Tim yawned as he woke up and stretched out his long body and scratching his balls.   Ugh I don't like it when I wake up and David isn't next to me he thought as he hugged David's pillow.  Mmm I can smell him as he buried his face in his pillow.  

Well its time to get up and get moving he muttered.   After pouring a cup of coffee he decided to start the laundry and clean up their bedroom and David's office.

Think I'll start by dusting the office as he grabbed the cleaning supplies and headed David's office.   Looking around he noticed just how organized David is.  Nothing out of place as usual.   Tim sat down in the desk chair looking around.   I wonder if I can find his kids address somewhere.   Damn I hate snooping around on David, but I need their address.   He searched thru his desk and then found an address and phone book.  Turning the pages he found what he was looking for.  Omg this is perfect he thought.  But how can I reach them?  I can't just show up on their doorstep.  That could back fire.   Tim sat there and thought for a few minutes.  

Wait he thought.  I've got it.   On Thanksgiving when TJ and Laura are here I'll talk to them.  Since they have been thru the same thing as David's kids, maybe they could break the ice with them.  They are all about the same age and they might listen to others who are going thru the same thing as they are.   Tim smiled.   Wouldn't it be awesome if this works?   I just hope they would accept TJ and Laura and listen to them.  

Tim was startled when his phone vibrated.  Geez I hate that thing he said as he answered the phone.  Hey stud how you doing this morning.   Awww I'm fine and I'm so glad you called me.  I missed waking up with you David.   Yea I know, I hated leaving you this morning.   So when are you coming home Tim asked.  I should be home in a couple of hours.   What are you doing David asked.  Oh I'm just doing some laundry and dusting and vacuuming.  Are you wearing a maid's outfit David joked.   Funny man, I'm in my boxers Tim replied.  Maybe when I come home I'll have to pull your boxers down and ....stop David stop that.   I'm so boned up for you and you are making it worse.  David laughed.  Ok I'll see you in a couple hours.  I love you Tim.   Ditto that Tim replied.

Thanksgiving is in two days and I can't wait to talk to TJ and Laura about my plan.   David, Tim and TJ went shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and brought everything home.   TJ noticed that his Dad was up to something.

Hey Dad, you seem distracted today TJ commented.  What's up?  Hm um oh nothing.  Just thinking how great it will be to have my kids spend Thanksgiving with me.  TJ smiled, yes this is going to be the best Thanksgiving ever.   Dad!  Whaaa Tim replied.   I know you are up to something, what is it?   Nothing son, its nothing.  I'm just really happy.   Ok but I think there is more going on in your head.    Tim just smiled.

Thanksgiving Day finally arrived and everyone was in the kitchen helping to make the dinner.  Ben and his parents were arriving at three and dinner is at 4.   The kitchen was a mad house but everyone was having fun.  Although Tim could tell that David was sad even though he was laughing.    

Tim walked over to David,  hey lets go upstairs to our room for a little bit Tim said.   David looked at Tim,  is everything ok he replied.  Yea but come on.   Both men went up to their bedroom.  Look David Tim said pulling him into a hug.  I know the holidays are hard for you and you don't need to be brave about it.   David sighed as he buried his face into Tim's chest.   Damn David said under his breath.  Does it show that bad?  Not to everyone else but I can see it in your eyes.   And it must be really difficult knowing that I have my kids here.  David nodded in agreement.   I'm so happy for all of you he replied.  But yea its difficult.  Tim pulled him tighter against his body.  Its going to be ok David,  Its all going to work out eventually.  No it won't David replied.  Its been so long and maybe I just need to accept the fact that I probably will never see them again.

Ugh I feel so bad for David, but there is hope.   Tim took David's face in his hands.  Listen David,  I don't want you slipping back into that depression.  You have been doing so well the last few months.  We are all here for you and we all love you.   I know I know, I keep telling myself that but its still difficult.  You just wait Tim said, things are going to change.  

