to have me suck on his cock. Each of my hands was place on an erection uncut cock; the tongue fucking stopped and was replaced by a cock up my ass. Cock in my mouth, cock in my ass and cock in my hands. I was in pig heaven. To my right I could hear the sounds of fine sucking. The aroma of cum was in the air- mind blowing and sensual. These men knew what they were doing - so uninhibited and enjoying themselves to the utmost.

Instantly I was left alone as they seemed to have turned to one another. I felt excluded and so wanted to be touched. I stood there for a minute or so listening to the sounds of the others. Suddenly I felt a pair of hands slowly ascending my legs until they came to rest on my cock and balls. A warm moist mouth and tongue were teasing my cock, my balls being pulled and a finger probing my already wet hole. Whoever he was, he was coaxing my cum load up my cum tube. With a gasp I exploded in his mouth and over his face. My legs trembled and I felt like I needed to sit down. The mask was removed and before me on his knees was a smiling Phillipe.

I perused the room taking in all the others in various sexual positions. They were all members of the group I had seen on the beach that afternoon. There were cocks of all sizes and shapes, big knobs, small ones and average ones like mine. Most were erect but a couple were flaccid and dripping since I imagine they had just shot a load like I had. I watched mine as it slowly reduced in size and joined the flaccid group. Phillipe got up and stood in front of me and told me to get on my knees and suck him off as he was ready to cum. I took his big one in my mouth and proceeded to give him the best head I could muster - a thanks for what he had done for me. It didn't take long for him to go over the edge giving me a tasty wad of creamy Mediterranean cum.

With that, all the men came together in the middle of the room and with renewed energy began to caress and kiss one another. Two of them got on their knees in the middle of the circle and proceeded to lick, suck and just generally stimulate the cocks pointed at them. We were off and running again. It felt so good, particularly at my age, to be excited and hard again without waiting half a day or more. These men knew how to enjoy one another and provide the necessary stimulation to sustain us again.

Gradually we paired off around the room and engaged in different sexual acts - sucking, fucking, fingering or just mutual masturbation. All was good. I was Marcel's partner thrilled to have his eight incher all to myself. We did it all but finally ended up with me fucking his hot hole. He jerked off all over the hardwood floor. That was it for me - this old man was sated. I headed to the front door to obtain my clothes. As I bent over to pick up my briefs I felt Marcel's tongue slip up my hole; I paused enjoying it, he turned me around and licked my cock clean even though it had been up his ass. He smiled at me, kissed me and wished me goodbye. As he closed the door behind me, I could hear grunts and groans from the back room as they had started back at it again. That hot Mediterranean blood.

For the duration of my stay, each Monday afternoon was spent with that wonderful group of men- experiences beyond my imagination.




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