Christmas was just a couple of days away and everyone was getting ready for the big day.  Last minute shopping,  making sure everything was ready for dinner.  At the same time everyone was anxious about David's kids coming to see their Dad.   Everyone except David as he had no clue how is life was about to change.   Tim kept David as busy as possible so he had no time to think about anything sad.  It was non stop activity and Tim made sure to wear him out when they went to bed.  

Hi TJ its Danny,  Hey Danny whats up?  Will and I are going over to the new Y that opened up and we want you to meet us there and afterwards I'm taking you two out for dinner.  Just the three of us.   Oh by the way they have an indoor soccer area.  I just thought that we could spend some time together and get away from all of this holiday craziness.   Yea that would be great TJ replied.   Great how about we meet you in an hour?   I'll be there Danny and thanks for asking me.   Oh don't forget your swim trunks, there's a pool as well.   Ok see you guys in an hour.

Ahh that was really nice of Danny to invite me to spend time with him and Will.  TJ quickly packed his gym bag and started heading out.  Where you going son, Tim asked.   Its Christmas time and its non of your business TJ replied and winked at his Dad.    David just laughed.   He's just like you.   TJ hugged his Dad and whispered that he would text him.   Before he left he gave David a big tight hug and lifted him off his feet.   Ugh David groaned.  You two have fun while I'm gone he said as he let David down.   By the way I won't be home for dinner.   C' ya later he yelled as he left.  

So it looks like its just you and me tonight David grinned,  Yea what you go in mind Tim replied with a smirk.   Oh I don't know....umm how about we just screw our brains out?   Mmm now thats an excellent idea.   Maybe later we can go out for a drink.   Thats if we can walk afterwards Tim laughed.    

The boys met at the new Y.  Wow this place is great TJ said as they walked in.  Yea I'm glad they built it Danny replied.  Its close to us.  Maybe we should join after the holidays.   They signed in and got changed in the locker room and headed for the soccer area.  This is incredible Will said as he kicked the ball to TJ.   Come on you two punks I'm gonna kick both your asses Danny teased.   After about an hour and a half they were all hot and sweaty and went back to the locker room to change into their swim trunks.   TJ looked at Will.  Omg he thought to himself as he looked Will.   He could feel his cock stirring in his trunks.  He put his towel in front of him to cover his bulging dick.   Will smiled at TJ as he caught him looking at him.   Fuck he said to himself.  TJ is hot in those trunks.  His body is hot.  

They all dove into the warm pool and began swimming together towards the deep end of the pool which had a high dive.   They took turns showing off their diving abilities.   Danny was the first and ended up slapping his body on the water.  Ugh he yelled as he came up for air.   That stings.   Will laughed at him.  You never could dive.   Danny grabbed him and dunked him under the water.   As soon as Will came up he attacked his brother and the battle began.   Since Will seemed to be the smart ass TJ picked him up and tossed him like a rag doll in the water.   Ha that will teach you Danny laughed.  Good job TJ as they high fived.   Will went after both of them and managed to dunk  them.   Hey its almost closing time Danny said.  Hope you two are hungry because I'm starved.  Yea me to TJ replied.  Same here Will said.  I've worked up quite an appetite kicking your butts.   Danny flipped his towel at both of their butts as they walked into the locker room to shower and change.

All three of them went into the large shower.  Will glanced over at TJ staring at his naked wet body as he began to soap up his body.   TJ also glanced over at Will and smiled and quickly looked away.   God he thought to himself.  Will has a rockin body.  His hairy chest is sexy with a treasure trail leading down to his cock and balls.   Will noticed TJ was looking at him and he purposely massaged his cock with the lather.   TJ had to turn himself away because he felt himself becoming aroused again.

Soon they were all dressed and headed out the door and got into Danny's car for dinner.   Where are we going Will asked.   I'm taking you two out for a steak dinner.   Alright TJ said.  I'm starved.  Me too Will replied.  

As they were walking into the steak house Danny was between his brother and TJ.  Putting his arm around each of them, So did you have a good time at the Y?  Yea they both replied.  Its been great spending time with both of you.  I hope we can do this more often as he pulled them close to him.  

They ordered their meals and had a great time bantering back and forth and having a great time.   When they dropped TJ off at his car back at the Y, Danny hugged TJ and got back in the car.   See you on Christmas morning at 11am he said.   Will and TJ hugged each other, but this was not just a friendly hug.  It was different.  They lingered for a few extra moments.   Text me later TJ said as he squeezed Will.  Thanks for inviting me today.   Wish we could hang out tomorrow but we are spending Christmas eve with our Mom, Will said.   So are we.  I'll see you Christmas morning.  Are you ok TJ asked.  Yea I'm fine, just anxious and a little nervous.   Everything will be ok bud.   Its gonna  be a great Christmas TJ added.   Will got in the car and they all drove home.  

TJ drove home thinking about Will.  Why am I thinking about him so much.  Yea I like the guy but its more than that.   I saw him looking at me in the shower and I know he was massaging his cock so I would see him.  That was no coincidence.   He walked in the door and went up to his room since no one was home.  After he took off his clothes and laid back in bed his phone buzzed.   It was Will.  Hey TJ are you home yet?  Yea I'm home he replied.   It was great spending time with you and Danny.   Thanks it was great hanging out with you as well.  So what are you doing Will asked.   Just laying here in my underwear texting you TJ replied with a laugh.   What are you doing?   Umm the same Will replied.  

Hey are you gonna stay here Christmas night?  Yea I'm hoping I can stay the rest of the week with my Dad and you if thats ok.  Of course its ok, its your home remember?   You can stay in my room umm I mean your room.   So you are sleeping in my room Will asked.   Yea I am.   I like it up here on the top floor TJ replied.  I always loved my room over there.   Umm is there still one bed Will asked.  Yea just one bed so I guess we are sleeping together when you are here TJ said.   Are you ok with that Will replied.   Yea I'm fine with that.   I wouldn't want anyone else sleeping with me TJ replied.   Uhh I'm not sure how to reply to that comment Will replied.   Just reply how you really feel.   A few minutes passed and Will replied.  I feel the same.  

Man that was a weird conversation with Will, he thought as he laid in bed.  TJ laid down and tried to go to sleep but his mind was racing a mile a minute.  Ugh I hate when I can't sleep.   Tomorrow is gonna be stressful at Mom's he thought.   I really don't want to be there but we have to.  Hopefully it will be ok.  At least Ed will be there to keep things under control.  

TJ pick up his phone,  its a little past midnight, I wonder if Will is asleep.  He dialed his number and let it ring.  Hey Will said sounding sleepy.  I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you but I couldn't sleep.   Neither can I Will replied.  Whats up?  Nothing I just can't fall asleep so I called you.   Are you ok Will asked.   I don't know TJ replied.  I'm worried about going to my Mom's tomorrow.   Yea I know what you mean.  Ugh TJ replied.   I wish you were here TJ said.   Your the only one I feel comfortable talking to.   When I'm with you I don't feel like a freak.   TJ your not a freak, your a good guy.   I know but don't you feel like your different from other people since we haven't had our Dad's around for years?  Now that you mention it yea I guess.  But its not our fault TJ.   I know its not our fault but still I feel different.   Like when I'm around friends and their Dads are there, it just makes me feel weird and sad.   Me too Will replied.  But hopefully that will change tomorrow for all of us.  And right now I'm feeling sad because I'm in your room and your Dad is downstairs and you should be here too.   Its not fair to you.  You know what I mean?   I wish I could come and pick you up right now and bring you back here where you belong.  