Both of them went back to the kitchen to help finish up.   Laura and TJ noticed David was upset.  Hey you ok they asked him?  TJ put his long arm around him and Laura hugged him.  I love you David,TJ said and Laura agreed as she hugged him.   One day things will be different Laura assured.   Ok you two your gonna make me bawl my eyes out David half laughed.  I love both of you as well and I'm so glad you are here.  

Tim was watching the whole scene.  Whoa I never expected that he thought as his heart was pounding.   Okay, we need to break up this little love fest and get ready.  Ben and his parents will be here soon Tim reminded.   Laura and TJ, would you two go and set the table?  Sure thing Dad they replied.    

Soon everyone had arrived and the introductions were made.   Ben's parents are lovely and a lot of fun.   Dinner went off without a hitch and everyone was stuffed.

After everything was cleaned up and the others were relaxing Tim took TJ and Laura upstairs to the office to talk to them.    Whats up Dad they chorused.   Listen I need your help.  You know David has had not contact with his kids in 5 years.  He is putting on a happy face but he's hurting badly.  Yea we know Dad,  and we feel terrible for him.  Is he okay?   Tim looked at them.  Not really he replied.  When I met David he was in a very deep depression and so sad.   I see some of the same signs and I'm afraid he will slip back into that depression.   So I have an idea and I need your help.   Sure what can we do TJ asked.   Well while I was cleaning the office the other day I found the address for his kids.   I was thinking that it probably wouldn't be a good idea if I just showed up on their door step. I'm not sure they would appreciate that.   But I was thinking that maybe the two of you could pay them a visit and talk to them since all of you are going thru the same thing.  

Dad that is a great idea Laura replied and TJ agreed.   Just leave it to us Dad.   We will go see them and talk to them.  We know they miss David and we will explain it all to them.  Hopefully they will listen to us TJ added.  They will Laura assured.  

Tim left his kids in the office to join the rest down stairs.   Whew TJ said to Laura.  We sure have our work cut out for us.  Yes we do she agreed.  But this is gonna be awesome.   How about we go tomorrow around 11am she asked.  Yea that works for me since I'm off.   I'm sure they will be home.  

Thanksgiving Day ended and Ben and his parents left to go home and Laura stayed at David's.   Laura and TJ were excited about their plan.

TJ, get out of bed Laura yelled in at him.  We gotta go.  TJ yawned and got out of bed.   Hurry up go take a shower.   TJ scratched his balls has he headed to the bathroom.  Omg your such a pig Laura crowed.  Do all guys do that when they get out of bed?  How should I know TJ replied.  Ben does the same thing every morning.   TJ threw a pillow at her and laughed as he ran into the bathroom.  

Soon after they were headed over to  talk to Danny, Jessy and Will.    When they found the house there was a younger guy racking leaves in the yard.   Hey let me go see if he's one of David's kids  TJ said.   Ok Laura replied.

TJ nervously walked up to the young man.  Hmm he thought he's a handsome guy and he has to be Davids son because he looks just like him.  Only he was a bit taller than David, and his hair was  longer.

Umm excuse me but are you one of David's sons TJ asked.   The young man looked up at him.   Uh yea I'm Will,  why do you ask?  I'm TJ.  My sister Laura and I would like to talk to you and your brother and sister about your Dad.   Will just stared at TJ.  Why do you want to talk to us?  He left us and we haven't heard from him in over 5 years Will snarled.  We don't want anything to do with him.  I know TJ replied.  But if you will all just sit down and talk to us you will feel differently.   Please Will?  Its really important.   Will looked down at the pile of leaves.   Ok, I'll go talk to my sister and brother but I don't know if they want to or not.   Thats ok Will, but please try.

Will walked into the house and came out a few minutes later with Danny and Jessy.   So you want to talk to us about our no good Dad, Danny smirked looking at TJ and Laura.  Laura took a deep breath.   Is there somewhere we can all go like a park?  All we want to do is talk to you and thats all.  

Jessy replied, yea there is a park down the street.  Great Laura said as he walked over to Jessy.   They all started walking to the park.  After a few minutes they  sat at a picnic table.   It was a beautiful fall day and the sun was shining and warm.

So why do you want to talk to us Danny demanded.   TJ knew this wouldn't be easy.  Listen, we know your Dad and in fact your dad and our dad are best friends.  Just a few weeks ago we found our Dad.  We hadn't seen him in three years since our parents divorce.   We found out that he had been sending us cards and gifts and called a couple of times a week but our mother never gave us those cards and gifts and never told us he called all the time.  All she did was tell us constantly how awful a father he was and that he didn't love us.  

Laura looked at all three of them.  We found out the truth and we also found out that your Dad has been doing the same.  Trying to keep in contact with all of you.  We suspect your mother is doing the same to you.

David's kids hung their heads.   Listen,  we aren't here to upset you.  But we want you to know that your Dad loves you very much and he misses you terrible.  And if you will be honest you love and miss him too.   Am I right Laura asked.

Will spoke up first.  Yea I miss him, I think about him all the time he said with tears running down his face.  Me too Jessy sobbed.   Danny didn't say anything.  TJ walked over to him and put his hand on his shoulder.  How about you Danny.  Will you be honest and tell us what you think.   Danny just stared at TJ trying to look away.  Look at me Danny, TJ demanded.   After a few minutes Danny replied.  Yea I miss him.  But I'm so angry with him.   He just left us.  Just left.   Danny, there is more to the story and you need to hear your Dad's side.  Not just what your mother has told you which is probably a bunch of lies.   That is what our mother did to us.  Its horrible and we know how you all are feeling.  Come on Danny,  would you give your Dad a chance, TJ asked.

Finally Danny looked at everyone.   Maybe we should give him a chance.  You know he was always good to us he added and he always loved us.   Danny, Jessy and Will agreed they wanted to reunite with David.

So would it be ok if we take some time to think about this they asked TJ and Laura.  Of course it is.  We know its going to be difficult.  But you just wait.  Once you see him it will be awesome.  Both TJ and Laura breathed a sigh of relief.  You know you are all going to have to confront your mother and it won't be easy.   But once she realizes that you want to be a part of your father's life and he in yours she has no choice.   And she may get upset with all of you and thats because she got caught.  But you are going to have to reassure her that no matter what she has done in the past that you are working on forgiving her.  It won't happen right away.  

Hey I have an idea.  Christmas is just a few weeks away.   How about all three of you come to your Dad's on Christmas morning and surprise him Laura asked.  They all looked at each other.   Thats an awesome idea Will replied.  Soo how about it Danny and Jessy?  We could spend Christmas Eve with Mom and Christmas Day with Dad.  And all of us TJ smiled.  

Danny grinned.  I would love to surprise Dad on Christmas morning.   Me too Will and Jessy chimed in.   Oh great Laura and TJ replied.  Its gonna be an awesome day they all said.

Umm Jessy,  would you like to go Christmas shopping with me?  Of course I would Jessy replied.   That would be so much fun.  My brothers hate shopping with me.  You got that right Danny laughed.   Great I'll call you tomorrow.  Oh can we all exchange cell phone numbers so we can plan Christmas?   They all exchanged their cell phone numbers and hung out for a while.  

Well I need to get going Danny said.  I need to pick up my girlfriend Carla.   Have a good time they all said to him as he left.   By the way Danny said.   It was really great meeting you all.   I can't wait for Christmas.  

Wow Will said.   Danny really surprised me. He's been so angry at Dad all these years.   I can tell he's really excited about seeing Dad.   I think he took the divorce and everything really hard.  Yea Jessy said,  I haven't seen him smile like that for a long time.   We are all really excited Will replied.  