Will didn't say anything.   Are you there Will?  Yea I'm here, I just don't know what to say.   Its been a long time since I felt that anyone wanted me around.  Will I love when we hang out together.  Today was a lot of fun with Danny and you.  But when its just you and me, thats when I feel the most comfortable.   Its like I can be myself with you.   Oh man I bet this just sounds so weird coming from another guy doesn't it TJ laughed.   Will laughed as well,  yea from any other guy it would be weird but coming from you its different because I understand.  

TJ and Will talked for a while until they were sleepy.   Hey its getting late Will whispered and tomorrow is gonna be a long day.  Yea I know.  I hope everything goes with you and Jessy and Danny at your Mom's.  Thanks same goes for you and Laura.   I'll be thinking about you TJ replied.  Thanks TJ.   Would it be ok if we texted each other during the day?   If you don't text me I'll kick your ass TJ laughed.   Don't worry you won't have to Will replied before saying good night.   See you Christmas morning.  Night TJ said quietly.   I'll miss you.  

Finally TJ and Will were able to fall asleep from exhaustion although it was a fitful sleep.   Neither one wanted to deal with what lay ahead of them at their Mom's on Christmas Eve.  But they couldn't wait until Christmas day when they would all be together.  

TJ wake up Laura yelled.   We gotta go to Mom's in about an hour.   She's expecting us soon.   Ugh is it morning already?  Yea its almost 9am, come on get up Laura yelled again.  Alright already he groaned.   TJ laid back down in bed, fuck I don't want to go he muttered.   TJ, come on get up Laura nagged.   Ok ok sis I'm getting up.  I'll make you a quick breakfast if you want.   Sure that would be just fine.   Laura looked in at her brother.   I know you don't want to go TJ and neither do I.  But this is something we have to do.  Yea I know he replied.   You want the truth?  I could care less if I ever go to see her again.  She fucking kicked me out if you remember.   Laura took a deep breath.  I know this is hard for you, but you need to be the bigger person in this case.  Your not going for Mom, your going for you.   TJ just looked at Laura and shook his head.  I don't know if I totally agree with you but I'll go.  But I'm warning you,  if she starts in on me or you, and starts ranting about Dad I'm leaving.  And I mean it.   I'm done listening to her shit.   Ok TJ, thats fair and I'll be right there with you.  

TJ stumbled into the bathroom to take a shower.   I better text Will, I hope he's ok.   Hey buddy you doing ok today?   A few minutes later he texted back.   Yea I'm ok,  its going better than I thought it would, but its still really tense.  Danny is about to explode any minute and poor Jessy looks like she's about to cry.   Mom is really pissed that we aren't spending Christmas with her.   I'm hoping that Danny holds out until we leave in the morning.  Ugh this sucks big time today TJ replied.    Keep your chin up TJ, its almost Christmas.    Yea I know.  Can't wait to see you.  Me too.   Ok I gotta go.   I'll text you later.  

Hey thanks sis for making breakfast.   I'm not really hungry but I better eat something.   You two doing ok this morning Tim asked as he sat down with them?  Neither one said anything.   Listen, you don't have to go if you don't want to but its up to you.   But I think you should.   TJ was steaming and slammed his fist down on the table.   You want the truth Dad?  No I don't want to go and you know what else?  I feel like shit because I don't want to see my mom on Christmas eve.   Its a real shitty way to feel but its the truth.   Tim didn't know what to say.  Ugh Tim sighed and shook his head.   Just go and do the best you can.  If it gets to much for you, just come back here.   But please don't loose your head.   I'll try not to Dad.  

By the way where is David, TJ asked.   He's still in bed and I didn't wake him.   Is he okay?  Well I'm not sure cuz he normally gets up early.   Think I'll go and see if he's awake TJ replied.  

TJ went upstairs to their bedroom.   David was asleep on his back.  He smiled at David realizing just how much Will looked like him.   Hey David are you awake?  He said as he sat down on the bed beside David.  Hey wake up a minute he said as he shook him awake.   David yawned and smiled at TJ.  Yea I'm awake now, whats up?   Nothing, I just wanted to see you before we leave.   Awww thats really nice of you David replied.   I hope everything goes well at your Mom's.   So do I, but I'm not counting on it.   It will be ok TJ.   TJ hugged him, I love you David.   Man you are just like your Dad,  both of you know how to get to me.   Go on get out of here.  TJ laughed quietly.  Ok hope you and Dad have some nice quiet time today....well at least until we get back.   C ya later gator.  

David got up and went downstairs to the kitchen.  Hey sleepy head Tim smiled.  You sure slept in late today.  You ok?  Yea I guess I'm ok.  Want some coffee and breakfast? Laura made some for us.   Sure why not he replied.   Tim brought over the food and sat down across from David.   So what do you want to do today?  I don't know.  I need to wrap my kids presents and I thought I would take them over to them.  Tim's mouth dropped.   Umm you gonna take them over to her house today?  Yea why not David replied.   I want to see my kids.   Ugh I know you do but David, please don't do that.  Please.  If you go over there you will walk into a hornets nest.  You know there will be an argument and that will upset your kids.   Don't do that to them at Christmas.   Think about your kids, do you want to do that to them at Christmas?   Do it another day but not today.   I don't care Tim, its been over five years and I can't take it anymore.  They are my kids.

Look David, Tim said sternly.   I have never ever tried to stop you from doing anything.  But I'm not letting you go over there.   It will only make things worse and then you will be in a rotten mood for days.   David stared at Tim.  You can't stop me Tim, he replied angrily as he slammed his fist on the table and got up and started upstairs.   David wait!   David!   You are not going and I mean it he yelled as he grabbed a hold of David's arm.  I mean it you are not going.  

David took a deep breath.  Ok ok I won't go if you insist.   I'm not insisting I'm demanding you don't go.  I love you too much to let you do something you will regret.   David looked away.   Well I guess you are right it would be a disaster.   Tim put his arm around him and took him into the living room and they sat on the sofa.   Look I know this is really hard on you.  Its hard on me to watch you go thru this.   God I wish I could do something to make it all better for you but I can't right now.   I fucking hate this David said, I just fucking hate it.    Shhh shhhh Tim whispered.  Trust me its gonna be ok eventually.    Listen why don't we go down town and walk around for awhile, get a coffee at the shop and get out of the house for awhile?  Oh and when TJ and Laura come back from their Mom's, I've made reservations for dinner and then I thought we could all go to mid night mass tonight.  Might do us all some good.   Man I haven't been to mass in years.   Neither have I.  But its Christmas and it will be beautiful.  It always is.

Come on, lets get dressed and get out of here.  We can wrapped those presents later.    They got dressed and drove into town for a few hours to get David's mind off his kids at least for a while.   Whew that was a close one Tim thought. If he hadn't stopped him from going to his kids it would have ruined everything.  

After they went home, Laura and TJ walked in.  And from the looks on their face it hadn't gone well at their Mom's.   Hey I didn't expect you back so soon Tim said with concern.   How'd it go?  Both Laura and TJ just shook their heads as they went to their rooms.  Not good Laura said.  I'm sorry Tim replied.    Why don't you two take a nap.  I'm taking us all out for dinner at 8 and then I'd like for all of us to go to midnight mass.  Is that ok with both of you?  You know Dad,  That sounds like a great idea TJ replied.   I agree Laura added.  

Laura called Ben and was talking to him about their day when Will texted TJ.   It didn't go well TJ replied.   We just got home and I need a nap.  Ugh I'm sorry about that Will replied.   Go take your nap and I'll talk to you later.   How's it going over there?  Ehh its ok,  its really tense.   Wish we were all over at Dad's with all of you.

Yea me too.  You have no idea TJ replied.

Laura and TJ took a nap and got ready for dinner and mass.  Tim tried his best to cheer everyone up, but it was a kind of sad dinner but the managed a few laughs.  David ordered a couple bottles of wine which they all wanted, or should we say...needed.   After dinner they walked along the path by the river and then headed over to mass early to get seats.   The mass was beautiful but everyone was in their own worlds.  Each thinking about everything that had happened and hoping for a better year and years to come.   Laura and TJ couldn't wait for the next morning when Danny, Will and Jessy would get to see their Dad for the first time in 5 years.  Thinking about that made them feel better.   And TJ couldn't wait to spend more time with Will.

Hey Dad thank you for making Christmas eve really special for all of us Laura said as they left the church.  It was beautiful David said as he put his arm around Tim's waist as they walked to the car.  Ya know TJ said, today was really stressful but its ended up being a really nice day.  I know today has been hard on all of you and including me.   Watching the pain you all are enduring must be unbearable and I wanted to make sure you have a really nice Christmas Tim said.   And I want you to know that I love you all very much.  Come on lets go home and go to bed.   Its late and tomorrow is a long day he grinned and winked at TJ and Laura.  This is gonna be the best Christmas ever.  

When they got home they said their good nights and everyone went to their rooms.   TJ was laying in bed when his phone buzzed.   Hey TJ, Will texted.  If you are awake can I call you?  Hey you of course you can call me.  Is everything alright?  Yea I just wanted to hear your voice.    TJ smiled at the text and couldn't wait to talk to Will.   A few seconds later his phone rang.   Hello?   Merry Christmas Will said.   Well Merry Christmas to you too buddy.  So how was your evening TJ asked.   It was ok, kinda laid back.   Me, Jessy and Danny watched a couple of movies and they all are asleep now.   How was yours?   Umm it was good,  Dad took us all out for dinner and then we went to midnight mass.   Hey made sure it was special for us.   Aww thats good.  I really like your Dad.  Thanks, I love your Dad too.  

So are you all ready to for the big day TJ asked.   Heck yea, we can't wait to see Dad.   I know you are TJ replied.   Don't forget to text Laura when you are at the house and don't ring the door bell.  Yep got it.   Laura and I will come out to get you and Dad will keep your Dad busy.  We want this to be a complete surprise.   You have no idea how much we appreciate what you are doing for us Will said.   I never thought anything like this would happen.  Will you all deserve this and I can't wait to watch the scene unfold.  

Hey Will,  yea?  I miss you so much TJ said as his voice quivered.   There was an awkward silence.  Will are you there?  Yea I'm here Will replied.  Can I ask you a personal question Will asked.   Sure you can ask me anything.  Ugh I don't know how to ask you this but I need to know.   What is it Will?  Um, so do you have feelings for me other than a friend?   Again there was a few moments of silence.  TJ let out a nervous quiet laugh,   Ok yea I admit I do Will.   Its be driving me crazy ever since we met a few weeks ago.   Yea I know how you feel, cuz I feel the same about you TJ.   God I hope this doesn't scare you off TJ said.  I mean it would kill me it did.   TJ, you won't scare me off.   I don't think you heard what I said.   I feel the same about you TJ.  Don't take this wrong Will, but I know you do.   That hug yesterday made it loud and clear how you felt about me.  Yea that was an awesome hug Will replied.   Umm now can I ask you a personal question?  You know you can TJ.   Please don't get upset with me, but are you gay?   Will laughed,  well buddy, um yea I guess I am.  How about you?  What do you think?   I have a very strong feeling you are as well.   TJ laughed,   man I have never admitted that to anyone, not even myself until now.    Whew this is intense Will.   Yea I know but I'm glad we are talking about it.   Me too Will.    Oh and just so you know I have never been with another man.  How about you?  Nope never.   I can't wait to see you in the morning TJ said.   Same here Will replied.   More than you know.  

Well buddy its really late so we better hang up and get some sleep.   I guess your right Will replied.   TJ and Will said their good nights and both fell asleep thinking about the other.   Both were scared to death at what they just admitted to each other and glad that its out in the open between them.  

Tim woke up around 8am and stumbled down stairs to make breakfast for everyone.   Merry Christmas Daddy, Laura said rather loudly as she hugged her Dad.   Awww Merry Christmas to you too honey.   Wanna help me make breakfast?  Yea looks like you need some help she laughed.  Laura took control of the kitchen and ordered Tim around because he had no clue what to do.

Well it looks like you have everything under control Tim said.   I'm gonna wake up the sleeping beauties.  Be back in a bit.  Tim ran up the stairs to TJ's room.   Wake up TJ its Christmas he yelled as he jumped on TJ and woke him up.   Omg TJ screamed.   Come son wake up.  Its Christmas and breakfast is almost ready.   Tim threw a pillow at him laughing.  TJ jumped out of bed and and chased his Dad down the stairs in his underwear.   Tim ran into his bedroom and tried to shut the door but TJ managed to keep the door open and went after him and whacked him with a pillow which knocked Tim onto David.   David woke up from all the racket and Tim on top of him.   Merry Christmas Tim laughed as TJ whacked him again with a pillow.  Ok ok ok TJ thats enough, you won.   TJ and Tim were laughing.   Wake up David they yelled.  Its Christmas!!!   Tim pulled the blankets off him and noticed that he was sporting a nice big bulge.  Umm TJ go and help your sister with breakfast he said with a grin.   TJ rolled his eyes.  Yea I know what your up to he teased.  Get out of here, Tim laughed.   Yea get out of here David said laughing.   Tim began kissing David on the neck and TJ bolted out of there as fast as he could.  

Merry Christmas Laura said to TJ as he went into the kitchen.   Hey why are so you red she asked.  Oh god,  Dad is up there waking David up and let me tell you its not pretty he laughed.   Laura laughed.   Well I'm sure if you had someone special you would do the same she said.   Would you stop he said has he laughed with her.