So TJ and Laura left and went back to David and Tim's house.   This really cool TJ said.  I'm so glad this is turning out well.   God I was really nervous Laura replied.  Wait till we tell Dad about our plan for Christmas.  Yea I just hope he can keep it a secret TJ laughed.   I know, he never could keep a secret about anything Laura giggled.  You can always tell when he's up to something.    TJ looked at Laura.   Remember all the fun we used to have with Dad?  He was always the one to take us out and do all kinds of things.  I really missed that.  Yea me too Laura said sadly.   When I think about all things we missed with him it makes me really sad and angry.   I know how you feel.  But there is nothing we can do about it.  But we do have the future with him.   They both smiled as they pulled into the drive way.  

Hey guys how did it go Tim asked as they walked in the house.  Dad you are not gonna believe this.   All three of them are so excited.  They are coming here on Christmas day to surprise David.  Omg that is incredible Tim replied.  That is just awesome.   Wow how are we gonna keep this a secret from David he asked.  You know he will start getting suspicious when we make all that food for everyone.   Umm Dad, you need to act like nothing is up and don't give a way our secret.   And why would you say that little girl.  Well Dad you never could keep a secret.   Your face gives it away everytime TJ teased as he gave his Dad a hug.   We love you Dad and we have really missed you.   Awww I've missed you too Tim replied.   TJ picked Tim up in a bear hug and wrestled him to the ground laughing.   Let me go Tim,   he laughed.   Come on let me up.  Geez you are strong Tim gasped.   TJ dug his fingers in Tim's sides and tickled him and Laura stood there laughing.   You just wait Tim yelled as he got up.  I might be your old man but I can still whoop your butt.   TJ laughed and loved every minute of teasing and playing around with his Dad.   Ok boys Laura said.   I'll make you some lunch.

Mmm something smells good David said as he walked into the kitchen from work.   Hey David, Tim said smiling.  How was the meeting?   David smiled.  Well it went really well.  The boss is retiring and I was promoted to VP of operations.  Omg thats awesome Tim said.  Congratulations TJ and Laura said.  You deserve it Tim continued.   I don't know about that but I'm really happy about it David replied.  And you should be Tim said.

How about you and I go out tonight and celebrate for a while Tim asked.   TJ and Laura looked at their Dad and Tim.   Umm sorry guys,  its just the two of us.   TJ and Laura looked disappointed.    Oh well sis, looks like its you and me tonight.   How about a movie and its on me.  You mean you are taking me to the movies Laura replied?  Yea and you can even pick the flick.   But please not a chick flick.   Laura laughed.   If I'm picking the movie you know it will be a sappy love story.  Ugh TJ groaned.  I should have kept my mouth shut.   Laura teased him as she looked up movies on her tablet.  

So handsome where would you like to go tonight Tim asked David.   Oh I have no idea David replied.  Hmm ok I'll make the plans, but we are gonna go out and have some fun.   Man it sure will be nice to go out for a change David replied.   Come on lets go get ready.   I'll make the plans while you shower and maybe I will join you Tim teased.   Omg Laura smiled.  Seriously aren't you too a bit old for that?  Listen young lady David joked.  One can never be to old.  Especially when your as hot as we are.   Laura laughed as the two men ran up the stairs.

TJ just shook his head.  It sure is good to see Dad so happy.  He's like a little kid and that David is no better.  Laura and TJ laughed as they searched for a movie they would both like.

Hey I need to take a shower and change TJ said as he started up the stairs to his room.  Just then his phone dinged that he had a text.  Oh wow it was from Will.  Asking if I would like to hang out tomorrow.   Sure that would be great TJ replied.   I'll swing by and pick you up around noon if thats ok he texted back.  Ok pick me up at the park.  Its probably not a good idea for you to come here yet.   I don't want to upset my Mom.  

Tim took off his clothes and wrapped a towel around his waist and walked over to the bath room.  Hmm thats cool Will wants to hang out he thought.   I never thought that would happen he thought again as he got into the shower.   Ahh he said as the hot water hit his body as he began soaping up his body.  