Tim and David finally came down stairs.   Hmmm something smells incredible David said as he sat down.   Merry Christmas David she said as she hugged him.   Tim sat down beside him and TJ was smirking at him.   Whats with that smirk Tim asked.  Nothing nothing he replied.   What took you two so long he asked.   Thats non of your business young man.   TJ and Laura cracked up because David and Tim turned beet red.   Breakfast turned into a loud ruckus affair.   Everyone was laughing and teasing each other.  

Well guys I'm gonna go take a shower and get ready for the day TJ said as he stood up.  Sis that was the best breakfast ever he said as he hugged her.  Your the best sister anyone could ask for.  Laura looked like she was about to cry as she hugged him.  Awww TJ, that was so sweet of you to say that to Laura, Tim said.  Well its true TJ replied.  She's the best.   Laura was smiling with watery eyes.   Go and take your shower cuz you need one she laughed.   TJ sniffed his armpits, oh yea I guess I do he laughed.   Laura, Tim and David shook their heads as they laughed.  TJ went upstairs and jumped in the shower.

Ok, I'm done in here Laura said.   I think I'll take my time to get ready for the day she said as she winked at her Dad.   You go do that honey,  David and I will finish cleaning up.  

Your kids are a lot of fun David said as he loaded the dishwasher.   Yes they are Tim replied.   And they love you very much David.   Yea I know they do.  I love them too.   You know Tim said,  I can't wait to meet your kids one day.   David looked at Tim.  I sure hope you get the chance to meet them David replied with a smile.  Tim was about to burst and could hardly wait till David's kids arrived.  

Hey we need to shower and get ready for the day Tim said.   There sure are a lot of presents under the tree.   And we need to finish putting on some of the special ornaments before we light the tree.   You know Tim,  I think today is gonna be better than I thought David said.  Tim could hardly contain himself as they went to their room.   David, sat on the edged of the bed as Tim knelt down in front of him.   Umm what are you doing David gasped as Tim started pulling down his sleep pants.   I'm gonna finish what I started this morning he grinned as he took David's cock in his mouth looking up at David.   Tim went all the way down to his musky hairy balls as David threw his head back enjoying the pleasure Tim was giving him.  Oh my god David quietly said as he placed his hands on Tim head and pushed him down on his throbbing cock. Tim gagged a bit as he sucked harder and faster as David thrust his dick into his mouth.   Tim continued to suck on his cock and began fingering David's sweet hairy hole.  Mmm David moaned as he felt Tim's finger teasing him as he sucked him.   Oh fuuuck, I'm gonna cum, uhhhhh uhhhh oh my god I'm cumming,  Tim looked up to watch his face as he came in Tim's mouth, just what he wanted him to do.  David was sweating profusely as Tim continued to suck on his sensitive cock head,  making sure he got every drop of his cum.   Ok ok you gotta stop David begged,   stop he laughed quietly.   Tim popped off his cock and David laid back on the bed.   Hmmm Merry Christmas Tim said as he kissed him.  

Whew David said as he stood up and walk into the bathroom to take a piss.   That was incredible he said as Tim got into the shower.  Tim gave him an evil grin as he joined him in the shower.   Tim pushed down on David's shoulders till he was on his knees and shoved his long hard dick to his mouth.   David smiled as he began to return the favor.  Tim grabbed a hold of his hair and began to pump his cock into his mouth and as far down his throat as he could take.  David could hardly take the hard thrusting and made him slow down, but he loved how Tim wanted him.   Tim gave a couple of hard last thrusts and came in David's mouth.  Ugghhhhh god, I love when you take my cum he cried out quietly.  David got up and kissed him and they shared his cum with Tim.   Damn you felt so good Tim sighed.  

Soon everyone was down stairs in the living room.  Laura was lighting all the candles in the window, making sure everything was perfect.  Tim, TJ and David were sitting on the sofa watching a soccer game and just enjoying being together.   TJ looked at his watch,  its almost 11am and they should be here any minute.    Laura's phone vibrated.   Its Jessy she smiled.   They are walking up the street.  

Hey Dad, I need to call Ben and get something out of my car she said as she put her coat on and winked at him and TJ.   That was their cue to get David to help put the ornaments on the tree and keep in busy.  

Laura went outside and waited for Danny, Jessy and Will.   When they walked up she could tell they were all so nervous but happy.   Ok guys are you ready to go in?  Yea we are they replied.   Ok, you gotta be quiet so he doesn't hear you.   Just walk in the living room but don't say anything, Dad know what to do.   Ok,  ok we got it they giggled.   Well here we go,  shhh don't make any noise she smiled.

Danny, Will and Jessy quietly walked into the living room where David was helping to hang some ornaments on the tree with his back to them.  Just like they had planned.   TJ smiled when he saw Will and Tim winked at them.  

Tim got closer to David and cleared his throat.   Ahh David,  Tim stammered.   You know how you have wanted to see your kids?   Well we have a surprise for you if you will turn around.    David looked Tim with a question in his eyes.    Tim put his hands on David's shoulders and gently turned him around.   As soon as he turned around everyone yelled Merry Christmas!!!!!   David couldn't believe it,  Oh my god he cried,  as he rushed over to his kids as they each grabbed a hold of him.   Omg I can't believe this he said with tears running down his face and hugged and  kissed each of them.   Danny lost it and pulled his Dad into a hug and squeezed him.  I missed you Dad,   I missed you so much he said as he cried.   David was full of emotion as he hugged and kissed his kids.    Tim, TJ and Laura were also in tears watching the  four of them.   David turned and looked at Tim and his kids.   Come here all of you he said smiling and hugged them.  Thank you he whispered, thank you for making this the best Christmas.  Ahhh you are sooo welcome Tim said.   We had so much fun planning this just for you.   I knew you all were acting so weird the last few days he laughed.

David introduced Tim to Will, Jessy and Danny who he hadn't met yet.  They hugged Tim and thanked him for all he had planned.   It was my pleasure Tim replied.  And I can't wait to get to know each of you.  

So I hear all you kids have been hanging out for the last few weeks?   Yes we have Danny said,  we've become really good friends Jessy added in.   Finally I have someone to go shopping with Laura laughed as she hugged Jessy.    And TJ and Will hang out all the time Danny said as he looked at his bother and TJ.  

Laura and Jessy went to the kitchen to bring out the lite lunch they prepared so they could nibble while they opened up their gifts.

Before we open up our presents we need to light up this gorgeous tree Tim announced.   Everyone gathered around the tree as Tim turned on the lights.   When the tree lit up,  everyone clapped and admired how beautiful the tree was.   TJ put his arm around Will's shoulder and hugged him as they stood there looking at the tree.  Tim noticed how the two boys hugged each other but brushed it off.   David was also watching Will and TJ,  they seemed to be really good friends he thought.   But still there was something else there that he couldn't pin point.  

Hey David, Tim said,  how you doing?   You have no idea how happy I am right now.   Yea I do David, I can see it in your eyes.   Its so good to see you really happy.  Ahhh it feels so good to be happy again.  Really happy.   Its like this big dark nasty cloud has been hang over me for years.  A cloud of sadness and suddenly its just gone thanks to you.   You what else?  Whats that.   I thought I knew you loved me, but now, I know how much you love me.   You did all of this just for me and my kids.   Tim started to tremble, and wrapped his arms around David and buried his face in his neck.   All I want to do is make you happy he cried.   You mean so much to me.   David held Tim tight against him.  Ahh you make me so happy and don't ever worry that you don't.    Will and TJ were watching there dads from across the room where they were sitting on the sofa.  TJ was slouching down and resting against Will,   look at those two he said,   I hope I find someone and be as happy as they are one day.    TJ looked up at Will,  me too, Will replied and smiled.  

Look at all this mess David laughed looking at all the wrapping paper all over the living room.   Danny and Jessy will you help Tim and I clean up the living room before dinner.   Sure Dad, they replied as they began to pick up the wrapping paper.  It sure is good to be back home Danny said.  It sure is Jessy replied.   I've missed this house, the house we grew up in.    Hey even though Tim and I are living here doesn't mean you aren't welcome here any time.   This is still your home David said.  I know you all are getting older and starting your own lives but this is your home and it always will be.   Thats right Tim chimed in.   I want all of you here as much as possible.  

Hey look everyone Laura said excited,   its snowing, its snowing on Christmas.   Everyone ran to the windows and look out.   Wow its starting to come down hard Will said.   Tim turned on the weather channel to see how much snow they were to get.   How much Dad, Laura asked,   they are saying we are to get up to 20 inches tonight.   Well it looks like everyone is staying here tonight David said and I'm so glad.   Non of you are going anywhere in this weather.    Everyone started laughing,  Umm Dad,  we all planned on staying here at home anyway.  TJ and Will looked at each other and smiled.   Hey how about a good ole snow ball fight Danny yelled.  Come on lets go he laughed.   Are you and Tim coming he asked with a menacing grin.   Nah you kids go ahead,  me and your ole man are gonna stay in and relax by the fire.   Danny rolled his eyes,  you two are so romantic he teased.   Nah its more like were are tired Tim replied.

All five of the kids went out and battled each other in the snow.   Tim and David looked out thru the window and laughed.   Looks like our kids are getting along really well David commented.  Yea they are Tim replied.   Just think only a couple of months ago it was just you and me and now? We have a houseful.   I love it Tim added.  Its so good to have them all here.   Yea it is David smiled.  It sure is.  

After a while the kids came back inside laughing and making a lot of noise.   They gathered in the living room and drank some hot chocolate.    Soon the clan was getting sleeping from the wonderfully long day.   The yawns were coming quickly and Danny was the first to go to bed, then Laura and Jessy.  Good night everyone they said as they headed upstairs.  

Wow look at the snow David said to Tim, we better get out there and start shoveling it before it gets too deep.    Hey TJ said,   Will and I can take care of the snow.  Are you sure Tim asked.    I can help you out.    No you and David go relax or whatever you do up there TJ laughed.   David shook his head and smiled.    Well sir, how about we go up and watch one of those movies the kids got us?  Now that sounds like a great idea David replied.  

Will and TJ said good night to their Dads and went out to shovel the snow and finally get to spend some time together.   Man I thought we would never get some time together Will said as he started shoveling.   Seriously TJ replied,  I love our family but they sure can wear me out he laughed.  Yea your Dad is non stop Will joked.  He never sits down.   I know,  he was always like that.   He's really cool too Will said.

An hour later the boys had finished shoveling the snow and it was still coming down.  They put the shovels back in the garage and stood there looking at the snow.   Hey Will said,  you feel like taking a walk before we go back inside?  Sure TJ replied.   They headed for the path thru the woods that wound back around to the backyard.  As soon as they were out of sight, TJ put his arm around Will's shoulder as they walked and Will put his hand in TJ's back pocket of his jeans.  

Tim was sitting in the wide window sill of their bedroom in his underwear looking out over the back yard and watching the snow.   Its so beautiful he said to David who was pulling on his sleep pants. Tim kept staring out the window when he thought he saw someone by the big oak tree.   He looked again,  oh my he said to himself,  I think its TJ and Will and they are kissing.  He looked again more intensely,  yea it is them.   Hey come over here Tim whispered to David, you gotta see this.   Why whats wrong David asked concerned.   Take a look out there by that big oak tree.   David looked out and gasped.   Hey thats TJ and Will isn't it?  Yea it is, Tim replied.  Omg they are kissing each other out there David whispered.  Umm yea they are Tim replied.   Ha I knew something was up with those two he continued.   I just had a feeling.   Man I sure didn't see that coming David replied.   Tim grabbed his camera from the closet and went back over to the window.  Are you gonna take a picture of them David asked.  Yea,  I think it would make a great photo for them to always have.  Plus its just beautiful out there tonight.   Tim opened the window and focused the camera and took a few shots.  

Hey look at these shots I took.  Those really came out nice David said.   I'll have the best one developed tomorrow and have it framed.   So how are you gonna give it to them.  They may think you were spying on them.  Tim laughed.   I'll figure something out.  

Come on lets get in bed and watch that movie.  Tim and David snuggled up in their bed together and started watching the movie.   A few minutes into the movie David put it on pause.   So does this mean our sons are gay?   Kinda seems that way Tim whispered.   Got a problem with being gay he teased.   No, I was just wondering.  Tim put the movie back on.   Do you think they are having sex David asked.   If the haven't they will, Tim yawned.   They are young and horny!   Maybe we should have them sleep in separate rooms David replied.  Omg David, will you relax.  And don't you dare say anything to them unless they bring it up first.   Now come on lets watch the movie, please?

Will and TJ pulled away from each other to catch their breath.  I guess we better get inside TJ said.  Its getting really cold out here as he shivered.   Quietly they opened the door and tiptoed up to their room.  Hey I'm gonna take a quick shower Will said as he began to get undressed.   TJ watch as he took off his clothes, thinking about sleeping with him.  Will wrapped a towel around is wait and smiled at TJ as he went into the bathroom.   While he was in the shower TJ took his clothes off and sat on the old chair by the window.  He heard Will turned off the water.  Before Will came back to their room TJ slouched down in the chair and spread his legs and let the towel drop down on the sides of his legs, exposing his cock.   When Will opened the door he grinned as he say TJ in the chair, completely naked, staring at him, slowly stroking his semi hard cock.  TJ looked down at himself and raised his eyes back to Will.  

TJ got up but didn't wrap the towel around himself and walked toward Will,  staring at him intensely, not smiling, just staring as he walked towards the bathroom to take his shower, turning his head slightly, giving Will a lingering stare.  