Cool Tim thought as he made reservations at their favorite restaurant with a table for two in the corner close the fire place.   I want this to be a very special evening he said to himself.   Hopefully this will help David and make him feel better.   He smiled to himself thinking about Christmas Day.  He is going to be so happy he thought.  I can hardly wait till Christmas and this will be the best one ever.   He heard David in the shower so he quickly took off his clothes and hurried into their bathroom opened the shower door and grabbed David to him.  Mmmm you feel so good he moaned as he felt David's wet body.   I've missed you he whispered to David as he fondled David's cock.  I've made the plans for the evening.   But when we get home I want this in me for hours he giggled.   Oh you think you can handle this big thing in your for hours David whispered back.  Hell I'm sure gonna try as he knelt down in front of David taking his cock into his mouth and began sucking his cock and looking up into his eyes.   Oh ahhh fuck man that feels so good David said in a low voice.   Tim looked up at him,  shhhh not so loud, the kids are up here and they might hear us Tim said.   Damn your mouth feels so good David moaned quietly, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock in Tim's mouth.   Tim took his cock all the way to his hairy bush and inhaled.   Omg I love the way he smells he thought looking up again at David.  David had thrown his head back leaning against the shower wall.    Tim, if you keep doing that I'm gonna cum.   Fuck man I mean it I'm gonna cum.   Tim grinned and stood up.   I'm just getting you ready for later tonight he said with a wicked grin.   Tim kissed David and drove his tongue down his throat as David thrust is body against Tim's.   Ok ok Tim groaned.  We need to stop and finish showering and get ready.  God I want you so bad David said.  

They wrapped their towels around themselves and quickly got dressed and headed out to the restaurant.  TJ and Laura had already left for the movies.  

Damn TJ thought as he relaxed watching the movie half paying attention and also thinking about Will.  

Laura's phone vibrated.  It was Ben asking her is she is staying with him tonight.   She texted back for him to pick her up after the movie ended.    Hmmm sounds like someone is gonna get laid tonight TJ teased as Laura elbowed him.  Your just jealous she teased back.   After the movie ended Ben was waiting for Laura and she said good night to TJ.

TJ drove home thinking about Will.   Why the hell am I thinking about Will so much he thought. Heck we just met a couple of days ago.  TJ pulled into the driveway and walked into the house.  It was dark so he knew that no one was at home.   Dad and David are out for the evening.  Guess I'll just relax and call it an early night he thought as he took his shirt off and threw it on the chair.  Then he unzipped his pants and took them off along with his underwear and tossed them on the chair as well.  Ugh he shivered, its kinda chilly in here and he slid under the blankets and closed his eyes as he relaxed.    A few minutes later his phone beeped.   He looked at his phone, Will texted him.   Hey TJ what are you doing tonight he asked.   TJ texted back,  I just got home from the movie and I'm just laying in bed.   Will and TJ texted back and forth for a while.  They discovered that they both love soccer and made plans to play some soccer the next day.   Hey Will do you mind if I call you?  I'm tired of texting.  Will texted back, sure that would be great.   TJ called Will and they talked for quite a while getting to know each other.  TJ found himself stroking his cock while he was listening to Will.  His cock was rock hard as he stroked himself but he had to stop because he didn't want Will hear him if he shot off a load.   After about 45 minutes they hung up and TJ continued jacking his cock until he blasted off a creamy load all over his chest.  Fuck he groaned as he laid back.   What was that all about he thought.   I've never done that before talking to anyone on the phone much less a guy.  

Will was also laying in bed thinking about TJ and couldn't wait to hang out with him tomorrow.   Like TJ he was all boned up and had to jack himself off, otherwise he wouldn't be able to sleep.

Shhh Tim whispered as they walked in the door kissing each other.   Shhhh shhh someone will hear us Tim said again.  David grinned at Tim with that wicked grin that Tim loved.   Come on lets get upstairs and in bed.   I can't wait to plow my cock into you tonight and you better be ready for it mister.   Oh don't you worry about that Tim replied with his own wicked grin.  I've been waiting all evening for it.  