Will put on his favorite pair of tidy whitey's and laid down on the bed, waiting for TJ to finish his shower.   A few minutes later TJ opened the door and walked into their room still not covering himself.  The moon light thru the falling snow dimly lit the room as he looked down at Will.   Both of them staring at each other.  My god TJ thought as he stared at Will,  something came over him as he laid down on top of Will, grinding his cock into Will's while he took him in his arms and kissed him wildly.  Neither one was saying anything,  except for their moans of pleasure they were feeling.   TJ began thrusting his body hard onto Will, grinding harder and harder, feeling Will's cock thrust against him as well.   TJ sat up on his knees and tugged at Will's underwear and yanked them down is legs and tossed them on the floor.   Pulling Will's legs around his waist he laid back down on top of Will and began grinding him again.   His pre cum was leaking from his throbbing cock all over Will's cock.   Their groans became louder as Will put his hand over TJ's mouth to quiet him.    Suddenly TJ sat up on his knees, bring Will's legs up on his shoulders as he leaned down, with his cock teasing Will in an area he had never felt teased.   TJ rubbed some lube on his cock and used his precum to moisten Will's hole and with out warning bore down on him, causing Will to arch his back and throw his head back into the pillow.    TJ pushed his cock into Will not stopping till he was completely buried into him.   Neither one said anything, but only moans of pleasure as he began his furious thrusting into him, holding onto his legs as he felt his lover's muscled tighten around him, sending wild sensations all thru his tingling body.   Each time his cock thrust against his prostate, Will groaned loudly as the sweat poured off TJ's body onto his.  

Will tried to jack his cock only for TJ to push his hand away, preventing him from cumming like he so desperately wanted.  Will's body was thrashing as TJ wildly thrust harder and harder into him as his body began to shudder from the force of his orgasm shooting thru his body, filling Will with his semen.  Thrusting the last rope of cum, TJ fell on top of Will, both of them were heaving from the explosion of passion deep within them.   TJ wrapped his fingers into Will's hair as he tried to calm his breathing.   Please let me cum Will quietly groaned,  please I'm begging you he pleaded.  TJ, raised up and sat back on his legs and took Will's pulsing cock in hand had guided it to his hole and as he let himself down on the thick cock, impaling himself till he felt the wetness of Will's wiry bush against his body.  He bit his lower lip as he felt the pain and pleasure of that cock deep inside him.    Will began thrusting upward into TJ, but he desired to thrust harder and turned TJ on to his stomach and took him from behind.  Driving his cock deeper and deeper in to TJ.  It only took a few hard thrusts until he couldn't take it anymore as his balls tightened and unleashed, stream after stream of his cum into TJ.   Orgasmic waves pulsed thru his body as he laid himself on TJ's wet back with his cock still deep inside.  Laying his cheek against TJ's, he let his wet  hair fall over TJ's face.   A few minutes later he rolled off of him and laid on his back next to TJ.  His body still tingling from his orgasm.  TJ turned his head over and pulled himself to Will with his arm tightly holding him against his body.  Neither one said anything as they both drifted off into a deep sleep.

As the night went on both had tangled their legs into each other, both needing to have the other touching, not letting any space between them.  

The morning sun began to shine into their room causing TJ to stir awake.  Yawning he smiled as turned on to his side looking at Will's naked body still pressed against his.   He pushed his hair out of his face and began rubbing his hairy chest, taking care not to wake him.  He looked to peaceful as he laid there on his back with his legs spread.  The wiry black pubic hair surrounding his semi hard thick cock was moist and shiny.   TJ hesitated as he let his hand glide down his torso and felt his cock and his smooth balls his hands.   He continued to massage his balls as Will began to waken from his sleep.   He could see a smile creep across his face as he yawned and slightly opened his eyes.  TJ, smiled as he drizzled some warm lubricant on Will's hardening cock and slowly began stroking him,  his own cock was rock hard as Will wrap his hand around his cock as TJ began to thrust in his hand has he picked up his pace jacking Will's cock.  Both young men shot off their morning load of cum,   Will shot his load first all over his chest and TJ into his hand.    

Will turned over and pressed his cum soaked chest against TJ's.   Good morning TJ whispered as Will kissed him, and playfully tasted his mouth.  Morning Will replied and smiled looking into TJ's eyes.   TJ wrapped his arms around Will and held him tight, feeling Will's wet chest against him.   Neither one was saying anything, but they didn't need to.  They both knew what the other was thinking and feeling.   He tightened his grip around Will and buried his face into Will's hair.  Kissing his cheek he whispered, I love you Will.  I know TJ, I love you too as he winked at TJ with that wink that TJ loved.  

Will sat up on the edge of the bed and stretched as he stood up and walked over to the window and looked outside.   TJ was watching him smiling at something outside.  So what are you smiling about TJ asked.   Oh I'm looking at the oak tree where we first kissed last night.   TJ got out of bed and went up behind Will and wrapped his arms around him and put his chin on his shoulder and peered out the window.   I'll never forget last night TJ said as his voice cracked.  Neither will I Will replied.  It was magical kissing you as the snow fell all around us and the moon shining thru the tree branches and the cold winter air.   And now there is so much snow out there and its so beautiful.   Yesterday was the most special Christmas I ever had Will said, feeling his eyes starting to water.    I don't think it could be any better.   TJ, being the emotional one, let his tears run down his cheek and onto Will's chest.   You make me so happy TJ said.  I never thought I could be so happy.   Will turned in TJ arms and kissed his tears.   This was the best Christmas for both of Will said as he turned,  TJ grabbed his hand,  So do I have myself a boyfriend he smiled,   I think that goes with out saying Will replied.   Come on we need to get cleaned up, mind if I shower with you TJ asked.   I thought you'd never ask Will replied as he pulled him into the shower.    

Will and TJ took their shower, got dressed and went down to the kitchen for breakfast.   Well look who finally woke up Tim joked.   Did you two sleep well Tim said with a smile.  Yea, shoveling that snow made us tired TJ replied.   Shoveling does make a person tired David said  as he rolled his eyes at Tim.   Looks like there is a lot more to shovel Will said.   Nah David and I will take care of it today.  Thats ok Dad,  we don't mind TJ said.  Let the young guys handle it he teased.   Are you implying we are old David asked.   No just older Will joked.  

After breakfast the boys went out to shovel the snow again and made plans to go to the Y later in the afternoon.

Hey David and I are going into town for a while.  Do you need anything Tim asked them.   No, were good, thanks.   Ok see you later Tim replied as he threw a snowball a them. Will, threw a snowball back and it hit Tim in the back.    Tim turned around and TJ was pointing at Will laughing.   Tim took off after Will,  I'm sorry Tim, Will laughed,  I couldn't resist.   Tim tackled Will and managed to cram some snow down his back.   Ahhh thats soo cold Will said as he laughed.    That will teach you ya smart ass Tim teased.   As he jogged back to the car he looked at TJ who was laughing with a smirk.  Your next,  he growled and got in the car.  

They finished shoveling and decided to raid the fridge since they had built up an appetite.   You cracked me up when you hit my Dad with that snowball.   Direct hit, Bam!!!   I hope he wasn't upset about it Will replied.   Are you kidding me?  He loved it.   But you do know that you started a war don't you TJ said.  You got him all wound up and he won't stop.   He loves playing around.  