The two horny lovers quickly went upstairs and stripped off their clothes and attacked each other.  David crawled on top of Tim and spread his legs apart and laid his throbbing cock in his ass crack while he reached for the lube.   Ughh Tim moaned,  shhh David laughed your gonna make too much noise as he lubed up his cock and poured some lubed in and around Tim's hole.  David teased his hole with his cock until Tim begged him to fuck him.  Fuck me David, just do it, fuck I want you so bad he begged.  David pushed thru his hole and laid down on top of Tim,  pushing further into him.  Oh fuck that feels so good Tim moaned loudly.   Be quiet David giggled as he began to fuck Tim.  Ughhh Tim groaned again only louder.   David grabbed a sock and shoved into Tim's mouth as he fucked him harder and harder and deeper.  Tim was pushing back on David's cock taking every inch of him.  Keep that sock in your mouth and scream all you want David wickedly said.  

Both of them were in the throws of passion as they both felt their orgasms approaching deep with in their balls and up thru their cocks.  Tim, I am um can't hold back any longer David warned.   Do it, give me that hot thick cum Tim replied, just fucking do it as David thrust hard into him and cumming deep inside of him.  Oh fuck David moaned as he kept pumping his cum into Tim and Tim came as well all over his chest and on the sheets below him.   Tim collapsed with David on top of him.  Omg Tim whispered, keep you cock in me as long as you can.  I love you in me and feeling your cock hair rubbing against me.   David began kissing the back of Tim's neck which caused shivers to run up and down his back.  Ahhh I needed that David whispered in his ear.   I love being inside of you.   Ugh David moaned again as Tim squeezed his butt muscles tightly around David's sensitive cock.  David began to squirm, omg let go of my cock he laughed and begged.  Tim laughed and kept squeezing.  Tim let go your killing me David said as he grimaced but loved it. Ok ok ok I can't take it anymore.   Tim laughed as he released David's cock as it slid out of him.  David rolled off onto his back and laid there panting and relaxing.   Tim raised up and kissed him and laughed with him.  I just love you so much David.  So do you really love me or my cock David teased.   Umm I love all of you Tim replied as he rolled over on his back.  You know I love you David and it gets better every day.  What my gets better me or my cock.  Tim whacked him with a pillow as David got up to take a piss.   Tim could see him pissing from the bed.  Hey you are really loud when you take a piss Tim said.  David started laughing quietly.   Would you be quiet I'm trying to concentrate in here.   Tim just laid there smiling and looking up at the ceiling with his hands behind his head.   David came back in the bedroom and got back into bed.   Come here Tim said.  He took David in his arms and they fell asleep facing each other.  

Finally I can get some sleep TJ thought.  He had heard his Dad and David while they were having sex.  Oh gawd what a thought he said to himself and laughed a bit.  My old man is getting laid.   And from the sound of it, it was good.   I can't wait to tease both of them in the morning he giggled as he fell asleep.

TJ woke up around 8am and went down stairs and though he would make breakfast for himself, Tim and David.   While he was cooking the scrambled eggs and bacon, his Dad and David walked into the kitchen.   Mmm something smells really good David said, it sure does Tim added.  I am so hungry he continued.   Morning TJ smirked as he looked over at the two of them.  Did you have a good time last night TJ asked.   Oh yea we had a great time David replied.  We sure did Tim said.  Uh huh TJ snickered.   I bet you did he laughed.   Tim and David looked at each other.   Whats that supposed to mean Tim asked his son.   Oh umm nothing Dad, he replied laughing even more.   Whats to funny Tim asked as he looked again at David.  Nothing TJ replied and couldn't hold it in anymore as he busted up laughing.   Man I heard you two last night.  Damn for two older guys you sure make a racket.   Tim turned all shades of red and David was just as embarrassed.   TJ brought them their plates of food and set them in front of them.  Eat up guys,  from the sound of things you need all the energy you can get.   Oh my god David said.  Did you really hear us?   TJ laughed even louder. Oh yea I heard you and Dad.  Oh oh fuck me David, fuck me harder he yelled as he doubled over.   David began laughing as well.   Don't laugh so much TJ warned cuz I heard you as well he cackled.  Should I repeat what you said when you shot off your load?   Noo noo don't TJ, David pleaded.   They all busted up laughing as they started to eat their breakfast.   Listen TJ, Tim started but had to stop because he was laughing.   Please please don't you dare say anything to your sister.  I mean it please don't.  Trust me Dad I won't but you know I love teasing you.  And as for you David, your fair game as well.   Oh Thanks TJ he growled.   I'll remember that.  TJ put his arm around David.  Hey you know I'm just messing with you and I love you.  David looked at TJ and then at Tim shaking his head.   Just so you know I find it very comforting to know that when I'm old I can still get laid he said as he cracked up laughing.   You would be so lucky Tim said to his son.    Ok ok TJ replied.  This is getting toooo weird for me.   It ain't normal for a son to be talking like this to his Dad and his boyfriend.  

Umm by the way David,  ugh never mind.   Damn I almost blew it TJ said to himself.   I was going to tell David that I was going to hang out with Will this afternoon.  Thank god I caught myself.   Whew that was a close one he thought to himself as he flopped down on the sofa to watch TV.  Hey David he yelled over to the kitchen where they were finishing their breakfast.  I love this sofa, its so comfortable.   Thanks David replied, your Dad loves it too.   Yea Tim said, its where David and I first.....I don't want to hear it TJ yelled back.  Can you please stop TJ sighed.   I don't even want to know he said as he rolled his eyes and surfed the channels.

Hey David and I are going out Christmas shopping.  Would you like to come with us Tim asked TJ.  Nah I'm meeting some friends to play soccer and hang out for a while this afternoon.   Ok we will be back in a few hours.   We will bring home a couple of pizzas for dinner David said.   Ok cool.   You know my son Will always loved soccer David commented as he was putting on his jacket.   That boy was always kicking the ball around the house.  Hey see you later TJ,  see ya TJ replied.  Little does David know that I already knew that about Will.  Wow keeping the surprise a secret is tougher than I thought it would be.  Ugh I need to get ready to pick up Will.  Its gonna be fun hanging out with him all day.   Just wish he could come over tonight and have dinner here.   One day soon he can TJ smiled.  

Hey Will where are you TJ asked.  I'm at the other end of the field.   I think I can see your car Will replied.  Oh ok TJ said as he started jogging over to Will.    Sorry but I didn't want anyone to see us together.  I'm just nervous about spoiling the surprise for my Dad.  Yea me too TJ replied.  I almost blew it last twice.   They both laughed and they started passing the between back and forth.   You know you look like your Dad, TJ commented.  You both have the same hair.   Yea we do Will replied panting.   Mom always said he and I are the most alike.   Well thats before they split.   Now she doesn't ever say that.   TJ just listened.   Were you and your Dad close?  Yea we were close.  I really miss him Will said looking away.   Ah screw it Will said.   I don't want to think about that now.  All I want to do is hang out and have some fun.   Ok we don't have to talk about that subject today if you don't want to.   But....anytime you want to talk I'm here.  Remember I've gone thru the same thing as you TJ said.  Yea I know but don't you ever just get tired of thinking about all of it Will replied.   Yes I do, but you have a lot to look forward to.  Just think, in less than two weeks you will be with your Dad again.   God I'm so excited and so nervous all at the same time.   TJ laughed,  I know exactly how you feel.  I was the same way when I found my Dad.   I was a complete mess for a while.  By the way Will, you really know how to handle a soccer ball.  Yea I told you I love soccer.  TJ smiled.  Your Dad said how he remembered you love soccer and how you would be kicking the ball all over the house.   Will stopped and looked at TJ.  Did he really say that?  He sure did, just this morning before I left to pick you up.   Will smiled and kicked that ball across the field as hard as he could.   Both of them raced across the field to fight for the ball.   Just the two of them playing a one on one soccer game.  