So what do you want to do today before we go to the Y, Will asked.   I don't TJ replied,  I'm kinda tired from shoveling, how 'bout we chill out on the sofa and watch some TV while our Dad's are in town.  Tim laid down and kicked his shoes off and leaned against the back of the sofa and Will laid down next to him and stretched out.  TJ snuggled up with him as they flipped thru the channels and found a show they liked.  Will pulled a blanket up over them as TJ put his arm over Will and pulled him close.   After a few minutes they both dozed off and fell asleep together.  

A couple of hours later Tim and David pulled up into the driveway.  I'm surprise they are home.   Maybe they decided to stay in since the weather is calling for more snow Tim replied.   This headache is killing me David said as he got out of the car.   I'm gonna go up and lay down for a while.  I'm sorry your not feeling well Tim said as he kissed him.   I'll take the TV and hook it up in their room and put the picture on the bed.   You go on up and lay down.  David went inside before Tim and went up to their bathroom to take some aspirin and laid down.   Tim brought in the TV they had bought for the boys so they could have one in their room.

He noticed feet hanging off the end of the sofa as he passed the living room and peeked in.  There was TJ and Will asleep on the sofa together under the blanket.   Tim smiled and quietly went upstairs to the boys room.  He placed the picture on their bed and leaned against their pillows.   He stood back and admired the picture.  It had turned out perfect and he hoped they wouldn't be too embarrassed.  Then he put the TV on their dresser and hooked it up and it worked.

Tim didn't bother going back down stairs because he didn't want to wake the boys up but went in and laid down with David.   David was asleep so he crawled in next to him and pulled the covers up over both of them.  Poor guy, he's not feeling well.  Hope his headache goes away soon he thought as he put his arm over him and fell asleep with David.

It was almost dark out when TJ and Will woke up on the sofa.   Wow we fell asleep for quite awhile TJ said as he sat up.   Will was awake but still lying down, yawning.  Yea guess we were more tired than we thought.   TJ, rolled on top of Will and playfully humped him.  How about we go out for dinner tonight he said as he kissed him.  You keep doing that and we won't be going anywhere except up to our room Will teased.   Tim laughed and stood up,  come on lets go get changed,  I'm starving.  The two of them went up to their room to change.   Will turned on the light and immediately saw the TV.  Hey where did this come from Will said excited.   I have no clue TJ replied.   Wow we have our own TV.  They were excited to have their own TV.   Look its brand new as well TJ said.  Our Dads must have gotten it for us.   This is really cool Will said.

TJ sat down on the edge of the bed and began to take his shirt off when he noticed the picture.  Hey what's this he said as he picked up the picture.   Will looked at the picture.   Who's it from?  I don't know, but look its you and me TJ said with a shocked look on his face.  Omg Will said,  someone saw us the other night in the backyard and took a picture.   TJ turned the picture over and on the back it said   Love, Your Dads.  Omg TJ said, our Dads saw us and I bet Dad is the one who took it.   Will sat beside him and looked at the picture.  Umm its a beautiful picture.  Yea but they know about us TJ said.   Ugh now what?   Hey it was bound to happen sooner or later Will replied.  Obviously they aren't upset about it because they took the picture and had it framed for us.  Yea I know but still, TJ said.   Do you really think we could have kept it to ourselves much longer, seriously?   TJ, threw his shirt on the floor and yanked on a sweatshirt.   Whoa are you upset that they know about us Will asked.   I don't know what I am TJ retorted.   Are you ashamed of us Will replied.   TJ grabbed Will by the shirt and pushed down on the bed.  No I am not ashamed of us and don't you ever accuse me of that again.  Don't ever say anything like that again to me.   Ever!!   TJ took a deep breath and Will could see his nostrils flaring as TJ looked down at him.    Oh god I'm sorry Will,  I'm sorry you took it that way.  I didn't mean it like that at all.   I'd never be ashamed of what we have and never of you.   TJ laid is head on Will's chest,  Its all so new.  Nothing like this has ever happened to me before,  I've never loved anyone like this and especially with someone like you.   And I don't want anything or anyone to ruin it.   Will laid there holding TJ, Nothing will ever ruin what we have TJ.  I'm in this all the way with you.  TJ lifted his head and kissed Will,  I know you are,  I don't know what I would do without you TJ said.   I don't even want to think about that.   Will smiled,   Good he said.  Now lets go for dinner.  We will both feel better with some food in us.   TJ smiled, you always make me feel better he said as he got up.  He pulled Will up off the bed and unbuttoned his shirt for him and touched his chest.    While Will was putting on another shirt,  TJ pushed his hand down Will's pants and grabbed his cock,  and I'll feel better when this is in me again he laughed as he squeezed Will's dick.   They laughed as they stumbled down the stairs and drove off to dinner.

TJ and Will went out for dinner and chose a diner to eat at.   While they waited on their food they started a good conversation about their relationship and their future plans.

Both of them would be finishing their first year of college and neither one had any desire to complete a four year degree.  TJ wanted had applied a technical school for heating and AC and Will had decided on an Electrical career but hadn't applied yet.   TJ suggested that they both attend the same school and live at home to save money.  

Do you think our Dad's would let us live with them while we are in school Will asked.   I'm sure they will TJ replied.  That house is huge and has plenty of room.   Danny and Jessy will be away at their schools during the school year and Laura is moving in with Ben anytime now.   So that just leaves you and me.  Maybe we can talk to them about our plans in the next day or two.   I just hope my Dad isn't disappointed Will said.  Nah, he will be happy and support you TJ replied.   Its not like we are just sponging off of them.  Guess your right.

So what about us TJ said.  What do you think they will say to us?  Oh god I have no idea.  I can't believe they saw us the other night TJ laughed.  Will rolled his eyes and laughed as well.  Like I said they can't be upset since they gave us that picture.   Which by the way is awesome don't you think TJ added.   Yea its really cool, cuz we have a picture of our first kiss.  Can you imagine if they put a video camera in our room Will laughed.   Ha we might have taught them a thing or two they joked.  TJ grinned at Will,   I can't wait to get home and in bed with tonight.  Shhh Will said,   you don't need to announce it to the world.  TJ took his show off and put is sock foot on Will crotch under the table and massaged him with his foot.  Omg Will said, your crazy.  Your gonna get us kicked out of here. I wish I could crawl under the table and suck your big thick cock TJ teased with a wink.   Will started turning red in the face.   TJ kept rubbing his cock with his foot and he could feel it getting hard.    Right then the waitress brought their food and TJ quickly stopped when he saw her coming.   Later buddy your ass is mine Will said.  

After dinner they went back home, ugh its snowing again Will commented.  Yea looks like we will be shoveling again in the morning.   The boys walked in and found Tim and David lounging on the sofa watching TV.

Hey guys Tim said,  where did you go?   Ahh we just went out to the diner for supper since you two were asleep TJ replied.   We just wanted to get out for awhile.   Yea with the snow we've been kinda cooped up lately David said.