After about an hour or so they called it quits.   Man I'm hungry Will said.  Wanna grab something to eat?  Sounds like a plan TJ replied as they walked back to his car.   Hey thanks for asking me to hang today TJ said.  No problem Will replied.  Lets do it again soon.  Lets go get something to eat TJ said as he playfully winked at Will.  But next time I'm gonna kick your butt.   Will laughed.  Ok I'll let you win.  

After he dropped Will off at home TJ drove home and saw that his Dad and David were home.   Hey I'm home he called out.   I'm in the garage his Dad replied.   TJ went out into the garage where Tim was.  Did you have a good time with your friends Tim asked.  Umm yea it was great he replied.  You should have invited them over for pizza.   Nah I couldn't Dad.   Why not you live here and you are allowed to have friends over Tim replied.   TJ looked away.   Whats wrong Tim asked.  Nothing Dad, nothing.   Hey I know something is wrong.  Nothing is wrong.   But I can't tell you because if I do, you might end up accidentally spill the beans about Christmas.      Oh just tell me. Its not like I'm gonna blab anything to David.   Besides you played soccer with some friends.   TJ was looking up at the ceiling of the garage.   Wait a minute who were you playing with Tim questioned.   Please Dad, TJ begged, don't make me tell you.  Ugh I never could keep anything from you.  I was with Will and we hung out this afternoon.   Well no wonder you didn't want to tell me.   See I told you.  Well how was he?  Did you have a good time?  Yea we did, he's a really good guy. But he is so sad and really misses David.   I can imagine Tim replied.  He probably trusts you because he knows you and he are going thru the same thing.  You understand each other.   He's been so hurt that you are the only one he can trust to talk to.   Look I'm not gonna ask what you two talked about.   Thats between the two of you.   You need to talk to him as well TJ.  I think its great that the two of you are hanging out.  Its good for both of you.  Yea I guess your right.   Christmas can't come soon enough cuz I'm about to burst trying to keep everything a secret.  Tim laughed, I know what you mean.  But its gonna be worth it.

Hey how do you like this new car?  TJ laughed, trying to change the subject?  Yeah I am.  Sure beats that old clunker I had.   David made me get a new car when I moved in here.  Wanna help me clean it up a bit?   Yea ok, but its not dirty TJ replied.  I know, but I like to keep it clean.  Plus I missed washing the car with you the last few years.  It was just another way of spending time with you.   Right then TJ couldn't hold it in any longer and grabbed a hold of his Dad and cried.  I missed you so much Dad he sobbed as he held on to Tim.  TJ heaved as he cried in his father's arms.   Its ok son, let it out.  I know you were badly hurt.  I'm sorry I don't know what happened, all of a sudden something hit me TJ sobbed again.   Tim, hugged his son until he calmed down.   Hey lets go for a walk, because I don't want David to see you all upset.   I'm afraid it may trigger something in him.   Its a really tough time for him.  Yea your right TJ replied.  Sorry if I'm a big baby.   Hey, sometimes it happens.  Something will trigger an emotion that you can't control Tim said.   You've been thru a lot TJ.   Come on grab your jacket.

As they were walking they talked about the past and about what they would like to do in the future.   They talked about his Mom which wasn't easy beings that there was a lot of anger towards her.  You know Dad,  I hope I find someone and have what you and David have.  When I see you two together you both just light up.  Its like you hate being away from each other.  Ha Tim laughed.  Its true.   I never thought I would feel this way about someone.  Its more than a feeling.  So did you ever feel that way about Mom?  Tim looked away but answered, not really, it was different.   Everything is completely different with David and I.  I think they are different because he and I became best friends before anything else happened.   Maybe at our age, thats more important.  

Hey its getting really cold out here.  Lets head home because I'm sure David has that pizza ready and I should be there helping him.   TJ smiled.  Do you realize you are always thinking about helping him anyway you can?  And its not like its a bother, you just want to do it.  Not because you have to.   Tim grinned. Its called love, son.  And one day you will know what its like.  

To be continued.......



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