Will and TJ sat on the floor in front of their Dads and began telling them about their plans for next fall.   So what do you think of our decision to not attend a four year college and go to technical school instead?   Well Tim started,  if thats what you want to do I'm all for it.  The fields you two are choosing are great careers.  How about you David, Will asked his Dad.   I agree with Tim.   There is nothing wrong with going to technical school, in fact its a wise decision.   Those fields are in high demand and you won't have a hard time getting a good job once you graduate.   Whoa thats a relief TJ said, we thought you both may object to our plans.   Just one more thing though Will said.   We are planning on going to the same school and umm living at home.   TJ and Will looked at their Dads.  Soooo?  Tim sighed,  as long as you are living here he said with a serious tone. Some things have changed recently and it probably wouldn't be a good idea for either of you to live with your moms.  Umm we were hoping we could live here Will replied.   Thats if you its ok with both of you.

Of course its ok with us if you live here.   This is your home as well.  So why did you say it probably wouldn't be a good idea if we lived with our moms TJ asked.    Well you both know why Tim replied.   No one said anything for a while as the boys looked at the floor.   Will looked up, is it what you saw in the backyard last night?   Tim and David smiled,  yes thats what we are talking about.   We know how your mothers will react and the last place you should do is live with them.   So are you upset with us because, umm well you know we are together TJ asked, scared half to death.   Ok guys,  if we were upset do you think we would have given you that picture? Time asked.  Seriously?   Will and TJ smiled and thanked them for the picture.   Its really a beautiful picture Will said.   Tim had a smirk on his face.   Sooo boys was that your first kiss?  Come on Dad, don't embarrass us.  It was hard enough coming home and knowing that you saw us.   Oh please TJ, I'm just teasing you.   I have to admit the picture came out better than I expected Tim replied.  And I'm glad I captured your first kiss.   Every time you looked at it you will remember that special time.  

Dad, I have a question for you Will said,   so where was your first kiss?  David looked at Tim,  do you really want to know?  Yes please tell us,  we really don't know much about how you two met.  Well David began,  we met at the soup kitchen that we both were volunteering at.   Tim had been working there for a while and I started a few months later.   At that point I was not in a good place because of what your Mom was doing, keeping you from me for all those years.  Will, Tim said, you wouldn't have recognized your Dad back then,  he was hard to talk to and just depressed.   So your Dad, would invite me out for lunch, and the park and other things just to get me out of the house.   Well it was more than that actually Tim interrupted.  There was something that I liked about your David.   But he was tough to talk to for a few weeks.   But then he started coming around when I told him how we were going thru the same thing.  I had seen TJ and Laura for three years.  So we had  that in common.   Plus we really liked being together.   So what happened TJ asked.   Well one day at the soup kitchen David asked me over here on a Friday evening for dinner and to watch movies.   It was hot as hell in the summer and the AC had stopped working.  But we had a good time hanging out and ended up falling asleep on this sofa.  It got late and David asked me to stay since it was so late.   So I did, but I was nervous about it.   Where did you sleep Will asked with a smirk.  Ok smart ass,  if you need to know, I slept with your Dad, and thats all we did, we slept.  Ok ok, I was just wondering Will replied.   Anyway David continued.  This went on for a few weeks.  We would spend a lot of time together stay over night on the weekends, then it turned into Tim staying here during the week as well.   Both of us were confused because we didn't know what was happening between us.  Remember we grew up in a different time than you two.  It was hard for us to admit that we liked each other, more than best friends.   I think I figured it out first David said.   I was laying in bed one night and I just realized that I loved Tim. But I was so scared because I didn't know how to tell him.  It was painful because I was afraid that if I told him it may ruin our friendship.  

So what happened TJ asked.  Well Tim began.   One night we were in bed and I couldn't sleep.  I was so confused so I got out of bed and went down stairs to sleep.   And I told David that I couldn't sleep in the same bed with him anymore.   It killed me to say that to him because I wanted to.  Just that thought of possibly losing him scared me.   But David was so calm when he came downstairs and talked to me.   I was calm on the outside David laughed, but my heart was pounding.   Anyway I went into the kitchen to make get us something to drink and Tim ran into the kitchen and grabbed me and he just blurted it out, that he loved me.   And then he kissed me.  Right there in the kitchen.  Thats where we had our first kiss.    Aww that's so cool TJ and Will said.  

TJ and a smirk on his face because he was dying to know about their first time they had sex.   Soo, umm what happened when you went back to bed that night after you told David you loved him.   Tim laughed and whacked TJ with a pillow.  That my son and you too Will is none of your business.   I'm sure it was the thing as what you two did last night David laughed.   Omg Will said, did you hear us last night?   Will!! TJ yelled.   Omg now they know everything.   Ah Ha Tim laughed, I knew it.  I knew something was going on up there especially since we had seen you kissing outside.  I just knew it.  So tell us Tim teased.  How was it?  You want the truth TJ asked.   No no, Tim and David said.   Thats non of our business.  Will stood up and shouted.  It Was Fucking Mind Blowing and then he took off to the kitchen with TJ chasing him.   David and Tim laughed as they watch the two of them.   Will was busting up laughing when TJ caught up to him and grabbed him.   And I'm gonna blow your mind again tonight Will laughed.  TJ was totally embarrassed.  Omg we should not be having this conversation with our Dads he said.   Oh relax TJ,  its not like they didn't know.   Your a piece of work TJ replied, but I can't help loving you he said as he calmed down and hug his boyfriend.   Ahh I love you too TJ.  

Hey how about some cheese cake Will asked everyone and some hot tea?  All four devoured the cheese cake and drink their tea before they headed up to bed.   Hey Dad,  think you can keep the noise down tonight TJ laughed.   Well that depends on what David does to me.   Oh god, Will said.  Good night!!  

That night Tim and David, had a hot romp and David fucked Tim hard and deep and yes he made Tim yell out a couple of times,   And TJ and Will?  Well those two attached each other as soon as they got in their room.  Will had TJ in a hold and waved his big cock in his face which TJ couldn't refuse and took him down to his balls.  Sucking his right to the edge of cumming and then held him off, he edged Will and tortured him till he laid on his back and Will raised is legs on his shoulder and gave him the fuck of his life.   Unlike the night before, these two were not quiet,  TJ couldn't be quiet as Will thrust his cock into him, which TJ grit his teeth and groaned.  Damn your cock is so big inside of me he said.   Will humped his cock deeper inside of him, thrusting harder and harder,   TJ's cock was hard and throbbing as he began to stroke his own cock,   Ahh fuck he screamed,  I'm gonna cum,  I can't hold it anymore as he shot his cum all over his chest and in his hair,  fuck Will,   cum in me now,   omg omg fuuuuckkk he shuddered as he pumped his semen into TJ,  fuck you feel so good he said as he gave a final thrust.   Will rolled off on to his back panting and trying to catch his breath.   My god, are you trying to kill me with that thing TJ, laughed, still panting as he looked over at Will.   TJ laid on top of Will as he calmed down from his orgasm.  God I love you so much Will he whispered as he ran his fingers thru his long wavy hair.  Will took his face in his hands and pulled him into a passionate kiss.   I love you so much he said to TJ.   Will wrapped his arms around TJ,  I want you to fall asleep on me tonight.  Feeling your body on me is incredible.  TJ laid his head down and nuzzled his hairy chest and soon they both fell asleep.  



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